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[voluntarily flings self into the pits of Voltron hell]

I have accepted my fate.

[edit: made some minor adjustments to the anatomy - and now i must sleep for 16 hours *passes out*]

  • “It’s been raining for days.”
  • “Looks like the rainy season is finally here.”
  • “Shall I put on a pot of tea?”
  • “Turn up the heat/put another log on the fire, the rain brought a chill.”
  • “Close the window, you’ll ruin the flooring!”
  • “You’re sopping wet.”
  • “What on earth were you doing out there?”
  • “Fine, you can come in, but take off your shoes.”
  • “I don’t need you tracking mud everywhere.”
  • “The sound of rain is so nice.”
  • “You’re going out? In this?”
  • “You can’t go out there, it’s pouring down rain!”
  • “I like the rain and all, but being stuck inside is so boring.”
  • “The day would be a lot less boring if you learned how to sit still.”
  • “I cannot believe we’re stuck in this!”
  • “Maybe we should find somewhere to take cover until it stops.”
  • “Does it ever stop raining here?”
  • “Oh no! The rain ruined our picnic.”
  • “Want to go for a walk in the rain?”
  • “Can I have a blanket?”
  • “Sorry to intrude. This rain came out of nowhere.”
  • “Look at the sky! The lightning is insane.”
  • “It’s getting pretty intense out there.”
  • “A rainy day, warm blankets, a cup of tea, and a book to tie it all together.”
  • “Let’s go for a walk in the rain.”
  • “Here, this should warm you up.”
  • “Come in here before you catch a cold.”
  • “Ugh, that’s just a silly old wives’ tale.”
  • “I pity the poor souls caught out in this.”
  • “Aren’t there any books to read?”
  • “Rains smells so different in the city.”
  • “The rain smells better in the countryside.”
  • “Nothing like the sound of rain to go with a good book.”
  • “Careful, the tea is still hot.”
  • -draws on the fogged up windows-
  • -Flips loudly through book-
  • -sighs- “It’s so cozy in here.”
Loki Imagine - Kneel

This takes place during Odin’s sleep when Loki was king. Warning: Smut!

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Your P.O.V.

Something was going on here on Asgard. A bad feeling had taken place in me and I felt nervous without a reason. So I walked around the streets, eyeing everyone who walked past me. The people didn’t seem suspicious. Yes, some of them were a little tense but I wasn’t sure why. 

After walking around until it was dark, I was stopped by two royal guards. I saw the bright yellow of their capes and it caught my attention. ‘’King Loki needs to speak with you’’ One of them informed me which had surprised me. Not because Loki wanted to see me, we were great friends. I was surprised as they called him a king.

Out of shock I had been silent. Had Odin died? Was that the reason for my bad gut feeling?

I let the guards take me to the golden palace. As we walked there, I felt the knot in my stomach growing tighter. For the first time in a while, I was nervous to meet Loki. Was he alright? What the hell was happening behind the closed doors?

The throne room was only lit by flames as I finally made my way there. The guards stopped by their spots, allowing me to walk further inside by myself. I was a familiar face here, since both Thor and Loki had been my friends as we grew up. I had slowly become more attached to Loki and the last few times we’ve met, it had gotten quite heated, if that’s what you could describe it as.

I reached the throne, shocked as I saw absolutely no guards. My eyes directed at Loki who sat on the throne. My eyes widened by the sight. He was wearing his black and green suit, his golden head piece and he held a golden spear. I’d be lying if I said he didn’t look good up there.

‘‘I’ve been waiting for you, Y/N’‘ Loki broke the silence between us. He had a mischievous smile on his beautifully sculptured face. The way he spoke made my heart skip a beat. ‘‘King Loki’‘ I breathed out, enjoying the taste of the words in my mouth. Loki’s smile faded and suddenly he leaned against his big hand, looking at me very intensely. The dark look in his pretty emerald eyes sent shivers down my spine. 

‘‘Come closer’‘ He encouraged me and glanced at the steps on the throne. I licked my lips, suddenly finding them dry. Then I did as told, walking towards him slowly, taking cautious steps and looking at his face. He never told me to stop and I found myself almost right in front of me. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but I liked it. He made me feel like I was on an adventure by just looking in my direction. He filled my veins with adrenaline, giving me a pleasant rush.

‘‘Kneel’‘ Loki demanded sharply, making my knees weak. I never broke eye contact as I lowered myself in front of him, kneeling for my king. He seemed pleased as I obeyed him so well. Loki loved that about us. We had discovered new sides of each other lately as our friendship had developed to this intense relationship. I had learned that he was dominating and I was surprised as I realized how submissive I was. It was a perfect combo.

‘‘You’re such a good girl, Y/N’‘ He purred happily and touched my hair with his hand, almost like he was petting me. Judging by the smug look on his face, he knew exactly what he was doing to me. My underwear was most definitely getting soaked and I felt a familiar heat between my legs.

‘’Is there anything I could do for you, your majesty?’‘ I asked him with an innocent look on my face, teasing him on purpose. I looked at his face, nearly overwhelmed by his beauty. The flames in the room illuminated his features with an orange and golden glow. Loki looked absolutely majestic as he sat on Asgard’s throne.

His gentle touch turned rough as he grabbed my hair and pulled me closer to him. I put my hands on his knees so I wouldn’t lose my balance and it seemed like it was his plan as well. ‘’You have ignored me for the past few days, why?’’ Loki wanted to know, never letting go of me. His gorgeous eyes were locked with mine and I felt like I had to tell him the truth, like his look hypnotized me.

‘‘Oh’‘ My lips curved into a smirk. ‘‘I’m sorry, I’ve been busy’‘ I revealed as little as possible. Loki narrowed his eyes and hummed deeply, probably not believing me. I nearly gulped as he examined me so closely and it didn’t help the situation between my legs at all. He made me crave for his touch just like a fish needed water. 

‘‘Naughty girl, you’re lying’‘ Loki noticed, which was good. Partly, I wanted to be caught. He seemed darker than usual, like he had anger inside of him and he hadn’t gotten anything good to think about in a while. I batted my eyelashes at him innocently, hoping he’d take this situation further.

‘‘If your mouth can’t be honest, I’ll better put it into good use’‘ He got an idea that made my body tingle from excitement. He had total control over me but I fucking loved it. He knew me so well and I knew him which made everything even better. ‘‘Are you sure? Someone can walk in’‘ I whispered and looked around the gigantic area. No one was to be seen.

‘‘Let them’‘ Loki replied sternly and then grabbed my hand, placing it on his hard crotch. My eyes widened as I felt how damn hard he was, almost like he could barely contain himself anymore. Imperceptibly, I bit my lower lip. His dick was pulsing and I felt it through the material of his clothes. ‘‘Poor thing’‘ I teased and gave him a light, playful squeeze.

Loki took a deep breath and grabbed my hair tightly. ‘’No teasing’’ He growled deeply, almost like he got even hornier. I was more than happy to help the king out. So I pushed his robe aside so I could get better access to him. I began to pull down his black pants and Loki helped me by shifting slightly. I pulled down the luxurious fabrics until I could free his hard member.

I almost cursed as I saw his dick right in front of my face. Loki had a really long dick with the perfect thickness. His tip was rosy red and there was pre-cum there, making me eager immediately. ‘’Open up’’ Loki demanded, snapping me out of my thoughts. My mouth was watering by now and I was more than happy to part my lips for him.

Loki led my face closer to him and I took the tip of his member into my mouth, slowly giving him a lick to collect the pre-cum. It tasted salty and bitter in my mouth. My hand grabbed his shaft and I took more of him inside, deciding to be a tease and take things slowly. I watched as his facial expressions changed from the stern one to a more joyful look. He inhaled a sharp breath as I circled my tongue around him, knowing exactly what he liked.

‘‘God, you are so pretty down there, my queen’‘ He rasped almost quietly but it encouraged me to make him feel good. I bobbed my head a few times so I could tease his sensitive tip but soon I wanted to go further. I pushed my head even closer to him and hollowed my cheeks, causing Loki to grunt out in pleasure. It was like music to my ears.

Loki pushed himself inside me, hitting the back of my throat each time. I breathed through my nose because my mouth was absolutely full by his enormous length. It was quite obvious he was a God like creature. He was beyond perfect.

I made sure to hollow my cheeks as he fucked my face harshly. I gagged a few times but I managed to take it. Drool began to collect at the edges of my mouth and it slid down my jaw. ‘’Mmhmm’’ I hummed as his cock was deep in my mouth. The vibrations were something Loki adored. His beautiful, pinkish lips parted and he gasped in pure pleasure. He looked amazing as he felt good.

Loki’s raven black hair got messy and a strand fell on his face beautifully. His blue-green eyes turned dark like a stormy sea and his skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat, giving him a slight glow. I pulled myself away from his cock but I yanked him off with his hand, rubbing my thumb on his tip each time I reached it. I could feel thick veins underneath my touch and the pulsating sensation as well.

‘‘I love your cock so much’‘ I admitted dirtily. Then I stuck out my tongue and dragged it along his veins. ‘‘Shit, Y/N’‘ Loki moaned harshly as he looked down, never taking his eyes off of me. I gave him a naughty look before licking his balls, knowing exactly how sensitive he was there. As my hand worked on his shaft, my mouth buried between his legs and I happily licked his most sensitive places. I kissed his shaft a few times, slowly climbing back up to his tip.

As I got to up, I took him into my mouth once again. Loki held onto my hair tightly and it hurt just the tiniest bit but I liked it. I jerked him off as I sucked his tip, whirling my tongue around him and moaning just to be extra. ‘’I’m close’’ Loki warned me, almost too loudly. I let him push my face as down as he could although it made me gag. It filled me with deep lust and excitement.

I bobbed my head with his help and I focused hard on pleasing him. His dick twitched a few times and that’s when I knew he was on the verge of spilling his load in my mouth. So I pulled my head away and took him to his edge by using my hands. I opened my mouth up wide.

‘‘Y/N- holy..’‘ Loki tried to speak but he couldn’t focus on his words. Suddenly his body tensed and the grip on me got harsher. Hot sperm flew out of him and I tried hard to catch it all in my mouth. Once again, I got a warm, salty taste in my mouth. Most of his cum landed on my tongue but some spurted on my face. I made sure to pump out each drop before I took my hand away.

I wiped the hot cum off my face with my thumb and sucked it off. Loki watched intensely as I swallowed everything, leaving nothing to waste. My jaw hurt a little bit but it was worth it. Loki was catching his breath as he was coming down his high. His cheeks got a little bit of color and he looked relieved.

‘‘Delicious’‘ I purred happily and popped my lips. Loki looked at me warmly for a while, almost happily. ‘‘Come here, darling’‘ He told me and helped me on his lap. I smiled gladly as I sat on his legs, wrapping mine around him. Then I rested my head against his as our noses touched lightly.

Loki was cool although he was sweaty. I thought he just wanted me here to sit but he had other thoughts. As I placed my lips on his, his hand traveled underneath my silky dress. My breath hitched in my throat as his skilled, long fingers touched my heat through my thin, soaked panties.

Loki broke our kiss so he could speak. ‘’My, my, is my queen aroused?’’ Loki chuckled quietly, his breath landing on my lips. My cheeks heated and I nodded, desperate for his touch that never left me disappointed.

He teased me by stroking his fingers against my slit. I gulped and realized I had to hold onto something. So I grabbed him by his shoulders and prepared myself for what was to come. He used his other hand to grab my jaw so I had to face him. The stern look was back on his ridiculously handsome face.

The next thing I knew was that he pushed my underwear aside and he pressed his fingers against my needy clit. A shiver ran down my spine and a wave of please hit me. Loki circled his fingers swiftly, making me melt for him. I struggled to keep quiet in here. After all, if I’d moan as loudly as in his bedroom, the entire castle would be filled with echo.

Loki used his magic and suddenly his fingertips were ice cold. The sensation of the cold meeting my hotness was blissful. I bit my lower lip harshly, drawing blood as I struggled to shut up. ‘’Don’t fight it’’ Loki whispered and I realized how darkly he was looking at me. His eyes had a shadow and his smile was vicious in a good way.

Out of the blue, Loki slid two of his long fingers inside me. That’s when I couldn’t control myself anymore. A loud moan left mouth and it echoed. My eyes widened and I tried to cover my mouth with my own hands, only to realize I couldn’t move them. Something was around my wrists. I glanced at my hands and saw handcuffs attached to chains. Loki had totally planned this!

His fingers felt incredible inside of me, rubbing against my wet walls with just the amount of pressure I craved and a little more. ‘’Oh, fuck Loki!’’ I whimpered out in awe, rocking my hips in the rhythm of his fingers. ‘’That’s right, say it again. Let everyone know who makes you feel this good’’ He growled with a raspy voice, suddenly eager to make me scream out his name.

I was in ecstasy as his fingers sunk inside of me and then pulled out, only to hit the sweet spot again and again. I attempted to drown my moans but Loki did everything in his power to make me moan as loudly as possible. A few whimpers escaped past my lips and I began to breathe sharply.

The pleasure he gave me was simply overwhelming. Loki curved his fingers inside me, only adding pressure to the spot I loved. I could feel my arousal soaking his entire hand and probably his pants as well. ‘’Oh my..’’ I gasped and gulped, happy to feel the knot in my stomach forming.

‘‘Come on dear, scream’‘ Loki whispered into my ear which caused goosebumps to appear all over my body. ‘‘It feels so good’‘ I moaned to him, wanting more but I was afraid I’d cause the guards to run inside in worry. I most certainly didn’t want to alarm anyone.

‘‘You’re close, I can feel it. You’re getting tighter’‘ Loki told me darkly. I nodded and cursed a few words underneath my breath. My brain was overpowered by the amazing feeling. As Loki finger fucked me on the throne, my wetness became evident. I could hear how much I needed him.

A smile appeared on my face as I thought about this. It was a very dirty and naughty thing to do, on the throne. But the rush it gave me was astonishing. ‘’Come on’’ Loki growled and added pressure, causing me to flinch. I squeezed his shoulders hard and gritted my teeth together.

His cold fingers hit my sweet spot hard, sending such a strong sense of pleasure through me and each time, he pushed me closer to the edge. After a few moments, I let go and felt as my orgasm approached me like a gift.

My walls clenched around his fingers and suddenly, I grew overly sensitive. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I couldn’t think for a moment. ‘’Loki! Yes..oh fuck yes’’ I screamed out his name. He seemed pleased as he accomplished that and for a while, I didn’t mind at all. Loki pulled out his fingers but it didn’t stop there.

He rubbed my pulsing clit slowly, making my entire body tremble. I flinched a couple times and tears stung my eyes because it felt so fucking amazing. ‘’You’re so gorgeous when you cum’’ Loki let me know, his words messing with my brain ever more. I focused on his fingers that made me feel like a true Goddess.

He let me ride down my orgasm before he pulled back his fingers. Then he held me on his lap, allowing me to gather myself before he’d do anything else. A few warm tears rolled down my face but they were happy tears. Loki didn’t notice until I sniffled. It caught his attention quickly.

‘‘Are you alright?’‘ He pried seriously and made me face him. I cracked a smile and nodded. The powerful orgasm had knocked me over and I was exhausted. ‘‘I’m more than alright’‘ I giggled and that made him happy. ‘‘Good. I thought I had hurt you which would never be my intention’‘ He admitted quietly and petted my hair again. I loved this. Loki was never soft to others. He was rarely like this to me but these few moments always melted my heart.


Author’s Note: You’re welcome! I’m going to burn in hell for this but it’s worth it :)

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Idk y but I want an MC that always gets id'd whenever her and her s/o goes to a bar since she looks so young, but in reality shes like 18-21, cause I feel like alot of people can connect this, specially ppl w/ ASIAN GENESSSSSS (LIKE USSSSSSSSS)


*trying to get into a club with MC*
Bouncer: I’m sorry these are so obviously fake
Yoosung: N-No sir, that’s definitely me…
Bouncer: This doesn’t even look like you- look your hair is all brown and dorky in this picture…
Yoosung: Please! I dyed my hair and besides- look at my girlfriend’s ID! She looks completely different in it too-
Bouncer: You’re right. She looks even younger in real life than in this photo- and she looks like she’s 12 on here… she also appears to have eyes… 
MC: HEY! I LOOK AT LEAST 14 BUDDY!… wait, what was that about my eyes?! 

*reading a magazine article about himself*
… the popular actor waves off to the side where his manager and ‘girlfriend’ is waiting patiently. At first we thought it was a joke, our Zen, getting himself a girlfriend when he’s been so loyal to us fans…and after seeing the teenager passing off as an adult to try to fool us- we remain wholly unconvinced of his relationship status… 
MC: But- you are a cradle robber. 
Zen: Woman! I’m like three months older than you!           

Random customer winks and gives a finger gun to Jaehee after being served a coffee by MC.
Jaehee: Um… thank you? I’m not quite sure what that’s for-
Customer: Just giving you props for being an out and proud-
Jaehee: bisexual? thank you-
Customer- -Cougar
Jaehee: ???
Customer: ????
Jaehee: She’s older than me? 
Customer:…. ahhhh- like the older women then?? *another wink and finger gun*
Jaehee: …Alright. No more coffee for you today. 

MC: Excuse me, Waiter? I would like to order a glass of wine-
Waiter: I’m sorry little lady, we don’t serve people under the legal age-
MC: Oh- hahaha, I’m legal!
Waiter: Please sir- control your little sister-
Jumin: *chokes on his wine. He reaches for her purse and takes out her ID and smacks it against the waiters face*
Waiter: I… Oh… I’m so sorry- you are indeed legal-
MC: *sweat drops* thats… that’s what matters to you right now??? 

*trying to get into a R18+ movie* 
MC: They won’t sell me a ticket! 
Saeyoung: Why not?! 
MC: I forgot my ID and they won’t believe that I’m over 18! 
Saeyoung: What?- well- you do look young. I’ll buy them. *goes to the counter, comes back instantly with two tickets* 
MC: Oh yes! …wait… these are tickets for Moana… 
MC:… You didn’t even try did you? 
Saeyoung:…. the reviews said it was really good… 

MC: *reading a racy manga in public* 
Offended Old Passerby: Sir! Your young friend is reading material that isn’t-
MC: *gives them the finger*
OOP: WHY I NEVER! As the older party here aren’t you going to tell her off?!
Saeran: *gives them both fingers*
Saeran: *turns to MC and points to a picture* We should try that position when we get home. 
MC: … why wait until we get home? 
Saeran: I love you. So much, 

MC trying to enter V’s exhibition 
Guard: Honey- listen, you can’t come in OK- this exhibition is for adults only. 
MC: You don’t understand-
Guard: Look there’s some pretty intense nudity in there and it wouldn’t be right for me to allow you in without some form of ID
MC: I forgot it in my other purse- oh! V! V, over here! 
V: Hey MC! What’s wrong?
Guard: Sir, she has no ID and I can’t allow someone into the exhibit when they could be exposed to such-
V: She was the model for the entire series
Guard: *nosebleeds*
MC: So I guess I can go in and look at my own naked ass right? Thanks buddy! 

Astrology and Le Body. 🤜🏿✋🏾🖖🏼✊🏼👂🏾👣👄👅

1st house: planets that fall here will often be more of a signifier of your facial features(forehead) and scalp(hair)

2nd house: this will be indicative of your neck/throat and your voice.

3rd house: this will be indicative of your arms and hands!

4th house: this is going to be your chest for men and breast for women and upper stomach area

5th house: this is your back and heart.

6th house: this is your lower stomache just above your waist line.

7th house: this is your booty. Aha and your pelvic region.

8th house: this is your genitalia

9th house: thunder thighs and inner thighs

10th house: knee caps/bone structure.

11th house: ankles

12th house: your feet and this is actually believe it or not also rules your finger tips and toes. Not the actual hands themselves but the fingers

Okeh guise so now we’re gonna do le planets.

Sun-makes it radiant! Makes it stand out in a noticeable way. Makes it masculine in nature(not veins or anything like that but gives it a more alpha look)

Moon-makes it look fragile and soft. Plushy sort of and rounds it off. Kind of plushy and baby looking. “Ex he has baby hands”

Mercury-makes it fluctuate! In some cases it makes things longer if it’s in an earth house and makes things more petite and compact if it’s an water house. More angular and shaped if it’s an air house and more subtle if in a fire house.

Venus-makes it look pretty! Makes it soft similarly to the moon but in a beauty guru esq format. Makes it look sensual and sort of dainty.

Mars-Well. It makes it look rough. Angry. Veiny aha I’m partly kidding! But it does make it look a little more rougher around the edges or intense. Kind of in a raw and earthy way! And no not ugly just like “natural”

Jupiter-makes it big and theoretically something that expands.

Saturn-makes it smol. And a little on the boney side! Looks mature.

Neptune-makes it hard to define. Like you may see it one way and then you get another look and it looks different! Usually makes it fragile and a little translucent. In some cases it can make it hidden and ambiguous

Pluto-makes it look intense and sharp, makes it stand out and has a sort of sexy look to it.

Example time. Introducing me!

Sun in the 1st cancer

Moon in the 10th

Mercury in the 2nd

Venus in the 12th

Mars in the 12th

Jupiter in the 10th

Saturn in the 11th

Neptune in the 7th

Pluto in the 5th

Okay so

My hair is usually on the thicker side, and it’s very curly. The Sun/Leo’s influence adds to that. And my forehead is pretty prominate aha shapes my whole face pretty much. But my suns in cancer so my face is soft and round and I always look like I’m gonna cry 😭. And my hair also doesn’t get as thick as it can and is pale in color. So here moon and sun cancel each other out so I get a mix of both so it’s hard to tell the difference.

My voice changes a lot and I often fluctuate with the sound of it fairly often. My neck is long! It’s in Leo so once again I do have a masculine neck and it does stand out aha. But the cups is in Leo and my voice does stand and can be pretty loud. But it’s also quiet and you can’t here me(sun in cancer)

Nothings in my third house but Leo once again and I do have pretty manly hands bro. 😂😂 same for my arms but once again since it’s cancers influence with it being my suns ruler it’s manly but also soft looking

My 4th house is empty for the most part but has Juno and Lilith there. So like once again where canceling out. It’s Lilith in libra and Juno in libra. So my chest is pretty nice looking but it’s very boney because I’m so skinny and it can look very intense at times.(yes I eat guys I eat a lot but yeah aha)

My Pluto in my libra 5th house.

My back does look intense and it’s pretty sharp cause the bones lmao. But it’s also pretty soft and what not.

My 6th house is empty but I have sag here and my stomache can get sooooo like I could eat a house. It’s like the only part of me that gets big high key.

My 7th house has Neptune and my bum does look smol but like I wear baggy clothes a lot and even if I’m wearing tight stuff it looks smol aha but like it’s a nice size to me but clothes kinda make it look non exsistant 🙃 and it’s also in Capricorn 7th house cups so like yeah mini booty team

My eighth house is aqua and urnaus is also there and yeah my groin has seen some shit. 🙃 so as far as looking unique I would def say yes. But I don’t see Saturn here! Nothings smol! Looking different yeah but everything’s about normal size.

My 9th house is empty as well but also in aqua and yes I have weird thighs like sometimes there present and other times lol? Plus co ruled by Saturn so there like smol.

My 10th house has moon and Jupiter Aries/Pisces and the 10th house cusp is Pisces/Scorpio decan and my knees are pretty smol like they’re a little dainty and what not. They don’t really “expand” but they can get inflamed pretty easy and get larger. There very sharp looking and intense. People always see what they want to see in my bone structure and I’m the only one in the family with no high cheek bones! My face is just round af. And my bones are super plushy and sensitive.

My 11th house is in Aries and i have Saturn In Taurus there. And yes my ankles be looking rough sis. But they still look decent with Taurus there and they’re very smol as well.

◼️side note: LOOL I didn’t know Saturn is everywhere in my damn chart!? Like wow sis let me grow.

My 12th house is another cancel because mars and Venus fall there and like my feet and fingers are like cute to me but they’re also kinda intense looking and like veiny :/ and my mars is in cancer and my Gemini Venus in the aqua decan so my fingers look a little unique and they change shape soooooo often sometimes there bricks other time they look like model hands :/ my feet are like getting flat now so idk but I actually like them!

Aha this isn’t meant to be taken to seriously and feel free to comment whatever you like I was just trying to see if any of this rang true or not as I did see it somewhere that this could be applied this way. I personally don’t think astrology alone can depict genetics which would more so be the ic if anything but just thought this was interesting. Ello!

BTS Reaction | you getting turned on in public

request: “BTS reaction to you getting turned on in public!!! 😏”

Kim Seokjin

His eyes would be fixed on you as you licked whip cream from your finger that – of course - accidently got on them from your tub of ice cream. “I know, what you’re trying to do with that.” He would say before leaning in closer to you. “I know how much you need me all the time, but you may have to wait a few hours till we are home again, ok? I’ll repay you for you’re wait.”

Min Yoongi

“You better stop now or I’ll tease you all night.” He said after you intentionally licked over your lips, without thinking about the boys that were still in the same room. You were still at practice along with the other band members, but already craved for his body so badly. The others would look at you, but Yoongi wouldn’t mind and just give you a short smirk and then get back to work. “Look what you started there, baby. I guess someone has to take care of that now.”

Kim Namjoon

Your hand wandered up and down his tights under the table until they came rather close to his crotch. He grabbed your hand and placed it back on your lap before leaning over to you. “What are you intending with this baby girl? If you don’t stop I’ll have to punish you later.” After you responded that you wouldn’t mind he would cut this dinner short and get home with you as soon as possible. “You’re really needy tonight, aren’t you? I love that side of you.”

Jung Hoseok

“When do we go home? I really need you now.” You whispered in his ear. He would turn around and rest his sight on your parted lips. “We should head home then, shouldn’t we?” He would smirk at you and grab your hand and drag you out of the bar to get your problem fixed. “Jagi, you’re really are doing things to me.” 

Park Jimin

He would be split about the situation. On the other hand he would also be turned on as you started teasing him and showing him that you need him now, but also find it a little bit inappropriate in public. “Can you wait a little longer princess? I’ll take good care of you once we’re home alone, ok?” He would gently end your actions and satisfy your needs later on .

Jeon Jungkook

He would be easily turned on as well but find it rather uncomfortable in public. After you start teasing him, while being together with the other band members, by biting your lips and giving him intense looks, he would be pretty pissed and mad at you. “You really want me to suffer, don’t you?” Once you two were alone together he would show you what you did to him.

Kim Taehyung

He would find it thrilling and would want to find a more private place for you to fix your problem. “Maybe we should head to the bathroom then?” He would whisper in your ear before dragging you after him. Inside the bathroom he would push you against the wall after locking the door. “But you have to be quiet for me, honey.”  


Mads is really handsome, and he’s an incredibly intense actor to work with. There’s more going on behind Mads’ eyes when he’s acting than most actors that I’ve ever worked with. It’s very, very curious to be looking into his eyes when you’re working. We had a pretty intense working relationship, just sat across from each other for so long having these scenes, and it was a joy. It was fun to work with him and wonderful to have somebody so intense to play off of, and he’s just a really nice guy. (x)

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“i have you shoved against the wall but now i can’t stop looking at ur mouth” w/ eggsy please?? that first fic u posted was GORGEOUS

thank you so much! i got super inspired writing this and the words just flowed, hope you enjoy it!

tagging: @havokangel   @alexsunmners   you guys write the best eggsy fics, i hope i live up to your standard :)

Something about you just rubs Eggsy up the wrong way.

He doesn’t know what it is. Normally he’s a fairly easy going kind of guy - friendly like. He’s never considered himself the type of person to hate people without reason. Live and let live, or something. That is, until he met you.

Maybe it’s how you keep beating him in every training exercise (he isn’t proud to admit it but his competitive streak usually gets the better of him). Or the way you’ve always got some lightning fast, witty retort to anything he says, leaving him reeling.

Or maybe it’s how you’re probably the prettiest, funniest, most intelligent girl he’s ever met, and he can’t get you to look at him for longer than it takes to manufacture some quip -


No, he definitely doesn’t like you like that, does he? Is he some kind of masochist?  Does he actually enjoy the way you make his normally quick-witted self seem dull and slow in comparison?

No. He doesn’t. He finds you insufferably annoying and that’s that.

(Harry finds all this very amusing.)

Finally, of course, he’s had enough.

The two of you have just finished a rather intense hand to hand combat practice. You’re looking pretty pleased with yourself - and with good reason. You’d totally annihilated Eggsy.

He’d stepped into the room ready to take you down. He knew you were good at all the slippery spy stuff, but he’d hoped his physical advantage would play to his favour in a fight.

And then he’d stood close to you, seen the little smile that curved your lips and breathed in the scent of your perfume and everything had gone to shit.

He wants to argue, say he was distracted. But the idea of trying to explain just what had distracted him is too terrible to think about. Ugh. This is all your fault.

Everyone else had left the room (Roxy smirking as she went, for some mysterious reason) and the two of you were alone, packing up. And then he hears you mumbling some needling little remark about his abysmal performance and Eggsy just snaps.

He grabs hold of your shoulders and pushes you against the wall. Gently, he’d rather die than treat anyone the way Dean had treated his mum, but firmly enough that you got the message - he was done with the way you spoke to him.

Infuriatingly, you barely react to his sudden movement. You just look up at him, looking a little bored, as if you’d been expecting this all along, as if nothing he does can surprise you. You’ve got him all figured out and he hates it.

He wants to warn you off, make you stop treating him like some barely competent nobody. He’s about to open his mouth and say as much when his gaze inexplicably drops to your lips and now he can’t remember his own name, let alone the point he was trying to make.

He knows you’re watching him, he’s sure you’re aware of what he’s doing but he can’t stop. His lips part of their own accord and he feels like he’s drowning. The world could burn down around him now and he’s not even sure he’d notice.

There’s still some tiny part of him, somewhere in the back of his mind, screaming about how this is the worst idea he’s ever had, but even that is quelled when he closes his eyes and leans into you, his lips brushing yours almost imperceptibly before he takes all his courage and kisses you properly, his hands dropping to your waist, your hips. The warmth of your body against his feels like everything he’s ever wanted, like all he’ll ever want. Kissing you is addicting, and he’d happily let you drag him under.

He feels your hands against his shoulders, a twisting in his gut as he realises you’re about to push him off of you, to laugh at him, to rip his heart out and stamp on it. To his surprise, however, you pull him closer, your hands slipping up his shoulders to his neck, his jaw. He groans, low and needy, in the back of his throat as you press your body into his, every touch leaving trails of burning flame along his skin.

Finally, he feels you begin to pull back and he dredges up the presence of mind to move away from you, to open his eyes. His head still feels foggy, his lips slightly swollen, but there’s a lightness in his chest that wasn’t there before. You’d kissed him back, and now he feels like he could take on the world.

He looks down at you again, and even now you don’t look surprised. But the smile you give him is genuine and warm, and suddenly Eggsy finds he doesn’t even care.

WOW! That new trailer gave out a lot of information! So, to get started and as I thought, it’s just like a Platinum-style AU, since we’re back at Aether watching something come from the Ultra Wormhole.(I wonder if it’s Nihilego, or if it’s one of our two new surprises.)

Necrozma’s looking pretty damn intense/intimidating. I love it.

Man, Lillie’s reaction to this probably isn’t gonna be good….

From what I can tell, Necrozma seems to be presenting itself as opposition, but maybe it’s just testing us before fusing with Nebby?

Their faces look too peaceful for the fusion to be forced…


They call attention to this surfer beach and Pikachu valley. I wonder what relevance they will have in game. (And confirmed new clothing items.)

And more on how we meet our starters:

Tapu Koko getting wrecked:

It also has the side effect of getting rid of terrains :)




(Exclusive to Ultra-Sun.)


That pretty much covers it.

petals 008#: playdate with uncles

#008 - when baby min is left with babysitter Joonmin

➽ Character/Genre/words: Min Yoongi x occasional OC | Parenthood!au, Fluff | 2,589 words

➽ a/n: based on my Baby Min headcanons

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Patrick Kane - [74/88]

Not Going Anywhere

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Based on prompt by @winter-in-wakanda: Could you write a Bucky x Reader where Reader is always getting scrappy with people who badmouth Bucky? That’s how he realizes how much she cares about him? If you can fit it in that she’s Tony’s little sister (maybe she roughs Tony up a bit for being cruel to Buck?), awesome, but if not, cool.

A/N: Ugh I feel like every author’s note I write is just me apologizing for not writing more and promising to try harder.  I write when I can, I promise you that, and will continue to do so as my schedule permits.  Also, I’m writing prompts out of order because certain ones just work for me on certain days, so while my Coming Soon list does have all the prompts I have, it doesn’t really reflect the order of what I’ll be writing just because my inspiration and will to write is super random.
Logistic note on this story, I’m not exactly sure when it takes place because it kind of doesn’t fit within the MCU canon, so let’s just go with it and call it a day, okay?  Okay.

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You’re heading out of the briefing room when you first hear the whispers.

You try to ignore it, but you’re not a super spy for nothing, and you can’t help but catch every single word of the passing agents’ conversation.

“I don’t know why they let him go on missions,” one agent says, her face contorted in a condescending sneer.  “Frankly, I don’t know why they don’t have him locked up in maximum security.”

“Is he really that bad?” the other agent asks, his face half-horrified, half-disbelieving.

“He’s a monster,” the first one says, and it’s then that you blood begins to boil.  You know exactly who she’s talking about.

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Hiccstrid Short Story: Back In the Saddle

So, like some others in the fandom have mentioned, I’ve been a bit perplexed why in RTTE Astrid has repeatedly fallen off of Stormfly in battle.  How is it that the same woman could ride so expertly in HTTYD 2 while doing some pretty intense maneuvers without any trouble?

Then I looked at her saddle in RTTE vs HTTYD 2. Notice a difference?

Major design improvements: different shape, side grips, and a handlebar.  This got me thinking… what prompted the additions to her saddle?  Here’s my take. 

Back In The Saddle

Note: Takes place during RTTE, sometime after the end of S4.

Hiccup stood outside the stable, fingers flexing at his sides anxiously as he stared at the open door. Chewing slightly at his lip, deep in thought, he didn’t notice the curious look he received from the Night Fury beside him.  Toothless’ emerald eyes flicked between his rider and the stable, wondering why they didn’t just walk in.  It was a beautiful day – perfect weather for flying – and standing there doing nothing was wasting such precious time.

Growing inpatient, Toothless warbled, nudging his snout against Hiccup’s hip.

“Oh, heh, sorry, bud”, he apologized sheepishly, placing his hand on the dragon’s temple.  “Just, eh…preparing.”  

Lifting one ear in confusion, Toothless chuffed as he blinked owlishly.

Hiccup puffed his cheeks, blowing out a breath in anticipation. “Wish me luck.”

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Instagram Has Been Waiting For This Very Palette For a Year Plus
By Devon Abelman

Founded by West African Chichi Eburu, Juvia’s Place creates eye shadow palettes inspired by Africa.

Their The Nubian and The Nubian 2 palettes, in particular, pay homage to the OG queen of beauty, Nefertiti, with her image on the cover and a combo of lush metallic and matte shades.

Beauty vloggers like Jackie Aina, Stephanie Nicole, and Bretman Rock have raved about the shadows’s creamy, butter-like texture that doesn’t leave any crumbly fall out under the eyes. Also, the color payoff is insane.

They are so intensely pigmented and opaque that they look pretty much the same on all skin-tones.