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The Harry Effect: Fond Louis

So we always talk about Harry’s heart eyes: the laser frog stare, the Louis-should-probably-get-a-restraining-order look, the twinkling-eyes-floating-cartoon-hearts gaze, etc, etc. But we don’t talk about Louis’ fond nearly as much. That boy has a HARRY FACE and it’s severely under appreciated!!!! When Louis pulls the heart eyes the entire world just stops. He tries to act all cool and tough but all bets are off when Harry is around. His demeanor changes, the walls come down, and he gets the happiest, softest, trusting, head-over-heels-in-love little pixie expression on his face. I like to call this phenomenon “The Harry Effect.” This is a post about the 8th Wonder of the World: soft giggly happy fond Louis

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Celebrating Larry Masterposts: 2012 Boyfriends

Celebrating Larry Masterposts: Part 3 

So basically this is the long awaited (by me lmao) Up All Night Tour masterpost. This is part 3/3 of the 2012 Larry Masterposts (basically bc i couldn’t fit their stupid fonding, nauseatingly cute giddiness all in one post or you’d all be scrolling for 4567863 years)

So let us begin…….;)

teeny tiny little lou tucking himself under his boyfriends arm

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“I think Harry might need your help,” Louis’ mum says, stepping into the kitchen. She’s wearing her favourite Christmas apron that Lottie gave her last year, and her hair is up, a bit messy from when Doris was playing with it earlier. She has a soft smile on her face as she steps closer and wraps her arm around his waist, glancing into one of the pots. Louis gives the sauce a stir and offers her a spoon to try it. 

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Preference #11 His Clothes

Liam: You shivered slightly from the cold air on your bare skin, it was nighttime in London so it was stupid of you to forget a jacket. You mentally cursed at yourself for forgetting one as you wrapped your arms around your goose bump covered body. “Are you cold?" Liam asked from his spot walking next to you. You shrugged, "Maybe a little, but it’s my fault I should have brought a jacket."  "Well here," He stated unzipping his jacket before hanging it over your shoulders. "I can’t have my girl being cold now can I?" He smirked as he brushed his lips against your cheek. 

Louis: As memories of last night rushed back into your mind you woke up from your previously deep slumber, you looked beside you on the bed to find it empty. The spot where Louis had been earlier filling was now nothing but rumpled bed sheets. Hopping out of the bed you looked around the room for your clothes, not seeing any in sight you grabbed Louis sweatshirt from last night and pulled it over your head the smell of Louis cologne filling your nose and making you smile. Hoping tonight would be just like the previous one. 

Harry: You hummed quietly to yourself as you hopped down the stairs in Harry’s house. Causing him to look up from his spot on the couch where he was fiddling with his phone. A smirk spread on his face making you stop on your tracks, "What? What’s so funny?” You asked self consciously, looking down at your body wondering what he found funny. “You look good in my clothes." He winked at you, you looked back down to see in fact you had been wearing one of his white t-shirts, you hadn’t even realized you had it on. "I do, don’t I?" You winked back at him making him laugh and motion for you to join him on the couch. 

Niall: ‘She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear!' You sang loudly, swinging your head and hips around to the beat of the music that was playing loudly through the speakers of the house. You were wearing only one of Niall’s sweaters and your underwear as you bopped around the house cleaning things as you went. Niall’s house was a disaster since no one had cleaned in almost a month so you took the liberty to do so today.Suddenly you felt someone spin you around by your waist, gasping you were suddenly face to face with Niall. He had a giant grin on his face as his hands slid under his sweater and rested on your bare hips as he sang along with the song ’Would you wanna run away too? ‘Cause all I really want is you.’ 

Zayn: "Zayn!" You scolded him, looking down at your now pancake batter filled shirt. He chuckled licking his fingers, "Whoops. My bad here," He set the bowl onto the counter before pulling his shirt off over his head revealing his tattooed body. Giving you a tingly feeling in your lower abdomen as always. "Wear mine and we’ll wash yours right away." Without hesitation you took off your messy shirt and traded it for Zayn’s soft and clean one. "Much better." He smirked, leaning down connecting his lips to your in a passionate pancake tasting kiss.

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Ashley, what's your top-5 Louis fond faces?

There are so many to pick from. This is really hard.

1. When hearts flew above his head because Harry did something cute in an interview. This is definitely my favorite one. His face is so soft! It’s like a real life representation of the heart eyes emoji. I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole life.

2. When he literally saw his future right in front of his eyes. Husband and a baby.

3. When they were actually talking about marriage and babies

4. When Harry caught Louis looking at him and Louis jolted back to life

5. When Harry pulled a funny face and Louis just

Preference #4: You make fun of a gif of him

Niall: You were on your phone on twitter going through your timeline when you got a notification, you never checked them because most of them were a bunch of hate but today you decided to go through them. You spent the next 30 minutes going through your notifications favoriting and retweeting tweets. You then came upon a tweet that had a link to a gif on it, you clicked it and after waiting a bit for it to load you saw a gif of Niall. You started laughing hysterically which caused Niall to come in the room to see what all the laughing was about. “Hey, (Y/N)” Niall said sitting beside you on the bed. “Whatcha laughing at?” he asked making you crack up even more. You picked up your phone and handed it to Niall, he looked confused at first then he turned a deep shade of red. “God, Niall. What were you doing?” You asked teasing him. “It gets crazy on tour.” he mumbled still red. “Why don’t you ever dance like that for me?” You asked wrapping your arms around him. “I do look pretty hot, don’t I?” he joked making you roll your eyes. “I love you, Niall.” You say picking up your phone and looking at the gif again. “I love you, too. So can you stop looking at it now?” he asked rubbing the back of his neck. “Okay.” You say, turns out right after he left you clicked on the link again and sent it to all the boys. 

Louis: All day Louis has been going through your old photos and making fun of you and it was getting annoying so you decided you’d do the same to him. You were on tumblr trying to find one embarrassing photo of him but there weren’t any you could find, all the photos of Louis were flawless and beautiful. You were just about to give up when you saw a gif of Louis making the ugliest face ever. You didn’t know whether to laugh or scream, it was the perfect gif for payback. You could already tell it was fetus Louis but that didn’t matter because he’s going to regret ever laughing at your old photos. You had a plan all set up, you were going to wait until he would bring up an old photo or start teasing you again which didn’t take long. Not even an hour later he comes running into the bedroom holding another high school picture. You let him laugh and tease knowing what you were going to show him was going to be worse. “Wow, I’m glad you got rid of that hairstyle.” He joked making you roll your eyes. “You know what’s worse than that, Lou?” You ask making him shrug. You turn your laptop to face him and once he saw it he just glared at you. “I’m glad you got your face fixed.” You smirked making him smile. “Looks like I taught you well.” he grinned closing the laptop. “You win this time, (Y/N).” he says before slowly leaving the room. You knew he was going to find something even more embarrassing but right now you could care less that gif was hilarious. 

Zayn: Zayn was currently in his “I’m beautiful” mood which you didn’t mind because well he is beautiful. He’s been in the bathroom washing his face and doing his hair what felt like hours. You were texting Louis about it and he decided to send you a link to a gif. You thought it would be a random gif of someone falling or getting hurt because Louis loved sending you those but this time it was a gif of Zayn. You knew exactly where this gif was from, it was from one of the video diaries with Kevin in it. You tried keeping your laughter in but you couldn’t, you watched the gif for almost 10 minutes. You could hear Zayn come out of the bathroom so you call him over to join you in the living room. “What do you want, babe?” he asked plopping down on the couch beside you. “I know you were staring at yourself in the mirror.” You giggle making him sigh. “I was doing my hair.” he chuckled putting his arm around you. “Well to make you feel even better look what Louis sent me.” You smiled giving him your phone. His expression went from happy to terrified, “Ew, why would you show me this?” he asked. “Look at Mr.Sexy-Fetus-Zayn.” You joked causing him to chuckle. “You don’t look that bad, you just look a bit like a rabid animal.” You joke making fun of him. “Ha ha, laugh all you want.” He rolled his eyes. “Aw, don’t get mad, baby.” You say kissing him on the cheek. “I love you just the way you are, even if you look like a crazed animal.” He smiled, “I love you too, (Y/N).”

Liam: Liam was kind of the perfect boyfriend and he never really made fun of you being the sweet guy he is but that never stopped you from teasing him. He always turns red and gets all adorable when you tease him about things. You didn’t make fun of him aggressively, you would just point things out that would make the both of you laugh. You would never want to hurt his feelings, Liam was too sweet. You were on tumblr and had just found a gif of him that was hilarious but adorable at the same time. The gif was of Liam making a face and you couldn’t stop laughing at it. You were in the other room and thought it would be funny to text it to him so you did and after about 3 minutes he comes into the room completely red. “Where did you get that?” he mumbled embarrassed. “Did one of the boys end it to you or was it one o the fans?” “I just found it. Aren’t you so hot? I mean look at you!” You joke making him chuckle. “No, I’m not I look like a fish.” he smiled looking down at his phone. “You look more like a cow to me.” You say. “I do?” he asked frowning. “Yes, but lucky for you I like cows.” You smirk. “Well I like you too.” he smiles leaning in and giving you a kiss.

Harry: You and Harry made fun of each other all time, it wasn’t anything new when you guys would tease each other, you guys had boundaries but it wasn’t anything serious because you both were so comfortable with each other. You searched up “funny gifs of Harry Styles” and there were thousands of them. It was so easy finding an embarrassing gif of Harry because he embarrasses himself all the time but when you saw this gif you couldn’t even speak you were literally on the floor dying with laughter. Harry looked up from the other side of the room to see what was going on, he shook his head and walked over to you sitting on the ground beside your laughing body. “What’s so funny? I wanna know.” he asked trying to take your phone away from you. “Harry…y-you will not b-believe it.” You try to say while laughing. “Here.” you hand him your phone and Harry also laughs. “Who made this?” he asked not taking his eyes off of the screen. “It’s hilarious and it looks so real.” he smiled. “Do you see your face?” You asked. “Whoever threw that shoe at you, I need to meet.” Harry rolled his eyes, “It hurt really badly.” You nod, “I know, that’s what makes it funny! And the face you make is priceless.” “You are a mess, (Y/N).” he grins. “I’m your mess.” You smirk sitting up. “I guess you are.” he chuckles pulling you closer to him.

This is a decent one I guess, I hope you liked it! 


Preference #84: He Misses the Birth Part 2 (Requested) – His POV…

A few of you wanted a part 2 to this baby. So here it is!

Louis: When I got to the room the nurse was helping her learn how to breastfeed so I just pulled up a seat in the corner trying not to be too much of a bother. (Y/n) looked so pretty, exhausted, but beautiful. The baby already had a full head of hair and appeared to be pretty calm. The nurse was impressed with how quickly, “she” latched on. We had a baby girl! “Thank you,” (y/n) said as the nurse finished up the lesson and left the room. Then her eyes landed on me. “Where were you,” she tried to stay calm so we would not disturb the baby. “I fell asleep during the game,” I admitted ashamed. “I called you 53 times, literally. Where was your phone?” She was clearly heated and had every right to be. “It was on vibrate, on the table. Neither of us had gotten any sleep with our pregnant wives and were out cold,” I tried to justify what I had done, but realized it sounded worse than before. “I was 3 day’s early not a month, your phone should have been on full volume,” I wasn’t upset at her reaction because this was the emotional strong headed woman I loved. “You’re right,” I fed her ego. “What,” she was shocked since it was something I never said. “You are right,” I said it very clearly. “Well…” she was dumfounded, since it was too easy. “…are you going to get over here or not,” she huffed refusing to stop being angry. She adjusted so I could see her face. “She’s beautiful and looks just like her mama,” I stooped down to kiss her head. “You should have seen her when she was fresh. She was all blue and covered with my insides and stuff,” she joked. “I don’t have any bigger regret,” I was finally being honest and let the tears I had been fighting fall. “Louis,” she reached out for my hand and pulled me to sit next to her. “This is not the most important thing in the world. Compared to how much you are going to love, teach and help her, this is a drop in the bucket. Don’t beat yourself up, hell I’m even willing to bet she won’t remember this happened. Now meet her properly, so we can name the little bugger,” she sat up so she could hand her over to me. The second I held that healthy little bundle in my arms, everything seemed okay.

Harry: I ran to the room the nurse told me, but froze when I saw a fuming Gemma behind the glass door. I purposefully had not tried to explain the situation on the phone; because there was no way she would talk to me rationally. When she saw me she stepped out and blocked me from entering. “Too late, I’m not letting you see them.” I tried to sneak a peek desperate just to see the little guys head. “Please Gemma, do you honestly think that I would do anything to jeopardize this. I wanted to be here when my son came into the world,” I started crying realizing what I had missed. Before I knew it (y/n) was shoving her way out of the door. “Gemma,” she rested her hand on her shoulder to calm her. “You have been a savoir, and I love you… but Harry is a great husband and will be a great father… So, he needs to meet his son.” She calmed my sister amazingly. Gemma huffed in my direction, “fine,” then stormed off to get something to eat. “The fans were crazy and we couldn’t get out… my phone was…” “Harry,” she grabbed both my hands to help our eyes to meet. “It’s okay, I shouldn’t have told you to go. Now pull yourself together so you don’t scare him.” She smiled weakly. “This should be a happy memory, we’ll work it out later.” I realized that this was not normal, “You should be in bed.” I helped stabilize her since she was starting to waver a bit. “I’m fine,” she argued as I helped her sluggishly drag over. “Are you okay?” I sat down on the bed next to her and brushed her hair from her face. She looked exhausted, and I wiped a little sweat from her pail face. “I’m fine,” she whispered and nodded. Then she looked to my mother and beamed. My mom handed her the baby. “Look it’s your daddy,” hearing her coo that made me really happy. “He looks like you,” (y/n) explained proudly as she tilted him at me. I put my finger to his little hand and he griped it.  I was speechless and breathless as it finally really hit me for the first time that I was a father. “Do you want to hold him,” she asked already in the proper mindset. I realized I was frozen other than the tear running down my face, “yes, I really do.”

Zayn: “I was in an interview. It all happened so fast. Did everything go alright,” I was so flustered and confused as I walked into her room. “What do you think about Winston for the first name,” she ignored my stuttering. “Winston? That was not on the long list of boy’s names you liked,” I was confused. “It’s Ricky’s middle name, and I kind of like it,” she smiled sure of herself. “Ricky?” She seemed to have a moment of epiphany, “He is the kid who drove me here and held my hand through this whole thing.” “You want to name our kid after a guy you knew for like an hour?” If I was honest I was probably jealous, but I did not realize that then. “He’s still here Zayn, and he’s so selfless. Without him I may have drove off the road, and he made this memory such a good one.  I just don’t think I would regret it,” she tried to convince me. “Still here?” “The nurse recommended the nursery, so I could rest since the father was not here. Ricky wanted to keep an eye on him from the window,” she informed me. I realized that I was interrupting her sleep. “I’m going to go see our son,” I offered kissing her forehead so she could get the rest she needed. When I got to the nursery I tried to deduce which one was mine. “He’s yours,” the young man next to me proudly stated. “You are Zayn right? He has your eyes.” I nodded and held out my hand to shake his not taking my eyes off of the little me, “I’m Ricky. (Y/n) did so well, she’s such a strong woman. It was amazing!” He sounded so excited. “I know I wish I could have been there,” a tear dropped from my eye as my attempt to reach out to my boy was stopped by the glass. “I know this probably doesn’t make up for it, but I took pictures. I can send them to you.” He pulled out his phone to start showing me some. He had ones of her first holding the baby and every moment in-between. “That would be perfect,” I was so grateful. “He’s a great little guy, you have a baby sitter anytime right next door,” he offered already attached. “His name’s Winston,” I informed him and his smile grew ten sizes. “Well it’s about time you met him,” Ricky said going to get a nurse while I stood there paralyzed.

Liam: Once we got the tire fixed I was exhausted, but there was no way I was letting my pregnant wife spend the night alone, so it was worth it. “Nice work boys,” the bus driver seemed impressed that we managed to change it by ourselves. I grabbed for my phone the second we got in the bus to let (y/n) know I would be late, but my heart sank when I saw 38 missed calls and 5 messages. It died when I heard the messages, “oh my god.” I dropped it and went to plea for the driver to get me to the hospital. The boys were fully aware of the situation hearing my panic, “I’ll be in my bunk,” I informed them so I could have a little space to call down. We still had a good four hours to drive and I was having a panic attack. The second the bus stopped I ran out and to the room number she had said. “(Y/n) we were,” I started shouting but paused when I realized she was sleeping. “Zayn called and filled me in,” she groaned probably still half asleep. She adjusted so she could see me better. “I’m so sorry, how are you, how’s the baby?” I panicked as I looked around and noticed she was nowhere to be seen. “She’s great, she has your eyes. The nurse took her to the nursery so I could sleep,” she smiled. “I’m so proud of you,” I pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead. “Can you believe the nurse let me take your baby?” Harry came in talking in a funny voice. “Actually no,” (y/n) said half shocked and half worried. “I just don’t get how someone who looks like Payno made a baby this cute,” Louis teased as he made crazy faces at her. “Would you boys shut up and give me her,” I ran to them and took her from Harry. She was so gorgeous. “Look it’s your daddy,” Niall helped adjust her in my arms. “Congratulation Liam,” Zayn rubbed my back. They were all huddled around me so that they could have a good view of my girl. “Thanks guys! I think it might be time to say goodbye though. Mama has to rest,” I looked over to her heavy eyelids. She stood up, “nonsense, they’re family. Uncle Zayn, Uncle Niall, Uncle Harry and Grandpa Louis,” she introduced them. “Not funny,” Louis defended. “Did I say Grandpa, I meant Godfather,” she revealed and his mood changed instantly.

Niall: “You going to miss the birth, but if you hurry up and get sterilized and changed you can get in there to hold the baby while we stitch her up,” the nurse informed me. The “stitch her up” part scared me, but my adrenaline kept me moving. “You made it,” (y/n) quietly celebrated, but I hadn’t. The baby was already out and crying. “Are you okay, I’m so sorry,” I went over to kiss her and hug her completely unaware of the other people in the room. “Niall, it’s fine,” she put out her hand to stop me, “how’s our baby?” I looked to the area where they were cleaning and examining our child worried. “She is a healthy little girl,” the nurse smiled as she walked over to us. “You can hold her in this chair Mr. Horan. No holding for you until we get your stomach all fixed up,” she pointed at (y/n) and she nodded. I held her so that she could see her mother well and (y/n) reached for her hand. All of a sudden the room was a blur to me except for that little cuties face. “Hey baby girl, it’s your daddy… I’m here now, my flight got delayed but now I’m here.” I wasn’t emotional to this point but now I was. “I know that it’s not an excuse, I shouldn’t have been cutting it that close to when you were supposed to come. But luckily you have the best mommy in the whole wide world.” She made a noise and it melted my heart. “Yeah, that’s right. She’s so strong and brave and hopefully you grow up to be just like her. After today I know you might have a hard time trusting me, but the thing is that this is never going to happen again. I am never going to let anything come before my two girls ever again! I promise you that. I will be there for you angel, even if it’s a week earlier than anticipated. I’m going to be there because I love you and mommy so much.” I booped her cute little nose. “You’re my world,” I looked up to see (y/n) crying. “Are you okay, I’m really…” she held her hand in front of my mouth. “I’m happy,” she squeaked out continuing to admire us. “You can hold her now,” the Doctor informed. “Yay,” she excitedly held her hands out and I carefully transferred the fragile little princess.

imagine with me for a second, some guys slagging off 1d at coachella like they probably saw louis in the crowd and decided to get a rise out of him idk w/e and like. imagine further that louis hears them of course and gives them That Look (u know, the up and down “watch ur mouth” look) and they keep goin bc it’s funny to see him get increasingly more riled up and it’s not like hes gonna do anything right. so they get louder and look directly at him and then louis starts sassing them bc they’re literally bad mouthing his band to his face like he’s not gonna let that go???? and imagine….further…one of th guys sayin something douche and Actually Offensive nd then the next thing he knows he’s got to defend himself bc tiny louis actually got up in his face and had to be pulled off of him like u don’t know…… badly…….i need this… be true

He's Jealous
Louis: “Oh my god that’s too funny!” You laughed at another one of Justin’s jokes. Justin was your friend for a really long time, even before you started dating Louis. “Wasn’t that the funniest story?” You asked and turned to Louis. To your surprise, he was glaring at Justin while his back was facing the two of you. You knew something was wrong so you said,“ Justin, we’re leaving now. I forgot that we have to go to dinner with my parents tonight.” Justin waved good bye and the two of you left. Once Justin was out of sight, you turned to Louis. “What was that about?” You asked in disappointement. “You should’ve seen the way he was looking at you! I swear he has feelings for you (y/n)!” He panicked and you sighed, running your hands in your hair. “Louis, Justin has a girlfriend. Plus, I wouldn’t go out with him anyways. You’re the only one Lou, relax.” You reassured and immediately felt him relax. Zayn: “Zayn! Why are you acting like this?!” You screamed and fast walked to catch up with a storming Zayn. He has been frustrated ever since you started talking to Chris at the bar. Chris was your gay friend, but didn’t really show his sexuality in public. You finally caught up to Zayn who had his back facing you and breathing heavily. “You just don’t understand…” He muttered. “If you’re jealous of Chris, you’re ridiculous.” You said and he twitched at the sound of his name. “Chris. Is. Gay.” You said and he finally turned around, worry written all over his face. “It’s fine. I’m here.” You whispered as you embraced him in a tight hug, causing him to sigh in relief and kiss the top of your head.   Liam: Bad timing. Liam walked in right when you were giving your guy best friend a friendly kiss on his cheek. As soon as he saw the two of you, Liam rushed out of the room, you following him immediately. “LIAM!” You yell and he turned around with tears streaming down his face. “Liam stop being ridiculous. You KNOW that we’re nothing more than friends. He already has a fiancé and I just gave him a friendly kiss.” You explained and Liam wiped his tears away with his sleeve. “I can’t lose you (y/n).” He whispered, causing your heart to shatter to pieces. “Come here.” You said and held him in a long, comfortable hug as he started to calm down. “I’m all yours. I love you and only you. Do you promise not to be ridiculous again?” You asked and he nodded his head. “I promise. I love you.” He breathed. Niall: “That’s it!” He said and stood up from the table. You and Niall were supposed to have a lovely dinner at a restaurant. One of the waiter kept on talking to you, Niall tensing each time he came over. The waiter slipped a paper with his phone number in between the menu, and Niall saw it. “You! Get the f*ck away from my girlfriend!” He said and grabbed your arm, leaving the restaurant in disgust. “Niall.” You said and he turned around, breathing heavily ad you held up the piece of paper with the waiter’s number on it. You tore the paper to pieces in front of his eyes and watched the wind blow it away. “Don’t let that idiot bother you too much. I’m all yours.” You said and Niall gave you a weak smile as he planted a kiss on your cheek. Harry: “(y/n)…” Harry whined as you continued to talk to the store manager. “Please…” He continued, causing you to excuse yourself from manager. Harry pulled you to a more private area before speaking to you. “I don’t like him. He keeps on looking at you like you’re his.” He pouted and you stifled a laugh. “But he’s 50!” You said and started laughing. “It’s not funny!!!” Harry protested ad you laughed harder when you realized that you forgot to tell him about your relationship with him. “Haz, he’s my best friend’s dad!” You said in between breaths as Harry’s face turned red. “I just can’t afford to lose you. Sorry for being paranoid.” He chuckled and kissed you.