it looks like i'm bragging


When you write SO beautifully that your professor(s) don’t have to correct anything in your compositions (grammar: perf…vocabulary: perf….👑😉)…and they give you the highest grade of the class: A 10/10 💋

i’m sorry what now



seriously, though - holy shit! 102 of you follow my little mess of a blog!? that is, quite honestly, mindblowing to me. 

i’ve said it before and i’ll gladly say it again - the people i’ve met on tumblr are some of the nicest i’ve ever met! you’re all such sweet little cinnamon rolls ^^

so seriously. thank you!! hopefully i can continue being mildly entertaining for you all :D

there are all these fics where everyone knew Stiles and Derek  were meant to be, thought they were together, assumed it was  logical when they started fake-dating for this or that  reason.

But what I want is a fic where Stiles and Derek dating  doesn’t just come as a shock. I want everyone to laugh or  fake-gag and tell them to never try and prank them like that  again. Or to at least look more convincing while doing it.  Fuck, even Scott doesn’t believe them. Even though their  scents are all over each other. They think that they just put  too much effort into a joke that no one was going to believe  in the first place.

And, honestly, Derek could care less. He has Stiles and he  doesn’t need any approval or support. He also was kind of  afraid of disapproval, for everyone to try and force them  apart, telling Stiles he was making a mistake. So Derek  doesn’t mind.

Stiles does, though. Stiles minds so much it’s not funny. His  best friend doesn’t believe him! His FATHER laughs in their  faces! No one believes him because they think he can’t score someone like Derek? Well the joke’s on them. Ha.
After a while Derek caves and actually starts kissing him in  public, never mind that he already hugged him and held his  hand and stroked his hair and all the nice relationshippy  things.
The pack just rolls their eyes and Lydia even asks Stiles  what kind of goal he has in this pretence because she can't  figure out and it’s bugging her.

It’s almost three months when some of their friends actually  begin to suspect that it’s not a joke.
Derek buys Stiles stuff, they go on dates, they, judging by  the sounds, probably, most likely, have sex. In Derek’s loft.  Sometimes when they know the pack is coming over.
but they’re STILL doubting if it’s real and they’ve been  together over a year so Stiles doesn’t even understand any  more if their friends are blind or are trying to make an  idiot out of him. Probably the latter, the ignoring of their  relationship becoming some kind of weird tradition.

They’re lying in bed, the thin sheet not provinding any  warmth so Stiles snuggles closer to Derek.
“We should just get married. I bet they still won’t believe  us.”
Derek is unnaturally quiet to a point where Stiles begins to  worry, but then he opens his mouth and what comes out is:
“Will you? Marry me.”

…aaand it got away from me.
anyway, yeah. I’d like to read stupid things like this.  Ehem…


Wes also touched up on Benji’s back and filled out more of his sleeve today.. aka I just ended up doing a complete rehaul of his back and left arm bye.