it looks like i'm going to need it

somehow when i said i was gonna design 3-5 stickers my hands decided to go for 7 instead and now i am Suffering

these are the (mostly finished) summer-themed sticker designs i’ll print for AX this year and that i’ll just be handing them out for free to literally whoever wants one… it would be a great favor to me that if you’re attending this year and that if you’d be interested in getting any that you could reply/etc so i could gauge whether i should try to make it so ppl can find me in a later post, and also if i should print more than a really small amount ;; for now i’m planning to print just 2 of each design and be done with it lol i overprinted a lot last year

that said i looked at the cosplay meet schedule and i can make it to the hetalia shoot on day 3 so i’ll probably be there even though i still can’t tell if that thing is confirmed since it’s switched back and forth so much

can we just appreciate Cameron’s sass when it comes to Cal

like you thought the Calores had fire powers but whAT ABOUT THIS SICK BURN

“He broods, as usual, his chin resting on interlocked fingers. Long days underground have taken their toll, paling his already-pale skin. For a prince, he really lets himself go in times of crisis. Right now he looks like he needs a shower and a shave, not to mention a few well-aimed slaps to wake him out of his stupor.”

or this iconic line

“I’m not going to tolerate the attitude of a mopey matchstick prince.”

or the time when she predicted the epilogue while we were all still caught up in the Angst™

“I don’t know how Mare could stand him or his inability to choose a damned side—especially when there’s only one side he can possibly pick.”

or that time when she saw right through the Puppy face

“I’m certainly not some moon-eyed girl about to swoon over Cal’s angled jaw and crooked smile either. His charm has its limits. He’s used to bewitching Barrow, not me.”

so basically in conclusion Cameron Cole roasting the fire prince is my aesthetic

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As much as I enjoyed Thor and Loki saving each other in Thor 2 I would like to see it also with Odin. I mean: Loki and Odin saving each others lives somehow. I wish to see it in Thor ragnarok or somewhere. Just imagine it. Loki saving Odin´s life (really, no set up like in first movie) and then gets himself into trouble. And Odin come all furious and kill whatever enemy threatens to hurt Loki. I need it desperately to see it.

Papa!Odin stepping in to save either of his kids is the warm, snuggly, sob-inducing story of my dreams, anon. (I realize this is not shocking news for anyone who knows me). It’s the most reflective of Odin’s off-balance mental state that he didn’t show up in the Dark World to yank Thor & Loki’s bacon out of the fire. I love the bros saving each other, too, but if Odin had shown up at the key moment in the Dark World, like when he showed up on Jotunheim in the first movie just as the bros were about to be overrun, things would have shaken out differently. Like I said, that says a lot about his mental state that both his sons would be in danger after haring off to Svartlafheim and he did nothing. It’s not like he would have been unable to figure out where they were going. Even if Heimdall refused to cooperate and tell him where they were, Thor & Loki aren’t very subtle and Odin’s no dummy.

I confess I’ve largely given up on getting any kind of emotionally satisfying resolution to Loki & Odin’s complicated relationship from MCU. But if there is a scene in Ragnarok where Odin comes through? Where they get some kind of closure for all the hurt inflicted over the years. I would probably curl up in a ball on theatre floor and whimper. 

Yes, Odin is old. It’s been a running theme over the movies that he’s a tired figure who’s losing his edge. But it’s also been said he’s one of the heavy hitters among powerful beings. Thor’s power is awesome, but I still think where Thor can still be kicked around a bit by other heavy hitters, Odin would be standing his ground going ‘lol, no’. I’m far more interested in seeing Odin take a shot at Thanos than any other characters (certainly more than the Avengers). Odin & Thanos are the ones that shaped Loki into the person he’s become, and I want Odin to see it, plant his feet, and blast Thanos right in the face with Gungnir (preferably souped up with the Tesseract). And I want Loki to know Odin does this because he loves him, and regrets how things are between them. Maybe Odin can’t fix everything, but he can curb stomp this asshole over here that plucked his son out of the void only to twist him into a weapon to be used against the people who love him.

I want some emotional family payoff here, dammit. I know I’m not going to get it, but still. I waannnnnt it!!!! (stamps foot)


I lied again, I went and rewatched the bit much later where they’re all separated and singing to each other and Rei’s all “JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF LIKE I BELIEVE IN YOU DAMMIT” and Minako’s singing about how she just wants to be with her girls and Usagi’s like “what am I going to do I need my friends” and hahaha kill me i love themmmm


happy birthday, Harry

Claire Over the Different Series
  • Daredevil S1: Oh my god is that BLOOD what the hell is going on???? dude you're blind stOP FIGHTING EVERYBODY
  • Jessica Jones: Okay yeah I'll help I already helped out that blind fucker might as well
  • Daredevil S2: I got fired because SOMEONE (looks at Matt) fought ninjas. I guess helping vigilantes is my life now fml
  • Luke Cage: I've hit the acceptance stage. Luke of course I'll help your (fine) ass might as well lmaooo
  • Iron Fist: Listen you little fucknugget. I've seen some shit. don't act like you're all that, fuck outta here
  • How She'll Probably be in the Defenders: ALL of you need to sit the fuck down. I'm the glue holding this team together. DON'T MAKE ME PULL THIS CITY OVER Y'ALL, CAUSE I WILL.

That preview doesn’t even begin to show how good this fucking song is like not lying I almost passed out on the floor listening to it yesterday. IT’S. WORTH. THE. WAIT. I can say it a million times. Liam’s so talented. So fucking talented. I’m so proud of my little bean. My sunshine. He deserves so much and I hope he gets the recognition for this song and everything he does.

and what gets to me the most, as those words, “don’t let me be misunderstood” are playing, is how, like we’ve always known, sana is so, so observant of everything that’s going on around her - she picks up on every little detail,

and that is what the main focus of the trailer was.

you see sana, and she’s in the centre of the shot, with people dancing and drinking and partying around her - and she doesn’t look uncomfortable at all. she looks fine. she looks happy.

and she’s just silently watching everything go by, as it happen around her. absorbing everything in.

don’t misunderstand her for being a muslim girl at a party and feeling like she feels alone, don’t misunderstand the fact that doesn’t feel like she doesn’t belong in that surrounding, in that atmosphere. she doesn’t need the validation. she can be both things all at once: a muslim girl, and a girl who lives in the western world, and can balance both of those things, with a smile on her face.

don’t misunderstand her motivations. don’t misunderstand her. 


Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

Living with ADHD is sometimes gives me pleasant surprises like “oh look I already got a spoon for my coffee apparently”.

daddy 😍😍 I want him to grind on me fuck viktor lol. can he choke me w his tie!!!!!!! ily who r u DRUNK  BANQUET YUURI IS MY BF I WANT HIM TO STEP ON ME HOW DID YOU KNOW???? 😰😰😰 ily I don’t deserve him wtf zeph please kill me /KISSES U THANK U SM <33333 JUST THESE SKETCHES ARE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL & A BLESSING sobs grossly ily


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Soulmate AU where your soulmark doesn't only symbolise your soulmate, but also how you'll realise that they are your soulmate. (because unlike the romace novels it isn't always "bond" at first sight, sometimes it takes YEARS to discover what was there all along). Now imagine Stiles so obsessed with his very-much everlasting state of virginity because of his bite mark on his chest and HELLO what else could that mean. (part 2 in the next ask)

Part 2: Or imagine derek trying everything to get rid of his mark, because the bullet shaped mark was the reason his young naive self approached the argents, and KATE, in the first place. And we all know how that went.

The water was cold as it splashed on his face – cold and refreshing – and his hands stayed pressed against his face for a long minute, his eyes closed and a tired sigh leaving him. Slowly, Derek dropped his hands from his face and grabbed the edges of the sink. He hesitated before finally lifting his gaze to the mirror in front of him.

His eyes, blank with a hint of sadness and bags heavy underneath them, found the bullet shaped mark slightly to the left of the center of his chest immediately.

Derek had been five when his mom had sat him down and told him about soulmates and soulmarks for the first time. And because of his soulmark, it had also been when he was told of hunters and how he needed to be careful. More careful than any of his siblings and any of his friends.

He had been five and hadn’t listened. He hadn’t listened when he was thirteen either, nor when he was sixteen and approached the woman he thought he was his soulmate.

It had been years – long and painful years – and he had yet to forgive himself for that. He doubted he ever would,and looking at his soulmark made him feel sick to his stomach.

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A Wizard Did It
  • ((Context: My character, a Tiefling, is trying to sneak down the corridor at our party wizard Miana's guild, somewhere she shouldn't be and doesn't want to be recognized.))
  • NPC: Oh, hey Miana! Why.... is there a demon stood next to you?
  • Me (OOC): Shit. I'm gonna roll to convince her that I'm just an illusion.
  • Roll: *8*
  • Me, halfheartedly: I'm an illusion, created by a wizard.
  • NPC: Uh... huh. Not a very convincing one.
  • Miana: Oh, um, yeah. I'm working on it, it's still a bit rough around the edges.
  • Miana (OOC): I'm going to cast Minor Illusion to make the Tiefling look shimmery and poorly-rendered.
  • GM: Okay, that'll let you roll your Deception again.
  • Roll: *18*
  • Me, motioning emphatically at Miana: I'm an illusion, created by a wizard!
  • NPC: Ohhhh, now I get it. It definitely needs more work - can you make it say anything else?
  • Me, shaking my head sadly: I'm an illusion, created by a wizard.
  • Me (OOC): Looks like she's buying it! I'd like to roll to escape down this corridor while moving as if I'm a poorly-animated illusion...
  • Roll: *natural 20*
  • GM: Wow. You jerk, slide, and T-pose your way along the hall. When you get to the adjar doorway, you sidle through it so quickly and smoothly that onlookers are convinced that you clipped through it.

Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey  🎵

@simplifiedsimi‘s release of this wonderful hair totally inspired my simself to channel her inner Lana Del Rey today. 

(also look it’s @our-dazed-sims denim skirt recolour)

I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.