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“I’m not going to wish for much. Only to hit for sure all the pitches that I know I can hit.”

Happy Birthday, Kominato Haruichi! ☆ (01/03) 

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hey! i think ur art is p cool c: any tips for using ps?

thank you! here are some super quick things people may not know going in:

  • smart objects
  • masks
    • clipping masks
    • layer masks
  • adjustment layers
  • liquify, general fliters
  • blending effects
    • for layers
    • for brushes
  • grids, guides
  • history/save states/snapshots
  • importing brushes
  • workspaces
  • dark magic
    • quick exporting
    • what a contact sheet is
    • batching, scripts.

this will all be in PhotoshopCC. This is the more technical side of Photoshop instead of the fun drawing side, because let’s face it you’ll already learn that in time. This is stuff to make drawing digitally or editing or whatever easier, faster, and less trouble. These are shortcuts and smart things basically.

smart objects!

touching up? use smart objects!! please!! When you size them down they still maintain the data of the original, so you can scale and re-arrange without data lost (you can’t draw on this layer as a smart object though!). do this please. to undo this look for “rasterize layer”

this also means filters are clipped onto the layer but aren’t actually changing the layer. You can then turn them off, delete them, ect. without any repercussions. Smart objects will be more data but they are safe bets.

you won’t see this for drawing and painting but when you’re editing your drawings for maybe a poster or compiling them this is super useful! 

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You have seen me posting funny Markiplier faces. Now, here’s my most favourite video game character, Dante, with his funny derp faces from Devil May Cry 3. As you can see, I have way~ too much fun with the pause button >w<
I apologize for the low quality on quite a bit of them. Some were taken around the time before the 1080p feature was added on Youtube. Others either looked like that (No matter which HD/HQ video I watch), or turned out really blurry when blown up in size.
If you’d like a better view of them, you can either click on them or download them.


lmao I noticed that a lot of filipino artists have been popping up recently?? and I was like,, what if,, we all lived in one apartment? AU where I kidnap all of u n we live together happily where i’ll protect all of u from mean people and no one’s gonna care about how you dress or your length of hair yea? I dont know all of you personally but this is just a cute little thing I thought of lmao cause I was thinking about how I could walk past any of you one day, never knowing you’re actually a Tumblr artist who draws gay things and cries about fictional characters 

also I noticed y’all wear glasses?? um ok suspicious

@tealdrop @mehringguie @epherall @bunblevee @cryptidsp00n

draw the squad idea by @bendan-ninja

thank you to @sylveonstri for helping me stalk for how one of them looks like 

reblogs much appreciated, yes I check tags, click for better quality :0

Without a doubt ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘’can you do one where ethan is dating a girl who’s not a size two she’s a little bigger and when they are out fans stop them and one girl calls her fat and saying she probably can’t even wear his clothes like a normal gf cause they don’t fit so she goes back to the apt and cries and he is panicked cause he can’t find her and he rushes home and asked what happened and cuddles her tells her that’s she’s perfect he doesn’t want a size 2 girl her loves her and falls asleep in his shirt happy‘’

Response: Thanks for requesting :) I am finally done with school so I’m going to start posting more regularly now! I hope you like it xx (I suck at titles but oh well haha)

Warning: I don’t speak English so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Tonight had just been perfect. The stars were out and shining, the city was bustling and your stomach was full of delicious food you just ate at your favourite restaurant. You brush your head against Ethans large arm why he strokes his thumb over your entwined fingers. With closed eyes you inhale the cold but fresh air while Ethan and you walk down the street, on the way back to his apartment. It felt like the world was at peace and there were no problems. Of course there were, but you liked the illusion.

‘Are you tired?’ Ethan asks softly. The sound of his voice vibrates through his arm to your ear that was pressed to his arm. ‘A little,’ you respond, letting out a deep yawn. Ethan chuckles and tightens his grip around your waist. ‘Just hold on, baby. We’ll be home in a few minutes.’

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen, you think as you see a group of girls walking down the other side of the street. Most of them were busy on their phone, but a few weren’t and recognise Ethan. Their eyes grow big and they stand still so abruptly that the girls behind them bump into them. ‘Ethan? Ethan Dolan?!’ They don’t even look if a car could ride them over when they run towards you and your boyfriend. A few seconds later you are surrounded by a whole group of giggling excited girls.

‘Ethan, Ethan! Can you make a selfie with me?’ several girls ask him, but before Ethan answers he focuses his eyes on you. ‘Is it okay?’ ‘Sure, E! Don’t worry ‘bout me,’ you say. He smiles at you lovingly before he pays attention to his fans. You let go of his warm hand and take a few steps back so could give him and the fans some space.

You absolutely loved seeing E interacting with his fans. He took the time for every single one of them and tried to answer all of their questions, always staying kind and polite. You didn’t even felt uncomfortable when he kissed a fan on the cheek, because you knew it was only because they asked and there was no meaning behind it. And you could know, because damn, he kissed you in a whole different way. Your cheeks heat up at the thought of his soft kisses and the touch of his hands. The entire time Ethan was taking pictures with the girls his eyes would flicker from them back to you, making sure everything was okay.

Suddenly you notice a few girls who already got a picture standing a meter away from the whole group. They were whispering while looking at you from head to toe, which gave you an unpleasant feeling. Were they judging you? One of them, a beautiful tall, blond girl, walks up to you. She doesn’t even say hi. ‘You are Ethans girlfriend, aren’t you?’ The way she said it made you feel even smaller than you already were next to her. You frown your eyebrows, surprised that she talked like she was so much better than you.

‘Yes, I am.’ The girl clicks her tongue disapprovingly. ‘Oh,’ was all she said. You knew you shouldn’t care, but you did anyway. ‘Why?’ The girl let out a small, humorous laugh. ‘Have you even looked at yourself? It surprises me that Ethan still wants to walk next you. I bet you don’t even fit into his clothes.’ It felt like someone just smacked you in the face. ‘What do you mean by that?’ The girl rolls her eyes. ‘Are you dumb or something? You look like a pig. Ethan deserves a girl who is just as pretty as him, and you definitely aren’t.’

Wow, that hurt. Really bad. You don’t know what to say, so just stare at her. How in the world could someone say that? Doesn’t she have feelings? Just until now you realise you were crying; your sight was getting blurry. You look at Ethan who was laughing at something a fan said to him. You angrily wipe the tears from your cheeks and start walking back to the apartment. You just couldn’t stay here anymore.

You were running up the stairs, going to Ethans bedroom. You crawl onto the bed and burry yourself under the covers, trying to hide yourself from the negative thoughts that were now filling your head. Most of the time you were pretty confident, but when someone said something like that to you your self-esteem was hard to find. You knew you weren’t the skinniest girl, but you had never considered yourself as fat.

Yes, you weren’t a size two and you were little curvy, but Ethan always pointed out he liked that about you, just as everything else about your appearance. Now you start thinking that he only said that because he wanted to make you feel good. And perhaps the girl was right; maybe you should tried to lose weight.

When Ethan realised you were gone, he apologized to the fans and quickly went home. He didn’t even want to think about what could have happened to you or what he would do if you weren’t at his apartment. When he reaches his apartment he’s totally out of breath, but still runs up the stairs with to steps at a time.

‘Y/N?!’ Ethan yells. ‘Shit, Y/N!’ he says when he sees you on the bed, wrapped in his sheets. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I was scared that something had happened to you!,’ he says loudly, sounding a little angry. When you don’t answer because of your uncontrollable crying, he lowers his voice. ‘Babe, what’s wrong? What happened?’

‘Nothing, please leave me alone,’ you say with a muffled voice. Ethan walks up to the bed, sitting down at the side. ‘I’m not leaving until you say what happened. Please,’ he adds when you don’t move or answer. He sounds miserable, like it was his fault you were crying in his bed. With a sigh you pull the sheets back and look at him. His face is worried and his mouth is a thin line, but of course he still looked amazing.

‘Do you think I’m fat?’ you quietly ask. Ethan blinks his eyes a few times as if he didn’t heard what you said. ‘What?’ ‘You heard me.’ Ethan shoots closer to you. ‘Of course I don’t think you’re fat! Who even made you think that?’ Your lips tremble, trying to hold back the tears. ‘T-This girl said… That I’m…’ You start crying again, hiding your face behind your hands.

‘Hey, hey… Come here,’ Ethan says softly while he puts his arms around you, pressing you gently against his chest. He smelled heavenly. He smelled like home. ‘Sshh… It’s okay,’ he calms you down. When you slowly stop crying, he pulls back and rests his large hands on your thighs. ‘Y/N, you should never let people get to you… I know it’s hard, but they are just jealous. Believe me. You are stunning and I love your curves! No one can tell me otherwise.’

You look at him. ‘Even my thighs? And my belly?’ you ask, looking up to him. ‘Yes,’ Ethan answers immediately. ‘Even when my hair is a mess and I look like a panda?’ you ask. ‘Without a doubt,’ he chuckles and leans in to put a sweet kiss on your nose. You put your hands on his cheeks and kiss his warm lips.

Ethan could taste the salt of your tears. He kisses them away while stroking your thighs. He knew you weren’t in the mood now, so after a minute he slowly pulls back, looking at you like you were the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever seen. ‘Do you want to stay tonight?’ he whispers, stroking your cheek. ‘I would love to, but I don’t have any clean clothes with me…’ you answer.

Ethan stands up, walks to his drawers and comes back with a clean t-shirt. You raise your arms and pull your sweater over your head. You notice Ethan staring at your chest when you unclasp your bra.

Ethans fingertips stroking your arms while he helps you putting on his shirt made you get goosebumps on your whole body. You both take off your pants and get comfortable in bed, laying down in a spooning position. ‘I love you, E,’ you whisper. ‘I love you so much more. Good night, Y/N,’ Ethan says and places a sweet kiss on your cheek.

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Alba: "Oh my what lovely feathers you have, so very soft and shiny. It must be quite a task to keep them in such a condition for I too have difficulty keeping my tails just as fluffy."

Aingeal: Aaaah, thank you so much! And I see what you mean, your tail’s are SO FLUFFY!!!

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28 with ma scott mccall thnks love u

Scott McCall - “How drunk was I?”
Triggerwarning: Underage drinking

You widened your eyes when you stared at the pictures on the website of your sorority. You recognized your clothes and maybe you vaguely recognized the color of your hair and eyes, but apart from that you had the feeling you were looking at a stranger.

“Do you want me to ask someone to take them down?” Scott had his hand on your shoulder and his voice was soft and gently.

“What happened?” You shook your head and when your eyes met Scott’s you saw his lips curling up into an amused grin. “What did I do?”

“Do you really wanna know all that?” Scott smiled a little brighter and then he sat down in the seat next to you. “It’s not as bad as you think it is. Actually, you were quite funny when you were drunk.” Scott raised his eyebrows a little and shrugged his shoulders. “Although I don’t think the twins will agree with me.” He grinned and you dropped your jaw.

“I said something to the twins?” You squeezed your eyes a little and clicked on a few pictures to have a better look at them. The photographer had clearly had some problems to get your hands sharp and much to your surprise the alpha twins were indeed standing in front of you while exchanging surprised and shocked glances.

“You basically told them that they were worthless pieces of crap, that Lydia was only dating Aiden because he was hot and that Danny was only sharing his bed with Ethan because he had a good looking ass.” Scott couldn’t help laughing out loud and even though you covered your mouth with your hand, you had to admit that it sounded funny, funnier than you had probably ever been while being sober.

“So, how drunk was I?” You dropped your hand again and took a few deep breaths, but then you started laughing again. “I don’t remember anything anymore after we opened the bottle of champagne, to be honest.” You rolled your eyes. “Apart from the headache and sickness in the morning, but still.”

“Well, I’d say that you were drunk enough to forget that you were terribly afraid of them, but at least not that drunk that you tripped over your own legs while you tried to run away from them.” Scott grinned once more and then he enlarged another picture on your screen. “This picture is totally my favorite.” He leaned back in his chair and you stared at the two alphas, clearly trying and failing to control their anger.

“Please, next time there is a party, keep that bottle of champagne away from me, will you?” You closed the tab and let out a deep breath, but little lights of joy were dancing in your eyes.

“O no, I don’t think so. I like this drunk version of you saying all those things that no one dares to say.” Scott wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek. “And I promise that I’ll always make sure that you get home safely and that no one can harm you.”

Forbidden pt.2 (M)

This scenario contains mature and sexual themes. You have been warned! 

Part 1 ~

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You were starting to regret saying yes to Yoongi. What were you thinking? What good would come out of this? A night of passion, lust and relieving that pent up stress and sexual frustration you’ve had. Your conclusion was to go looking sexy as fuck and have a fun night. 

Yoongi offered to pick you up, but you thought it was best if your parents didn’t see him. It was obvious that your father did not approve of Yoongi for his outer appearance, but if he knew his reputation your father would definitely not let you anywhere near Yoongi. For you, Yoongi was intriguing. 

You wore your little black dress that hugged to your body in all the right places, a velvet black choker and heels to match. Your hair and make-up was done to perfection. You deserved to dress up and have a good time, you worked hard all year. You tried to seek past your parents for them not to see what you’re wearing, as they would find fault with it somehow. 

“Is that dress not a little too short, sweetie?” Your father points out making your mom giggle and slap his shoulder. 

“Oh, leave her you big grump! She is only going to have that body a little longer before it starts to sag.” You frown in annoyance, but your dad slaps her face and smirks. 

“You’re still as beautiful, as the first day we met….” He trailed off whispering something in her ear making her giggle and blush. 

”Gross! I might stay in Lily’s tonight, so don’t wait up.” You yell as you rush out of the house. 

When you get to the party its in full swing. As you walked through the front door of the house party the hazy smoke hit you. People with red solo cups in their hands, people conversing, people dancing. You looked around, Yoongi was not in sight. You decide to go get a drink first. There was only two people in the kitchen, a couple face eating one another. You look at the variety of drinks there is, going for a rum and coke. You turn when your finished mixing your drink, to come face to face with Yoongi’s smirking face. 

“You actual came, babe.” His hands slide up to your waist, bringing you flush against his chest. 

“I told you I’d come. I’m here.” You state taking a gulp from your solo cup. He grabs the cup out of your hands finishing it and throwing the cup behind you. His jaw line was so visible as he drunk from your cup. He was really a beautiful man. You just wanted to trace the outline on his tattoos on his neck. 

“You’re so sexy, every guy here tonight had their eyes on you, but you’re mine.” He was so close, his eyes flickering from your lips to your eyes. You thought he was going to kiss you as he leaned down your ear. “How about we get out of here, this parties shit and I think we can have more fun on our own.” His breath tickled your neck, he planted a soft kiss on the skin below your ear. 

He grabbed your hand and pulled you through the buzzed party to get out. The air was a lot colder outside, yet refreshing from the hot sticky atmosphere in the house. You run your hands over your bare arms to heat them up. Yoongi sees you shivering. 

“Here.” He takes his leather jacket off and sets over your shoulders. You put your arms through it and hug it to your body. “It looks so much better on you, baby. But I think it would lot great if you had nothing on underneath.” He was so blunt, but you giggle nonetheless. Yoongi leads you to a motor bike, handing you a helmet. You laugh. 

“That’s funny, wheres your car.” 

“This is it, babe.” Yoongi chuckles, putting the helmet on your head and clicking it in place. 

“Hah, no seriously.” You still think hes joking, he smirks and gets on his motor cycle. “Yoongi I-I can’t get on that.” You attempt to take the helmet off, but can’t. Yoongi gets off the bike, putting his fingers under your chin to make your eyes focus on his. 

“Babe, nothing is going to happen to you when your with me, okay. Trust me, I wont let anything happen to you. Do you trust me?” Looking into his chocolate brown eyes, they were so intoxicating. 

“I trust you.” You say in almost a whisper, he gives you a gummy grin. 

“Great.” He lifts you up an puts you on the back of his motorcycle, climbing on as well. “Hold on tight, baby.” You hesitantly put your arms on his hips, not holding tight. He interlaces his fingers with your moving your hands, so you were giving him a back hug. His musky sent, husky deep voice was making you feel safe. He starts the motorcycle, raving it up and then speed off up the street. He was zooming through traffic, the wind blowing your hair. 

It was an oddly freeing experience. Being with a man whom was so troublesome and ‘dangerous’ made you feel safe and content. But you didn’t know why he had this effect on you. He pulls up at a town house. He gets off and the helps you. He takes the helmet off your head, you try to fix your hair, muttering ‘stupid fucking helmet’ under your breath, making Yoongi chuckle. 

“Come on.” He takes your hand and walks up to the house taking out his keys and opening the door. Yoongi leads you up stairs, to what you make out as his bed room. Its not what you expected. He has guitars hanging on the wall, a piano in the corner and surprisingly the room is clean. Your hand grazed the piano. 

“Do you play?” You asked, looking over your shoulder at Yoongi, who was leaning against his dresser watching you, his hands in his pockets. 

“I do, I play lots of instruments. My aim in life is to get out of this town and make music. Real music, not that shit they play at house parties. After we graduate next month, I’m gone.” You were in awe of Yoongi he had a plan, he had a desire, something he was so passionate about. If you had the chance, even the guts to leave this town you would. 

“That’s really cool. Can you play something for me?” You were itching to hear him play something. He smirks, pushing himself off the dresser, he strides over to you. He sits down on the bench, you take the space beside him. 

“What do you want me to play?” He looks at you with a playful look in his eyes. 

“Anything.” You smile back him. He hods and starts to play a song, its not one you have ever heard before. The melody is beautiful, you can’t stop staring at him. You could see the passion in the way he played. It was amazing. He finished playing. “What song was that?” 

“It was a Yoongi original.” He smiled a gummy smile. You both just sit in silence staring at one another. Yoongi leans in and connects your lips, his hands cup your face. Its soft and light at first, but then it turns into passion, lust and need. Your hands going into Yoongi’s hair, pulling on the strands. He abruptly stands up taking your hand in his and backing you towards his bed. He lifts up his shirt, throwing it on the floor, showing off his lean yet muscular milky torso. He pushes is jacket off your shoulders and lets it fall on the floor. He swiftly turns you around, unzipping your dress and pushing it off your body. His hands smooth over your ass, before smacking it. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” He grunts against your ear, his teeth pulling on the lobe. You moan softly, as he starts to suck and nip on your neck, marking you as his. You turn back to him and unbutton his pants and push them down along with his boxers. “Someones eager.” Yoongi smirks. 

“Yeah… so lets get on with it.” Yoongi chuckles and pushes you back on the bed. Yoongi kicks off his shoes and his boxers and jeans, joining you on the bed. He hovers over you, he starts to kiss down your neck. You arch your back into him from his touch, he takes advantage of this, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra. He throws your undergarments behind him, leaning down to kiss your breasts, nipping and sucking on the soft skin. His hand moves down south into your lace panties. He rubs your clit in fast circles, moving his fingers up and down your slit. 

“Fuck, Yoongi just fuck me already!” You yell, just wanting to feel him inside you already. 

“With pleasure, baby.” He smirks leaning up his erect cock at your entrance, he pushes into you slowly, letting you adjust to his size. 

“Fuck, you’re so big” You moan out, bucking your hips into his to assure him you were ready. He takes control and starts to thrust into you, slow at first but he then gets harder. His hands roam up your body before hes lacing his fingers together with yours, his forehead against yours. 

“Open your eyes, baby. I want to be looking into your eyes when I fuck you.” You do as he requests and open your eyes, only to be staring right into his lust filled eyes. Yoongi was breath taking and no one could deny that. That’s why he probably had countless girls in this bed, he probably played that song every time, insuring him a night of hard fucking. But you didn’t care about that, it was just you and him tonight. Tomorrow Yoongi would act like you didn’t exist, as you would do the same to him. 

“Fuck.” You scream his name out as you cum. You love how good Yoongi made you feel. 

“You feel amazing baby.” He pulls out of you, pumping himself a few times before he comes all over your stomach. He hums in satisfaction, getting off the bed getting a towel and cleaning you off. He puts a t-shirt over your head and puts shorts on himself. He gets back into bed with you and pulls you close, kissing your neck as you fall asleep. 

You wake up the next morning in a haze, you can smell sex and Yoongi. You turn in his embrace, he was fast asleep. You knew Yoongi would probably want you gone before he woke up, so you get up trying to find your clothes around the room. You don’t notice Yoongi staring at you till you turn to find your panties. 

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!” You put a hand to your chest, calming your heart. He chuckled. 

“What are you doing up?” He turns to look at the clock that reads 6:09. “Its six in the morning, come back to bed.” He states, opening the covers for you to join him again. You do as he says and get back in bed with him, he cuddles into you. 

“I thought you don’t liking people staying. Don’t you always leave during the night, why do you want me to stay?” You ask curious of his answer. 

“No ones ever been in my room before, you’re the first one.” 

I’m actually rather happy with this. I hope you all enjoyed. Thank you so much for reading! If you would like a part 3, message me. 

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summary: Dan has a guilty pleasure: phan blogs. It’s a mixture of conceited arrogance and morbid curiosity, really. And really, it’s a mixture of these two things that lead to him catfishing members of his phandom and becoming a headcanon blog. After all, what harm can one headcanon do?
word count: 2318/20,000
warnings (this chapter): anxiety attacks, angsty!dan


The first thing Dan notices when he wakes up is that it’s bright. The bed’s still warm, and there’s a lump where Phil had been. Dan notices Phil isn’t there anymore. He doesn’t have time to question the weirdness of this fact because his stomach growls and he comes to the realization that he hasn’t eaten anything since the last morning and that’s just unacceptable.

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UPDATE: After I posted this two days ago, I received a lot of very thoughtful and considerate messages from people who follow my site.  I really appreciate it.  The incident is over, and I’ve largely forgotten it, and the person i mentioned.  Life goes on, the sun still rises, and all is well.   In fact, very well.  Just a momentary blip in the grand scheme of things.  The important thing to me is knowing that some of you took the time to write words of encouragement.  Thank you.  

Regretting the loss of a new friend

I’m feeling deflated because I had met a new, very interesting new friend the other day on this site, and we seemed to be really hitting it off in terms of sharing our musical tastes and certain outlooks on life.  She became very special to me in a very short period of time – someone I felt increasingly comfortable with in terms of expressing myself.  Tragically, she wrote a short note to me less than an hour ago saying she was deleting her account because of dynamics with other people.  I really wish I could have written to her at least one more time, maybe opened up some other way of communicating.  Like through my Flickr account  , since Flickr is a site where you won’t find as much of what bothered you on tumblr.

I hate when you feel you are just getting to know someone and looking forward to knowing them better, then they’re just gone from your life.  It’s like having a small ray of light that’s been steadily growing in strength, then suddenly ‘ click’ – instant darkness.   It leaves you searching….

I won’t write her name here – she deserves her privacy.  But if somehow she manages to read this, I’d really love to hear from her again.  Just open a new account, call it ‘ice cream monkey’ or whatever, and add only me as a contact to let me know you’re o.k.   I miss you. 

NOTE: I will block anyone who takes my pictures and reposts them on their site as their original content.  If you like something I post, please reblog it from this site.  I love when people do that.  Thanks.  

A little less conversation, more action needed Pt 1

A/N this is a continuation of a lesson in frustration. Once again requested by some of my great followers. Hope you like it guys. Definately gets nasty from the get go so 18 plus 

Alec and Magnus stood arms wrapped around each other, just simply looking into each other’s eyes. The embarrassing incident that had only happened just moments ago temporarily forgotten.

Alec bent his head to place his lips to Magnus’s and was rewarded with a heated kiss back. He moved his hands from his hips to move inside the robe’s opening, groaning as he felt Magnus’ warm skin under them. Alec felt the warlock press closer to his body, his fingers digging into the material of his jacket and shirt underneath. Magnus started working the clothing loose to get to Alec’ bare body and once he found it, worked his  hands down to slide his fingers under the waistband of his jeans. Alec felt himself starting to lengthen and unconsciously gave a small thrust forward trying to find that delicious friction. He felt Magnus moan against his lips and then give a gasp as Alec moved his hands further around and squeezed the top of his firm butt cheeks. Alec felt himself being forced back against the wall next to the door with a hard thud, Magnus jamming himself into him, his own arousal pushing into the front of his jeans.

From somewhere in the distance, they could hear voices calling their names. Just as Magnus was about to start undoing the button on his jeans, through the haze of his lust filled mind he heard Jace call his name and felt a knock coming from the door next to them. Damn! They’d completely forgotten the other out in the hall way! He grabbed Magnus’ hands as they just started undoing his zipper.

“Hey, Babe, we forgot something. Mum and the others are still out in the hallway. We have to stop. Now” his breathing was deep and panting and Magnus looked to be in the same agony he was. Magnus sighed and gave him a pained look before leaning his head on his chest, feeling Alec’s rapid breathing.

“can’t we just send them home?”

“’no, I don’t think so. Come on, get some clothes on and we will try to calm down enough to open the door before Jace kicks it in. I love you, you know, so much” he put a finger under Magnus’ chin and gently tilted his face to his, kissing him softly. At least it was soft on his part but Magnus wanted more. Alec felt a laugh behind their joined lips and took his face in his hands and eased him back.

“for someone who has had more experience at this than anyone, you sure are out of control” he said softly, looking into Magnus’ pained face.

“Its all you Alexander. I’ve never known love like this before. It’s a new thing for me too. I have to admit it scares me to think how powerless I am around you, you have completely under your control. I love you too, my beautiful boy. Come on, we’d better let the others in. Are you ok enough to do that?” he looked down between them and saw that there was still a sizable bulge in Alec’ jeans. He smiled and then grabbing his shirt pulled it out of the waistband so it hung loosely over his jeans.

“there, much better” He stepped away and with a click of blue flame the robe was replaced with a dress shirt and black pants. He was still flushed though, they both were.

Out in the hall way, Jace, Clary, Izzy and Maryse were pacing up and down. Jace had his ear to the door, his hearing rune activated.

“what are they saying? Are they arguing or anything?” Clary asked. A slow smile curved jace’s lips and his eyebrows shot up to his hair line.

“Yeah we could be out here a while” he said.

“why? Are they getting into it that badly?” Clary said.

“Oh they’re getting into it alright, just not the way you think”

Maryse made a surprised noise and had stopped walking.

“This is probably my fault for walking in and interrupting them yesterday. I had forgotten what it was like to be young and in love” she told them.

“young? Magnus is what, 400 years old? That’s not young.” Jace reminded her.

“Magnus is immortal, it doesn’t count, and he doesn’t look 400 years old either” Izzy said. “have you two forgotten what you were like when you got back together after finding out that you weren’t brother and sister? I thought we would have to get you surgically separated”

Clary blushed, but managed to give Jace a quick smile before she looked to the floor.

Jace as usual just took the statement on the chin and kept going.

“That was different we were making up for lost time.” He grumbled.

“What do you think Magnus is doing? The poor guy has been in a sexual drought for over 100 years, how would you feel if it was you and you finally score yourself a 6 foot 3 hulking young Shadowhunter? I’d climb that man like a tree”

“Isabelle Lightwood! I don’t want to hear something like that again thank you” Maryse said, frowning at her.

Jace leaned with his back against the door but he looked uncomfortable doing it. Every now and then he  winced like someone was poking him with a sharp object.

“what’s wrong? Why are you making those faces?” Clary asked him, then realisation dawned on her face. “Oh, oh my, well, if you can hear them then deactivate your rune”

“Its not the hearing rune it’s the parabatai one. He’s doing it again, lighting it up like a God damn Christmas tree. Agh! I’ve had it, how long are they gonna make us wait? I’m starving” He turned back to the door and started knocking hard.

“Alec! Come on man, keep it in your pants so we can come in will ya? I’m starving” he yelled at the door. He stared at the door and when nothing happened after a minute or two, he tried it again.

“Alec! Magnus! Zip it up guys, come on”

Another minute passed and Jace was just about to try again when they heard the door open. Even though they were both trying to look casual, like nothing had been going on, it was painfully obvious from the way both of them looked thatsomething had been going on. Alec’ face was flushed, colour high on his cheeks, his eyes were bright and shiny as well as his shirt being untucked. He never wore an untucked shirt. Magnus had swapped his robe for a loose fitting shirt and close fitting black pants and boots. He too had colour to his tanned skin and the biggest tell was the appearance of his demon mark eyes, glowing  smouldering amber. Alec noticed and after pointing to his own eyes, Magnus glamoured them away. Jace entered first.

“So, bro, scratch that itch that’s been worrying you all day?” he said to Alec as he passed him, with a suggestive wink. Alec gave him a sour look.

“Why is my sex life so open to discussion all the time? It can’t be that interesting” He grumbled.

“Man, thanks to our parabatai bond I get a front seat. You make it hard to ignore. Haven’t you reached saturation point yet?”

Alec looked down at his feet then back up to Jace, a smile on his face.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, sorry  man” he said, sheepishly.

“Argh! Something to look forward to!” he walked off towards the living room.

Magnus noticed his grin and gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head.

“tell you later” Alec said.

A/N - i have started the process to get an ao3 account so all these will be on there soon. 

anonymous asked:

Sorry for bothering, but do you know how to get Krita to let you paint color inside lines? For example, I drew line art and now want to color it entirely purple, how do I make it so the purple doesn't go outside the line art even if my cursor does?

Do you mean you want to color your actual lines, or if you want to fill your drawing with color (like a coloring book)?

Coloring Your Lines

For coloring your actual lines, you’ll want to lock the alpha of your layer. Sounds complicated. But its actually a one button fix. It makes it so that you can only draw on parts of the layer that have already been drawn on. 

Now you should be able to color your lines any color you want to. You can fill them, use a brush, gradient, etc. 

Coloring Inside Your Lines (Fill Tool)

If you have CLEAN line art. You can actually use the Fill Tool.

(An example of clean lineart. No breaks. Clearly defined, solid lines.)

Make a layer under your lines for your color. 

You can find your fill tool on your Toolbox Docker. (Any missing dockers can be found under Settings>Dockers)

In your Tool Options, there is a setting that can make filling your line art very quick. Its called Grow Selection.

And if you set the number up till about 2 pixels, it should expand your fill tool so that it fills the line art nicely. Here’s an example of what the fill tool will do with and without the use of Grow Selection.

Now you can use the Fill Tool to click inside spaces and fill them with color. You can do each color on its own layer, if you wish. 

You may have to go in with a brush and clean up small areas that the fill tool may not have reached, but this is a nice way to quickly fill clean line art. 

You can also turn on alpha lock for color layers as well, and color inside them easily. 

Coloring Inside Your Lines (G’MIC Filter)

If you’re like me, and you use sketchy, pencily lines, or you have a lot of breaks in your line art, the fill tool probably wont work so well. But there is a filter you can use to help. 

First, create a layer under your lines like you did the last time. Now, fill in spots of the image with the color you’d like them to be. Make sure to set a color outside the lines, otherwise the filter will fill it with one of your other colors and the filter won’t work correctly. The color I used is lime green. 

Now. SAVE your file. 

Now, with your color layer selected, go to Filters>G’MIC. 

Now choose “Active and Above” for Input. This tells G’MIC to consider your color layer and your lines layer, which is above it. 

Next, in the filters list, under Black & White, choose Colorize (Comics). 

(Don’t worry too much about what the Preview looks like, here. Mine always look chaotic and messed up. The actual filter looks much better)

Now, to the right. I usually have it set so that it creates a layer for each color.

After that, hit OK to run the filter. 

Your result should look something like this. 

From here, you can delete your background color layer and do any necessary clean up.  If you want all of your colors on one layer, you can select them all by clicking on them while holding Shift, and merge them with Ctrl+E. 

Now, this extra step is optional, but since my lines can sometimes be thin and see through, I tend to do this. 

If you turn off your Line Art Layer (Its name is probably different, but it will be the layer above all the colors. You’ll see that the edges of the color are pretty sharp and not anti-aliased. 

It can look kind of gross behind thin and seethrough lines. I use the Blur filter to fix it. 

I set it to a radius of just 1 pixel. It usually does the trick. 

Hit OK and run the filter, and your results should be a lot nicer behind your lines.

For more complicated line art, sometimes I use the filter fill the entire inside with just one color, alpha lock the layer, and color it by hand with a brush tool. 

I hope this tutorial was helpful!

Single Looks Good.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: Just a short cute little drabble I had in my files. Figured I would post just to see.


Originally posted by luvinchris

Adjusting your skirt, you take in the outfit you choose once more before you leave your room, your short black pleated skirt, the white crop top T-shirt with the scoop neck with the smallest peek at cleavage, you had paired with a pair of black ankle boots. You gave your curls a fluff, checking your lipstick as you pick up your sunglasses before heading out the door without a backwards glance. You stroll down the hall making your way to the kitchen, as your boot heels click against the wood floor you see the men in the kitchen look up as you walk by eyes traveling the length of you, you stop at the island popping a few grapes into your mouth, smiling at them as you turn heading for the elevator leaning forward you press the call button and wait.

“Feeling better?” Sam ask still staring at you.

“Much thank you.” You turn giving him a smile as you give your curls a fluff once more in the reflection of the elevator, the doors open and Pietro steps off, checking you over as you brush by stepping on to the elevator.

“Wow (Y/N).” He smirks at you, scrunching your nose up at him you grin.

“Eat your heart out lover.” You giggle as the door slides close again.

“Did anyone know she had legs like that?” Tony asks looking around.

“Who know she looked like that?” Sam asks tilting his head.

“I think my heart just stopped.” Pietro sighs leaning against the wall.

“I think the break up is doing her some good.” Buck nods sipping his coffee.

As you step off the elevator you slide your sunglasses on as you make your way through the lobby, pushing the main door open, and running straight into Steve Rogers.

“Oh!” You squeal as you get your footing, laughing.

“You okay?” Steve looks you over, blushing slightly as he takes in your exposed skin and navel.

“Great.” You smile up at him, biting your bottom lip.

“(Y/N) you look,” He grins that half one sided, crooked grin down at you. “wow.” His eyebrows raise for a second but the crooked smile stays.

“Thanks Rogers.” You grin back. The car horn honks and Nat rolls down the window, waving for you. “I’ve got a few things to do.” You smile tilting your head, you start taking backwards steps towards the car.

“Well single looks good on you.” He looks at you before quickly looking down again, you giggle still stepping backwards, you slide your sunglasses down your nose looking him up and down over them.

“Thanks, hopefully not for long.” He smirks at you raising an eyebrow. “I have my eyes set on something,” You look him up and down again. “bigger, you know better.” You shrug pushing your glasses up and turning towards the waiting car leaving Steve blushing and grinning after you.

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I really feel like I need some angst. Please could you do a scenario of Link/Reader post-calamity where he has a flashback of him and the reader sharing a touching moment. And maybe the flashback was triggered by seeing someone who shared a striking resemblance to the reader, perhaps it is one of their descents? Or it can be just someone who looks similar to them, whatever seems like the better idea, just so long as it's sad. Thank you so much!

[A/N: one order of angst coming right up~!]

Link’s legs ached and his back was sore, but he couldn’t imagine how Epona felt after a day’s travel. He hunched over in his saddle and blinked wearily at the twilight above. He pulled out his Sheikah slate to looked for a stable to get some needed rest for the night, and sighed in relief that one happened to be not too far away. He clicked his tongue and pulled on her reins gently spurring Epona towards their new destination.

 Once they had arrived at the stable and Epona was put in her stable for the night, Link took it upon himself to grab a meal before he turned in for the night. Luckily this stable had it’s own saloon with food, and was partially inside the establishment. Link made his way over to a table just on the edge of the wide entrance, and sat there for a bit staring at the twinkling specks in the sky. A wave of contentment befell him and he could feel the aching stress of the day begin to catch up with him. He knew after a hearty meal and a good night’s rest he’d be back in tip top shape and make his way out of here once dawn broke.

 As he leaned back against the wooden bench a server approached his table. It took him a moment to feel their presence and only opened his eye when he heard them cough. His eyes fell on them and took in their appearance, but he didn’t understand why his stomach churn staring upon this stranger. They gave a slow smile and slightly tilted their head to the side before holding up a pad to take his order, “What will you have tonight?”

 He could feel himself break out into a cold sweat as their voice wafted into his eardrums. His veins slowly pulsed and he could feel the deep pumping of his heart, but he did not want to alarm or concern this person so he attempted to keep a cool facade. Link could only shrug his shoulders, the motion proving to be a lot more difficult than he could imagine, and he gestured for a menu.

 “Oh! Of course, sorry about that!” And the person quickly sped off and came back a moment’s later. They handed the menu to Link and he felt hesitant reaching for the piece of paper, but he swallowed the anxious feelings and grabbed for the menu. The moment he pulled back his hand, his eyes fell upon the server’s wrist which it adorned a weaved bracelet with something of gold braided through it. He never thought anyone could feel as if they caught the cold touch of death while feeling the heat of Calamity Ganon’s wrath.

 He felt his body paralyzed and he struggled trying to gain some sense of reality, but his vision bled to white before he even knew what happened.

 An axe swung at his face causing Link to immediately back flipped out of range then used the momentum to spring himself forward and driving his blade right into the Yiga member’s stomach. They screamed in agony before collapsing to the ground, but before Link could relax he heard something snap behind him. He dropped low and twisted his body to back slash with his trusted blade, but he was kicked in the head from behind and was flung across the dirt. He struggled to sit up as his vision swam and through one eye watched as the two Yigas stalk him like vultures.

 A shadow sped behind them, each other their necks twisted with a long resonating ‘crack’. They dropped on the ground like rag-dolls before the boy.  Link blinked before he looked back up into your face and watched as you patted your hands as if they were covered in dirt.  You gave him a cool stare before lending him a hand, but he took a moment to pout before he grasped your hand using your weight to lift himself up.  

 You could only roll your eyes while he continued to sulk about. “Oh come on, don’t be mad at me because I saved you.”  But he crossed his arms and furrowed his brows further, and you sighed, “I am not apologizing you got your butt handed to you.” He slug your shoulder gently, making you laugh, “Fine, fine, you can have the bananas, you weirdo.”

 He snatched them from your satchel with a heavy pout and you continued to give him a smug smile. Your eyes wandered to his side burns and immediately suppressed a laugh, but you weren’t quick enough and blew raspberries with your lips. Link gave a questionable stare before he followed your gaze to the ground off to the side. He saw remembrance on his hair, and he flung his hand to his face with a loud ‘smack’.  

 He groaned displeased feeling his hair was uneven and searched through his own bag for a bandanna. You could only laugh and wipe the tears from your eyes as you made your way over to the discarded strands of hair. You picked them up, dusting the sand off of them and plopped your bum on a tree stump nearby. Swiftly, you went to work as Link peer over your shoulder.

 You turned around not too long after and held out your hands with a cheery, “Ta-daaah~!” Within your hands was a leather strips and his strands of hair braided together, Link gave it a raised brow before he pointing between himself and the bracelet. You buzzed him before turning around and slipping the bracelet on. “This is my trophy to commemorate the day I saved your hide.” He pursed his lips in dissatisfaction and you could only roll your eyes before leaning over and pecking his cheek.

 “Well, it’s your fault you never thought of saving my hair. You’re too concern with lizard tails and Lynel’s skulls.” Link wrapped his arms under your armpits, bringing you in a headlock and you squealed before laughing. “Okay, okay! I’ll make you one!” He was pleased with that and leaned over to capture your chuckling lips…..

 When he went to open eyes he felt queasy seeing the person standing before him look frighteningly too similar to you, and that he was no longer in the Great Plateau showering you with kisses. He felt bile rise to the back of his throat and beads of sweat dripped from his chin, the server before him looked incredibly apprehensive and worried.

 “Sir, are you alright?” They leaned down and Link had to pull himself away from them. He was so conflicted, where was he? He couldn’t be sure if this was a dream or what vision clouding his mind was real. All he knew that he was no longer hungry and he wanted to go lay down, but the server was far too concern and placed a hand on his shoulder.  “Please don’t move, I’ll grab you some water!” And they sped off again leaving Link to his swarming thoughts.

 Who are they? Why did they look so similar to you? Was it you? Did you somehow survive all this time and never age? But that couldn’t be, there was no possible way. He held his face in his hands and leaned against the table and slowly gasped for air. They had your bracelet, that was his hair! They must have some connection to you and he needed to know. He needed to know what happened to you, what became of you? His thoughts cluttered his mind and each question that arises deafened him to his surroundings even further.

 “Here you are, sir-” The server yelped as Link’s hand snatched their hand adorning the bracelet. He gave them desperate eyes that glimmered with stressed tears. They looked even more concerned as they try to wrench their hand away and Link could not find the words to explain opting to grab the bracelet.

They looked between his shaking, sweat covered palm, and timidly asked, “W-what? My bracelet? What about i-it?” And he could almost scream, but he remained silent despite his growing tension. He hung his head low and let out a shaky breath. He looked up at them with a much more relaxed face, but the server was freaked out to say the least.  They didn’t know whether or not to walk away from this traveler, but something in the back of their mind beckoned them to stay.

 Beckoned them to talk.

 They took the seat in front of him and slid the glass of water to him. He greedily snatched it and chugged it down not realizing just how parched he was and how light headed he actually felt. The server sat their patiently while he regained his composure and they twiddled the bracelet on their wrist. When Link felt his body become numb and the anxiety dulled, he gently pointed to the bracelet and gestured where they got it.  

 “This? Do you want to know about this? Well, it’s been in my family for years.” The server meant no harm, but their innocent explanation caused a tearing in his chest. He did not like where this was going, but he made no change to his fragile calm facade.  “I inherited it from my Great Grandparent a few years back, I wish I could have met them.”

 He felt a cold spike shoot through his chest and he remained still as a scarecrow. The server fidget uncomfortably, and decided that explaining everything would quickly get this over with.

 But Link gestured to the golden strands they were fiddling and they spoke feeling unsure, “It’s apparently human hair. I thought it was horse hair, but this is supposed to be hair from the Hero who fell to Ganon a hundred years ago.” They smiled sadly, “My folks told me it was my Great Grandparent’s good luck charm, but I found a journal of theirs saying it was their most precious item. They called it their ‘trophy’.”

 The glass in Link’s hands split under his grasp, and the server gasped as the pieces shattered across the table top. Link sat there quietly and blankly stared at his bleeding palm. The server in front of them panicked and quickly stood up, “Oh Hylia, does it hurt?! Let me go grab some bandages!”  

 They sped off once more and frantically looked for the first aid kit. They were cursing under their breath, but they were heavily confused from the traveler’s behavior. However, they did not want to dwell on it and slow them down while he sat there with blood dripping everywhere. They rushed back as soon as they could.

 As they made their way over, they came to a halt to see the table was empty. They looked around, but he was nowhere in sight, and let their gaze drop to the ground feeling dejected. It was then they spotted droplets of blood trailing outside and they quickly followed it. It was then out in the darkness the server saw the traveler speeding off on his horse. They could not understand the feeling of loss as they watch light from his lantern fade in the distance…

Chapter 1: Prison break (part 1/8)

AU: Takes place after age of Ultron before civil war in an alternate Universe where they were able to get Pietro to a hospital in time revive him. He was dead for a few minutes meaning Wanda still felt the death and reacted as she did killing Ultron before they knew Pietro would live. I brought Spiderman in a little early for fun too. I’m taking a lot of liberties with the cinematic timeline, but I just like using all the characters.

Parts  two / three / four / five / six / seveneight

 Warning: violence, death, language, dark humor as a coping mechanism

You had been kept in solitary for the past two year because you were a threat in gen. pop and they had to contain your abilities the best they could. This was difficult since no one was sure the extent of you’re “skills.” The one perk to solitary was it had given you plenty of time to begin acting like the monster they thought you were. So as you sat at the table waiting for the cowards behind the one-way mirror to enter every muscle in your body shifted tensely on alert. The guards described your gaze as predatory. Even though you had not once not obeyed an order or made a move toward them, it was evident in their minds they were defenseless if you decided to. You hadn’t had a visitor so it did make your day mildly interesting, but you suspected it might be someone from HYDRA attempting to contact you. The idea of HYDRA just made this inconvenient. You were no fool. You were afraid of them. In this facility however, in this Podunk town, SHIELD knew exactly where you were. They had provided your cell. No way HYDRA attempted to steal one of SHEILD’s “monster in a snow globe” without the hope you would cooperate. You would never give them that hope. You were much scarier inside that snow globe anyway. What if it wasn’t HYDRA though? Who would have clearance to see you? Maybe-

Keep reading

It’s funny, really. They have no idea I’m there. Some rule-breakers they are. I’ve been following them for at least five minutes now, and they haven’t even thought to look around for me.

It’s insulting, really. Do they seriously think I won’t catch them? Are they really not afraid?

Or maybe they just don’t know why they should be afraid. The Gifted don’t really like to talk about what happens to the ones who break the rules.

“-I don’t like this-”
“It’ll be fine-”
“-but Carrie…”

The girl shushed the boy and stops in the hallway. Finally, she’s noticed me.

“Hello?” She turns around. Her eyes go wide as she sees me leaned against the wall. Her voice drops to a respectful quaver. “Sir. I, uh, didn’t notice you there.”

I play along, nodding my head and smiling at her. No harm in having a little fun, right?

“It’s perfectly okay. Where exactly are you two headed so late?” I know perfectly well where they’re headed. They were loud enough.

She fumbles for an answer. “We were going to have a night session in the main hall, sir,” she eventually says uncertainly. I give her a skeptical look.

“Is that so?” I keep my tone friendly and detached. “As I recall, the main hall is that way.” I point. “It looks like you two were headed in the wrong direction.”

She stands frozen. I give them another smile, this time more menacing. The boy begins to notice that something seems off, something’s not quite right. He nudges the girl, but she ignores him, a determined expression on her face.

I turn my attention to the boy. Younger than her, with dusty brown hair. He gives me a scared look, like a deer in the headlights.

“My mistake, sir.” I smile back again, giving her a piercing stare. She flinches. The boy steps behind her, visibly afraid.

“Don’t play games with me,” I growl, dropping the facade and giving her a sadistic grin. “I know damn well where you two brats were headed - to my quarters, to steal from me.” She ignites her powers, summoning a fireball with a click of her fingers.

I throw my head back and laugh. “Foolish child. All of you in this base together couldn’t take me on.” My aura flares around me, making the boy take a step back, away from the flickering purple light.

I let the aura of my power wash over them. The floor vibrates with the intensity of it.

She realizes then, that she’s out of her league.

I give them a wicked look. “Go ahead, run.” I lick my lips and give them a hungry stare. “It makes you taste so much better.”

They run. Foolish move.

I catch the girl first. The boy had a head start, it seems. I tackle her from behind, slamming her against the wall as she opens her mouth to scream.

I press her face into my chest, silencing the panicked shrieking. I sincerely hope she isn’t crying into my silk shirt.

“Shhh,” I whisper, pinning her against my body before she can even think to pull away.

I’m not particularly heavy, but I do have a fair amount of muscle on my frame. And a very good grip.

She squirms against my chest, tearing at my long blonde hair and trying to pull away. She doesn’t manage either.

I laugh a bit. “It’ll be painless, if that’s any comfort.” She sobs silently “oh, don’t ruin my shirt.” I sigh. “You have no idea how expensive these are.”

My stomach rumbles softly. She tenses against me. I grin hungrily. “Hear that? It’s dinnertime.” I lean in close. “I’m going to eat you and I’m going to enjoy it. Your life ends here. You belong to me now.”

I lick my lips, tasting her face with my tongue. Salty, like tears. Tastes amazing anyway. I start salivating and she whimpers softly as my tongue plays over her face.

“Let’s get it over with~” I purr. I grab her shoulder, slurping her arm in down to her elbow. She flails, trying desperately to pull away from me. I swallow again, pulling her shoulder down. My throat stretches to accommodate the limb and I start to drool.

“Stop!” I turn around, dragging the girl with me. It’s the boy. He’s trembling, but he’s standing right in front of me. “Take me instead.” I give him a surprised look. “Yeah, you heard me. Eat me instead.” He takes a shaky breath. “Go on then.”

I have to admire his courage, but not his logic. I was going to do that anyway. No need to make a trade. In one smooth motion, I tip my head back and swallow the girl whole. She struggles inside of me, clawing and struggling and thrashing around in my gut. My shirt stretches and I take it off before it can rip. Then I turn and smile at the boy.

“Foolish. I was going to eat both of you anyway.” His eyes widen in horror. I grab him roughly by the arm, pressing him into my bulging squirmy gut. Forcing him to listen to the sounds of his friend being digested inside me. “Whew.” I massage the taut flesh with my free hand, eliciting more gurgles and churning from inside. “Ahhh, there we go,” I croon. “Shh now, just keep doing that.”

I look at the boy. “Mm,” I say. “I don’t normally get dessert, you know.” I set him on top of my belly, delighting in the squirming from within. “Ah, this is good,” I pant. “In you go, now.”

I open my mouth wide, easing him down slowly. I enjoy it thoroughly, rubbing at my stretched throat. I love this, eating squirming meals that protest as I gulp them down.

Eventually, he joins the other one in my gut. I lean back, closing my eyes. “There we go.” I start massaging my swollen stomach with my fingers, pressing into them despite their muffled protests and squirming.

“You two are going to ruin my figure,” I sigh. Then I shake my head. “But it feels amazing, having you in there.” No response, besides more gurgles. I didn’t expect one.

I make my way back to my room, collapsing in my chair and putting my feet up on my desk. “Whew~”

I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.