it looks like they're filled with love ;;

Miles: Kyle! Kyle, my boy! Oh, my boy! You fucking champion!

People every squad has (as based on my squad)
  • Squad mom: keeps a sewing kit, lint sheets, bandaids, and snacks in their bag at all times; will ask you if you've eaten between rounds; gives pep talks before finals and helps novices fill out ballots but will still make fun of you if you do something stupid; tells you they're proud of how you did after awards; most likely to use spit to smooth your hair down
  • Drunk aunt: tries to be encouraging sometimes but fails; always loud; brutally honest; always does well but for some reason looks pissed off during awards; most likely to make someone ugly cry while trying to be supportive
  • Problematic fav: everyone loves them but they're kind of extremely annoying; super full of themselves; flamboyant af; a show-off to the end; embarrasses the entire squad on a semi-regular basis; most likely to get scolded after every tournament
  • Cinnamon roll: too pure; nice to everyone; pretty much the human embodiment of a golden retriever; protect them; most likely to get votes in congress
  • Unproblematic fav: will defend you in fb arguments as long as you aren't being a dick; looks like a douche but is actually the best; everyone loves them but everyone forgets about them; the person you would want to be stuck with on a deserted island; most likely to make you laugh when you're sad
  • The auctioneer: could be SO GOOD if they could just slow the fuck down; all their ballots say things like "good analysis" but also say they're hard to understand; super smart but people assume they aren't; most likely to be left behind at a tournament by accident
  • Just problematic: everyone kind of hates them and wishes they would quit; overly confident; thinks they're above the law and does things that are clearly against the rules; most likely to get kicked off the squad
  • If only I gave a fuck: super smart, super cute, super unmotivated; has caught five (5) articles over the course of the entire season; everyone wants to date them, everyone wants to be them; unprecedented levels of adorably awkward; most likely to have tub access revoked
  • When did you get here: that one novice that just kind of slid right into the squad dynamic; does well in prelims but panics in finals; most likely to hear "wait, you're a novice? no way"

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Ok so consider this please: Egos react to fan art. They're scrolling through together, looking at all the cool drawings of them, and then suddenly Anti comes in and sees how much stuff is dedicated to him and we actually genuinely love him and... (fill in your own ending. But I beg you to make it happy.)

“Ooh hoo hoo!” Jack giggled in delight, scrolling through Tumblr and liking everything in sight. “Oh my GOD, septicart week has to be the greatest thing we’ve ever done on the channel! Guys, come in here!” he shouted, turning his head to call to the other Egos, not taking his eyes away from the screen.

Chase was the first one to come in, nerf gun in hand. “What’s up, dude?” Schneeple was close behind. Jack just pointed the computer excitedly, watching the Egos for their reactions.
“Yo, that’s me!” Chase exclaimed, astounded, pointing to a figure in a post. Jack nodded frantically, grinning from ear to ear. “Dude! There’s so many of me! I look so cool! Schneeps, you’re drawn here to!”
The good doctor was pretending not to care, but when he heard his name, he pushed Jack out of the way and leaned in close next to Chase. “What zhe fuck?” Schneeplestein demanded. “I look gorgeous! Who drew zis?”
Jack, rolling backwards on his chair from the doctor’s push, raised his arms in a little dance. “The fans! The community drew all of that!”
The good doctor couldn’t stop himself from smiling. “Vell, they certainly know who zhe best doctah ees.”

Marvin and Jackaboy Man trailed in, confused. “What’s up, Jack?” Marvin asked, fiddling with his wand. Without waiting for an answer, Jackaboy peeked over Chase’s and Schneeple’s shoulder, catching glimpse after glimpse of himself drawn in the most heroic poses. Letting out a squeak of delight, Jackie pointed to the pictures and looked to Jack for confirmation. Jack nodded, watching the superhero freak out with happiness.
Marvin narrowed his eyes and approached the computer, burrowing under the three Egos to gain control of the mouse. He stopped the incessant scrolling and stared at the picture he had landed on. “But that’s… that’s me,” he whispered in awe. The other Egos nodded furiously, watching the downcast magician’s features lift. “They drew pictures of me? They like me?” Marvin demanded, turning towards the other people in the room.
“Marv… they love you,” Jack responded affectionately.
Marvin didn’t say another word, just put a hand to his mouth and continued to scroll, eyes filling with tears.

Suddenly the room went dark and Anti glitched into view, twisting his knife in his fingers. “This better be important,” he informed them, giggling madly.

Chase grinned and looked at Jack for permission, who nodded his head. The other Egos drew to one side as Chase beckoned the demon over to the computer. Anti glanced at all of them suspiciously before joining the capped Ego at the desk. “Dude, did you hear about the septicart week?”
“Of course I know about it, I live in the same house as you, Brody,” Anti taunted, glitching around the room to make threatening gestures towards the other Egos.
“Well, check this out, bro.”
Anti squinted at the screen, setting down his knife to take the mouse. Eyes widening, he saw picture after picture, drawings of all mediums and styles, with him and all of the Egos. So many of these drawings were of him, some even with captions.
“Ngl, Anti was really fun to draw.”
“Drawing one of our favorite green beans!”
“Hope you guys like it! I worked really hard on this one.”
“Thought I’d jump on the #septicart bandwagon and start off with a good one.”
“What is this, some sort of joke?” Anti snapped, spinning around to leer at Jack.
“No, Anti. They really do love you. They love all of you,” Jack answered, gesturing with his hands towards all of the Egos. Anti’s leer faded into a confused tilt of his head.
“They love me?”
“They love us,” Anti said in a small voice.
“They love us,” Marvin repeated in disbelief, trying to subtly wipe away tears.
“They love us!” Jackie whooped, flipping in midair and high-fiving Chase.
“Hell yeah, dude! They adore us!” Chase responded happily.
“Zhey are quite smart people, your community,” Dr. Schneeplestein told Jack, a soft smile on his face. “Zhey really do like us.”
“They love you,” Jack repeated, and pulled them all in for a hug.

(How’s this for happy? I do enjoy writing fluff with these characters. This is probably the only time you’ll find Anti genuinely touched, though, so make the most of it while you can! Thanks so much for the ask. I love writing stories based off of your prompts!)

EXO as things my friends say #3
  • Minseok: i'm the oldest, so by default i rule all of you bitches
  • Junmyeon: but i'm the funniest in this room don't even fight me
  • Yixing: dude i saw a bunny today... those shits are cute af
  • Baekhyun: i'm prepared to sell myself just so i can buy overwatch u don't understand
  • Chanyeol: i'm not saying my instrument is the best but it is top quality
  • Kyungsoo: i love my friends i do, i also like them when they're quiet, either way works for me
  • Jongin: why do i always come out sexy in all my pictures?? i want to look cute damnit!!
  • Sehun: stop moving i need to fill my Instagram aesthetic geez

when dex and nursey move in together nursey gets those word magnets for the fridge and he leaves before dex for work in the morning, so he always makes magnet poetry for dex every morning before he leaves. (“your light is overpowering, it washes over me and fills me up. you are the sun and the stars and everything good.”) when he comes back, dex has always made him a poem, too. (“you look like a potato. i love you.”)

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May I have Kirishima, Kaminari, Bakugo, and Todoroki with a s/o who loves travel?? They're obsessed with different cultures and languages, and they just ooze wanderlust and joy talking about it. Thanks!!! 😄

I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!


- He just loves the excitement and passion his partner has. Whenever they start to talk about traveling and their whole face lights up, he finds himself grinning along with them, his heart feeling light and filling with affection.

- Kirishima often goes through flyers and websites with them, looking at different attractions in different countries or talks about all the places they could travel to when they’re older and have free time for it.

- He catches himself thinking he could just kiss them or hug them close, whenever his partner is smiling or humming with joy as they look through language books for beginner’s. Often enough, he does, pressing gentle kisses along their temple or shoulder.


- His partner’s love and joy often leaves him a little speechless in the most positive sense and he smiles happily whenever they get passionate about traveling or cultures. He loves how bright they are in these moments, how alive, and he hopes they never lose this fire in them.

- Kaminari does get a little cautious about some things, though it’s mostly when it comes to things where he sees concerns for his partner’s safety. He doesn’t want to dissuade them from traveling; he only wants them to promise him that they’ll be careful.

- If his partner asks him if the wants to come along, he feels incredibly honored and kisses them before he says that yes, he would love to go with them.


- Seeing his partner’s passion and excitement always makes him grin too and a part of him feels secretly very happy at the way they bright up and let him know and partake in their passion. And while he doesn’t know too much about other countries, he lets his partner know that he thinks they definitely should go for it.

- He doesn’t look into the subject himself too much, unless something big catches his notice, like if his partner could win a trip to the other side of japan, he drops a flyer for the contest beside his partner. He knows it’s not a trip around the world, but it is a start in their dream.

- Bakugou would like to accompany them, not every country, but he does like the thought of visiting other places with his love, even if it’s just because he wants to see some of the heroes there.


- He often finds a soft smile spreading over his face whenever he sees his partner getting excited or happy about the prospect of traveling, or when they show what new words they learned in a different language.

- Todoroki loves his partner’s enthusiasm and he hopes they will never lose it. Whenever his partner asks him if he wants to accompany them on travels, he nods seriously and tells them that yes, when they’re adults and he takes time off from work, they can go anywhere they want.

- Whenever he sees something that he thinks his partner would appreciate, like a book on the most interesting or popular tourist traveling spots or a nice looking world map, he gets it for them or mentions it to them so they know about it.

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Here is a prompt for you, hannibal discovers will has a hidden talent (in any season but I was thinking specifically after the fall). Maybe a lovely singing voice, playing an instrument (guitar? Pan pipe?), or dancing (if they're in Cuba is will an unfairly talented salsa dancer?) Anyway no pressure obvs but you are great and writing blocks are Bad

Thank you for the prompt, anon! I hope it ends soon, too :)

I took your prompt and paired it with this one from @youandihavebeguntoblur​, hope you don’t mind! ;)

2/? Prompt Fills; Hannigram, post-fall, Will discovers a secret about Hannibal

“You actually like them.” Hannibal looked up from his own hands and stared at him. Will was sure Hannibal knew what he was talking about, but he still specified. “The dogs.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Will snorted and raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t recall you being too excited about the idea of adopting Lily. Much less when Patch came along, or Murphy.”

“I never told you no,” Hannibal insisted, and Will shrugged.

“I know that. It’s not something you would’ve chosen on your own, though.”

Hannibal opened his mouth to say something, but right then Patch whined in Will’s arms, and he tightened his hold so the dog wouldn’t escape. Hannibal did the same with his paw, which he was treating after the dog had injured himself on their daily walk through the woods.

Hannibal finished cleaning the superficial wound, and then he bandaged it deftly and carefully. Will observed each and every one of his movements as he wrapped the dogs’ leg over and over. When he announced he was done, Will put the dog slowly on the floor, and Patch tried to walk normally a couple of times, but clearly didn’t like the feeling of the bandage.

“He’ll get used to it,” Hannibal assured him, and Will nodded.

“I know.”

Will followed the dog into the living room when he went to reunite with his brothers, and he poured two glasses of whisky while Hannibal finished in the bathroom. When Hannibal appeared beside him, Will was observing how Lily licked Patch’s face affectionately.

“You’re right,” Hannibal said then, and Will frowned, not knowing what Hannibal was referring to. “I probably wouldn’t have adopted a dog on my own.”


“All right, I never would’ve adopted a dog on my own,” he rectified. “However, I do like them, and… I have grown more fond of them that I would’ve ever expected.”

Will arched his lips, pleasantly surprised by that revelation, and he took a sip of his glass of whisky.

“Also… I love how happy they make you,” Hannibal added.

Will smiled then much to his regret. He reached out with his free hand and grabbed Hannibal’s shirt to pull him closer. Hannibal’s stomach bumped into Will’s with the tug, and Will wrapped his arm around Hannibal’s middle. He smiled again, as he leaned close to Hannibal’s face.

“Now that I know that you like the dogs… You know that we won’t be stopping at three, right?”

Hannibal parted his lips, probably to protest, but Will leaned in and shut him up with a kiss.

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Ah the iconic vlive where jungkook came just cause jimin was doing it (jimin literally exposed him saying jin did it earlier) and jk making heart eyes at jimin the entire time and the sexual and romantic tension jk looked so fucking in love I wish someone looked at me that way and jimin was so happy from the attention and jungkook in general like I'm not saying they're in love but that's exactly what I'm saying

legit though!!!!! like, jungkook was literally eating, but he went over there just because jimin was doing vlive (and we know that bc he coulda gone when jin was on….. but nope) and the whole thing was just filled with sexual and romantic tension and heated stares. and just cute moments. and a;eifjae it was so adorable. 

Here a little fanart, it took me an entire day BUT when i read the end of fading away i could’t resist, is not a professional work but i did my best soooo…………..HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THANK YOU FOR BRING ME HAPPYNESS WITH YOUR COMIC, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT :3C


OH Gosh.. they.. they look so happy…


They’re so adorable in your style, seeing them being happy together makes my heart really crying T/////T Ahhh Thank you so much!!!

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Please maybe some hcs for the first few days of a relationship with Bokuto? And his shy s/o is just overly blushy and when he's around them they just cover there face with their hands or just hug him cause they're just so flustered but happy?

  • He’s like a love sick puppy when he’s around you. The first few days of the relationship are always blissful and filled with happiness. It’s apparent to anyone who looks at you.
  • Bokuto thinks your adorable anytime you blush around him. He just finds himself so lucky to have someone as in love with him as he is with you.
  • Showers you with so much affection and love constantly. He’s not shy of PDA and loves to show everyone your newfound relationship.
  • He’s all for hand holding and eating lunch together on the roof. He takes that time to point out all of the things that he loves about you. He’s determined to make you the happiest person in the world.
  • He’s doesn’t like it when you hide your face from him when you blush. He kisses your fingers and hands until he pries them away, a contagious smile on his face.
  • You love to hug him, he’s almost like a heating furnace. His arms are firm and large, encasing you in his embrace, all your worries melting away.

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Hcs about how they have a s/o who's a nurse? Like the best nurse? They take care of the wounded with love and care (and medicine ofc) They're very sweet to everyone and anyone and they're loved for it. [Eren/Levi/Erwin/Armin/Jean/Mikasa/Connie/Sasha]

maximum of 5 characters per request. I’ll do the first 5 you mentioned

Eren: He looks up to his s/o quite a lot. They never fail to impress him and fill him with pride. Them working so hard and remaining so kind throughout no matter what inspires him to do the very same. You could say they absolutely and 100% bring out the best of him! And he keeps bragging about how amazing they are too. The fact that others like them so much doesn’t surprise him at all, to him they’re an angel, how could you not admire them?

Levi: He’s very well aware of the fact that their job is nowhere near easy to handle and they deserve so much respect for how well they keep up with all the stress. They’re without a doubt the person he trusts the most, he knows he can always rely on them. It’s likely they’re the only person that ever heard him say something along the lines of “take it easy and don’t overwork yourself.”, just throwing that out there.

Erwin: His gratitude has no limits, he’s so thankful for what they do not only for him, but the entire group. Whenever he’s stressed out, a little grumpy or just too tense, he knows that they - being the literal sunshine they are - never fail to lighten his mood and lift off a huge weight from his shoulders. He does support them in every way possible, he owes them that much for unconditionally working this hard.

Armin: He helps them with whatever he can. He’s fascinated by the behind the scenes stuff and that does include their work as a nurse. He reads up all the bascis he needs to be able and give them a hand just in case. He’s a quick learner too and with them as his teacher he’s all the more encouraged to pick up as much as possible.

Jean: Always looking after them. He’s the one to remind them that they need to look after themselves too. While it’s important for someone to take care of everyone’s wounds, there is no way they can neglect their own health and wellbeing, he’s very persistent when it comes to that and urges them to take frequent breaks.


“‘Why isn’t [Harge’s] family cordial?’
‘They never cared for me. They’ve been complaining ever since Harge met me at some deb party. They’re very good at criticizing. I sometimes wonder just who would pass with them.’
‘What do they criticize you for?’
‘For having a furniture shop, for instance. But that didn’t last a year. Then for not playing bridge, or not liking to. They pick out the funny things, the most superficial things.’
‘They sound horrid.’
‘They’re not horrid. One’s just supposed to conform.’
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

The Signs as Lovers
  • Aries: fierce, protective, has your back-- but won't take shit. They'll keep you in check while also supporting you in every way. They've got a rough sort of passion- Aries lovers are kissing bandages on knees that got scraped up in their name.
  • Taurus: sweet, nurturing Taurus. They can seem rough on the outside but they're literally full of kittens on the inside. They'll take care of you. Taureans lovers are cold kisses and warm blankets.
  • Gemini: Gemini lovers will fill your life with a zest, a zing, an energy. Their high-power impulsiveness and spontaneous nature keep you always guessing, just be careful not to get lost.
  • Cancer: Cancer lovers are like fighting to crack open an oyster, only to find the most luminescent pearl inside. Hard to get to at first, but full of hidden treasures and an ocean of emotion.
  • Leo: Leos are gods/goddesses in mortal form, and when you're with them, you'll start feeling holy too. The world is yours, they will hand it to you. A Leo will spoil you, love you, treasure you, work day in and out for you and lay you down on a bed of velvet in metaphor if not in reality. They always have your best interests at heart and will make you feel like the prince(ss) you are.
  • Virgo: Virgos are nurturers, and problem solvers. They'll make you feel like everything is right with the world, because they've got it under control. They'll take care of you, and if you're lucky, they'll let you take care of them in return.
  • Libra: Libras are dreamers and high-maintenance for sure. They'll always push you to be your best, because they're always on the hunt for their dream lover. They're deep and charming, in fact, might just sweep you off their feet with their wit. Libra lovers are a challenge to undertake.
  • Scorpio: Scorpios are intense and complicated. Rumor has it, their passion is nearly unmatched- but their elusiveness makes it hard to catch. Scorpio lovers are like reaching into the moonlit night, grasping desperately at handfuls of smoke.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarian lovers will transform you. You are instantly reborn when you're in their cloud of energy. They'll challenge you, inspire you, and you'll see the world differently when you love them (and they WILL love you back, infinitely). Sagittarians can be hard to catch, and harder yet to keep, but when you have them, you'll never want to lose them. Sagittarians are starry-eyed with a childlike wonder of the world's beauty. They will take you to places you've never imagined, figuratively and literally. They will fill you with a drumming, a wanderlust, a passion.
  • Capricorn: Capricorn lovers will be your rock, your foundation. Their endless patience and responsible nature will raise you up to great heights. Capricorns will help you succeed, and in the process, make you feel fulfilled. They're endlessly supportive. Their loyalty is like one of a knight to his king, and indeed, once you get past Capricorn's thick armor, they will adore you and dote on you endlessly. Capricorn is on your team.
  • Aquarius: Nothing is quite as vast as the heart of an Aquarius. They're brimming with feelings, facets of personality, and deep down, the tenderest heart. Their humble good looks with entice you, but their wit will seal the deal. Aquarians are mirror-mazes, and well worth the adventure.
  • Pisces: Nothing compares to the compassion of a Pisces. Quite the bleeding heart themselves, Pisces lovers will always be your crying shoulder. They're captivating, the ultimate romantic, and they're extremely sensitive and loyal. All your problems will become their own. Pisces are also filled with a kind of mysticism and magic. Pisces lovers are like diving into the deep that engulfs you.
Friendly SO REAL Reminder:

Soriel is great. Platonic or not.

Shipping it is fine and dandy and there’s plenty of basis for shipping them.

It’s a positive relationship for both Sans and Toriel. They make each other happy.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun with it, be it in AUs or not.

And most importantly, keep looking on the brighter side, because no one can take that enjoyment away from you—away from any of us.

And that applies to any ship, I might add.

Have fun, ship strong, stay positive. :)


stunned - filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock

anonymous asked:

Hiii I was wondering what brushes you use on SAI? And the textures too to create the look your drawings have, because they're so so pretty, I love them so much :)

I use the first one for lineart, then number three for filling in the flat colors, then the second one for shading.

Then I use number four for hair, and number five for backgrounds. And if I want to give it a bit of texture I put a layer with the last one on multiply/overlay/screen on top of the other ones.
As you can see I have like a million other brushes too, but these are the ones I use the most. And most of the other ones I rarely use if at all.

Girls are honestly so lovely. The way their hair does the little baby fluff around their face, making them look like glowing fairies. The way their eyes are always filled with wonder and passion. The way their hands are gentle and soft. The way their words completely memorize me, leaving me in a trance, in awe of their beauty. Girls are just lovely.

  • Aries: "You Bet I Would" - The Ronettes
  • And if you left me (If you left me) / For another girl / Do you think I'd ever sit down and cry? / No would I worry / Would I fret / Or cry my eyes out with regret / Ha! Little honey / Uh-huh, you bet I would
  • Taurus: "Chapel of Love" - The Dixie Cups
  • Wo-o-oh spring is here / The sky is blue / Birds all sing / As if they knew / Today's the day / We'll say 'I do' / And we'll never / Be lonely any more
  • Gemini: "The Locomotion" - Little Eva
  • Everybody's doing a brand new dance now (Come on baby, do the locomotion) / I know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance now (Come on baby, do the locomotion)
  • Cancer: "Baby Baby I Still Love You" - The Cinderellas
  • I think I'm gonna cry / 'Cause once you loved me / And I told you goodbye / But then tonight I took one look at you / And my heart broke in two / Baby baby I still love you
  • Leo: "Heatwave" - Martha And The Vandellas
  • Whenever I'm with him / Something inside starts to burn / And I'm filled with desire / Could it be a devil in me / Or is this the way love's supposed to be / It's like a heatwave
  • Virgo: "He's A Walking Miracle" - The Essex
  • Oh, you should see cherries doing flips oh yeah / When they're picked to be the taste on his lips oh yeah / And I know how happy / His clothes must be / 'Cause that's how I feel when he's close to me, yeah
  • Libra: "The One You Can't Have" - The Honeys
  • I never had trouble getting guys around me / I never been without a boyfriend / I've had all the players getting nice with me / I keep 'em guessing to the end
  • Scorpio: "Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby" - The Cookies
  • (Everybody says he's lazy) / Well not when he's kissing me / (Everybody says he's crazy) / Sure he's crazy / Crazy 'bout me, oh no / Don't say nothin' bad about my baby
  • Sagittarius: "Leader Of The Pack" - The Shangri-Las
  • I met him at the candy store / He turned around and smiled at me / You get the picture? (Yes, we see) / That's when I fell for the leader of the pack
  • Capricorn: "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby" - The Toys
  • Whenever we kiss / Feeling like this / I get to wishing there were two of you, oooh / My heart cries out, more baby, love you so much / Wish that there were more of you to touch
  • Aquarius: "Do Wah Diddy" - The Exciters
  • There he was just a walking down the street / Singing do wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo / Clapping his fingers and a shuffling his feet / Singing do wah diddy diddy dum diddy doo / He looked good (Looked good) / He looked fine (Looked fine)
  • Pisces: "Maybe" - The Chantels
  • And maybe / If I hold your hand / You will understand / And maybe / If I kiss your lips / I'll be at your command / Wo-o-ah maybe (Maybe, maybe, maybe)