it looks like his hugs would make everything alright

BTS reaction to you, a fan, having self-harm scars.

I know this is a rather delicate subject so I want to let every single one of you that’s reading this know that if you’re struggling with anything, going through hard times or if you simply need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to listen to you and try to help in any way that I can. I’ve been there and self-harm is no way for anyone to cope with their feelings. I love you

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Hey hey hey! Could you do a bts reaction where their girlfriend (or s/o) asks them to teach her how to put on makeup because no one ever tought her? Thank you

BTS Reacting To Their S/O Asking For Help With Their Makeup


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Asking this man for help with makeup is a big mistake. As soon as his s/o asked him for assistance, Yoongi would have immediately been thinking of what he could use to make them look as terrible as he possibly could. It would be the perfect way for him to get revenge for the time that they had made him wipe cream on his face while he was asleep. He wouldn’t even hesitate to cake the foundation on their face intentionally, purposely smudge the eyeliner he had messily put on and would smear their lipstick all over their lips and chin. Once his s/o sees what he had done to their face, he would most likely fall to the ground laughing and would laugh so hard that he had to gasp for breath. “Payback is a bitch jagiya.”


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Taehyung would actually try his best to help his s/o out, sneakily messaging one of the makeup noona’s for tips as his s/o gets their makeup ready. After getting as much information as he possibly can without them noticing, he’d put up a confident front and would completely bluff about everything he’s going to do. Once he actually gets to the task, he’d become very nervous and hesitant about what to do next and would get a few things wrong along the way. Slowly but surely, he’d manage to finish the look off without too much of a fuss and would be incredibly surprised to see that it doesn’t look too bad. “See, I told you I knew what I was doing!” “Sure Tae, I saw you messaging one of the noona’s.”


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Jin would actually have his shit together, having spent some time with the makeup noona’s to learn the basic processes of applying makeup so he would be able to fix up any untidy areas by himself. He’d speak to his s/o in a confident tone of voice as he tells them about each step that he’s taking in order to keep them calm and also teach them how to do it themselves. He’d make small little mistakes that he’d easily fix after noticing them and would give his s/o the biggest smile once he’s finished. “I’m too good at what I do, aren’t I?


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Jimin would be a mix of Taehyung and Jin, confident in certain areas of applying makeup while being completely uncoordinated with others. He’d cake a little bit too much foundation on and would probably smudge the lipstick he painstakingly put on his s/o’s lips but would absolutely nail their eyeshadow and eyeliner, something that would cause him to puff out his chest in pride. When he’s about to show them the finished look, he would get nervous and would fidget a bit when they look in the mirror to see how he went. As soon as they see the finished look, Jimin would grin so hard that his cheeks would start to hurt as they start praising his work and would giggle when they press a kiss to his cheek in thanks. “No problem at all jagiya!”


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Namjoon would probably make a little bit of a mess, spilling some setting powder, accidentally squeezing out too much primer and putting the eyeshadow on too heavily. He wouldn’t really be too fazed, simply continuing on with the task and commenting on how it’s all about trial and error when trying to find the perfect look. He would tease his s/o a little bit though, unable to help himself, especially when they start pouting and complaining about the mess he’s making, how he’s wasting a lot of their newly bought makeup. “Ah ah, you can’t really complain, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you asked me for help.”


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Hobi would definitely take the chance to cause some mischief after his s/o asks him for help, but would eventually get so caught up with helping them out that he’d forget about purposely messing it up and would actually give them a fairly good makeover. He would have been a bit shaky with the eyeliner, mess up the contour repeatedly and fill in their eyebrows wrong, but the end look would have been pretty good. Hobi would probably end up preening like a peacock when his s/o compliments the overall look and asks him for further help with their makeup endeavours in the future. But as they lean in to give him a kiss, he’d probably squash a handful of foundation onto their face with the biggest grin on his face and start to cackle. “I got you in the end!”


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Ok, so everyone knows that Jungkook would most likely nail it right? We don’t call him the Golden Maknae for nothing 😂 His s/o would definitely take advantage of the fact that Jungkookie usually gets things right on the very first try and would tell him to simply go with his instincts on what he wants to do. He would most likely rely on what he could remember his makeup noona’s doing whenever they get him ready for a broadcast or performance and would take his time, making sure to check for any sort of errors as he goes along. Once he’s sure that everything looks alright, he’d let his s/o look and ask what they think. His s/o would immediately hug him and press kisses repeatedly to his cheeks, flustering him and making him smile sheepishly as they praise his work. “I’m glad you like it.”

This was absolutely so much fun to work on :D Thank you so much for requesting it ^_^ I am also so sorry it’s taken me this long to get this posted :( I hope that it is good enough after I’ve taken such a long time to get it finished and I hope you enjoy it. Please request again, I’d really love to hear from you ^_^

I’m gonna do stories because its been awhile and I have done a lot of head cannons. So I’m gonna wright the start and then finish the scenario with the boys. Also this is suggestive but not nsfw. Still putting it under the cut just because its sensitive. Rape is something I have problems talking about so I’m paranoid about this

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Putting Syaoran aside for now; it is so heartwarming to see Kuromama hugging her son lovingly to comfort him, and her saying “you’re just like your father” is one of the best compliments little Kuro can have because he looks up to his parents so much. He just wants them to be alright and to protect them, just like his family protects everyone else.

Actually that is such an incredible point to make!

Being like his father is the ultimate compliment for Kurogane at this point. It’s everything he strives for. To have his mother tell him that he’s achieving that would be heartwarming under any other circumstance, yet here it becomes crushing instead because you know it’s probably the last time he will ever hear those words. 

It gets laced with an extra level of heartbreaking futility when you consider just how seriously he takes it too. 

Kuromama isn’t just talking about strength when she compares Kurogane to his father, but in desperation that’s what Kurogane latches onto. He’s always wanted to be strong enough to protect his family, and now he needs it faster. Time is slipping away from him. The faster he gets stronger, the more likely he will be to save his mother from dying. 

It’s an awful burden, but it’s one that he takes to heart and dedicates his life to, and he will fail. 


Request: Can you write one where the reader breaks down to Bobby because she finds out she’s pregnant with Dean’s baby and he overhears? Thank you :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none (I think)

Okay nobody’s home for now I’ll just run upstairs and do it now so I can prove myself wrong. That’s what you were thinking as you ran to the bathroom to take the test that could possibly change your life. As soon as you got in the bathroom you locked the door, just in case. You grabbed the box and read the directions, after you did everything you were supposed to do you had to wait. It was the longest three minutes of your life but once the time was up you looked at the results. Positive. A wave of emotions passed over you at once, you were happy, sad, and most of all scared, scared that Dean was going to be mad, scared that you wouldn’t be able to do this.

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i love your writing :-) headcanons for jean having to calm down a panicked s/o before an expedition? thank u,,

Awe thank you, sweet! :) 


  • This boy is honestly scared himself, but the moment he sees his S/o panicked, he gets it together quick 
  • He’ll gently take his s/o by the hands, and soothingly rub circles into the backs of their hands as he lowers himself to their eye level (if his s/o is shorter than him) 
  • “Everything is going to be alright, okay (y/n)?”
    • He knows it naive to say that, but it makes him feel better and hopefully his s/o 
    • Maybe if he says it aloud it would be true  
  • If his s/o is still scared he’ll gently pull them into hug (preferably in a discreet place if his s/o doesn’t like being seen in large crowds (etc) 
    • He’ll lay head atop of their’s and gently rub their back
  • Or he’ll press his forehead to theirs, and look them in the eye and comfort them
    • “You’re strong, (y/n), I know that you can make it through this”
  • He’ll encourage them as best as he can, reassuring them that he won’t let anything happen to them and that they’re strong. 
  • He’ll be with them for as long as he can before they have to start getting ready. 
Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 1)(Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: After Jerome’s escape from Arkham Asylum he goes to visit his best friend Y/N (yes that’s your name right there). But somethings off, and after what you tell him  he wants to make sure that your dreams surely comes to reality. 

Pairing: Jerome x Reader 

Warnings!!!!: Swearing, mentions of rape and lots of details about torture! If don’t like then please do not read!!!!

Song:  Cake (Melanie Martinez) I dunno? I think it would suit this imagine, and plus who doesn’t like Melanie Martinez?

Fandom: Gotham

Season: Season 2

Originally posted by gotham-daily

Jerome was excited to see his girl. He hasn’t seen you in hell knows how long? The last time you spoken in person was about her father Grey. 

Grey wasn’t the nice guy you would want to meet, especially if it’s your crushes parent. He is the least expected guy to meet ever! Jerome hated him with all means and he had a good reason too. He wanted him dead, anything to keep you from harm. Especially from that son of a bitch. 

He reached to her broken, old, shitty apartment of yours. The building really did look unsecured, unsteady and looked like it would clasped any second now. He looked at your window to see if it was opened and to his luck it was. 

He smiled as he went over to the fire escape and climbed up to your window. Once he reached her window he slide the window opened. 

A warm smile escaped his lips as he climbed inside the window. He turned around to shut the window close and turned around to see your room. 

It wasn’t much, especially when you’re living with her father. You were lucky to have a bed, a warm blanket and a couple of pillows. But you were lucky to have a bed to sleep in and a place to live, for now. 

He’s gonna hopefully try to convince you to come with him and live with him. He couldn’t care about all of the insane people there, or how wanted he is, and that he didn’t even ask Theo if you can live with him. Oh well! 

All he cares is your safety and care. If Greenwood goes anywhere near you or even looks at you, he’ll make sure to murder that son of a bitch. Partner or not he should know that you are Jerome’s. He’ll make sure that you’re his soon enough. 

But he was pulled from his trains of thoughts when he heard sobbing. And it was yours. He knew he couldn’t go out there to save you because of your father and how wanted he is. He desperately wanted too but he knew he couldn’t risk there friendship either. 

He heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom and he quickly hid in the wardrobe and closed the door. 

He watched you run in your room and closing the door behind you as you cried. Your face is full of your tears and loud sobs were heard. Why are you crying? You looked so unhappy. You looked so fragile and harmless. 

All he wanted to do was run out of the wardrobe and hug you to death. To kiss you passionately and to tell you that everything will be alright. But he would lie if he said that to you. And he couldn’t hug or kiss you because you aren’t his. But soon you will be. 

Jerome watched you as you clasped on the bed, crying. Your cries made him feel upset as well. He never wanted to see you like this, not ever. And he made sure to make it his goal not to see you like this ever again. 

He opens the wardrobe door and quietly walks over to you. Your face was deep in too the pillow as you continued to sob. Jerome crawled onto the bed as he hovered over you as he rubbed your back in a circle. His face was close to your own as he continued to rub patterns on you back as you began to calm down. 

You thought that you were imagining all of this. Like your guardian angel has came to comfort you, maybe even get you out of here? But what you didn’t know that this imagine is reality, and it wasn’t any angel more like the devil’s son. 

“Y/N? What happened?” He asked you in an smoothing, comforting whisper. You turned away from your pillow slowly and looked at Jerome with an wide expression on your sad features. Light had shown in your E/C as you saw the red head herself. You weren’t imagining it, it was real. He was really here.

“Jerome!” You said in an exciting tone that was almost an yell. Your arms wrapped around his torso and your head rested on his neck as soft sobs still could be heard. 

Jerome felt weird, that you were hugging him. He never had anyone hug him like what you’re doing. But he felt safe and happy. He slowly returns the favour/favor of hugging you back. He began to make small patterns on your back once again as he tried to calm you down. And it worked too. 

You both stayed like that for a couple of minutes but felt like hours. He wanted to stay in this position forever, but forever is a long time. Especially in this City. There are things that need to be done but fuck them.

“How did you escape?” You suddenly asked curiously as he chuckled. He sits down on the bed with his legs crossed as an smiled appeared on his face.

“Oh! Haven’t you heard! About the Arkham breakout? Probably not since your bitch of a dad can’t let you watch TV. But I’ll tell ya anyways. Me and some other inmates escaped from that hell hole and the person that got us out was Theo Galaven himself. Ha ha! But when I escaped all I wanted to do was to see your face, doll.” He confessed as you smiled weakly and a small scarlet colour was visible on your cheeks. 

But soon your blush fades and she became quiet as an mouse. He soon caught on your silent tone as worry started to hit him. 

“Y/N, are you alright?” He asked as he touched your cheek with his hand. You instantly fell for the touch as you looked up at him. You bite your lip nervously as you started to cry again. “Y/N please tell me.” He begged as he started to get worried about you. You never acted like this, especially when you’re around him. 

“A-a couple of hours ago… M-my father… H-h-he…” You said as you became very nervous and sad. Major flashbacks came back to you as you became scared. Jerome noticed this. 

“You don’t need to be scared, gorgeous. I’m here for you. Please tell me what happened. I hate seeing you upset.” He confessed as both of his hands were in your own. Silence fell between them as none of them spoken for awhile. Jerome was starting to feel worried about you, and he never worries about anyone. You never acted like this ever, and it was starting to freak him out. You take a deep breath and looked up at him. 

“He used me as one of his sex toys Jerome. He used me as one of his entertainment. He used me his own fucking daughter to have fucking sex with! An innocent girl to have fucking sex with! He fucking basically raped me Jerome! I’m not a piece of cake, I’m no one’s piece of cake!” You snapped as Jerome jumped a little. You looked up at him as something shown in your eyes. Darkness and danger and anger formed in them, something that Jerome never seen before. 

Jerome frowned as he felt his blood boiled up. Why would your own father use you for his own fucking entertainment? That’s just wrong! Jerome felt hatred thoughts flowing through him as he became angry and horrible. He wanted to kill this man for once and for all. He couldn’t care less about how wanted he is he wanted what was best for you.

“I want to give him a taste of his own fucking medicine!” You suddenly blurted out, unexpectedly. Jerome smirked a little as curiosity came to his mind. 

“And what would that be doll?” He asked as you looked up at him with an glare. You nervously bite your bottom lip as you looked down at your hands and started to fiddle with them.

“Do you really want to know? Like I mean I don’t want you to thi-“ 

“Doll, you helped me with my whore of a nagging mother, remember? So why would I think anything crazy about you? So now I’m gonna return the favour/favor. So mind tell me your ‘medicine’ for your bitch daddy.” He said as a smile escaped his lips. You looked at him with an nervous expression. But soon you pushed that aside as an small smile returned to your lips.

“I want to torture the fucking bastard. To prove him that he messed with the wrong girl. I want to torture him with an blade or anything and slowly cut the sensitive, hot flesh as the blood slowly escapes from his grasp, demanding freedom. Hearing his high pitched screams as he begs for mercy as I continue with the blade. Cut every little vain off of his body as he cry in agony and sorrow. Then he’ll learn not to mess with me.” You said in an dirty tone as you began to imagine it. A small smile on your lips made him tell that you were picturing it happing. 

Jerome’s eyes widen in shock and disbelief. He never thought ‘that’ will ever come out of your sweet lips. Those types of thoughts even entered your sweet and caring innocent little mind. 

But soon shock and disbelief turned into excitement and joy. He wanted to kill the bastard for exactly how long? And he was finally thrilled that you wanted to do the same. Well thank bloody goodness! He laughed as you looked up at him with confusion.

“What?” You asked as his laughter died down but his smirk never left his lips. 

“Oh doll! That was the best thing I’ve heard all day! And why not make that dream… turn into reality?” He said as he tapped your nose playfully.

You soon looked down with an downer look. You sighed as you looked at him. 

“Jerome… I can’t though. His the only family I have and I’m lucky enough to be living under a roof… Barley.” You confessed as Jerome’s thoughts turned into confusion. 

Why on earth would you not want to kill this son of a bitch? Surely he does! But why can’t you see that he’s not the best one to live with! He does these horrible things and you still wants to stay with him? 

“Y/N… Do you really want to live with this bastard? The bastard that fucking abuse the shit out of you since you can even remember? The bastard that makes you his little fucking slave and you gets him what the fuck he wants? The bastard that made you one of his fucking sex toys for Christ sake! Do you really want to have a life like this? With that fuck bag? Surely I don’t. And I think you don’t either?” He said as you paused. You nodded as you agreed to him. 

“How about this doll. Since I hate the bitch that’s ‘apparently’ called your 'father’. I wanted to kill him ever since you told me about him. And I definitely know that you do because of your reactions from him. You should stay with me. So you can have an better life. And you can be safe and far away from that fuck twit. And I can look after you and we can always see each other.” He asked as you paused once again. 

You don’t know. You always wanted to be with Jerome and away from your fucked up father any day. But if your father found out that you ran away what if he finds you and beats the living shit out of you? You just wasn’t sure. 

“Jerome you know I would go with you any fucking day but… What if he finds me?” You asked him as he chuckled. 

“Remember what you said earlier that you wanted to torture your daddy?” He asked you, you nodded. “Well I said it once and I’ll say it again. Let’s make that dream turn into reality, babe.” He said husky as you looked up at him with unsure. But soon your unsure turned into a smirk, an insane smirk. 

Let’s make my dream turn into reality? Hmm sounds like fun and looks fun. But what about the police? What if they come here and finds out that I did it and they send me to Arkham? I don’t want to go to Arkham.” You said as Jerome hummed and smirked. 

“Well let’s talk about that uh doll.” He said in an low tone as you smirked. An insanity smirk.

(I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes and my grammar is wrong, sorry if Jerome is out of character too, this was also an Jerome x OC before but oh well)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 2)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Part 3)

Dreams Turn Into Reality (Final Part)


R5 Preference - More than Friends

“Ha! Beat you again! That’s six games in a row”! You said looking to Rocky. Yea Yea, I let you win. He retorted “mmhhmm” you said sarcastically. You and Rocky had been best friends for a long time. He had always treated you as one of the guys. You did things like play video games or watch horror movies together. He called you “dude” quite often and you weren’t quite sure why that bothered you. Rocky was just Rocky there was nothing to it. But then why did it leave you wanting more? Rocky set his controller down. “Dude, you hungry? I can order a pizza or something.” “Do you always have to call me dude?” You questioned. “Is something wrong?” Rocky asked confused. “Nothing it’s just…never mind” you trailed off not knowing where your words would have gone. He turned his head looked you in the eyes. As you stared into his amazing eyes you couldn’t resist, you slowly moved your head closer to his until faces were an inch apart. You quickly placed your lips on his. You expected him to pull back in disgust but, then you realized he was kissing you back. You slowly pulled away and looked into his eyes to hear him mutter “I liked that.”

“Trust me, you’ll be great!” Ross said as you both walked up to the beach. He had promised to teach you how to surf since you had never done it before. “I’m scared Ross!” You mumbled. “Don’t be, I promise I’ll always be here for you.l he said looking longingly into your eyes. When he put hand hand your shoulder you felt a spark. Something fluttered on your heart and you didn’t know what was going on. Ross had never been anything but your best friend in the world. There was never any real feeling between you two before that moment. He took your hand and pulled you up to the shore. He brought you to a private place in the beach hardly anybody ever went to "Wow the ocean looks beautiful from here!” You said. “And so do you!” Ross said smiling at you. You felt your cheeks turning a bright shade of pink. You didn’t care how cheesy that sounded, it felt right in the moment. Ross turned his head and moved to place his lips against yours. After he pulled away, He rested his head against yours. It was perfect.

Boom! Thunder cracked outside the window. “Eeeeee!” You shrieked. You had always been afraid if thunderstorms. It’s okay he said pulling you close into his chest. You laid your head cozily against his chest. He was wearing a tee shirt and a dark purple cardigan, and he smelt amazing You and Ell had been friends since forever. Grew up together. Ever since a few weeks ago you had gotten extra close and started having feelings for him. The feelings were confusing you were childhood friends and that’s all he had dated many girls none of them like you. He would never be interested in you. It would be way to complicated anyways. The thunderstorm slowed down to where the thunder and lightening stopped and it was only a small downpour. “Hey you know what would be fun?” Ell asked looking at you with an adorable excited face. “What’s that?” We should go dance in the rain just like when we were kids.“? I don’t know Ell, what if it thunders again?” “Pleaseeee?” He said looking at you with a sad face. “Uhhh…fine!” You sighed. Ell clapped his hands together on excitement. You put on your raincoat and boots and you both walked outside. “Woooo!” Ell yelled running into the rain. You giggled as you watched him. “Come on.” He gestured for you to get off the deck and into the rain. You shook your head no. “I’m fine here.” “ I will drag you out here.” He threatened. He picked you up and carried you out into the rain and spun you around. He set you down in front if him and looked into his. When you gazed into his eyes you realized how much You actually liked him. Before you could do anything he reached in and kissed you on the lips. The kiss was amazing you felt fireworks. When he pulled away you muttered “but I.. I..” You were very confused and happy by his actions. “I thought you weren’t interested in..” “Shhh. He said placing a finger on your lips. He looked deep into your eyes "I love you and always have."Then his lips crashed into yours.” It was a night you would never forget.

(Saved the best for last ;) )
(I saved the best for last! Haha)
Slam! You shut the door to the Lynches house and walked in. “Whats wrong?” Riker asked worried. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying. “He broke up with me.” You said sniffling. Tears started to fall from your eyes again. You could barely say the words without sniffling. “Ohhhh.” Riker said looking at you apologetically. “Come here.” He said pulling you into a hug. You set your head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around you. “He dumped me for this..this other girl.” You stuttered. Riker put his head down kissed the top of your head. “She’s probably way prettier and cuter and..” Riker cut you off. “Nobody is more beautiful than you.” He said wiping a tear from your cheek. Riker was the only one who could ever make you feel better. Something about his smile always made you feel like everything would be alright. Thanks you said hugging him again. “What’s up guys?” Rydel said enthusiastically. You tried to wipe any remaining tears from your eyes and clear your throat. “Umm nothing.” You said. “Have you been crying?” Rydel questioned. “She’s just uhh.. Upset about the trial tomorrow.” Riker covered for you. He knew you liked to keep this type of stuff private. It was personal. “Oh honey it’ll be okay.” Rydel said. She gave you a hug. You half smiled at her and muttered a “thanks” Rydel left the room. “How are you feeling about tomorrow?” Riker asked. “I’m fine I guess.” Tomorrow you were going to court to see the arrangement plan for living with your mom and your dad. They had gotten a divorce just a short while ago. You were not really nervous you would still get to see both of them. Just not together. You knew it would all be alright as long as Riker was here
*Next Day After The Trial*
“What happened at the trial?” Riker asked. You just shook your head. “Could you please tell me what’s wrong?” Riker said. You had gone to his place after the trial and you were watching a movie on the couch. You felt tears welling up in your eyes until you just couldn’t hold it in anymore. You let out a giant sob. “He doesn’t want me!” “What?” “My dad, he doesn’t want me. He gave total custody to my mom. They were just going to work out an agreement but he just gave me up, signed me off like a piece of paper.” “I’m sure he still loves you.” Riker replied “How can you say he loves me when he just gave up on me. He didn’t even fight. There was no trial. He signed me off. He doesn’t want me. "I’m sure it seems like that but…” You cut him off. “Sometimes I feel like unwanted, nobody in this world loves me.” You said tears streaming down your face.“ "I love you” Riker said you looking straight in the face. When he said that it made your heart flutter, your stomach dropped and and your whole body tensed. He loved you? He loves you. “Really?” You muttered. He shook his head. “If course I do, and someday in promise you will find a guy that’s special and loves you just as much as I do. "Oh” you mumbled under your breath as you realized he loved you like a friend and nothing more. For the first time when he said “I love you” you realized that you loved him too. But not as a friend. “You staying over tonight?” “Yea” “you wanna watch a movie?” Sure you replied
*1am that night
“you still up?” Rydel asked walking down the stairs. “Umm.. Couldn’t sleep really.” You and Riker had fell asleep downstairs on the couch watching a movie. You couldn’t stop thinking about him, about how he told you he loved you. You were simply in love with him. He was the one person in the whole world who understood you, who made you feel special. The only problem was you weren’t sure if he was ever going to feel the same way. Rydel got some water from the fridge and walked back upstairs. “night girly” Rydel muttered walking up the stairs. Riker rolled over and opened his eyes. “Hey” he said with a smile. “I couldn’t sleep.” You said faintly. “Something on your mind?” He sat up next to you. “Umm.. Sorta” you stuttered. “What’s up?” “I…uhhh” you had no idea what to say, you couldn’t just blurt out “hey Riker you know how you said I love well I love you too!” You wished you could just tell him everything you felt earlier. “What did you mean earlier when you said I love you?” The words barley slipped from your mouth. Then something totally bazaar and amazing happened. Riker turned to you and kissed your lips. At that moment everything felt right in the world. There was nothing wrong, you forget all about your father and the divorce. All your problems had disappeared and the only two people on earth were you and Riker. When he kissed all you could feel were sparks. He was the most amazing kisser and every second made your heart beat faster. When he pulled away he laid he forehead on yours “I love you.” He whispered you smiled and your cheeks got burning red “I love you too”

Hidden Feelings

Characters; Seventeen’s wonwoo x  reader 
Genre; Angst; oneshot
Warnings; – If you think being a savage to your bias is dangerous well we’ll consider that as a warning then. 

“She’s here!” He smiled widely, jumping around inside the house as he threw his phone on the couch, then ran towards you to hug you tightly. 

“who’s here?” you asked, trying to scan your memory if you have forgotten anything. was it his family mom? sister?  but we were all tralking to each other how busy their schedule was. you thought, hugging him back loosely. 

“Ahri, my bestfriend. She came here yesterday, Y/N.” He looked down at you and patted your head. You mouthed an ‘oh’ and nodded, freeing youreself from the hug. 

You never felt comfortable when he was with Ahri. She’s sexy, beautiful, smart, fun, and everything a guy would love about a girl. And you were scared because they were past lovers. And it’s amazing how they still kept on being friends, not having any awkwardness between each other and still kept the friendship going on. 

With the thought, you sighed and walked towards your work room. You started to do things with your laptop. You started to do designs for an unknown reason, typed reports, printed some pictures, watched dance practices and live performances. 

Finally, you felt tired doing so many things that wasn’t such a waste of time. After stretching your limbs, you removed your glasses and glanced at the clock at the upper right of the room. 6:30

You stood up and went to the kitchen as you start to think of what to have for dinner. until you saw a sticky note on the table. 

Jagi, i already cooked the dinner. i hope you’ll still love it! i went out with Ahri. She wanted to spend time with her friends, including me since he only gets to visit this year. I still don’t know what time i’ll be coming home but i’ll text you as soon as i know! but still sleep early, with or without me. 

You sighed. Just the thought of him smiling earlier already broke your heart. But what if you see them together? What would happen to you?

And as the thoughts start to fill your mind, you phone buzzed. 

wonpoo sent a photo.

The first photo was him and Ahri, close to each other. just like any other picture, they were just smiling. 

did you see it? i looked handsome there right? did you ate dinner already? i already ate so nothing to worry about. He texted. 

I’m alright. Have fun, jagi. You replied, sighing once again as you throw your phone to the couch. 

5 months and wonwoo was still hanging out with her. Does he really have to?
from the past two months, you can count how many times you and wonwoo spent time each other. and for the record? 3 was the only number. 

You missed him. You missed his scent. His warm hugs. His presence. His smile. His voice. You missed how he stares at you, how he take stolen pictures of you and post them on social media. But those things? He’s doing those things, with her.  

But still, there you are, waiting for nothing. You felt nothing anymore. 
Everytime he sends you a picture, you ignore it, knowing how the conversation will go. Everytime you wake up, you never see him. You only see the food on the table that was cooked by him. 

But everything comes to and end. 

As you were watching a movie titled, ‘The Ugly Truth’ the door creaked open. You blinked as you turned your check who it was and turned back at the television again. 

“It’s my first time seeing you face to face after 5 months.” you cooed, grabbing some popcorn as the climax of the movie comes. You heard sniffles as he came closer to you. 

“I’m hurt, Y/N. She already left the country and she’s never coming back.” He sighed, sitting beside you trying to fight the tears back. 

“And you’re hurt just because of that? You’re not even sad because you left me here for 5months? You’re not even sad that you missed our 4th year anniversary?” You snapped and paused the movie, facing him. 

“Stop saying you’re hurt if you don’t know what it really feels like, wonwoo.” You weren’t in the mood anymore to watch the movie so you decided to shut the tv off and go sleep or do anything else. 

“What do you mean i don’t know how it really feels like? She’s my bestfriend for god’s sake Y/N. She’s never coming back!” He exclaimed, mood changing from sad to angry. “Maybe you’re the one who doesn’t know how it feels like.” 

“Wow! The nerve on this guy.” You shouted. “I’m the one who doesn’t know how it feels like? Do you even know how it feels like to be abandoned by someone you love for 5months? Do you even know, how lonely it was for me without you here by my side? Do you even know how hurt i was from the beginning, seeing you smile with her, arms wrapped around her and time spent with her?” You shook your head in amusement, trying to contain the tears. Tears that was supposed to fall months ago but didn’t.

“Do you even know how much i love you and how much it hurts because i miss you so much?” with that you sobbed, kneeling in front if him with your hands covering your face as he stood there frozen. 

“I love you and it hurts. So much.” You cooed, you kept on sobbing in front of him until your eyes was puffy. 

Finally. he spat out words. Words you wanted to hear for months. 

“Y/N please, i miss you too and i love you. very much.” He kneeled in front of you, wrapping you in his arms. 

“you’re making the situation worse. wonwoo.” You hiccuped, as you stood up after successfully freeing yourself from him. 

“Please! Y/N! Don’t leave me too!” He exclaimed, tears starting to fall out from his eyes as he hugged your knees, preventing you to walk. 

“It’s funny how you’re doing this right now. But maybe, i should leave too, so you should know how i felt back then. We’re over, wonwoo.” With closed fists, you tried to release your legs from him but he was too strong.

“Y/N.. please, not you too.” He still sobbed, his tears staining your pajamas. 
“Jagi…” He continued to sobbed, voice cracking with every sentence he made. “i love you, please don’t. I can’t live without you.I can’t live with you hugging another man. I can’t live without you beside me. I can’t live seeing you happy with someone else. I can’t live without your kisses. your hugs. your voice. your warmth. your everything. I just can’t, Y/N.”

“wonwoo, you’ve been living without me for 5 months. we don’t get to spend time each other anymore. and maybe you should just go back to ahri and i dont know? live with her hugs. her kisses. her warmth. her presence. and especially, her.” 

Each and every word stabbed you right in the heart, but the truth as to be told.

“I’m leaving, wonwoo.” You sighed. You felt relieved but sad at the same time, as he released his tight grip of your legs.

You walked towards the bedroom and grabbed your luggage, packing each and every stuff of yours. 

As you were about to leave, you wanted to cherish everything. So you looked around the house one last time. 

“Jagi…” He sighed, walking towards you as he hugged you tightly, telling you not to go. 

“Make sure to do everything regularly, wonwoo. You’ll be happy soon, wonwoo. Even if, i’m not with you anymore.” You nodded, releasing yourself from the hug as your caressed his cheek for the last time and walked out. 


Author’s Note: Alright! That was it. I hope you guys liked it and make sure to send requests. ^^ And would you like me to make a part 2 or? 

One-shot submitted by: Ella

One shot based on the imagine, “Imagine Loki holding you tightly to him, allowing you to cry on his shoulder while he listens to everything that troubles you. He never judges you, he simply listens and tries to comfort you.”

Requested by Anon. Enjoy.

The sobbing was muffled into your pillow. You were practically crying your eyes out, and had been for almost an hour. Everything seemed to fall apart today. In the muffled ness, you heard the front door open and close.
“Hello…? Y/N, you home?” Loki called out. You did a weak whistle, which he someone managed to hear. He walked into your room and saw you prostate on the bed. You turned over and looked at him with red eyes, finally sitting up. His eyebrows furrowed and concern filled his eyes.

“Oh, darling. Is everything alright?” He asked, sitting down next to you and wrapping his arms around you, planting a kiss on your forehead.
“No, nothing is alright. I failed my Science exam, I lost my History notes, I got detention for screaming about a spider. Uh. I dropped my phone, in which it broke and I have to take it the store tomorrow, and of course, nothing ends up in the kitchen for dinner.” You said, running your hands through your hair. He wiped a tear off your cheek and you looked up at him and lost it. You threw your head into his shoulder, sobbing once again. “Shh. Everything will turn out okay.” “Shh. You’re alright.” “Shh. I’m here for you.” Loki would say, leaving an occasional kiss to your forehead.

Once you had finished, you looked up at him and he gave that adorable smile that, seems like it, could cure cancer. He pulled you in for another hug, and kissed your neck and lips.

“Feeling better?” Loki asked, interlocking his fingers with yours.
“Of course. You’re with me, so duh.”
He smiled at that and kissed you once again.
“Wanna get like, Chinese food?” You asked.
“Whatever as long as it makes my princess happy.”
You smiled and went to enjoy some fabulous food at the nearest restuarant and had a spectacular time.

May I have a Draco oneshot where the reader is depressed because her mom doesn't support her being a wizard so she lost all contact with the reader and said she hated her. Draco comes into the readers room when she's crying and he comforts her with lots of fluffiness please? Thank you! Xx

You were sitting in your room, on the floor with papers upon papers of assignments spread around you. You could feel tears fall down your cheeks and smear the ink of the letter in your hands. You stared down at the blurry words, trying not to read them again, not to believe them.

/I hope you aren’t plannning on coming home for Christmas, because your father and I agree that we do not want a freak show in our home. With lots of hate, Laura/

You knew your stepmother didn’t like you being a witch, but you really didn’t think she would take it as far as to trap you at hogwarts for the most important time of the year. You would be here alone, Draco gone, Pansy gone. All of your friends would be at home, happy with their siblings and parents.

Siblings, you wouldn’t see your little brother until summer ends. He was too young to start Hogwarts for another couple of years and you had a feeling that when he did, he would get the same treatment. You doubted that your father actually approved, or even knew, about this. And that, that broke your heart even more. You’ll be alone on Christmas and your dad doesn’t even care. After your mother left though, he didn’t really seem to care about family or really anything but his new wife.

You could feel a new batch of tears coming as there was a knock on your door. “Go away!” You shouted, voice breaking.

The door opened anyways though, “(y/n), are you okay??” You looked up to see your boyfriend, Draco, standing at the door way. You shook you head and threw the letter across the room in his general direction.

He gingerly picked it up in his way towards you. He read while sitting down next to you. “Oh, (y/n), I’m so sorry.” You lean against his chest and his arms wrap around your torso.

“I’m not even wanted in my own house. If Mum was still here it wouldn’t be this way.”

“You’re a pureblood, Slytherin witch. You don’t need the approval of some evil step mother,” you knew he was right but just the thought of her madeyou sad. She had absoloutly no contact with you except for reminding you that you can’t come home for any time but summer break.

You nodded slowly, wiping the tears from your eyes and telling yourself that everything would be alright.

“You know what may make up for a shitty family?” You shook your head and sat up, turning to look at Draco.

“Coming with your boyfriend for Christmas and helping him deal with his shitty family.” He smiled at you as your jaw dropped. Going to the Malfoy Manor?? Meeting his family? The thought was terribly exciting and terrifying and it made you unsure as to if he was kidding or not.

“Yeah, Mum would love to meet you. Dad, well, he doesn’t like anyone, but you never know.” You hugged him and couldn’t stop smiling, picturing your new Christmas plan

anonymous asked:

Can I ask how Hinata, Oikawa, Suga and Noya would respond to finally convincing their s/o to let them meet their family after much hesitation on the s/o's part, only to find out that their s/o doesn't have the best home life/family? If that's ok! Thank you!

(If any of you do have home lives that are anything less than happy, please tell someone. Even if it’s something small, if it’s getting you down, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Home is a place of refuge and safety, so if you don’t feel that way there, find help.)


“Huuuh? [Name], why didn’t you tell me?”

He’d be so worried over them now. Hinata wouldn’t help but feel like a bad boyfriend for not figuring it out sooner. His friends always told him he was dense when it came to relationships, and now he knew they meant it. He’d probably apologize to his partner for not knowing sooner, but also tell them that if anything happens at home that bothers them, they should come straight to him.

“You can come over to my house anytime you want, [Name]! Even if it’s short notice, I’ll let you stay as long as you need!”


“…Oh…that’s why,”

He’d go silent for a few seconds as he processed the information. I’ve said before that I think Oikawa would be hesitant to introduce his s/o to his parents as well because that equals commitment, so he’d understand if his partner didn’t want him meeting their parents either. But now that he saw the reason was totally different, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. If he wasn’t already clingy enough of a boyfriend, he’d become SUPER clingy! He’d stick with his s/o as often as he could, and he’d give them plenty of opportunities to get them out of their house.

“I’ll stay by your side…for as long as you need,”

(C’mon, guys, Oikawa can be serious when he wants to be)


“Please tell me these things from now on, ok? I want to help,”

After enduring a painfully awkward meeting with his girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents, he’d give his s/o a long drawn out hug. He’d look his s/o in the eyes like a mother would and would make them promise to tell him important things like that from now on. I don’t think he’d be subtle on checking in on his partner either, I think he’d just flat out ask on somedays if everything was going well at home. A relationship with Sugawara would be built on trust and reliance, so he’d want you to lean on him.

“Everything ok with Mom and Dad today? Are you sure? Alright, just remember you can tell me anything,”


The only one of the four to get hot-blooded over this matter.

“That…that was awful,” he’d breathe before getting angry, “Why? Why haven’t you told me about this sooner?!”

Even if his partner tried to tell him they didn’t want him getting mixed up in their complex family life, he wouldn’t care. He’d want to be told something like that. If he had known, he would have been able to take better care of them.

“Please,” he’d hug them tight, “Let me help you,”

Like the others, he’d offer his s/o a spot at his house anytime, but he’d also be the one of the four to be very confrontational towards his girlfriend/boyfriend’s family. Anytime he’d run into them, he’d give them glares and curt responses.