it looks ratchet


look at this meme

ratchet calm down for like .3 secpnds pLEAse

We’ve noticed TFP Optimus’ plating is always scratched up, right?

What if Miko noticed and always offered to help him out with it, offer to polish his armor and always pouts when he politely declines. That doesn’t stop her, though, so she manages to convince Jack and Raf to ask him, as well. Jack just goes along with it, because he’s known her long enough to know she’ll keep bothering him until he says yes. And Raf agrees because he wouldn’t mind helping.

So Optimus has to keep declining when the three humans ask him every couple of days and just shoots Ratchet a look whenever he hears him snicker.

But the first time he agrees is when he regains his memory and comes back. He notices his plating is scratched everywhere, even his window shields. So when Miko asks after Ratchet fixes his injuries he agrees.

Miko’s in shock before she’s jumping for joy and runs to go get the supplies and yells at Jack and Raf to get ready.  

So Optimus is in his vehicle mode while the three humans work hard, and just sits there contentedly.

now how in the fuck did i ever miss this #drama -filled embrace?? this is a screenshot from a soap opera. drift has finally succumbed to the mysterious illness that’s had him coughing all season. ratchet cradles his lifeless body, pleading with the gathered crowd, “please, someone find him a doctor! he needs a doctor!” he’s forgotten that he’s the doctor. his mysterious amnesia strikes again. 

will drift survive the night? will ratchet ever recover his old identity? who’s killing all these senators? and what’s going on with chromedome and prowl? find out next week on MTMTV’s Shadowplay

Hey remember that one time when Ratchet and Clank insinuated that Britney Spears was a homicidal robot who wrote songs calling for the extermination of organic life

Or that other time they suggested that Fox was a souless, amoral congolomarate that would break all kinds of laws in the name of money including forcing innocent people to compete in a murderous combat sport

Or when Ratchet discovered the corporaton he was working for was basically terrorising it’s galaxy in the name of bolts

Or how in the VERY FIRST GAME you were against a guy whp was literally destroying planets just to build a new one, sell it, pollute it, and then build another

These games were anti-authorotarian as fuck while still being hillarious, i’m really amazed I don’t see more about them