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Pink Suit


Y’all … the Today Show outfit ruined me. This one is a little different (don’t let the NSFW scare you, it’s no where near true smut) and I had fun with it. Let me know what you think!

You could feel the energy outside as soon as you took your spot near the stage – the fans around you were buzzing with excitement. Screams of “I love you” and “HARRY!!!” echoed in your ears as you watched him take the stage. He was trying to hide the smirk on his face as he came toward the mic, but he was too excited.

He’d been talking about this performance for days. Harry was an adrenaline junky and lived for performing. He’d come home, talking nonstop at late hours of the night, going on and on about how this and that happened – you knew that this was where he belonged. The break he took from the band was good, but it was even better now that his entrance back into the music world was exploding.

You couldn’t take your eyes off of him as he stood above everyone else – the pink of his suit glowing in the morning sun. It was a good color on him, bold even, but you would have expected nothing less from him.

It was a few nights ago that you’d helped him pick out this suit. There were many options, ranging from simple button-ups with his famous black Skinnies to full-on printed suits like the one he’d worn for SNL. Harry looked good in everything he put on, you thought, but he was still searching for the perfect one. 

“Love, what do you think?” he asked, coming around the corner from your closet. You were laying on the bed, scrolling through your phone while he changed. He stood, eyes focused on your reaction. He turned toward the full-length mirror, still waiting for your opinion, and pursed his lips in concentration. You could tell he adored the suit, but wanted a second thought.

It was something you loved about him; he was confident and sure, but was always humble enough to take others’ opinions into consideration.

“I think it looks incredible,” you started, “It’s so … you.”

He laughed, turning back to you, “Me?”

“Well, you know, you’re not scared of fashion,” you said nervously, “I didn’t mean it like it–,”

He laughed, interrupting your nervous chatter, “I know, m’just checkin’.”

Blushing, you smiled, “I really do like this one, babe.”

He met your smile and looked into your eyes for a quick moment, and then ducked in for a kiss. It would have been an innocent and sweet one, had he not held it out for more than a few seconds, but this was left on your lips with a trace of want. He’d of taken it farther had it not been for the new suit he was sporting. It took you by surprise, and by the time your brain registered what was happening, it was gone and he was walking off to change back into comfortable clothes. He walked away too quickly to be sure, but you could have sworn he was smirking on his way back to the closet.

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jenniferjuni-per  asked:

Rebelcaptain + 11 for the cuddle prompts

11. post-coital cuddle (also in this case post-first time cuddle just because)

Jyn stares up at the low ceiling, heart still pounding a shaky rhythm in her ears, Cassian’s arm a half-reassuring, half-terrifying weight draped across her stomach. She wants to tilt her head to look at him, but she has absolutely no idea what to say. Sorry I jumped you? I actually came in here to talk about your latest mission report and I’m not really sure what happened but this wasn’t at all intentional?

All her mind seems capable of doing is replaying that look on Cassian’s face: cheeks beautifully flushed, eyes scrunched closed as he—

Not helpful.

She has to say something, anything. This is a moment, however initially unintentional, and he has to know that it mattered, that this isn’t just something she does with just anyone, that she…

And then, as if chastising her for waiting too long, her stomach makes a loud squelching noise reminiscent of the inner-workings of a trash compactor.


After a beat, Cassian turns and props his head up on his hand, glancing down at her with an amused half-smile. “Did that noise come out of you?”

Just like that, her nerves ease.

She scowls. “Shut up.”

“Hungry, I take it?”

She smacks him in the shoulder, and he doesn’t even look irritated.

“Shut up,” she repeats. “I haven’t eaten dinner yet. I got distracted.”

Cassian smiles, ducking his chin. “Yeah. Uh, I think the mess is still open. You probably want to…”

His hand fidgets with the sheet, almost like he’s nervous, too. And Jyn thinks: maybe there’s a way to do this without having to say anything at all.

She leans forward, tilts his chin back up, and kisses him, firm enough for him to know she means it.

“Coming with me?” she asks when she pulls away.

Cassian is just staring at her, lips parted and eyes wide with a kind of incredulity that seems kind of absurd given how closely they were entwined not a few moments before. But then he smiles, brighter than she thinks she’s ever seen from him.

“Food sounds good,” he says, nodding. “Lead the way.”

Hurt/Comfort prompt for Andreil: “Can you [please] come get me?” for @turtlelino

Neil was soaked by the time he returned to the dorms. His morning run was a sweat-inducing workout with the summer temperatures already in the high 80s by the time he hit the pavement. To make matters worse the storm that had been threatening to break for the past day abruptly became a downpour, torrential rains slamming into Neil as he raced back to Fox Tower. He shivered in the building’s arctic air conditioning and took the elevator up to his floor. His shoes were soggy and made annoying squishing noises as he plodded down the hall. He retrieved the key from the lanyard around his neck and let himself in.

Andrew had left a note on the fridge explaining that he was going out to pick up a few things that they needed. Neil was slightly concerned that Andrew hadn’t bothered waiting for him but he pushed that feeling aside and headed for the shower, leaving his sopping clothes in a puddle on the floor. The hot water felt good and Neil let himself relax, enjoying the pulse of the steady water pressure against his tight muscles. He stole some of Nicky’s citrus shampoo and Kevin’s body wash.  Andrew had complained that they all ended up smelling the same but Neil didn’t really get why it mattered. As long as they were clean.

Neil dried off and wrapped the towel around himself and dashed to the bedroom. It had taken months of living with the guys before he felt comfortable enough to do that but he only did it when he was 100% sure that no one would see him.

Andrew still was not back. Neil pulled on some sweats and one of Andrew’s black T-shirts. He picked up a paperback Andrew had left on the window ledge, something about a holistic detective agency, but he couldn’t focus. Where was Andrew?

Neil hunted around the room for his phone, finding it under the bed and completely drained of battery. He searched for the charger and got it plugged in, waiting impatiently until he could power it back on. He had one missed call. From Andrew. And one voicemail. With trembling fingers Neil tapped at the phone until he could hear Andrew’s voice, low and tense: “Can you come get me?”

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Light of My Life

A Shawn Mendes one-shot.


 "No no no no no. No.” 

 With a groan, I hit Shawn on the shoulder, signalling for him to shut up and turn off his alarm that blared through our hotel room. He shut the alarm off and trapped my hand between his arm and his chest, continually whining about how much he didn’t want to get up from the nap we had just taken. 

“I love naps so much, Shawn.” I muttered, nuzzling my head in the crook between his shoulder and the bed. The setting sun peaked through the closed blinds of our hotel room and directly across Shawn’s bare chest. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “Why are you so hot?” I muttered. Shawn let out a sleepy laugh and kissed my knuckles. 

 “I really don’t want to get up, babe.” he sighed. I propped my head up on his chest to get a good look at him. His eyes looked tired, and his hair was wonderfully fluffy and curly from sleep. 

 “Me neither Shawn. I’m still hungover from last night.” I complained. Shawn laughed.  

 “That’s because you drink those girly drinks filled with sugar that make you extra hungover.” he replied. I gave him a look.  

 “I hate the word girly, Shawn. Nothing is specifically for girls.” I reminded him. Shawn laughed as he finally sat up from bed and put his feet on the floor.

 “Tampons?” he suggested. I hit him on his back as he looked over his shoulder at me with a grin. 

 “Smartass. How long until the concert? Can’t I just be a bad girlfriend and sleep more instead of coming?” I asked through a yawn. Shawn laughed as he stood up, shaking his head. 

 “No. The concert’s in three hours. We have to head down to the stadium.” he said, pulling a shirt over his head. I groaned again and finally got out of bed, sliding into my high waisted black skinny jeans and changing my shirt. I looked in the mirror and wiped the mascara that had smudged in my sleep from under my eye and did a nice Dutch braid down my back. When I was finally ready, I turned to see Shawn watching me with a grin as he sat at the end of our bed.  

“You’re a creep,” I sang the tune of Radiohead’s “Creep” to him as I found my shoes, “You’re a loser, what the hell are you doing here?” I continued, laughing through my singing at the look he was giving me with my song. 

 “Are you done?” he asked. I grinned and kissed his fluffy hair, before leading the way to the Jeep.


 The venue was huge, and soon to be completely filled with people screaming Shawn’s name. I tagged along at a distance as Shawn got dressed in his concert outfit and sat in the stands while he rehearsed and everything got set up.  

 “I think I’ll watch from the stands tonight.” I told him later from backstage as people started filing into their seats. Shawn met my eye through his dressing room mirror.  

 “You realize that people out there know who you are, right?” he reminded me. I shrugged. 

 “I’ll wear a disguise or something.” I replied. Shawn laughed and turned to face me. 

 “A disguise?” he clarified. I cracked a grin and shrugged as my way of saying yes. Shawn laughed again and stood up, brushing by me to get to the clothes kept in the back of the room. He gathered a few things, and then dumped them in my arms with a wide grin. I shook my head and laughed, putting the clothes onto a chair to sift through them. A pair of his sunglasses, his baseball hat, his iHeart Radio sweatshirt. “We’ll make you look like a bro.” He laughed. 

 "A bro sitting front row at a Shawn Mendes concert? Sounds a little out of character.“ I laughed, putting on the sweatshirt. Shawn grinned and went behind me, taking my hair out of it’s braid and putting it in a bun at the nape of my neck. He kissed just below my ear, before sliding on the hat backwards. I put the sunglasses on and we both looked at me in the mirror. "I look ridiculous.” I laughed. Shawn smiled and kissed my cheek. 

 "Well, you usually look stunning, so definitely nobody will recognize you.“ He said, grinning. I rolled my eyes.

 "Alright, it’s showtime.” I laughed. Shawn pointed a stern finger at me as we left the dressing room. 

 "No laughing, babe. It’s sounds like sunshine. Bros don’t laugh like sunshine.“ He reminded me. I grinned and cleared my throat, repeating a laugh but in a lower, manly tone. Shawn cracked up in the hallway as we made our way toward the stage, crew going by giving us strange looks. 

 "Ok, I’ll see you out there. You’ll kill it babe, I love you.” I said. We could hear the crowd from where we stood. Shawn bit his lip and nodded, the pre-show jitters coming in as he ducked to kiss me. 

 "I love you too, bro. Let security know who you are in case you get recognized and have to slip away, alright?“ He said. I nodded, kissed his chin because it was the only place I could reach without difficulty, and made my way to the stands. 

 Seeing Shawn perform from the perspective of a fan was completely different than from backstage. Backstage, I could only ever see the side of him as he sang. This way, I could see the emotion and passion on his face, the way his cheeks flushed and his forehead brimmed with sweat as he went through his songs. He made eye contact with me multiple times and his grin would widen. I could tell he was trying not to laugh. 

 "Alright, thank you guys so much. Before we get to our next song though, I want to bring a very special lady onto the stage. She’s very close to my heart.” Shawn paused between songs, the crowd going wild at his words. He grinned down at me as I shook my head in disbelief. He was going to get me to go on stage while I looked like a man. “I mean, she looks a little different tonight so maybe you didn’t recognize her. Babe, come on up. Don’t be shy.” He continued, coming to the edge of the stage and beckoning me with his hand. Security let me onto the other side of the barricade, keeping screaming fans at bay as I kept shaking my head at him, mouthing how much I hated him in that moment. He just kept grinning, so I took his hand and climbed up on stage with a little bit of difficulty. Shawn was smiling so wide, his cheeks full and red. 

 "I hate you so much.“ I told him. Shawn laughed and turned to the crowd. 

 "She says she hates me.” He told them. I could hear laughter mixed with screams. I shook my head, laughing, and took off the shades and the hat, letting out my hair again. The screams increased. “Guys, isn’t she beautiful? Look at her.” He cooed, fiddling with his earpiece with on hand while the other wrapped around my waist and pulled me against him. He was warm and sweaty, but I didn’t mind. Was it bad that he looked really sexy covered in sweat? Shawn gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Alright, I just wanted to embarrass her a little. And I think it worked. I also may have written this next song about her, though, so…” he trailed off, grinning again at the roar of the crowd. I blushed and shook my head at him, biting my lip. He directed me to a stool on the centre of the stage and switched guitars. “This one’s called Light of My Life.” He said into the mic. I shook my head and blushed already, just at the title.

 I always loved watching Shawn play the guitar. He started the song with a couple of riffs, and made the pouty face he always made when he got really into it, making me grin. After a while, his voice came in, too, sweet like honey. The lyrics were about how tough things got when he was always on the road and wrapped up in his job, but that there was always this girl to keep him grounded, to keep him light and remind him not to take himself so seriously. I was swooning, absolutely head over heels in love with this guy. For the last verse, he got playfully close to my face, and ended with a kiss on my cheek, laughing when I scrunched up and pushed him away. The crowd was nearly deafening. 

I stood from the stool and wrapped my arms around his neck, putting my hands in his sweaty hair to pull him down to my height and kiss him repeatedly on the side of his head. “I love you, Shawn.” I whispered in his ear. He grinned down at me and pressed his forehead against mine for only a moment. 

 "I love you too.“ He replied just as softly, forgetting that his microphone was projecting his voice across the whole venue. He blushed even deeper when the crowd all aww’d, the tips of his ears turning a delicate shade of pink. I squeezed his hand, waved to the crowd, and disappeared backstage, unable to conceal my grin the rest of the night.


 Hey home boys, I sincerely apologize for not getting to your requests. I haven’t been the best mentally so I haven’t been writing too much, and I just haven’t really been in an Eddie-phase as of late. I will get to them though! I promise!! I have, however, developed a cripplingly enormous crush on Shawn Mendes. Hopefully you guys can appreciate this bean with me. Love you guys so so much!! Let me know if you want more Shawn :) xoxo

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The Undeniable Offer

Summary: Chris gives an offer that she cannot deny, which has something to do with saving water 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: None this is very very fluffy 

Word Count: 639

A/N: This was requested by @m-a-t-91 , #40 with Chris Evans. Here you go love, hope you like it! 💕

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

The sun shining through the curtains is what woke you up, as the warm breeze flowed the curtains around. You rubbed the sleepiness from your eyes and stretched your limbs, hearing a soft chuckle coming from your left. Looking to where the sound came from, Chris was staring down at you in such a loving way that it made you blush. He whispered a good morning and ducked down for your lips only to have you cover your mouth, leading Chris to leave a devastated sigh.

“Sorry, I forgot.”

You narrowed your eyes at him and said, “You didn’t forget,” you cleared your throat,” you wanted to try your luck. Well, let me tell you something you ain’t lucky this morning.” Chris’s response was a simple chuckle, knowing you were right. It was complete silence between two, just staring at each other; wanting to memorize the others face. Chris suddenly looked up, remembering he had something as he jumped up and looked at the time. Different types of curses flew out of his mouth as he rushed into the bathroom, quickly washing up and went back straight into the closet.

“If only your mother could hear you right now!” You called after him shaking your head, despite him not being able to see you. “Where’re you even going?”

“Ha ha ha. You’re too funny, I rescheduled my workout time to now so I can have dinner with my amazing girlfriend.” Chris told you as he emerged from the closet; shoving his workout items in his gym bag. “I’ll be back in an hour, do you need anything?”

“Mmm, nope,” you said making a popping sound, making your way towards Chris giving him a kiss on the cheek but of course he turned his head just in time for your kiss to land on his lips.

“Looks like I’m pretty lucky,” Chris said flashing you a smile while you rolled your eyes at him.

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Babyface. Part 3

Part One: Here

Part Two: Here

Masterlist: Here

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Best Friend confesses Series: Vernon

This is part six of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

You can always tell when Vernon has been overworking himself, and today is one of those days. Even though you have a shopping trip with Seungkwan scheduled for the afternoon, he’s barely been answering your texts, and on the video call you had last night, he was distracted and kept muttering words under his breath and staring into space. You even receive an annoyed message from Seungkwan begging you to come over early to help cheer him up. Apparently he still hasn’t emerged from the bedroom he slept in the night before despite the fact that he had an early night.

So you gather up some of your things and head over to the dorms. Seungkwan is beyond excited to see you and begins whining when you get in the door. He says Vernon promised that the day off would be a good chance to go shopping, and now he’s just lying around instead. You make some non-committal soothing noises and follow him to the room where Vernon is.

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Super late Reinzo for @vermillionsketcher. Or is it???

“I must admit, anija. I am both flattered, and equally surprised you’re asking me for help with this.”

Hanzo glared across the countertop at his brother, who was all smiles. Or, at least, he had an indescribable feeling that Genji was just sneering at him. “Yes, well. Tradition.” He replied, before looking back down at his work.

Tradition, anija? Since when have you been so adamant on celebrating this one?” Genji teased, although he was working on something himself. When he looked over, he let out a small ‘tsk-tsk’, wagging a finger. “Too much heat. The water shouldn’t be boiling– you can burn the chocolate. Or have it seize. Start again.”

Hanzo huffed– but Genji was the expert here. He brought his pot to the sink, careful to dump out the water before refilling it and starting anew. “… Thank you, Genji.” He muttered, before looking over the instructions he’d been given again. Whether he was so entranced by them, or if it were the cyborg’s feather-light footsteps, the archer didn’t realize that Genji was right beside him, reaching out to hold his cheeks gently.

“He makes you happy, doesn’t he anija?” Genji asked, all teasing put aside. Hanzo looked over surprised, before his features melted as well.

“Just as much as the cowboy does you.” Genji chuckled, before shrugging his shoulders. “There, does this look good?”

The younger of the two looked over before slapping Hanzo’s shoulder. “Much. Now, remember to keep stirring and sift out the sugar. Don’t want any clumps.” Genji noted, before heading back to his side of the counter. “You know, Hanzo, I thought you were supposed to give back gifts that were worth more than what you got. What on earth did Reinhardt give you that a few handmade chocolates would equal that?”

Hanzo froze mid-sift, before glaring. “It is not a value of money, Genji. Reinhardt has given me much more than just material things. I wanted to repay him with something from the heart.”

“Ah, right. I forgot. I don’t have one of those anymore– you know. Half-machine.” Genji teased, only to get a small handful of sugar thrown his way. “Hey! You’ll ruin the balance of mine!”

Hanzo chuckled, ducking as Genji lobbed a bit of flour his way. “I asked for your help, not your lip.” He said back, ducking behind the counter as the both of them shared a laugh, tossing powder back and forth. 

“Oh, sweethardt~” Hanzo called. He approached the German with hands behind his back, leaning up to plant a small kiss on the man’s jawline.

“Oh–? You look like you’ve gotten up to some mischief.” Reinhardt said back with a little grin, brushing out some flour from the archer’s hair. “Where have you been all day?”

Bonding.” Hanzo scoffed, shaking a little more out. “And baking. Here.” He brought his hands out from behind himself, holding a small box. Neatly wrapped and barely bigger than a shoebox, the Shimada let Reinhardt take it gently.

“Bah, little dragon, what is this?” Reinhardt asked, leaning down to return the kiss from earlier.

“Tradition.” Hanzo replied, watching the man carefully unwrap the bow, as if ripping or tearing the packaging would be rude. “It’s… a silly thing. But one month after Valentine’s we celebrate White Day, and well I’ve never really held to it but–”

“Delicious! You made this yourself?” Reinhardt asked, popping a chocolate into his mouth. “And where on earth did you get little lion shapers?”

Hanzo couldn’t help but swell with pride. “Again, Genji. He– he helped a lot. You really like them?” 

“Of course! Moreso because you made them– did you even try one?” Reinhardt asked, popping another into his mouth. Hanzo shook his head.

“No, I was so focused on the creation that I–” He started, although his words were cut off when Reinhardt gripped the back of his head, feeding him a chocolate via his tongue. Hanzo felt his face flush, although he accepted the “gift” eagerly, letting his own tongue flit against the German’s for a moment before they pulled away. 

Not half bad.

“Come.” Reinhardt said, closing the top of the box before taking Hanzo’s hand. “I would like to show you another tradition. This one I call ‘chocolate in the bedroom’.”

Hanzo couldn’t stop the snort from escaping him– although he followed along with a new bounce in his step.


: Bucky X Steve X Reader

Summary: The reader is an Avenger and has a hard time dealing with the aftermath of a mission. Bucky is there to save her and bring her back from the darkness of her mind.

Warnings: sadness, angst, smut, cursing

A/N: Hey y’all I’m finally back after a hella long break. This is my first time writing smut so please tell me if it’s awful! Also I tagged some of my favorite blogs at the bottom. I hope this is okay but if you want to be removed just let me know :) Feedback is always welcome! 

I don’t remember walking of the jet or walking through the Avengers Tower in the direction of my room, everything was a blur. We had just gotten back from a mission that went terribly wrong, lives on both sides had been lost or jeopardized and it was all my fault. The weight of everything that had occurred over the last twenty four hours started to sink in and I could feel my heart breaking. My best friend, Sam, was gravely injured and no one, not even the doctors, believe that he will pull out of it. Coldness seeped through my body. I walked into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom and turned the shower on as hot as it would go. My clothes where striped from my body and I crawled into the bathtub. Any energy I had left was gone, so I couldn’t bring myself to stand up, instead I tucked my knees under my chin and sat down in the cold bathtub. The drastic change in temperatures sent chills down my spine.

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Impossible Year

32,032 words
amazing art by @hamabee 

an ode to my love for annabeth chase
inspired by the song impossible year by panic! at the disco

shout out to @percyyoulittleshit and @falloutside for organising the @pjohoobigbang and inspiring me to write my longest one-off fic to date, and thanks to @spooky-son-of-rome for betaing, and to @percyyoulittleshit and @lililibird for being honorary betas and fab cheerleaders, i love you all

and thanks to @hamabee. hannah, i honestly couldn’t have done this without you. from the very idea of it through to individual scenes and just general support, none of this would have happened without you. your art is absolutely incredible, your talent is endlessly inspiring and i can’t thank you enough for coming on this months-long journey with annabeth and i. i love you.

It starts and ends with this: “Together.”

Annabeth stares at Percy, and Percy stares at Annabeth.

They’re searching for something that they aren’t even sure exists anymore. They’re so unrecognisable now that they’ve started to forget who they were, before.

She feels his fingers twitch in hers, registers that she’s probably holding his hands too tightly but acknowledges that she doesn’t want to let go just yet. She’s sitting in his lap, their hands clasped between them, and both of them are crying.

She knows that he doesn’t want to let go yet, either. Because once they let go, it’s done. They are done.

Annabeth takes a deep breath, one that rattles her very bones, feels her heart beating wildly in her chest, feels her stomach churning and her mouth going dry. She licks her lips.

Percy watches, and she thinks about kissing him. You know, to say goodbye.

Instead, she closes her eyes. She counts to ten, and then she tells herself to be brave. She opens her eyes.

Gods, he looks as sad as she feels.

Which is part of the problem - maybe the whole problem, actually. Together was what had gotten them through Tartarus, what had given them the strength to claw their way out and then to keep on fighting through everything that had come after.

But they’re out, now, back at camp and physically safe and yet all they seem to do is keep dragging each other back down there.


“Not anymore.”

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Marichat May Day 9: Bell Collar

“Do you like it?” Marinette bared her neck to reveal the black velvet choker featuring a small gold bell. She grinned and fluttered her eyelashes in an exaggerated manner.

“It might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Chat Noir purred, stalking towards her.

Marinette coughed, her face turning red. She ducked her head and stepped back. “Oh, uh, I thought you would just think it was funny.”

Chat Noir pressed two fingers to the bottom of her chin so she would have to look at him. “A beautiful girl wearing something to remind her of me? That’s sexy, Princess, not funny.”

“O-oh, okay,” she breathed.”Sexy is good too.”

“I agree,” he said, closing his eyes and leaning in. 

“If you like the choker so much, you would really like the underwear I have on right now,” Marinette whispered, their lips almost touching.

Chat Noir sputtered, pulling back before they could kiss. He tripped over his tail and landed hard on his butt on her bedroom floor.

Marinette blinked too-innocent eyes at him. “Was it something I said?” 

I get that the official art has a fuzzy canon/noncanon status for the Penumbra Podcast, so everything here is to be taken with a grain of salt. But we do know that Mikaela B knows more about what’s gonna happen then we do, and some of that’s inevitably going to sneak into her art.   

So let’s take apart the similarities here, shall we?

  • Similar forehead (O’Flaherty’s hairline is higher, which is typically a consequence of aging), large-ish, and protruding slightly over the eyes. Kind of a heavy brow
  • Similar shape of eyebrow (more slender in O’Flaherty’s case, but that’s either genetics or judicious shaping for the sake of aesthetic)
  • Same shape of nose 
  • Same pattern of facial hair (more carefully groomed in O’Flaherty’s case, more scruffy in Juno’s)
  • Same shape of chin/jawline (though Juno in general has a longer face)
  • Same shape of lips
  • Same basic body type– short, lean, and somewhat broad-shouldered

It’s not something I would necessarily be able to tell if they were actual people, but the similarity is striking, especially considering @disasterscenario‘s art style. This is not one of those “everybody has the same face but with different hair and eyes” thing that you get with some artists. To compare, here are some other dudes in the same series:

Just from the points that I mentioned before– build, nose, jaw, lips, eyebrows, forehead, facial hair– there’s a really marked diversity. For all my trouble with faces, I have no problem telling any of these people apart, or recognizing that they’re probably not related (Kanagawas notwithstanding). 

It’s that diversity that makes Juno and O’Flaherty’s similarity stand out so much.

Oh, and you know the only thing that keeps me from wondering if O’Flaherty is straight-up just aged-up Juno gone back in time for nefarious purposes? The fact that we’ve already been shown what old Juno will look like (and he’s surly and scruffy as always, my darling duck). 

Like I said before, this isn’t 100% conclusive that Juno and O’Flaherty are related– but it does seem to indicate that Mikaela feels they are, and that’s more than enough for me.

Relentless 2 - Auston Matthews

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Notes: Hola, sorry about the lack of imagines, I’ve been a little busy. Regardless, hope y’all enjoy this lil thing.

Warnings: Fluff

Requested by Anonymous: Could you do a super fluffy Auston Matthews imagine?

Soooo how bout a part 2 for relentless??  

Up Next: Mitch Marner

Teaser: You should hate him, why’d you have to fuck up and go and like him and shit.

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Memory 2/2

Second half of my week 6 prompt. 

Find part one here.

Look for the cut!

Tony woke in his bunk. The boat wasn’t just rocking up and down, side-to-side, it was spinning. He was cold and too exhausted to shiver, and he hadn’t zipped the bag up before falling asleep. His left side was even colder than his right, almost numb from his elbow to his shoulder. He struggled to get his arm back into the bag, but he couldn’t reach up to catch the zipper.

“Mr. Stark,” a gravelly voice intruded.

Tony was startled by the voice, but only long after the chance for an appropriate reaction had passed. He twisted to look up the captain. Man looked bigger than ever, or Tony felt smaller than ever. His eyes were very blue against the deeply lined leather of his skin, and he had surprisingly long lashes.

“You need to see the physician,” the captain said firmly.

If there was anything Tony was truly startled about, it was that he’d woken in his own bunk and hadn’t just been taken to medbay while unconscious. He couldn’t remember anything after finding Steve in the ice. Finally, finally finding Steve in the ice.

“Where’s St-… Captain America? Where is he?” Tony asked, more than half dreading being told that it was all a dream, that he’d missed the expedition and they hadn’t found anything anyways.

The captain pursed his chapped lips. The motion made his whiskers bristle out like an annoyed cat. Tony tried to laugh, but the only thing he managed was a vague vibration against his chest. He pulled his knees up slowly, ignored the pain in his hips, and fought to kick out of the sleeping bag.

“Where is he?” he repeated.

Shaking his head, the captain said, “He’s in lab 2. Mr. Stark… Just go to the medbay.”

“No,” Tony said with no heat. He couldn’t muster up the energy for heat, didn’t have a warm molecule in his body. He stumbled off the bunk, and expected the captain to help him stand, but he didn’t. The giant man stood and crossed his arms over his chest. Tony caught the bulkhead and looked at him, but he only shook his grizzly head.

That was fine. It wasn’t like he hadn’t struggled down a hallway by himself before.

(Had Steve carried him out of a building? He thought so, remembered in kaleidoscope fragments being insensible on the floor, the scent of smoke, Captain America’s arms supporting his knees and back. He remembered being carried down a fire escape.

He remembered Steve stepping into his arms and the two of them flying off together. Steve’s weight low on his spine as he flew with Captain America on his back. The sound of Steve’s voice, whooping in childish joy and urging him faster.

He remembered crawling on his knees through his room, shedding pieces of the armor as he went, feet away from the nearest outlet. It might as well have been miles, and there were people just down the hall. Steve, Jan, Hank, Thor – No, Steve, Clint, Natasha, Thor. All he had to do was shout and someone would come to help him across the last few feet to the outlet. He’d crawled on his own, and reached the outlet just in time, just like a dozen other times.)

There was no arc reactor in his chest, but he felt heavy all the same, like he needed a charging port. His joints ached. He pinballed down the corridor, avoiding the shadowy forms of crewmen who had names (everyone did) but he couldn’t remember them.

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anonymous asked:

if youre taking requests, enjoltaire + truth or dare

A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt anon! I actually wrote this about three times because I kept forgetting to save! Here are our boys being silly with a guest appearance from everyone’s fave plot device: the art of Miscommunication. I hope you enjoy !!

P.S I’m still taking prompts if anyone has any they’d like to send!!

Grantaire knows it’s all about to go downhill the moment Éponine gets that smile on her face.

There’s a lot you can learn about someone through their facial expressions- the example in question, Éponine, is currently wearing her ‘I’m about to fuck shit up and I know it’ smile.

Enjolras, who is on the receiving end of said smile, looks nowhere near as terrified as he rightfully should do. Everyone who’s ever played truth or dare with Éponine knows you do not, under any circumstance, ever, choose dare. Enjolras either doesn’t know this or doesn’t care, sitting up proudly and condemning himself to what Grantaire knows will be his end.

He’d always assumed Enjolras would die a martyr, nobly refusing to concede in the face of his enemies. He’d never dreamt that Enjolras would meet his end at one of Courfeyrac’s hastily thrown parties because he was foolish enough to choose dare at the hands of Éponine.

“Enjolras,” Éponine begins slowly, pronouncing every syllable in a way that sounds unmistakably dangerous- a trick she surely learnt from Montparnasse. “I dare you… to kiss Grantaire.”

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Blue Velvet

FIC REQ: Hi baby( sorry I call everyone cute names hope you don’t mind) could you do a one shot or whatever where the reader is a singer in the bar the team went to celebrate their just closed case,and them Reid falls in love with her? Thx baby

WARNING: it does get slightly steamy towards the end. The song in the fic is Blue Velvet by Lana Del Rey if you guys wanna go check it out.

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I keep seeing all these happy, bouncy, positive posts about Belle and OUAT

And I just don’t see it. I won’t reblog them and proffer my bewilderment, my point-of-view, because it won’t be wanted. I can see that. 


Many fans are acting like 6A’s crazy plot has all been explained. Hallelujah, they’ve seen the Light! Belle’s behavior all makes sense, now … in that her poor choices are being focused on and, inexplicable though they are, she thought she was doing the right thing. Um, what? 

Am I the only one who wants to scream that the Emperor is still fucking naked? 

I don’t see her taking responsibility for arranging the kidnapping of THEIR baby (not “hers”; the baby was theirs)—nor its horrific outcome. I see no apology for trying to hurt her husband so deeply as to rip another child away from him to another realm. Fathers deserve to be in their children’s lives, and even the show creators have reminded us that Rumple is a great father. I see her making no apology for the pain she inflicted with her needless hurtful words. I don’t see her puzzling over how she could have possibly believed that nonsense she was given in her dreams. I don’t see the absurd behavior all making sense with the plot now anymore than I did, before, because they’re still working from the same narrative they always have: Rumple bad, Belle blameless. 

Where is this? 

I know he’d never want to hurt Belle this way, but I think we need to revisit this. I see the Belle of 6x11 wallowing in self-pity, but refusing to accept the harm she’s done her husband and their relationship. She’s accepted some blame for Gideon, but doesn’t seem to give a solitary thought to the potentially irreversible harm she’s done to their marriage … and how that damage may have, or already has, affected the outcome with Gideon. Rumple has mentioned—numerous times, now—working together to try to fix things. Not once has Belle accepted this offer, nor ever suggested it herself. Does she seem relieved he’s willing to offer an olive branch? Nope. It barely registers.

Twice in 6x11, Belle expressed that she didn’t know if Rumple wanted to help Gideon kill/wanted Gideon to succeed in killing. Who is this Belle? Where did this pod person!Belle come from?! This Belle doesn’t have the first clue who Rumple is. How could she be that far removed from knowing him? 

I don’t know if it’s Emilie’s acting, or what is striking such an odd note for me in her scenes. Belle seemed insouciant at the well, similar to how she came off at the well in “Broken Heart” (5x10), when she met Rumple there to break his heart. “I know you’ve just become what I always said I wanted, but I no longer want that! See ya!” 

I can’t find the GIF, but I’ll never forget this scene and her mocking duck-lips (the still on the bottom left happens to stop on the nanosecond where she actually looks sad; the GIF shows how much it looks like she doesn’t have two fucks to rub together). Then, the incomprehensible return that night, the exhaustive makeup sex, followed by the problems in 5C, culminating with the sleeping curse. I’ll never forget the scenes in the pawnshop in “Heartless” (6x07), where she curled her lip and told him how his weakness was worse than pure evil. Okay, Milah 2.0, that’s enough! 

I did NOT start writing this to be an anti-Belle post, but I just can’t seem to help it. I had to examine what I felt was wrong with “Tougher Than the Rest” (6x11), which is best done by comparing her behavior and dialogue from before. It’s best done by looking at how little Belle’s motivations are explained, or how they’re handwaved away with “Rumple, EVIL”. I was only going to express my puzzlement at what seems like 95% of the fandom which is giddy with joy. Are they faking some of it? Agreeing with the Emperor to come off as “good fans” or perpetually positive ones? 

Where’s my joy? I loved Belle. They took everything about her that made her special and soured it. She’s not compassionate; she’s cruel. I hear her spout things that I’ve only heard from Rumple-hating fans. I feel robbed. I feel tricked. Where’s my joy? Belle’s a hypocrite, embracing the worst of Storybrooke and giving them a free pass—but not Rumple, saving all her judgement for him. I hear you saying,”Well, can’t Belle have flaws, too?!” Yes, but it would be nice if they meshed with her earlier characterization. People have excused the banishment with the trait “impulsiveness”. Okay, but, upon reflection, where was the regret? How is impulsiveness even recognized if no questioning of one’s actions occurs? (There was that brief moment at the well in 4B, but Regina made her forget that, so—never mind.) Instead, she doubled-down on insisting she was right and consorting with her husband’s long-time enemies. Earlier Belle had a deep streak of curiosity that was almost reckless. Where were her questions for her husband in season 4 or season 5 or season 6? What happened to digging into the puzzle that was him? 

Where’s my joy? I think it left when OUAT started doing everything they could to destroy Rumbelle, and to embrace this nonsensical view of morality and “heroes and villains”. Life isn’t black and white, kiddies. It never has been. OUAT purported to be “twists” on fairytales. I expected shades of gray, unlike traditional fairytales. I thought we had that, but OUAT left that behind.

The writers have ruined canon Rumbelle for me, and they’re not even on the road to fixing it. I have no hope they will fix it, since they couldn’t find that road with their own, personal, dedicated satellite system.

Imagine...Crowley Surprising You

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Request: Can I request an imagine/one shot with crowley where he figures out you have a thing for his demon eyes and just him in general and takes advantage of it?

Pairing: Crowley x reader

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