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How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition | Dan Howell, local punk, and his friends need a new cafe to hang out in, now that Dan has ruined starbucks for them (don’t ask). So they try out the new family business that just opened up a few days ago… and somehow Dan falls in love with the Pastel Goth kid behind the counter who just so happens to be his waiter. Why Phil seems to think disgusting smoothies are going to win Dan over, no one knows, but… well, they do. | Phan | Teen and Up | PastelxPunk | 8,359 Words

Thanks to @botanistlester for the title, and the fic inspiration, not to mention listening to me talk about this fic for the last 3 hours of writing. I apologize for any typos, but screw proofreading, I really want to post already.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! This is just an idea if your interested, can you do a Phan smut where dan and Phil are best friends and had grown up together and one night ( they're both 17 or 18 or something ) phil calls dan and starts out really awkwardly initiating phone sex like " what are you wearing " and they're both kind of giggling in the beginning but then it kind of gets more serious and phil kind of just describes how he would fuck dan until they cum..? This would be rly great 👌👌

1123 words of regret


Phil smiled when his phone rang, rolling his eyes and reaching over to his bedside table to grab it. He knew who it was before he even looked.

Dan, his best friend of seven years, was calling him. He did this every night, since Phil left their home town to go to a private school about an hour drive away. Dan insisted on staying, fancy boarding school wasn’t for him, he didn’t want the stress, but it didn’t stop him from missing his best friend.

“Hi,” Phil muttered into the phone, slightly breathlessly, flopping back on his bed. He could hear Dan smile.

“Hey Phil,” he answered, and Phil could tell he was relaxing. That happened for him too; just hearing Dan’s voice helped him release the stress of the day.

“How was your day?” The other boy asked through the phone, his voice soft.

“Oh, it was alright,” Phil muttered, sighing and running his fingers through his already messy hair. “I have a lot of homework, believe me.”

“I can imagine,” Dan chuckled.

“Still going to those parties?”

“Yeah… I’ve got nothing better to do since you’re gone.”

Phil sighed.

“Christ, Dan, you can’t keep throwing your time away like this. You have potential for so much more.”

“You’ve said.”

“Because I believe it.” Phil stretched his arm above his head, spreading out on the bed to get more comfortable. “Sorry, just… I’m worried about you.”

“I know.” Dan took a deep breath, and went quiet. It was moments like these when Phil wished he was there, laying next to him, listening to him breathe. Maybe he was just being clingy.

“So…” Dan started in a lighter tone, breathing out a laugh. “What are you wearing, Lester?” He asked in mock seduction.

Phil rolled his eyes, slapping his hand over his forehead.

“We’re doing this, are we?”

“Why not?” Dan laughed. “You scared?”

Phil snorted. “Of what, your fashion judging abilities?”

“Just answer the question, dingus.”

“Hmm,” Phil hummed, looking down at himself. “Just blue boxers, at the moment. And a red button up.”

Dan tsked. “Not matching? I thought you were better than this, Phil.“ 

"Who are you, the fashion police?” He grumbled, and laughed. “Leave me alone, Dan, I can dress myself how I’d like.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.”

“What are you wearing, then?” Phil asked in an attempt at a seductive tone.

Dan chuckled breathily. “Nothing.”

“Yeah? Pic or it didn’t happen.”

Dan giggled. “You want a picture?”

“Kinda,” Phil muttered under his breath. He had seen Dan naked before, it wasn’t a big deal, and it comforted him that they were close enough to talk like this without it being uncomfortable.

“Oh, is Phil admitting his true feelings after all these years?” Dan asked teasingly, and Phil could hear him shift on the bed.

“Shut up, Howell. Don’t push it.”

“Or… what?” Dan hummed. “You’ll… punish me?”

The tone in Dan’s voice had changed, and it shocked through Phil’s stomach like lightning.

“Quit it.”

“Why? Am I turning you on?” Phil could almost hear Dan’s dumb smirk. “I bet you’re so hard right now, just from my voice.”



“I bet you wanna fuck me right now, hm?” He asked slowly, and Phil didn’t hear the tell tale signs that he was joking in his tone anymore. He sounded serious. “I bet you’d love to pin me to your bed and make me beg right about now…” shit. Something in Phil snapped.

“Daniel.” Phil growled. “God, I forgot what a brat you are. If I was there and you were talking like this I’d already have you against the wall, screaming.”

There was silence from the other side of the moment, just breathing.

“…Well, shit,” Dan muttered, his breath hitching. “Damn, Phil.” He paused. “…If y-you were here, what would you d-do..? For real.”

Now Phil was smirking, and he found himself reaching down to adjust his boxers, as suddenly they were a bit uncomfortable.

“I think I just answered that,” Phil breathed. “I’d have you on your back in seconds, begging for me. Begging for my cock.” Phil hummed, rubbing gently at his bulge through the cloth. “You’d do that, wouldn’t you, Daniel?”

“Hell yes,” Dan breathed back. “Fuck, I’d moan so loud for you.”

That went straight to Phil’s dick, and he tugged at the waistband of his boxers, pulling them over his hard on and sliding them down his hips. He shuddered, brushing his fingertips over his length. He heard a whimper through the phone.

“Are you touching yourself?” Phil muttered, wrapping a hand around his cock. “Touching yourself to the sound of my voice like a slut?”

He was too far now, letting out a groan as his thumb swiped over his slit.

“Y-Yes…” Dan muttered. “Fuck, Phil, keep talking…”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, being filled up by my cock… I bet you’d love to ride me, grinding down on me like such a good boy…”

Dan whined loudly, and Phil’s eyes widened. He sounded like an angel, why hadn’t they done this before? It felt wrong, jerking himself off to his best friends moans, but he honestly didn’t care.

“I bet you’re so pretty like that, baby, you sound like a bloody angel. God, I wanna fuck you so hard.” Phil was just babbling now, letting soft groans and whimpers slip from his lips, his breathing ragged.

“Jesus, P-Phil…” Dan gasped, his voice breaking and Jesus fuck he sounded so beautiful.

“I’m c-close…” Phil breathed, throwing his head back and biting down on his bottom lip to keep from letting out an embarrassing noise.

“Me too, fuck.”

Phil tried to imagine how Dan looked at this moment, his hair messy and his hips jerking up to meet his hand, his eyes glassy and fucked out. Jesus.

“God, moan for me Dan, fuckfuckfuck you’d look so gorgeous with my cum all over your pretty face…”

“Ah-!” Dan moaned loudly, turning into a whine and getting high pitched and broken at the end, and it sent Phil over the edge. He jerked one more time, groaning and coming all over his shirt.

They were quiet for a solid minute, but Phil could hear Dan’s ragged breathing, and holy shit, he probably looked so beautiful.

“That’s not weird, is it?” Dan asked finally, the laughter back to his voice. “Getting off to your friends voice?”

“Nah,” Phil answered, chuckling and running his fingers through his hair.


“I should probably… clean this up…” Dan muttered, and Phil could almost see him blushing. He grinned.

“Yeah, me too…” he paused. “Dan?”


“I miss you.” He breathed. Breathy laughter echoed from the phone.

“I miss you too.”

“Call you tomorrow?”


How Bad Grades Got Me Laid

How Bad Grades Got Me Laid //Phan

Pairing: Daniel Howell and Philip Lester 

Genre: smut

TW: none

Teacher!Phil x Fem!Student!Dan

Phil’s POV

“So, the tests aren’t… Bad, per say, but they’re not exactly good either,” I recited the familiar speech as I delivered the tests to the respective students.

I went around the classroom, until I reached the familiar boy with brown hair, looking up at me with dark pupils and an innocent look. “Dan…” I started, placing his test in the desk, a disappointing red 2-out-of-20 mark, clear as daytime, “come see me after class.” he nodded eagerly, seemingly not bothered by his low grade. “Yes, sir.” he purred cheekily.

I wrote some exercises for the students to solve and sat at my desk, looking up to see Dan’s familiar face, sitting at his desk diagonal to mine. Anyone else would be non-the-wiser, but I could tell when Dan wanted attention. But today was different.

He was wearing the typical female school outfit, something he’d do normally- he liked to switch between female and male outfits- but he just looked like he was up to no good.

Dan and I have been dating for about two or three months now, and I couldn’t wait for him to finish high school, so we could move in together. In these past months I’ve grown to be more rebellious than in my entire life and yet, I could not be happier.

One thing that I both loved and hated about Dan, besides his immaturity, would be his lack of shame.

I stopped spacing out when I heard my name bring called, “Uh… Mr. Lester!” I snapped my head up at that, my eyes instinctively falling on Dan. He was looking at me with lustful and zoned out eyes, his face was coloured with a shade of pink and his mouth was slightly open. His eyes fell shut when he realised he had my attention, he bit his lip and tilted his head backwards oh-so gently. My eyes trailed down his body; how his outfit was slightly tight on him, and down his chest, to his arms and finally his hand bellow the desk-

“S-sir, over here!” I jumped as if I had been caught doing something I shouldn’t, which, technically, I was. The student in front of Dan, Chris, was now standing, blocking my vision of Dan. “Oh, uh, yes, sorry?” I mentally slapped myself over how starstruck I probably both looked and sounded. “Should we do exercises 15 and 16? We haven’t learned that yet.”

“If you can, do it, otherwise…” I trailed off carelessly with a wave of my hand, watching as Chris sat back on his chair. I looked at Dan again, his right hand clutching the paper tightly- his test- while the other was under the desk, rubbing himself. We made eye contact and I noticed him mouthing pleas, most definitely directed towards me.

I glared at him, only receiving a small, lazy smile from him in response as he continued to touch himself as if it were the most normal thing to do. I checked the time, fifteen minutes until the bell rang. I groaned in frustration, tapping my watch impatiently, wanting everyone to leave already, just so I could have Dan alone.

I looked at him through my glasses, frowning, but more relieved when I saw that he had refrained to touching himself, now simply tapping his foot against the ground and pressing his legs together as tightly as he could. I smirked, chuckling quietly under my breath, which caught some students attention for brief seconds. I looked at my watch once again; twelve minutes and thirty-six seconds to go.

I could almost feel Dan staring longingly at me, and more so when, in the midst of the silence of the classroom, a loud and familiar huff was heard, coming from him. I looked at him in time to see him motioning me to hurry up with his hand. “Impatient,” I mumbled under my breath, knowing he’d have no way of knowing what I just said.

The last straw was drawn when he started squirming around on his chair, swaying from side to side in an effort of getting himself off, and failing completely, judging by the long sigh of distress he’d let out. I smiled, done with my teasing.

“Class dismissed.”

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Dan is supposed to be Arin’s best friend. Just his best friend. So why, then, does Arin feel like he’s getting punched in the gut whenever he watches Dan kiss someone else?

It’s been a problem for a while. At first Arin chalked it up to an aversion to PDA in general. Then he decided he just didn’t like Dan’s girlfriend at the time. Then he figured it was just because he was lonely and, perhaps, needed to get laid. Now, at some house party thrown by people they don’t even know, watching Dan flirt with some scruffy guy wearing plaid, Arin can admit to himself that maybe it’s something… Deeper. Something worse. Something a lot like jealousy.

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sweet like sugar | danisnotonfire (requested)


  • i. Could you write a story about dan and the reader dating for a while and dan and then both think it’s the right time to take there relationship to the next level (by that i mean smut…) and it’s sweet and romantic? (love your blog!)
  • ii. Love love love your writing! do you take phil x reader requests at all or just dan x reader? Can I request phil x reader slow, passionate readers first time (or the same for dan x reader) (established relationship) thanksssssss
  • iii. Hello. I have been seeing that there is a lot of kinky smut on Tumblr but not nice easy smut. So can you make a dan smut that is nice? Thanks!

word count: 963
tw: sexual scenes
note: this is to thank you guys for 2k followers!! also anon 2, yes i can do phil x readers, but i just put all of these three requests together because they were so similar (im so sorry). also does the word ‘panties’ make anyone else cringe?? i hate it so much sorry

You smoothed out your dress, looking at yourself in the full-length mirror again. Tonight was your’s and Dan’s four-month anniversary and you felt the need to look perfect. Dan had told you he had booked a reservation at a restaurant a few days ago, one that you knew as famous for its exquisite meals and fancy dining.

Once deciding that you looked good, you grabbed your black clutch and phone and walked out into the living room of your apartment. Dan would be here any minute.

You had also planned to do something later, but whether you went through with it all depended on how comfortable you would be feeling.

Soon, you heard a knock on the front door. Getting your things, you walked over to it and opened it. Dan greeted you with a wide smile. He was wearing a black tuxedo that made him look even more attractive, if possible. He had left his hair curly, much to your delight.

“Woah,” he said, widening his eyes. “You look so good, I feel like I’m underdressed.”

“Oh, shut up,” you laughed, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “You always look insanely attractive.”

“Insanely attractive? That’s a new one,” he smiled. “Anyway, are you ready to go?”

You nodded, and followed Dan out to the taxi.

You arrived at the restaurant around ten minutes later, walking in, hand in hand. The meal had been delicious, and around halfway through, Dan’s hand had held yours under the table, making your heart do little flips.

Once you had finished eating, Dan had hailed a cab and minutes later it had arrived.

The ride home had been much different compared to the ride to the restaurant- more intimate; sensual. You found yourself sitting closer, his hand on your upper leg, slowly tracing circles on your skin. As soon as the taxi had dropped you off, Dan walked you to your door.

“Want to… come in?” You asked. Dan caught your drift, paying the taxi driver and telling him that he could go.

Dan slowly unzipped your dress as you stayed still, moving your hair to the side to make it easier for him. Once it had dropped down to your feet, he turned you around, connecting your lips. Your kisses were normally short and sweet, but tonight they felt different- they were now filled with passion and desire.

You unbuttoned his shirt, watching him as he took it off, throwing it next to him.

He walked you over to the bed, laying you down on top of the sheets carefully. You couldn’t help but feel conscious of your body, but the looks that Dan gave you were enough to let the feeling subside.

His eyes were soft and loving as his smile grew wider.

He cautiously reached for your bra strap, asking if he could take it off. You nodded as he slid the straps down your shoulders, reaching around and undoing it, before slowly taking it off.

“You’re so beautiful,” he complimented with a cute, lopsided grin. A smile appeared on your face as you could feel your cheeks turning red.

His hands travelled down your body, admiring all of your curves. It was like his touch was electric. His hands stopped, his fingers at the waistband of your underpants. He looked at you for permission again, and then slid them down your legs, taking them off completely.

He took off his remaining clothes, and then skilfully grabbed a condom from his bedside drawer and slipping it on.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dan asked, his eyes soft and caring as he hovered over you.

“Yes,” you answered, a small smile on your face. You were certain you wanted this- you loved Dan, and he had made it clear many times that he loved you the same.

Dan slowly slid himself into you, emitting a soft groan from his mouth. He went at a slow pace to make sure he wasn’t hurting you. You shut your eyes tightly, feeling Dan take one of your hands, kissing your repeatedly.

The initial pain slowly went away, being replaced with pure ecstasy.

“Faster,” you breathed, “please, Dan, faster!” “A-are you s-sure?” Dan asked cautiously. It was like you were porcelain, he was afraid to hurt you in anyway.

You nodded quickly.

Feeling Dan fasten his pace you let out a long moan, digging your nails into Dan’s bare back. It seemed to give him more confidence as he groaned, starting to go at a fast, rhythmic pace, moving in and out of you at a perfect speed.

He went further into your core each time, moans of pleasure repeatedly leaving your mouth.

Dan’s face was buried into the crook of your neck, low groans and sounds of enjoyment coming from him. His eyes were shut tightly and his eyebrows were furrowed as he perfectly thrusted in and out of you. You could feel your stomach knot and tighten, your climax approaching quickly.

“D-Dan,” you groaned, “I’m g-gonna cum.”

“So am I,” Dan said, his breathing ragged. “Cum for me, princess. You can do it.”

It was as if that was all you needed to be pushed over the edge.

You arched your back in pleasure as you reached your climax, moaning loudly as your nails scratched down your boyfriend’s back. You heard Dan moan shortly after, feeling him release inside of you.

His thrusts became slow as you both came down from your highs, your breaths unsteady.

Soon, Dan rolled off of you, chucking the condom in the bin beside his bed before lying back down. You moved closer to him, feeling Dan put his arm around you.



“I love you.”

You knew you meant it.

Alternative Lifestyle

Request: ok but I really love the YouTuber!AU where Reader is also a YouTuber could you maybe do a fic where Dan is highkey a huge fan of reader’s channel and maybe when they meet he’s super hype?

A/N: Behold, the request that started it all. Enjoy! (Word count: 2k)

“Hey guys! So in today’s video I’m going to talk about how I singlehandedly ruined another dinner with friends.” 

Dan sat back in his bed, wearing nothing but his PJ bottoms and catching up on the youtubers in his subscription feed. These were the moments where he forgot he was a celebrity, forgot that he was also a youtuber, and just felt like that same fanboy from all those years ago. His current favorite was your account. You didn’t upload much, but when you did, it was usually some story about how your awkwardness or lack of social skills messed things up so bad you had to apologize and leave the venue. You also vlogged when you travelled, which was quite often. He loved knowing all the places you’d been to, and felt a twinge in his chest when you mentioned being in a country or city that he himself had been to. You also did some sketches here and there, but saved those for when you were feeling truly creative. If Dan was being honest, he wasn’t so much a fan of those, he liked seeing you when you were authentic, talking about your real life. Not to mention you were attractive. Dan had subscribed as a thirst follow in the beginning, but once he started watching your videos he realized your personality was just as magnetic as your looks. Wary of the Phans, he never reached out to you on social media platforms, and since you lived in America, he didn’t really have a chance at meeting you, which made him upset. He’d totally date you, if he had the chance, though he thought you were probably too cool to date someone like him, and you were also probably scared of the Phans’ reaction to him dating anyone other than Phil. Still, the man could dream, right?


The plane touched down in Orlando, and Dan jolted out of sleep. He looked out the window and saw nothing but rain hitting the window and the blurry image of palm trees blowing in the wind. Over to his right he lowered the divider and saw that Phil was still passed out, unaffected by the landing. He shook his friend awake, and the two of them off-boarded the train and muddled through customs. The uber ride was smooth, and they only encountered fans when they finally reached the hotel. While Dan smiled and took a few pictures, he couldn’t help but wonder how people still managed to find out where he and Phil would be, especially since they hadn’t told anyone. He still loved all the love he received, and his smiles were genuine in those pictures.

That night the two of them decided not to go out and eat for fear of finding more Phans to entertain when they could barely keep their eyes open. Instead they retired to their own rooms early and ordered room service. Knowing if he went to sleep now he’d just wake up in the middle of the night, Dan opened up his computer and started going through some of his subscriptions, always coming back to one of your videos. The sound of your voice echoed throughout the suite while he went about getting ready for bed. The time was 11 PM, and he needed to actually wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow so he could head out to Playlist in the morning.

“Well, I guess that’s it for today’s adventure in Tokyo! I’ll see you guys tomorrow for the grueling flight to Osaka as our Japan trip continues! Bye guys!”

Dan fell asleep with your videos on autoplay, it almost felt like you were actually in the room with him. The next morning his computer was dead and his alarm was blasting. He plugged his laptop in, sent Phil a wake up text, quickly showered, and wondered which all-black attire he would be wearing today. He decided on something simple, he’d probably try to look a bit nicer for the meet and greet tomorrow. Today he was just panelling. Dan couldn’t help but wonder if you’d be there, if he’d get some time away to at least look for you. Chances are he wouldn’t, but it still gave him a spark of hope. It was like that feeling fans got when they tweeted at celebrities, a part of them knew it wouldn’t be seen, but there was always a chance they would. No matter, everything he did today would be monitored by his fans, and he didn’t need to stir up drama in his own community.

The panel went smoothly, lots of questions answered and fun banter with his best friend. He was currently in the VIP section, where many youtubers he recognized (and some he’d never seen before) were mingling. None of them were closer than acquaintances, so he stuck by Phil for most of the day, which sucked because Phil was social in crowds and Dan was a nightmare. In a moment where no one was bothering him and he wasn’t being noticed, he thought he heard someone mention your name and curiosity got the best of him. He slipped away but before he could start searching a couple fans came up to him asking for pictures and bustling with excitement. Luckily they were down to earth, but it still reminded him why he hated being at these kinds of events. He knew the attention would be drawn to him the longer he stood in the open, so he made it back to where Phil was and the two of them decided to head home for the night.

Checking your twitter, Dan didn’t see anything indicating that you were going to be there. Disappointing. He really wished he could’ve met you, but maybe it was for the best. He probably would’ve embarrassed himself in front of you anyway. Checking his subscriptions, he saw you had uploaded today. A simple QnA. Your cheerful intro perked his mood back up. Whether he met you or not, he would always love seeing your face. He knew that it would be another early day, and the jet lag paired with the panel had him beat. He only had enough energy to watch your most recent video, he was practically nodding off already.

“SnakePop says: ‘I love your videos, would you ever date a fan?’ Aww thanks! If I met a fan that was around my age and wasn’t totally obsessed with me and I thought they were cute, then yeah of course I’d date them!”

Dan perked up. His heart twisted at your words. Now he really wished he could have met you. You were willing to date a fan and he would gladly be the one you dated. He barely paid attention to the rest of the questions, just watching the way you spoke until he fell asleep thinking about the two of you together.

The following day Dan got himself dressed up nice, and so did Phil. The two of them were doing the meet and greet today, which meant hours of standing and tears and hugging and cheek-aching smiles. Dan grinned at his reflection while brushing his teeth, it was going to be great. He was buzzing with excitement, even though the day was dreary and drizzling. For the time being, thoughts of you had left his mind.  He couldn’t wait to see his wonderful and supportive fans.


The meet and greet was as tiring as it was rewarding for the both of them. Once it was over Dan and Phil retired to their rooms and took very long naps. Hours later, Dan was getting a message from Phil. He wanted to know if they were going to hit up any youtuber parties. Dan wanted to say no. Most of these parties were going to be full of smaller scale youtubers trying to get promos, and none of their actual friends were there regardless. Dan replied, seeing if he wanted to just catch dinner instead. Now that all their events had passed, many of the Phans were out of the city and they felt more comfortable about not being spotted while out.

The sushi place wasn’t as good as something they could find in Tokyo, or even in London, but it certainly hit the spot. The two men enjoyed their quiet evening, and luckily no one recognized them while they sat and ate dinner. Their flight back to London was early tomorrow so they opted not to have a couple drinks. They paid the check, sat around and talked for a little, decided to stay late anyway and ordered mochi, paid for that, then decided it was time to call it a night. They had a flight to catch tomorrow.

As they were getting their coats on, Dan heard it. A sizeable group had been sitting in the far corner of the restaurant. They were getting up to leave and Dan swore he caught it, your voice. He froze in place, confusing Phil and a few patrons. “You alright?” Phil asked. Dan didn’t respond, he was too busy searching the dimly lit place for your face. Finally he saw it. You were even more beautiful in real life. He wanted to punch himself in the face for sounding so cheesy. You wore simple clothes, but to Dan you could’ve been a model walking the runway in front of him. Whatever joke your friend made had you full on laughing with your head thrown back. Dan wanted to make you laugh like that. Did he want to talk to you? Badly. Was he going to? Probably not, he didn’t even know what to say. Phil put a hand on his shoulder, and Dan shrugged it off. Before he could talk himself out of it he was walking, coming toward you. He could see you holding a camera in your right hand. So you were vlogging this trip. Dan looked forward to watching the video later, remembering that he had actually been this close to you.

Christ, he felt like a fanboy.

After a few exhausting hours of Playlist Live, you wanted to do nothing but sleep until you caught the flight back home tomorrow, but your friends had insisted you come out with them. After a couple drinks you were glad they’d convinced you to come out. The food had been nice, and for once you’d just put the camera down and enjoyed your time. As you all got your things together, everyone in your group fell silent suddenly, looking toward the exit. You turned your head, wondering what they were all staring at.

It was Dan Howell, and he was coming right toward you.

Well, probably not actually coming toward you, but it at least seemed that way. You waited for him to turn left or right and head in another direction, but he was coming straight for you. He was in a sharp outfit, something clearly high fashion and probably worth more than the apartment you lived in. You were too shocked to be starstruck. Your friends all moved away as he stopped about a foot in front of you. “Uh, hello. Sorry to walk up to you like this but…you’re from youtube right?” You blinked. He was asking about you? His voice was small and shy, he could barely meet your eyes. He was just as adorable as he was online, you thought.

Fuck, he’d asked you a question, right?

“Yeah, I am.” Like a dork you lifted your camera and waved it a little. “You’re Danisnotonfire right?” His face lit up and he smiled. “Yeah I am. You know me?” You playfully rolled your eyes. “Well, it’d be weird if I didn’t. You’re kind of a celebrity in the community,” you said. Dan gave an awkward laugh and his face burned. He fought the urge to look down at his feet. “Sorry, I don’t like to assume. Not everyone knows me, ya know? Anyway, sorry to bother you I just…well I watch your videos and I’m a pretty big fan. I love your travel vlogs like especially when you go to places I’ve been before and-” He was rambling. He knew he was rambling yet he just kept going. When he was out of breath, he could see that you were giggling at him softly. Now his face was definitely red, he was embarrassing himself in front of his favorite youtuber. “Sorry Dan,” you covered your mouth and tried to hide your smile, “I’m not laughing at you I just-I find it so sweet that you’re a fan of me when I was practically in love with you when I was younger. It’s kinda surreal.” Great, he was coming off like a crazy fan and you were probably afraid of him now.

Looking around, you noticed your friends had mysteriously disappeared. Now that he was in front of you, you really remembered how handsome he was. He seemed to be embracing the curls and you liked it very much. “I’m sorry. I hope I haven’t ruined your night by acting all twitchy and odd.” Great. It was on to the self-deprecating jokes now. “No you could never. I had, like the biggest crush on you when I was younger. I never thought I’d meet you. And if I did, then I’d probably be so much worse.” Dan heard your words, but his mind was stuck on ‘crush’. Your friends were now giving you slightly impatient looks from the front door. “Well Dan,” you smiled big at him, “it was so awesome meeting you, but I think my friends are two minutes away from making me walk back to the hotel so…I guess I’ll be seeing you online?” Dan was stuck in place, watching you smile and feeling you brush past him to leave the restaurant.


You stopped and turned back around. “Do you think that…that maybe you’d want to do something sometime? Or like would you-” Dan took a deep breath. “Could I have your number? Or email, or whatever you use to keep in touch.” Your heart melted. He was stumbling over his words. The Dan Howell, famous youtuber extraordinaire, was actually nervous in front of you and asking for your number. “Sure, lemme see your phone.” You quickly put your information in, even snapped a selfie for the contact photo. Your hands brushed as you gave his phone back, and Dan swallowed. Maybe it was the couple of drinks or the fact that this was a once in a lifetime moment, but you stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. He was still frozen when you and your friends left the restaurant.

Phil brought an arm around his friend’s shoulders, pulling him outside and calling a car to take them back. “And just who was that?” Dan ignored him, though. He kept looking at your number, reading the digits back. He couldn’t believe it, he had met you, his favorite youtuber, his online crush. And the best part was: You liked him too.

Thoughts of the Future (Don’t Scare Me at All) // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: FLOOF

Words: 1.8k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: none

Summary: Dan and Phil babysit Miles one night during Playlist Live. Inevitably, the two have a conversation regarding the future, including building their own family.

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Kissing the Sun

Summary: While trying to hide his obvious crush on Phil, Dan accidentally slips and calls Phil cute. What follows leaves Dan stunned.

Genre: Fluff, Friends to boyfriends

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,341

It was like any other day. Dan was sitting in his natural browsing position, scrolling through his dashboard on Tumblr (his secret account of course, so he could reblog Phil gifs) when he should’ve been getting dressed. In the bathroom downstairs was Phil, Dan’s flat mate and best friend. The two lived together, and Dan couldn’t have been happier. How could he not be? He was in love with the sun.

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I want Dan ((Phil too!! I would prefer Phil even. Just Dan's more likely :/ )) to wear something rainbow. Validate me dad.

i just want dan/phil to take a photo of the other one sound asleep with the sunlight shining gently through the window, creating a faint rainbow on their face or their arm, captioned “your skin looks nice under the rainbow sun”

The Boy in His Mind

Summary: (sequel to The Boy in the Mirror) As Phil slowly becomes more visible, Dan finds it hard to remember that only he can see Phil.

TW: alcohol, violence, hallucinations.

Word Count: 2.7K

Genre: Fluff and then angst

thanks to my beta randomtroylerblog :]

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random phan thoughts and ramblings i had after that a++ selfie dan posted with the plaid shirt and the ripped jeans

Dan wearing the ripped jeans and plaid shirt for the first time and Phil kind of walks in on him and is low key shook but doesn’t show it. He’s a little flustered watching Dan fix his hair to “complete the look” as Dan would say but just ends up awkwardly standing there, completely forgetting what to do. Dan notices so he’s like “uhm, you right there, Phil?” and Phil just fumbles his words and tells him he forgot something and Phil rushes out of there because FUCK he looks good.

Cue Dan posting the selfie and Phil just kind of stares at it for a lot longer than necessary. Eventually he walks back into the room and Dan is like “You ok fam?” because Phil is acting a little weird but Phil just shrugs it off and says he’s feeling a little off that day so Dan starts getting all worried.

TIME SKIP bc I ain’t got time for that slow burn bullshit amirite. Anyway, Dan pulls Phil aside because they’re in public and he doesn’t really want anyone who knows them to see them having a “domestic.” He confronts Phil about why he’s been acting so weird and avoiding eye contact and he just assumes he’s done something wrong so he apologises but has no idea what he’s done and Phil starts feeling extremely guilty because that’s not it at all.                        

“You just look really good today okay?!” Phil admits a bit too loudly and the people close by turn their heads but Dan is kind of like “Uhm what?” and Phil just looks down and starts awkwardly stroking his own arm. “I just-you look really good”

And there’s this kind of silence and Dan being as oblivious as ever just goes “What are you on about?” and Phil sighs before he grabs Dan’s shoulders and shakes him a little bit. “I’m too distracted. You look too good and it’s making me stressed.”

Dan lets out a laugh and he’s like “What the fuck are you on about, Phil?” and Phil just groans. “Forget it,” he says with a pout and lets Dan go but Dan’s still a little confused because his brain is still trying to process what exactly is going on.

“Well, okay then?” Dan says and he’s about to walk away but Phil holds onto his wrist and Dan looks back at him but before he can say anything else, Phil grabs his collar and pulls him close and Dan is slightly terrified that Phil is about to punch him in the face but his brain pretty much short circuits because Phil is kissing him????

And when Phil pulls away Dan is just staring at him wide eyed. “Wait what?” is all that he can say and Phil just face palms. “You’re an idiot, Howell,” he says before he just walks away, leaving Dan in a state of wtf just happened.

Ok I’m done bye.

I do realise I haven’t written anything phan related in a very long time but that photo kind of just gave me a lot of feelings lmao oops

The Wrong Twin

Summary: pastel!Dan has a crush on his twin brother’s boyfriend. but he finally moves on when he gets a boyfriend. Dan’s new boyfriend drags him to a party where Dan gets drunk and runs into Phil. Things happen.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 3,620
Warnings: drinking and swearing
Beta: thanks to the fabulous @luminescentlester for betaing <3

A/N: there aren’t enough twin fics in the phandom and that makes me sad

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I found his jumper part 9|| D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part, Eighth Part

A/N: Hello! I don’t know why but I felt a bit off while writing this. I really hope it didn’t turn out bad. I would also like to give a little shout out to @dan-philxreader-fics because of the super sweet message I got. 

Word Count: 1.8k


Originally posted by wiinterberries

“I still can’t believe it! You and assf-Dan?!” Hayley corrected herself after I had shot her a warning look. She was sprawled out on my bed, her green hair as bright as ever. I had just told her the full story without leaving out any details. Hayley had insisted on me starting at kindergarten, so I did.

It was obviously a bit hard for her to believe that I was talking about the same Dan she knew as fuckboy and jock. During my story she had to interrupt me a few times just to shout ‘Dan did that?!’ or 'He said what?!’. We had spend most of the afternoon just talking about me and him although I had actually planned to prepare for my date.

“Can you help me pick an outfit now, please?” I whined, looking at my wardrobe in frustration. I had to be ready for my first date with Dan in less than two hours and yet I still stood in front of my closet in my underwear. He didn’t even tell me where he was taking me so it was even harder to pick out the right outfit. Normally I wouldn’t make such a big deal out of something like this, but today I was kinda nervous. I didn’t want to overdress nor underdress. In the end I chose something in the middle, not too fancy and not too casual. I had to show Hayley 7 different outfits before we found the right one.

“Are you ready?” Hayley asked me five minutes before Dan would pick me up.

I swallowed hard while fumbling around with the necklace I was wearing.

“I’m just a bit nervous.” I admitted with a worried look at the clock. He’d be there any minute.

“C'mon Rose. There is nothing to stress about. From what I can tell Dan is completely crazy about you. It will be just fine.” my best friend assured me just as there was a knock on the door.

Hayley shot me one last smile before I headed to open the door. As I entered the living room I came to see that somebody had been quicker than me. Charlotte had let Dan in already.

“It’s not too late to take me out instead of her, you know.” I could clearly hear her offer. She twirled her hair around her finger and tried to sound extra seductive. That was another low point even for Charlotte. The urge to shout at her or rip her head off was stronger than ever.

'Hayley would have punched her.’ I thought to myself as I tried to calm myself down.

Gladly Dan didn’t seem were intrigued by her act. He uncomfortably scratched the back of his head.

“I’ll wait for Rose, thank you.” he answered her while his eyes were scanning the room. I internally smiled at his answer, completely forgetting my anger at the same time. As soon as Dan spotted me has face immediately glowed up.

“Ah there you are!” he happily exclaimed, scaring Charlotte with his sudden outburst.

I quickly waved at him while my eyes were scanning his body. He was wearing black skinny jeans like always paired with a dark leather jacket. Honestly he looked absolutely stunning. Seeing him like this made black my new favourite colour.  

“I’ll take over now. Thanks for answering the door.” I told Charlotte with a faked sugar sweet smile. She glared at the ground before she finally trotted back to her room in defeat. I heard her mumble something under her breath but I decided to just let it go and concentrate on Dan.

“Hi, rosy cheeks.” Dan greeted me softly and I immediately blushed at the nickname.

I gulped out a shy 'hi’ in return, making him laugh.

He took my hand in his and lead me outside to where his car was parked. I shot him a confused look as he pulled his keys from his pocket. I had assumed that we would just have dinner at a restaurant in town or watch a movie. We wouldn’t need a car for that since town was easy to reach by foot.

Trying to be the perfect gentleman Dan opened the door to his car for me. I got in, already filled with curiosity and excitement.

“I didn’t think our date would start with Charlotte trying to steal me from you. I’m sorry I -” Dan started to ramble before starting the engine.

“It’s not your fault. She’s just- I’m glad you denied her offer and chose me.” I said with a little laugh.  

“Rose, don’t be stupid. I’d choose you over everybody.” he answered, proving once again that Hayley was right. Dan was crazy about me.

He pulled his gaze from my body and grabbed the leathery steering wheel before pulling out of the parking spot. It was 6 in the afternoon on a late September day. Fall had arrived, but it wasn’t freezing cold outside yet. I alternated between mindlessly gazing out of the window and staring at Dan. He looked hot when he was driving. I remembered the time he got his diver’s licence during High School and girls went crazy over it.

After a 10 minutes drive we joined the motorway and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Dan where are we going?” I blurted out louder than I had planned to.

He just laughed and shook his head.

“I’m not telling you. I know how much you love surprises.” he teased and I stuck out my tongue at him in response.

“I only love surprises if my curiosity is not killing me before I get to see them.” I pouted, making another throaty laugh escape his mouth.    

After an hour of driving, talking and listening to music we still hadn’t arrived at whatever place Dan was taking me to. I didn’t mind though. I loved long car rides and we had enough time to catch up on all the things we missed out on because we were too busy hating on each other. It was nice to have Dan back. It was so easy to talk to him. My shyness and nervousness were gone in an instance.

“Are we there, yet?” I jokingly asked, after 2 hours of driving.

Dan was just about to answer as I started to recognize the highway streets and the street signs suddenly spoke of familiar places.

“Oh my god, no way. Dan!” I shouted, basically pressing my face against the window. My nose touched the cold glass as I stared at my home town in front of the car’s window.

“Surprise.” Dan chuckled, looking at my startled face with an amused grin.

After 2 and a half hours we had finally arrived and Dan parked his car between my childhood home and his. It brought back a lot of memories and coming here again with him meant a lot.

“I can’t believe you drove me back here on our first date.” I exclaimed as we both got out of the car. I looked around with wide eyes. Everything obviously still looked the same. It hadn’t been that long since I left for university, but I missed this place. Dan took my hand in his again, but instead of leading me to one of our houses to greet our parents, he walked off into another direction.

“Dan what -” I was about to ask as I realized that he was guiding me towards the forest we used to play in all summer when we were younger. My heart was jumping with delight as we returned to this place together. We walked next to each other closely. The leaves had already changed colour and twigs were cracking underneath our feet.

After ten minutes of walking next to each other we reached our old tree house. The wood it was made out of looked a little rotten already and it was hidden behind wild plants, but besides that it still looked the same.

“Do you remember the time we slept in the tree house?” Dan asked me as we stopped in front of it.

“Convincing my mum to allow me to sleep there took forever.” I laughed, remembering the huge amount of pleas and puppy dog eyes it took me to make her say yes.

“I also remember that a certain someone got pretty scared during the night.” Dan said teasingly and nudged me with his elbow.

“That certain someone was you Dan.” I reminded him with a giggle, making him blush.

“Oh yeah, you are right.” he mumbled and looked away in embarrassment.

“Aw look who is blushing now. I honestly thought you were pretty cute especially when you crawled into my sleeping bag.” I told him with a big smile.

We had ended up spending the whole night in the same sleeping bag because some strange noise scared the the living hell out of Dan. I had gone camping with my parents a lot so I wasn’t scared at all.

We didn’t dare to climb up the tree house in case the old wood would crush under our weight. Instead we kept walking until we reached a huge field.

In the middle of it was a little hill, our hill. It was already quite dark outside, but the moon was nearly full and one could see a lot of stars. Hand in hand, Dan and I made our way through the knee high grass. We sat down on top of the hill, just like we used to when we were kids.

“Thank you.” I whispered overwhelmed by all of this.

“I thought it would be a good idea. You know? I’d like to rewrite the story that is us. The last time we were here I held your hand and you realized that you have feelings for me.”

In the same moment he said that he intertwined our fingers.

“Let’s be what we could have been back then now. I got a second chance and I promise I won’t screw it up. I really want to make us work. I promise to do everything to make you happy, Rose.”  

And with that being said I kissed him as if it would seal his promise. The butterflies were back and I couldn’t think straight anymore. I felt like I was in a daze. His lips moved against mine in a slow rhythm at first. Dan’s hands were holding onto my waist as he was pulling me closer. I tangled my fingers in his brown hair, while his tongue brushed my bottom lip. His tall figure felt warm against my body, but that wasn’t the only reason why I was dying to be as close to him as possible. My heart was racing and my mind went completely blank as Dan’s lips began moving faster and more needily against mine.

I liked this story a lot more already.

do me against your wall
AN: Dan what have you done -mariel


On one inconspicuous (who am I kidding, it was April 1st) afternoon, I walked into the bathroom of my boyfriend’s apartment, ready to shower and wash off the day’s stress. I got off work early because I wasn’t feeling well, so Dan picked me up and took me back to his place. All I wanted now was to put on comfy clothes (maybe Dan’s?) and snuggle into my boyfriend’s arms.

However, I walked into the restroom to find my boyfriend taking a selfie. His back was to me, so he hadn’t seen me yet. He was in that Wildcats jersey he received at Playlist. To be honest, when I first saw that piece of clothing, I thought it was ridiculous. Why would he wear something like that? But seeing the way it fit his long body, the way his arms looked, and the sweatpants he wore with it. But holy crap. My eyes involuntarily traveled down the back of his body, and I was mildly thankful for the sagging sweatpants.

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Dan Avidan (aka Danny sexbang) [Game Grumps] Imagine

Anonymous asked: can you write an imagine where you’re friends with Suzy and she wants to set you up with Danny? 

A/N: okay I am super excited to write this because Dan’s the man and he is a cinnamon roll and yeah. But this is super long and I hope you enjoy! And I hope you request some more especially for him lol and I am ready to write more!

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hate to see your heart break

A/N: back again like an unshakable disease

i.                  Like most best friends, you and Dan have all the cliché embarrassing stories.

Dan throwing his entire plate of food over your head when you were toddlers.

You accidentally knocking Dan off his feet when you were learning to ride a bike as a six year old.

Dan sticking up for you against the neighbourhood bully at twelve.

Drinking cheap alcohol in the park together for the first time as teenagers.

You getting your first boyfriend at sixteen and Dan not knowing how to deal with it.

Dan realising as an adult that he’s actually head over heels for you but too scared to do anything about it.


Story of his damn life.

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Request 21-chemistry

I pushed my arm against his bicep in attempt to stop my laughter. My efforts failed and I ended up leaning against him; tears running down my face. Once I finished laughing I looked up to him. His face full of disbelief.
“It wasn’t that funny” he smiled running a hand through his hair.
“Dan. You smacked a posh ass waiter then elbowed Louise in the tit!” I almost shouted as I broke into the same laughter Dan had described earlier in his story. I crossed my arm across my waist in attempt to heal the sharp pain from my laughter.

Earlier in the day I was sat in the famous Dan and Phil apartment with Phil. Dan had just left to film a video and left Phil and I to watch Captain America.
“Y'know y/n, you and Dan have alot of chemistry between you” Phil mentioned raising an eyebrow. I was shocked to say the least at Phils words. “Everyone can see it. Me, Louise, Felix, Marzia, everyone” I turned to look at him, failing to hide the redness that crept onto my cheeks.
“Well thats just because he’s one of my best friends, like you” I returned trying to hide my feelings for Dan.
“Y/n, I’m not stupid. It’s more than friendship and you both clearly fe-”
“GUYYS!!” Dan shouted from upstairs. I rushed up, followed by Phil whose smile I could feel widening.
“What the fuck Dan” I laughed at the 6foot man in a pile of black material. I walked over and started picking shirts and suit jackets off the floor when Dan pulled my leg down so I was sat opposite him. I turned back to Phil who just rolled his eyes at the two of us, sat on the floor like two 5 year olds sat in a sand pit.
“I was just looking for something to wear to the party later” Dan sighed lifting jeans and shirts off the floor. We told Felix and Marzia we would go to a party they were hosting even though we didn’t know why they were hosting it.

Dan told me the story of the awkward fancy meal after I commented on the awkwardness of knowing 5 out of 32 people at the party.

We sat on the sofa in the now abandoned living room as most people left and the remained where in the kitchen. While he was out of the room I told Dan about Phils statement earlier in the day.
“Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea” He smiled placing his hand in mine. I looked up to his eyes which changed in the last 2 minutes and saw the increase in his pupils. I leaned back away from him and crossed my legs on the sofa to look at him better.

I stared into his eyes for a while longer before his hands took hold of my waist. The shock of his touch caused me to jolt back before both of us broke into uncontrollable laughter. His hands were back on my waist as he began tickling me until I couldn’t breath.

He was hovering above me; both of us sharing a huge grin before Dan leaned down and connected our lips. I kissed back earning a appreciative smile from Dan. It wasn’t long before I felt our lips sync with eachother. I forgot everything about my surroundings, the only thing that mattered was Dan and I.

I didn’t know how long it was until I heard the sound of my best friend attention coughing. Dan heard him too. We broke away from eachother and looked up to Phil. Luckily he was the only one there so we weren’t too embarrassed.
“So… Are you two like?” Phil asked, suggestion clear in his voice. I looked over to Dan to see he had his answer clear. We both had the same answer so I smiled up at Phil, nodding my head slightly.

Moments later the remainder of the party goers entered the room. I shuffled up to Dan to allow more space on the sofa. The strong smell of alcohol flooded my nostrils as PJ sat next to me. Felix, Marzia and Phil were opposite us and Marzia was holding something behind her back. I looked up to Phil whose smile was brighter than I’d seen before. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and seconds later I felt mine vibrate. I read the message before showing Dan. He just shrugged so I took it upon myself to deal with Phils message.

I looked over to Marzia as she lit her phone up to read my message. Her face lit up too. A smug grin made its was to my face as she presented the phone to Felix.
“So it finally happened” Felix said reaching for something behind Marzia. He pulled out a bottle of champagne which caused me to giggle.
“Have you all wanted it that long” Dan commented as Felix popped the cork. Three of the four others in the room smiled while PJ swayed slightly in his seat, oblivious to what was happening.