it looks really crappy

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy


I wonder how Ron can stand having such a fine friend and girlfriend lol.


It wasn’t exactly love at first sight.

“My lazy brother refused to take out the trash so I had to while I’m wearing my least flattering outfit and you came along and took a photo on your phone and I flipped my shit. Turns out you just wanted to take a photo of a butterfly.” - au


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“Keep Pain Away” Sigil

It’s really crappy looking, but it worked well for me lol. I had cramps in school once, and so I made this baby up, drew it on my skin, and focused all my energy onto the sigil. It actually worked for a bit, although afterwards I was dirt tired. It made it so I could friggin walk again without physically almost falling down from pain, hahahaaaaa…I hate periods…

Note; Witchcraft and Magick is not a substitute for medication and/or advice/directions from professional doctors and health specialists 


I know most dc fans (and people in general) hate teen titans go but there was an episode where they were going through their attic looking at things they forgot about (or wanted to forget) and I found some of these gems

I really need to practice my facial expressions more, since I’ve never really done it before ;-;

St.'s mildly ridiculous meditation tips

Meditation is a fleeting practice for a lot of people. I think that’s because no one really takes the time to do the research into what meditation really is and/or the resources just are not that readily available. So, here are some kinda odd tips from yours truly.

1. You don’t have to close your eyes

In fact, it is recommended that you don’t by most meditation instructions. Most instructions will say something like sit with a “soft gaze” where your eyes are partially open and not really focused on anything. In other words, stare out into space.

2. Paint your nails

You know when I get most of my meditation done? When I can’t move. I try to paint my nails with a slow-dry polishing so that I’m forced to sit still for an hour or suffer the consequences of crappy looking nails. (No, really, even quick-dry polish is really supposed to sit for an hour or so undisturbed. Polish technically takes 24hrs to set).

If you are not one for nail art, take the opportunity for other times when you can’t move such as:

-Standing in the checkout line
-Doctor’s office waiting room
-Doctor’s office while they’re doing gods know what while you sit on that weird table in the paper gown
-While cooking … Literally watch water boil.

3. Don’t sit still

I have a post floating around here about meditation in motion. You can meditate with repetitive movements or “flow” (when you really get into an activity and your movements seem basically automatic).

You know, whatever gets your brain to chill for a sec.

4. Talk to yourself

Mantras are good for you. Find a positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself. Pick a nice one, like:

-Today is a beautiful day
-I am calm and peaceful
-My goal is to be more positive
-I will make sausage and peppers for dinner
-I will not forget to take [name redacted] these goddamn cups

5. Take a break from taking a break

You really can be too stressed to meditate. I personally don’t put meditation on the top of my “ways to turn down the suck” list for days when the stress is at a 245 on a scale of 10. In fact, the inability to meditate will add to that stress as opposed to making things better.

So, first, forgive yourself, and then go find another stress relieving activity to do in the meantime.

Cool! Well, writing this helped me kill one hour of a two-hour delay from going into work.

Take care, kids.


Another character I like, but never drew :o

I like Duke/Otogi a lot due to his affection with board games and dice. I myself am a huge board game fan and one of my dreams is working for a board game company as an illustrator. But I’m not confident enough to even try at the moment x) But it would be great some day.

The colour’s gone wild here as you can see :’D 

(I wanted to post sketches and steps, too, but I altered the face very much in the process, it looked really crappy at first, so I keep it a secret >.> my dark drawing secrets)