it looks shitty but

Starting a new week with a smile and positive thoughts C;
tho my face and hair has seen better days, lol

Also I’ve been tagged to post a selfie (but it’s a bit better than it, cause it’s a gif ,lol) by @as-cold-as-her-sorrow, @seashell-eyes-and-windy-smiles, @hobbitsmind and @f-uchsteufelswild, thanks folks! ^^
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I’ve been entertaining the idea of “soft resetting” my blog. Basically I would delete all my posts and unfollow everyone (except for close friends) to sort of get a fresh start online.
I could also go for a hard reset, where I would just make an entirely new blog and erase my current online existence, informing only my friends of my new online alias.
Then again, all that is a lot of effort considering the fact that I don’t use this blog very often.

🎵 Shuffle tag 🎵

I love doing these tag game things, so thank you so much for tagging me @mysteriousdane, love ya’ ♥

Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people.

  1. Zella Day - Sacrifice
  2. The Veronicas - On Your Side
  3. Taylor Swift & ZAYN - I Don’t Wanna Live Forever
  4. Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby
  5. Trouble Maker - Now
  6. Noah Cyrus - Make Me Cry
  7. Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
  8. Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion
  9. Katy Perry - Ur So Gay
  10. EXO - Monster

This turned out so random! Anyway, I’m just gonna tag a bunch of my lovely mutuals randomly;

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(Oh wow, Look at me not being shitty and actually putting effort into tagging people lmao)

I’ll do anything to make myself feel pretty again
Cause you scarred me and made me forget I was pretty within
My friends told me I should of left yo ass that 1st time you cheated, I swear I should of listened, cause look you did it again
What is it? Is it cause I ain’t fit like these other bitches?
Sorry I ain’t perfect and thick like these other bitches
But I did everything for you that the others didn’t
I was even there when yo family was acting different
And I still got cheated on… I guess I wasn’t pretty enough
I bet she had bigger tits and a Brazilian butt
I was already insecure now I just feel shitty as fuck
Got me looking in the mirror trynna analyse my figure
Telling myself I’ll never be good enough for no man
So I don’t love no man…
Damn, but you? I cared for you, I was always there for you
When life was looking bold I was always here for you.
Shed a couple tears for you, made a couple prayers for you
Hoping you would change 1 day
But nah you never did and you never will
You just love getting around like a Ferris wheel
Destroying my self esteem and you ain’t care how I feel
What did you find in them bitches anyway? Whats the big deal?
I completely changed from that shit
My heart cold now, you the one to blame for that shit
My next Relationship I promise I’ll be trained for that shit
Cause now I’m thinking like a nigga so I don’t get played like a bitch.
He said: But we can fix this baby..
Nah nigga it’s too late for that shit
I lost myself, I been smoking more and drinking again
Partying every night and randomly sleeping with men
Cause I just wanna fucking feel pretty again!
—  Pretty Again. 

@sisteryurio submitted : ((I’ve actually wanted to draw your muse for a dang long time but was intimidated by your A++ artstyle!!!! I managed to doodle this in class, hope you like it -////-

Sorry for the shitty quality..!


Mun: ((!!! Omg thank you so much it looks awesome aaahhh

Sort of relating to that…

I romanced Solas during my first play through of DAI. Because my old computer had a shitty graphics card so any character with hair looked disgusting. The hair looked like that plastic grass stuff you find in gas station sushi containers. So Solas looked the least busted.

(Also my inquisitor wore a bird mask in her early design, so I wanted her to “lay the egg”. I thought I was hilarious)

so are all popular youtubers/letsplayers rn just trying their best to show that they are just as shitty as pewdiepie? bc thats what it looks like with their constant reassuarance that pewdiepie can say the most bigoted shit but hes still a good person bc hes been nice to them