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Okay wow oh my god so this morning something pretty devastating happened to me and I hopped on to trusty Tumblr to look at baby animals until I felt better and I noticed I have reached a huge huGE HUGE follower milestone! I’m just in shock to be honest and I don’t deserve any of you lol. I never thought my little ole blog would reach something of this magnitude mostly because I rarely post anything and there are way more quality blogs out there in my opinion. I applaud all of you who have stuck with my obnoxious self, especially this year. The amount of writing I’ve been posting recently compared to before has been worse, I know. Plus I basically took the entire summer off as a hiatus and I generally go MIA quite frequently but anyway. I never talked about this on here before, but earlier this year I went through a really rough break up and I didn’t want to admit it but it influenced my writing a lot. Everything I wrote was either incredibly angry or just sad. And ironically I hit this milestone today and tonight I’m going on my first date since my breakup. Anyway, I’m debating a proper way to thank you guys. I’m honestly so grateful for the support and kindness I receive on this blog and the many friends I have made here. I don’t have any oneshots or anything ready to post for you to express my gratitude so should I open up some drabble requests this weekend? I know I said I wouldn’t be doing anymore, but this is a special occasion and I don’t mind doing some to celebrate. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making what was going to be an unbearable day a happy one. I love you all ❤️️ -Leigh

Ghost, the old admin of the mchanzo tumblr, has asked us to publish this updated statement.

I feel like I need to expand some more on my apologies in the last statement. I know I mentioned being complacent but I’ve been taking constructive criticism from people who have reached out to me since that, and I feel like people need to hear that I made mistakes, and I am really, really sorry. When the idea of a zine came up, I was really not pushed on the idea, but Lynn assured me that she had it all worked out. There would be a team, too, of Judges, with an editor, so I thought maybe I’ll let her go ahead. I played the role of a Judge and helped pick some authors for the zine. After that my contribution pretty much ended. I never had access to the PayPal cause I wasn’t an organiser like Lynn was, and one of my mistakes was being lazy and rarely looking at our emails. After I quit the blog for personal reasons, I went to log out of the gmail on my macbook and out of vanity I wanted to check real quick if there’d been any messages about me quitting (which, again, is dumb), and instead I stumbled on all the PayPal receipts that your blog has shown everyone already. I didn’t keep quiet from April on and only tell people because users in a different server had issues with me retweeting McReyes on my locked, private twitter account that has less than 20 followers. I shared this info with people about a month ago and since that we’ve been letting Lynn have a chance to make things right. When it became clear that it wasn’t happening, and she grew more hostile with contributors and our server mod team, saying she might remove people or delete things, I left the server. I know people may or may not believe me cause like I said, I’ve made mistakes by sitting back and being pretty useless in the past, and that’s their right. I was stupid. I was naiave. I fucked up, and I am really, really sorry for that. I feel like if one way to right the things I’ve done wrong is to share the info that I have, then that’s what I would do, and that’s why I’m writing another message to you guys– it’s been expressed to me that people wanted to hear it from me, and they deserve that. I was complicent when the mchanzo blog hurt people in the past, when it carried out actions that damaged people, and when people were hurt in the server. A lot of the time I wasn’t online and didn’t see, but I could have paid better attention. Some times I was online, and I just buried my head in the sand. I could’ve been better and I’m sorry that I wasn’t. I hope this helps.

tree-god  asked:

How would you suggest I find a mentor? I want to be trained as a traditional witch, and I know there's a lot for me to do by myself, but I still would like a teacher, or at least another witch nearby to do rituals with. How were you trained? Sorry for the quantity of questions.

My training is like a collage! My family taught me basic new age magic. As a teen I had some pretty intense spiritual experiences that changed me.

I took some university courses in Celtic studies and my teacher’s were a witch and a Druid and one of my classmates was in a coven. I explored other religions for a few years. When I came back to fairy faith and the craft, witch friends from roleplaying clubs I was in encouraged me to find a coven again and I looked in a pagan newsletter and found a Celtic coven and joined in it.

I had started blogging and met more teachers though blogging and so I took some online classes, and more in person groups like Taylor Ellwood’s Magical Experiments group. My first major teacher Jack Darkhand who I had met at first online died in 2009 and so I was on the lookout for serious mentorship again.

I had a bad experience where a woman pretended to be a linaeged Feri witch, but she was defrauding me and after about a year she was revealed as a fake by the Feri community. Always check that kind of claim!

So I was looking for a teacher again and Ioqayin hit me up and told me about an online program, Heritage Witchcraft and I joined it. I learned so much my practice and skill had continued to grow through all my spiritual experiences. Grayson really connected me back to my ongoing familiar spirit experiences since my teens and taught me a ton of history.

I hosted a couple classes from RJ Stewart in my town and was learning from him in weekend courses. That meant I found a group of people willing to pay for him to come to our area and teach us fairy faith practices.

In the meantime I had figured out talking with other Feri students online which Feri teacher I wanted to have and actively pursued meeting Cornelia and it took a long time because she was very secluded out in the country. While I was working on getting her student to introduce me, I worked on a research project on something I knew she was interested in to impress her. The student of her’s who was vetting me decided he didn’t want to be Feri and wanted to be 1734 instead, so he had me over to talk about trust. So when I finally convinced her former student to bring me to her, I was so ready to ask her to teach me and we clicked right away and she needed a student since he was quitting. I have been training with Cornelia for three years and we made a book about Victor Anderson that included the research project I had done prior to meeting her. I am currently focused on the coven I am in with Ioqayin, VisardistofElphame and my Satyr and my Feri training with Cornelia.

So as you can see, I have had like every kind of teacher and met them all kinds of ways. So I suggest going to pagan and witchy events in your area if there are any and looking for locals online. Write emails and letters to authors you like. Join Facebook groups for local witches. Go to meet ups. You can do it!

We don’t have to have a name, we could have no name.

So now that Ragnarok’s come out in more places I feel like I’m allowed to draw things from it :D It was so much FUN. 
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  • Litter box furniture purchased so that I didn’t have to put his litter box in the already small (and busy) laundry area:  $150
  • Small area rug from Target obtained solely as a scratching pad: $79
  • Cat food and treats: $50
  • Seeing my 10-year-old cat adapt seamlessly (so far) and stress-free (it seems to me) to a new house:  priceless

marvin at the psychiatrist, a three-part mini opera

don’t despise what you feel,
love the friend, not the heel.

Where Every Brown Sugar Baby Should Look for Her Next Sugar Daddy and Why

The more the game changes, the more it stays the same.

     Best friend, my first disappointment with sugaring came when I realized that sugaring sites were not for me. When I joined Tumblr, I was surrounded by stories of women who signed up for Seeking Arrangement and within an hour found their inbox full of messages from men willing to hand them the world or at least a pair of So Kate’s on the first date. When I joined Tumblr, I thought that I was going to command large allowances just because I existed, not because I did any work. I learned otherwise.

     My successes with sugaring came when I got very clear about what exactly it was that I was sugaring for. I realized that I couldn’t make myself care about designer goods. They’re pretty, and I loved looking at them on Instagram but dating a man so he could buy me luxury goods just did not seem like a lot of fun. But art supplies? Everything I needed to write a novel and maintain my blog? That sounded much more feasible. As soon as I committed to it, it happened. As soon as I got off the sugaring sites, it happened.  

     As an introvert, I did get off the sugaring sites, but it took me quite a while to get off the internet. I used Tinder to find the three gift daddies that I had. Last month, I went free styling for the first time.   

     There is a general horror around free styling that, trust me, I understand. If I didn’t have to leave my house, I wouldn’t. But I realized a few things. The sugar sites are not set up for you to succeed. We, as sugar babies, are the draw that is used to attract men with money and unrealistic dreams.  

     Do you want to have the perfect relationship? A young, beautiful, smart woman who will hang off your every word and, unlike escorts, will be with you and you alone for a fraction of the price that escorts are demanding? Sign up for a membership with our site at the low price of $39.99/month and become a sugar daddy tonight!

     While this might not be the exact language the sites are using, I guarantee if you go on any of the sugar sites you will see something similar being touted to men.  I also promise that the men that have the real potential to be amazing sugar daddies and give you things you didn’t believe that you could get aren’t on these sites.

     And, honey, maybe you haven’t noticed but online dating-sugar or vanilla- is not set up for black women to succeed. I’ll say it once more. You’re far more likely to find the man you’re looking for when you let go of the sugar sites.
So what happens next? Next, you change your mindset. There is one thing that needs adjustment, your attitude, in two different areas. The first is what a sugar daddy looks like. Maybe you don’t have this problem. But I do. I tend to find myself thinking that sugar daddies look a certain way. They’re white and in their 40’s-50’s. Most of them are married. But this isn’t what sugar daddies look like. They can be any age. They can be any race. They can be anywhere. When it’s time to free style, don’t think that if a Black man, an Asian man, a Martian, whatever, approaches you that because they don’t fit in with the idea of what you think an SD looks like you can’t pay any attention to them.

     There will be three types of men that you’ll meet when you go out: cheap men that would like your time and attention for free, men that will simply ask how much you want or make it known that they have no problem paying you, and men that are willing to spend money on you but need some type of connection with you first. Ugh, connection. Don’t you hate that word? Men should just hand us money because we asked for it right? We’re young, we’re beautiful, we’re smart. Just fork over the coins.

     But consider this. How often do you give money to complete strangers because they asked for it? How often have you walked up to an attractive or interesting looking person with $5 that you know you don’t need and said: “here this is for you just because you look cool or like you needed a little help”? Never right? If we were a society where that was the norm homelessness would not be an issue. No, we give our money to people we like, to people that have bettered our lives in some way, to people we trust. But, still. That word-connection. Months and months of dates. Maybe even putting out. That must be what I mean, right? Nope. Not what I mean at all. A connection can be made in 15 minutes or 15 months. It really just depends on how well your personality meshes with his.

     How do you tell these men apart? Let’s build a scenario, shall we? Let’s say you meet a man at a bar. You each talk a bit about who you are and what you do for a living. His job sounds promising. You don’t know exactly how much he makes but when you google it in the bathroom after touching up your lipstick you see that it’s an acceptable amount. He buys you a drink to continue the conversation you’ve already started, but when the night ends, he doesn’t pick up the tab you had started before he sat down. Splenda! Salt! That’s what Tumblr will tell you. I say wait. You spend some time texting. He says he wants to take you out. This is when we find out what kind of man he is by analyzing a few things:

  • Where does he want to meet? TGIFridays or one of the best restaurants/bars in the city. Look at where he wants to take you and why. If he asks you where you want to eat and then shoots it down because it’s overpriced or “just not his scene” you have two options: dig your heels in or run. My first meeting with Bentley took some time to plan because he shot down the restaurants that I chose as not being good enough for a first date. It was a good first sign. 
  • How and what do they order? We know what a man who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money looks like when he orders at a restaurant or bar. He asks if there are any discounts or deals. Asks what’s the best and cheapest drink or food item on the menu. Makes “jokes” about how expensive everything is. 
  • How do they look when you order? A man that asks if you want anything else after you’ve decided what you want is a keeper. A man that asks what you want scans the menu and then asks if you’re sure you want those things or if you’d be happy with something cheaper presents you with two options: to dig your heels in or run.
  • What are they talking to you about? A man that talks about sex as soon as he meets you only wants you for one thing and it ain’t playing cards. Now, if he’s willing to compensate you for that time in a way that you find acceptable, fine. Get your money girl. If you want a man that cares about you as an individual but he can’t stop talking about how well he’s doing on Viagra, you have two options. Dig in or run. I suggest you run, but this is your life, not mine
  • Do they listen when you speak? Do they remember what you said? I got my first laptop from a man who listened when I talked about wanting to write. I got my second laptop and art supplies from a man who listened to my business plan. If they can’t hear you, they can’t help you. 

     When the date is over, look at this man’s behavior. You’ll know if he’s the type of man that you can keep in your life. If he isn’t, let him go. LET HIM GO! Don’t, please friend, don’t hang on to a man because you don’t think that you’ll be able to get another. This game isn’t for the desperate that need quick cash because their life is falling apart. This is going to take time. You’ll find yourself getting dressed up and going out quite a few times before you find a man that you’re willing to stick with. If you understand this from the beginning, that reaching any goal is going to take time, you’ll be far less likely to fail.

     I’d like to give one piece of controversial advice. Do not ask for a gift or token or whatever you want to call it on the first date. Remember what we talked about earlier? About how we don’t give away our hard earned money to strangers or the undeserving? This applies here. And I know, I know. The posts of girls that say they asked for a gift and got one is so much more fun to read than what I’m saying, but here we are best friend, here we are.

     You do have one thing on your side. Men know that it is their responsibility to take care of the women in their lives. Vanilla men know this. They know. I’m going to say it one more time, best friend so it really sinks in. All men know that it is their responsibility to take care of the women in their lives. What’s more, they know that the younger and better looking a woman is, the more they will have to spend. Your job is not to convince a man to spend money on you. He already knows he should. Your job is to separate the men willing to spend from the men not willing to spend by opening up your mouth and talking about what you want. Talk about college and the class that you’re going to be taking, but god isn’t it crazy how expensive books are? Talk about how much you love to write, but your laptop broke. Talk about how you want to get into digital photography but don’t know what camera to get or if you can afford to buy one. Give it a couple weeks. The right man will show up with a laptop, or an iPad, or a book, or a camera or whatever it is you say you need. The wrong man won’t have made it past the first date.

Happy hunting, best friend.

Best friend, be honest, what did you think? Do you think you could ever get off the sugar sites? Go free styling? Do you think my approach makes any sense or is something that could work for you? Leave me a comment and let me know so we can talk about it.

i--probably--hate--you  asked:

I would also like to point out that not all AZA accredited zoos are good and live up to the AZA standards. The Memphis, TN zoo is one of them. They're very lacking in terms of space for their animals. The cats are often in small enclosures and pace around so much that the ground has ruts in it from their pacing. I know that repetitive behavior isn't always a bad thing, but to the point of having ruts in the ground? The elephants also look malnourished. They have very saggy skin.

So, yesterday we were talking about how as a guest it’s really hard to make judgement calls about the animals in a zoo because you don’t know anything about their history or how they’re being cared for, and that that’s why it’s really important to ask staff when you’ve got concerns? This ask is a pretty good example of that. 

I reached out to some Memphis staffers after receiving this ask, and was totally honest about why: I said we’d been discussing zoos on my blog and that someone had written in with a couple of specific concerns. Within a day or two, I’d been put in contact with the correct keepers to get answers to my questions.  

What you’re likely seeing as abnormal pacing in the big cats is anticipatory behavior, since that’s a very common thing their animals do when they can see or hear keepers near their exhibit. Trails do wear down naturally in exhibits if animals have preferred walking paths, more so in wet periods such as spring, and in older exhibits the routes most commonly taken by residents are fairly well developed. Since you didn’t specify what species of big cat you were referring to, I wasn’t able to get more specific information, except that there is one big cat who does display some abnormal pacing behavior due to some of her history and that the staff are aware of it and actively working on it. 

I couldn’t find any good photos of their cat exhibits to embed in this post as an example, but what I did see when searching google for images is that almost all of the photos of their cats are taken on perches in the exhibit, such as logs or rock outcroppings. It’s important to remember that for large cats, vertical space is just as important a factor as horizontal space - an exhibit that seems too small in square-footage may in fact have a large amount of usable space comprised of climbing structures, hammocks, and hidden perches. 

As to the elephants, they have saggy skin because they’re, well, elephants - and in one case, one of the oldest elephants in North America. AZA also recently did a large elephant welfare survey that’s being used to improve their elephant care standards, and according to the scale for that study the elephant at Memphis are in good body condition for their age and size. What’s more, they’re in phenomenal health: the Memphis Zoo staffers have been running a metabolic study on the three elephant ladies at their facility, so they’ve got the data to back up that claim. 

I would hazard a guess that if you’d taken the time to ask any Memphis staffers while on grounds, or to reach out to their social media team with questions after leaving, you’d have gotten the same information that I did. I know people really want to think they can make informed judgement calls about the welfare of animals in zoos, but unless you happen to have personal animal management experience with that specific species, it’s probable that you’re going to be completely off-base. Especially at AZA zoos, assume there’s information you don’t have and something you’re probably seeing, and ask a keeper for clarification. 

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017.

Hello, everyone ! 📏 I’ve finally settled in my new student room ! I was a bit disappointed about not being able to get the same one as last year, but I’m over it. This one’s actually a little bit roomier, although not as pretty.

So, this will be my workspace for the year, hopefully it’ll motivate me to be more productive than last year ! My classes start on Monday, I’m a bit apprehensive because the second year of university is supposed to be a lot harder. Anyway, let’s cheer up !

P.-S. : I’m using a calendar by @emmastudies for the first time ever ! It’s really useful and looks great with my desk theme. You can print it on her blog.


i hate to be That Person but im looking for people to follow bc my dash is dead so like/rb if you post any of the following and i’ll check ur blog out!

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- you know what just music in general 

thats abt it (im pretty uninteresting lmao) so um yeah if you’re a terf or nsfw blog don’t interact k bye

So I needed some room for my witchy shit

Because I had been ignoring it for WAY too long and although most of it was scattered around the house, the crap that you can’t hide, the stuff that makes people go “so a witch lives here?” was all over a table I apparently claimed as “witch territory”.

Call me Semiramis I-don’t-need-an-altar-I’m-fine-thank-you Magpie

But where, oh where, could I store all my witchy shit?

The bedroom?

The living room?

The garden?

The closet that I haven’t cleaned in a decade?

Ok, so I rolled my sleeves up and set to work. I threw away the useless stuff and kept the memories of my long passed youth (? wtf Rami you’re 23


Oh boi.

While I was cleaning I found some bad shit.

And I’m talking about some REALLY BAD SHIT.

Memories and mementos of things I had forgotten, from people that had hurt me as much as they possibly could without killing anybody. At least not literally.

Objects directly connected to them. For you to have an idea, the MOST HARMLESS of the things I found was a CD that my then-21-yrs-old physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive boyfriend gave me when I was 15 (yup, those numbers are right).

And this is just the teeny tiny tip of the iceberg

Needless to say, I had one hell of a panic attack.

Now, the things per se weren’t bad, but the things they were connected to and the things they reminded me of were too fucked up for me to deal with alone. NO WONDER I had blocked this place from my mind and had postponed dealing with it for a DECADE.

So, what I mean to say is that I needed to cleanse this space before any of my witchy stuff touched it.


So, what I mean to say is that I needed to cleanse this space before any of my witchy stuff touched it.

I know, I’m hilarious.


I threw some lemon incense in there (lemon=protection, motherhood, sheltering), but… it wasn’t enough so

Rosemary smoke cleansing! 

Look how pretty my cellphone’s shadow looks! Also, the smoke curling against the roof of the cabinet looks pretty <3 

Have a shadow bunny as well.

This blog has a deep VS light tone problem, I know

So I’m there smoke cleansing stuff, suffering because I shouldn’t burn things ‘cause I’m allergic…

And is it enough?








*Selenite sits there threateningly*

Made a hematite barrier, and also rosemary water is very good for cleansing! Pro tip!


*Unintelligible screaming in Spanish*

Sound cleansing too!




Ah, now THAT looks like a cleansed space!


I’ll give you a walk around my witchy supplies someday, and I’ll also explain the Stag figurine there (I’m a secular witch, as y’all know, but if I were to follow a Spirit (never a god), it would be Great Stag, the master of the Wild Hunt, emblem of virility, untamed wilderness, respect, willpower, adaptability, aid, caring, salvation, honor, and king of the Fae). This is me acknowledging his power and thanking him for his cooperation.

So anyway, what I really wanted to show you was how to cleanse a space where trauma has left its mark.

You can use things like


-Smoke cleansing




-Wind chimes


-A poor innocent cat

But most importantly!


It’s nothing new that laughter can cleanse the soul, same as singing.

Laugh in the face of your trauma.

Show it that it can’t own you anymore.

If you’re safe now, banish its leftovers with a giggle, exorcise yourself from the painful memories.

Do not let it steal and hog space in your house and your mind.

Do not let it transform you into nothing but Something That Happened To You.

Let yourself be free of it.

At the end of the day, it’s not just a cabinet or a room or a house that we’re cleansing.

It’s ourselves.

-Semiramis, the Magpie Witchling


Red Velvet