it looks pretty okay if i do say so myself

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Hey!I'm a different anon and I wanted to say something about the makeup thing,if you don't mind!!(:I think it's so good of you that you don't wear any makeup and that you're proud of it!(I'm sorry, my English is bad) The most girls wear makeup to feel pretty(same with me) I do feel pretty without makeup but with makeup, I feel much more happier with myself and my looks. On the other hand, others wear makeup to hide their flaws and that's totally okay too! Sorry for this text idk why I wrote this

you’re English is great babe don’t even worry about it!! thank you so much for sharing with me, I really appreciate it and believe that you are beautiful with or without makeup💞keep shining. x

Okay, the main is officially finished and if I do say so myself, it looks pretty damn good. Anyways, I’d love to get some applications around here. We just opened up Dani, Sam, Rachel & Tina! How about we get some apps for any one of those characters? Or even Puck & Brittany. Come join us. I promise, we’re really friendly!

okay so after looking over a combo of things happenin in my life lately, I’ve realized how much shittier I’ve gotten at living for myself. n this is a pretty selfish realization but tumblr is a p selfish n personal outlet for me so whateva hah. i used to be so self-confident n expressive, but now I feel like I constantly cycle through what certain ppl would think before I say or do something. i feel like I’ve been working too hard to maintain the picture of what other ppl in my life want me to be. so I am going to use all of my focus and self awareness to stop being so critical of myself – stop focusing on the impression I am giving off and start acting according to my instinct, mind, passions, heart, brain, spirit!! bc there is not an ounce of purpose in doing anything else. damn

twig tea. supposed to be doing some handouts for a blackout poetry workshop I threw together for tomorrow (do you want to come?) instead listening to drake and paquita. feeling ok. will this last. I don’t know. I read a poetry book from a boo I love so much and look up to so much and I thought it was always a no-no to write poems about your lovers and now I think it’ll be okay. i am in this strange place of walking away from someone when they are in this well of depression. I have been there. but depression+hurtful accusations and manipulation and so many other things mean I had to do things for myself. I have been called selfish for this. I don’t know if thats the truth or the manipulation talking. pretty people saying mean things to you who are smarter than you and have careers and shit always fuck me in the head. and so many things. I tried. I want it to be known that I tried. 

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Hi! My name is Alayna, I'm in the Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji and AOT fandoms. Nice to meet you! 💗

Nice to meet you too, Alayna!
Just call me Angie (or just hetariri it doesn’t matter to me so much).
(Great fandom tastes by the way, I’ll have to agree on some of them myself!)

Okay PSA

This is a lesson for everyone.

Today someone looked at me and said “you are to pretty to struggle.”
Alrighty then so what they were saying was that since I sometimes look nice and am normally pleasant means that I cannot struggle. This is very upsetting. So those of you who do struggle everyday like myself and countless others….
¤You are worth it.
¤Dont listen to peoples stereotypes.
¤Not all empathy/sympathy is fake.
¤Dont be afraid to speak out.
Accept help.
¤If you want attention just say something.
¤We all relapse its okay.
¤No, your problems are not stupid.
¤ Tell someone you trust, so they know what is happening.
¤please please please reach out.

My ask is open, as is my messanger, and email.

Kik: riptide359725

So I actually did something good for myself for once.

Today I actually felt like dressing nicely today. So, I got dressed, put on a nice top, nice jeans to go with it, and some earrings. I even straightened my hair and I have to say, I actually looked okay and I feel proud of myself. I never really do this and it’s pretty rare if I do. I feel more confident then I used to be, now I can take a selfie without telling myself I look “bad” which is really good for me since I have such low self esteem and this is like a check point for me for actually getting to love myself. I have to say, If I do this more often, I can actually start loving and enjoying myself and thats a great thing for me! I feel so proud of myself! This is just such a great thing for me! And I’m so proud of myself for getting where I am now! I just wanted to say how proud of myself I am, you can ignore this if you’d like. 

Okay okay right so I’ve been saying for awhile that my “story” is that back in March 2013 (that’s my freshman year) I kinda had this realization that even if I were an awesome guy with a ton going for me, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to recognize it and believe it. Like you can’t get a good enough look at yourself.

So for the past two years I’ve been on this big spree of doing things that make me feel good about myself, trying to love myself so that when someone is into me, I will actually believe it, and even feel like I’ve earned it. And when I get that little “she probably doesn’t even really like you voice” in my head I can confidently brush it off as anxiety. That’s all I want. I guess this post is kind of an update on this story.

So we came home from camp today. Right now I am willing to say with confidence there were no fewer than four girls actively showing interest in me, if you include the one on my phone. And that’s a weird feeling for me. Like I believe it, and I believe all of them, and I like all of them and I kinda have no idea what to do. It’s kinda like all that stuff about confidence working too well.

And don’t get me wrong, what I’m feeling right now is amazing, and part of this post is me just not wanting to ever forget it or ruin it for myself. Let the record show that on May 25, 2015 I was so happy with my life, I literally had I hard time believing it. Now nothing can change that.

I’m just…it’s not even like I’m afraid of disappointing people, it’s more like I don’t want to fuck up my friendships. That’s priority number one.

You are not ready

You say you are immature most of the time but you can be mature when needed.

Honestly I don’t see it. There are some things which I think are pretty important, but you brush them off and say I think too much. Maybe I do, so I asked my girls. And they unanimously stand by my side.

Instead of saying “it’s not me, it’s you”, have you tried looking at things from my perspective? You see it as a trivial matter, as a joke, because your bros are okay with it. But I’m not a bro.

I never want any guy to hide their immaturity. I am pretty childish myself. But you can’t expect her to know that you can be dependable and a real man just because you say “I can be mature when needed”.

Then the moment comes when you need to show maturity, but you brush her off for “taking things so seriously”. 

So when are you mature? 

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About going platinum: I love hair and I personally color my own hair pretty often. You have gorgeous hair! The highlights you've got are insanely beautiful! I'm all for new things, dying my hair makes me feel good about myself so I completely understand all that :) But if you do go platinum, you will lose your highlights when your hair grows back its natural color :/ If you're perfectly okay with that, I say go for it! I think it would look gorgeous! You're beautiful and you can do anything ⭐️

Wow thank you so much!! I’m really excited about it! My highlights are completely natural and they’ve come back every time I’ve dyed it before, so I’m not too worried about that! I’m freaking out about it changing the texture of my hair though? Like that it’ll be all straight and limp no matter how many deep conditioners I use? Thanks so much again :) I’m really anxious about it! Any tips on how to calm down and prepare myself?❤️🙈


“Chloe how are you feeling?”

ME: (OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT UH FUQ JUST SAY SOMETHING) “Uh pretty good” (nods head uncomfortably, looking straight ahead, not even facing PD) (OH SHIT WHAT DID I JUST DO THAT FELT SO AWKWARD) (faces pd again)

PD: “Pretty good? I’m feeling a 5 coming from you Chloe. I feel it.”

ME: (AHHHHHHHHH FUQQQQQ NOW WHAT. Okay just laugh or something because you don’t know what to say.) (laughs to peter)