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pulled the daisies fine // nurseydex

a/n: thought i’d reverse a typical fandom trope and send dex up to nursey’s for the new year. it goes about as well as you would expect. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

word count: 4.3k

“Hm, so, this would be fun if we weren’t collegiate level hockey players who learned how to skate when we were ten,” Dex deadpans after about five minutes of skating around the Rockefeller Center ice rink.

“This is fun!” Nursey insists, squeezing Dex’s hand through his chunky mittens, “it’s relaxing.”

Off to their left about three different toddlers start crying at once, and Dex gives Nursey a look.

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Hey! Can I request an imagine about how Sirius never lets anyone touch his hair, but one time the reader brushed a strand of his hair out of his face and that’s how everyone found out about their “secret” relationship?

“Lily, you are stunning,” You gush, walking into the bathroom and looking at the overly pregnant witch in her dark blue evening gown. Quickly you gave her a gentle hug before pulling away. 

“You don’t understand how difficult it was to squeeze my sausage body into this dress.” She grumbled, fixing her hair. You laughed quietly and gently touched her belly. 

“Well, I’m sure that James is loving the low cut,” You smirked, sliding a hand around your waist and pulling her out of the bathroom and into the mirror. You round the corner into the Potter’s living room and smile at the four young men in front of you, waiting quietly for the two of you to join them. 

Your eyes fall on the oldest of the group, Sirius Black, who was sitting in a very large and heavily cushioned arm chair reading what looked like the muggle book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting.’ You tried to hide the smile as you cleared your throat. “Well, if everyone is ready let’s get going!”

Your friends all smiled and got to their feet, heading for the door. Well, almost all of your friends. Still, Sirius Black was sitting in the corner, his eyes glued to what you could only imagine was a list of horrifying diseases a baby could be born with. You called out to your group that you would catch up in a moment before crossing the room and gently carding your hand through his hair. 

“Love, you can’t be late to a party in your honor,” You murmured, resting your finger tips against the nape of his neck. He looked up at you and smiled slightly. Just then you heard the loud, irritating creak of the front door. 

The two of you turned your heads just in time to see James enter the room.

“Just looking for Lily’s ba-…” His eyes went wide and suddenly a grin split his face from ear to ear. Before you could even protest he was gone and you could hear him screaming some… rather inappropriate terms to describe the two of you. 

Speachless, you looked down at Sirius and then back at the door.

“Well. I guess that’s that then,” He muttered, throwing the book onto the nearest table and standing. “Let’s go celebrate.” Sirius took your hand and lead you out, giving you just enough time to snag Lily’s purse as you passed it.



Imagine: Being an initiate in Eric’s group of transfers and comforting him after he loses his fight against Four.

Eric has yet to lose a single fight with any of the other initiates. Along with Four he is the only undefeated one, and today is the day, he fights with Four. You transferred to Dauntless with Eric from Erudite, the two of you have been friends for as long as you can remember, and you’ve had a crush on him for years, but of course, he remains clueless. After transferring here, you became fast friends with Four, Shauna, and Zeke, all of whom hate Eric; he feels the same way about them, which constantly leaves you stuck in the middle of the conflict.

So far, you have you have only lost two fights in your initiation, the one against Eric and the one against Four, so in all honesty you are worried for Eric today. He is an amazing fighter, and he is very cunning as well, but you are scared that he is going to let his pride and ego get the best of him against Four.

You sit on your cot, which is next to Eric’s, and tie up your shoelaces, you see Eric perched on the edge of his cot, turned away from you and towards Four, he looks at Four and says, “You look like hell.”

He’s right, Four has dark circles around his eyes, and they are bright red. By the looks of it, he was probably drinking last night.

“I hope that when you lose, you don’t use it as an excuse,” Eric says, sneering a little, “Because I would have you beat anyway.”

You were right; Eric was going to let his ego take over today. Eric finally gets up and stretches before turning to face me, “You coming?”

I nod and we walk out of the dormitory and towards the cafeteria. After a quick and silent breakfast, we make our way to the training room. Eric chuckles next to me, “Four sure is in for a good beating today.”

I sigh deeply, and he raises his eyebrows at me in question, “I just don’t think you should underestimate Four. He’s a lot stronger than you think, and I’m speaking from experience.”

You still remember how he flipped you over his shoulder and onto the ground, punching you in the side. The bruises from the fight still haven’t faded.

Eric narrows his eyes, “I can’t believe you Y/N! Of course, you would favour your newfound friend. Are you sure, you and the Stiff are just friends? You seem like a lot more than that to me, or do you just act like a complete tool around every guy?”

You can’t believe he just said that, “What the hell Eric?! I was just looking out for you! And don’t you fucking dare call me that again you asshole!”

You turn to walk away, and he grabs your arm, “Hey, I didn’t mean it Y/N! I just hate that you hang around that Stiff so much.”

“Are you jealous Eric?” You tease raising your eyebrows, your anger dissolving.

“Of the Stiff?!” He scoffs, “Ha. I have nothing to be jealous about!”

He flexes his muscles and nods at you, you roll your eyes, and Amar interrupts you just before you respond, “We were gonna have another fight today, but since Four hasn’t shown up yet, we’ll start training by throwing knifes.”

Eric smirks, “Your little friend is too scared to even show up, so I think I’ve already won.”

Once again you roll your eyes and pick up your knifes, you find the last target on the wall, so that you’re all alone in your own corner, and Eric decides to stand at the target right next to you. You throw your first knife and it just misses the target. Eric looks around quickly then steps towards you, putting his hands on your hips, and adjusting your stance slightly, “Remember what I told you about angling your hips correctly.”

He removes his hands and your hips are burning from his touch. Every time he touches you, you have to resist the urge to kiss him. You continue throwing knifes until the door to the training room swings open.

“Nice of you to join us.” Amar says, he points at Four’s shoes, “Tie your shoes, and don’t waste any more of my time.”

Next to you, Eric cracks his knuckles, if looks could kill, Four would be on the floor dead right now.

“Good luck,” you whisper to Eric as he walk up to the mat to join Four and Amar.

Amar steps back, and Eric rushes forward, fast, his fist hits Four square in the jaw, Four stubbles back, holding his face. He blocks Eric’s next punch, but isn’t fast enough to avoid his kick to the ribs.

“This is easier than I thought it would be,” Eric says. In his arrogance, he left his stomach wide open, and Four uppercuts him. The flat of Eric’s hand smacks against Four’s ear, and he loses his balance, falling to the ground.

Eric whispers something inaudible to Four, he punches at Four’s face, but misses and hits his collarbone instead, Eric shakes out his hand, and says something to Four again. Suddenly Four’s eyes fill with rage and he grabs Eric’s arms and swings at him, again and again. He looks like a maniac, carelessly swinging anywhere and everywhere. Shit.

Eric screams, and Four finally stops. Eric has his face clenched in his hands, his face and hands are soaked in blood, Eric tries to wrench away but Four will not budge. Your eyes fill with tears as Four kicks him in the side, Eric topples over, staring up at Four. You notice the rage in Four’s eyes being replaced with horror, and he suddenly gets off the mat and leaves the training room.

Amar stares in shock for a moment, then calls, “Alright, you’re all dismissed! Someone help me get Eric to the infirmary!”

You run up to him, Amar shoots you sympathetic look, “Alright kid, let’s go.”

You sitting in the waiting room of the infirmary for what seems like hours, waiting for the nurses to finish up with Eric. Amar finally comes into get you to eat dinner, “Come on Y/N, Eric was in pretty bad shape, who knows how long it’ll take them. You have to eat.”

“But-” Amar puts his finger to his lips and pulls you out of the room, leading you to the cafeteria.

You sit at the edge on the table picking at your food until Shauna, Zeke, and Four finally join you. The three of them begin talking about today’s fight, almost as if they have forgotten that you were are sitting with them.

“Whatever Four, after everything he put you through you had the right to beat the shit out of him,” Zeke snickers, Four slightly nods in agreement.

You slam your fork down on the table and they all look towards you, “No Four! You didn’t have the right to do what you did! I know Eric can be arrogant, I know he can be an asshole, I know that, but that doesn’t mean you had the right to beat him so bad that he has been in the hospital, unconscious, for hours. Just because he’s a jerk, doesn’t mean you had the right to potentially kill him! I did not fucking expect this from you Four!”

You get up off your seat, Shauna, Zeke, and Four call after you, but you storm out of the cafeteria, making your way back to the infirmary.

You see a nurse walking out and you stop her, “How is Eric? Can I see him now?”

“Yeah, you can go in now.”

You walk in and see Eric’s nose covered in bandages, it’s broken, and his face is covered in bruises. You go and sit next to him, his eyes are closed, “Eric?”

He opens his eyes and attempts to sit up, but fails, groaning, “No, don’t get up! You need the rest!”

“Why are you here?” He says angrily, “Shouldn’t you be with your fucking friends? Celebrating the Stiff’s victory, or is the party already over, is that why you finally decided to show up?!”

“No, you’re my friend too Eric, and no I was not celebrating!” You know he’s just angry, but his words still sting.

“Well you can leave now! You already believed that Four would win before the fight even started, so I don’t need your sympathy!”

“I didn’t come here to give you sympathy Eric!”

“Then why did you come?!” Eric spits.

“To give you this,” You lean in and press your lips against his; your heart is pounding out of your chest. At first, he is stunned, but then he kisses you back. You finally pull away, and he looks at you with wide eyes. Your face goes red and you quickly get up to leave, but Eric grabs your arm.

“If you wanted to kiss me all you had to do was ask,” He smirks.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” You whisper, embarrassed as hell, “I’m sorry”

You pull your arm out of Eric’s grasp and quickly make you way towards the door, “Y/N wait! I was just joking, come back.”

You slowly walk back towards Eric, avoiding eye contact; you sit on the stool next to his cot. He grabs your chin and forces you to look at him, “I’m glad you did that Y/N, I’ve wanted to do the same thing for years now. I really like you.”

With that, he pulls you back down for another kiss.  

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Wanna Bet?

PART 6/?

Pairing: John Murphy x Reader (College AU)
Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: mention of sex (but no actual coitus, don’t worry)
Word Count: 2154
Tagging: @mogaruke, @johnmurphys-sass, @sugar-coated-reject, @lovelybadgirl01,@ohshitgoddamn, @3ii298, @thedevilreadsbooks
A/N: Finally the new chapter! I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, but here it is! Thanks for not giving up  on me, guys!
Summary: Plot twist! …Well, not really. We all saw it coming. 

Originally posted by cerseilannister

Your name: submit What is this?

As they had entered the room, Murphy had tried to kick some of the – partially unidentifiable – stuff which lay on the ground underneath his bed, yet, it couldn’t be hidden that they stood, after all, in a boys’ room.

But (y/n) had seemed nonetheless too occupied in her mind than to care about the exceptional untidiness of the room, and so he’d soon stopped his weak tries to clean up, and had instead offered her to sit down on his bed. And now he sat next to her, staring slightly awkward at the ground, while she did the same.
He couldn’t quite place whether the silence aroused from the fact, that  Raven was still that angry at her, or that she sat here with him in the boys’ dormitory. Alone.
And it still wasn’t quite clear to him what kind of relationship they actually had.

“Hey”, Murphy tried to start a conversation, but trailed off again, not really knowing what to say.
What did he have to offer her? Nothing. He was broken and he knew it. Furthermore he wasn’t very good in cheering people up, and because of that he had no choice, but to sit here in silence, while -

“Let’s get drunk.”

Confused Murphy blinked. “What did you just say?”
Slowly she raised her glance from the floor, and now looked directly into his eyes.
“Let’s get drunk.” Her voice was weirdly monotone and her expression had become unreadable.
“And you are sure, that you-”, he tried again, but her gaze let him shut up.
“Well, if you’re sure…”, he started and stood up groaning, opening the highest drawer of the one desk inside the room on top of which lay a mountain of dirty clothes. “Then let’s get wasted.”

(Y/n) leant against his shoulder, her gaze directed to something invisible in front of her. She had been silent for over fifteen minutes now and for a short time he had thought she had fallen asleep.
But then she heaved a heavy sigh and sat up straight again.
“It’s not fair.” She huffed. “I did everything to apologize and what is she doing? Locking me out of the room. …It’s not fair.”
Her hair had fallen a little into her face, and her cheeks had turned a slight reddish colour. “I mean”, she continued to slur, “just because I was a little mean to her. She was mean first. She said you would just try to use me…”
Instantly Murphy felt the heat flush to his cheeks as well. His newly found bad conscience really started to get to him.

“But you would never do that, would you?”, she said, her face now turned towards him and she was slightly pouting.
As inconspicuous as possible he tried to ignore the question. “(Y/n), how much of this did you drink?” He held up the now half empty bottle. He himself only had had three or four shots, but in contrast to him she was an enormous lightweight. Obviously she wasn’t used to drinking that much. 

(Y/n) just shrugged, and attempted to get up, but the moment she stood on both feet she stumbled, and Murphy had to grab her arm to stop her from falling down.
“Okay, you had enough”, he said, holding her steady on both her arms.
At first she looked like she was going to sulk, but then her features relaxed again, and instead she leant into him, resting her head against him. “I love you, John”, she whispered, causing Murphy instantly to tense up.
“You’re drunk”, he answered, gently pushing her away. “You should sleep.”

For a moment she looked like she would actually consider going to bed, but then an unreadable expression darted over her face before she wriggled her arms free from his grip and wrapped them around his neck instead. And before he could object she had pulled him down to her, and without further ado she pressed her lips against his. Not even hesitating for a second he returned the kiss, while his hands slowly moved towards her hips. The moment her lips had touched his he had been struck by the sensation, wondering how he could forgotten what she could do to him.
How exceptional it felt to kiss her, to touch her.
Holding her steady and feeling the start of an erection pressing against his leg, his hands slowly wandered to her butt. His jaw clenched for a minute at the feeling of her soft body under his fingers.
Gently, but demanding he pushed her backwards until her knees reached the bed, and pushed her down into the sheets, still kissing her hard.
Once she had fully lain down he started to plant kisses over her chin and down to her throat, where he started to bite slightly into the soft skin. A small moan escaped her lips, and he could feel the bulge in his pants grow. And as she gently pressed her leg between his thighs he couldn’t help himself but to let out a deep growl, before he pressed his lips against her neck once more. 

And that was when he knew that he had to stop. If he wouldn’t do so now, he would sleep with her. And even though that was everything that he wanted right now, he was ready to let his decency win. Just this once.
Instantly he stopped his kisses, taking a last longing look at her, before he forced himself to get away from (y/n).
He felt a slight sting in his heart as he looked at the girl on his bed, her expression full of insecurity, abandonment and frustration. “You’re drunk”, he murmured, trying to excuse himself, but even though he knew he was doing the right thing it somehow felt wrong. Great. The one time he tried being the good guy, and what did he get from that? The same shitty feeling.
He sighed. No. This was worse. He had hurt her. And it was his own fault.

“Sleep”, he simply said and got up, ready to lay down in Mbege’s bed, when suddenly a small tug on his shirt made him stop.
“Stay at least”, she whispered. And looking into her face, all signs of the alcohol exchanged by sadness, he couldn’t get himself to decline.

“Scooch over”, he grumbled and laid down next to her, his hand holding hers firmly as her expression softened and she soon began to breath evenly.
And while he watched her sleep, he once again asked himself what he out of all people had done to deserve her.

As he woke up the first thing he realised was the slight ache in the back of his head.
The second thing was – of course – the sleeping girl next to him.
And the third was a loud knocking sound, accompanied by a muffled voice.
“Open up already, asshole!” It knocked again. “I did you a fucking favour, now let me in. I need to change.”

Confused he blinked a few times, before everything that had happened the evening before rushed back into his memory.

The argument, the kiss, (y/n), Mbege and Raven and then… the alcohol.
Quickly he sat up, making his head spin a little. He cursed under his breath.
“Dude, forget it”, he answered, while gently shaking (y/n) awake. She stirred, making a small moaning sound. Murphy hissed and instantly he pressed his hand on her mouth, waking her up at once, but instead of remaining quiet she made an even longer sound, now muffled by his hand, but still audible.
“Come on, dude!”
Murphy laid a finger against his lips, telling her silently to stay quiet. She looked more than confused, and even slightly annoyed, but accepted her fate, making no more noises.

“Or is she still in there with you?”
“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about”, he answered, avoiding (y/n)’s gaze. “Being locked out is something that happens when one looses his key again and again.”

(Y/n) slowly seemed to understand what was happening and now didn’t look at him in confusion anymore, but instead she shot him a questioning glance.

“Let me in, man. Not cool. I just need to get fresh clothes! I have to meet with Sarah in half an hour and she’ll get suspicious if I wear the same clothes as yesterday.” Again he hammered against the door.
Quickly looking between (y/n) and the door he did what everybody would have done in this situation.
He gestured her once more to be quiet, before he pulled the blanket over her head, and let his roommate in. That was the only way that would make him leave again.

Mbege shoved Murphy out of the way and stumbled into the room. His gaze darted over the bed – which thankfully looked empty, since Murphy had slept on the one side where no blanket was lying, before he went into the bathroom. Only a second after he came back, opening the cupboard. Which was completely unnecessary, considering the fact, that none of their clothes were inside of it, but rather lying spread out on desk and floor.
Which meant he was searching for (y/n).

“Nobody’s here”, Murphy said, glancing swiftly over to the bed. The blanket was slowly rising and lowering. Almost not visible, but still moving.
Quickly he walked over to the bed, sitting down on it and leant on the blanket. Under his elbow he could feel (y/n) stiffen. “You’re wasting your time, man. Change, so you can fuck over another girl.”
Mbege stopped in his movement. “Why so judgemental all of a sudden? I mean, I basically handed her to you on a silver -” He stopped in the middle of his sentence. He had spotted something.
Slowly he came closer and Murphy tried to remain looking as bored as before. The dull pain in his head made everything a thousand times worse. Right in front of the bed Mbege stopped walking, and a grin appeared on his face.
Still, Murphy didn’t move an inch. Under his elbow he felt (y/n) stop breathing.
But to his surprise Mbege didn’t pull away the blanket, no, he bent down and picked something up.
The almost empty bottle of booze.

“I knew she was here”, here said triumphantly. “And how was she?”
Murphy cleared his throat. Suddenly he was incredibly thirsty. “I already told you, man, she wasn’t here. She ran off yesterday, what do I know where she went.”
“Oh, come on, you want to tell me you drank all of this by yourself?”
He shrugged. “It was already half empty.”
But his friend just grinned and shook his head. “Uh uh. It was full. I know that. I considered taking it with me yesterday, but I didn’t in case you would need to… loosen her up.”
(Y/n) twitched slightly. Quickly Murphy moved.
“Dude, I told you-”

“Man, I don’t get why you won’t admit it! I mean it’s two hundred fifty bucks for you.”
Murphy closed his eyes. Great. Just great. He felt (y/n) stiffen again. And while Mbege continued talking, all the while smelling at a few clothes to check if they were still wearable or not, Murphy barely listened. All he could think of was that this had been probably the second worst moment of his life.
Again in this short of a time he could honestly say that he was scared again.
Scared of what she would say.

As Mbege had finally decided for some clothes, which he had definitely worn the day before yesterday, he gave Murphy a last pat on the shoulder and laughed.
“I’d never thought you’d win this bet. Sleeping with a buttoned up girl like (y/n)… my God.”
And before he could say more Murphy had gotten up in record time and slammed the door shut behind him.

He took a deep breath, before he slowly dared to turn around.
(Y/n) had gotten out underneath his blanket, and was staring at the ground. She wet her lips, looking like she first had to process what had just happened.
“(Y/n), I-”, he started, but stopped himself as he realised that he had no idea what he wanted to say. I didn’t want to? I didn’t mean to? At first I wanted, but then I fell in love with you? There was no excuse.
Only a minute ago he had been scared of what she’d say to him.

But as she looked up he realised that the thing he should have been scared of weren’t her words.
No, it was the way she looked at him.  

The usually cheerful and understanding gaze was now filled with nothing but disbelief, shock and disappointment.
A gaze he knew all too well.

He had just never considered that she would ever be one of the people to look at him like that.  

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karasimmons  asked:

fs + #14 please, if it inspires you?

Hey there, Laur! “Can I have this dance?” coming right up!  Prompt list here.

This spiraled out of control and is brought to you by that one episode of Gilmore Girls. Small town AU.


“Simmons,” said Milton, “I’m sorry, it’s just—I need a partner who’s more prepared?”

Jemma cocked her head at him, squinting.


Milton looked over his shoulder to where Carré stood, glaring back at the both of them.

“Simmons, it’s just that I really have to win this thing. And she’s French.”

Jemma was about to ask what being French had to do with anything, but it was early, she hadn’t had her tea, and what kind of man ran off with someone else fifteen minutes before he was supposed to be your partner in a dance marathon?

What kind of man ran off with anyone else at all?

It was such a shocking turn of events that she stood there, staring after him, until she felt a nudge at her arm.

“Here you go. Sorry it took so long.”

Before she knew it a large, strong, steaming cup of tea was placed in her hand, and she could only watch Fitz as he sipped a cup of his own. After a few seconds, he furrowed his brow.

“What’s wrong?”

“Milton,” she said. Fitz looked confused before he followed her gaze until he almost dropped his tea.

“He dumped you for Carré?”

Her only consolation was that Fitz seemed absolutely appalled.

“No,” she said, “he just … doesn’t want to be my dance partner, because I’m not French.”

“What?” Fitz looked to his left, then to his right, and then put his tea in her hand.


“I’ll be right back,” he said. “Drink your tea.”

Having been left by two men in the span of five minutes, Jemma thought that drinking her tea seemed the only logical thing to do. She was halfway through her cup when Fitz returned, gasping for breath.


“It’s okay,” he said. “Coulson let me sign up when I explained what happened. Are you done?”

Her only thought that it was usually her and not Fitz who was this chipper at six in the morning. But Fitz must have taken her contemplation as an answer in the affirmative, because he took his cup and hers and threw them both in the nearby bin.

“Okay,” May called out over the loudspeaker, “all participating couples must be on the dance floor by the time the starting bell is rung. The dance begins in twenty seconds.”

There was a mad dash towards the floor, but Jemma stood still, not sure why Fitz was holding his hand out to her.


He looked up at the clock, then winced. “Sorry.” He took in a deep breath. “Can I, uh, have this dance?”

Jemma looked around at the crowd, the dance officials, and the other couples. When her gaze landed on Milton and Carré, she took Fitz’s hand.


They ran to the dance floor, Fitz tugging Jemma along while Jemma tried desperately not to fall.

“Ten,” May counted down, “nine, eight, seven, six …”

She almost stumbled over what looked like Hunter’s shoe, but managed to stay upright.

“Five, four, three, two …”

Fitz practically leapt onto the floor, spinning Jemma into his arms until they stopped, with her right hand in his left, and her left hand on his shoulder.


As the starting bell was rung, Jemma was overcome by a profound and unexpected sense of victory.

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I was watching a show called RWBY and in an angsty mood soo what if RFA+ saeren and V reacting/ dealing with the aftermaths MC (female) getting into an accident and losing her arm (u can choose how much ) im sorry if its weird

Hello!! I hope this is what you wanted since I don’t know this show AT ALL!! So I hope you’ll still find this enjoyable to read, sugar - Michelle Xx


- He felt so guilty everytime he looked at your arm
- You two got in a motorcycle accident and somehow your arm got caught between the wheel
- You never blamed him for it
- You always said that it’s a blessing that you’re still alive to be with him
- Only half of your lower arm was gone
- But it didn’t make the simplest tasks any easier
- You still powered through it all with a smile
- You were so strong to him, the most powerful he’s ever met


- She’ll never forget the day the doctor told you that the infection in your arm was spreading
- And they had to amputate your entire lower arm
- She tries to be there you as best as she can
- In the beginning it was hard
- But it got easier with time
- You were able to fold laundry again
- She was helping you adjust to this new part about you
- And she never blamed you for not succeeding at a task
- She was just happy to still have you with her


- When he first met you, he didn’t expect you to only have half an arm
- He didn’t know if he should help you at times or just let you do your thing
- ‘Cause he never wanted you think that he thought less of you
- You knew he didn’t
- He did adjust his home to you
- Always made sure you were able to reach stuff, even with your short arm
- Or that the harder tasks were already done for you
- He would spend time massaging your scar from where they had sewn the skin together


- You got into a bad accident when you were walking down the street
- Your arm got stuck between the car and concrete wall
- The doctors couldn’t save your arm anymore
- Your entire right arm was gone
- Jumin made sure you would get the best rehabilitation
- Hired the best people to help you learn how to do things with your left hand
- He was okay with you quitting your job because you couldn’t handle the stress of not being able to work properly
- Once you’re ready for it, he would set up a reasearch project to get you the best prosthetic
- Would always reassure you that you are still the most precious person in his life


- He already knew from your background check
- You had an accident when you were a child and lost the part of your arm just below your elbow
- What he didn’t understand was why you didn’t want a prosthetic
- After everything starts to calm down with Saeran, he asks you
- And you told him that the first one you had as a child hurt you so much you were scared of having another
- He spends months building the perfect fitting arm for you
- Lets you pick out your own design
- Tries not to cry when you put it on the first time
- It fits perfectly


- Neither of you knew Rika would try to cut off your arm so you’d ‘understand’
- Sorry, but I just don’t like her
- Now all you have left is a short stump attached to your shoulder
- He knows the struggles of a body part not working accordingly
- Often begs you to get a prosthetic
- But you tell him you’ll get a prosthetic when he gets his eyes fixed
- Understands your frustrations when you’re having an off-day
- Knows when to help you and when to let you overcome your obstacle on your own


- It took him four months to look you in the eye
- When you and Saeyoung tried to save him, he shot you through your arm when you were trying to shield V
- A year later and it still pains him to know he has hurt his girlfriend in his troubled past
- You never blamed him for anything and tell him that it’s okay now
- But sometimes he finds you in the kitchen crying angry tears
- You let another plate fall because you couldn’t hold it properly
- He knows you don’t like the scar
- So he draws over it to make it beautiful
- And in return, you draw over his Mint Eye tattoo
- You are healing each other

Purple Rain (klance fic)

There were lots of nights where Keith left his room because he couldn’t sleep. Sometimes he’d wander through the castle halls, shower, look out windows, whatever it took until he felt more calm and would return to his bed. This was not one of those nights. Keith had woken up and heard a sound he hadn’t heard since he lived alone in that cabin. Rain. And he knew that there was one of his teammates who missed that sound almost as much as they missed their family. Keith may want to shove Lance’s head through a wall after most of their interactions, but he knew how badly Lance would want to see the rain. 

After a few minutes of standing awkwardly outside his door, Keith finally knocked. He heard Lance groan and shuffle around. Lance opened the door and rubbed his eyes. His face was sleepy as he slowly looked down to see Keith.

“Oh no not you. What do you think making me lose sleep is gonna weaken me so you can-”

“Shut up.” Keith cut him off, not awake enough for their usual banter. Lance looked a little hurt at not getting to finish his comeback. Keith sighed and stuttered out, “I uh I- I need to show you something.” Lance was not given time to respond as Keith had already walked away, hoping Lance would follow.

Lance noticed a soft noise getting louder as they neared the doors of the castle. He was following Keith from a few feet behind, grumbling about beauty sleep, but once he realized what was going on outside Lance ran as fast as he could, suddenly wide awake.

He didn’t stop at the door to watch like Keith thought he would, like any sane person would do. Instead, Lance ran straight into the rain cheering and waving his arms around. He stopped and looked up at the sky with his arms open, getting completely soaked. This planet had four purple moons which meant that at night everything had a purple hue, and with the rain falling Keith had to admit the planet looked beautiful. He leaned against the doorway and watched his lanky teammate’s stupid grin grow bigger than Keith had ever seen before. Lance began dancing around and he looked like an idiot. Keith felt his scowl fade and a small smile formed.

After a few minutes, Lance walked towards Keith. Keith turned around, ready to go back inside, but Lance grabbed his arm and pulled him into the rain. Keith tried to break free but Lance’s grip was like iron on Keith’s wrist. “Stop! What are you doing I’m getting soaked?” Lance wasn’t sure if Keith was yelling over the rain or yelling out of anger.

“Come on its not fun to do this alone.” Lance pouted at Keith and tugged on his wrist, trying to pull him farther away from the warm, dry castle. Keith was already completely soaked so he sighed, gave Lance a dirty look, and let Lance pull him. Lance being Lance got excited and ran, dragging Keith behind him. Lance led him around the castle and stopped to sit down underneath a tree with a little dry spot beneath it. He patted the ground so Keith would sit down next to him. There wasn’t really enough room for both of them, so their legs and arms were squished against each other, which Lance didn’t even seem to notice. 

“Thanks.” Lance panted out. Keith looked up at Lance, surprised to hear something come out of that boys mouth that wasn’t an insult or a cocky remark. “I really missed this.” Lance’s gaze stayed straight ahead.

A few moments passed with them sitting side by side, Lance looking at the rain and Keith looking at the ground. Lance looked at the dark haired boy next to him and saw that his hair was plastered all over his forehead. Lance’s arm moved without him thinking and he wiped the hair out of Keith’s face. His eyes drifted from Keith’s forehead and Lance saw Keith’s eyes staring at him, wide and surprised.

“Sorry that was just bothering me.” Lance jerked his head to look straight forward, put his arms in his lap, and was suddenly very aware of how their legs and shoulders were touching in the small space. 

Keith silently cursed the moon on this alien planet, wishing it was pitch black so Lance wouldn’t see the blush that grew every time Keith thought about him. And it was very hard not to think about someone when they’re right next to you.

“Why rain?” Keith blurted out. Lance turned to look at Keith. “I mean like why would you miss rain? What’s so good about it?”

“It’s not just rain. It’s what we used to do in the rain. I’d come out with my siblings whenever it rained in the day. Everyone would be hiding in their houses trying to stay dry except for us and the other kids. We’d all be outside messing  in the puddles and dancing around. I mean how could you not love rain?” Lance made eye contact and Keith realized it wasn’t a rhetorical question, and Lance was patiently waiting for his response. 

“Rain just meant I was stuck in the cabin. I couldn’t do anything and it was,” Keith paused not wanting to admit the word he was thinking of.

“Lonely?” Lance finished for him.


Keith didn’t seem to have anything else to add and Lance regretted not letting Keith finish his sentence himself. Keith was opening up, and Lance didn’t want it to stop. So he did what he knew how to do best. he talked. “I guess it was easier to forget that you were out there alone when you kept yourself busy.”

Keith nodded. Usually he would hate himself for admitting something to anyone, but he actually felt better that he told Lance something about himself. Something about the way Lance was paying complete attention to him and not being his usual self centered self made Keith feel comfortable and safe. Lance awkwardly crawled out from under the rock and stood, stretching his arms. Keith already missed his presence sitting next to him so he got up and stood next to Lance.

“My dear lady may I have this dance?” Lance joked with the most exaggerated bow and held his hand out to Keith


“Come on Keith we need to make you some good rain memories. Like dancing with a handsome boy.”

Keith prayed his face wasn’t as red as he thought it was but he managed to keep his voice normal as he told Lance, “I’m definitely not a lady.”

“Really? Must be your hair that’s throwing me off.” Lance teased with a smirk, still holding his hand out.

Keith gave Lance an angry look at the mullet comment but Lance just grabbed one of his hands and put it on his shoulder. He then put his hand around Keith’s waist, pulling them close. Lance took Keith’s other hand and held it in his own. He raised their arms and Keith looked down, trying to not focus on how close he was to Lance’s chest and how even through the rain he could smell his teammate.

Lance stepped and used his hand on Keith’s waist to guide him through Lance’s movements. Keith stumbled a little, but after a few moments the two of them were dancing around in the rain. Keith glanced up and realized that Lance didn’t have the dopey smile he expected. Instead Lance was concentrating and bright red, blushing even more than Keith. Lance noticed him looking up and smiled a little. Lance let out a little yelp as Keith stepped on his toes. Keith stepped back so they were no longer touching and put his hand over his face, feeling like he would burst of embarrassment. “I’m so sorry ohmygod.”

“Its fine my sisters did that all the time.” Then Lance continued more softly, “We don’t have to stop. Unless of course you want to.” Keith shook his head no and looked at Lance from between his fingers. Lance stepped toward Keith to take his hand like before, but his confidence was gone. Keith was looking down so all Lance could see was the top of his stupid, mullet covered head. Lance was frozen, waiting for a reaction to tell him to stop or keep going.

Keith looked up, not at Lance but behind him, and he was scowling again. Lance decided it wasn’t angry, more just how Keith looked when he was deep in thought. Lance smiled a little. The rain had plastered his hair to his forehead again. Lance reached out and wiped it away, and Keith’s eyes jerked to look at him. Keith grabbed Lance’s wrist so his hand was stuck on Keith’s face. Keith put his other hand on Lances shirt and grabbed a fistful. He pulled Lance down towards him, until their lips met.

Maybe met isn’t the best word. Their lips more crashed together and it was pretty wet since they were in the rain. Lance’s eyes were still open wide with surprise and Keith decided if Lance hadn’t pulled away yet, he could do more than just stand there with their faces squished against one another. Keith moved his lips softly against Lance’s. Lance shut his eyes and responded, and the kiss picked up momentum. Keith let go of Lances wrist tightened his grip on Lance’s shirt. Lance put his arms around Keith and pulled him closer. Keith let out a little gasp as their bodies pressed together. Lance opened his eyes and broke the kiss, unsure of what that gasp meant. He saw Keith’s face and realized Keith did not want that kiss to have stopped. 

Keith opened his eyes and his body stiffened. Lance had broken the kiss and Keith decided he made a huge mistake by kissing his teammate. He let go of Lance’s shirt but couldn’t step away since Lance’s arms were still wrapped around his back. Keith pushed against his chest to try and give them space.

Lance could only think of one way to stop Keith from wanting to get away, which was the last thing he wanted Keith to do. Lance leaned down and kissed him again. With Lance leading a kiss there was no slow start. It was messy and hungry, and now that they both knew the other wanted it, the hesitancy was gone. Lance felt something against his lips and realized, oh god, it was Keith’s tongue. He opened his mouth in surprise and Keith began exploring the inside of his mouth. Keith’s body melted against Lance, and Lance’s hands were heading down his back when the rain stopped. It was immediate. The sky was clear and the rain was just completely gone. Keith and Lance both looked up and moved out of each others grasps. They could only see one of the four moons, meaning it would be morning in a few hours. “We should probably get some sleep.” Keith stated.

Lance sighed and reluctantly started walking towards the castle. Keith followed behind, both of their minds racing with ideas of what this night could mean.

The two of them reached Keith’s door. Keith thought it was cute that Lance walked him to his room, but they were there already and he wasn’t leaving so Keith was just confused. Keith opened the door and turned to say goodnight to Lance when Lance walked right in. Keith’s mouth hung open as the first person to ever come in his room looked around. “Well stop standing there you’re the one who said we needed sleep.”

 "There’s only one bed in here you idiot how are we supposed to both sleep.“ 

“We’re gonna cuddle and you’re the idiot." 

Keith grumbled and grabbed dry clothes and went to the bathroom to change. When he got back Lance was sprawled out on his bed, asleep, and only in his boxers. Keith shoved him to one side on the bed and laid down on his back in the empty space. Lance awkwardly tried to wrap his arms around Keith but they were both clearly uncomfortable. Keith sighed and turned so his back was towards Lance, and tried to shut his eyes. Keith felt long arms wrap around his torso. Lance pulled him so their bodies were against each other and, well, spooning. Keith relaxed with the feeling of Lance’s body all around him, and he fell asleep faster than he had in years.

Monster Under the Bed

Summary: Dipper and Mabel are convinced they have a monster under their bed so Stan and Ford gotta do what grunkles do best.

A (happy birthday) present for @demona-silverwing! I hope you like it and that your day was amazing! :)

“Alright, kids, bed time,” Stanley says while scooping up the five year old kids.

“Nuuuu!” Mabel yells.

“Can’t we stay up later?” Dipper asks while trying to wiggle out of his grunkle’s arms.

“No can do, kiddos,” Stanley insists.

“You’re young so you need about twelve hours of sleep at least and since you skipped your nap, you have to go to bed now,” Stanford insists while adjusting his glasses.

“But it’s scary up there,” Mabel insists with a pout.

“There’s a monster under the bed!” Dipper insists. “It tried to eat us!”

The Stans share a look- in Gravity Falls, that’s quite possible and they need to rectify a problem like that immediately. They can’t have their little niblings hurt because of the paranormal that they were sure they managed to ward off.

“Describe this monster,” Stanford insists.

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lily + marauders headcanons

so like, lily’s interpersonal relationships with the other three marauders are super important to me. because she’s more than, ‘oh, that’s my mate’s girl.’ they’re friends with james, and they’re friends with lily, and james and lily just happen to be dating. so here are a few of my headcanons, how / when they each became friends with her and what their friendships were like. enjoy. 


They really become friends in third year. It’s late one night and they’re two of the few students still in the common room. Remus is reading a book, probably fiction or a biography, and Lily is doing homework but she is so stressed out. She ends up slamming her hand down and letting out a groan so Remus asks if she needs help.

Her first response is a stubborn and frustrated, “No!” Followed quickly by a sigh and a defeated, “Yes.” So Remus goes over to her table and looks over her papers.

“This is the problem you’re working on?” He points to her parchment and she nods. He looks over her scrap paper and chuckles.

“Don’t laugh at me!”

“No, look. You’ve already got the answer, here.”

It turns out she was just so frustrated that she hadn’t realized she’d already figured it out. From then on they do a lot of homework together, Remus keeps her stress levels down and Lily keeps him on track. (Because really, without guidance Remus could start off doing a paper on Gillyweed and end up learning the intricate mating rituals of a minute subculture of mermaids.)

They get on really well. They just click. Remus is the one who understands most of her muggle references. Sometimes they’ll get to talking and laughing so hard about some sort of muggle joke, habit, show, ect and James will get a little jealous. Just because he’s the only child of a wealthy family and is so not used to being left out of anything. They are also always each other’s backup when it comes to tiffts with James. Lily and Remus are def the ones who will just out of the blue ask the other some random philosophical/existential question. Like, they’ll both just be sitting beside one another, studying away, and Lily will just put her quill down on her Arithmancy parchment and:

“Hey, Remus?”

And without looking up Remus will just, “Hm?”

“What are numbers? Like, really?” Remus stops his homework too and just stares off at the fireplace, thinking. Lily continues. “I mean, they aren’t tangible objects. And who gave them meaning? When did we collectively decide what three meant?”

Remus finally jumps in with, “Yeah…and how is it that they so accurately describe certain relationships between aspects of different structures?” And they’re both just sort of staring past each other, going over these thoughts and Peter, who’s been at their feet, lying on the floor doing his own homework is just like

“Really guys?”

Whenever something goes wrong or gets out of hand with the others they will turn to each other for help. As such, the opposite is also true. When the others have an idea for a prank or something of the sort but can’t quite figure it out, they always go to ‘The Council’, and Remus and Lily can usually work out the kinks for them.


They don’t become friends friends until right before Lily and James start dating. The boys all had a habit of just sitting around insulting each other, each one trying to top the last. So they’re all sitting around the common room one night, it’s probably late, and just being obnoxiously loud while insulting one another when Lily walks by. She says something to the effect of,

“Honestly, is this the only thing you lot can think to spend your time doing?”

And Peter, always one to never know when to stop, retorts with, “It’s better than staring at your bloody face all day!” And he totally doesn’t mean anything by it, he was just in a groove. But the other three aren’t laughing and James is looking very,

“Omg, what did he just do? Lily’s totally going to hate me.”

And Lily looks pissed but comes back with, “I’d rather look at my face than have to stand anywhere close to you and smell that horrid breath of yours.” And no one really says anything because they think she’s actually offend but then she smirks and they realize that she’s totally game and start laughing along.

Peter is the brother that Lily never had, and in the most lovable but annoying sense of the word. They steal food from each others plates, make faces at each other, come up with the most disgusting names for the other, blame the each other for everything, have elbow nudge fights for no reason…and they love it. It often falls to Sirius and Remus to play defacto parents to the two of them.

“Padfoot! Lily called me a Bubotuber face!”

“But Peter called me a Flobberworm first!”

“Did not!” And Peter shoves Lily’s shoulder, but she shoves his right back.

“Did too!”

And it’s driving Sirius mad and he’s just, “Enough, from the both of you! Apologize to each other or you’ll no get dessert at dinner!”

But they’re also the ones to exchange, “Are they bloody crazy?” looks when James and Sirius get up to something…well, crazy.


Their real friendship started a little bit after James and Lily got together. Sirius had always liked Lily enough, she was smart and funny, and most importantly, she could handle James exceedingly well. It’s just that when they actually started to date, James spent a whole lot more time with her, time that was taken away from Sirius. It got to the point where he was just pouting all of the time, because either Lily was with them, or James was off with Lily and Sirius was alone. After a few weeks of this, Lily had had enough. One evening, she and James are sitting on his bed and she’s explaining to him a popular television show (let’s be honest, it was probably Doctor Who) when Sirius walks in. He frowns at the two of them.

“Oh, didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll just…grab my books.”

And Lily looks to James and mouths, “sorry” before sighing. “It’s okay, Sirius, I was just telling James that he needs to buy a brush or something for this hair of his.” James looks at her, confused, but Sirius gives a snort.

“Oh, he owns one, I’m just not sure he knows how to use it.”

Lily laughs and crawls out of the bed. “Tell me about it. And don’t even get me started on his wardrobe.”  Her and Sirius are now standing by one another.

“Oh, Merlin! Do you know he tries on at least four pair of trousers every morning, just to make sure his bum looks nice?”

And James is just looking, slightly offended, and very confused. “I’m still right here!” But Lily ignores him.

“You’re kidding? What about his table manner though? How horrible are they?”

“Right? It’s like, I know damn good and well his mother taught him better than that!”

The two fall into laughter and Lily links her arm with his. “Speaking of table manners, would you like to get dinner with me?” And Sirius laughs and agrees to accompany her to the Great Hall. As they’re leaving, Lily looks back over her shoulder and smiles at James and it’s then that it clicks with him.

Lily is who Sirius goes to for advice, be it small or big. If they decided to team up during the insult game, everyone else might as well quit, there’s no stopping them. They have weekly beauty rituals, including facials and manicures. When James is being a particularly obnoxious prat, they are quick to team up and knock him down a few pegs but also tend to plan the biggest surprises for his birthday. They bond over the turmoil with their siblings and will always listen to the other after a bad fight. Lily intercepts howlers from Mrs. Black and rushes them out of the room so Sirius won’t have to hear it. If Lily feels a letter from Petunia might be particularly bad, Sirius will read it first and relay it’s words in a kinder tone. They teach each other about the muggle /  wizarding world to the point where Sirius will sometimes act as though he were an authority on muggles and Lily as though she were one on wizarding traditions. He teaches her Wizard’s Chess and she teaches him Monopoly. At one point they probably tried to combine the two. 

Things Change Pt.14

Part 13

Monday, 29th May 2017.

Amelia didn’t talk anymore. Not because she couldn’t, she just didn’t. It was weird, seeing as she always had something to talk about, even when she didn’t. She didn’t talk the entire week she spent at the hospital, after being extubated. She didn’t talk through the physical therapy sessions that were required both in and, once she was discharged, out of the hospital, mostly making faces when she felt pain while walking. She didn’t respond when Owen had told her about the birthday party he’d manged to scrap together for Ryan’s birthday, two weeks ago. She especially didn’t talk to Derek. She wouldn’t even look at him.

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Teddy Bear Imagine: Matt

i love Matt so much like honestly.

You wrapped your arms around your stomach groaning in pain. You slowly reached for your phone in an attempt to call Matt. It was four in the morning when you started throwing up and about six when you stopped and could finally fall asleep not on the bathroom floor.

“Hey, I was just about to come pick you up, beautiful.” You could just envision Matt’s grin as he picked up his phone. You tried to smile back but it gave you a headache.

“I don’t think I can go today, babe. I’m sorry.” You made your pouty look obvious with your tone.

“Aw, why not?” Matt asked.

“I just got like violently sick last night and I’m tired and I still just don’t feel all that great, to be honest.” You shrugged shivering into your comforter.

“MY BABY’S SICK?! I’ll be right over, I promise!” He shouted into the phone. You once again smiled only mentally this time.

“No, Matt I can take care of myself you were excited for today-”

“Yourself? Where’s your parents?” Of course Matt could only focus on his concern for you and your well being now that he knew you felt like shit.

“They had tickets to the football game today.” You shrugged. Your parents had finally gotten the tickets they wanted forever to take the day to go into the city and see the game, go to dinner, and have a date night. You insisted they go instead of take care of you.

“That settles it, I’m hanging up expect me in your living room in eleven minutes.” He said determinedly before hanging up. You shook your head at your boyfriend’s sweetness and took advil for your head pain before gathering up a pile of blankets and your pillow to go on the couch. As soon as you snuggled into your blanket cocoon the door opened and Matt immediately kicked off his shoes, giving you a quick kiss to the head before strolling into the kitchen.

“Baby what are you doing?” You yelled voice scratchy as hell. He didn't respond until he came back basket in one hand your favorite mug filled with what smelled like Peppermint tea. You scooched for him to get on the couch and he gave you another kiss on the nose.

“I’m sorry you’re sick.” He whispered into your ear whilst wrapping his arms around your torso to pull you closer to him on top of his chest. “I hope this helps?”

You stared at the basket filled with tissues, another box of tea, a cup clearly filled with soup, goldfish, Disney movies including Beauty and The Beast, Toy Story, Lilo and stitch, and your favorite; Cinderella. In the middle of the basket sat a Teddy bear wishing you to get better. You smiled and laid your head on Matt’s chest despite your still turning stomach and weak lungs.

“I love you so, so much Matt.” You planted a kiss on his cheek.

“I love you so, so much more.” And he returned the gesture.

I’m thinking of writing a sammy (smut?) soon…

imhookedonaswan  asked:

You might have gotten this request already but for your AU project can you write about Emma and KIllian's first time experimenting with anal sex in the Poem Without Words verse? Please and thank you!

Author’s note: I got at least 2 requests for this, so here you go. @deadherokillianjones I did it! Finally. ;) Enjoy!

December AU Project

Poem Without Words

Spring Break

Emma stretched out on the large beach towel, a book propped up on her bag. Killian had gone for a swim; she wasn’t quite ready to jump in the water yet. He would no doubt tease her about being on Spring Break and doing schoolwork, but she actually wasn’t. She was reading for fun for a change. The Captain America omnibus had been calling her name since Killian bought it for her. It was “congratulations for getting into Stanford” gift and she loved it.

Unfortunately, she’d only let herself read it as a treat when she was caught up on work.

She was secure enough that she didn’t watch Killian’s every move like a hawk, even though she’d spotted several people ogling him when they got to the beach. She got lost in her book until a certain dripping shadow blocked her light.

“Having fun with the Captain, love?”

She pushed her sunglasses up, swallowing at the sight of him. Damn, he looked amazing wet, inky hair a mess. “Yeah. Nice swim?”

He shrugged. “It was okay. Water’s warming up still.”

“Another reason for me to stay here.”

He flopped down on the towel beside her. “You’d come all the way to the beach and not swim?”

She moved to sit up, crossing her legs. “I thought we came to relax,” she teased.

He leaned closer, stroking her cheek with wet fingers. “And I thought we came so I could ogle you in that scrap you call a bikini, lass.”

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Winterhawk Week, Day One – Bedside Manner

His eyes opened the first time and rolled back. He saw nothing more than a blur. The second time he saw grey steel roof tiles and a harsh white light. He groaned as it occurred to him that his head was fogged from morphine and that he was hurting, but it was sort of dull and far off, unimportant. The third time he opened his eyes they stayed open. He heard monitors beeping and felt the tug of an IV on his hand. He followed the tube to the machine. Steve was there.

“Hey,” he said, more of a croak.

Steve pursed his lips, then sighed. “Hi.”

Bucky tried to push himself up and winced. Everything hurt, even with the drugs. “What happened?”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Before or after you fell from a plate glass window and on top of a moving bus?”

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Carter Reynolds Imagine requested by run-away-with-me-to-paradise (#2)

Your POV 

“Get off my back Shawn!” I laughed while Shawn tried to make me give him a piggy back. It didn’t work since he was a giant. All the guys were vining it including my boyfriend Carter. We were currently at a mall and all the guys were pretty much making fools of themselves. Like always really. 

“Grow a little and then you could carry me!” He laughed. 

“It’s not my fault you’re a giant! Get off!” I said still laughing. He sighed and finally got off. Carter came over laughing and grabbed my hand lacing our fingers. I smiled brightly at him. 

“You okay?” He asked with a smile. 

“I’m fine. Shawn is a giant, not fat, so he was actually pretty light.” I said with a laugh. Carter laughed and smiled. He gave me his phone with vine open. 

“Vine something for me?” He asked. I smiled and nodded my head. He ran around to the back of Cameron and jumped on his back causing Cam to stumble. 

“Cartah Stahp!” He shouted. I laughed while the vine finished. Cameron just laughed while Carter got off his back. He came back to me and I gave him his phone. 

“Thanks.” He said while kissing my cheek. I smiled and grabbed his hand again. 

“Guys can we go into Hollister?” I asked. They nodded their head while we headed into the store. I walked straight the shorts while all the other guys went to fool around with the colognes. Carter came with me and wrapped his arms around my waist while I picked up shorts and looked at them. 

“Ew.” We heard a snobby voice say. We turned around to see 3 girls. 

“I can’t believe Carter likes you. Ick.” The one with fake blonde hair and a horrible tan said. 

“Carter we are all free if you want to ditch her..” The one with brown hair and raccoon eyes told him with a wink. His grip tightened around my waist and I grabbed his hands feeling him relax. I was so used to hate by now. It didn’t phase me. 

“Please leave.” I told them. 

“Yeah. Leave.” Carter snapped. They scoffed and walked away. I turned around to face Carter and kissed his lips. 

“It’s okay.” I said with a slight smile. He sighed and pulled me close to him. 

“Let’s just go I don’t need the shorts.” I told him. He nodded and we went to collect the rest of the guys. We all walked out of Hollister and walked around the mall more. The boys taking pictures with the occasional fan. 

“Smoothies anyone?” Johnson asked. We all agreed and walked to the smoothie place to see the same 3 girls causing me to roll my eyes. 

“Ew they all hang out with that cow.” Another blonde said. Her hair was a natural blonde, but it was dead as hell. 

“She is so fat I don’t see why they like her. Her thighs are like sausages.” The brunette said with a smirk. Now those comments stung. I tried not to let a tear fall. 

“She isn’t even pretty! Her hair is disgusting and her makeup looks like it was done by a 5 year old.” Blondie #1 said. 

“And she dresses like a dude.” Blondie #2 scoffed. I looked down at my vans and let some tears fall. 

“Shut up!” Carter shouted. 

“Don’t you dare talk about our friend like that!” Nash said just as angry. He came up beside me and draped and arm loosely over my shoulder while Carter held my hand. 

The girls looked shocked. 

“For your information, she is way prettier than you.” Cam told them. 

“And she actually has a heart.” Shawn chirped in.

“And I would rather see her dress like a guy rather than a slut.” Matt said sassily causing me to smile. 

“And she isn’t fake as hell.” Taylor added. 

“And she has a personality, and dignity.” Aaron told them. The 3 just stood there. 

“And she has normally tanned skin, and a real smile not a fake one, her hair is beautiful, her clothes are perfect, she isn’t a cow, she overall is perfect.” Carter snapped at them. “Next time you want to insult a person, especially my girlfriend, look in a mirror before you do.” He told them. I squeezed his hand. 

“So y'all need to take your fake hair, faces, just your fake everything and get to steppin.” Gilinsky told them. I tried so hard to laugh. 

The girls scoffed and walked out. 

“Bye!” All the guys shouted. The girls finally left the shop and I smiled at them opening my arms. 

“Guys..” I said while they all came into a group hug. “Thank you.” I mumbled. 

“Anything for you bae.” Carter said while pulling me closer to him. He kissed the side of my head. 

“Yeah, we will always be here for you.” Aaron said smiling. 

“I love you guys.” I told them. 

“And we love you.” They all said. Carter came closer to my ear. 

“Me the most.” He whispered. I smiled and kissed his lips. 

I don’t know where I would be without my boys. 

A/N: ALL DONE! It took me a while cause i rarely get the carter feels tbh. but i hope you like it anyways! 

if you want an imagine/ship don’t be afraid to request! just click riight hurr :)