it looks shitty but i tried


a silly modern au comic about coffee shop name butchering as a long-overdue gift for my dearest darling love @mixzilla !! featuring our lavellan twins (kendall is theirs and ceris is mine; if any of you were wondering it’s pronounced KER-iss, which is probably a source of great barista confusion)

(eta both twins are dudes so please dont tag as fem inquisitor thank u goodnight)
PSA: The app Colorfy tries to trick you into a $13/week subscription. That's right, per WEEK.
You might not fall for this scam, but your mom will, hence why it deserves a PSA.

Signal boosting this, because this is super shitty.

tl;dr: An app called COLORFY is an editor’s choice in the Play Store. It’s a coloring thing that looks great, and says FREE all over the place.

But it tries to get you to agree to a THIRTEEN DOLLAR PER WEEK subscription, and makes it difficult to cancel the subscription.

This is a scam that most people won’t fall for, but I’m boosting the signal because we all know someone who will fall for it.


been wanting to use this dumb scene since forever but it looks like itll never happen in my fics so here take my mediocre art instead 👌


the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)


FEMSLASH BOOK CHALLENGE: a trope you love (enemies to lovers)
the abyss surrounds us by emily skrutskie

“I’m in way over my head and I’m falling. I’m falling for her, she’s fallen for me, and the whole thing is so desperate and stupid that we’re both reduced to fits of laughter that ring across the Minnow’s deck. We’re two trapped girls with nothing but each other on a ship of people who’d be better off with us dead, and somehow on top of that we’ve managed to do the one thing we shouldn’t be able to do.


Sooo I kinda like doing this stuff XD I love to read the stuff other people get, I just can’t stop laughing about this XD Aaaaan I even tried to make a theme so it doesn’t look THAT shitty like the last ones XD So yeah I guess I make more of those with diffrent situations~ So if anyone has suggestions or something let me knooow x3

Imagine Wade Wilson introducing you to Matt Murdock

“Just don’t fall in love with him,” Wade pointed a finger at you.

You glared over at your best friend and scoffed. “Listen if I fall in love with him, I’ll give you 20 bucks.”

“I could use 20 dollars, haven’t been getting much work lately,” Wade started to stare off into the distance and you had to snap a finger in his face to get his attention back.

“Focus Wade,” you demanded looping a hand around his. The two of you crossed the street to some shitty dive bar and when you got to the door, Wade paused and looked at you.

“Listen you little shit,” he tried to harden his expression but a smile got the best of him. “I repeat do not fall in love with this guy.”

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