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Walking into the house, there was a buzz in the air. Yoongi stood there, his hands in his pockets as he pointed to your office, you nodded and opened the door. Everything looked alright, and you looked at Yoongi expectantly.

We have an illegal casino in the basement. He said nonchalantly and your jaw hit the floor.

An illegal … casino … basement. You muttered and tried to make sense of the red flashes that were going off in your head. It’s Tae right? You could see the smug grin on his face and you were ready to punch him. DOES HE REALIZE HOW FUCKED UP THAT IS?! How the hell aren’t the security guards stopping this?! You shrieked and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

The guys working here are more corrupt than anyone else in the government and I should know. Yoongi said and you rolled your eyes. Your beloved security guards only do their jobs when you’re around. So when you leave, they listen to us. Yoongi smiled and you balled up your fist.

I never thought I would want to kill someone, but today has changed that. You mumbled and Yoongi patted you on the shoulder.

Welcome to the club. But I’ll make life easy for you, the password is Casino Advantage. He told you and your looked at him with a furrowed brow. It’s when a gambler has an advantage because this is his home turf. It’s kind of Tae’s warning to the guests not to try anything.

Guests? You looked at Yoongi exasperatedly and he nodded.

We got maybe 100 people down there, it’s pretty swanky. You looked at Yoongi up and down. He was wearing a tux and his hair was moussed up from its usually shaggy look. Looking down at yourself, you heard a chuckle from Yoongi. You need to change. You rolled your eyes and looked up to see Yoongi walking out of the office, but a simple black floor-length gown hanging on the door.

Slipping into it felt weird, you weren’t used to silks or satins, you preferred your tshirt and jeans get-up. Now you tossled your hair around and walked out of the office. Yoongi gave a small clap and held out his arm.

Let’s bulldoze this popsicle stand. He said and you laughed.

The phrase is let’s blow this popsicle stand. You corrected him and Yoongi just shrugged.

Sayings aren’t really my thing. He muttered and walked with you to the basement door. The guard looked you up and down and you glared.

Nice night gig you got here. You muttered and the guard turned pale.

Hey, it’s easy money. Look at you! You’re here with one of your patients. The guard tried to defend himself, but Yoongi cleared his throat.

I am not a patient, thank you very much. Also, you suck at your job regardless, so just let us in. And the two of you walked passed the sheepish guard.

So where’s Tae? I’m going to smack that boy into next year. You said through gritted teeth, but Yoongi just chuckled.

Easy tiger. Let’s walk around, I told the others I would warn them when you were here. You continued to hold onto Yoongi’s arm as you made your way around the basement. The usual dreary concrete room had been completely decked out to look like an upscale casino. You watched as women passed looking like models, influential men walked by in their pinstriped suits, and scantily clad waitresses handed out expensive cocktails.

How the hell does he have money for this? Your mind couldn’t wrap around all of the elements that sat in front of you and Yoongi chuckled, as the two of you approached the group of five guys.

He knows people and once he has a venue, it could be a shithole and they just come in and turn it into this. Yoongi replied. Jin and Namjoon nodded. Jimin shook his head.

It’s called crashing the nut. Jin murmured. We plan to make hundreds of thousands tonight, so he will not only pay off the guys who set it up, but we make a little on the side. Jin scanned around the room. The buzz of alcohol and conversation filled the air.

I can’t believe he pulled it off. He said with a bit of disbelief, but Jimin still stood there sipping on his mojito and looking dapper in his tux.

Jungkook stood a bit back, looking around. Keeping an eye out, Jungkook? Yoongi asked and Jungkook snapped his gaze forward.

There are guys here I know, just making sure they stay in their spots. Jungkook replied and your eyes followed his gaze. Jungkook was always quiet so hearing him speak made you see that this wasn’t a place for you to be in. Jungkook and the rest of the guys were in their element, they all were dressed well, but acted casually.

Y’all have done this before, haven’t you? You asked and Namjoon shrugged.

This is definitely part of the black market scene. It’s not like this scary, grungy thing that people see in the movies. The UM is actually really classy and difficult to become a part of. Namjoon responded and you looked at him quizzically.

UM? You looked at Yoongi, who replied quietly.

Underground Market. You nodded and looked around. All of these people were regulars, they had too much money to spend and so they found places to spend it. Gambling it away in a night, most of these people could lose thousands and not even care. Hey, come on, I think you should see Tae in his element. Yoongi said to you and held his arm out once more. You cradled the gin and tonic that you were given and took hold of Yoongi’s arm. Slithering your way through the crowd, you found yourself at the VIP table.

So @naryrising and I were just discussing that screencap with Zarkon kneeling by someone’s bedside who may or may not be Haggar. That’s a pretty swanky looking bedroom. Like royalty levels of swanky. So… what if she really *is* related to Alfor? WELL. In the old series, Allura had an aunt Orla, WHOM HAGGAR PRETENDED TO BE. So what if instead in VLD, Orla is pretending to be (assumed the name) Haggar?? :o


“Got my kisser socked over there back in the day…” Steve said, pointing to an old alleyway that was now caked with graffiti and frowning at the sight. “It never used to look like that though… This was a pretty swanky area when I was growing up.”

“This area hasn’t been swanky since the sixties.” You laughed, stepping in beside him and lacing you fingers between his. “Got any other places around here you’d like to show me?”

“I don’t know if it’s still here but there used to be a nice joint a few blocks over…” He answered with one of those all-american smiles that had a way of melting you into a puddle. “Wanna check it out?”

“Lead the way, dinosaur.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine helping Steve through a bout of nostalgia by visiting some of his old hangouts in Brooklyn*

Request: (@capscanary) Imagine finding some of Steve’s favorite old spots in Brooklyn, helping him through some of the nostalgia.

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Klaus and Marcel go to Chicago(or any other city) because they hear it's on the rise of becoming the newest capital city for vampires, and when Klaus and Marcel seek out the vampire in charge they find Caroline

Written by guest writer @undeadqueenselenakatlove


“Niklaus, where exactly are you going?” Elijah asked as Klaus strolled in with an amused expression.

Marcel followed him with an easy smile. He was hauling a small suitcase along as he entered the room.

“Well, Klaus and I have been hearing about a new vampire kingdom being set up in Chicago. So we thought we would pay it a visit.”

“And, what exactly do you hope to gain from this, Niklaus?” Elijah queried as he settled down on the sofa.

His brother did nothing without the reward of personal gain.

Klaus acted as if he was hurt by the suggestion.

“Nothing, brother. Marcellus and I simply thought it would be an interesting experience.”

Marcel nodded. “Rumour has it they’re gonna be bigger than New Orleans. All the vamps are heading there and we just wanna check it out. That and the ruler is apparently a baby vamp.”

“She’s apparently quite a strong ruler and the rumours say she does not rule with fear.”

Klaus was fascinated by the alleged mystery ruler. He had heard that she was beautiful, at least as much so as every other vampire, but that she also ruled with a gentle hand.

Elijah looked mildly disturbed. “And, I ask you again, brother: what are your intentions? Merely visiting the city strikes me as unusual for you, Niklaus.”

He was intrigued by Niklaus’s evident desire to visit another city, one with a potential enemy.

“Can I do nothing without such questioning of my motives, Elijah?”

Klaus’s rebuttal was quick to the point. Elijah always jumped to such distrust of him.

Elijah chuckled slightly. “One day, perhaps, when you prove yourself to be so trustful,” Elijah replied. He trusted Niklaus would always protect their family. But, he could not trust him any further. “Do you intend to conquer the city? Burn it down so it poses no threat?”

“I’m hurt you think so little of me, brother,” Klaus pouted slightly. “But, would it really be so wrong to expand our influence?”

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Mile High

Mile High

Author: cherrywhisp

Rating: T (One swear word and mentioned vomiting, no description)

Summary/Prompt: Prompt from my own blog. “can you do a one shot where the reader is new to the bau and they get on the jet and she reveals she’s never flown before. She gets supersick and spends the while flight in the bathroom  vomiting. Spencer brings her a bottle of water and they end up falling in love over the toilet”

I’ll certainly try!! 

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