it looks like my face is melting

There is this boy at my school who I think is the most attractive boy in the whole universe. He has tan skin that just seems to maintain its color no matter what time of year it is. His hair is a chocolate curly brown, that he runs his hands through at least 20 times today. His eyes are a caramel-brownish shade that I truly melt into and am lost for words when ever I look into them. But he also has this laugh that is literally one of a kind, and not in a cute way, its high pitched and almost girly but its still music to my ears and always brings a smile to my face. When he talks to his friends, he always makes the funniest jokes and, when he needs to be, nice/helpful to them.

All my friends say that he isn’t attractive and has no like able qualities, and they just cant understand why I like him. I can never seem to figure out why they don’t think he is attractive or funny, it literally blows my mind. .

But to be completely honest, I’ve never even had a conversation with him.
Im not even friends with the people he’s friends with.

So he will never know that while his friends are mocking his laugh, I’m falling for it. Or when he is smiling, I want nothing more than to be the one making him smile. Never will he know that when he runs his hands through his hair, its my dream to run mine through it too.

So if you are ever thinking that nobody will ever love you because you haven’t been asked out on a date or a stupid boy in high school hasn’t confessed his undying love for you, don’t think that someone doesn’t think of you as an amazing attractive person.

While you’re sitting in class laughing with your friends, someone may be falling in love with the sound of your laugh(even if its a funny one), or the way your eyes light up when your truly happy, or even the way you run your hands through your hair.

Don’t ever think your not good enough just because some boy/girl hasn’t told you how amazing you are.

Here goes another shitty clickbait countdown video that I’m not going to watch. How dare it try to tell me what video game moments scared me as a kid. There’s only one video game moment that ever scared me, and it’s most certainly not on this list. I was playing with Mario’s face in Mario 64 when my dad comes into the room and looks me dead in the eyes, as serious as can be. I thought I was in trouble. He said “You’re hurting Mario! You’re making Mario’s face melt!” Then he just started screaming. I was like six and didn’t know what was going on, so I just started screaming too. I looked at the screen, and Mario’s mouth is open and he’s fucking screaming.

My mom walked into the room wondering why the fuck everyone is screaming. She’s like, “Why the fuck is everyone screaming?” Then my dad looks at her and he has Mario’s face, and she starts screaming. None of this stuff really happened, so of course it wouldn’t be on the list. The one thing that scared me in video games as a kid was when you would play Crash Bandicoot and crash would tell you to go fuck yourself. Thank you for reading this post.

Okay, but the scene in Jody’s house with the pizza and the Netflix… I can’t have been the only one who just couldn’t keep their eyes off of Sam’s loose, relaxed moosey self all sprawled over that couch. He looked like he’d kinda just melted into that position like an ice cream cone in direct sunlight. And his little cheeky grins, and the little jibes about Dean’s hentai thing, and his dimples… just his face in general. He looked so pure and content and happy and I loved every last bit of him in that scene.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that and the way Sam and Dean just popped up at Jody’s door all smiles and stink because they were fresh from a hunt like “we’re adorable and smelly and hungry please let us in so we can eat all your food and watch your Netflix”. I definitely couldn’t have said no to those faces.

My lil pure smol beans.

Cold remedies and tips

I am currently sick af and thought I’d use this time to give some great remedies for colds.

Aromatherapy: I actually got an aromatherapy diffuser for Christmas, and I have been using peppermint oil to help clear my sinuses. There are all sorts of oils that you can use that help when your sick, just look on Pinterest!

Use shower melts too, you can pick up a shower vapor tablet at CVS and take a warm shower to open up your sinuses. Plus, you always feel better when you’re clean and fresh, especially after laying in bed all day.

I like using my mint face scrub, which does the same thing as the peppermint oil in my diffuser. It makes me feel like I can breathe better.

Take Emergen-C if you think you’re likely to get sick. Tho these are for more preventative measures, it has something crazy like over 1000% of your daily vitamin C, and other vitamins to help prevent a cold.

DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. And drink orange juice!

Try to stay away from dairy if your throat is sore. I like to eat a lot of soup, fruit, and rice when I’m sick.

Sleep!!! I know you want to go out, or have to go to work, but call out and get your rest, because your body needs it. Lay in bed and watch tv or read and sleeeeep all day. And if someone covers your shift, don’t be stingy and cover theirs in the future. Help each other out.

Keep lights dim to avoid headaches and migraines

Tan alka-seltzer plus cold formula!!! I know it tastes like shit, but it helps with symptoms. Zicam also helps with cold symptoms and doesn’t taste as bad.

Another thing, DON’T PANIC about stuff you need to get done or should be doing. You need to REST. I was so busy during Christmas, but as soon as the day after Christmas hit I woke up sick, and had no energy to do anything on my massive to do list. I got a little anxious about it, but I realized I needed to let my body rest!

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ML christmas post reveal
  • Chat noir: Merry Christmas, My lady. (Pulls out mistletoe and holds it over his head)
  • Ladybug: (looks at him and smirks. She snatches the mistletoe out of his hands and throws it off the roof)
  • Chat noir: Oh... I guess you don't....
  • Ladybug: (Grabs his face, and kisses him hard, that chat noir does the leg lift.)
  • Chat noir: (Is released from kiss) I-I-I
  • Ladybug: You don't need a mistletoe to kiss me silly kitty, just ask. (Heads off to building, as Chat melts like a puddle)
leave me a tender chaos

once or twice
      maybe more / but
             never less

layer upon layer

      & then / nothing left
             to want but

birds in a castle
      bricks / bracelets
             bruises &

the evening news
      so soft / cotton
             cloaking your body

leave the dress
      a mess / next to
             my bed

like evidence like
      a knife / a face
             in a locked drawer

too fruitful the fierce
      sensation / temptation
             you are &

we left it by the lake
      found it / every morning
             in the hills

a snake in the fields
      as the field workers / yield
             & yearn for the night

looking at the sky
      dark sky / radiant sky
             look it is

melting melting
      permafrost / mammoths
             rise like moons

we will knead the night
      we / will

& drive faster
      you say / I say
             no but yes

the desert is a deity
      backwards / crawling
            drooling & just

don’t miss the islands
      more / than they miss
             us & we are

neat nations tore apart
      help me dig / a tomb in
             the mammoth

& love your grave
      please / don’t
             love your grave

love milk and butter
      honey / butter &
             milk. skin. silk.

It’s crazy, because when it comes to you I’m just putty. You simply look at me and I would melt to your every whim- do whatever it took to keep that smile full of sunshine radiating across your face. And, I still can’t figure out how you got me like this, but I haven’t been able to shake this feeling you give me. It’s almost like you’re embedded into my bones. And, God, do I hope you stay.
—  Please stay.

anonymous asked:

please push me down into the matress with your hands on my stomach. lean forward and pant how i look like an angel to you while i buck my pelvis and grind against your groin. cup my face with your palms and tell me how handsome you think that i am. let me know how much you adore me. give me praise until i melt in your mouth

People who assume self-dx’ers are kids trying to be “cool” are wrong.

My mom can’t sit and do nothing, she’s always gotta be stimulated by some activity even if it’s a jigsaw puzzle or reading. She usually has games going on her iPad while the TV is blasting.

Even while recovering from surgery in 2012, she had to have things to entertain her like crocheting, having her bed by the window so she could look outside and access to the hospital TV set in her room.

Sitting and waiting with nothing to do makes her extremely irritable. My mom is not normally a grumpy person, but when she has to wait longer than expected you’ll swear the look on her face will melt bricks.

A commercial on TV prompted her into weeks of Google searches that helped my mom figure out why she is the way she is. 

She discovered she drinks coffee so much (literally morning to night) because the stimulant action of caffeine helps her focus. She’s been calming herself down with coffee since she was 8. It started when her mom put coffee in her milk and school got easier in the morning and hard in the afternoon until she came home and drank more milk-coffee before doing her homework.

Today, my mom walked into my room with her iPad in hand and a look of triumph on her face as she said, “I have ADHD.”

My mom just self-diagnosed herself with ADHD. 

She’ll be 71 years old in September of 2016.

Favorite out of context Noodle quotes from the Jaguar interview
  • Murdoc says my Japanese tea tastes like the devil’s tears. 
  • When do I get the keys? 
  • I also want to work on my wheel spins and donuts 
  • We humans are smart. Well, maybe not 2D. He thought The Exorcist was a work-out video. 
  • Look, you can’t persuade a teenager to do anything.
  • You’re asking me to choose between playing a face-melting guitar solo and burning rubber on a race track? Next question. 
  • Soba noodles
  • Like one of those Tamagotchi. Remember them? 
Episode 33 - Kentin

Look at his face! He looks mad, but also like he’s melting at her touch! I can’t stand it. Let me go squeal about it for a couple minutes.

Anyway, got it my first shot!

Not sure how I did it…and not sure which choices truly matters, but I’ll try to remember what I did, so I can help all Kentin’s girl here get the illustration! :)

I stared at Kentin

I didn’t look at Iris’ computer both times

I drank the punch

I talked with Armin (2nd highest love-o-meter)

I chose truth and harmless

I asked Iris if she was okay

I think that’s pretty much it. 

Good luck :) 


Helping raise my little brothers can be really hard sometimes; I don’t get to have the social life or freedom most other 23 year olds have. Sleeping in means until 7.30 latest and you’re a fool if you think you can have a bath without little hands tapping away at the door, begging to come in. But man, look at them. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. And then they say things like “you my best friend and always protect me from the scary monsters” and your heart melts. I am so lucky to have them (the beautiful, ‘do not stop talking for 5 seconds’, cake-stealing terrors) and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Favorite BDJ moments in Something Rotten! (Brian’s final SR! performance countdown 4/10):  7 - Right Hand Man (Part Two)

“There’s no problem that’s too big;
when you’re married, that’s the gig.
So don’t be a sexist pig!


One of my all time Worst experiences. First off, her house was completely filthy. It was a nice condo but her and whoever she lived with just destroyed it. Carpet was gross. Look like rat shit was all over it. Walls were dirty and had holes like someone was punching them. Trash all over the place. Nasty bathroom. Bathtub stained and ruined. I think the sink was clogged. Her face was weird. It was like half her skin had melted or some shit. I got my head and got the fuck out.

Handcuffs, Hair pulling, and Hyung(s) part 3

Here it is! Late because of course it is. I gotta keep ya on your toes.

Just know, Onew is not the sweet cutie we normally see him as. Think of him as … “Daddy Debulge” Onew

OMG. That one thing makes me feel dirtier than this whole smut.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, my laptop is fucking melting from writing it.

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You see her one day,
Her soft, golden red hair seems to shine,
Like a blaze,
A flame just for you.

She doesn’t see you,
Her nose is buried in the pages of her book,
The small smile on her face,
Makes your heart swell.

Suddenly, she’s all you can think about,
When she finally looks up at you,
You’re breathless,
Her eyes, those green orbs, seem to speak words you never thought possible.

She smiles at you and blushes,
There’s something in her innocence that makes you melt,
You walk over to her,
Smiling at her, you hold out your hand.

“Anna,” you say kindly, “my name’s Anna.”
And she looks up at you and bites her lip softly, hesitantly,
The shine in her eyes makes you want to draw her,
Cover an entire canvas of watercolours, bright and radiant.

Pour every inch of her wonder and beauty,
To see it for the first time all over again,
To put it to memory,
Hoping that one day, she’ll think you’re worthy.

“Lavinia,” she says, holding your hand in hers, “my name’s Lavinia.”