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hey look, it's me back with another request! how about rfa + v and saeran with MC who sings all the time? like will just be walking around the house or doing something with music playing and singing? I'm always singing and I thought it would be a funny scenario. thanks!! :D

Another super cute and sweet request from you that I loved writing! I kind of re-wrote this a little bit to be more comforting because of yesterday’s events, I hope that’s okay and if not, don’t hesitate to tell me! Thank you so much for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • When you and Yoosung moved in together, he found his love for singing
  • You would sing around the house all of the time, he would be captivated by your beautiful singing voice but he’d always be too shy to join in with you
  • Yoosung loved it when you’d sing loudly in the shower so he could quietly sing along with you
  • One day Yoosung got the courage to sing along with you when you were singing one of his favorite songs
  • You had the music playing loudly as you were singing “Why do you build me up, buttercup baby!”
  • “Just to let me down, mess me around!” Yoosung loudly sang after your verse, his face blossoming bright red as he did
  • You giggled, nudging Yoosung as you continued “And worst of all, you never call baby!”
  • “When you say you will, but I love you still!” Yoosung finished off as he giggled along with you
  • The two of you finished singing the rest of the song while awkwardly but sweetly dancing around the house
  • You and Yoosung decided to have more random singing and dancing times throughout the day to put a smile on both of your faces


  • Zen’s basically a singing machine himself so he adores you singing all of the time
  • He records you singing all of the time and loves listening to those audios the minutes before he has to go on stage because it helps calm his nerves
  • Sometimes Zen will just sit on the couch, smiling with his eyes closed as he listens to you singing
  • He would love to join in with you singing but he doesn’t want you to think that he just wants attention so he usually backs off
  • That is until one night when you the two of you are cleaning dishes and you start singing one of his favorite songs
  • “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep.” You gently sang as you handed a dish to Zen to dry
  • “In dreams you will lose your heartache, whatever you wish for you keep.” Zen continued for you as he put away the dish while smiling
  • The two of you sang that song over and over again all night long along with other Disney songs because Zen said that you were his true princess
  • You and Zen became known as the couple who would never stop singing


  • Jaehee never realized that singing could be so much fun, especially with you
  • You would sing all the time no matter where you were and Jaehee loved that
  • She adored your singing and would often do a little clap for you after you finished a song
  • But you noticed that Jaehee always had a hint in sadness in her eyes when you sang so you thought of a song that no one could resist singing
  • The two of you were making up a grocery list when you suddenly stood up and broke into song
  • “Oh I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody!” You singed loudly and smirked when you saw Jaehee stand up as well
  • “Yeah I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me!” Jaehee sang along, embarrassed but clearly enjoying herself
  • You both sang that song at he top of your lungs and when it was finished, the two of you were out of breath but smiling
  • Jaehee thanked you for giving her the opportunity to sing with you but decided to leave the vocals to you since her throats hurt just from singing that small part
  • But she still ended up joining you in song every once and a while


  • The most wonderful sound in the world to Jumin was your singling voice, so he loved it when you sang all of the time
  • He would smile to himself when he’d be working in his home office as your singing voice filled the penthouse
  • Once Jumin saw you singing to Elizabeth the third and almost shed tears, he took plenty of blurry pictures and a shaky video
  • Jumin wanted you to embrace your singing voice, saying it was the most pure singing he’s ever heard
  • You told him that you just sang for fun but you were curious about his voice so you set up a plan
  • One night, you and Jumin were driving home from seeing the musical Cats, he only agreed to go because it was about the most perfect creatures in the world plus there were no narcissists performing
  • As Jumin went on about the beauty of cats, you started singing knowing that he couldn’t resist joining in
  • “Memory, all alone in the moonlight, I can smile at the old days, I was beautiful then.” You sang softly and looked up at Jumin
  • “I remember the time I knew what happiness was, let the memory live again.” Jumin finished off in his deep voice
  • You sat there in shock at how amazing Jumin’s singing voice was and begged him to always sing with you
  • Driver Kim looked at the rear view mirror and chuckled as he watched you and Jumin happily singing the entire ride home and now all of the time at home


  • Seven admired you for many reasons, one of them being how you expressed yourself through singing
  • After long hours of hacking, hearing you sing around the house while doing mundane tasks would always bring a smile to his lips
  • His files are filled with audio clips of you singing, Seven will listen to them when he’s feeling anxious or upset
  • Just watching you do simple things like dust the house while singing always make Seven feel so happy and sometimes he’ll sing along in an off-tune voice
  • But you were curious to hear his real singing voice so one day when he was playing a video game, you started singing
  • “Sing with me a song of birthright and love, the light scatters through the sky above.” You sang softly hoping he’d finish
  • “Dawn breaks through the gloom white as a bone, lost in thoughts all alone.” Seven sang as he put down his game
  • You stood there shocked at his incredible singing voice but he only sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck while giggling
  • The house was filled with you and Seven singing all of the time together, making a very annoyed Saeran and Vanderwood


  • V simply adored the fact that you sang around the house all of the time
  • Your voice was a sweet melody in his sensitive ears, he’d usually ask you to sing louder to which you happily agreed to
  • When V would organize through his photos, sometimes feeling a bit stressed, you would go behind him and wrap your arms around his shoulder while singing to him
  • He’d take photos of you singing all of the time, V especially loved the angelic look on your face when you’d perfectly hit a high note
  • One day you noticed V sorting through some older photos of him and Rika, subconsciously touching his eyes as they started to water so you did what you knew always made him happy
  • “‘Cause all of me, loves all of you.” You sang softly as you sat down next to V, setting the photos down and gently wiping his eyes
  • “Love your curves and all you edges, all your perfection imperfection.” V finished off as he traced his fingers along your body as you rubbed his cheeks
  • You complemented V on his amazing singing voice but he dismissed it, saying that you were the real star
  • He then quickly grabbed his camera and took a photo of the two of you, telling you that you both singing was true love


  • Throughout his entire recovery progress, one of the best medicines for Saeran was your singing
  • Although he’d try to act annoyed, Saeran secretly loved you singing around the house while going about your day
  • He admired your voice and never thought that someone’s singing could be so soothing and calming
  • Of course when no one was looking, Saeran would even crack a smile when you sang a particularly slow and relaxing song
  • Your silly singing truly helped Saeran, especially when he was having panic attacks or felt doubtful
  • Unwanted negative thoughts of you hating him filled Saeran’s head, pulling at his hair as his panic attack started, he felt you snuggle into his chest
  • “You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray .” You sang softly as rubbed Saeran’s arm soothingly and kissing his cheeks
  • “You’ll never know dear how much I love you, p-please don’t take my sunshine a-away.” Saeran sang in a whisper, his voice cracking as tears flowed down his face
  • The two of you continued to sing together until his panic attack subdued, with Saeran wrapping his arms around you thanking you for all that you do for him
  • That became the song that you and Saeran would sing together when he felt anxious, it was also the song that the two of you danced to at your first dance during your wedding

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Steve, I need you to do something very important... I need you to stop questioning any time anyone makes a reference to you looking like someone. You are not secretly a multi-dimensional being who has lived many a lives. You have no been Johnny Storm, you have not been an evil action movie actor defeated by your own hubris, you weren't an ax wielding hero aboard some world train, and you definitely weren't a teen who stole the SAT answers with Black Widow... *shifty eyes and runs*

This all sounds suspiciously like something a supervillain would say, but I can’t prove it, because it also sounds sorta like something Reed or Tony would say, and they are bona-fide not supervillains. At least, not in this dimension. 

I know that @lumiereswig did something like this a day ago, but I swear, I don’t mean to plagiarize.  I just had this picture and I had this draft waiting.  I already had it planned out, so here it is.  Sorry if it looked like I copied; I had no intention of doing so. Anyway…

Okay, so if this really is the case, then that would mean that Adam’s dad probably left on some business trip with some other royals.  This would kind of explain the whole party that Adam throws; he should be a young adult in the prologue, and young adults are stereotyped to throw huge parties when their parents go on trips for work/other stuff.

And that’s not all; I honestly think that if the king was still alive and cursed to forget the castle…well, I think it would be a healing experience for him.  So, without further ado, here are the headcanons I have surrounding this idea/AU.

  • The king was just as affected by the queen’s cheerfulness as everyone else; she was a shining light in his otherwise dark life.  When she died from a sickness, the king irrationally blamed Adam.  My reasoning behind this is this video.  Instead of it just being a deleted scene, I like to think that it actually happened.  Adam was sick with the same illness, and the queen would spend time in his room with him, singing to him and saying soothing things.  Adam healed, but a few months later, the same illness struck the queen.  
    • And this is the reason why the king twisted Adam’s kind nature around after the queen died, because while being the cause of her death, he also reminded the king of her.  And that only hurt even more.
  • While the king was away, he, like everyone else, forgot about the castle, but he remembered his wife. (I like to think that the king was important enough to have another castle somewhere that he believed was his home; to be king and to be homeless would be really confusing to people.)
  • And over time, he realized he was a rather bitter man, and he never knew why.  He thought that it was because his wife died of an illness and that they could never track down the source of the illness.
  • But soon, it started to dawn on him that because he was so bitter over his wife’s death, his memories of her were starting to dim and cloud over; he wasn’t remembering her the way she should be remembered.  So he decides to start treating his people the way she would have, so she could still live on in his heart and his people’s hearts.  And slowly, but surely, it starts to rub off on him.  He becomes more forgiving of his servants, casts a softer eye on his peers, and allows himself a smile every so often (that was the hardest part; remembering how to smile).
  • And one morning, he’s sitting in his room, reminiscing about the way the queen used to smile at sunrises like these, when he remembers another smiling face, a child, with the golden light playing across his face.  And suddenly the curse is lifted, and the last few years of his life crash down on him as he remembers the real reason why he was such a bitter man—it was Adam, he blamed his own son for something that obviously wasn’t his fault; he could see that now.
  • And he hates himself.  He feels remorse, regret, horror at what he did to his own son, how he twisted Adam over and over again, erased his own mother’s wonderful influences from him.  He hates himself for forgetting—because the poor boy’s been alone all this time—but he hates himself even more for his treatment of Adam.
  • Suddenly, he has to see him.  The king calls for a carriage to the castle; he wants to see his son, apologize, tell him he loves him—oh Lord, it’s been more than a decade since he’s done that…
  • And by midday he reaches the castle and sees the villagers all crowded around it.  It would have angered him originally, but instead he runs through them, asking frantically for Adam, the prince, my son, where is he
  • And he sees him from afar, coming out of the castle.  He tries to get through to him, but the villagers have crowded around him.  He contemplates pushing through them, but waits, because he sees Lumiere embracing him.  Embracing him!  From what the king remembered, Adam never allowed the servants to touch him unless it was absolutely necessary.  And then Mrs. Potts’ son, Christopher, is hugging a girl next to Adam who shares the same smile, and the way that the gaze into each other’s eyes…there’s no mistaking it, they’re in love.  She’s dressed rather simply—in white, but simply—she must be a villager.  But that hardly matters to him anymore.
  • And then Adam’s eyes sweep across the crowd, shining with tears, and oh, she’s there, the queen’s there, his eyes are hers, filled with all of her wonder and joy.  His heart immediately lifts; he has still managed to hold on to his mother.  But there is still how he has treated him, and that is still unforgivable.  So after a few hours, the king approaches him, and the interaction goes a little something like this:



It isn’t the word that’s spoken; he hadn’t been called by his name in years, not even by the staff, and the mention of his name should bring him joy, relief that he’s not cursed anymore.  No, it’s the voice that spoke, the voice that made every word, and every name, a curse.

He didn’t want to turn around.  He didn’t want to face him. He was the one part of his past that he would be happy to forget, happy to shove underneath the memories of his empty life of luxury.  The bruises, the tears, the darkened rooms full of anger and hatred, all are forced to the forefront of his mind.

He can even feel the staff’s reactions around him; they way they all stop talking reminds him too much of how they walked through the halls when he was little, how they had gone from friendly to faceless upon this man’s orders.

This man. Adam refuses to call him his kin.

But then something else happens, something that—even after all of his time with these people—he does not expect.  They draw close to him.  Lumiere lays his hand on his shoulder, offering support. Chapeau hovers nearby, his hands clenched, his expression protective. Cogsworth is still weighed down by Clothilde, but he shoots the king a look of warning.  The king does not meet their eyes.  Mrs. Potts breaks off from her husband and starts toward Adam, laying her hand in the one that is not grasping Belle’s.  And Chip soon follows, though he is half-hiding behind his mother’s skirts.

Then there is a squeeze on his other hand, and Belle’s eyes meet his, concerned, worried.

She is fearless.  She does not know what he’s been through—what a kind, loving father she has—but he can see her strength there.  She risked life and limb to see him, to heal him.  What is he if he cannot face his own fears?

He tries to keep his face neutral as he turns around to see a man shouldering his way through the throngs of moving villagers.  His jacket is much simpler than the extravagant ones Adam remembers, and he doesn’t wear a wig.  His hair has gone gray, and his eyes have lost their dull, flat look.  He stops a few feet from Adam, and Adam cannot place his expression.


His voice, again, makes every nerve in Adam’s body want to flinch away, but he held tight to Belle’s hand and closed his eyes as the man came closer.  His hand came up slowly, and though it was not sudden, the memory of that gloved hand against his cheek…no.  If Belle could face the worst in Adam, then Adam could face it too.

“My boy…my son…”

And suddenly his hand is on Adam’s cheek, but how is it his? His touch is so gentle, so kind, and his eyes, as soft and forgiving as newly laid earth, are filled with tears.  

“Look at you.  You’ve grown so much…I can’t believe I didn’t realize…”  His hand is shaking on Adam’s cheek, so he moves it to Adam’s shoulder.  He can’t meet Adam’s eyes anymore; he bows his head, trembling.  Scared.

“Your mother, she…she would have been so proud of you,” he continues.  “As am I.  And…I don’t know how I can begin to ask forgiveness…for the horrible, horrible things I’ve done to you…”

Adam has one memory of the king’s smile.  It was years ago, when his mother was still alive.  She and Adam had been in the garden, picking flowers for a bouquet for the king’s birthday.  Adam had put together a bundle of different colored roses, carnations, and baby’s breath and ran back to the castle to give them to the king.  And he had laughed, and smiled, and patted him on the head.  He had cared for it until the flowers began to wilt, and even after that.

This is the man that Adam sees now. He used to think this man was dead.  But here he is, with more wrinkles on his hands and a lined face that has suffered a lot more than it used to let on.  Here he is.


The man wrapped his arms around his son, his tears now prominent in his hitching breath, his clutching fingers.  “Adam…I love you, I h-haven’t said that e-enough, but I do, and I will…”

Adam lets go of Belle’s hand and returns the embrace, albeit with a little hesitancy.  It will take time, to adjust to this, but even so, his heart is above the clouds, in both shock and joy.  A little of his old life has been given back to him because of this.

And as of right now, he is not going to let go.

I was gonna post this when I finished it but I dont think thats gonna happen any time soon so have this flat colored Hashe fusion!
-A small pout is their resting face so they always look slightly frustrated about something
-they look like the quiet type but when you get them to talk THEYRE SO LOUD AND TALKATIVE AND READY TO LEARN OR TEACH
-They get confused easily (pretty naive and oblivious)
-Got them guns (hubba)
-A hella strong shaman omf
- A force to be reckoned with
-But also oh so gentle and supporting
-Would die for you but would try not to do that because they need to make sure you’re safe.
-Any Horaven fusion has a lot of passion!!!
-Did I mention those strong arms cos holy shit i’d let them crush me any day 😍💕💕💕

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So something big 1-2 weeks before the single drops??! Wouldn't it be smarter to end it a bit sooner than that and let him have a bit of MIA time...? Otherwise it will look a lot like a PR move to announce he's not the father and then bamm here's a song. I know that if they do it, they will want to use it for promo (if they are smart) but still. I was thinking they would end it and let him be a bit more private to pretend he's dealing with it before the single comes

Don’t think like a fan.  think like someone in the GP.  Most people aren’t going to fully notice that it would be a PR move, you know?  Plus, they’ve ALREADY been only using the baby for promo.  Also- he himself could be MIA while his name is in the headlines.  I mean, look at what’s happened since Sunday with this article.  We’ve seen him, what, once?  he’s sent two tweets and that’s about it.  

Again, I could be way off base but i still think it works if this is what they’re doing.  

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A lot of larries and Louis stans on twitter have been trashing Harry not even a few days after his step father died because of the Louis article. How do you feel about that?

Dude, it’s not even 7 in the morning. Why are you coming at me with this?

But to answer your question, I think it’s bullshit. And once again, the fandom is looking for something to bitch about. 

I understand why some people are upset, because it seems like Louis didn’t want the hiatus but Harry did and there are some fans who still don’t want the boys to be on hiatus because they miss their music. And I miss their music, too, don’t get me wrong. And you know what? At the time that the hiatus was announced, I didn’t want it at first, either, but now that it’s actually happening, it’s fun seeing them branch out on their own and to see what kind of music they make now that they have the partial freedom to make their own choices. 

If Harry wanted to go solo, he had so many chances to go solo before the hiatus. Literally, there was a new ‘Harry going solo’ rumor every six months while the band was still together and during the hiatus, as well, before his actual solo stuff was announced. And that’s OK. Let’s not forget how all of the boys went to the X Factor as solo artists. On some level, they all wanted to be independent. They were just put into the group first and that’s how they got their start. It’s as simple as that. Let’s not blame Harry for not letting go of his dream and pursuing it when the moment was right. 

Plus, the boys were overworked. That doesn’t even need to be said. Five albums in five years, hundreds of tour dates, dozens of award show appearances and just constantly moving around has got to be draining. I’ll never know how draining, but I can only imagine. If Harry was the first one to suggest the break, I wouldn’t blame him. I wouldn’t blame any of them. 

So even if Louis didn’t want the hiatus at the time (or maybe he did, who really knows for sure?) he’s probably more comfortable with it now and maybe is even enjoying it now that he gets to make different music. He’ll put out an album and hopefully tour and get to see just how unforgettable he really is and how much his fans love and support him. 

Do you remember that show Trading Spaces boys vs girls it was on like nickelodeon or something. Anyway I loved that show soo much and would be so jealous and interested the rooms they made were so neat. Like the kid would be like I like movies or camping and they would make their room into a movie theater with like all this decor or make t look like it was outside idk it probably isn’t as cool as it seemed when I was younger but I know they were cool
There was this one kid who had a like recording booth put into his room and another who liked spy stuff so they had all this cool spy shit and his bed like pulled out from the wall all hidden like. It was really cool

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soup, if another art blog with like no followers trying to make it on the internet and also to make friends were to ask you to become mutuals or for you to at least look at their blog once and give their opinion, what would you say to them?

i dont know? it’s uh, happened before i guess, i do check out people’s art when they ask me to but friendship isnt something you can force if you come up to me and ask to be friends i might not reply

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You must be tired of all of those shipinng questions but... Eeeu What do you think abut...**drums** Ereri And it would look like ? ... ..... Wat hav i iust d0n3 TvT ?

I am never tired of questions. I am very greatful to still receive them

I do not ship them, because I feel that they don’t share something deep enough for me to be able to breath everytime they interact. For me they have a wonderful bound based on trust and the need to help. Eren thinks of Levi as his idol, someone he admires from his very heart and Levi acknowladges his efforts and wants to protect him. I believe they have a wonderful relationship. I am curious to see how they develope together or maybe in completely different directions

So last night I had a dream where everyone had a clock on their wrists counting down to the moment you would die and something changed and my clock started counting down to a few days from then (The dream then took a weird detour, as dreams do, to this subplot of me at Anime Expo looking for an Edward Elric bookmark?? But I digress. Still, the whole time I was conscious of the fact I was going to die soon and I wanted to get bookmark as a last gift for my friend). Anyways, the dream ended when I was a couple hours away from dying and I started getting really freaked out about confronting my own mortality.
AND THEN I WOKE UP AND MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS “Wow I bet that was how Gansey felt knowing he was going to die” and started CRYING.
Like THAT was my breaking point. Not me dying. Dick Gansey. Jfc

I’m good! I’ve been pretty bust for the past few days but I’m making it work! Looking forward to getting to relax and drawing more horses than I normally do

That draw was actually for a friend! go bat pride woo!

Warm brownies with some ice cream, cannot be beat

I have absolutely no idea how to make games, though it seems like something I would be interested in messing around with sometime. But the best advice I can give for doing anything creative is have fun! If I had a favourite genre it would probably be puzzle? But it’s super hit or miss for me so I’ll give a top 3 favourite games. FEZ, Hyper light Drifter, and Borderlands 2. Good luck on your course! I hope you learn a lot :)

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What would the nordics say is their best physical feature?

Hmm interesting question

Denmark would either say his hair or his eyes (I imagine him having those really light, like sky blue eyes, almost the color of newborn babies eyes except maybe a little lighter)

Sweden doesn’t like much about his appearance so he’s probably say something vague about having nicely toned arms

Norway likes his hair (for real have yall seen his hair? It’s messy but it looks intentionally so. How much time do you think pretty boy spends styling and maintaining his hair? Your girl runs a comb through her hair when it’s wet and that’s literally it)

Finland would probably say that he likes his smile

And Iceland… well we all know Ice is very insecure about his looks but I think if he had to choose he would say his eyes. I’m not into the whole purple eyes thing, so I see him as having icy (thank you thank you I’ll be here all week) blue eyes, like they’re more gray than Den’s and maybe even a little startling when you first see them

Mod Amanda

Thoughts on the finale

I was shocked, but at the same time, it was a disappointment because I feel like there was a lot of wasted potential.

What was the whole point of the board game? I mean, the writers made it seem like AD was only torturing the girls because of Charlotte… and yet when she finds out it’s Mona, she does absolutely nothing to Mona.

I like that Jenna actually turned out to be a good person. I wonder if she actually could see but didn’t let anyone know. How else would she have known that Spencer wasn’t Spencer?

I so called it that Mona was bad, even though she did somewhat help the liars. She never truly recovered.

So Mary wasn’t really bad? Why didn’t Spencer check up on her and try to look for her. I do kind of feel bad that she’s trapped with Alex.

I so knew there was going to be something shady about a cop based on his imdb page, being listed as “Cop / FH.” I wish I had theorized about that, but at the same time, I never would have guessed.

Also, the writers dropped so many useless clues. Like, why was Rollins listed as Mona’s psychiatrist if at the end of the day his character was completely useless?

And to have the final A, Uber A, to be a completely random character the girls didn’t knew is just a huge disservice.

Plus, it’s really bad writing. I mean, Alex wanted to kill Spencer and replace her just to have friends and get Toby. Umm… the UK is full of people. I’m sure she could have just as easily had friends there. And she even had a “Toby”, but she killed Wren just because he kept calling her Alex? Could you get worse writing than that?

Also, they wrote Alex as if she was a sociopath, but I don’t think sociopaths want friends. They want to control people, but not necessarily want friends. So that’s even more bad writing.

I feel like this was just the writers grasping at straws because they found out the show was renewed, yet they gave us the somewhat big reveal with Charlotte.

But that’s another thing, they never explained all the lies Charlotte told in the 6a finale. It would have been better if Charlotte was alive, working with Archer. Would have made more sense.

Meh, disappointed with the reveal and how many lies the writers told (will never trust Marlene King to actually tie up plot holes again), but I do like that the characters all got happy endings and no one died. I may be the only person, but so glad Ezria got their happily ever after.

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About Harry's Brasil tattoo, I once heard he got it while he was drunk because he went to a tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist had an appointment who didn't show up so H felt bad fir the guy and decided to get a tattoo? Not dure I remember it well or if it's even true... but what is Truth with these boys anyway?

I heard that and honestly sounds like something Harry would do but idk when he showed the tattoo he looked so proud of it, so happy… boy took down his pants just to show that tatt lol

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my handwriting is so sloppy, i write really fast and most of the time i'm not looking while i'm writing i'm looking st something else, i go back and i can barely read it. do you have any tips to get better handwriting

Hello, well, the best thing would be to actually slow down and start looking at what you’re writing! :’D if you try hard for some time by maybe copying a style of a handwriting you like, your muscles will learn to write by that and then you can be more carefree when you’re writing. Also capital letters tend to be more legible than cursive, so maybe try that as well.

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Do you know what I love??? Your art!!!! <3 <3 Holy crap!!! That comic you made with Sam helping Cas with nightmares is so awesome! :D I love how tired everyone looks and how big Sam is and then how small Cas looks in comparison c: And that's totally something Sam would do!! I know there are few Sam & Cas scenes because it takes 3x's as long to shoot scenes with Misha and Jared in them due to shenanigans lol, but I feel like we're missing some great bonding moments XD Thank you for sharing! <3

Yes yes I agree with everything about Sam’s enormous body proportions and his cuddliness and the missed potential of Sam&Cas scenes due to their terrible work ethics.

I have to thank you for your nice comment, Have a nice day and enjoy some bread :V

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For the tf ask meme... TFA Sentinel Prime? :'D I am not fond of him but I would like to know what you think

Oh boy!  XD  Truthfully?  I don’t really mind him all that much.  Yeah, he’s a jerk.  We all know he’s a jerk.  But I’ve spent enough time around difficult people to the point where someone’s bone-headed, broken filtered, garbage wordage doesn’t really faze me.  (Plus I think that loosing Elita had a lot to do with it which give me too many feels)


looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

I mean, that chin is ridiculous, but he aint heinous or anything

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

If I ever start acting like that, assume I’ve been possessed by Unicron or something.  :P

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t know

At best we’d be civil acquaintances, but I forgot about how much he hates humans, so probably not even that…

tagged by @mysecretfanmoments  - this looks FUN!  (I’m supposed to make up eleven new questions for eleven people but I might cheat like Val did and keep these)

1. if given an opportunity to be an author of a novel, what era would you choose as the setting for that novel? (yes I stole that question)

OOOh, not sure. I do like Tudor era novels, or rather I like detective novels set in that period, or medieval England (Brother Cadfael). But if I were to write something, I’d either base it in present day, or something like the 80s/90s before phone technology was so prevelant. 

2. Do you cook? What is your fav dish to make? (Or that you wish you could cook?)

Yes, I can cook. I do a decent roast, a mean Shepherd’s pie, and a damn good carbonara. 

3. Dyed hair, piercings or tattoos?

Have ears pierced two holes each side. Hair has been dyed quite a lot in the past (last time I got Yona red streaks in it) but it’s grown out now. I’m in a play in October, so I think I’ll keep it natural until then as don’t think it’s quite right for Regency England.

4.How often do you read books? And fanfic?

I’ve been utterly rubbish at reading books this year. I used to read a lot, every day, but when I discovered fanfic and writing, it really tailed off. I’d reread Harry Potter, but that was about it unless I was on holiday. I then tried to kickstart my reading habit by setting a challenge on Goodreads. This was partly because I noticed my writing was getting stale because I wasn’t stimulating my brain enough. Anyway, last year I read something like 30 books, so I was really pleased with that and determined to keep it up this year. And … um … I’ve read two books. That’s it.I can’t seem to settle into a reading pattern at all. I’ve read some fanfic and just started BNHA, though.

5. In a clasic detective story, who would you be? The detective, the clueless inspector, the crying maid or the victim?

The crying maid, or if there’s an assistant to the detective, then I’m that person.

6. Fav sport to watch.

Football and tennis probably. I’ve started watching more Figure Skating, which I used to watch a few years ago. Also like watching athletics. In Olympic years, I’m glued to the TV.

7.Any fashion style you would like to try?

Uhm, I’m really a jeans and tee shirt person, so not really. 

8. Fav national holiday.

Christmas, probably.

9. If you were an idol singer, what would be your stage name?

oh, Idk, Carola Cool. 

10. Drawing or writing?


11. What fictional world would you like to visit?

Hogwarts! Or The Barns.

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anonymous asked:

ummmm its not That Personal but like uh. u write a lot, like a lot and i notice that ur also. depressed? and im depressed too and i like to write but i just cant figure out how to like. sit and write for a while. actually get something done idk if thats something u have any advice for i would Appreciate It

oh! okay well. hum. i have to admit that most of my writing habits that push me to do stuff like write 7k words in a day are actually p…unhealthy? to the self? so i’ll skip over those and give u stuff i do that isnt Bad because my god, we gotta look out for each other:

  • the absolute beginning of writing a piece starts with ideas and concepts, and i have a google doc filled with bullet points of ideas. this doesnt really have anything to do with the Sitting Down And Writing Bit, but it’s super helpful for when you’re in a funk. just. any idea you think of, no matter how dumb, jot it down. in my bmc idea list i have a bullet point that’s just “they are spies” and another thats even dumber that just says “anti-anxiety rice”. these reservoirs of silly ideas help me out a bunch.
  • this is something that really depends on you, bc people have differing opinions on this, but i write outlines!!! and it’s something that i find very helpful. i was basically trained to outline everything throughout high school, to the point that i cant even write a 500 word essay without one. outlines differ for everybody, but i find that it’s most helpful for me to write out 1) important details (ex. in my latest fic, i listed down all the dragon characteristics i wanted to give michael) and 2) all the main scenes (ex. in my latest fic, i wrote one sentence for each of the eight main scenes). outlines are really good because you’re getting your ideas out in a tangible form that starts to take shape, but it’s not the Heavy Stuff Just Yet. it’s a nice way to ease yourself into the writing mood, and it’s godsend for when youre already writing because, once youve got all your ideas and plot points out, all you have to do is write the words.
  • of course, that’s kinda the hardest part HAHA. sitting down and Doing The Thing is a chore hhhhhh. but practice helps you get through it easier and easier each time, i guess. 4 years ago i was writing tiny fics that were barely 1k long and took me a week to write. now i am here. it’s cliche advice everybody gets, but it’s because it’s Real: practice. practice. practice. depression is a big heavy sludge that stops you from doing everything, but if you make something a habit, it tends to become muscle memory. if you can, try to write something everyday. it doesnt have to be big! just a sentence or two. even just a few ideas. just write something. then keep on working your way up. when youre confident with the daily habit, maybe set a wordcount goal. like 100 words a day. or maybe 500 a week (that was my goal back when i had class. it’s a nice, lax goal that doesnt feel too daunting but still gets stuff done!) start small and work your way up!! as somebody who marathon writes shitloads of words in a day, it’s draining. setting a schedule with smaller, broken down increments is much, much better. 
  • my laptop is Really Weird And Probably A Bootleg, so i dont have msword or any word processor that can count words correctly sdhfkjsdhf. so i write on google docs and i use . wordcounter is a really useful site for me because not only does it display your wordcount WAY HUGER THAN MS WORD WOULD, thus kinda putting it Out There how much youve got written, but it’s also got cool stuff like reading time and reading level and word density (word density saves my life every fic. it makes sure i dont make characters fukn shrug all the time lmao)
  • my kamikaze mode, aka what i do when i start and finish writing the bulk of a fic or a chapter in one day, goes a little bit like this: heavy breakfast. write write write. more food. write write write. nap. food. write write write. +various twenty minute breaks in between all the writing. frankly, i dont know how i do this because it passes mostly in a haze, but breaks are!!!! important!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot stress this enough. your eyes are gonna hurt like hell after staring at a screen for hours. your WRISTS are gonna ache. your neck!! your butt!!! if you dont take a break, u will turn into a gargoyle!!! trust me, okay, ive already turned into one once. wasnt great. drink water and stretch and walk around. if you dont wanna separate from ur laptop, at least stop writing and look at memes or read over what u have so far.
  • when youre actually writing, my philosophy is Never Edit. misspelled a word? mark with an asterisk and come back later. forgot a word? mark it with an asterisk and come back later. transition is wonky? dont fix it, keep writing. mark it with an asterisk and come back later. editing is important, but when youre in the Writing Groove is not to the time to do it. more often than not, editing becomes an excuse that hinders your wordcount progress under the thin veil of “hmmmm this could be better.” it sure could! but fix it later. when im writing, my only goal is to get it done. everything else comes later, because at least by that point, i have a full piece to fix instead of a scene i keep reworking over and over again. the momentum that results from this is Powerful and not even the Depression Sludge Monster That Lives On A Couch In My Brain can defeat it. get fucked DSMTLOACINB!!!!

this is barely coherent, but it’s all ive really got to say….all of this is completely subjective, and what works for me will not work for everybody else, but this is how do stuff. depression is an awful piece of fuck and it sucks so bad and im so sorry youve gotta deal with it, but yo, working past it is possible!! it’s hard, but it’s possible.

i hope you have a great day anon. kick depression in the nuts with ur kickass writing.