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Name: Clara
Age: 22
Country: France

Hi there… I am Clara, a french cinical psychology student of 22 years old. I am currently in graduate school and I live in the east of France, in a really cozy village.
I am looking from penpals friend all around the world! I like to exchange about any thing, telling about my life, what is happening and all that. I am also really into craft, papers stuff and stickers, so I usually make my letters pretty full of stuff ( and I like to write a lot as well ). I speak english and french fluently.
My main interests ( among many ! ) are travelling, reading ( thrillers, mangas, novels… ), music ( basically heavy music but I can go as far as flamenco ), crafting, TV Shows ( so much to tell OO ), and of course e-a-t-i-n-g ( and cooking ).
I also adore cats too much….

Preferences: I don’t have any prefences !


A/N: Chapter 2 is up!
It probably wouldn’t have been now though, if I hadn’t reach 100+ followers. Thank you all so much for the response. I didn’t expect so much from all of you in less than 3 days. I’m very, very thankful.
If you have any criticism or suggestion about, well, my writing in general (god this is embarrassing) please drop by the ask box to let me know. Also, just let me know if you liked this chapter or anything else there’s on this blog (only 4 contents including this). I really look forward to asks :)))

GENRE: Fluff, Smut, Angst
WARNINGS: mentions of alcohol, swearing, a pretty matured read.

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i was so proud of my tiny mods folder and now, i don’t know why - i knew this would happen - i went to @citrontart‘s blog and downloaded everything again, honestly none, zero, 0 of my sims are fancy enough, or have heard about fashion at all, to wear her clothes BUT HEY IDEC

i’ll just probs recolour them for myself in some less pretty colours

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Angussss Yoongi is only my bias wrecker and yet looking at my blog you'd think he was my bias. I can't help it, you blog is great and you post so much Yoongi ughhhhh and I barely follow any other bts blogs (I know shame on me). Can you recommend me some nice blogs, they can be Yoongi biased too, but I just need some variation lol. Love your blog if I didn't make it pretty obvious already lol thank you stay amazing 💕💕

i don’t actually follow a lot of blogs but here are good ones~

seokjin: @19ksj @lqseokjin @yourdailyseokjin

yoongi:  @9yoong @lovboo @tamalverde @ilobyoongi @softyoongivibes @lqsuga @curlyoongi 

hobi: @4oonseok @lqhobi @yourdailyjhope @hyyhbf 

namjoon: @rap-monsoon @yourdailyrapmonster @lqcphr @lq-joon @hnngjoon @kimnj-daily 

 jimin: @busanbfs @softjiminstan @lesbianjimin @ahjiminie @2vmin @yoonminist @lqmochi @lqjimin @jimiyoong @yourdailyjimin @pjmarchives @chimlq 

taehyung: @taearchive @lqtaehyung @lqtae @1hyg @yourdailykimtaehyung @vmindaily 

jungkook: @je0n @jjksboy @apgujeon @yourdailyjungkook

all of bts:

@bangtan-polaroids @lqbts @lqbangtan @bisexual-idols !!!!!!


My original post didn’t show up in the megamind search and was kinda crappy so here, have batch 1.1 of the new generation!  I hope this satisfies all your brainbot needs, they barely scratch the surface on mine. To keep you from suffocating under my bots (mind you, we should totally churn out loads bot stuff to counter the ubiqutous yellow tictacs), I’ll be tagging most (but not all to keep everyone updated lol) of my bots as #brainbots and #L shares her stuff (so you can find it on my blog).

I figured downscaling was better than trying to enlarge (tho i have no prior experience nor did i care to look stuff up first) so my gifs are pretty large. Here’s a google drive link for them and their variations (including white and transparent versions!)

Soft Reset! 

—— So this was pretty much last resort for me but with my two jobs, looking at over 600+ drafts on ALL three of my blogs was getting SUPER overwhelming.  So I’m soft resetting!  That means I’m DROPPING all my threads on all my blogs!  BUT if you want to keep a thread, just throw me a quick message and we can keep it!

        This doesn’t mean that any relationship progress was thrown away!  If you want to start a thread keeping all progress, then I will be throwing up a quick PERMANENT starter call tomorrow on all my blogs!  I’m sorry I have to soft reset everything but after a lot of discussion with my friends, this is best for my mental health and for the liveliness of all my rp blogs!

       TLDR; Dropping all threads!  If you want to keep a thread, contact me!  Otherwise I’m posting a starter call tomorrow!

        This affects: @lcylines, @sheikahminstrel, @eudaiimonia

Happy One Year Blog Birthday to me..

Strictly speaking, it’s not a one year blog birthday, it’s a one year muse birthday. But I do what I want and my graphic looks pretty?


I have had Magnus for a little over a year (I missed the actual year mark because I’m trash oops) and that’s a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve never kept a blog for that long and I’m honestly surprised he’s still around. There have been so many ups and downs. I gave him a new blog, thought about deactivating, brought him back, gave him a new URL. And I want to thank those of you who have stuck with me through all of this (As well as to welcome the new people that have popped up to love on Magnus).

So here we go..

The precious cinnamon rolls who stayed through the Big Changes™:

@hunteralec | @angelveiined | @magiclimits/@bowstrung | @justoldnews

Some new babes that I want to love on:

@lawstrung | @letagin | @millionpapercuts | @mixandmatchmuses | @silverwhipped 

Kudos to all you lovelies for being here <3

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you should listen to dirty laundry & last young renegade by all time low & also waving through a window, requiem & sincerely me from dear evan hansen 😊 (for @qveenaelin please?)

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following: not the content i’m looking for  |  sorry not rn  |  now i am  |  of course  |  forever and always

comment: wow wow your blog is stunning i’m shooketh??? i kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling bc everything is so nice. DUDE i used to be the biggest atl fan so i am def adding that to my playlist thank youuuu

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💭 (you should know my side blog my now)

(HAHAHA I’ve known it since you started following me fam. Which was the very beginning of the blog!) 

Poppy - I’ve always liked Shiny Primarina’s! They always got me thinking to what I’d look like with golden locks like that! You’re so pretty!

Brutus - Eh you’re alright… Haven’t messed with me so that stands for something… Heh heh… 

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Just curious about Dylan are attracted to him at all or just interested in what he did?

imma be completely honest, so don’t come for me okay i’m being open with u!! when i first heard about the case, (when it happened) i hated dylann, and i remember showing a photo of him to my mum and telling her about the shooting, i was lowkey scared of him because i’m a baby and he looked mean. 

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so while I was looking through some people’s art who tagged me, I stumbled on a fun little blog called @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set; where like the creator of the blog said:

“instead of the cast actually living the Quest life its actually just something like a T.V. series. So this is as it says the behind the scenes and off set AU”

it’s still pretty empty so far, so feel free to go give it some love; thank you ^^


andarthas-webreplied to your post:[Captain America (2011-2012) #1]“Got solid intel…

*facepalms* Painfully obvious none of you read the comics and are making snap judgements based on incomplete info. Also, you couldn’t tell a nazi from a fascist and a hero from a villain if your life depended on it….

Okay. Wow. I can’t believe we’re here. I’m savoring this moment hold on. Let me breathe it in. Let me just lap it up. I have to feel the grace of God come over me so I don’t school yo ass too hard. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


Yup. First off, you…. commented on a screencap of me reading the comic. That I own. That I can take screencaps of. That is in my library. On Comixology. That I paid for. Since most of my library, y’know this one

pales in comparison to the one I’m used to having since I moved across the country and don’t have access to the accumulative collection of mine, my dad’s, and my sister’s. Y’know. The one that has comics dating back to first printings in the 60s. But whatever.

What do I have on Comixology at this point?

Oh right. 2634, most of which are trade collections. And that’s not counting the hundreds of issues I have in the archive because I’ve already used them on my comic book reference blog @renaramblesaboutcomics​. Y’know. Where I’m hosting my comic reviews and live reads I’ve been doing on tumblr since 2011.

But you’re riiiiiight. Maybe I don’t have the reference for Cap. Gosh darnit I’m just such a newb. What the fuck’s wrong with me, commenting on Cap comics I don’t know shit about.

Ohhhhhhhh right. I just own the whole fucking run you’re referring to. Right right. Not to mention I have read the Ultimate comics, the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Captain America: White, the Sam Wilson Cap comic before Spencer lost his goddamn mind, and a couple dozen more not to mention the Avengers comics I own, the Spider-Man guest appearances, the X-Men guest appearances, the guest appearances in Captain and Ms. Marvel books, and all those other comics that feature him.

My bad. Looks like you’re full of shit. And I’m an actual Cap Fan. Uh oh.

Looks like you’re in trouble.

But I have to close out with one more thing:

Okay I’ll stay away from the obvious answer which is that you…. apparently know that the National Socialist Movement in 1930s Germany was …. fascist. But that’s okay. (It’s actually not, it just shows you’re fucking ridiculous)

The thing is you’re accusing me of not being able to recognize either. So let me introduce you to someone I’m pretty sure knows Nazis when she sees them.

Hi. I’m Renaroo. I run this blog, also @renaramblesaboutcomics​. Along with being a lifetime comic book fan,the daughter of comic book fans, and the granddaughter of comic book fans, I’m something else that you would know if you wandered around my blog any:

I’m German-American. Specifically I’m only the second generation of Americans in my family. My family came over from post-Nazi Germany in 1950. Specifically I have to thank this little woman in the middle:

That’s my grandma. Actually she’s all of our Grandma – We’re now a family of Italian-German-Americans,l Mexican-Americans, Polish-German Americans, and (my sister and I) Appalachian-German-Americans.

My Grandma just turned 78 this year and in her lifetime she lived through, you guessed it, World War II and Nazi Germany. In fact, she lost her father in the war – my great-grandfather.

She was also as a young child mauled and attacked by an SS German police dog, which she has scars on her arms from. They’re next to the scars she got from her time as a welder in a metal shop in Akron, Ohio during the rubber boom, but that’s less relevant.

This 4′9″ woman has taught me many things over the years. She helped raise my sister and me. And some of things she, and my great-grandmother before she died at the age of 98, would talk to us about was living under a fascist dictatorship and how that place was called…

wait for it…

Nazi Germany.

So, yes. I know what Nazis are. I know what fascists are. If I didn’t, I could call up my comic book collecting dad who is also a history professor, and get him to explain it to us, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have to.


Because before slow roasting you over a fire, I guess I could’ve pointed out this. It’s sometimes hard to find so I don’t really blame you for not having read it yourself. I’m not an asshole comic book fan who lords that sort of thing over people

But here’s Captain America (1941-1950) #1:

[Captain America (1940-1941) #1]

Oh wow look it’’s Red Skull’s first appearance. What’s that he’s wearing on his chest? Why doesn’t he know he leads HYDRA? Not Nazis. That’s so weird I wonder what the two have in common…

P.S. @andarthas-web​, in case it’s not obviously apparent from the entirety of this post you enabled by trying smear shit on my original post: You’re a fucking idiot.

Dear rest of the Spn Fandom,

What Destiel is NOT about.

1. Hating Sam/Jared
Okay, I have no idea where this one started, but honestly I don’t care what you ship if you hate on either of my tol cinnamon roll babies, YOU WILL BE FACING MY WRATH. ALL 5'2 OF IT.

2. Hating the women that they were with.
Personally, I love Jo and Lisa. Cassie was just there for an episode, so I don’t really have any opinions on here.
I don’t like Meg for other reasons (her character inconsistency was annoying and her voice got on all my nerves) but hating her just because she kissed Cas is pretty shallow.

3. Two hot men kissing.
Right. This. Look, if the only reason that you ship them is that it would be hot to see them kiss, I’d just like to tell you that YER A FUCKBUTT, HARRY. Other people can probably explain this better, but you’re fetishising a whole community and you need to stop. Now. And get off my blog while you’re at it.

4. Hating on their wives.
This is probably more of a Cockles thing than a Destiel one, but most of the Cockles shippers that I’ve encountered were all awesome people, so I’ll say it on their behalf, we don’t hate Danneel and Vicki, okay? Seriously, why would anybody, when they make Misha and Jensen so happy?

5. Making everything gay/The gay agenda
No. No. Say it with me, no. We do not ship them because they’re both men
We ship them because they have amazing chemistry and it makes sense that Dean and Cas be together. And it would obviously be the bisexual agenda, if it was an agenda. Which it’s not. At all. *Cackles in the distance*

• What Destiel is about

1. Unconditional Love
2. Dean finally realizing that he's​ not damaged and deserves love. Also realizimg that he’s not the perfect manly man soldier that John raised him to be, and that’s okay.
3. Cas understanding that he will always have a home with Dean (and Sam, by extension)
4. Two people who help each other to be better people.
5. Two people who constantly screw up, but forgive each other, because that’s what love is about.
6. Seeing people at their worst, and still loving them. (Dean forgiving Cas after he becomes God and Cas telling him that he deserves to be saved)
7. Unconditional love (I’m sorry, I’ll never be over the “I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”)
8. Both of them, giving up so much for each other.
9. Sticking up for each other

• Obviously I can’t speak for the entire fandom, but these are my views, and generally the views of people that I’ve encountered. Thanks for taking the time out to read it!

A Destiheller

narwhalsarefalling  asked:

what if aliens just dont understand the concept of taking non professional photos like selfies and sharing them on the internet? like "John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another 'selfie' with you."

John-human was not of the sub category photographer, though they didn’t seem to be aware of that themself. No matter where they went, they brought their little ‘smartphone’ with them, seemingly for the sole purpose of photography. It was beyond irrational, especially considering that John-human was well aware that they were of the sub category physicist.

“John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another ‘selfie’ with you.” Cg’jlas said when the human suggested another photograph being taken of the two. “I have important work to do, and clearly you have a plethora of photographs of us together. What could you possibly need another one for?” It was getting to the point of being irksome, if xe were to be honest. None of the other humans seemed to consider the behaviour odd though, so xe would have to tread carefully in case xe was approaching cultural territory.

“It’s for my blog. I’ve got people asking to see another picture of us together, and I thought this’d be a good place to take one. It looks cool in here.” John-human said as if it was the most obvious thing in the galaxy. To them it probably was.

“John-human, I am unfamiliar with some of these terms.” Xe said, contracting xir twarikial tentacle in an obvious show of confusion. “What is this ‘blog’, and why have other humans requested to see your photographs? Is it not most common to enjoy photographs of humans who are well known in general, or known to the human watching?”

“Oh, well, yeah? I guess, but we also like looking at pretty people or cool people, or just pretty pictures, and it’s really you all the fuss is about. They like seeing us together.” They said, elevating their shoulders briefly. “A blog is like a content sharing site on the internet – you remember when I told you about the internet, right?”

“Yes, it was quite… interesting. So you are not confused about which sub category in which you belong?” Xe asked, hoping xe didn’t come across as rude.

“You mean my job? No, I’m a physicist, why’d I be confused about that?” They asked, doing what Cg’jlas had learned was referred to as a ‘frown’.

“Because you seemed to be under the impression that you are of the sub category photographer. I am relieved that there is no confusion, John-human.” Xe said sincerely, making sure to have xir expression and posture show it.

“What? No, they’re just selfies. Everyone takes them, it’s a thing.” They said before proceeding to call one of their fellow humans over for one of these ‘selfies’. They then moved on to show Cg’jlas how they ‘posted’ the photograph, and some they had already posted. It made very little sense, but the fellow human seemed to be treat it as something normal, walking back to their work station after agreeing that John-human could post their photograph. They had asked to be ‘tagged’ in it, which xe had absolutely no idea what meant, but xe didn’t particularly want to find out either. It would just have to be another part of humans xe didn’t quite understand. It didn’t seem like an important part after all, if a bit irksome at times when xe was trying to work or focus.

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I would also like to point out that not all AZA accredited zoos are good and live up to the AZA standards. The Memphis, TN zoo is one of them. They're very lacking in terms of space for their animals. The cats are often in small enclosures and pace around so much that the ground has ruts in it from their pacing. I know that repetitive behavior isn't always a bad thing, but to the point of having ruts in the ground? The elephants also look malnourished. They have very saggy skin.

So, yesterday we were talking about how as a guest it’s really hard to make judgement calls about the animals in a zoo because you don’t know anything about their history or how they’re being cared for, and that that’s why it’s really important to ask staff when you’ve got concerns? This ask is a pretty good example of that. 

I reached out to some Memphis staffers after receiving this ask, and was totally honest about why: I said we’d been discussing zoos on my blog and that someone had written in with a couple of specific concerns. Within a day or two, I’d been put in contact with the correct keepers to get answers to my questions.  

What you’re likely seeing as abnormal pacing in the big cats is anticipatory behavior, since that’s a very common thing their animals do when they can see or hear keepers near their exhibit. Trails do wear down naturally in exhibits if animals have preferred walking paths, more so in wet periods such as spring, and in older exhibits the routes most commonly taken by residents are fairly well developed. Since you didn’t specify what species of big cat you were referring to, I wasn’t able to get more specific information, except that there is one big cat who does display some abnormal pacing behavior due to some of her history and that the staff are aware of it and actively working on it. 

I couldn’t find any good photos of their cat exhibits to embed in this post as an example, but what I did see when searching google for images is that almost all of the photos of their cats are taken on perches in the exhibit, such as logs or rock outcroppings. It’s important to remember that for large cats, vertical space is just as important a factor as horizontal space - an exhibit that seems too small in square-footage may in fact have a large amount of usable space comprised of climbing structures, hammocks, and hidden perches. 

As to the elephants, they have saggy skin because they’re, well, elephants - and in one case, one of the oldest elephants in North America. AZA also recently did a large elephant welfare survey that’s being used to improve their elephant care standards, and according to the scale for that study the elephant at Memphis are in good body condition for their age and size. What’s more, they’re in phenomenal health: the Memphis Zoo staffers have been running a metabolic study on the three elephant ladies at their facility, so they’ve got the data to back up that claim. 

I would hazard a guess that if you’d taken the time to ask any Memphis staffers while on grounds, or to reach out to their social media team with questions after leaving, you’d have gotten the same information that I did. I know people really want to think they can make informed judgement calls about the welfare of animals in zoos, but unless you happen to have personal animal management experience with that specific species, it’s probable that you’re going to be completely off-base. Especially at AZA zoos, assume there’s information you don’t have and something you’re probably seeing, and ask a keeper for clarification.