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Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x  Stark Reader

Part (1/6)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: none! just lots of fluff and hugs


AN: So this will be my mini Peter fic that will lead up to smut!! I wanted to just do a Peter smut but i had this brilliant idea that needed more than one post!! I would like to point out that both Peter and reader are 18+, so it’s not weird.  Also, Pietro is alive and healthy bc I refuse to accept that this precious muffin is dead.  Also Clint and Nat are together bc I refuse to believe they weren’t made for each other. So hope you enjoy the first part of my mini fic!!

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the bus (Lin Manuel Miranda x reader)

Lim-Manuel Miranda

summary : ur on a bus & Lin happens to be on the same one too & u expose ur fangirlness

warnings : maybe cussing¿? embarrassment ,, awkwardness stupid friends

pronouns : they/them

a/n : the wifi on this bus only apparently works where there’s cell reception idfk wtf and this is that cute idea I thought of… maybe it’s not so cute??? PLSE tell me what u guys think I need to improve my writing !!!

a/n : the previous a/n was the original one, but I’m adding this in here. this may be an ongoing series!!! sorry for the shitty writing in advance GIMME FEEDBACK,,

1 ,, 2 ,, next chatpter in the works

your eyes were dropping. it was about four in the morning, and the tour bus was picking people up. you pressed play on some music and put to full volume. your friend next to you, tanushka, drifted off a few minutes before you. you felt yourself fade into sleep, letting your mind rest.


lin couldn’t believe it. he’d been in queens town for about six days and not a single person recognized him. no matter how peaceful it was, it was also disheartening. he didn’t let it get him down, he signed himself up for an 8 hour bus ride to Millford Sound. he walked onto the bus using the incredibly steep stairs, then heard a familiar beat. he couldn’t place it, but he saw the source of the noise- you. he walked towards your seat and that’s when tanushka noticed him.

she let out a loud gasp, grabbing your phone and opening it to the home screen, a picture of Lin on it. “you’re the guy! with the music play thing! LIT manny or something!” She exclaims in a shout-whisper. he laughs at lit-manny.

“I’m Lin-Manuel Miranda, if that’s what you mean.”

“yeah! That guy! Holy shit y/n FUCKING loves you!” she points at you.

“so you don’t mind if i… sit here?” he asks, wanting to surprise you.

“oh! oh! oh sure!” she gets up, letting him slide in. for the first he examines you. your hands were inside your star labs hoodie, and half of your face as well. he got to notice your hair and your eyes. from the corner of his eyes, in the seat pocket, he spotted glasses. you were cute enough in your own way. now that he was closer to you, he could hear all the music. it seemed your music range varied greatly. one second it was Hamilton, then it was Metallica, then it was twenty one pilots. it was quite amusing. then the bus driver spoke into the speakers, his voice startling you.

“o- what the SHIT? ugh tanushka you never wake me u-” you turned and Lin was smirking. you rubbed your eyes and blinked, fumbling for your glasses.

“what the heckle?” you muttered, letting your eyes clear to reveal Lin, laughing.

“well hello there I’m Lin-”

“Manuel Miranda” you finished, in awe, “no freaking way.”

“well yes freaking way. I kinda just, heard your music, and asked your friend, tanushka I believe?, if I could sit here.” at her cue, she popped up from behind you. “that’s me!”

“anyways, so hey! I guess you have some great music taste!” Lin chuckles. “so what’s you’re name?”

“uh- y/n” you stutter out. then with more confidence, “y/n l/n”.

“well, y/n, what a lovely name might I mention, may I ask you what you’re favorite Hamilton song?” he says, making you laugh.

“I have so many really- uh I guess I really like Washington on your side- ooh! or maybe the Reynolds Pamphlet! Definitely guns and ships! oh! also! RIGHT hand man? and the Schuyler sisters? they’re all so good and so brilliantly put together and the music and t-” his laugh interrupted you.

“I think I’d know how good it is, I spent way too much of my life writing them”

“modest MUCH?” you laugh, then realize how rude you came off. “I’m so sorry I didn’t meant to-”

“it’s fine! don’t be sorry!” he noticed your fidgeting. “nervous?”

“this is… a lot to take in” you breathed out.

“well take your time then.” he jokes, “the dad bod is my best attribute, I believe.” you laugh, and grab your phone.

“is it ok if I take a picture with you?” you ask awkwardly. he nods, and you open up camera. he spots your homescreen and points at it.

“that’s me!”

“well duh” you grin, holding up the camera so you could take a photo. you guys ended up taking maybe fifty because you both couldn’t keep a straight face.

“you don’t mind if I… sit here for the rest of the ride?” he asked, quite nervously. Lin has a crush. yes, it was a school girlish crush, but you had such a bright attractive personality… he couldn’t help it. was that even legal? liking a fan? it seemed like a distant thought, a foreign idea only sought after in fanfiction.

“oh my god of course!” you were practically screaming, a grin so wide that Lin couldn’t help but smile.

“so… let’s get to know each other I guess?” Lin said, then tried to think of a question. “oh! what’s your twitter handle?” he asks and you tell him. a pan formularles in his head on how to get your number.

“can you send me the photos?” Lin asks, reaching for your phone “here I’ll-”

“I’ll just dm it on Twitter!” you smile and type in his handle, sending him the photos. there goes that.

“you don’t mind sending me all the pictures? Maybe it would be faster over text?” he tried again.

“oh it’s fine, you don’t want a fan like me with your number.” you say, not getting the hint.

“I mean-”

“don’t worry about it! there, it should have delivere-”

“goddamit can I please have your number?” he finally blurts. your eyes widen as you look up at him.


“I-uhm” Lin didn’t know how to fix this. he scratches the back of his head, looking towards his feet

“I’d love to give you my number.” You grin, and send it to him over Twitter.

“uh thanks” he grins sheepishly, then posted a photo. your phone rang with the notification for both Lins post & that he tagged you.

“you have me on post notifs?” he laughs, running a hand through his hair. god, he was cute.


“that’s cute.” he says laughing at your blush.

met the most amazing dum dum ever… (your handle)

you blushed again and covered your laugh as you looked at him. “this is so sweet!” you exclaim, and it was his turn to blush as he nervously looked towards the floor.

“and you followed me? what? that’s so cool! oh my gosh!” you gush, smile plastered across your cheeks.

“it’s no problem, really.” he says.

“thank you! well god, I’m tired so you don’t mind if I take a quick nap?” you ask, and he laughs. in the back of his head, he prayed the cliche gods were at work and you would fall asleep onto his shoulders.

to be continued¿

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I love your bees! And fairies!! And pride stuff!!!! Pansexual bee looks so cute and you included ace so that's really cool!! Anyway sorry for the long ask and overuse of exclamation points lol keep making your lovely art 💖

its ok, there’s nothing wrong with a few… extra…. exclamation marks…..!!!!


ok but imagine Sadie seeing Lars for the first time since he was taken and!!! The guy she loves who puts on a tough front and tries to be all cool and indifferent is now!!! PINK!!! Like his hair is like cotton candy and his skin looks like a pale pink flower and o h my gosh he’s so cuTE HE’S PINK!!! Imagine her teasing him about it like “that’s a good color on you why didn’t you dye your hair like that before???” and “are you blushing? I can’t tell” and “now you have to accept that you aren’t as intimidating as you want to be, you look like a carnation” and “AAHH YOU’RE SO CUTE YOU’RE P I N K” and at first Lars is like “s t o p” but then he comes to accept it and imagine all the jokes sadie makes about it but it’s all lighthearted of course and it’s just a really cute reunion and oh my g o d that’s all i want right now

1 Year

Pairing: John Laurens x reader
Word Count: 1,823ish
T/W: Fluff
A/N: For @justfangirlingaround‘s request: “can you do a fluffy Philip or John that it’s their one year anniversary as bf gf and they go an reenact their first date or the reader is starting college (I’m not in college but I feel that’s easier to write?😳😂) and she gets stressed out and they comfort the reader with movie night, ice cream and cuddles?~~💖💛✨” I hope it’s okay that I went with John, I know Philip is the favourite, but I really like writing John too. Based off of this date.

“Good morning, Baby,” you heard John say as you woke up to the feeling of his fingertips grazing your side. 

“Mmm,” you stretched, “morning, Honey.”

You turned onto your other side, now facing him, you gave him a sweet, lingering kiss. He smiled against your lips. Looking back over to the clock you pushed the covers back, and John soon came over to your side of the bed. With surprise, he picked you up bridal style, making you squeak. He carried you out of the bedroom, down the hall and to the kitchen, where you immediately gasped seeing a huge arrangement of flowers. He set you down letting you go to admire the flowers. 

“Oh, John!” you took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the flowers, “What’s the occasion?”

“Read the card,” he winked. 

Picking up the little blue card you bit your lips reading: 365 flowers, one for each day I’ve called you mine.

“John,” you now sounded like you were going to cry, and sure enough, you did. 

“Don’t cry!” he said, worried as he wrapped you in his arms, you were still crying and he was afraid he had done something to make you sad, maybe it was the flowers, he could’ve sworn they were your favourite though.

Hooking your arms under his, you sniffled, still crying out of pure happiness, “This- this is so sweeeet!” 

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xxxgreekgeekxxx  asked:

How would the companions react to prewar aquariums and zoos, and which exhibits would be their favorite.

Cait: she’d be a little bored with the idea of seeing animals in cages and would complain when Sole actually made her tag along but she’d change her tune when she’d come across the bears, she loved seeing them but she’d end up yelling at them wanting them to fight “Come on! Fight eachother already!!@

Codsworth: he’d enjoy the idea of everyone going to the zoo and his favorite place would probably be the aquarium, he’d love going through the halls that are just a huge fish tank. He’d love the colorful fish the most. “This is magnificent! Such beautiful creatures”

Curie: Much like codsworth she’d love the aquarium the most but she’d love swimming with the dolphins the most, when Sole brought up the idea Curie was confused but once they got in the water with the sweet animals she did not want to get out. “But do we have to leave? They are just so cute non?”

Danse: he’d be a little irritated and would be a little grouchy as they walked through the zoo. He’d lighten up once he and Sole would come to the lions, he thought they where really cool and internally he was really excited but he stayed cool ok the outside and just admired the large animals. “Outstanding! They are truly amazing creatures”

Deacon: he’d freaking love it, his favorite exhibit would be penguins, definitely penguins. He’d try to get in the exhibit with them but sole would quickly drag him away much to his disappointment. “Come on boss! I just wanna join my family”

Hancock: he’d be cool with the idea of going to the zoo and he’d really like walking around seeing all the different animals and fishes, but his favorite would be the sloths. They where just so chill. “My type of peoples or well animals”

MacCready: he’d whine a little when Sole would drag him to the zoo but he’d actually turn out to like it. His favorite exhibit would be the pandas, they where just so big and cute and they looked so cuddly. “They’re just so freaking cute”

Nick Valentine: he wouldn’t mind going to the zoo although he’d prefer to be doing other things. He’d walk around and admire all the different animals but his favorite would probably be the birds. “Wow, someof them can talk”

Piper: she’d love all the animals but her favorite would be the sea lions. "Oh my gosh blue! Look at how cute they are!!”

Preston: he’d love it, he’d excitedly go to every exhibit and he’d love all the animals but his favorite would have to be the giraffes. “Look at how long they’re necks are! Wow they’re so cool!”

X6-88: he wouldn’t really care and he’d have a frown on his face the whole time sole dragged him around the zoo. He’d probably like the turtles though.

Gage: he wouldn’t really like the idea of walking around watching animals but he’d have a decent time and he’d find that he loves sharks. “Wow, look at it’s teeth, that’s badass damn!”

Alright im sorry if this was trash please forgive me T_T i tbh haven’t been to a zoo or aquarium since i was like 6

MY reaction to: Bangtan Boys! (BTS)

{Y’all seriously liked My reaction to EXO, so how about i give you guys another one? Okay, so these are based on my actual reaction to the Bangtan Boys when i first found them [about two years ago] so, hopefully y’all like it!}

Jin (Kim Seokjin)

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Holy shit, oh..wait…what are you? You look like you’d be a vocalist….Too tall to be a dancer and…too gentle to be a rapper. 

*First dad joke*….jesus christ….get the fuck out ya piece of dad poo. 

*Watches Eat Jin* Jin…what the fuck are you even doing? Hasn’t your mother ever told you not to play with your fucking food? 

*High key thought he was part of the maknae line*

Way i know him: Giant dork with dumb dad jokes

Suga (Min Yoongi)

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WHO IS THE PASTEL PRINCE OH MY GOSH. You’re eyes are funny lookin’ though. They are so tiny. Also, YOU ARE SO SMOL. You seem to always be frowning, sweetie, you’ll get crows feet like that. Smile a bit more. Jesus.

*Watches Agust D*….holy…fuck…..YOU’RE A RAPPER. I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OH MY GOSH. You look so gentle, i never would have thought you’d be a rapper. I gotta rethink jin’s position for a sec.  

Baby, you look like you need some serious sleep, i can see bags under your eyes even with the make up on. 

Way i know him: Pastel Prince with an AMAZING smile

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)

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*Didn’t pay much attention to him at first* Huh, who are yo– 

*Finds he’s a dancer, rapper, and low key vocalist*…W O A H You are just a RAY OF SUNSHINE aren’t yOU? STOP THAT. STOP THAT SEXY DANCING YA PIECE OF SEXY CUTE SHIT.

I feel like you and Suga would be very good for each other. *Watches the face mask live stream* I SHIP IT. 

Also, why the hell is your laugh so contagious?! Why do you fall off your chair whenever you laugh?!

Way i know him: The guy i ship with Suga/ The guy with a long face and high cheeks

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)

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That is some serious FIRE you’re spittin’ fam.

Nice lips, they are thick. 100% would kiss, but you got that brother feel to you so nah. Actually, your brother feel is hella strong…stop that. We’re supposed to find you attractive, not hope you were our brother.

Also, i like how low and husky your voice sounds. I’d fall asleep to that. 

Wooooaahhh…you talk about some deep shit. What a great mind you’ve got on top of those shoulders.


Jimin (Park Jimin)

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Wow…just like Rapmon, 100% would kiss the SHIT outta your lips. 

Also, ugh…what an angelic voice…lay me down daddy Jimin, holy shit. 

BOI, WHY MUST YOU BE SO RUDE AND LIFT YOUR SHIRT???? *just finished watching No More dream* THAT IS SO RUDE, SHAME ON YOU. 


(i am not joking, i just made a song just from jimin’s nickname while making this, lord help me)

Way i know him: The cute faced guy with Thick lips and a sweet bod.

V (Kim Taehyung)

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Your smile is really weird, but it’s kinda cute (In a weird way) 

Babe, take me straight to your make up artist. They have done an amazing job with your eyeliner good lord. 

Also, what’s with your EYES??? THEY ARE SO PRETTY OH MY GOSH. Also, Dude, you have a nice long body…like, that is so cool and really attractive (As a short person i appreciate

Also, you got nice vocals my man. It sounds very breathy though sooooo…maybe good for ballads?

Way i know him: The guy with a cute/weird smile

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)

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*Watches no more dream* Woah, are you a rapper too? Wait, but you sing…and you’re a REALLY good dancer…WHAT ARE YOU?!?!?!? …Can i actually date you? *Finds out he’s nineteen* HOLY FUCK I CAN.

You look like a little bun with your buck teeth. So cute~ Also, i high key ship you with Jiminie. You’re such a little shit to him though, rood. 


Way i know him: Buff Bunny Boy

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (2 years ago): 


Anyway, i am just glad they are such a small group, still is gonna take me forever to figure out their names. 

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (NOW): 

Same thing as up there, except, Now i know their stage and full names. Also, i still love Jimin but Hoseok is my Bias and you can fight me to the FUCKING DEATH if you tell me i shouldn’t. 

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If ur doing requests and all do you mind doing one of what the boys were like in middle school?? You don't know how much I need this because it would be funny af to picture these boys as cringy middle school kids

i actually love making childhood headcanons like - these are the best kinds to do in my opinion?? mm these were really fun! i hope you enjoy.


  • The real definition of a true bad boy, learn from him.
  • His attitude was hard as a rock. This boy can hurt some feelings and won’t feel bad.
  • Had super nice hair, flaunted his hair a lot at the ladies.
  • Didn’t have many friends, maybe one or two, but he couldn’t bring himself to get close to others.
  • Would actually say he’d fight someone, but would either forget or actually not wanna fight because he’s scared or just can’t.
  • Was very mean to Amber, but he did stand up to people that picked on her because he’s her sibling. Only he can tease her.
  • Read a lot of books, started his crime novel age during middle school.
  • Thought that ‘TV-Y7’ was for cool kids only and always watched shows with that rating.
  • Actually liked dark chocolate. Probably the only kid in the room that asked for it.
  • If I were you, I’d use my brain and try not to start anything stupid.” Extra salty to mean kids.
  • Thinks kids that can blow bubble gum are so cool?? and he can’t do it goddamn.
  • That one kid that looked like he couldn’t do anything but was actually the smartest in class.
  • Thought that playing with a yo-yo was badass, but he could never do it.
  • Started his little transformation of a bad guy gone good, thanks to his father.
  • Wasn’t afraid to stand up to others, unless they’re actually very tall, he’d think about it.
  • Such a punk, he had a little collection of (what he’d call) ‘cool guy’ bracelets in his room.
  • Very slick, actually, he could make a pretty good criminal - though he’s not into that kind of stuff.
  • Told himself to act better before he entered highschool so he can pass and make his dad proud. It took a while.


  • Such a nice kid?? He looked very mean but he was actually very sweet.
  • That one kid that would either wear long sleeves and shorts, or vice versa. All the time.
  • Loved hoodies! He always had this red hoodie, it was almost like a trade mark for him.
  • Pretty smart. The only kid that actually listened in class and passed a lot of his assignments, an A/B student.
  • Was so desperate to look aggressive he had drawn a mustache on his face once. He just looks so young.
  • “Honestly, I really don’t know why you’re talking to me since I barely heard the first half of your sentence.” Brutally honest to his friends.
  • Always chewed on his pencil and wrote on everything he owned so students knew it was his. Full name, in bold, everything.
  • Had a lot of lego’s, he always seemed to be pretty good at building stuff but he’d be mad if he broke it.
  • Read the ‘for dummies’ books for fun and actually learned a lot from him. Not sure if that’s a good thing.
  • Liked insects, especially ladybugs or worms. He chased kids with them to have a spot for himself to play in at recess.
  • Always had great shoes, always had them clean and never let the other kids to touch them.
  • Though he was pretty kind-hearted, he wasn’t bullied. He was one of the tallest kids in class.
  • Tried to do magic tricks to impress the ladies, but barely any of them worked.
  • Had to wear orthodontic headgear at some point. Probably for a few months and he HATED it. he still looked cute, in a way
  • Really liked to skateboard. He fell a lot but he was really good at it.
  • Was very scared of his mom at this age, he’d shudder just talking about her.


  • The sweetest small baby child anyone would come across, how can he exist in such a world.
  • Had such a deep voice, a lot of kids thought he was older than he actually was.
  • “Excuse me but I really think I should go…this doesn’t seem like a place for me, unless you want me to stay.” Considered others feelings often.
  • Never liked to show his knees. No one knew why but he always hated showing them or his elbows.
  • Very classy child, he was usually called 'the boy that dressed really good with that accent’.
  • A lot of kids pet his hair, he didn’t really like it. At all. But he was too nice to tell them that-
  • Always made sure his outfit had corresponding colors since he couldn’t stand his outfit not matching.
  • Really liked insects, especially butterflies or ladybugs. He usually had some magnifying glass to look at them.
  • Didn’t have bad grades, but not the best ones. He was pretty forgetful of the lessons but he tried his best.
  • Such fluffy hair, it’s hair trying not to touch it like WOW - his hair was just on point back in the day.
  • Would kill anyone with kindness. He was pushed around, somewhat, but he managed it quite well.
  • It’s not a surprise Lys was very well-mannered, some girls probably had these crushes on him.
  • Was the king of hopscotch and jump rope, this boy had some great reflex.
  • Had this little crush for a while, he’d leave some daisy or flower on her desk…but he never confessed to her.
  • Loved going on field trips, especially where the animals were.
  • Very well educated on animals and how to take care of them, he’s corrected a teacher once or twice. and oh boy the teacher didn’t like that


  • Always wore some fandom merchandise, but mainly Star Wars was his favorite.
  • Okay but he had a HUGE Star Wars phase, he was so stuck on it.
  • Kids tried to pick on him but really?? He just doesn’t care.
  • Had braces. Got braces just before he hit puberty, he didn’t really care, he actually liked them.
  • “I’m gonna be honest…I really, really, really like you but I really, really, really want you to leave me alone.” Repeated himself a lot.
  • It took a lot to make him mad, it still does. But just bother Alexy in any way he doesn’t like and he’s the first one attacking tbh
  • Almost always placed in some movie reference in his sentences. Goddamn he didn’t have a good relationship with his teachers at all.
  • Never tried to hide his emotions from others. He’d just straight up blurt how he felt if asked.
  • Had some dark circles under his eyes because he pulled a very long night raids.
  • Never really cared about what he looked like. He rarely felt insecure. Of course, unless he had a crush-
  • Went by the quote 'C’s get degrees’ and almost got kicked out of school until his mom knocked some sense into him.
  • Terrified of bugs, he would honestly yell if Alexy brought one near him, every time.
  • Very afraid of getting a crush because that would mean he’d have to think of that person all the damn time-
  • Friends with a lot of people, actually. He was a pretty extroverted kid.
  • Hated gym class since he’d have to run and those little legs weren’t gonna take him anywhere.
  • Let’s be real, Armin probably had vine and made a lot of cringey videos that were actually funny back in the day. Pixelated glasses were his trademark.
  • Actually very scary when he’s mad?? Like please don’t make him mad. But his voice does squeak when he yells.
  • Long sleeves and shorts were his trademark. He always loved feeling warm on top and cool at the bottom.


  • Someone protect him because middle school was the worst phase of his life.
  • Looked like 'old Ken’. Big bowl cut hair, big glasses, cute freckles.
  • Gosh he was bullied a lot and it consisted a lot with teasing about his glasses or freckles,, someone save him-
  • Always talked to Candy, we know this, he vented a lot with Candy.
  • “I..I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to - I hope you can forgive me, please.” Apologized a lot.
  • If Candy was mean, then he wouldn’t talk to her. What’s the point? She won’t listen, so, there isn’t a point.
  • Really loved sweaters, especially oversized sweaters. They made him feel safe in a way.
  • Such cute little rosy red cheeks just?? He was super cute in middle school.
  • Really liked doodling. Usually happy things, but if he was in a bad mood, he’d doodle out his day…which isn’t really something to look at.
  • Had a thing for origami, he usually made swans or boats. It was considered as girly but it was just a calm activity for him.
  • Really liked Boomerang and National Geographic. Those were like his two favorite channels.
  • Very smart kid, actually. He got one of the best grades in class, he loved seeing all those B’s and A’s.
  • Always had something sweet in his lunch. Cookies, honey-buns, candy, his mom made the best lunches.
  • Near-sighted. As soon as those glasses are gone, so his his eyesight.
  • Really loved insects. Okay, this boy could venture in his backyard looking for some cool bugs.
  • Didn’t have braces. The dentist scared him once about getting them and he slacked down on his candy consumption ever since.
  • To be honest, he rarely had any friends. Most of them were either busy or drifted away, which just made his case worse.
  • He may have followed Candy to Sweet Amoris, but his best memory was leaving middle school.

anonymous asked:

May I request RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC proposing to them?

Okey-dokey artichokey!!

prepare for like mr. snuffleupagus fluff okay

Also for this I’m doing a female MC just cause it’s easier for me :)


- MC decided to take him to a park for a picnic

- she brought his favorite foods along with omelettes hehehe

- she knew the wimp he is wasn’t about to propose anytime soon so she took matters into her own hands

- so while he’s going on about something at work, MC gets up behind him and taps on his shoulder

- when he turns around and she’s on one knee his eyes go so wide and he’s so red oml

- he gets really “mad” he’s actually the happiest man alive because he wanted to propose to her but I mean thank gOD he didn’t have to go through the stress of a proposal

- he says yes before she even says “will you marry me” this boy is ecstatic


- so she knew this guy would do the most romantic proposal

- but she wanted to beat him to it cause she can’t let him win

- so MC decides after one of his shows to do it

- she hides in his dressing room thing so once the show is over and he goes in there, MC goes behind him

- “MC, what are you doing?”

- “proposing you handsome dummy”


- who needs stereotypical rules anyway??

- he obviously accepts but wants to propose to her anyway cause he’s gotta be that guy

- Jaehee

- so for this relationship the stereotype thingy doesn’t apply obviously

- MC would probably be the one to propose anyway since Jaehee already has had enough stress in her life

- MC would do it in the cafe, during a not too busy not too empty time, in front of the entire store

- (I like to think they would have like live music and stuff because I mean obviously Zen would sing no doubt)

- so she gets up on the stage and says the typical “can I have everyone’s attention?”

- “Jaehee, will you marry me?”

- it’s the happiest moment of Baehee’s life


- I’m not really sure how this would work

- cause I mean he proposed to MC like right away

- so quick

- but if he didn’t, MC would probably do some cliche thing and do it on the top of a Ferris wheel

- but she’s gotta get to that Ferris wheel first

- “MC why are we going to a commoner’s festival”

- “MC I’m not touching that”

- “If you wanted cotton candy don’t eat this garbage the chef would’ve made it”

- “Why are we going on this ferris thing I literally have a helicopter”

- but once they get to the top and MC proposes its so worth it

- he still says he’s gonna propose to you because he’s Jumin and he’s gotta get you the biggest ring but he loves it anyway


- Seven’s always ready to mix things up and this boy has so much anxiety and self-consciousness I doubt he’d ever be able to propose (even though he technically does in his dream but shh)

- so MC would probably get back at his for Valentine’s Day and make him go on a scavenger hunt

- he would find little notes reminding him of the best and worst times of their relationship

- at the end, MC is standing there with a ring pop in her hand and asks Seven…

- “Saeyoung, will you meow-ry me??”

- He’s honestly so surprised but really happy and holding back tears because omg she loves me

- he says “are you kitten me? paws-itively!!!”

- cue Saeran in the back screaming his head off because oh god I have to deal with these two help me


- it’s so chill

- like have you ever seen my big fat greek wedding where the guy just proposes like “you wanna get married” and she’s like “yeah sure” but the both of them are obviously really excited

- that’s how this proposal is

- they’re both sitting on the couch kinda snugglin

- MC knew it would be awhile before he proposed cause he’s kinda new to this ya know

- and she asks him “hey, you wanna get married?”

- he stops dead for a second and then says “yeah sure”

- thank god it’s dark in there cause the two of them are smiling and blushing so hard

- it’s adorable


- this boy

- so sweet

- he’ll propose to MC or if MC proposes to him he’s cool with it

- he actually thinks it’s nice to mix up the rules and have her do it

- so MC decides to do it after V gets the surgery

- when V gets up after and actually is able to see again he starts crying and can’t see anymore gosh darnit

- MC sneaks up behind him and does a cute little “boo!” and V doesn’t even turn around right away hes gotta prepare himself for this

- when he does turn around he doesn’t see her until he looks down and OMG SHES ON ONE KNEE MC I NEED TO PREPARE FOR ALL THESE THINGS IM GONNA EXPLODE

- it’s the happiest day of his life

- he also ends up buying her an engagement ring anyway because why not

Done! Hope you like it!!

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Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell, I Love You - boyf riends

Title: Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell, I Love You

Word count: 644 (it’s really small)

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: Nothing really, it’s just a small drabble. It’s as innocent as it gets.

A/N: I wrote a small drabble of boyf riends because they are cute as heck and I love them and I want them to be happy. I also have another one that I’ve finished that I’m saving for a time where I don’t have a lot of stuff to update. 



“Jeremy Heere, I love you.” Michael took a deep breath before continuing. “I love the way you smile whenever I say something that’s not even remotely funny, and I love the way you like your popcorn salted and a little burned, and I love the way your hair flops in your eyes in the morning and the way you try to hide your yawns when we’re up late playing video games. I love the way your body feels against mine when we hug, and I love your little squeal whenever I accidentally tickle you and I love even the way you say hello to me! I lo-“
Michael stopped and tugged on his hair, a frustrated groan leaving his lips. “No, I can’t do this.” He whispered to himself.

He looked into the mirrored version of himself he was practising on. His eyes eyes were bloodshot and his under eye circles more prominent after being up the whole night, planning how he would tell his best friend that he loved him in more than a platonic way. There was no way he could do this. With a sigh, he picked up his phone to text his friend and tell him that he didn’t have to come over anyway. The problem had been solved.


“Michael. I broke up with Christine. Because I love you. And I hope this doesn’t screw up our friendship, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but-“ A ‘pling’ from Jeremy’s phone interrupted him mid-monologue, making him sigh and look down. 

Coincidentally it was his best friend Michael, who he had just been practising his love confession of. Jeremy felt his heart sink, but still some weight was released off his shoulders. Michael had informed him that the problem he had to discuss with Jeremy was solved, so he didn’t have to come over. Which gave him more days to prepare… and more days to be nervous as hell.

“Okay, cool, fine. I’ll tell him when we meet up on Monday after school.” Jeremy told himself, flopping down on his bed, his phone over his beating heart.


“Jeremy? I told you, there was no need for you to come. Crisis adverted. Problem solved. Everything’s fine.” Michael said, trying to calm down an obviously nervous Jeremy.

“Yeah, I know, I got the text.”

Michael cocked his head to the side with a confused look and ‘gosh he was cute!

“I-I need to talk to you.” Jeremy said, his eyes trained anywhere else than Michael. “Should we go down to your basement?” 

Michael was worried. Had he done something? Was this Jeremy breaking off their friendship? Even after all they’d been through?

“Jeremy, if I have done something, something to upset you, I’m sorry okay? You know that, right?” Michael started to feel panicked now. His only best friend of twelve years was saying he didn’t want to be friends anymore.

“No, Michael, you haven’t done anything. Or, well, you’ve done a lot, but nothing bad, I promise.”

Michael followed Jeremy down the stairs, his heart in throat. Jeremy had said he hadn’t done anything, so, maybe it was something good Jeremy wanted to tell instead.

“Okay man, what was it you wanted to tell me?” Michael kept a light tone, like he was having a normal conversation with him.

Jeremy took a deep breath and looked down at his shoes again, before looking up at Michael. His eyes were so soft, his posture so vulnerable. There was something about him that made Michael feel a wave of love for the boy in front of him, and that feeling overpowered him and made his body buzz like he was drunk and his brain light headed, like he high. Just as the words left Jeremy’s lips, the words left Michael’s lips.

“Jeremy Heere, I love you.”

“Michael Mell, I love you.”

Thrift shopping with Topp Dogg

P-Goon:  first he’d look at you like “? What lol out of all the ideas I just suggested…..thrift shopping?” But he’d LOVE it after like the first store. He’d find all sorts of little trinkets and shows you, hella amused that there’s so many items that he wants. Ends up buying out like a whole rack of clothes, most likely ripped jeans and shirts.

Hojoon:  he’d be the one suggesting the idea tbh, he loves going to the thrift store- mostly bc he’s like “Well I could be spending my money on more important things, like milk and food so” yeah he’s all in. Takes pictures of you trying on the weirdest clothing items and jewelry, and laughs bc yall are making fools of yourselves in front of everyone.

Sangdo:  he’s so fkin cheesy, he can’t stop whisper-singing “thrift shop” and making you giggle. Suggest that you try out all the costumes so you could save up on your Halloween shopping, and you’d actually end up getting a good deal on cute matching costumes.

Nakta:  only went in there w/ you to get some new pairs of headphones………he had no idea yall would be staying there for literally hours, picking out the best finds. You’d basically have a brand new wardrobe with all the stuff you’ve purchased, and he’s there hyping you up every time you try on something new.

Hansol:  gosh this adorable kitten wouldn’t know where to look first. He’d drag you to every isle, pointing out all the cool stuff sitting up on the shelves. Asks the employers if he could negotiate a price lmao “Hansol, no pls jfc the price is written on the-” “yeah yeah, I just wanna see if I can get it for 2 cents :’)”

B-Joo:  stays by your side like a lil puppy until he finds something that catches his eye- then there’s no getting him to shut up. Wants to go to like 4 different stores to see if they “have a different size” ????? He’d get on your nerves tbh and he’d annoy the cashiers, always going to pay for something then realizing he’s not done……..then going back once more and smiles innocently at you.

Xero:  I mean I doubt he does thrifting, but he’ll tag along to humour you. He might actually find some stuff that interest him, and he’ll be hella shook by how cheap they really are. Buys a pair of Polo socks and pretends they’re brand new, probably. Refuses to buy anything ripped unless you’ve recommended it and told him he’d look cute in it.

A-Tom:  ahhhh he’d go crazy, he’s the perfect thrift shop buddy. He’d annoy the employers AND the customers too tbh, with his loud ass “hey!!!! Y/n, LOOK AT THIS THOR COSTUME LMAO” and “y/n I think someone’s farted in the baby section, don’t come anywhere near here” lord.

Yano:  keeps his eye out for the most stylish finds, and actually gets lucky with a few cool zipper jackets. He’ll ask for your opinion on  everything he sees, and gives thoughtful input when you ask for his opinion. Throws shade at previous owners of certain items and laughs when someone overhears him. 

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Any recommendations for seb lock screens? (:

oh my gosh, I’ve never been so happy to post something in my life!!!  i’m guessing you wanted actual photos, hehe


I always just Google photos of Sebastian for my lock-screens! here are some that I’ve used in the past!

this one was my lock-screen for the longest! just look at him and his cool self:

this one is really cute! it was my home-screen along with the one above:

I absolutely love this photo, it’s not mine, I just really like how laid back he looks and his little smile-and that blue shirt:

this one is so cute. it’s Sebastian and his dog. how could I not have it as my lock screen for some time:

of course, I had to have this as my lock-screen! i love this:

and this is the last one I’ll post! i love black and white photos of Seb:

okay, that’s almost all of the lock-screens! maybe you’ll use these, and if not, Google really has a whooole lot more! 💗 

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since it's the only max ship you've expressed interest in and im just curious, do you have any spacemax headcanons?

Max is the first to realize he has a crush, and he hates himself for it. I mean, it’s the kid he’s been making fun of all summer and Space Kid probably hates him. Max would hate himself for it. So Max tries to squash those feelings because fuck, Space Kid probably deserves better right? I mean, Max still doesn’t refer to him by his actual name! What kind of jerk does that to someone he likes?

There’s a lot of self-loathing and guilt on Max’s end because fuck, just because he likes the kid doesn’t mean he doesn’t think Space Kid can do far better. And that kinda reopens some wounds for Max and he grows kinda distant from everyone as a result, which naturally makes David, Neil, and Nikki concerned.

Of course Max eventually opens up to them about his feelings, and David’s losing his GODDAMN MIND BECAUSE OH MY GOSH HIS SON HAS A CRUSH! Max hates that reaction, but David, Neil and Nikki do let him talk about his feelings and eventually convince him to go talk to Space Kid. Or, other Neil.

And so he does, and spends half his confession just apologizing to him. Space Kid looks happily confused by the whole thing, but when Max asks if he’d like to be boyfriends or something, he nearly knocks Max over in a hug and says yes!

So now Max has a boyfriend. That’s cool.

Best Friend's Brother || Min Yoongi

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Words: 3928 (jesus christ)

A/N: aye, another smut by yours truly lol. I’ve been wanting to write a smutty yoongi fic- I honestly cant wait to write for the rest of the members! i really don’t know what to say haha. Oh! Thank you so much for the love, we truly appreciate it! if you like what you see from us, send us a request! :) we also love feedback so let us know what you like! <3 much much love

- admin courtneycat =^.^=

p.s.- he looks so goddamn fluffy in this gif :D

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Growing up with the Mins next door always seemed like a blessing. Min Jisu had easily become your best friend in grade school. She was sweet, yet sarcastic, nice, yet savage. Just like her older brother- Yoongi. Yoongi was always quiet and kept to himself when we were all together at their place. Jisu would always be busy keeping you entertained as kids- showing you all her dolls and makeup and watching Sailor Moon on the television. Because what else would two eight-year-old girls do on the weekend? You had always tried to include Yoongi in your activities, but he wanted nothing apart of that, no no no.

High school was an adventure on its own. Your friendship with Jisu only became stronger and you shared all the bits and pieces of life with each other. From homework, school rumors and crushes. Nothing beat late night phone calls about cute boys or weekend sleepovers with facials and talks about your crushes. You guys told each other everything and kept nothing a secret. Or at least that’s what you two thought. Between the calls, sleepovers and lunchroom table whispers, you shared brief touches and quick glances with one boy in your life.

Min Yoongi. Yes, that’s right. You had the hots for your best friend’s brother.

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yooo! as celebration for having gotten 700 followers yesterday, i’m doing blogrates because i’m feeling sappy and would like to show my appreciation for you guys why the heck not? (coughcoughcough)

rules, among other things:

- mbf me! unless you, like, really dislike my blog or something but would like me to rate yours anyway (in which case that’s cool too lol i won’t mind)

- give this a like! (or like…reblog it and remove the text if you don’t want it on your blog because that would be much appreciated! i really don’t want this to flop)

- send me an ask about corgis. or socks. or basically anything that’s on your mind; idc! if you don’t want to talk about anything (because let’s face it, i can relate to that), just send me “ *** ” and i’ll know exactly what you mean! c;

- the ratings i chose for each category are not indicative of the actual quality of your blog! i tried to make them more based on observation (it was too hard so i kind of gave up on that but it’s the thought that counts, right?) and i’ll comment on them if i feel the need to.

- you do not have to be a dnp blog in order to participate in this! i might follow you from my main @clevertangerine if that’s the case.

(i’ll be tagging this as #lucas700followerblogrates (wow that’s a long tag) so you can blacklist it if you don’t want to see it on your dash! my name is not lucas btw lol)

- format is under the cut!

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Can i request a bts reaction to their girlfriend HARDCORE fangirling about how good they look in the BST mv? :) thanks~

I loved BST mv so much omg they were so handsome!! Thank you for the request! - Admin C



“I know, I look like a king.”

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“You’re so cute oh my gosh.”

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Rap Monster:

“You’re embarrassing me, jagiya” 

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“’King of blindfolds and looking hot’, whatever you say, baby.”

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“Wow, look at my body roll! I look so good, you have a cool boyfriend.”

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“You’re screaming so loud the hyungs might hear and get the wrong idea.”

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oh my gosh this took forever I'm so sorry I’ve been a little busy the past week.

Please do NOT repost unless it was your request. Thank you and please be respectful.

notsodaily-smolkakyoin  asked:

((Idk how to really do thsi one but anyway, My name's Roy, and I hope to cosplay Kakyoin someday too. 8D))

HiYA ROY!! :DD Oh my gosh your name makes me think about Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, a show I used to watch a while ago!! It’s a cool name- makes me think of red cars for some reason XD?? 
!!!!! I hope you’ll post your kak cos if you ever do cosplay him!!! I bet you’d look SO cute n handsome as him! >:D