it looks like i've not coloured at all


valentine’s day over the years with nick and charlie

[nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman]

So, I was watching AToTS (again) and I noticed that, while under Ford’s care, the Mystery Shack is very….dull. I mean, where are all the colours and stuff?

I mean there’s a ton of weird stuff, of course, but the walls and floors are bare.

In comparison to how it looks currently, it’s really plain. But you know what else?

Where are the Bills? Where are the triangles?

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Someone on the tag mentioned something about Anton with a bun and so, like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes (actually just a Tesco somewhere in Essex) to fulfill this. He looks like he’s thinking something dramatic, but he’s probably just making sure he has all the groceries he needs or something.