it looks shitty why does it look shitty

fake dating!zimbits ft. alicia & the gang

CW: coming out (more or less voluntary), pining, meddling friends, nosy mothers

Jack rushed into the kitchen with wild eyes and uncombed hair. It was Saturday, which Bitty knew was the only day of the week he allowed himself to sleep in. Jack hadn’t even changed out of his pajamas, and he was adorably rumpled as he slammed his palms down on the counter and stared at Bitty.

“My mother is coming into town next week,” he hissed, glaring like Bitty himself were responsible.

“Okay?” Bitty turned the heat off of the stove where he’d been cooking up a mountain of eggs. It was absurd how many eggs a handful of college athletes could eat in one setting. “Your mama seems like a lovely lady. Do we need to clean the Haus? Put Shitty in suspenders so he won’t magically lose his pants while she’s here?”

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Haven’t posted some decent art for a while 😂💔
So here ya have a fail attempt with fake screenshot with ma sour boi because I love to use him as my experiments victim 

Fanart for the amazing @laudanumcafe and her equally amazing story “Tonight And The Rest Of My Life”, in which Pete finds a beautiful young neko Patrick, and brings him into his life.

Said cute neko is also a possessive little shit and I love him too much, okay? So I couldn’t resist drawing the adorable little fur ball with a too short temper, hehe.

Please go read the story everyone, it’s fluffy and adorable with just a hint of angst and smut, the perfect combination!~ ;)


If I saw you everyday, forever, Will, I would remember this time.” 

color study HAHA or rather i’m just sketching every hannigram scene there is i ship it come at me look at the way they look at each other gawd

ive still yet to watch bnha but here r some opinions i have gathered from observing friends and mutuals that like it:

  • lesbian frog kid is the best character 
  • titty seal??????
  • i like the sasuke bird, hes second to lesbian frog in my heart
  • that one that looks like a cockatiel with the shitty mustache? lov that guy
  • is goth jesus, like, okay? the one with the scarf?  is he fucking ok? he looks like he works retail during the holidays
  • why does the token megane have engines in his legs??? what the fuck??? thats so fucking funny to me??? is he turbo teen???
  • Bethesda Boy is top notch
  • everyone thinks when i say “goth naruto” i mean that midoriya kid which i dont. look at him hes not goth having black hair doesnt make u goth. i mean the one that looks like a shitty shadow the hedgehog ginjika with blonde hair
  • SCARED OF ALL MIGHT!!!!!!!!!