it looks like i've not coloured at all


‘Don’t,’ said Laurent, ‘toy with me. I—have not the means to—defend against this.’

‘I don’t toy with you.’

;3; my sons. More fan art to come i can’t help it


Karasuno parental unit at their best.

2nd years are in their rebel phase and just keep on tormenting uncle Asahi when no one is looking

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Pallette 46 pls~ 8D And the word ‘Blueberry Mint’! (could you draw some more Daisuga >w<? I swear, you draw the most adorable Daisuga) Thank you!

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palette 55 and… Hum…. Plane ! ^^

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how do you generally go about picking palettes and stuff? i've always had problems using really bright n funky saturated colours but you seem to use them all the time n it looks great!

Ahh the way i pick my colors is i usually i make sure the scheme has complementary colors in varying values to keep that a of contrast and intensity without eye sear

 I dont usually complementary colors in large saturated quantities to each other cuz it produces an eye sear which i only use when i feel like it. They also dont produce a large value range so your eye have to work hard to just look at it.

For example my mock iz cover the main tones are orange, green and some blue! Dib is the theme for this ask today.

This provides a nice range of colors containing delicious contrast with minimum eyestrain. Also it gives a nice value range to work from since value provide contrast in itself and saturated colors are usually the same value when de-saturated.

so in short i will use multiple Dibheads to summarize what to do and what not to do.

Dib #1 is eye hell since he has not one but 2 ultra saturated complementary colors in his scheme so. There is no pleasant middle tone to give your eyes relief. Everyone is displeased, Your eyes water in terror and he rebukes your weakness.

Dib #2 has complementary tones (the warm tones in his skin and highlights contrast with everything else) and has some contrast but not enough  to recover your eyes from looking at his doppelganger Dib #1. This Dib is pure edge, since he is only 5 degrees from being either an eye disaster or a eye vacation. Edgy Dib #2

Dib #3 is the bomb and is very chill about it. He not only has a nice complementary color play in his palette but is colors also come in a wide range of values so your eyes are too happy to look at him. Dib #3 a cool drink of water and is happy to provide some relief from staring at the other Dibs. Everyone loves Dib #3.

Make your pictures super cool like Dib #3

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Hello lux!! You always make such cute designs, do you have any tips for making a lil sona? Like, what aspects do you consider when making one? I always have trouble,, ,

 i wanted to make a proper mascot for the blog ,, something that is everything i love

so i made the ultimaTE FUSION SONA !!!

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pls help me! I've been sick and slept all day so when I entered here I saw a bunch of things happened. can you pls tell me everything that happened today? just a list is amazing! thanks xx

okay so off the top:

something involving colourful designer suits that the fandom at first thought had to do with harry but actually has to do with bruno mars (i tuned out of this discussion tbh)

deckstar (steve’s management company) was acquired by JGG (louis’ management company) so it’s looking like their original meeting was actually not very organic at all (according to a billboard article about it the two companies have been in talks for over a year)

we got more articles about eleanor/elounor in the sun and *surprise* louis pops up again at a grocery store in the uk (and the person taking the picture said eleanor was there too but so far no pics of her). we also got two pics of louis in jamaica (i believe at the airport? and again, no pics of eleanor [yet])

LOUIS AND BEBE REXHA MIGHT BE COLLABING. if you check my bebe rexha tag (i’ve been a bit lazy about updating my asks today but the important stuff should be in there) you’ll see more.

what else … oh yeah tammi posted a new pic of ‘freddie’ looking an awful lot like his real biological relatives austin and brett.

i think that’s it? if i’m forgetting something please feel free to reply to this post.


valentine’s day over the years with nick and charlie

[nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman]

Hetalia people - I can’t believe I’ve never drawn something from Hetalia. This fandom needs more love ;-; 

Also I drew inspiration for the “colouring” from the Tokyo Ghoul manga, which is to use patterns to fill in a surface. And even though I use this method all the time when I’m doodling, it apparently never occured to me that I can use that digitally, what?? And it makes the picture look so alive omg

Made by jiyu-koya. Please, do not repost, do not remove source.

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I've just recently noticed human versions of transformers and now I'm slightly obssessed. Your human Bee is just PERFECT and I love your KOBee art! Well actually all your art is great but I love human KOBee and Bee stuff the most. But I was wondering, what does human Sideswipe from RID look like to you? Could you draw it?

and little KOBB too (with Sides on the background)

I was going to say “remember when I used to make busts” but I only like 100 followers back when I did that somewhat frequently so I guess not? (in case you’re curious) Anyway I’ve always been too afraid to paint them, but today I came across some pictures I made of them “interacting” and figured I could colour the picture digitally. So here ya go, heh.

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(1/2) Dear Jeusus, I've been following your artwork since December 2015, and knowing that you've been through some tough times on Tumblr, I just felt like saying that you should never forget what an amazing person you are, really. And gosh, your artwork isn't just beautiful. It is absolutely gorgeous. The shadings, the anatomy, the colours and details. You clearly see all the care that goes into each and every piece of art.

(2/2) I’m often times wondering whether I am looking at a photograph rather than a painting. Anyway, coming from a complete stranger, I can only hope that what I just said didn’t come across as weird. I just wanted to let you know that there are people out there that’ll always care about you and stand with you. (:


Thank you so much my friend, I still have anger issues but I’m trying to work on them and to ignore bullies but it’s not always easy on this website, where they are so mean. 

I’m really glad you enjoy my work and see how important it is for me to try and make it as good as possible because drawing is not my job but just knowing that someone somewhere feels good looking at it is very therapeutic for me, more than the act of drawing itself. 

Have a nice day/night <3

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Hi Anea! A question I've been wondering about: have the west end star princesses always been this weird, or did it start off looking like the costume design then suddenly went nuts and turned into the neon monster with the weird bodice it is now? :P


The West End Star Princess costumes used to be so nice. They had bell-shaped skirts with a strong ombre effect, petal-like bodice tabs, ornate beading, and of course gentler pastel colours. The silks and ruffles also dded a feather like look to it all. The dresses around 1998-2002 are some of my all-time favourites, in fact:

But around the time of Maria Bjørnson’s death (Dec. 2002) things started change. They pushed the colours to the max - apparently someone felt things needed to be more “vibrant” - and the skirts became more conical in shape. Eventually the beading was also changed, to glue-on hotstones instead of actual beads. This because the beading suffered during the lifts in Masquerade. Eventually the ruffles over the bust and puffed sleeves was also replaced by the stiffer “Elizabethan ruff” style.

Today the costumes may look the same at first glance. But at second glance you notice the silhouette is different, the colours bolder, the fabrics more “plastic” looking and the decorations stiffer and flatter:

So yeah, the West End dresses used to be very nice and not as N-E-O-N coloured as today. That change kicked in around 2003, and has only reinforced itself for every new costume made. I hope they eventually calm down on colours and start to add the softer, more detailed decorations again. It would bring the costume back to the “ballet tutu” style seen in the design, and also in many productions worldwide (including the US and Japan). 

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I am absolutely o b s e s s e d with your satisfied animatic omg but I gotta ask, when you showed Laurens looking all sad during Angelica's speech, was that a lams thing? Because I'm a strong supporter of Laurens and Hamilton having something going on, but I wasn't sure if that's what you were hinting at... idk I wanted to ask. I've watched that animatic so many times like, i just love how you used the colours and the drawing is just.. wow

ye thats what i was hinting at hoho

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Wait you don't line art anymore?? Colour over the lines??? Omg I have to keep that in mind because 90% of times I don't finish a drawing because of lineart.
And btw you are my insp!! I'm always in love with your colour choices and your style is so unique and recognizable. I've been following you for 2 years and I feel like a proud mum watching their son win the sports competition when looking at all your improvement. Omfg I'm sorry this just turned out so creepy 😂

yup!! i’ve always hated lineart so this seemed to be the perfect solution to my problems so do try it out! >o<)/ ALSO AA thankyou so much <333

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I don't know if I've told you already(most likely not) but I really adore your art style- you draw so lovely and so greatly it's a beauty. ((Also Espio is my second fav sonic character- in fact all the ones I've seen are my favs)) how do you do it? It's beauty.

Thank you I’m really glad you like my art QwQ and yes Espio is one of my favs as well AAAA in fact @ze90 got me to like him even more :3

iffffff ask how do I draw, it’s very simple…

all I did was kinda draw a circle and cross for the head and doodle the rest of the body until it looks good. Yeah. Sorry I make terrible tutorials bc this is just how I sketch in normal occasions…

((I’ll colour this the next year, I promise :’D))

rocky’s honey rap and that amazing dance solo, all the while serving us Looks??? yes
eunwoo smiling like /that/ and sounding hella fine???? Heck yes
jinjin’s whole rap, all the while sporting the prettiest smile?? yeah x3
moonbin’s smooth moves in the centre during the first intro and him playing around in the kitchen with a grin rivals the sun??? Hell yeah
sanha looking so amazing and matured while simultaneously looking like a baby??? dont even get me started
mj rolling around in a trampoline filled with coloured balls, smiling and having a good time??? s i g n m e u p

astro being beautiful and aesthetic and so amazingly talented in their new MV?????? DEFINITELY