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what happened in the friday stream

(sorry if this looks really messy, but thank you for the awesome stream and everyone who donate for the charity btw :D)

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time so sorry if this doodledump looks messy ^^;

Anyway, little things about Yellow!

  • Yellow is basically the negative that balances Jack’s positive.
  • Unlike most Anti’s, Yellow is more of a conscience type of being. He represents certain qualities like “Materialism” and “Order”, and frequently voices his opinions (which Jack would hear as that little voice in his head) instead of bottling them all in.
  • Yellow is a neat freak and PROUD OF IT. Just as long as, you know, you don’t phrase it as OCD because it ISN’T really though it probably is
  • His ashes infuriate him to some point as well, but it doesn’t last long since they disappear a few seconds after.
  • Yellow leaves said ashes only when he floats, which he always does.
  • Yellow loves Jack.
  • He can’t take off the smiley pin, but it could fall off on its own. When it does, he panics.
  • When things start to levitate around him, run away. If he’s smiling with his eyes as well, run faster.
  • Sam can see him but Jack can’t.
  • Yellow can’t fly. Only float, but nowhere too far away from Jack.

Hobbit/LotR Ask Meme: Elizabethswnn, Jezunya and Anonymous asked 11. Where would you live in Middle-earth? 

The Shire was divided into four quarters, the Farthings already referred to. North, South, East, and West; and these again each into a number of folklands, which still bore the names of some of the old leading families, although by the time of this history these names were no longer found only in their proper folklands. Nearly all Tooks still lived in the Tookland, but that was not true of many other families, such as the Bagginses or the Boffins. Outside the Farthings were the East and West Marches: the Buckland and the Westmarch added to the Shire in S.R. 1462.“ 

"The Shire at this time had hardly any ‘government’. Families for the most part managed their own affairs. Growing food and eating it occupied most of their time. In other matters they were, as a rule, generous and not greedy, but contented and moderate, so that estates, farms, workshops, and small trades tended to remain unchanged for generations.”

hello everyone! i’ve recently unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs and i would like some more content on my dash and to make some friends! if you are a mostly or all anime blog that has a tagging system, please reblog this and put in the tags what fandoms you post:

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The story of the Kubdel pocket watch

Not really something TRC month related, but someone asked me to draw the dork family gaming soo… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯