it looks like matt and arthur are looking at it

ik we don’t talk about doctor who much bc it became cringe-y but. man does anyone remember the era with matt smith, karen gillan and arthur darvil? i just found those three so funny because they were a bunch of goofy hipsters outside of doctor who i mean look at them

like? are u sure this is amy pond, the doctor, and rory?? bc they look like they’re about to drop an indie rock hit single on npr

also??? what a bunch of goofballs??

USUK Fall/Halloween Card Event (3/3): Spooky Pumpkins

Fall Card #1, Fall Card #2, Fall Card #3

Summary: (USUK) It’s Halloween night, Arthur is abandoned in a themed farm of horrors. Pumpkins somehow make it better.

Card made for:  croutonmafia

Warnings: traditional omegaverse

A/N: <3

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Rusame prompt: "no homo" bros where everyone knows they're a couple except them

I present you a variation upon the theme:

RusAme Canonverse, Rated T

America will admit that it’s not the first time he’s had a bag thrown over his head and shoved into a car. It probably won’t be the last either.

He’d been walking home after sitting at the World War II memorial as purple dusk was swooped up by black night, watching the water light up in the night and let the fountains whisper some calm into his bones. He liked to sit there and think after bureaucracy managed to chip away at his soul a little too much. It always managed to realign him and by the end when he could think straight again he’d stand up give a nod of thanks and a wry salute to Lincoln in the distance. Tired at that point, America had cut through the lawn and down a dark street, away from the glittering waters of the Potomac and to the hot den of the Metro.

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Why are

there SO many 

gorgeous actors in 

this world,

yet they all

are not only

so far out of

my age range,

but I have almost 

no chance of 

ever meeting them,

not to mention the fact

that most are happy

 with a partner of some sort

or are not of a sexual orintation

that works in my favor.

I know that you 

may not agree

with all of my hunky choices,

but that isn’t my point.

My point IS look at

 all of these beauties,

there are so many!

so why do all of the boys at my school look like


i saw a post of military!germany getting switched with his human!husband version and i can’t help but wonder…

nation!England gets switched with his human version and he doesn’t notice a thing… France breaking into his house to cook breakfast? it happens. France calling him Arthur? ok. bickering over random shit? same old same old. the gold rings? maybe it was one of those days… alarms were only raised when he saw Matt and Alfred coming home from school. calling him dad. looking like literal CHILDREN. and he’s like… well, something is terribly amiss in this.

Seeing Things- 2p1p CanAme

2p Matt can see spirits, but when he finally meets someone else with his ability, that person - 1p Ame- is deathly scared of those spirits. It’s up to Matt to help Alfred accept his powers.  

“His penchant of talking to faeries is your fault, I’ll have you know dearest,” Marianne says to Arthur. Her husband just rolls his eyes.

“Of course you’d think so. It’s just an imaginary friend.”

Matt is reading a book on the floor, and he looks up at his parents. The child- now 8 and a half- had always had a rather serious personality, and so the insistence of talking to imaginary friends is rather a startling thing for his parents.

“Matthew’s not a fairy,” the little boy says, voice steady and truthful. “He’s a spirit… but not like a ghost spirit. Like a heavenly spirit. He can talk to plants and animals.”

“Of course, of course,” Marianne replies with an indulgent expression. “You’re just like your dear father.”

“I don’t know why you pretend not to believe in fairies,” Arthur grouches. “I’ve shown them to you, haven’t I?”

His parents fall to bickering in a sweet playful way that Matt is used to. He looks over at the cute blonde boy that looks about his age stretched out next to him on the carpet.

“Not everyone believes,” the spirit says in a small shy voice. “And that’s alright. I’m just glad I have you to be my friend.”

Matt smiles at him. “We’ll always be friends.”

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I met Matt Smith today at FanExpo! He was so sweet and was somehow more gorgeous in person. I wasn’t able to say much to him because it all went by so quickly, but he was so happy and energetic with everyone even though the queue was miles long!  It was such an amazing experience :) 



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Whats a tip for a starter ask blog like me? I was planning to do a slytherin Kiku one and TEACH ME SENPAIII

///SLYTHERIN KIKU— WAIT U SRS?! tho— eh;; I don’t think I’m the right person to ask for these kinds of things;; I’m still pretty much n00bish still even after a year of ask blogging;; //sweats;;

But i’ll try i guess??;;


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Toy Ducklings and Sticky Hands (2/5)

Part (1)  -  Part (2)  -  Part (3)  -  Part (4)  -  Part (5)

Charles took after his father in more ways than just his appetite.

For one, he had the same, fluffy blond hair as the older alpha, settled in a youthful tuft on his head above sharp, green eyes. Arthur and Alfred had heard it plenty–both separately and apart–that the young boy certainly looked like their son.

The differences didn’t end there, however.

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How to Get Over A Regeneration: A Whovian's Guide to Surviving Christmas

Hello and Merry Christmas! First off, let’s give a hand to Matt Smith for his amazing and wonderful run as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who. However, his story has come to an end, and his last episode will be premiering Christmas Day on the BBC, featuring a scene where he will die and be replaced by another actor (the fabulous Peter Capaldi). This is called regeneration and will ultimately break the hearts of Whovians everywhere. However, here are five easy steps to guarantee that you will make it through this event.

Step One: Cry.

It’s alright to cry. Crying is a good way to express your emotions, and we’d rather have crying Whovians at the end of Eleven’s era than spontaneously combusting Whovians for Twelve’s trip.

Step Two: Cuddle.

Just turn to the nearest body. You know what you need? Copious amounts of cuddles with your favorite pet, who won’t judge you when you bawl your eyes out.

External image

Step Three: Comfort Food.

Don’t forget the ice cream and chocolate. Your pet won’t judge you for that either.

Step Four: Coping with Capaldi.

So you lost Matt Smith… It’s sad; it hurts; but don’t worry. There’s still so much to look forward too! So, breathe out all that pain and sadness and embrace the excitement of the new Doctor that’s coming to town.

And look at it this way: at least Clara doesn’t have to wait centuries for the Doctor like Merlin does for Arthur.

Step Five: Christmas!

So you’ve lost your Doctor and got a new one! It’s time to celebrate the holidays now, WHOVIAN STYLE. So are you going to cry all day? 

That’s all, Whovians. We wish a Merry Christmas and good luck with the upcoming regeneration. 

This list has been brought to you by Erin, Oz, Wilfred “Surprise, Bitch. I Bet You Thought You’d Seen The Last of This Gif.” Mott, the Tenth “I Don’t Want to Go, But I Did, So It’s Your Fucking Turn Eleven” Doctor, Peter “I’m Coming to Town” Capaldi, and Merlin and “I’ve Been Dead for A Thousand Years” Arthur Pendragon!

Merry Christmas, Whovians!

April 19th, 2014 - Two Left Feet

AUTHOR: Anonymous

April 19th, 2014 - Two Left Feet

“Come on,” Alfred whined. “I’m not that bad.”

For once, Matthew wasn’t putting up with it. “You broke Aunt Martha’s toes,” he reminded his twin, glancing up and down the street as he looked for the dance studio. “And it’s my big day. I don’t want to worry every time you get on the dance floor.”

“What if I promised not to dance with Aunt Martha?”

Matthew rolled his eyes and pulled the car to a stop. “Not good enough, Al. Now get out. I’ll be back in an hour.”

Since his options were either one hour of dance lessons or three hours of his twin’s ranting, Alfred got out of the car. Watching Matthew pull away, he wondered when his diffident twin had developed such an assertive streak. It probably came from dealing with his fiancée’s older brother. Alfred sighed and stepped into the studio.

The first surprise of his dance lesson came when the studio’s receptionist told him that his instructor’s name was Arthur.

Alfred followed the receptionist up the stairs to the dance studio and got his second surprise of the dance lesson. Arthur was gorgeous. He had a lean and lithe physique, and he looked like he was ready for a dance scene in a film from the Silver Age of Movies, with his gleaming wingtip shoes, well-fitting black trousers, and a vest covering a button-down shirt. His vibrant eyes and tousled hair added contrast to the sharp clothes, but Alfred liked those too.

“This won’t be a problem will it?” the receptionist asked Alfred in a worried tone, misreading the look of surprise on his face. “Your brother said you’d be fine with a male instructor.”

“Right!” Alfred hurried to reassure her, already smitten with the handsome dance instructor. He stepped forward and shook Arthur’s hand. “I’m Alfred. Nice to meetcha.”

Arthur nodded. “Likewise. Now, if you could just take off your shoes before we begin. Wouldn’t want any injuries.”

“Oh, did Matt tell you about that?” Alfred joked as he left his sneakers near the edge of the wall. He looked up to find a worried look on Arthur’s face.

“Tell me about what?”

“Uh… let’s just say there’s a reason he was so insistent.”

“I see.” To his credit, Arthur recovered quickly, though he continued to give Alfred a wary look. “Well, this shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m planning to teach you the one dance you need to know for a wedding: the box waltz.”

Alfred eagerly watched (though he wasn’t particularly interested in the dance moves) as Arthur demonstrated the basic steps, moving fluidly while he explained how the left-right-left-right-left-right pattern worked. It was just like stepping in the four corners of a box, hence the waltz’s name. “Do you think you can do that?” Arthur asked.

Alfred nodded and duplicated the steps. “This isn’t so bad!”

“Well, the trick is doing the steps together,” Arthur said, taking a few steps closer until they were a few handbreadths apart. “The waltz uses the closed position.”

“Okay,” Alfred replied, finding it a little difficult to concentrate as Arthur began lifting and shifting his arms, maneuvering them into position. When Arthur finished, Alfred’s right hand rested between Arthur’s shoulder blades and Arthur’s arm lay lightly on top of his. They clasped hands on the other side and Alfred hoped that his palm wasn’t sweaty.

“Do you feel the connection? We should have a nice, solid frame.”

“Yep!” Alfred agreed. He definitely felt a connection.

“Good. Now follow my count, and remember to start with your left foot forward.”

And just like that, they were dancing, moving in a simple box pattern to the count of one-two-three, one-two-three. Arthur made it feel easy as he matched his steps perfectly to Alfred’s. He offered a few corrections for improving Alfred’s posture, but Alfred thought that the dance felt perfect as it was. Eventually Arthur turned on some music so they could practice dancing to actual songs. It took Alfred a while to find the beat, but he soon managed. Although he had never seen the appeal of ballroom style dancing before, Alfred was willing to admit that it was a lot better than he had expected.

Arthur showed him how to rotate the basic waltz steps and also how to lead his partner in a turn. “It’s not much, but it should add a bit of variety,” he explained. “I’m afraid the box waltz can grow a little boring after a few minutes of the same steps.”

“I don’t think it’s boring at all!” Alfred protested. Of course, he admitted to himself, that was probably because he had a cute guy in his arms.

The compliment actually made Arthur chuckle. “You should reserve judgment until you’ve seen the other waltzes. They all lend themselves to more flourishes…” Arthur’s eyes sparkled as he described the merits of different dances. Alfred was happy to listen for the rest of the dancing lesson, and by the end he felt like he was ready to attend the wedding without making Matthew worry.

Alfred sincerely thanked Arthur at the end of the hour and whistled cheerfully as he waited for Matthew’s car to return. His twin seemed surprised by his good mood.

“How did it go?” Mattie asked as they drove away.

“It was fantastic. I’ve already signed up for another lesson!”