it looks like i'm in heaven or something


        —— alright, i don’t know what kind of c r e e p y freaky friday bullshit this is —— but if you’re going to look EXACTLY like me, you need to at least d r e s s the part. heaven forbid someone see you, and assume it’s me —— and that i’m wearing that a t t r o c i t y.”

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I am drowning in sheith and Shiro art that at first looks fluffy and harmless, but then you read the caption, that tiny sentence that’s so sweet and unassuming without the context - something like ‘I’ll be home soon’ - and then I clutch my heart, raising my eyes to heaven, asking God why he breaks my heart over and over. What kind of cruel joke is it that I want to drown in this ship and its sweet and terrible irony?

“Man, remember, until an hour before the Devil fell,
       God thought him beautiful in Heaven.”

I just had to do it. This is fan art of the Morning Star the way he is depicted in @thisiskindagross ‘s comic Satan and Me (which is amazing and something you should definitely definitely DEFINITELY READ BTW). This is Satan falling from heaven. I was originally meant to draw his wings turning black from the base, like the charred/charring feathers you can see floating around (y’know bc his sin was changing his wings whoops) but his wings were too beautiful and I didn’t have the strength TT^TT

a concept: louis on stage, dark except for a spotlight on him, delicate little fingers gliding over piano keys, eyes crinkly and voice raw with emotion, singing hallelujah by rufus wainwright

Does it ever occur to interviewers that people care about 5 Seconds of Summer for their MUSIC and PERSONALITY and not just their LOOKS or WHO THEY’RE DATING??

Like I don’t give a shit what Arzaylea does for a living, I could care less about who they’ve kissed.

HEAVEN FORBID a large number of mostly teenage girls like a band for something other than their looks

God, I’m so mad I can’t even function.. 5sos came SO FAR with their music and their overall look, just to be looked at as manwhores with immature and ditzy female fans

I see this city. I see its streets. I see its fallen angels leaning up against brick walls in the daylight.
An angel that left heaven for a human and love. But he got his heart broken and now wanders the streets alone, looking for more like him. But soon despair and insomnia take over.  And he has to realize: hell is a place on earth.

we are but dust and shadows.
from dust we came,
and to dust we will return
(inspired by heavenly fire by medeae)