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I Wanted It to be Real

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Chapter 5

I’ve been through a breakup once before, with Agatha. It was right at the beginning of the school year, when she said she thought we loved each other as friends, not as something else. I didn’t have to think about the way I should react at the time, how upset I should be, what I should say, because I’d already known for years that we were going to be endgame.

It turned out I was wrong.

I don’t have to think about it now, even though I should. I haven’t done this before, breaking up with someone over a fight, going back to hating someone I should have hated all along. It’s not hard, acting like I’m mad at Baz. It’s not the first time.

Penny is unusually quiet when I tell her about the fake breakup. Agatha rushes to console me, offering hugs and extra dessert and a shoulder to cry on if I want it. I have to keep reminding her that we were never really dating, and the breakup was staged, so of course I don’t need any of those things.

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33 + boyf riends for the ilu prompts!!

[The way you said “I love you.“ + 33. On a post-it note]

(Wherein sometimes you can say “I love you” without saying those exact words; a study in selected post its)

(inside one of Jeremy’s notebooks)

YOU LEFT THIS AT MY PLACE YOU FORGETFUL NERD!!! how do you even read your notes holy shit??? your handwriting looks like dancing snakes

P.S. flip through bottom right corner to watch a flippy animation thingy i made of a dinosaur putting sunglasses on


(inside the pocket of Michael’s hoodie)

Who’s the forgetful nerd now :P

You also forgot like eight of your pens but all of my pens disappeared idk so these are mine now. You’ll have to kill me if you want them back.

P.S. I almost did not return this. It’s very soft. Feel free to forget more often haha.


(passed to Michael during class)

I’m dying. I’m so bored.


(passed back to Jeremy during class, now with various doodles)

this here is gwendolyn and shes a lizard that fights with a war hammer thats on fire. you have til the end of the class to create a worthy opponent. GO!!


(stuck onto Jeremy’s phone. on the back is a shaky game of hangman)

dear sober jeremy,

yes, u got hammered last night. no, u didnt do anything that will require you to jump into the nearest sewer to live with bootlegged mutant ninja turtles. yes, you tried to dance on a table, but only for three seconds because rich pushed you off and proceeded to teach us how to dougie. yes, i drove you home, and no, you werent a bother. HYDRATE!! TAKE A SHOWER AND A PAINKILLER!! EAT AN EGG!!! hope u feel less hangover-y soon

P.S. drunk you is SHIT at hangman. you started suggesting emojis


(found crushed in the passenger’s seat of Michael’s car written in barely legible scrawl)

hangman is hard but thats ok cuz youre gorgeeo beatu CUTE

-J J J J J J J J

(on Jeremy’s wall)

what a great morning to remember that youre wonderful

(on Jeremy’s bathroom mirror)

looking pretty handsome, if i do say so myself

(on Jeremy’s backpack)

this backpack is so lucky to be lugged around by a RAD DUDE LIKE YOU

(given to Michael, folded up as a crane)

Thank you.


(folded up in Jeremy’s wallet. never posted anywhere)

I think

 Please don’t be 

It’s okay if you want to stop being fri

I’m in love with you


(in a tin container along with a Magic The Gathering Card and a ticket stub to Weird Al. never posted anywhere. this post it has been here for a while.)

im falling in love with you.


(slipped into Michael’s locker)

Lunch? Just the two of us?


💥 Dating Kenji Katsaros would include 💥


▫ (even tho it’s not working as often as he’d like to)

▪ so much PDA


▪ (you love to swing your hands between the two of you when you’re walking trough town)

▫ k i s s i n g

▪ Kenji is such a good kisser, always leaving you breathless and wanting for more

▫ S P A R R I N G


▫ “You know what would look good on you? Me.”

▪ (pinning him to the ground, while straddling him)


▪ he’s the best cook

▫ (you just love to end a day with a self made meal)

▪ “Here comes the air plane. Choo-Choo” - “I’m pretty sure that’s a train, Ken.” - “Shut up and open your mouth.” - “That’s the exact same phrase you told me yesterday, when I was down on my-”

▫ he DID cover your face with his hands, and he DID turn bright red


▫ he’s so freaking worried when you’re crime fighting (and sometimes forgets to look out for himself)

▪ “I can look out for myself, Kenji! And you know that!” - “But I do worry, I can’t help it, okay?!”

▫ let’s just say you’re yelling quite a bit when this happens

▪ it’s a bit icy between you for the next few days



▫ (especially when something went wrong & all you want is to feel Kenji, to forget everything around you for a few hours)

▪ he totally goes down on you more than once, with that cheeky grin on hiS PERFECT LIPS

▫ tugging on his soft hair

▪ admiring his eyes (I just really really love grey eyes, that’s all)




▪ (riding him on his motorcycle, lol)

▫ he loves loves loves to leave marks behind, especially on your neck and jaw, for everyone to see


▫ dancing the night away

▪ (he loves to dance really really close to you)

▫ like, you pressed against him close


▫ you’ll be the prettiest couple ever

▪ (meeting meiko)

▫ boy, that goes wrong

▪ she’s not that fond of you, cause “Kenji, you can do so much better than that!”

▫ there’s a lot of tension between you and ken after that

▪ and you’re actually a bit hurt and insecure


▪ making you laugh until you cry

▫ he just wants to make you happy


▫ because again,,,, he’s a great kisser

▪ distracting you with a movie marathon on netflix

▫ (“Let’s watch that movie!” - “Ugh, Kenji, not again. We already watched every Marvel movie. TWICE!”)



So yeah okay lives of thousands of fans were saved when Hobi didn’t show his abs for real. But you know, just a friendly reminder:

Oh, let me help you with that.

yas, that’s better - anyway - if the abs were visible during a body roll, what the fuck do you think is hiding under that shirt now?!

Originally posted by hobioppa

“o-o-omg. wu- wut wut? a-a-abs?” hoho, yeah, well, he was all cute and that, I mean look:

Originally posted by k-pop-is-my-narcotic

So yeah. Now I gotta say I would love BTS without their ridiculously good looks, but since they are so handsome, let us feast:

But since Hobi ain’t into showing skin, let’s not bother him though we’re thirsty for Hope abs, mkay? Let’s leave the striptease for the very-mini.

Originally posted by bangtanparkjihye

He’s pretty good at it…


I couldn’t help myself. BEHOLD OF THE MONSTER ABS

ya okay, I’ll see myself out now XD

"Oh so you're the camp counselor my sibling keeps raving about"

Dear Maya,
I’m having a great time at camp! It’s been only a day, but my cabin mates are so nice. We took the swim test and the pool is super awesome. I have two counselors, one is a girl named Missy who’s in my cabin with all the girls, and then there’s Lucas who’s in with the boys. And just between us, he’s realllyyy cute. Like, seriously. Not even a little. He’s full blown young Zac Efron level cute. Not for me of course, because I’m 8 and he’s 23. But you’re 22 and I could totally see you two dating. He’s awesome and he’s from Texas. You should talk to him when you come to pick me up from camp.
Love: your sister, Phoebe


I made a friend! Her name is Emma and she is very nice. She has super long nails, and they’re real! She’s so cool, and she’s 10 so she’s older than me. And about Lucas, I asked him if he’s single (even though you said not to). He was nice about it, and he said he was! He’s perfect for you, Maya. I told him about you and he seemed interested. You should send me a photo of you so I can show him. I know you probably don’t want to, but please??? I’ll be sweet and put it by my bunk so that he just happens to see it. I won’t shove it in his face, I promise.
Hoping for a photo, Phoebe


Dearest sister,
Lucas saw the photo. He was all “wait is that your sister” and I was like “yeah” and I swear to god he blushed and smiled all cute. He’s just getting awesomer and awesomer as the days go by. He taught me how to make lanyards and I’m making one on my water bottle, but his is better than mine. That’s okay though, I’ll get better. He’s definitely my favorite counselor. I think he likes me too. And he’d definitely likey-like you. I showed Emma your picture and she says she totally “ships” you guys, which means she likes you as a couple. I agree with her. Turns out he’s been doing college at NYU! He was held back a year when he was little for some reason he won’t tell me, so he’s in your grade. Awesome, right? Parsons and NYU are pretty close. You could totally date him!
Okay, I’m done. Hope everything’s good. Tell mom I say hi.


So I’m leaving tomorrow, which seems crazy. The two weeks went by super fast. They have this thing they do at this camp where by the end of the week, you ask any counselor to “tie your rag.” You pretty much make a goal and work hard to get to it and then a counselor you look up to ties a handkerchief around your neck as a sort of badge. I’m very proud of myself, I faced my fears and went on the big zip line that they have here. I asked Lucas to tie my rag. He’s the greatest. We’re great friends now, and I think I’m his favorite. We always talk when we’re walking around camp and I’ve told him loads about you. He says he’d like to meet you when you come, and I’m so excited! Don’t hate me for this, because it wasn’t my fault, but all the girls in my cabin saw your photo, and now they all want you to date Lucas. It kinda got around, and now everyone teases Lucas about it. He takes it well and laughs and stuff, but that might make it awkward when you meet. Sorry, I didn’t try to make this happen! My whole cabin just knows a cute couple when they see one! Anyways, I’m gonna go now. Can’t wait to see you and introduce you to Lucas tomorrow! I’m gonna miss him when I come home. (Unless you guys date. Then he could be like my big brother or something. That would be the coolest!)
Love, Phoebe :)

Maya chuckles as she finishes reading over the last letter that was sent to her by Camp Orkila from Phoebe. Her little sister always can make her smile, and she must admit she’s excited to see the little firecracker again today.

And Maya must admit, she’s curious about this Lucas guy. If he’s really as cute as Phoebe says he is, then Maya won’t refuse an introduction. Although she can’t help but feel a little embarrassed that Phoebe had the whole camp unit shipping her and this Lucas guy just from one photograph. So yeah, that’s a bit embarrassing, but at the same time it makes Maya more curious about him. What is it about the two of them that had twenty 8-11 year olds turned into huge “lucaya” fans? Maya feels like it was Phoebe’s loud and bubbly voice (something from Riley that had rubbed off on her) blabbering about how Lucas and Maya were perfect for each other.

But alas, Maya finds herself pulling into the grass parking lot in her rental car in the Texas summer camp. She had to take a flight from New York to get here, since her mom was too busy with work to come get Phoebe. So here Maya finds herself, in Texas for the weekend with her sister.

Maya steps out of the car and locks it’s doors, sighing to herself at the sudden Texas heat. She was glad she put on a shit-ton of sunscreen, for she knew her fair skin would soon be looking quite lobster-esque if she hadn’t. She feels beads of sweat start to form on the back of her neck, so she ties her messy blonde waves up in a high ponytail using the hair tie on her wrist.

She tightens the ponytail as she walks to tent with a banner that reads “pick up campers here”, seeing a huddle of kids with taller counselors getting them to participate in circle games and conversations.

Maya sees some girls crying and hugging about their departure, not including Phoebe not to her surprise. Phoebe isn’t exactly the crying, weepy emotional type.

She suddenly spots her little sister in a different place, sitting in the grass and weaving something attached to her water bottle concentratedly.

Maya smiles at Phoebe, her straight brunette locks falling into her eyes as she looks down at her water bottle attachment. Her brown hair was a trait that surprised everyone when she was born, a trait that she had gotten from Shawn’s side of the family. But she still had the same striking blue eyes as Maya did. Yet she got lucky with tanned skin, as opposed to Maya’s pale complexion.

Maya starts to walk over to her, but she slows a bit as she notices a boy sitting next to Phoebe, working on his own lanyard.

That must be Lucas.

Phoebe wasn’t lying when she had said that Lucas looked like a young Zac Efron, with his sea foam green eyes and his tousled dirty blonde hair. He had a sharp jawline and broad shoulders, his skin tanned from days at the summer camp.

Maya smiled slightly as he shares a laugh with Phoebe, the two seeming to share a connection.

Maya walks closer and sees Phoebe look up to her, a large smile spreading on her face.

“Maya!” She smiles, hopping up from her sitting position in the grass and engulfing Maya in a huge hug. Maya hugs back tightly, Phoebe almost the same height as her despite being eight years old.

“Hey, sister spaz. How was camp?” Maya beams at Phoebe, pulling away from the hug and tucking a brown lock behind her ear.

“Great! Did you get all my letters?” Phoebe says enthusiastically, folding her hands together with a huge smile.

“Oh, I did.” Maya says with a chuckle, glancing at Lucas who is now standing as well. Maya feels her cheeks flush as their eyes meet, pulling her stare away and putting it back on Phoebe. God, he was hot. He hasn’t even said a word and Maya already has butterflies in her stomach.

“Oh and Maya, this is Lucas, the best counselor ever.” Phoebe beams, pulling Maya by her hand so that she’s standing closer to Lucas.

“And Lucas, this is my sister Maya. Also known as the best sister ever, who is twenty-two and available and very pretty, if you haven’t noticed.” Phoebe says shamelessly like she always does. Maya feels her cheeks grow incredibly hot, Lucas’s face becoming adorned with a boyish smile.

“Nice to meet you, Maya.” He says with a Prince Charming-like smile, Maya’s stomach tightening further into its knot as she hears his deep, gravely yet kind voice. God, this guy is perfect. How the hell did Phoebe think Maya of all people had a chance with him?

And how the hell does he not have a girlfriend?

“And you,” Maya replies, trying to keep her usual sarcastic tone as a cover for how jittery he’s making her feel.

“So you’re from New York, huh?” Lucas smirks, and Maya notices his very slight southern drawl. She can’t help but find it attractive.

“Yeah, born and raised. I hear you’re from here in good ole Texas country, Sundance.” Maya attempts to cover her attraction with her usual name calling and teasing.

“Maya, be nice.” Phoebe huffs from her side, tugging on Maya’s hand.

“Fine. Sorry.” Maya chuckles, Lucas smiling down at Phoebe.

“It’s all good, Phoebe,” Lucas says to Phoebe, before looking up to Maya, “Sundance, that’s a new one. Props to you.” Lucas laughs, smiling down at Maya with a slight blush on his cheeks as well.

Maya notices the small crowd of giddy ten year olds watching them with wide eyes, the talk of the camp for the past two weeks finally standing in front of them.

“So I hear you’re going to NYU? Phoebe told me all about it in her letters.” Maya asks, making conversation.

“Yeah, I am. And you’re at Parsons?”

“I assume Phoebe had lots to say about me too?”

“Oh yeah.” Lucas says with a chuckle, Maya laughing slightly as well.

“She has quite the big mouth, this one..” Maya smirks, pulling Phoebe into a tight side-hug.

“Yeah. It was awesome having her here.” Lucas smiles at Phoebe again.

“She had a blast. Right Pheebs?”

“Totally. You’re my favorite, Lucas.” Phoebe smiles, and Lucas laughs.

“Just between us,” Lucas says, leaning in and whispering, “you’re my favorite too.”

Phoebe somehow beams even more at this, Lucas giving her a fist bump.

“Now can you please give Maya your number so we can hang out again? And also so you two can see each other again? Come on, I know you like each other. It’s like, all over your faces.” She says bluntly, Maya blushing intensely.

“I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting together sometime, Maya. I get back from camp in August.” Lucas smiles, scratching the back of his back as excited squeals come from the group of ten year olds.

“Oh! I mean, sure!” Maya stammers, keeping her cool as her cheeks somehow turn redder, “uh, here. I have a pen. I’ll give you my number.”

“Oh, okay cool.” Lucas says with a big goofy grin on his face, Maya ripping a small slip of paper from her sketchbook in her purse and scribbling her number onto it before handing it to him.

“Alright cool, it was nice meeting you. And Phoebe,” Lucas turns to Phoebe and gives her a hug, “it was so awesome to hang out with you.”

“It won’t be the last time. Especially when you two start dating.” Phoebe smirks, Maya and Lucas both blushing, Maya chuckling nervously.

“Hopefully.” Lucas smiles at Maya, her stomach dropping as she looks into his sea foam gaze. He really is a ten.

“See you soon ish then.” Maya chuckles bashfully.

“Until then, blondie.”

HetaTube: Making Satanic Food
  • Turkey: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my glorious cooking channel that I share with both France and China! Since all of you guys know how great and amazing I am at cooking my dishes, a lot of you ask for me to make something unique and challenging today, and so I've decided to make Pop Tarts... this is going to be fucking horrible.
  • Turkey: Okay, so I looked up the ingredients and stuff I need to get, and I don't have most of it, thus why I've decided to be a great friend and steal shit from Francy! Now I'm ready to bake diabetes!
  • Turkey: I have no idea what I'm doing and cooking for once in my life- gah! Goddamit, some of the flour went on the counter! And... wait... is it supposed to look like this?? ... fuck.
  • Turkey: man, this is a lot of stuff. Good thing I'm using France's shit or I'll lose money for making fucking rectangles.
  • Turkey: I tried to make good-looking rectangles but they look like some unknown geometry shape. I'm trying to make them look like rectangles now and seal them... not doing great though... shit- Fuck I broke it!
  • Turkey: Okay, now they're in the oven and I'm waiting for them to bake. It's taking so long... I can't believe I skipped lunch and bugging Greece for this disaster.
  • Turkey: and finally they're done! They actually look pretty decent, if I say so myself! And now, to taste them! *takes a bite* ... it's so sugary... and hard... what the fuck am I eating????
  • Turkey: heya guys, so due to my stupid Asian-ass, I don't want to waste even the most shit-tasting/looking food, so I'm leaving it in the meeting room for some poor soul to try and not die from it- hey, America's eating it...

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harvest moon (maybe something spooky/ with magic for halloween?)

How about some soft spookiness? 

“Ava, please.”

She stops and turns around.

She swings her wicker basket against her blue and white checkered dress and taps her ruby red slipped against the sidewalk as she waits.

“You can’t run ahead like that. Is dangerous.”

“I’m staying on the sidewalk,” she whines. “Papa you’re going too slow.”

“What is rush?”

“My bucket is only half full. Halloween is almost over.”

“Still plenty of time,” he says as he steps up to her. He puts one hand on the top of her head, mindful of her braids. “And you have lots of candy already. Half full still lots.”

“But what if people run out?”

“Go to Sid’s house next. He never run out.”

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(Based off of these awesome arts: 1 || 2)

Artist Appreciation Week (Friday)!

This time it goes out to @vashito who is such an inspiration to me. Although I have not spoken to him much, the buff! Sakura art was some of the first I saw on tumblr and it really motivated me. I’ve struggled with my body image for so long, because with clothes on people like to skinny-shame me and always tell me I look “anorexic” or ask if I eat at all or say “you look so weak I just want to feed you” even though I eat a lot. 

But his kick-ass art depicting Sakura with this type of body helped me realize it’s totally okay to be “smol but swol” hahaha. I’m now really proud of myself and my body. And just like Sakura who may look pretty and dainty on the outside, people should not judge based on appearance because I can do some pretty hefty damage too heh.

So thank you, Vash, for being such an inspiration even though I’ve been too shy to say it!! And I hope the rest of you Sakura fans like these pics too!! I’m still pretty embarrassed about posting this but I gotta be strong!! Also in case someone is wondering I did not edit on my muscles hahaha :)

Bonus GIF:


Sakura’s Facebook || Vashito’s Art || Photos by @shojomermaids

REAL TALK: Not everything I eat is ‘Instagram-worthy’. Sometimes I don’t have time, the lighting is bad or I’m just too hungry or not in the mood to take make my food look pretty or take photos of it. And I’m 100% okay with that.🙃
BUT, this hasn’t always been the case. I used to feel like a meal that wasn’t pretty/photographed was a meal 'wasted’. I felt anxious and like I was doing something wrong if I didn’t take photos of everything I ate. My days were structured purely around meals and being able to take Instagram photos.
I’m proud to say I’ve come so far since then, after realising I needed to take a step back and give myself a reality check.
There are things SO much more important than how Instagram-worthy your food is. Such as that your taking good care of your health (physical AND mental), enjoying your food and have healthy relationships with family and friends. If something is stressing you out, CHANGE IT.
And enjoy your messy, sunken parfait fails just like I did today😋💜✨

IG: @naturally_nina_

You’re Cute

“ Heya I was wondering if I could request a mingyu imagine?☺️☺️ maybe one where it’s just fluffy and cute where the readers English native and he asks them to teach him a bit of English? It’d be swell if you could but don’t worry if you’re busy😊😊❤️❤️ ”


words: 1,655

Originally posted by cheolshu

— thanks for requesting <3 im sorry for not uploading yesterday ansjnshs I hope this makes up for it. this is fluffy af and im soft for mingyu even more now. he’s so cute I love him 💕—

“So you’ll be there?” you ask Hansol, eyebrows quirking upwards. “Yeah, for sure.” he responds. A smile forms on your lips, sending him a small nod. “Great, then.” Hansol exits the room, leaving you alone with your boyfriend. Mingyu leaned against the practice room wall, sending a cute toothy smile towards you. Your smile widens, heart fluttering at the simple action. Though you’ve been together with Mingyu for a good half year, you still got flustered at the small things he did. Whenever he’d kiss you, your stomach would do flips and your cheeks would turn a light pink. And his smile, his adorable smile. Whenever it was directed towards you, you were like putty in his hands. Soft, squishy putty that he had so much control over. His large hand pats the spot beside him, indicating that you sat next to him. You knelt down and shuffled towards him, leaning your head onto his shoulder. Mingyu was quick to wrap his arms around you, moving you so that you were in between his thighs. You leant back onto his broad chest, a sigh leaving your lips. “You have a pretty smile.” he whispers in your ear, tickling your sides softly. You giggle, squirming at the touch. “Thanks. You do too, Gyu.” He chuckled in your ear, his head hidden in your neck. His lips brush against the soft skin of your neck, his hair tickling your jaw as he did so. “I wish I spoke English fluently, that way I could speak to you in English too.” Mingyu states, letting out a sigh right after. You could practically feel him pout. Tilting your head, you look at him and steal a kiss. He smiles, reciprocating your actions.

You feel a wave of goosebumps pass through you, his kiss still having an effect on you. “So,” Mingyu starts, getting up. He offers you his hand, and you gladly take it. After standing up he wraps his arms around you once more. “Will you teach me a bit of English?” A chuckle is heard from you, making your tall boyfriend perk his head up like a puppy. “Yeah, of course. How about tomorrow? It’s late right now, and I don’t want to keep you up or tire you.” He smiles, nodding. Mingyu’s hand intertwines with yours, his long fingers going in between the gap of yours. Even if his hand was larger than yours, your hand fit perfectly into his. It was as if it was meant to go there, if your hands were meant to go together. If you two were meant to go together. You make sure nothing was left behind before walking out of the building together.

Once home, you two kicked off your shoes and shuffled towards the bathroom. You grab your toothbrush, handing Mingyu his, and pour the toothpaste on top. He does the same and you stare at each other through the mirror, the white foam forming around your mouth. Some of it begins to slide down, dripping onto your chin and falling into the sink. Mingyu laughs, poking your cheek with his toothbrush. You giggle, nudging his side with your elbow. Mingyu spits out the foam, setting his toothbrush down. He gives you a smirk, and right after you feel his hands on your sides. You didn’t mind it and brought water to your lips, rinsing your mouth. Then, his fingers began to stab you, or at least that’s what it felt like. It wasn’t expected for him to tickle you, so you immediately burst out laughing. The water in your mouth fell to the ground, making a loud splash. Mingyu didn’t care and kept on attacking your sides. You tried to get away from him and began walking backwards. You forgot about the water, so you accidentally stepped on where it fell and slipped back. Squeezing your eyes shut, you waited for the hard impact. Mingyu grabbed your wrist, trying to stop you from falling. But Mingyu being Mingyu, he lost balance and fell along with you. More specifically, on top of you. You groan, your stomach sucking in at the impact. The dark haired boy just laughed, his nose on yours. One slight glance at his adorable smile caused you to start laughing too, forgetting about the pain you were feeling on your stomach and back. “Get up, babe. You’re crushing me.” you giggle out. You press your palms against his chest, trying to push him upwards so he’d get off.

After laughing a little more, Mingyu lifts himself up and off of you. He helps you get on your feet as well. Before he lets go of your hand though, he kisses the back of it lightly. Your cheeks are tinted pink, your eyes looking downward. Mingyu sets his fingers under your chin, lifting your head up so that your eyes met his. “You’re so cute when you get all flustered.” he says softly. You smile and shrug. His eyes held so much adoration and so much love when he was looking at you. He felt like you could see the hearts in his eyes from how adoringly he looked at you. The other members would tease him, telling him that his softness was obvious and yet you were oblivious to it all. “Come on, let’s head to bed.” Mingyu tells you, keeping his hand in yours and pulling you towards your bedroom. You lay down and wrap the blanket around you, cuddling into the pillow. Mingyu lays down next to you, his arms finding your waist and pulling you to him. You smile, tangling your legs in his. “Goodnight, Y/N.” he whispers. “Night, Mingyu.” Shutting your eyes, you let sleep take over you. “I love you.” you hear Mingyu say as you fell asleep. “I love you too.”

You stir in bed, murmuring incoherent words. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you push yourself up with your palms and sit up. Mingyu walks into the room, a plate of food in his hands. “Oh, you’re awake. Are you hungry?” he asks. You shrug in response, “Not really.” He smiles and goes to sit next to you. He sets the plate down on your lap, handing you silverware. “Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Just eat half,” Your teeth capture your bottom lip, biting back the huge smile on your face. As you eat, Mingyu talks to you and tells some funny stories about the boys or himself. “Hey, remember when you slipped on water and I grabbed your hand so you wouldn’t fall but instead I fell on you?” Covering your mouth, you quickly swallow the remaining parts of your food. You let out a laugh, grabbing Mingyu’s arm. “Babe, that was literally last night.” He laughs too, nodding. “I know. I just found it really funny.” He grabs your plate and walks out of the room, most likely to clean it. You sigh contently, twiddling your thumbs as you look around the room. All kinds of thoughts crossed your mind, the voice of yourself whispering them all at once. You thought about how you got lucky, and got asked out by Kim Mingyu. Obviously, if you met the boy you’d feel some sort of feeling. Whether it be love, awkwardness, or comfort. You met him and as cheesy as it sounds, it felt like love at first sight. When you made eye contact with him your heart beat picked up, the slightest touch would make your cheeks feel like fire. Somehow, he found your shyness cute and mustered up the courage to ask you out on a date. You’d be a fool to say no. The date went super good, and after going on 3 more, he asked you to be his. You said yes immediately after and he laughed at your cuteness while you slumped in embarrassment.

“What’re you thinking about?” The thoughts seemed to go away by his voice, pupils fixating on him. “Oh, nothing really.” Mingyu smiles softly, giving you a nod. “So.” You grin, quirking an eyebrow. “So?” Mingyu laughs, pouting at your teasing. “Aren’t you supposed to be teaching me English?” You nod, sending him a grin. “Then get to it,” Your lips jutted out, a pout on them. “But I’m too comfortable in bed.” He shakes his head with a smile, walking over and sitting next to you. “Okay, I’ll just sit next to you then. Now, teach me.” Giggling, you turn to him. “Okay. You know how to introduce yourself, right?”

“Yeah, but why would I want to introduce myself to you? You already know who I am.” You laugh, shrugging. “Maybe when you meet my parents.” “Just tell them to look up Seventeen Mingyu.” You face palm, laughing even harder. “Okay, Mr. Idol. What do you want to learn then?” Mingyu ponders, tapping his chin with his fingers. “How do you say ‘you’re pretty’ in English?” You sigh jokingly, telling him how to pronounce it. He struggled, but your slow way of saying it helped. Mingyu asked you how to say a lot of compliments in English, and so you taught him how. He’d struggle and sometimes you wouldn’t understand because of his accent, but it was cute watching him try so hard. You watched him with heart eyes as he went over everything he learned. Once he finished, proud that he said it correctly, you clapped. “Do I get a reward?” Mingyu asks, a cheeky smile on his lips. You lean over, cupping his jaw and brushing your lips against his. You feel him smile into it, making you smile as well. When you both pull away, Mingyu chuckles softly to himself. “Y/N?” You hum, waiting to hear what he had to say. “You’re cute.” Of course, he said one of the phrases he learned in English. Reaching for his arm, you grin at him and pull him into you. “You are too.”

anonymous asked:

Hello, Tia! I really like your art, it's very pretty to look at! I especially love your braces!Chara headcanon as an Undertale fan myself. But, what if Frisk had braces too? And have you seen Madoka Magica? What are your thoughts on it if you have? It's okay if you don't want to answer this ask if you're too anxious or anything, I understand. Keep on being creative kiddo! Hope you're doing well! :D

ahhh thanks a lot!!! i havent seen pmmm yet, tho a lot of my friends say that it’s pretty good so it’s on my “to watch” list! that list’s pretty long tho, and i dont have much free time at the moment, so idk when i’ll do it :0

as for your first question– tbh i’ve been thinking about that p much since the day i drew my first braces!chara,, they’d deffo look cute w/ them, that’s for sure!! 

as for the reactions and ect., i think frisk would be very exited about getting braces at first

but then, not w/out charas help (who’d definitely be jealous of frisk since their braces arent, y’know, permanent ghostly braces) they’d quickly realise that having braces isn’t exactly very exiting

…but then chara’d probably apologise for scaring frisk & would. idk. reassure them that braces are still not, like, the worst thing that could possibly happen to them and help ‘em out and stuff??

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Can I ask an imagine with the NDRV3 boys with a blind crush asking if they can touch their face and telling them they think they look handsome ?

Of course! I hope you like it! ^^

NDRV3 Boys with a blind crush asking if they can touch their face and telling them they think they look handsome

Shuuichi Saihara:

- “Hey Y/n! I got you some more books!”

- “Oh! I’d recognise that voice anywhere… It’s Saihara - kun!” You smile but you’re not quite sure if he can see you yet

- You hear him walk towards you and you just kind of wait until he puts his hand on your shoulder

- “They’re all really good books Y/n, I hope you enjoy them”

- You giggle which causes him to blush

- “Ah… Saihara - kun, may I ask you for a favour?”

- “Of course, what do you need?”

- “Can I see your face?”

- What. His face?! He starts blushing “Uh… Y-Yeah”

- He takes off his hat and then he guides your hands to his face

- Your fingertips travel all over his face, his blush increasing. When you get to his hair you stroke it for a while before lowering your hands again

- “Saihara - kun has a very handsome face!”

- Could he be blushing anymore? Probably not

- Ever since that happened he lets you touch his face a lot more so that you don’t forget what he looks like

Kaito Momota:

- You never saw the night sky for yourself but Kaito was determined to help you understand the beauty of it through words

- “Y/n! I know you can’t see but I made you… hand made constellations!”

- He takes out a board with raised dots on it which kind of looked like braille

- He takes your hands and guides them over the constellations explaining what each one was and what it meant

- “Wow! That really is beautiful Momota - kun!… But… I want to see you too”

- “See me?”

- “May I touch your face to see you?”

- “Yeah… Yeah you can”

- He guides your hands up and places each hand on one cheek

- You have to shift slightly seeing as he’s taller than you but then you begin to move your fingers around

- “Oh haha, Momota - kun has a goatee.”

- Once you get to his hair you notice that just like the goatee it’s also spiky

- “Momota - kun looks handsome!”

- “Huh? I.. Me? Nah… “ He’s blushing slightly now and just scratching the back of his head. He wasn’t expecting that


- Kiibo told you about himself saying that he’s not really a human but he looks like one

- He felt really sad that you can’t see, the world was so pretty in his opinion

- When you asked him about anything, he would do his best to explain it in as much detail as he can so that you have an accurate idea

- “Kiibo - kun, you described yourself to me but… Can I see for myself how you look like?”

- “Huh? How can you do that?”

- “If I touch your face I should get an idea of what you look like”

- “Okay then Y/n - san. If it will help you then I don’t mind”

- He takes you hand and places it to his cheek

- “Your hands are cold haha… So is your face but… It’s so smooth”

- When your fingers brush over his lips he feels like he’s overheating slightly

- “I think you look really handsome Kiibo - kun! And your skin is so nice and soft”

- He’s trying his best not to overheat but he puts his hand over yours

- “You look beautiful as well Y/n - san but… I am a learning AI so… Would you mind if I did the same to you?”

- You don’t mind at all, you just smile and let him stroke your face

- It’s so fascinating to him how you can see in that way

Rantaro Amami:

- He loved spending time with you

- Whatever it was, be it just talking, walks or reading he just loved being close to you

- He’d make sure you have as much fun as possible 

- “I love spending time with you Amami - kun! You’re so fun to be around!”

- “Is there anything else you’d like to do?”

- “I want to see what you look like.”

- He’s slightly surprised, he was definitely not expecting you to say that

- “Okay then, let’s sit down first though alright?”

- He takes you to a nearby bench and then guides your hands to his face

- His cheeks are slightly cold, probably due to being outside for too long

- “Amami - kun looks very handsome to me.” You smile at him

- “N’aww… Stop Y/n - san, you’re too nice.”

- “Not really, this was just my honest opinion!”

- He doesn’t tell you, but he really liked the feel of your fingers against his skin

Kokichi Ouma:

- “Nishishi~ Guess what Y/n - chan! I got you the best drink ever on this planet!”

- It’s Grape Panta

- He hands you the bottle and you take a sip

- How can he drink this all the time… Once in a while it’s nice but all the time?

- “Do you want anything else Y/n - chan?”

- “Well… There is one thing I was wondering about you Ouma - kun”

- “Oh? Are you doubting something? I am a liar after all!”

- “No, this isn’t something you can lie about.”

- “Hm? I’m interested now”

- “I want to see what your face looks like Ouma - kun.”

- He’s silent, he certainly wasn’t expecting this

- “Okay.. “ He guides your hands to his face

- Your fingertips are near his lips once you finish

- “You have a handsome face, Ouma - kun”

- He doesn’t respond, he simply moves his head and kisses your fingertips 

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Gonta told you his big passion in life was insects

- You weren’t exactly sure what they were but you always loved to listened to him

- “Gonta would show you the most beautiful insects in his collection if he could! You’d definitely like them, people who like insects can’t be bad!”

- You giggle at that comment, you told him you like them but you don’t even know what they look like

- “There is one thing that I can see Gonta - kun”

- “Hm? What’s that?”

- “If you let me, I’d like to see your face”

- “Of course S/O - san! But Gonta is quite tall and has glasses so one second please!”

- He takes off his glasses and then, like the gentleman he is, he takes your hand and guides it to his face

- He was right, he’s quite tall

- When you’re done you hear him move

- Ah probably to retrieve his glasses

- “Gonta - kun, thank you very much! You have a very handsome face!”

- He blushes but then smiles widely “Thank you Y/n - san! Gonta thinks you look pretty too!”

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He’s also sad that you can’t see the beauty of this world

- He would often tell you folklore stories and you would always love it

- “Shinguji - kun, your stories are the best!”

- “If you want to, I can go try and find you these stories so that you can re-read them for yourself”

- “Wow really? Thank you so much! Oh! I had something I wanted to ask you”

- “Hm? What could that be?”

- “I would like to see the face that tells me all these amazing stories”

- He’s honestly surprised, he doesn’t really get why seeing as he wears a mask all the time anyway

- “Hm… If that is what you wish” he pulls his mask down and then gently takes your hand and puts it on his face

- “I didn’t know you had bandages on your hand…” you state as you move your fingers

- When you finish, you lower your hand and then pat around until you find his hand

- “I don’t really know why you wear that mask, it hides your handsome face Shinguji - kun!” you squeeze his hand

- “Handsome hm? Kukuku, I wouldn’t call it that but you certainly have a beautiful face” 

- You blush at his comment and then it’s his turn to squeeze your hand

Ryoma Hoshi:

- You knew he liked to play tennis

- He explained to you what it was a sport where you hit a tennis ball back and forth

- “Awh… I wish I could play against you Hoshi - kun”

- “Were you always blind Y/n?”

- “Mm… But I can ‘see’ if I touch things”

- “Oh, that’s cool actually”

- “That’s why… I’d like to ask if it’s okay with you if I touch your face Hoshi - kun”

- “Uh. Yeah. That’s fine”

- You just smile and wait patiently until he guides your hand to his face

- He just quickly drags over a table and stands on top of it so that he’s more or less the same height as you

- He takes your hand and puts it in front of his face

- You lean forward slightly and start touching his face and he does his very best to stay perfectly still

- Once you’re done you giggle “Hoshi - kun has a cute and handsome face haha”

- “Cute?! I’m not cute!”

- “You are though.”

- He just pulls his hat over his face to hide a blush you can’t see


#i wonder Eliot actually needs glasses 

I know I only just got into this fandom, but yeah I might have gone a little overboard with my research on Eliot’s glasses because I have a Thing for them 

so personally I think, yes he needs them - he wore them outside of cons in season 1 a couple times (definitely in The Nigerian Job and The Two-Horse Job), then there’s the “New glasses” comment in The Jailhouse Job, and I think one of the creators answered some questions from the fans at some point and said that, while Christian apparently doesn’t need glasses, Eliot does. 

Also someone (possibly the same creator, possibly another one - I’d have to look for it again and I don’t know all their names yet) said that, while they pretty much treated them like reading glasses, if they had to pick they’d say Eliot is probably a bit near-sighted.

(okay I think I need to correct myself here - I went A LOT overboard with my “research” XD)

Movie Marathon

Warnings: fluff, harry potter spoilers?
(Tom Holland x Reader)
Summary: You and Tom have a movie marathon
Requested: yes
A/N- You really get to see my Harry Potter side on this one

Originally posted by prettystucky

(gif isn’t mine full credit goes to owner)

“Nothing to do absolutely nothing to do.”, I say to myself walking around my apartment on a pretty boring Saturday. I sigh looking around my apartment. I was suppose to do things today but then they all got cancelled. I decide to try and text Tom to see if he is busy. 

(Y/N)- I’m bored!

Tom- Weren’t you going to go do something with (Y/B/F/N) today?

(Y/N)- Yeah but it was outside but it is raining so it was cancelled for next weekend

Tom- Oh bummer

(Y/N)- Yeah. I am still bored!

Tom- Okay give me like 15 minutes and I will be over at your place soon

(Y/N)- Okay

*15 minutes later*

I scroll along Instagram when I hear a knock at the door. I go up to get it and on the other side I see a smiling Tom with his hands behind his back. “What do you have behind you?”, I ask him

“Well you said you were bored and what better thing to do on a rainy day then a………………….. movie marathon!”, he says pulling out all of the Harry Potter movies. 

“Yay!!”, I say to him grabbing to set of movies and going over to my couch. I turn on my t.v and the dvd player. I put in the first movie and i can hear Tom in the kitchen making some popcorn. 

After a couple of advertisements the movie starts and Tom walks in with the popcorn. He sits down on the couch and you cuddle up to him. You press play and the movie starts. You snuggle up to Tom and take a big handful of popcorn. 

*The Sorcer’s/Philosopher’s Stone*

“You know the sorting hat makes no sense! Like the hat is sorting them based on when they are 11? I don’t know about them but I am totally different from when I was 11.”, I say

“Well it is a magic hat so I imagine it knows what it is doing.”

“well yeah but it still makes no sense.”

“Also it just seems so clear that Hermione belongs in Ravenclaw, Harry in Slytherin, Neville in Hufflepuf, and Ron is the only true Gryffindor.”

“Okay but like Gryffindors value bravery and lets be real they are all pretty brave.”

“Well that isn’t the only thing that they value.”

“You say that Harry should have been in Slytherin? Then how did he see the sword in The Chamber of Secrets. You heard what Dumbledore said only a true Gryffindor could have seen it.”


*The Chamber of Secrets*

“You know Ginny is like the luckiest fangirl ever. She married Harry! The person she was obsessed with!”,I say

“Also she is like amazing.”, says Tom

“She really is. Like she is a total badass.”, 

“She is just like you!”, exclaims Tom

“What do you mean?”

“She is a badass person who ended up with the person she was obsessed with.”

“I was not obsessed with you.”, I say

“You had an Instagram and Tumblr dedicated to me!”

“Had? I still run them! I have the best update account”

“That doesn’t prove your point.”

*The Prisoner of Azkaban*

“I would love to participate in Hagrid’s class. Buckbeak looks so fun”, I say to Tom

“Well you are only seeing him through a screen imagine actually being there and seeing a big eagle horse. Terrifying”

“First of all he is a hippogriff not an eagle-horse and second you have to approach them correctly. You have to bow and let them make the first move. If you know what you are doing I imagine it is fine.”

“I bet you would be terrified.”

*The Goblet of Fire*

“You know I think that if I were to be in this you would be the one I would need to get from the lake.”, says Tom as we are watching Harry try to find Ron in the lake

“Really? I think that you would be mine.”, I say to him

“What would you use to breathe?”, he asks

“Well Cedric gets first and he used the bubble-head charm so I think it would use that. Also the gillyweed that Harry used kind of scares me.”, I say

“Really? I think it is cool.”, says Tom

“Yeah no, I think it is so weird. I mean it is cool to breathe underwater but the gillyweed is just weird”

“I think that he has an advantage because he can probably swim faster.”

“He did win did he?”

“He was heroic and saved two people I think that is good enough”

*skip to order of the pheonix (that is the 5th movie for people who don’t know)*

I let out a yawn. Tom and I have been watching movies all day and it was getting late. “You getting tired?”, says Tom

“A little but I am going to stay up.”, I say to him

“Yeah I have heard you say that before”, he says with an eye roll

“That one time was different it was a long day.”

“Yeah okay. Press play.”, says Tom. I cuddle up with Tom and press play. About an hour into the movie I feel my eyes getting droopy and before I know it. I am asleep.

Tom’s P.O.V

I look down at (Y/N) only to see her asleep. I let out a little laugh “I knew you weren’t going to be able to stay up.”, I whisper grabbing the remote and pausing the movie. I gently get up and get the popcorn bowl to the  kitchen and go back to the living room. I see (Y/N) on the couch sleeping. Wow she is beautiful. I go over to the couch and pick her up.

I take her to her bed and tuck her into the covers. I look around her closet knowing that she is bound to have some clothes of mine. I eventually find a shirt and some sweat pants. I get into bed and cuddle up to her. “Goodnight (Y/N)”, I whisper giving her a kiss on the head. 

Three’s a crowd| Monsta X Minhyuk, Kihyun & Wonho Scenario

Group: Monsta X
Scenario: Three’s a crowd
Members: Kihyun, Minhyuk & Wonho
Genre: Fluff?
Word Count: 1832
Description: Minhyuk and Kihyun both figure out that they have a crush on the same girl. They both don’t want to back down and plan to meet mc to find out who she likes the most. The loser has to buy ice cream. However, someone else ends up coming in and it get’s a little complicated. Request prompt here. 

“Minhyuk-ah, I’ve got something to tell you,” murmured Kihyun as he looked over at Minhyuk who was currently lying on the couch, a bowl of chips resting on his chest, his legs propped up as he flipped through the pages of his manga. He turned to look at Kihyun, chip in his mouth as he nodded his head slightly.

“So, there’s this girl right. I really like her,” he mumbled, leaning in as if he was saying a secret. Well, it sort of was considering if the other members found out they’d tease him forever about it. She was a girl that went to the same college as them. They had quite a few classes together as well. He pushed Minhyuk’s legs out of the way and sat down in the seat where his legs once wore.

“So?” asked Minhyuk, voice muffled as he munched on his chips, resting his legs along Kihyun’s lap. “Did you ask her out yet? What’s her name?” he asked, dusting his hands as he sat up slightly and glanced over at Kihyun, tilting his head to the side and letting out a long yawn.

“Wow, your interest astounds me. Listen!” he snapped, smacking Minhyuk on the leg as he grumbled out. He fished his phone out of his pocket, scrolling through the pictures to find the selca he took with her not too long ago.

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A Puppy Transfiguration Situation

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: No

A/N: I had so much fun writing this one :)


“NEWTON ARTEMIS FIDO SCAMANDER!” you shriek, bursting through the door of the apartment that you shared with the Goldstein sisters, your closest friends since childhood.

You stomp angrily to the guest room, determined to find your boyfriend.
You see, the two of you had been dating for a little over a year now and it was the best time you had had in your life. He was perfect and you loved him dearly. Lately you had both been overflowing with piles of work and barely got to see each other so you decided to take a break and go on a nice lunch date, however when you arrived he wasn’t there and you were left there waiting for at least 50 minutes, looking like an idiot.

“Stood up honey?” a woman from inside of the restaurant called, chuckling.

Blushing furiously you hurried back home, ready to give the Magizoologist a long lecture.

Which brings us to now.

“NEWT!” you call, recklessly opening the door to the guest room. He wasn’t there. You sigh, running fingers through your hair, untangling the knots that had formed in your haste to get back.
Yes, maybe you were overreacting. But you were stressed and this was supposed to be a nice, relaxing and romantic time to spend time with the love of your life. He was probably just busy, that’s what you get when you date a world famous author.

You sulk back to your room and open the door, only to find an adorable little Basset Hound sitting on the floor, staring at you with large, adorable eyes. You can’t help but let out a squeal, despite your rough day.

“Awwww! Aren’t you just the cutest thing!” you say, a huge smile spreading across your face and you bend down to pick the puppy up. “Hello little fella, where did you come from?”

The puppy hums happily snuggling up against you and you laugh, gently petting its soft fur.
Being with Newt helped you realize that you loved all creatures, magical or not. Your heart was simply melting, the puppy was the most adorable puppy you had ever seen!

It licks your face with its soft, little wet tongue and you give it a kiss on the head.

“Oh, I like you too!” you reply and it barks happily.

Then a thought comes over you. Did Newt give you this puppy? You couldn’t see Tina and Queenie randomly picking up a puppy and deciding to raise it.

“If Newt thinks he can avoid a lecture session with a puppy, he’s wrong.” you say to yourself and the puppy stares at you with big eyes.

“Want to help me find him and beat him up?” you ask the puppy jokingly.

It leaps out of your arms and rolls around on the floor, putting its paws over its eyes.

You smile and a melodic laugh escapes from your lips once more.

“Alright fine, I won’t hurt him…that bad.” you say, picking it back up and hugging it gently.
“Although I’ve got to say, Newt knows exactly what I like.”


You spend an hour looking desperately for Newt, Apparating here and there with the puppy in your arms.
Finally giving up, you go back home.

“Hmm, no luck,” you murmur, gently stroking the puppy that was sitting right next to you on the couch. “I’m sorry, Apparating like that probably didn’t feel all that comfortable if you aren’t used to it.” you apologized to the puppy, however, it looked unfazed and gently licks your hand.

“You’re a strong little guy.” you praise it and it puffs out its chest and you can’t help but smile.

Suddenly, Tina and Queenie Apparate into the room, startling both you and the puppy. It leaps into your protective arms.

“(Y/N)! Newt! There you are, we’ve been looking for you all day!” Tina says, out of breath.

“Newt?” you ask. “I’ve been looking for him the whole day because he didn’t come to our date and I couldn’t find him!”

“Oh Teen,” Queenie says musically, reading your mind. “She doesn’t know.”

“(Y/N), the puppy that is in your arms is your boyfriend; Mr. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander himself.” Tina explains with a tiny smirk.

You look down at the puppy and it looks back at you, looking humanly sheepish.

“SCAMANDER!” you yell as the puppy leaps out of your arms and runs away.

“Oh no, you get back here!” you call, chasing after it with no prevail.
Tina and Queenie watch on, amused looks on their faces.
Tired, you pull out your wand and point it at Newt.

“Accio!” you say and puppy comes flying back to your open arms. Newt struggles, trying to break free but you tighten your grip.

“Hey, hey don’t fight it, you can’t escape from me again.” you sing, and he looks up at you with huge pleading eyes. “How did this even happen? Is Newt some Animagus now?”

It was Tina’s turn to look sheepish.

“Well, this morning after you left for work, Newt was getting ready for your date when I asked him for a favour before he left. I was having some trouble with Transfiguration so uh, I asked him to help me and he agreed. A few things happened and umm I accidentally turned him into a puppy.” she explains and flinches, expecting you to be angry.

“You turned my boyfriend into a puppy?” you say, laughing. “That is the best thing I have heard the entire day.” you say through giggles. Newt looks at you with disapproval.

“And then he ran away to who knows where. I guess he knew that you would come after him after missing your date.” Queenie says and you smile.

“Oh you were right about that.” you say.

“We can’t seem to be able to turn him back though, are you good with Transfiguration?” Tina asks hopefully.

You smirk.

“Eh, can’t we just leave him like this? He’s super adorable and so soft and fluffy!” you beg.

Newt barks at you, telling you to stop. He didn’t want to stay as a puppy.

“Aww don’t worry, you’re adorable either way.” you say.

If puppies could blush, Newt would’ve turned a dark shade of red.

“Lucky for you, I’m pretty good at Transfiguration, if I do say so myself.” you say, rolling up your sleeves. “Let’s see… Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow-”

Newt barks at you, telling you to focus and stop fooling around.

“Okay, okay.” you surrender. “Tina, Queenie, you might want to turn away, he could, umm…”

“Be unclothed?” Queenie finishes for you with a smirk.

“Umm, well yes. Now look away!” you say, a blush rising on your face.

You raise your wand and focus.

“Reparifarge!” you say, pointing your wand at the adorable little dog.
Newt immediately starts to grow and his features become more human like.

“Aww I’ll miss the little guy.” you murmur as you run to grab a blanket from the other room.

You quickly run back just in time to throw the blanket over the now, fully grown and human Newt.

Newt grabs your wand from you and magically transforms the blanket into clothes.

“That was, an odd experience.” he finally says. “Thank you (Y/N), it appears I owe you a date.”

You snort.

“Yeah that would be nice, but next time, please don’t turn into a puppy.”

“How does a cat sound then?” he asks, smirking slyly.


“Come along now, we can’t be late for dinner now can we?” he says, taking your hand and kissing it gently.
You smile, giving in.

“I love you.” you say gently, reaching up to pet the top of his head. “But before we go anywhere; NEWTON ARTEMIS FIDO SCAMANDER I HAVE A HUGE LECTURE WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.”

He flinches when you say his full name before he gave you a quick peck on your cheek and sprints out of the door.

“Hey get back here!” you scream, running after him, leaving Tina and Queenie behind.

As soon as you sprint out the door they share a smile.

“Good plan sis, those two really needed to have a break. And what better way than having a tiny adventure?” Tina says laughing.

“Yes, although next time we might want to think of something that doesn’t involve Newt getting a lecture from (Y/N), you know how bad they can be sometimes.”

“Nah, they’re perfect for each other. They could lecture each other for hours, after all, that is how they fell in love.”

They hear a crash from downstairs followed by a chain of giggles and laughter; the sound of you tackling Newt in a hug.

Tina sighs.

“Maybe we should’ve left him as a puppy…”

“Turn them both into puppies?” Queenie suggests.

“Great idea.”


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