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i love your blog so much! Thank you for coming out with such amazing prompts!~ Was wondering, since valentines day is coming, could i have some prompts for the lovely date? Thank you so much xoxo

Thank you so much for you kind words!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!! <3

Of course you can!!!

1. “I’ve had a crush on you since we were kids, but I’ve always been scared to say anything. This year, I impulsively bought you a Valentine’s Day present, but now, I can’t work up the courage to give it to you.”

2. “I absolutely hate chocolate, but I always get several boxes from relatives on Valentine’s Day, and I give them to you, since you love them so much, and you bring me non-chocolate candy in return.”

3. “We always give each other goofy Valentines, with puns or insults on the cards, but this year, you got me a super-sweet, touching card, and I still got you a rude/funny one. I’m panicking a little.”

4. “I bought you chocolate, flowers, and a stuffed teddy bear covered in hearts, and you still don’t understand that I’m interested in you. HOW?”

5. “We’re coworkers, and I left a Valentine on your desk, but I was so nervous, i forgot to sign it. Now I need to figure out a way to tell you who it’s from.”

6. “I had all these plans for a perfect Valentine’s Day proposal, but the waiter put the ring on the wrong tray, so now someone at the next table over is squealing with excitement, while their S/O looks on in horror, and I have no idea how to fix this.”

7. (To go with above.) “There’s a ring in your food, and I definitely didn’t put it there, but you’re so excited, I’m not sure if I have the heart to tell you or not.”

8. “You’re a thief, and I’m the cop who’s always trying to catch you. You somehow got into the station and left a Valentine on my desk, and I probably shouldn’t be as impressed as I am.”

9. “I bought a single red rose for Valentine’s Day, but it looks like you cleared out the florist’s shop.”

10. “When we were in Kindergarten, you gave me a Ring Pop on Valentine’s Day, and said it made us married. This year, I’m giving you a real one.”

11. “You asked me to help you put together a care package for your Valentine, and even though it broke my heart, I did. But now you’re giving it to me?”

12. “You’re the cheesiest person I’ve ever met, and I love that about you, but if you actually get up and serenade me for Valentine’s Day, I may throw something.”

13. “I know you aren’t big on sappy romantic gestures, and I’ve accepted that, so I wasn’t expecting much on Valentine’s Day, but you showed up with a huge box of chocolates and a singing card. Do you have a fever or something?”

14. “Every year, on Valentine’s Day, you ask me if I want a kiss, then give me a Hershey’s before I can answer. This year, I’m getting a real kiss.”

Hopefully, you enjoy these! I tried to go as sappy as possible! :D

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Do you have any Destiel fic recommendations? I've only ever read T&S and then never really got round to reading anymore.

hooooo boi, I’ve ALWAYS got fic recs, just ask @blissfulcastiel​ :)) You can always check my ficrec page here anytime, too! I pretty much only read destiel anyway. 

If you’re looking for more fics that are similar to T&S with their angsty nature, here’s some you could check out:

1. The Inexhaustible Silence of Houses [AO3]

Author: Askance
Words: 31,820
Summary: Almost two years after the world doesn’t end, Castiel falls from grace—and loses his voice in the process. It is the impetus for confession and change; before long, he is settling into a loving relationship with Dean, the Winchesters are tired, and hunting for a place to land has taken precedence to hunting anything else. Dean and Castiel fall in love with the strange little house on the end of Swallowtail Drive, and for a little while life is as it should be—sweet, affectionate, and beginning afresh.

But more and more Castiel sees and hears things in the house that beg the question of whether or not a place itself can be alive. The walls and rooms seem to shift and grow and breathe, and one night, Dean comes home from a hunt changed in a way that Castiel cannot explain. In the months that follow, their domestic bliss takes turns for the dark and sour, and the confusion of their circumstances will ultimately test everything Castiel knows about the man he loves, and everything he believes to be true.

2. Yare [AO3]

Author: a_frayed_edge
Words: 43,858
Summary: Four years ago Castiel Lord married local mechanic, Dean Winchester, and for two years their relationship flourished, until a decision made by Castiel sent Dean out the front door, and divorce papers were served. Now Castiel is two days from the alter with a new fiance on his arm, and he’s over Dean, he really is, their relationship dissolved for completely valid reasons. Of course, that’s a lot easier to believe when Dean isn’t standing in his mother’s back yard, offering an olive branch in the form of a favor for the Lord household. Suddenly memories of their past are everywhere and Castiel is faced with a choice he never thought he’d get again.

Loosely based on the film, The Philadelphia Story

3. There Is No Why [AO3]

Author: PilDoor
Words: 64,212
Summary: Castiel just moved to Moses Lake and thus is new at school. He meets Dean his second week there. Dean is warm and funny and just so nice, but why does everyone at school treat him like that??

Dean’s had an abusive relationship that’s traumatized him, and it stays with him for years, though Cas tries his best to be there for him.

4. Painted Angels [AO3]

Author: WinJennster
Words: 105,637
Summary: Author Castiel Novak has finally hit the big time, with a book based on his failed college relationship with a brilliant painter. He’s put all his pain behind him, but at a book signing, he comes face to face with Dean Winchester for the first time in twelve years, and the reunion doesn’t go like Cas hoped. Dean’s a broken man, with a lot of scars and secrets, shoulders weighed down by his demons and self loathing.

Cas sees a second chance with the man he’s never stopped loving, but Dean’s moved on, and is about to get married. Sam launches a “brilliant” plan to reunite his brother and his best friend, but Cas is worried it will all blow up in their faces, and he’ll go through the agony of losing Dean a second time.

5. Sweaters & Cigarettes [PDF]

Author: lemonoclefox
Words: 149,793
Summary: Dean Winchester is in high school, crushing hard on Castiel Novak, the unbelievably hot goth who Dean does his very best to convince himself he hates, despite the fact that he can’t really stop staring at him.Dean tries, but when the two of them finally cross paths, their first conversation takes a surprising turn. And suddenly, they both find themselves falling harder and faster than they ever could have expected.

6. Blackbird Fly [AO3]

Author: artsyUnderstudy
Words: 163,191
Summary: Nearly a year after starting the fire that claimed the lives of Ruby Darvelle and Anna Novak, fifteen year old Sam Winchester returns home from his stint in court ordered rehab. Sam and his older brother, Dean, struggle to remake their own complicated relationship and the home they’ve lost in the wake of this tragedy, while a chance meeting brings Anna’s brother, the troubled and secretive Castiel, into their lives. Fighting with his recovery, Sam finds himself drawn to the strong and lively Jess, while Castiel and Dean find comfort in one another. As consequences of their past emerge and threaten to tear apart what they’ve carefully rebuilt, they are all forced to reevaluate who their family really is, and to what lengths they’re willing to go to keep it safe.

7. Overture [AO3]

Author: alternaurora
Words: 167,729
Summary: When home has nothing left to offer, Dean Winchester follows his brother out to the east coast. Sam has a new job in the Big Apple, and Dean has no idea what he wants. He’s never had much of a career, and his relationships have all felt like something’s missing. The brothers adopt a dog and Dean feels a spark for the blue-eyed volunteer Castiel Novak, but he knows he’ll never see him again.

A chance meeting with singer Anna Milton brings Dean to The Roadhouse, a struggling music lounge. Anna’s a flirt, but when it’s Castiel behind her at the piano, Dean can’t let him slip away again- except he’s not available, or so he thinks. Dean begins a rocky relationship with Anna, while Castiel becomes the best friend he’s ever known.

Except they both know it’s more than that. It’s everything.

As things fall apart with Anna, everything falls together with Castiel. But when disaster strikes, Dean and Castiel have to fight to hold on to the home and love they’ve found, or else risk losing it forever.
“Seeing you two singing together this morning? It’s so obvious, Castiel… The way you look at him? It’s like all those love songs you sing finally make sense.”

8. Say Something [AO3]

Author: JhanaMay
Words: 250,052
Summary: No matter how difficult he can be, Dean loves his son. Raising him alone after his mother died hasn’t been easy, but with the support of his family and friends, Dean has made it work. Now that Ben is starting kindergarten, Dean hopes that he can finally relax a little, but the challenges Ben faces at school make Dean realize that their struggles are just beginning. When Ben is assigned a new support teacher, Dean finds that Ben isn’t the only Winchester who has a problem dealing with change.

9. We Found Love (In A Hopeless Place) [AO3]

Author: TalesFromPerdition
Words: 405,680
Summary: Dean and Sam Winchester struggle to survive when their alcoholic father abandons them. Castiel Novak has turned to drugs in his own father’s absence. As their lives spiral out of control, can their new friendship save them, or will it be a catalyst for destruction?

10. Hautley’s Bend [AO3]

Author: ColdIntheStudio
Words: 500,321
Summary: Castiel Novak is used to change. He’s used to being the new kid in school. So when he moves with his family to the small town of Rail Pass, he doesn’t expect things to be much different than the last three towns.
But then he meets Dean Winchester, an aggressive fellow student who sees Castiel as the shiny new toy he and his friends get to mess with. Castiel has had his fair share of bullies in the past, but nothing like this. He’s never felt this way about a bully, or anyone for that matter, before. Maybe something’s wrong with him, that he could feel so attracted to someone who makes his everyday life hell.

But then again, he sees the way Dean looks at him sometimes. And there’s a lot more to Dean Winchester than meets the eye.

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I am still waiting for the Darkest Timeline mob verse. Where Sid is the endgame. His sister has already destroyed the big name bosses in the midwest, and now they are all waiting for Sid to knock out the remaining families and operations on the East Coast before making their move. Sid's mother is a patient woman, but she won't wait forever. His time in Pittsburgh is coming to a close...

Sidney has fallen in love with his husband for real at this point, and he’s clutching to an injured, nearly unconscious Geno, trying to use his body to shield as much of Geno as he can and begging hysterically for his family to spare his husband as he looks up at his mother and sister and their henchman from the ground. 

Completely Distracted Thoughts about 408 because I met reblogginhood last night and that’s all I can think about because I love her a creepy amount

First things first: @reblogginhood is just as lovely as you can imagine she is the greatest it was SO FUN to watch this show with her.

Bellamy watching the funeral all by himself was :( :( :( but Jaha being all “Niylah you just said something vaguely cult-y AND I AM INTRIGUED” was so on brand it made me giggle.  Also that backpack is ENORMOUS and it made Bellamy look like a very grumpy kindergartener waiting for the bus.

You know what else made me giggle?  JASPER TRICKING BELLAMY INTO GOING ON A WEED RUN WITH HIM.  Everyone was so on brand this episode I loved it.

I did not, however, expect Emori’s lie to come out so quickly?  But I loved that it did, and it was chilling how everyone was just like “now you’re a test subject because you were a shady motherfucker even though every single one of us in this lab has been a shady motherfucker on at least three occasions” and it reminded me a lot of the delinquents in s1 and GODDAMN Richard brought his A game when Murphy yelled at Clarke about it.  There was so much history between the two of them– good and bad– that everything landed like a gutpunch.

Snaps to Luna and Raven for being this episode’s attempt at a moral conscience, and snaps to Roan for being all *awkward head pat* in his attempt to cheer Clarke up.  Eliza really excels at conveying “I don’t particularly like you but I trust and respect you” and Zach is really good at “god I hate feelings but here we go” so needless to say, I loved that entire debate and discussion.  It was tense and honest and really well done.

Harper is breaking my heart and so is Monty, because more than ever Monty is carrying so much on his own.  He lost Jasper already and now Harper is slipping away from him and still he throws himself into a dangerous road trip with Arkadia’s Two Dads because he hasn’t given up and can someone please give Monty a hug and let him take a two hour nap.

Arkadia’s Next Top Dad road trip needed 400% more Indra (everything needs 400% more Indra; take notes, show) and I really like that Polis has devolved into full on urban warfare with different clans taking different neighborhoods.  I would have liked a little more explanation as to why Indra went from “using guns is forbidden and I will only do so reluctantly” to “lol gimme all the guns you got” but it gave us Indra mowing down like a dozen dudes at once so I’ll allow it.  I am forever side eyeing the worldbuilding that goes into the Grounder religion, but it gave us a great WHAT’S IN THE HATCH moment and as I spent like, 20 minutes last night summarizing random LOST episodes for @reblogginhood because I just really like talking about LOST that delighted me.  Also, Monty saved everyone because Monty is the most important person on this show.

Clarke testing herself with the nightblood was the solution we all saw coming, but I did NOT see Abby’s freakout coming and while it was in character, it was still really frustrating.  Also, writers, I am begging you: plz do not make Clarke the commander.  I know you think it will make certain segments of fandom happy but it won’t, you’ve lost them forever, and it’s problematic for about 500 different reasons and just…no, please, no.  (I will hold out hope that this is another *easy* solution to their problems that gets ripped away soon for one reason or another, but god, I just..Do Not Want.)

Lastly, Bellamy’s conversation with Jasper was really well done, and I am LIVING for the s1 callbacks.  Jasper’s place in Bellamy’s heart is really unique, and I like that he was able to get through to him about beating himself up.  And then to turn it around into one last whatever the hell we want moment, complete with Not Clarke (the hair and makeup trailer is clearly #teambellarke) made me grin like a madwoman.  Bellamy’s rock bottom mirroring his s1 self (which was a different kind of rock bottom) gives him some really interesting room for growth in the next few episodes and I am fucking here for it.

Next up: I spend the next three weeks writing ficlets where Clarke walks in on Bellamy and Not Clarke and then gets real awkward.

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part: 1/2

warning: angst and smut 

word count:3415

author: admin Jazzi 

Hoseok was easy to date. He made every day life exciting and romantic. He would invite you to the practice room or the studio, if he was working long hours and didn’t see you all day. He always called you to let to make sure you were eating well, even when he was away.

So when things suddenly changed it was really out of nowhere. Hobi suddenly didn’t call you at all, nor did he look excited to see you. If you tried to surprise him at work, he’d tell you to leave.

It was like he was forcing himself to stay with you. But you just couldn’t understand why he started being this way in the first place. It went on for a month before you decided confronting him would be best. He was being cold towards you, and you needed to know why. You couldn’t even remember the last time he said he’d loved you. You couldn’t take it anymore.

You asked him to meet you for dinner. You hadn’t been out together in, and you thought he was going to turn you down, again. It was like he didn’t want to spend any time with you at all.

As you sat across from him, your heart was broken into a million pieces. He wouldn’t even look up at you. He didn’t even try to talk to you. When you tried to speak he wouldn’t respond.

“Hoseok what’s wrong?” You asked him. Again there was silence. He didn’t even look up at you. He was ignoring you, with a cold expressed.

“Let’s break up then.” You said softly, putting down your fork and standing up.

You walked out that day and he didn’t even try to stop you.

You were so angry and you wanted to cry. You and Hoseok had been together for a year and the last month of it was hell for you. You didn’t know what prompted him to act this way.

Three weeks later you found out that you were pregnant and You nearly lost your mind. Everything came at out so quickly, it was hard for you to think properly. You wanted to tell Hoseok but he wouldn’t answer your calls or texts. You told him it was important and he still left you on read.

You were forced to do it on your own. You made the decision to keep your baby. You couldn’t stand Hoseok now, you had no love from him in your heart, because he obviously had none for you. He stopped caring before the night you broke up. He didn’t want anything to do with you and you came to accept that.  It hurt at a lot in the beginning but you came to accept it. You didn’t want to be sad all the time. It wasn’t good for your health or your baby’s  health.

You accepted that your life wasn’t about you and it was about being a mom.

When you saw your little girl, your heart was filled with sunshine. You named her Avery.

She was beautiful with curly black hair, light brown skin and cute little dimples just like Hoseok’s. She also had his eyes. She may have had your skin color but she looked just like Hobi and it was honestly precious.

She was a handful though, she wouldn’t sleep at night unless you played rap music, mostly J.Cole. She was the funniest new born on earth. The little queen of facial expressions. She was the love of your life.

Since it was just the two of you, even though things were difficult, you worked hard to provide for her. You didn’t have time to think about Hoseok’s absence in your lives. You worked all day at came home just in time to give her a bath and put her to bed. By her fifth birthday you decided to take her back to Korea. You wanted her to experience school life there.

You could afford to send her to a good school. It brought you joy to you to see her smiling and in awe when she got on the plane. You loved hearing her questions about the new place she’d be living in. She was bright, smart and very talkative. Listening to her describe things were vivid and adorable.

You wanted to take her all around Korea, just like you’d done your country.

Honestly, Avery was your best friend. She made every day joyful with her smiles, and you were even grateful for her tantrums.  Because she was being a kid. Watching her grow was your greatest joy. Avery made you incredibly happy.

Avery loves parks so the first place you took her when you landed and settled in, was the park. A nice walk made her happy. You held her in your arms, watching her beautiful smiling face.

“A birdie, mommy!!” She giggled at a pigeon. You nodded, “Yep ave that’s a bird.” You giggled kissing her cheeks.

“mommy?” You heard from behind you.

You turned to see SeokJin, Taehyung, and Hoseok.

You turned Avery so she couldn’t look at them and nodded in response.

“Hi guys!” You forced a smile. You didn’t look in Hoseok’s direction. You hadn’t seen him since your break up. Even though years had passed and you got used to seeing him on tv, you didn’t want to face him in person. It especially hurt knowing that Avery was so close to her father and didn’t know it.

“How old is she, Y/N?” Tae and Jin asked as they crowded around you trying to get a peek at her face. Just like the sunshine she was, she feed on the attention. She reached for Tae with a smile.

“She turned five today” you said softly as you let Tae hold her.

She immediately took to him. He was so good with kids it was crazy. They always loved him as soon as they met him. He was great around them.

“What’s her name?” Tae asked excitedly as he walked holding her in his arms. You found yourself walking with them. Tae and Jin kept the distance between you and Hoseok. Hoseok didn’t speak and it was obviously awkward between you.

“How long have you been back in Korea?” Jin asked you, he was always really sweet and comforting. You made friends with him easily when you and Hoseok began dating.

You regretted not telling him that you were leaving; but when you decided to leave, you also decided not to rely on Hoseok. You didn’t need him to raise Avery, so he didn’t need to know about her being his.

“I got here a few weeks ago. I thought it would be good for Avery to go to a Korean school, since she’s already experienced American kindergarten.” You found yourself explaining to Jin ( Taehyung and  Hoseok ) your plan to expose Avery to her other culture.

“So her father is Korean?” Jin spat out.

You softly nodded, wondering if you had said too much.

Your eyes trailed over to Hoseok. He wasn’t looking your way; but Jin and Taehyung were staring right at you.

It looked like Jin was about to ask you something, something you probably couldn’t answer.

You quickly grabbed Avery from Tae. Even though she begged to go back to him you made up an excuse to leave. Of course it wasn’t very believable, but it got you out; But not without a curious Jin following you.

He called your name and it was hard to pretend you didn’t hear him, with Avery reaching for him.

“Y/N? Hey I’m calling you. “Jin said as he grabbed your arm.

“Oppa, please don’t ask questions about Avery, okay?” You looked at him desperately.

Jin knew you well, he was able to figure out when you had a secret, and he had probably done the math.

You never got things past him and this certainly wasn’t one you’d pull over his eyes.

He looked at you, as if he didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what to do either. Everything felt so rushed. You knew that you wouldn’t be avoid Hoseok’s existence; but you didn’t expect to meet him, or meet him with Avery right in your arms.

It angered you that he didn’t figure things out as fast as SeokJin did. You spent a year with him, he was your first everything.  

You were trying your best to get over him completely and it was hard enough living with Avery, his spitting image.

Jin let you go, without any other questions, only making you promise to meet him for dinner.

Later that night you find yourself remembering your first time with Hoseok.

You and Hoseok always met up at his dorm (since he wasn’t allowed to date). For the month since you’d started dating you spent the night with him nearly every weekend. He’d trick you into watching movies all night and he wouldn’t let you go home, because he wouldn’t let you walk home.

One night, after a Disney movie binge, he cuddled you in his bed. The rest of the boys were away or sleeping.

You actually made the first move. You’d told him you’d surprise him when you felt you were ready. You rolled around onto his lap, looking down at his bright smile. He seemed to find it cute that you were being forward and spontaneous.

He lightly caressed your sides, “Are you sure, baby girl?” He asked you, the excited look never left his face though. He sat up carefully, wrapping his arms around your waist, squeezing you lightly.

He carefully laid you down onto your back. His eyes carefully studying your body, as his hands explored it.

He leaned in, gently kissing your neck. He left soft kisses up and down your neck, a soft moan escaped your lips. He pressed himself against you, and you could feel his erection through his shorts.

“Tell me if I hurt you, baby.” He whispered into your ear. His voice was low, but soft. He slipped of your shorts and panties in one quick movement. You looked over and watched them hit the ground. Your lower half was completely exposed to him. His eyes were lustful and he was biting down on his lip, as he ground himself against you. A louder moan fell from your lips. You felt the warmth pooling at your core. Suddenly, Hoseok began rubbing circles against your clit. With his other hand he grabbed a condom, from the nightstand.

You pulled up his shirt, leaning up and gently kissing his chest. He let out a low groan, as your ran your hands down his body and over the bulge in his shorts.

You took the condom from between his lips, as you pulled down his shorts.

You really didn’t want to wait any longer. You carefully helped him slip it on. You could feel the soft pulse of his member in your hand.

Hoseok buried his face in your neck as aligned himself with your entrance. You quickly gripped the sheets, bracing yourself for what was to come. He rubbed himself between your folds, his free hand gripping your ass. You let out a soft gasp as he pressed the tip inside you. He slowly guided his length inside you, being careful to give you time to adjust.

He slowly started moving his hips, with long thrusts deep inside you. You gripped the sheets tightly, the slight pain was quickly flooded by pleasure, as he rubbed your clit. His thumb rubbing a circular motion on your sensitive area.

You moaned out his name, your eyes shutting tightly. He gradually picked up speed. You wanted to scream his name as he started thrusting harder inside you; but you remembered the sleeping boys.

You felt yourself clenching around him, as you neared your climax. Hoseok moaned out a string of profanities, he thrusts became harder. He was gripping your hips tightly as he pounded into you. Your back arched off the bed and your nails into his arm. Hoseok moaned your name into your skin.

Hoseok, hungrily, kissed up and down your neck. You felt your climax suddenly, your eyes rolled back and your toes curled. Your body shook from the pleasure, your legs suddenly feeling weak.

Hoseok soon followed your climax, filling up the condom.

He carefully slipped himself from inside of you. He threw the condom away and he pulled on his shorts. He re-dressed. For the rest of the night he showered you with kisses and praises. Neither of you could sleep. Just being next to each other after that made you excited. You spent the night in a mixture of giggle fits and more rounds of sex.

Tears formed in your eyes thinking about that night.  Hoseok told you he loved you so many times that night.

You still loved him,even after the time that passed; But something happened and he didn’t feel the same, if he ever did.

You were snatched from your day dreaming by the sound of Avery calling for you. She often had bad dreams. She wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night.

You usually say up and watched a Disney movie. Her favorite was ‘The Princess and The frog’

The next night you left Avery with Taehyung while you went to dinner with Jin. You honestly worried about what Jin would say to you. You wondered what he would tell you.

He was quiet for a bit, mostly stuffing food into his mouth. Then he suddenly blurted out.

“Is Hoseok your baby’s father?”

You stuffed your face, obviously ignoring his question.

He didn’t let it go, not even a little. He asked you again at least six time sighing 10 minutes.

“Yes! He is, now can you stop asking me questions it’s ruining my appetite.” You stuffed your face with more food.

“Y/N? You should tell Hoseok.” He said.

You looked down at your food. “I’m not telling him anything. Avery is none of his business.” You told him.

“How is she none of my business?” You heard from behind you. You didn’t bother looking back; because you knew Hoseok’s voice.

He walked into your view, staring down at you. “How is she none of my business if you say she’s mine?” He asked you.

You glared up at him. The first time he’s spoken to you in years and he’s scolding you instead of apologizing for the way things ended.

You stood up, “I’m raising her. If you answered my phone calls instead of just leaving me with no explanation maybe things would be different. But instead you chose to treat me like crap and ignore me. “

You tried to keep your voice calm since you were in public.

“It wasn’t like that Y/N the company told me to break up with you.” He finally admitted.

You stared at him, it finally came out.

“So you dropped me for your career without even letting me know, fuck you Hoseok.” You said as you gathered your purse.

You knew he wouldn’t come after you. There were too many people around and he wouldn’t cause a scene.

The cab ride home was difficult. You tried to hold back your tears but they fell anyways.

You would never want him to choose you over his career. It wasn’t important to you that he lived his dream; but he chose to break your heart, like you wouldn’t understand him.

A year of dating and he didn’t know you any better, and he decided to tell you as if that would make your current situation any better.

You got yourself together when you got to your door. Walking into your house, everything seemed peaceful. It was unusual, since this was the time of night Avery would be up crying because of her nightmares.

The light of the tv glowed from the living room. You made your way inside to see Taehyung and Avery , peacefully, sleeping on the couch.

You smiled softly, she seemed to be having a peaceful and happy dream. You carefully picked her up and took her to bed, tucking her in warmly.

Since he was still sleeping you carefully placed a blanket over Taehyung.

You looked over his face. He hadn’t changed much in five years. He still slept with his mouth open and his personality was still bright.

“Y/N? How’d dinner go?” You heard Tae ask. He held onto your hand.

“Hoseok showed up,he found out that Avery was his.” You placed your chin on your hands, forcing a smile.

“How did he respond?” He asked. You sighed deeply sitting down completely on the floor.

“It doesn’t really matter. He may have helped me create her but Avery is my daughter.” You told him.

Taehyung stared at you for a while. He seemed to be thinking about something deeply.

“Avery needs a dad.” He said

You chuckled softly. “Hoseok won’t do anything that might hurt his career. He wouldn’t suddenly say he has a five year old child. She needs a dad that wants to be with her in public

He hesitated for just a moment, probably unsure as of how you’d respond.

Your eyes widened as he said  “I’ll do it.”

You were too shocked to say anything. “Tae…”

“I’m not asking your for a relationship, or to marry me Y/N. Just let me share Avery. Let me be her dad. I’m willing to risk it if she can grow up happy.” A pure smile across his face as he continued explaining how he thought about it well, and he thought it would be a great idea.

“You won’t need to worry about her growing up without her dad. You said it yourself Hoseok won’t say she is his.” He sat up, staring into your eyes as you thought it over.

You didn’t think Hoseok would be public with her, and if you told her he was her dad, would that help anything, if he’d hide her?  

“Deal.” You looked up at him.

“Let’s give Avery an amazing childhood.” He smiled brightly.

After a long talk, mostly about what to expect from fans, and how you’d raise her, you settled into bed.

Your thoughts couldn’t leave Hoseok though. As if you weren’t heart broken still, he came back in and crushed it into a thousand pieces.

Your face became wet with tears once more.

You didn’t hold back, forgetting Tae was even around, you let out your cry.

Your head under the blankets you cursed yourself for letting him hear you say that, You cursed Jin for not telling you he was behind you cursed Hoseok for breaking your heart.

“Aigoo, you’re going to wake Avery.” You felt Taehyung slip into the bed and under the blankets.

“I’m…okay.” You said between sniffs.

“it’s okay to cry, just don’t do it alone.” He said wrapping his arms around you. You relaxed into his arms.

“Alright let it out so we can go to sleep. We have a big day in the morning. I wanna take Avery to the amusement park.” He said.

You laughed through your tears, “Tae she’s too young for that.”

He chuckled, “ I guess I’m getting too excited huh?”

You both laughed at him.

He told you tons of things he wanted to do with Avery, and then you took out the things she was too young to do. He agreed to just take her to the playground whenever he could, as a start.

You felt better after laughing at Taehyung, so you soon fell asleep. Only to be awakened by the sound of knocking and the doorbell.

You carefully slipped away from Tae, stopping to check on Avery, then opening the door.

Hoseok stood in front of you, stared at for him for a moment. He was silent for a while before handing you an envelope.

“What’s this?” You asked as you opened it. The envelope was filled with money.

“A baby isn’t a secret I can reveal. Can’t you go back?” He said, “you told me it was none of my business, then-”

The envelope was snatched out of your hand. You looked to see Taehyung glaring at Hoseok.

A tension filled silence, came over the three of you, before Taehyung said “You’re right, hyung, she did say it’s none of your business. So don’t worry about either of them anymore. They’re my business now.”

a/n hi everyone! thank you for the support and for the requests. I hope you enjoy reading this! This one was longer than what I usually write so I made it into a series. I hope you all can enjoy it 💓 Admin Jazzi 🥔


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(Maybe late night studying at the library isn’t so bad anymore.)

slightly inspired by the prompt: “since there’s only one can of energy drink left in the store, which we both need to survive the disgustingly boring lecture we just discovered we both have, how about we share it”

word count: 3,050
note: hi, this is kristen’s first attempt at a scenario aka please excuse this mess. I just love the idea of college!jungkook and I finished this at 3:31am and I’m extremely saddened that this is not real life. shoutout to heungtanbts for unknowingly contributing to this by writing lovely scenarios, which gave me the final push of motivation & confidence to write/post my own!! (check her out)

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Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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  1. I currently have a headache that brought me to tears and made me feel like I was about to be sick and I know I should be staying away from my laptop and yet HELLO TUMBLR. Sigh. 
  2. I’m starting a new job June 1!!! Same company, COMPLETELY different job. It’s something I always had zero interest in but it got me a pretty significant raise and will look great on my resume soooo…just praying I don’t fuck it up.
  3. I don’t have a middle name and so when I was little I had zero concept of what one even was…… when my kindergarten teacher asked us to all share our middle names, I thought she meant a nickname, so I told her mine was Pumpkin because that’s what my parents called me. 
  4. Once I figured out what middle names actually were, I declared mine to be Belle because that was my favorite Disney princess.
  5. I raised such hell over not having a middle name (ESPECIALLY since all three of my brothers have one) that my parents considered getting me one for a birthday, but the process was so ridiculous they were basically like “eh Em will just have to get over it.”
  6. As evidenced by the fact I’ve already spent three (now four) facts talking about my lack of middle name, it’s possible I’m still not entirely over it.
  7. I think essential oil diffusers are the world’s greatest invention and my apartment now smells like a unicorn’s castle because of them BLESS.
  8. I cry over whales SO MAJESTIC.
  9. Currently sad because there will not be a seasonal Reeses candy out till Halloween and everybody knows the seasonal ones are INFINITELY better than the regular ones (also they are my One True Weakness as candies so idk maybe it’s for the best there’s a lil hiatus).
  10. I drive a white Honda Civic and it is in dire need of a wash. (Also an oil change, oops.)
  11. I recently started a sideblog for comedy shows like B99, Crazy Ex-GF, Community, Scrubs, etc. so you should all come play with me at @hulahoopingholt if you like those shows too!!!!!

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Time Lapse|Prologue

//The world was moving too fast around him. Everything was a blur, nothing seemed to slow down. Nothing but the numbers, those damn numbers nobody but him seemed to care about. He looked around frantically, searching for a sign, something he could hold on to. The world started to turn. His head was spinning almost as fast as his heart was thumping. It was making him dizzy and confused. He was lost. His whole life he’d waited for this time to come. Everything revolved around now, each moment for this countdown to finally reach its end.


// soonyoung x reader

// word count: 1687

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  “You’ll do fine, Soonyoung.”

  The young boy recalled his mother’s fond words before she left him for his first day in kindergarten, took a deep breath, and walked into the loud room. There were already many other children, all his age, running around and drawing and talking and generally making a lot more noise than they should. Soonyoung immediately felt at ease. He’d been afraid all the other children would be more serious than he was, that they’d all look at him and know he wasn’t meant to be great at school. He’d been scared that he wouldn’t fit in with the crowd, that he’d be too loud and energetic for the rest of them. To him, kindergarten seemed like a faraway world, when childhood wasn’t allowed anymore. That scared Soonyoung more than anything. When he entered the room and saw all the jumping and running around, he was relieved out of his mind.  

  He dropped his bag under a free chair and joined a group of other boys who were huddled around something he couldn’t see. He made his way through the circle fairly easily, considering he was quite small for his age. One of them shoved the others around so he could stand with them. “Yah! Make room for other people you big fatties! Hi!” he said. “My name is Jihoon. What’s yours?”

  Soonyoung looked down at Jihoon. It was a rare thing, but the boy was even shorter than him, and looked way too young to be in his year. He didn’t let himself be fooled by his chubby cheeks and small frame, though. The boy looked fierce enough for three and he’d actually managed to push people away so Soonyoung could join them.

  “I’m Soonyoung. What are you looking at?”

  Another boy, this time almost half a foot taller than Soonyoung, spoke up. He had this bored look on his face, thin-framed glasses sitting on his nose. “We’re comparing clocks. Wanna see mine?”

  As soon as he said that, Soonyoung’s hand went to his long sleeved shirt, covering his left wrist. The other boys cheered and the one that had spoken up - Soonyoung learned later his name was Wonwoo - waited a few seconds, just for show, and exposed his wrist to them. On his arm was a digital clock, identical to Soonyoung’s own, and a countdown had already started on it, slowly making its way to 0. Wonwoo’s clock, though, had a lot less numbers than his. He only had 367d 3h 22m 6s left. All the others gasped. It was the lowest they’d ever seen a clock for someone their age.

  “That’s only a year!” squeaked one of them. “You’re gonna meet them next year!”

  “I know,” Wonwoo replied, almost expressionless. It was hard reading him. Soonyoung wasn’t sure if he was being dramatic, smug, or both.

  “But aren’t you scared?” All faces turned towards him. The words had slipped from his mouth before he could think, and now everyone was judging him, waiting for him to add something even more ridiculous.

  Wonwoo frowned, and replaced his sleeve. “No. Why would I be scared? We’re all gonna meet our soulmates anyways. The earlier, the better, right?”

  There it was. The famous word. Soulmate. Soonyoung felt a chill running up his spine as he heard it. For some reason, Soonyoung was terrified of this word, of his clock, of what this countdown meant; he had always been. Like every other children, he’d been told by his parents what the countdown on his wrist meant fairly early. They’d told him the meaning of the word soulmate, and its deeper, realer meaning in life. They’d told him there was someone, out there, with the same countdown, to the second, waiting to meet him, and it terrified him. How could Wonwoo accept so calmly that in about a year, he would meet the person he was meant to spend the rest of his life with?

   When he voiced this thought, the taller boy simply shrugged. “It’s not like we decide, Soonyoung. I know this person is gonna be right for me, because it’s just how it is.”

  “But what if it’s not like you expect? What if they’re not right for you? What if you don’t like them? What if they don’t love you? Haven’t you ever thought of that?”

  Wonwoo only shrugged further, seemingly indifferent. “That’s exactly what a soulmate isn’t about. There’s no risk of you not going well together, or else it would be useless. Imagine if we had to find love without knowing if the person is right for you. We’d always be taking risks, we’d never be sure if it’s gonna last or if the other really is the one for you. You could pass on your real soulmate without knowing it. That’s way more scary.”

  All the other kids seemed to agree with Wonwoo, as they hummed and nodded their head at what he said. Soonyoung looked down. He’d been right, after all. He didn’t fit in with the others. No one else seemed to understand him. Having a soulmate was burdenful. Everyone expected you to find one another and fall in love, just because it was meant to be. Soonyoung wanted to experience love, and fall for someone he knew was right for him, but not to fall in love because he was obligated to.

   The conversation went on around him, but the young boy was not really in the mood anymore. He went back to where he’d left his bag, sat down, and waited for the teacher to announce the start of the day. When lunch arrived, he didn’t sit with the group he was with earlier, even though Jihoon gestured for him to join them. Soonyoung felt a little downed by what had happened. He hadn’t expected the other kids to bring up the subject on the first day, let alone be so calm about it.

   He was thoughtlessly picking at his carrots when someone sat in front of him. Looking up, he saw a boy that was standing in the circle earlier, but hadn’t said anything. He was a bit taller than Soonyoung, and a soft smile was gracing his features. “Hi,” said the boy, “I’m Junhui. I don’t think I introduced myself earlier.”

  Soonyoung shrugged. “Everyone was pretty focused on the countdowns anyway. It’s okay.”

   There it was again. Junhui smiled at him. Not a big wide smile like the other kids when he’d arrived, but a small, tight-lipped one. It was soft and understanding; the shorter boy, for some reason, was reminded of his mother.

   “You don’t have to listen to what Wonwoo says. He’s very smug about his clock, and acts like he doesn’t care, but I know him.” Junhui came forward, like he was about to tell him a secret. “He’s probably going to start freaking out and crying a week before the end of his countdown, and is gonna stop going out until his parents force him. He may look tough, but he’s really a softie.” Soonyoung let out a discreet snort, but said nothing. That only seemed to egg Junhui on. “It’s okay to be scared, you know. My mom’s best friend will meet her soulmate next month and she’s been a literal bag of nerves for almost a year now. She’s always been a difficult person and now she’s scared that her soulmate is not gonna meet up to her expectations. I even heard a story of someone who’s soulmate didn’t have the same countdown as them. That’s an urban legend, of course, but still, it scares a lot of people. Oh and my dad actually was drowning when he met my mom. She’s the one who saved him. A lot of things can happen when meeting your soulmate, you never know what it’s gonna be like.” Junhui kept talking as if he was alone. He was eating and ranting, food sometimes dangling off his mouth. Soonyoung was thankful for him, even though he was thinking the boy was very talkative, even for someone his age. He knew he was saying all these things because he’d noticed how upset he’d been after speaking to Wonwoo. 

  “When are you gonna meet yours?” Soonyoung blurted the question out suddenly, cutting Junhui in his explanation of how his uncle had met his soulmate by losing his dog. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. You don’t have to show me if you don’t want to.”

  The taller boy didn’t even looked at his wrist. “January 15th, 2014, 3:46PM.” He was softly stroking his sleeve, and the smile was back on his face, this time a bit more dreamy. “I haven’t looked at my clock for almost a year. I just memorized the date and then I forgot about the countdown.”

  A short silence followed Junhui’s statement. He looked lost in his thoughts for a few seconds, then looked Soonyoung in the eye. “Do you ever think about who they’re gonna be?”

  Soonyoung shook his head. He didn’t like thinking about it. “I don’t want to build up expectations and then be disappointed.” That was the answer he used to give to his uncles and aunts when they asked how he wanted his soulmate to be.

  “I don’t mean like that. I just… sometimes I like to invent personalities for them. Maybe they’ll be a fan of Guardian Angel. I often think they won’t know how to cook, like my dad. I’m not building an ideal type, it’s like a game. Imagine if they’re a famous actor. That would be so cool. I’d like it if they danced, though. Dancing is so impressive. I wonder how tall they’ll be.”

  And with that, Junhui was gone in his own little world, imagining and putting together stories about his soulmate. The smaller boy looked at him in awe. He was starting to think there was a reason he’d met the Chinese boy.

   For the first time, Soonyoung pulled up his sleeve and properly looked at the clock on his wrist. The numbers were going down rhythmically, hypnotizing in a certain way. And for the first time, Soonyoung longed for the moment the countdown would reach zero.   

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Yixing (Lay) as a father

A/N: I started this because of jparkitonme , bc i lov her, if anyone wants one for they fav, i’ll do it lmao

(A/N: I know some people want these to be more gender neutral. And I would, but it makes it harder for me and I literally decide the gender by rolling a dice lmao, I’m all for gender neutrality but for these I just did it differently! - the day your daughter was born was the peak of his happiness, he hadn’t know that she could bring him that much j o y.

- praising her for her beautiful looks all the time, then whispering in your ear “it’s because she got it all from my beautiful wife.”

- when she was an infant Yixing would spend hours laying with her on your bed, stroking her soft baby smooth skin and wondering how he made something so small and delicate this perfectly

- yixing, attempting to, do her hair. Her first day of kindergarten you weren’t able to be there because of your work schedule, so yixing sent her off, and when you picked her up, her “braid” was going sideways and there was hair sticking out and you’re like oh my god baby please tell me it wasn’t like that all day

- but when you got home, you and your daughter smiled at him, praising his beautiful braiding skills. “Where all the other girls jealous of how pretty you looked?” “Of course, baba.”

- secret pinky promises between the two, like you’ll come out for breakfast in the morning and they’re giggling over their waffles about something that’s “a secret mommy!” And you just kinda smile because it’s so cute

- YIXING being the one to ask if she can sleep in the bed with you two, but when you asked, she’d loudly yell “I can sleep alone now! I’m a big girl baba!” Because she got all that independence from you tbh

- yixing expressing to you how afraid he is of her growing up to fast, and his fears for her future because he never wants anything to hurt her angel head

- holding hands as a unit, your daughter in the middle as she held on tightly to both your hands, yixing swinging her between you two every now and then

- yixing being incredibly extra whenever she hurt herself accidentally, like you’re drinking lemonade in the house while they look for bugs outside and then you just hear a door slam and he’s screaming at you that she’s bleeding and he’s almost sobbing but then your daughter comes in with dirt in her wound still like “is baba okay?”

- late dinners with daddy at his practice room, whenever he was sure he couldn’t make it home (he wanted to be there as often as he could you had to sometimes PUSH him out the door) you two would drive there with takeout and the three of you would sit on the floor and eat and laugh at your daughters impressions

- Yixing trying to teach her how to dance, ever since she was an infant she always danced and yixing was over the moon that she wanted to learn “to dance like daddy!”

- god like you’d be such a loving family because yixing would be such a loving father and he would love you both to infinity and care for his daughter so much sometimes you had to pry him away because he just wants the best and you have to let him let her fly, and he understands it, he just doesn’t want his little butterfly to fly to far.

Coming Home

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Stiles couldn’t help but be sad; and he had tried, really hard. What sane person wouldn’t be grumpy if Christmas was right around the corner and their husband wasn’t home? It wasn’t just that he wasn’t going to be home for Christmas, but he wasn’t going to be home because he was halfway across the world doing who knows what in who knows where. Of course there was also the endless stream of questions that Stiles had because of his husband’s top secret, totally classified, ‘no Stiles you cannot just accidentally have a look at the files’ job. To make matters worse, Stiles was sure that his Dad knew at least something about what his son-in-law was off doing. The Sheriff had been acting pretty suspicious lately, too much so for Stiles’ liking.

So to say that he was in a bad mood was a serious understatement. The fact that school was out for winter break, Stiles was a kindergarten teacher, made things worse. He was bored, and nothing good ever happened when Stiles was bored. Well, aside from the time that he and Scott got lost in the woods only to be saved by Stiles’ future husband. Derek Hale had found them stumbling about his property in the middle of the night and returned them to the Sheriff safely. Stiles had found himself getting lost in the woods more often than not after that chance encounter. He couldn’t help it if Derek Hale was so ridiculously good looking. Saving Stiles from a lifetime of pining and misery, Derek had ask him out and the rest was history.

Stiles had known what he was signing up for when they got married, though. He knew there would be long periods of time where he wouldn’t see, or even hear, from Derek. It didn’t make it any easier when it happened though. This was Derek’s first deployment since Stiles had graduated from college and they had gotten married. So there wasn’t really anything to distract Stiles from Derek being gone. The Sheriff had been nagging his son to come with him on a ride-along for several weeks. Stiles had kept putting him off until finally he found himself being forcibly dragged out to the Sheriff’s squad car one afternoon. Stiles was currently sitting in the front seat of his dad’s cruiser as they drove to the airport for his dad to pick up security reports.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Mia I was hoping you can write a scenario where Atobe, Tezuka, Yukimura, Sanada, and Tokugawa proposes to their s/o (female) after years of dating? Thanks so much!

Here you go, love! <3 Sorry for the long wait. xxxx


You woke up in an empty bed. With a groan, you hid your face further in your pillow. It was your free day, so you slept longer than usual. The only bad thing about the morning was that Atobe already left for work. After a while of simply lying in bed you slowly sat up and spotted a neatly folded note next to your bed ‘Good morning, love. I assume you lay in bed for a while after you woke up. Do you know that I love how you look in the morning the most? You look stunning when you wear a dress and makeup, but only you, without any makeup and fancy dresses is the most beautiful thing in the world.’ A small blush spread across your face and you giggled about how Atobe exactly knew that you would take your time to stand up.

When you walked into the dining room a maid immediately brought you a cup of your favorite tea with another note ‘I knew you would like a cup of tea in the morning. Do you know that I love how you always inhale the tea’s fragrance before you take a sip?’ You smiled, wondering a bit about what was going on.

Your next stop was the library. You loved the mansion’s library. The smell of books, the calming atmosphere and on top of it your favorite couch. Atobe had seen you glancing at it when you were shopping and two days later it stood in your library. You flopped down and your eyes widened when you saw that your favorite book was already placed on the table and a fluffy blanket was spread out on the couch. You picked up the small note next to the book 'I knew you would come here. I hope you liked the tea, love. I know you like to cuddle into a blanket when you read, but you always forget to bring one along into the library. Do you know how much I love to watch you read? You make the most adorable expressions while reading and I could watch you all day long. I love it how much you feel with the characters, but you can’t imagine how much I panicked when you first ran to me crying because your favorite character died.’ You chuckled about the memory, Atobe looked ready to kill someone when you sobbed into his shirt and you can clearly recall the look on his face when you told him that you only cried because of a book.

This continued for the rest of the day. You found countless notes, all of them stating things Atobe loved about you. It was already getting dark when one of the maids brought you another note. The note instructed you to go into the garden and you wondered what Atobe had planned now.

The moment you stepped into the huge garden there was a path illuminated by a few lights sitting in the trees. You walked along the path until you spotted Atobe. His back was facing you and his figure was illuminated by the moon. Somehow Atobe must have sensed your presence, because he slowly turned around, gazing directly at you. A small smile spread across his face when he walked up to you and you noticed again how handsome he looked in his perfectly fitting suit.  Atobe placed a gentle kiss on your cheek, but when you tried to ask him what all this was about he shushed you. 

He took a step back before starting to speak “(Nam)-chan, I told you today a few of the things I love about you. I wanted to list all of them, but I soon noticed that there wasn’t enough paper in the whole world to write them down. I love every single thing about you and during the last few years I noticed that there is only one thing I really want. I want to be together with you – always. I promise to do anything to make you happy and protect you. I don’t want to send a single day without you and you probably should know that I wanted to make this a lot more pompous, but I know you wouldn’t want that. The only thing that is really important to me is you and I want to give you the world.” Atobe gracefully went down on one knee and held up a small box. The moonlight reflected in the diamond ring “(last name) (first name), will you marry me?” 

Tears were streaming down your face and you only managed to repeatedly nod your head. Atobe gently grabbed your hand and slid the ring on your finger before placing a delicate kiss on your knuckles. When Atobe stood up again, he had a joyous smile on his face, his eyes shining with happiness and you immediately threw yourself into his arm. Atobe’s arms quickly wound around your waist and with a disbelieving laugh, he easily picked you up to twirl you around.


Tezuka was sure about proposing to you, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, so why was he so nervous? He wasn’t used to the feeling, but he wanted everything to be perfect for you. He even started to read articles about how to propose, but that made things worse. There were so many things he had to consider. He spent all of his free time planing and he didn’t realize how worried you got.

Honestly, you had no idea what was going on. Why did Tezuka act so distant? Had you done something wrong? Was he tired of you? You wanted to ask him, but whenever he came home from work he immediately walked into his study and spent the whole evening there. Often you already were already sleeping when he slipped into bed next to you. It was driving you insane.

One day you got a message from Tezuka. When you saw his name on the screen you expected the worst, but he only asked you to bring him some documents and an address. You were a bit confused, it wasn’t like Tezuka to forget something, but well, you had nothing better to do. You gathered the documents and made your way to said address.

You looked around, somehow the street seemed strangely familiar. You walked past a sweets store and you could swear that you had been there before. When you finally arrived at your goal your eyes widened. Your old kindergarten, what the hell should you do here? You knew that it closed, shortly after you started school, but the door stood open. You slowly walked up the steps and into the building, gripping the documents tighter.

Tentatively you called out Tezuka’s name, but received no answer. You walked through the halls until you reached the back door. The door was ajar and you carefully pushed it open. You entered the  garden, most of the play equipment was old, the grass higher and full of wildflowers. In front of a bench in the back of the garden stood Tezuka, a small smile spreading across his face when he saw you appear in the door. You walked up to him, your head tilted to the side in confusion “What are you doing here, or better what are we doing here?” Tezuka took a step to the side, revealing more of the bench “Do you remember what happened here?” You gazed at the bench, how could you forget?

This was where you first met Tezuka. It was your first day in kindergarten and you were sitting on the bench crying because some of the boys were mean to you. You couldn’t really remember what they did, but Tezuka came up to you and handed you a flower “Don’t cry. Let’s be friends!” You nodded your head and he kissed your cheek before running off.

Tezuka saw the recognition on your face and he slowly lowered himself to kneel down “Here is where we first met, and here is where I first kissed you. You can’t imagine how happy I am that I met you this day. I don’t plan to ever let you go. You complete me and I love you so much. If you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to be the best husband for you. (first name) (last name) will you marry me?”

You gasped and the documents fell out of your hands when he presented a stunning ring to you. You nodded your head before choking out a “Yes!” and letting yourself sink to the ground to hug Tezuka. You could hear him chuckle into your ear when his arms wrapped around you. He pulled back after a while and slipped the ring on your finger before helping you back on your feet. You wanted to say something, but as soon as you stood Tezuka placed a hand on your waist and pulled you into a kiss, his hands tangling in your hair to bring you even closer.


Yukimura was acting weird and it started to worry you. It wasn’t too obvious, but you knew him long enough to notice the changes. He came home late more often without telling you why, he sometimes got calls and left the room to answer them. Your first idea was that he was cheating, but you soon dismissed the thought. Yukimura would never cheat, it just was something he wouldn’t do. Still, you were worried so much you could barely sleep.

You tossed around in bed and tried to snuggle under Yukimura’s arm without him noticing. Why the hell had he such a heavy arm, after pulling on his arm for a while Yukimura slowly blinked his eyes open. With a small smile he lifted his arm and pulled you into his chest “Why aren’t you sleeping?” You breathed in his scent, feeling yourself relax a bit. Your voice was muffled by his shirt when you mumbled “You are just acting so weird… it makes me worry.” Yukimura chuckled, his voice a bit hoarse from sleep and he gently stroked over your back “I should have known that you would suspect something. You don’t have to worry. You are going to find out soon enough…” After this night you didn’t question him further and only a few days later you found out what he was talking about.

Yukimura had already prepared breakfast for you and while you were eating, he told you that he would take you on a date later. The whole day you bugged him with questions about where you were going, but he didn’t even give you a hint. Soon he had to distract you with kisses to keep you from asking more questions. The sun was already setting when he finally led you out of the house. Before you could get into the car he blindfolded you. The drive wasn’t long, but it felt like an eternity for you. You had no idea where he was taking you and why the hell you needed to be blindfolded for it. 

Yukimura helped you out of the car and you quickly noticed that he was leading you towards a forest. With a small whine you tugged on his hand “Can I take off the blindfold? I don’t want to fall…” He chuckled and his hold on your hand tightened “We are almost there and I won’t let you fall (Name)-chan…” After a few minutes of walking Yukimura stepped behind you. You could feel his chest on your back when he slowly took off the blindfold. It took some time for your eyes to adjust, but as soon as you saw clearly your breath hitched. There was a small clearing in the forest, small lights sitting on the tree branches illuminated the place. A screen was set up and you could see the credits of your favorite Disney movie. 

Yukimura was watching your face with a loving smile on his lips. You opened your mouth to thank him, but Yukimura placed a finger on your lips to hush you and gently tugged you towards the couch. You wondered how Yukimura managed to get a couch into the forest, but you had no time to think when Yukimura pulled you down next to him. There was even a bowl full of your favorite sweets next to the couch. You were cuddled into Yukimura’s side, his hand softly tracing patterns on your lower back while you watched the movie. When the movie ended Yukimura stood up and pulled you up as well. 

You wanted to protest, not wanting to leave so soon, but Yukimura cut you off “(Name)-chan… as soon as I first saw you I knew that you were special. You are so beautiful and you make me feel alive. I can’t imagine a life without you… I might not be a prince, but I want to make you feel like the princess you are for me. I’m sure that you already know that I love you, but I want to spend the rest of my life reminding you of it.” Yukimura went down on one knee and pulled out a small box of his pocket “(last name) (first name)… please marry me?” You didn’t even notice the tears sliding down your face when you sunk down on your knees, whispering “Yes” over and over into Yukimura’s ear while clinging to him. Yukimura smiled widely as if he couldn’t believe his own luck. He cupped your face, brushing away your tears with his thumb before his lips met yours in an incredibly gentle kiss. You watched the movie 3 times more, but mostly spent the time kissing and whispering promises of love to each other.


Sanada never thought he would find someone like you, so he never expected to have someone he would want to marry either, but now he was standing here buying an engagement ring. Buying the ring was already hard, but nothing compared to proposing. It was actually his mother who made him realize that he wants to marry you. His mother made an innocent comment about how perfect you were for him and he found himself thinking 'yes, she is the one.’. Another thing that made him realize that he wants to marry you was when he realized how worried he was to lose you. He wanted to make sure that you would stay with him forever.

He calmly prepared everything, but he didn’t expect how nervous he would be when the day he would propose finally arrived. Sanada and you went on a walk every Saturday, so you didn’t suspect anything when he led you through the park, one of his hands resting protectively on the small of your back while you told him about your week.

Suddenly Sanada stopped walking and pulled you towards a tree. You looked up at him in surprise, but he was staring ahead, a small blush visible on his cheeks. You followed his line of sight, your eyes landing on a picnic set up under a tree. Sanada tugged you down onto the blanket and you looked around with wide eyes. It was unusual for Sanada to do something so… so romantic. He tended to be awkward around you and you often had to drag him on dates, but he always treated you with such care it was enough to show you how much you mean to him… still, it was adorable to see him do something like that.

Grinning, you wrapped your arms around his torso, squeezing him in a hug “That’s so cute! Is there some kind of special occasion?” His blush darkened, but he gave you a gentle pat on the head, mumbling “N-Not really…” Sanada pulled tons of different food out of the basket and soon you were happily trying all of it. You were resting your head on his shoulder, enjoying his closeness and how the wind ruffled your hair.

When you finished eating Sanada reached over pulling some dessert out of his basket. You giggled when you saw the cake he brought along “Really?” It was the same cake he bought you when he accidentally made you cry in high school by hitting you with a tennis ball. Sanada averted his eyes, “I really didn’t want to make you cry…” Your body shook with laughter and you tilted your head back to look at your boyfriend’s face “You completely freaked out… are you still worried about that?” Sanada glanced down, loving the way you face lit up when you laughed, unconsciously his arm wrapped around your waist, allowing you to sink deeper into his arms, “I made you cry, obviously I’m still worried about it.” Sanada said matter-of-factly. Your eyes widened in surprise, “B-But that was years ago!” Sanada shrugged his shoulders “Doesn’t matter…” It was adorable to see how worried he was about something so simple – he really was too cute. 

You spent the rest of the day reminiscing your first date all all of the moments Sanada made a fool of himself for you. You whined when Sanada pulled his arm away, standing up from his place next to you. He paced a few steps and you quickly stood up as well. Did you say something wrong? Why was he so upset? You placed a hand on his shoulder and Sanada’s head snapped up, his eyes meeting yours. He gazed into your face and reached out to gently tug a strand of hair behind your ear, his voice was soft when he mumbled “I love you, (Name)-chan.” He took a deep breath, his eyes full of determination “I’m not sure how to do this and hopefully I never have to do it again. I know I’m not the best boyfriend… I’m bad at talking about my feelings, but I would do anything for you. I never thought I would be able to find someone like you and I don’t want to let this chance slip. I need you and I promise to do anything to make you happy.” 

Sanada didn’t blush and his voice was full of confidence when he kneeled down in front of you, holding up a beautiful ring. A small sob escaped your mouth and you had to slap a hand over your mouth to not yell 'yes’ too early “Marry me?” You vigorously nodded your head whisper-yelling “Yes! A 100 times yes!” A relieved smile spread across Sanada’s face and he softly grabbed your hand to slip the ring on your finger. You barley gave him time to stand up before you jumped into his arms. Sanada swayed a bit, caught off guard by your actions, but managed to wrap a muscular arm around your waist to hold you up. You tightly held onto him and Sanada felt himself relax, breathing in your scent. Just now he realized that you really said yes and he had to force back the tears that were threatening to spill… you said yes.


Tokugawa was freaking out. He wanted to propose to you, he was sure about that, but he had no idea how to do so.  He wanted it to be perfect for you, you deserved nothing less. After weeks of trying to come up with an idea he swallowed down his pride and asked Irie and Oni for help. He had to admit that Irie had some good ideas, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to pull them off. He was just too awkward about anything, but tennis. He almost wanted to give up, but whenever you smiled up at him with so much trust he knew that he had to do it. Irie gave him a long pep talk and they finally settled for a plan.

You accompanied Tokugawa to a tennis tournament. You were glad that you had time off work, it would be hell to spend a week without him and you always loved watching him play. You spent the morning packing the rest of your things. You were surprised when Tokugawa told you to bring a swimsuit. Well, maybe the hotel had a pool? Tokugawa carried your bags into the airport. One of the benefits of having a well-toned boyfriend, you never had to carry anything heavy. After the flight you were exhausted and sleepily let Tokugawa lead you to a taxi. After a few minutes you fell asleep, your head resting on Tokugawa’s shoulder. He watched you sleep, your lips slightly parted and one of your hands gripping onto his shirt. He was glad you fell asleep, it made it easier for him to hide his surprise. It would have been kind of obvious that he had something planned if he had to blindfold you. When the taxi stopped, he carefully picked you up and carried you inside before getting your bags.

You woke up in an unfamiliar bed, but with a familiar arm curled around your waist. When you turned around Tokugawa was already awake. A small blush spread across his cheeks when you caught him watching you. You gave him a quick peck on the lips before jumping out of bed. You walked to the big window and opened the curtains. Your eyes widened when you saw a small lake with clear water. Just now you realized that you weren’t in a hotel but in a wooden hut near a lake without other huts or houses near yours “I… I thought you had a tournament?” Tokugawa climbed out of bed and walked up to you, his arms wrapping around your waist when he rested his chin on your shoulder to look out of the window as well “Not really, sorry for lying, but I wanted to surprise you… you deserve a little vacation.” 

A squeal escaped your mouth and you quickly turned around, bumping into Tokugawa’s naked chest. You threw your arms around Tokugawa’s chest, hugging him tightly “That’s so awesome! Thank you so much!” Tokugawa felt like a weight was lifted from his shoulders, at least you liked the surprise. You spent the day swimming and splashing Tokugawa with water – his expression was just hilarious. When you took a shower in the evening to warm yourself up a bit Tokugawa prepared a small bonfire.

You were sitting on Tokugawa’s lap, your head comfortable resting on his chest and talked about everything and anything. It was getting cold, but the fire warmed you and Tokugawa’s back blocked the cold wind. The stars shined brightly in the cloudless sky and you never felt so content before. After a while Tokugawa slowly stood up, picking you up from his lap in the process to place you on your feet. You saw him fidget nervously and questioningly tilted your head. Tokugawa took a deep breath before speaking, his hand instinctively reaching out for yours “I didn’t just take you here for vacation… there’s something else I wanted to do. Damn, I really had a plan what to say. I just… I really love you. I mean, there is no one else for me. I can’t even look at other girls nor do I want to. You are everything I ever dreamed of and if I were better with words I would be able to tell you how much you mean to me. I know I don’t say it often enough, but I love you so much. You are perfect for me and I wanted to do this for a long time…” 

Tokugawa kneeled down in front of you holding up a box with a beautiful rind “I want to spend my life with you… marry me, (Name)?” You were so surprised you only stared at Tokugawa for a while. You could see he started to get worried and quickly shouted “Yes!”. Tokugawa carefully slid the ring on your finger and you quickly admired it before crashing your lips against his. Tokugawa wrapped one of his arms around your waist, his other hand placed on the back of your head to deepen the kiss. Without breaking the kiss Tokugawa stood up, lifting you up and made you wrap your legs around his torso and slowly carried you back to the hut.

He isn’t that scary at all

 This was a prompt from an anon, who requested a fic where Simon’s Normal uni friends meet Baz for the first time! Thank you, anon!

When Simon strolled into the uni library, struggling under a pile of books and sour cherry scones, he made his way over to his friends’ table near the window and tried to keep his tail in check.

They were supposed to study for a huge history midterm coming up and then they were all coming over to Simon and Baz’s flat afterwards for dinner. I finally get to introduce them, he thought excitedly.

As he approached, his ears twitched. He heard Marnie and Charlie chattering in hushed tones, catching words like scary and intimidating and creepy.

Simon dumped his belongings on the oak table with a thump, and his friends jumped. He pulled out a chair and smirked, secretly pleased with himself. Baz had been helping him perfect it. “Were you guys talking about me?”

Marnie blushed so brightly that it almost matched the color of her hair. “W-what? No, no, of course not, Simon! No. Why would you think that?”

“Well,” Simon began, pushing the plate of scones to the center of the table and taking about half of them for himself, “I’m dense, but I’m not a complete idiot. Are you guys nervous about coming over today for some reason?”

Before either of them could respond, he bit into a scone and sighed happily. He really didn’t have time for this, whatever their problem was.

Around a buttery mouthful, he slurred, “Try these! Baz made ‘em.”

Charlie cleared his throat and tugged on the collar of his turtleneck. Simon watched the two share a look. “Thats…that’s actually who we’re worried about.”

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anonymous asked:

Pls 4+5 naruhina pls

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic

Notes: finally naruhina! send more of those hehe sorry for making you wait :( ♡


4. teacher/single parent au + 5. one night stand and falling pregnant au



Naruto had a special connection with this one kid from his class. 

He reminded him of himself, when he was that same age. Feisty, stubborn, outgoing, and occasionally exasperating – all that had been Naruto once, and all that was that kid now. Thus, in a way, he understood what being that kid was like, and he was able to reason with him like no other teacher from the kindergarten could.

Honestly, Naruto loved that kid. He barely met him a few months ago, yet he loved him, because the kid was just… unique. There was something about him, something Naruto could not quite put his finger on. Their bond was just… weird — in a non-creepy way, though. They were like father and child.

The fact that the kid looked exactly like him – same blond, spiky hair; same expressive blue eyes; same wide, mischievous grin – kind of made it weirder.

Still, Naruto was certain the kid was not his son. It was impossible. He was unmarried. He had never even had a serious relationship in all his twenty five years of life.

Naruto was certain he was not that boy’s father – until he met his mother.

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How does a person become confident in themselves and gain more self-esteem??

Like I see other brown/dark skinned plus size girls have so much confidence and get attention from males and compliments and boyfriends but like I don’t get any at all. Those plus size girls look so pretty, happy and confident and I know I’m not bad looking either so I don’t get it.

I’m just tired of being sad all of the time because of my lack of confidence. Like there’s always some voice in my head telling me that I’m going to embarrass myself if I act confident. Like guys would see me dressed nice with my makeup all pretty and me having my head up and they would just laugh at me.

I even walk with my head up and look presentable but I still don’t feel happy with myself because I’m just afraid that someone will laugh at me.

My friends and family tell me that it’s easy to get confidence and increase your self-esteem but it’s so easy for people with high self-esteem and a lot of confidence to say “it’s easy. ” I don’t think it’s easy at all. I would’ve had it by now. People also say I don’t look approachable like I’m mad or something but I just have RBF but I’m not mad. I’m just shy.

I blame my confidence and self-esteem issues on the fact that I was bullied for the majority my life. From kindergarten to all the way to the end of high school. I got made fun of my skin tone, weight and just being me.

I just wish that I could have confidence again and feel better about myself. I’m trying really really hard. Honestly. I do know I’m a beautiful person and I’m kind and sweet but I just don’t know how to feel happy about myself anymore.

Can anyone tell me how to be more confident. Just writing this post is making me want to cry because I’m tired of lacking confidence.

smoll gems + things [updated&edited]

hey guys remember that post about peridot being tiny [CONFIRMED!1]

it actually lead to me thinking about other interesting possibilities, this is gonna be full of wild speculations but hey, let’s get crazy. why not.

what if…

no, no, that’s not pearl. i mean it is. but not our pearl. it’s just….. a pearl. a non defective one. (her hairstyle would be probably different but screw this, you get the point) because what if our pearls form is elongated by the shape of her gem? i mean, ‘perfect’ pearls are the ones perfectly round, ye? so maybe that’s what her defectiveness is based on. physical deformation. it could impact just her form, but maybe also her programming (mind, if you will)?

smoll & toll

what if all regular gems are naturally small? we have ruby and sapphire, lapis is not too tall either (slightly taller than steven) there’s a possibility of peri being a small turd too peridot is a smoll turd as well. amethyst is an ‘undercooked runt’, i’m pretty sure she was supposed to be like jasper or even bigger.

speaking of jasper - it’s a very likely possibility she’s a ‘kindergarten’ gem. a super-soldier created specifically for fighting in the times of crisis, some other war the gems were dealing with at the moment, perhaps? she was made big, and strong. superior in fighting capabilities to other, ‘natural’ gems, i presume. yet somehow i think jasper is small for a kindergarten gem, compare the ones we saw in pearls flashback, or even to the size of weapons on the strawberry field. maybe she was made smaller (purposefully or not), maybe something happened to her during war. time will show i guess.

and rose? how about….. her being a diamond. what if diamonds are big, as an authority figure, they also stick out of the crowd and are far, far more powerful as well. would go well with the pink diamond theory, ey?

in gem war

i always assumed the gem battlefield must be an epic sight, but… it looks like the battlefield would … literally be baby fights. just smoll gem fights.

when the kindergarten gems started being produced, it most likely changed. they would start dominating the battlefield, towering over smoll baby gems, effectively shattering them in great numbers… smoll babies would not stand a chance against those giants. possibly they started using fusion to fight back.

peridot called garnet a war machine. makes sense with this theory, no? also with jaspers talk on how ‘fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger’. weak=small. gotta fuse to be big and strong, to be able to fight back the giants. a kindergarten gem like jasper would certainly despise this tactic.


somehow i think the gem race didn’t know about fusion before discovering earth, or at least didn’t know it long before the earth conflict happened.

i have a theory garnet was actually the first one to fuse, out of love, like steven and connie did. accident. ruby&sapphire fused with positive feelings in mind and heart, so their fusion results in something balanced and humane like garnet.

however, i think homeworld doesn’t know what love is. that makes fusions they make most likely similar to malachite. they saw it as a method of fighting in the war, a way of making the gems stronger. they used is as a ‘cheap tactic’ and that’s how homeworld shaped it’s opinion on fusion. it’s logical for it to be looked down upon by most gems, with a historical use like that…

also, maybe the kindergarten gems is what caused both sides of the war to be weakened to the point where they had to stop fighting - they were too effective. gems started dying out faster than they were produced.

oh, and

i swear to god if this is another foreshadowing…

Pearl theory

So, as we now know, it has been confirmed that there are multiple pearls and they are used as servants and status symbols on homeworld. From what Peridot said we are able to deduce that they are a “luxury gem” given to high-ranking officials and, especially the Diamonds. 

As of tonights episode (Message Recieved) we have now seen 3 pearls. Our Pearl, Blue Diamonds’ Pearl, and Yellow Diamonds’ Pearl. but I noticed something. 

As we’ve seen so far, most gems have their gems located in different spots on their physical forms. Even gems who are mass produced, such as Rubies as we saw in “The Answer”

However I noticed something, take a look at the 2 other Pearls we’ve seen:

now look at our pearl:

If you notice, the Pearls belonging to blue/yellow diamond have their gems located in the same places on their physical forms: In the middle of their chest. Now, Since Pearls are such a high status symbol and are made for appearances, it is logical to assume that there is much more care into their manufacturing or that they are even tailor-made for the gems high enough to own one. (so most likely not formed in a Kindergarten). So I highly doubt the placement of the gem is coincidental and that is how are Pearls are supposed to be. But our Pearl is different, seeing as hers is located on her forehead as opposed to her chest. Meaning something probably went wrong in her manufacturing. As Jasper pointed out, and was clearly able to easily spot, that she was a “defective” Pearl.

SO, My theory is that our Pearl is in fact a “defective” pearl.  Based on what we’ve seen of Homeworld, they’re extremely well structured and are all about efficiency and results, so in all likelihood, they probably would have intended on destroying our “defective” Pearl. This is where I believe Rose Quartz comes in. Whether you believe Rose is Pink Diamond or not, theres almost no doubt that she was an extremely high-ranking gem or rare gem (so if she were to have a Pearl it would be a “Fancy one” as peridot called our Pearl). I believe that when Rose went to receive her Pearl (I don’t see Rose as the type to want to “own” a Pearl so I think it was more likely she was assigned one) she wanted the defective one that would probably have been destroyed otherwise. We know Rose to be very kind and passionate about seeing beauty in everything and preserving life. Out of her kind nature took the “defective” Pearl as her own and taught her to be her own gem as opposed to “just a servant”, which is why Pearl feels so strongly toward rose and does everything for her. 

So ROCKIN'ON JAPAN did a massive interview with Kenshi Yonezu in their latest issue. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the full interview, but here are the excerpts they posted online.

“In kindergarten, I was playing tag or something, and really injured my lips. They took me to the emergency room, and when I got back to kindergarten and stood in front of everyone, they were looking at me really warily, like "Waugh…” At the time, I had the thought that I was no longer normal. It felt like I had become some kind of monster.“

"In late elementary school, I was just feeling a real discomfort. Amid that, I decided to talk to made-up people in my head. There, we’d have proper conversations, share in commonplace enjoyment of commonplace things, have normal disagreements… I always just wanted to be a normal person.”

“I found the wonderful sandbox known as Vocaloid and played in it without regard for anyone watching. Then one day, all of a sudden, I felt the reality come upon me that I’ve always been a person who never communicates. The me on the screen was satisfied, but there wasn’t anyone at all around me. I thought maybe I’d made a wrong choice.”

“The methods I cultivated in my Vocaloid days were my sole means of connecting to people, so the thought of giving them up and cracks forming between me and others again was really, really unbearable. But in order to become normal and live happily, all I could do was use ubiquitous sounds and ubiquitous words to express something.”

“The "Musicians of Bremen” don’t actually reach Bremen in the end, do they? I think that’s 100% proper. Shangri-la doesn’t actually exist. So what’s important is what you’re able to find in reality. It’s not about the destination, but the journey - maybe the process is what’s most important.“

Your children’s first day of school (IKON)

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

B.I: -he was proud of his son but nervous at the same time at the thought of his son growing up. You and him talking about your son was something that made both of you happy- “I mean before you know it baby we’ll be getting him ready for college. I know today was his first day of school ever but still”

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Jinhwan: -your daughter came out after you finished getting her ready and asked him if she looked good for kindergarten. Spinning around and showing him her neatly done braids and her new bag for school- “sweet heart you look amazing don’t worry” 

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Bobby: -you could see that Bobby was having a hard time dealing with your daughter not being around him like she was before. It was something he loved was the bonding the two of them had before she started school- “my baby girl isn’t beside me all the time. I miss having her with me at the studio”

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Junhoe: -he was waiting to the last moment of school to be over to pick up his son. He was worried about him because he’s never been around too many other kids. But he was very happy to see his son come running out with a large smile- “I’m glad it went smoothly”

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Yunhyeong: -he had a glass shattering moment as he thought everything out as he watched his little girl walk into school for the first time. It was something he wasn’t fully ready for by any means- “oh my gosh Y/D/N is growing up”

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Donghyuk: -he felt hurt how quickly your daughter ran away from him and towards the school building. You patted his shoulder as pouted at you- “she’s so willing to leave us. Do you think she’ll miss us?”

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Chanwoo: -you two were happily listening to your son go on and on about his new friends and teachers. Knowing that he was okay with going to school eased you guys a lot- “that’s great to hear Y/S/N. I’m very proud of you and your hard work”

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