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Things The Signs Have Said To Me:
  • Aries: I remember that faze
  • Taurus: lol I can't read but that's cool
  • Gemini: my stomach is really soft, right?
  • Cancer: my gosh, you clean a lot
  • Leo: but u look cute tho
  • Virgo: I'm so glad my dad didn't see that
  • Libra: wOw, u actually said something conservative. I'm so proud of u :')
  • Scorpio: wait, are we showing each other our butts or what's going on here??
  • Sagittarius: u gotta be careful with sequels bc sometimes they get a little too - romantic - !!!
  • Capricorn: are u brain dead, child?
  • Aquarius: wowww I can't believe ur Aquarius too hahaAhah

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Oh my gosh please finish the little mermaid as I'm so excited!!!

Here you go! I hope you like it! I really enjoyed writing this au and it was so much fun! I hope you don’t mind the way I changed it up, I thought it would be cool and stuff haha. Tell me what you thought!

Read the last one here!


Marco led Tom into the school and he looked around in wonder. Everything was decorated so nice! And there were so many kids around; Tom had never gone to a social event like this, only diplomatic dinners. Tom smiled when Marco held his hand tighter and brought him through the crowds.

“This dance might be super boring.” Marco gave a disclaimer and Tom rolled his eyes. He motioned for Tom to follow him and they sat down at a table that was set up in the middle of the room. “So um…” Marco trailed off. Here he was, sitting at a table with his date at a dance, and he had nothing to say or suggest. Tom leaned forward and Marco blushed a bit. “Are you hungry?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head; he pointed to the dance floor and smiled at Marco excitedly.

“Oh! You wanna dance?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and leaned even closer. “I don’t know… I’m no good at dancing and uh… we showed up late and all so uh…” Marco trailed off and he saw Tom’s disappointed face. He looked over at the bleachers where Star was sitting with her date and she nodded him on. “You know, never mind. Let’s go dance!” Marco smiled big.

Tom’s face lit up and he took Marco’s hand, the two hurried out to the dance floor and Tom started spinning Marco around. Marco blushed at how forward Tom was acting. The truth was, Tom didn’t care for dances, but something about doing it with Marco made the idea seem to fun too pass up. Marco finally started smiling and enjoying himself. The two spun around and danced all around the floor, they even got some sour looks when they bumped into others by mistake.

“You wanna get something to drink?” Marco asked. Tom was smiling big and he nodded. The two went over to the buffet table and got drinks for each other. “I’m surprised I had so much fun dancing with you, normally it’s not my favorite thing to do.” Marco admitted. Tom nodded in agreement and took a sip of his drink. Everything was going so… smoothly! It was great, they smiled and they danced and they had a good time. It was all great! Marco looked around and then got a sneaky smile on his face.

“Follow me, I have something to show you.” Marco motioned. Tom grinned and followed Marco. The two snuck out of the gym where the dance was being held and walked down the halls to the schools back exit. He led the demon up to the football field. It was a very dark night, considering there was no moon out. Marco led to the middle of the field and the two lay down and looked up at all the stars. “See? It’s really nice huh?” Marco asked.

Tom’s eyes widened bigger than ever. There were millions of stars lighting up the entire sky! And the dark sky made them pop out and looked so close, like Tom could reach out and touch the ocean of lights. He was underground so long, looking through cracks… it was nothing compared to lying on the surface and seeing it as close as he could, without fear of being seen. Tom smiled and felt the grass underneath him and the starlight that fell across his body. This was nothing like being underground.

“You’re acting like this is your first time seeing stars.” Marco giggled. Tom just kept staring up in awe. He sat up and moved closer to Marco; pointing out the really bright one he had his eyes one. Marco smiled and looked at Tom fondly. “Tom I…” Marco blushed and looked away. “I know we’ve only known each other a short time but… you really are something incredible.” Marco blurted out. As soon as he realized what he said he clapped a hand over his mouth. “Oh jeez! Oh my gosh I just um… forget you heard that.” Marco begged. Tom giggled silently and tilted his head, urging Marco to go on. Marco blushed, but continued. “It’s just, you have this wonder about you, like it’s your first time seeing all of this. Like the earth is some amazing place you’re just now exploring ad it’s… amazing.” Marco added. “You’re so curious and lively, you want to do things! You want to experience everything!” Marco exclaimed. “I could spend everyday with you I could… I could kiss you.” Without warning Marco pulled Tom into his arms and kissed him passionately. He held him close and even dipped him down a bit.

When he pulled away Tom was looking at Marco with shock and stars in his eyes. Marco’s face flared up and he blushed deeper than he was before. “Tom! I am so sorry! I-I-I shouldn’t have done that I-“

“Marco…” Tom cute Marco off and the human gasped.

“You spoke!” He cried. Tom gasped and put a hand up to his mouth.

“I did…” he whispered. Marco moved closer to Tom and wrapped his arms around him; he was about to pull him into another kiss, but gasped and pulled back harshly. Tom got yanked back to reality.

“What’s wrong?” Tom asked, “Is something wrong with my voice now?” He had anxiety in his tone and Marco shook his head.

“It’s… it’s you. It’s been you this whole time.” Marco realized. Tom looked confused and reached out for him, but when he did Tom let out a cry once he saw his own hand. It was purple.

Tom yelled and his hands swung up to feel his face and head. Three eyes and horns. “No! No, no, no, no, no!” Tom was hyperventilating. “It worked though! You kissed me I got my voice back! This wasn’t supposed to happen!” Tom cried out. Marco grabbed Tom’s face.

“How did I not see it?” Marco asked, mostly himself. “Of course it was you.” He reached his hand down and took Tom’s.

“I-I was supposed to stay a human! I-I traded my voice to be a human! So I could come up and see you, and if you kissed me the spell would stick! And I would get my voice back and we could live happily ever after but… it didn’t work!” Tom cried, looking in horror at his own hands.

“It was one or the other Tom.” Hekapoo spoke. Tom spun around and saw the girl standing behind him on the field, she must have been there this whole time to see how the end of the three days worked out. “You can keep your voice, OR be human.” She specified. Tom narrowed his eyes angrily.

“That wasn’t the deal! You said if he fell in love with me! You promised!” He cried. Hekapoo sighed.

“I know I did.” She responded. “I can make you a human again, but I’m going to take your voice back too.” She explained.

Tom spun around to look at Marco, smiling. “And then I can stay here! With you!” He cried. Marco’s face wasn’t elated though.

“Tom, don’t do it.” Marco told him. Tom’s face fell.

“Don’t… Don’t you want me to stay here with you? Don’t you… don’t you love me?” He asked. Marco threw his arms around the demon and held him close.

“Of course I do! I love you, I loved you before this, when we talked through the ground.” Marco reminded. “That’s why I don’t want you to do this. I love you how you are. You’re voice and horns and three eyes.” He explained. “Please don’t change yourself for me, if you feel the need to change yourself, do it for YOU. Not somebody else.” Marco explained.

“But we were going to see everything together, I was going to-“ Marco cut Tom off.

“We’ll find a way. I’m sure Star has some temporary spells that can transform you, without you giving so much up for this.” He added.

“Marco, I don’t… I don’t want to go back in the dark! I don’t want to go back down there! I like it up here!” he cried out.

“Then stay!” Marco told him. Tom was confused. In order to stay he had to be human, right? “We can hide you, so no humans will see you, you can stay with us and we’ll keep you hidden. And then we can find spells to transform you temporarily. And I’ll keep my promise, I’ll show you all around the surface and you’ll see everything.” Marco told him. “And you can keep your voice, and at the end of the day, you’ll still be the demon I fell in love with.” Marco added.

“Y-you’d let me stay with you? You’d hide even when I look like this?” Tom asked. Marco nodded.

“You look perfect to me. Please stay, we can make it work. Just don’t give up so much just for me.” Marco begged. Tom’s face lit up and he threw himself into Marco’s arms. Marco held him close and tears flooded down Tom’s face.

“Thank you Marco! Thank you so much!” He sobbed. Marco pulled back a little bit and smiled, looking at the demon’s pink hair and three eyes.

“There you are.”

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Okay so I think you're the one that someone sent an ask about dancing with the stars to? (If it wasn't you I'm sorry but PLEASE LOOK ANYWAY) There's this youtube video ( /watch?v=MYlxRsvkHrY) where they dance to the french version of "Let It Go" and it's all icy-looking and stuff, and also at the end the dancers, like, cuddle and it's so cute??? I want Victor and Yuuri to dance THIS (also I totally think the lyrics fit Victor, but I mean that's just my headcanon)

AHHH THAT IS SO COOL!!!! I could totally see them dancing this oh my gosh imagine Victor w/ his long hair pulled into a nice braid like that !!! I love it !!!

How is one person
So gosh darn cute
That I actually want to punch them in the face
Every single time they talk to me
Just because I want to stop them
From being so cute
Because their cuteness is killing me
How is one person
Such a dork
That it makes all other dorks look cool
In comparison
Yet they make it seem adorable
How is one person
Capable of making me feel
So happy or so mad
Just because of how incredible they are
How is one person
Whom I’ve only known for a few months
More important to me than people
Whom I’ve known for years
How is one person
That clueless to how amazing
They really are
When they could actually be an angel
In disguise

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Do you have any headcanons for Alfred being a dad to a little girl?

I normally do 10 but he’s a babe so have more

America (Alfred F. Jones)
- Lets his baby play with any toy. You want that truck? Heck that’s really cool!! You want that doll? She’s really pretty!!
- Lets his lil girl wear what she wants. You want those shorts that’re in the boy section? They look really comfy, let’s see if there’s a pair that’ll fit! You want that dress? Gosh it’s so cute and you’ll look so beautiful
- Lets her play with makeup!!
- Lets his babygirl do his makeup because gosh it’s just so damn cute
- Will paint her nails really pretty colors, will let her do his nails
- Learns super cute hairstyles just for his baby
- When it comes down to boyfriends, he’ll teach her the signs as to whether or not a guy likes her.
- If anybody (boy or girl) tries to hurt his baby, he will go after them (and let the parents know how shitty their child is)
- Will let her decide what the rules are for dating her, but he’s quite strict about sex. He doesn’t want his baby to get sick! At least use protection!
- Halloweens are the best with this boy. That’s all I’m gonna say
- Lots!! Of!! Superhero games!!
- At the end of the day he’s the best father. 10/10. Protective, but not too protective. He lets her do her own thing. He lets her dress how she wants, he lets her do her makeup how she wants and lets her hang out with her friends as long as they’re not hurting her or pressuring her into things.

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i think you're hella cool and your art is so cute and amazing to look at i always get happy when i see you on my dash. you make me wanna do a pokemon blog like seriously aaaa

aww man thank u this means a lot? ;v;; im glad u think so aa, i want my blog to be nice and make ppl happy heh

and oh gosh, really? aa ;v;

how you would react if your fav told you you were cute
  • Aries: "I know, but thanks anyway."
  • Taurus: *blushs and looks down*
  • Gemini: *puts on a seductive smile* "So are you."
  • Cancer: *holds back tears*
  • Leo: "Finally someone who sees it."
  • Virgo: "As if."
  • Libra: "Cool, I think you can give me your phone number now 'cause... you know... we're basically married now."
  • Scorpio: "Stop lying."
  • Sagittarius: *thinks* What does this mean? Why did he say that? Am I really cute or did he just want to be nice? What's going on? Oh gosh someone help me! What should I say now? aaaah
  • Capricorn: "Do I get free concert tickets now?"
  • Aquarius: *tries to be cool but this happens:* "Thank you... Really... Like really, really, really... Thanks. Really."
  • Pisces: "Can you say that again for the camera?"

//whispers please read alice and the nightmare by mishacakes it’s so good



gOD YOU CAN PRACTICALLY HEAR HER THINKING “okay don’t lose your cool girl don’t look too excited you hate people remember?”

“cute new kid??? what cute new kid?? whatever. who cares? i don’t care”

“i…… dooooon’t care…….. oH FUCK IT”


Hope I ain’t too late or too Early for this, But Happy Birthday Inksy!! ^^
Cal and his Bro Pompiere wanted to help me out in celebrate your Birthday, I made the banner myself. Thought it should be something very Colorful like your Personality Bud, hope ya don’t mind birthday huggles. ^^

Cal (Calibri) and Pompiere are my Skeley-bro’s from my AU I created called MedievalTale (Or Meditale for those who wanna have it short and sweet XP) They thought they should have been a part of your party and help decorate, and I’m actually surprised Cal Cleaned himself up for this, he’s normally so dirty from doing work. >3> Anyways, hope you like this!

Awww, gosh thank you so much sweetie, this looks so cute!!I love it and your skelebros are also very cool! What a cute Papyrus! <3333

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Hey there! I’m Celestial and non-binary trans (agender to be precise!). This is my first time submitting! I was binding using a new method (tank top) and I thought I looked cool, so there you go haha.

You can’t tell in the picture, but I’m wearing my favourite tie and it has pictures of 1980’s style computers on it.

Stages of Shipping
  • Stage 1: Oh, these two are kinda cute together, it would be cool if they hooked up.
  • Stage 2: Okay, seriously, you clearly have feelings for each other, just confess already.
  • Stage 4: They looked at each other. Did you see that? They LOOKED at each other. This is so beautiful, what a glorious day to be alive, god bless. I need to go write an essay about what that look meant.

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I love your human-fied illuminati dorito design omg

Anon: I am now attracted to an evil dorito with a possession problem because of your amazing drawings!! So keep doing what you’re doing!!

these descriptions tho I’m laugH

Anon:I love your humanized Bill too much. NEeD mOrE

Anon:I love your human Bill!

Anon:Your latest GF art is amazing as always! Your style always makes me so happy, and I’m glad my dash is graced with your presence!

Anon:oH MY GOSH YOUR BILL IS SO CUTE?? JUST LOOK AT THAT LITTLE TOP HAT AND HIS SHIRT AND COAT AND JUST AAAAHHH I love humanized Ciphers and this Bill is absolutely adorable, oh my goodness, I love him! Such a cool interpretation, and he looks so great in your style!! :D (I’m sorry I get emotional over Cipher, he’s such a weird Dorito) (also omg #cannibalism)

thank you very much!! <3

(and ikr obligatory bad dorito jokes)

Anon:Why must you make Bill Cipher so fucking sexy?

(lmao I swear that’s not intentional)


Long haired Non-Binary representing <3 

It’s had so many ups and downs with my gender and I’m glad I finally found something that fits what I feel inside. Finding out about Gender Fluidity made the last piece of the puzzle for me to click. I have never felt more confident and myself then I have in this past year. 

Keep hanging in there guys <3 you all look fabu :)

They/them please 

Taylor is sick so she coulsnt talk in order to perform her show. Usually they would cancel the meet and greets but Taylor insisted they do them so we weren’t supposed to talk to Taylor otherwise she would want to talk to us. But we were walking back underneath the stadium and Andrea came out and told us about Tay waking up with a sore throat and everything I just said above. And then we had to leave all our stuff out on these tables and then we walked down to this area and it was the entrance to LOFT 89 and we waited in the loft room and it was so cool. Then it was our turn and I walked in and she was so gorgeous and tall. Like oh my gosh. And she hugged me first then my mom and then turned back to me and I started crying and she hugged me again and did her cute little laugh and said I love you even though she wasn’t supposed to and then she said I looked beautiful and then we took a picture and got an autograph picture. And even though we couldn’t really talk back and fourth just hugging her and seeing her in person was enough. I’ve been waiting 8 years for this and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you Taylor Alison swift. Thank you so much for everything you do. You are amazing and I love you. I love you. I love you. taylorswift tree-paine


 said:for the crystal gem thing: i think you’d be druzy quartz bc it looks all spacey!! and it’d be on your right palm & your power would be either a shield kinda like steven or like some kind of healing power!!! yeah

 oooooh my gosh ok so i was looking around for a cool pic of druzy quartz to use as reference and i found this rly cute one and just now i notied that its not quartz.. its agate…..

anyway.. reference picture:


Ooooh man.

Anna and Chuckles in Pilot were just too cool to not draw

I mean

look at them! :O

and on that note you can certainly expect more of these two down the road .v.

Anna belongs to rebornica

Chuckles belongs to mayadile

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you know what. I could just smooch you right now for making more gravity falls oh my fucking gooodddd ilyyyyy

ahah oh gosh >:]

I have more for it too ahh

Anon:i love the way you made bill’s coat all spaceish

Anon:Honestly that bill and dipper pic. I’m just. His eye is greenish blue. Help. That’s so cute. I love your art. Thank you for that.

Anon:Your design for Bill is so cool! I’m in love with him now send help plz

aw haha thank you so much! <3


((character development)) lmao

Anon:Hello! I was just wondering if you have an art reference for your Bill Cipher design. It’s just so great. I also wanted to say that I love all of your work.

thank you! I guess it was partly inspired by what other people come up with when drawing him eheh but for the rest it’s just made up!