it looks like he's kissing him so

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Sorry, but this place is turning into a Tait shippers fandom. People saying how nice he is even not knowing him, how he lets Cait shine and they can get why she could be with him. It looks like those ass kissing MM and say how she's wonderful even not knowing her. Seriously, but all we saw of him was holding Cait's purse or a glass of champagne. And it's not a dig to him, he might be the best guy on this planet, but we do with him the same thing antis do with MM.

I am indifferent towards Tony… 

As an SO, he lacks much, and I am not talking looks…

He is there for her? Is he? Yes, we see him a lot as an escort, but I don’t know that he is THERE for her…in the deeper sense of the word…

He is certainly not the one on social media, publicly taking flak for everything… for her…

isak and even chilling in evens room, isak doing his homework, then even gets up and grabs a guitar and starts strumming away, isak is smiling into his books and enjoying the nice sound and then even suddenly starts playing a familiar tune and isaks heart kind of stops and he looks up so fast when even starts singing the first line of “im yours” 

They set their luggage down and Mari pulls Yuuri off to the side. “So,” she says.

“So what?”

“What was that? Viktor gave you a big hug at the end of your short program. Newscaster Moroka went on and on about how it was because of a signature jump or something?”

Yuuri blushes. “Yes. I changed the last jump to a quad flip.”

Mari pokes his cheek.

“It looked like a hug on network television?” Yuuri asks.

Mari raises her eyebrows. “It looked like a close hug on network television. He knocked you down over onto the ice.”

Yuuri is still blushing.

“So are you dating now?”

Yuuri shrugs. “We haven’t really talked about it–he’s going to coach me until I retire, but I don’t know. If we’re dating.”

Mari sighs. “Do you want to kiss him again?” She follows Yuuri’s gaze to where Viktor is greeting their parents in fairly terrible Japanese. Yuuri’s eyes are shining.

“Yes,” Yuuri says.

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Wait why are people saying that we're getting a bughead kiss?!?! Not saying that I don't want one (because I DO SO MUCH!!!) but I watched the trailer and it doesn't really look like they're going to kiss...

I think just with the spoilers of him holding her face, although in my opinion I don’t think those pictures will be the scene where the kiss takes place. I think jughead is just kind of letting her know it’s okay to be a little freaked out that her sister is locked away, he’s giving her emotional support. Also lili tweeted the day they were filming that scene, the lips emoji and the couple emoji and a hospital! So we’ll just have to wait and see.😘😘😘

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He did go out of his way for Soo despite what he thought of his face, right? If so, do you think So was aware of his physical effect on Soo? There were actually times that she was swooning and we know for a fact what she was feeling at that moment as a woman. What do you think? Or was he just... Trying hard to make her like him in a kind of awkward domineering masculine Goryeo way? Lol

I don’t think he had ever realized that. I bet for him all her smitten looks after his confessions, intense gazes and embraces were just her being a modest girl who’s embarrassed because a man shows her signs of affection in general.

 However, there is one moment when he was leaving the palace and going to Later Jin. When he pushed her into his arms and leaned in for a kiss and we could clearly see that Soo was ready to kiss back but then she was like “no, I’m kinda into Wook and don’t want to ruin So’s life”. However, out little pup noticed her reaction and that’s why that stolen kiss happened because he felt that she wanted it. So maybe he was aware he just didn’t make a big deal of it.

I don’t think like he was trying hard, he was just being himself, head over heels in love with her and he was by her side all the time, patiently waiting. Also, he was never domineering? Like he was balancing between state of dorky teenager kinda pup and a real man. 

in his heart of hearts (epilogue)

Thank you so much to everyone who encouraged a part II- your words meant a lot to me. And a massive thanks to @missemarissa, for your invaluable insight and continuous support.

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“We’re back, bitches!”

Octavia is the first person to touch the ground, but Bellamy and Clarke are close behind. They spill out of the dropship like uncaged animals, cheering and screaming and taking in everything that is Earth.

Clarke takes slow, tentative steps forward, closing her eyes and tilting her head back towards the sun. She lifts her arms and twirls in a slow circle, basking in its warm rays. The light reflects off her hair and for a second Bellamy thinks he’s looking at an angel.

It’s all too much for him, really, so he just gathers her in his arms and kisses her hard. She tastes like joy, and joy tastes better on Earth. [AO3]

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Yandere China wanting to cuddle with his heavily pregnant S/O who just doesn't seem to express anything anymore. Bonus if he's extremely protective after she has tried to off herself.

Yao smiled at his kitten. He loved her even more now that she looked like this. Their child would soon be born. He cpuldn`t have been more excited. But for some reason she didn`t seem to be as happy as he was.

“Kitten~Let`s cuddle!”

He brought her close to his chest and pestered kisses all over her face. He adored her. He loved her so much. Nobody would ever take her away from him. They were all destroyed, before they could even try anything.

Nobody would take her away from him again. He knew that once their child was born then she would be just as happy as he was. He connected their lips in a seet kiss, closing his eyes, while she just stood completely still.

Everything will be perfect so soon.

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I say seung tops but i think of him as having a dominant personality. Like implusive almost?? Like he has a very one track mind so he'll think "phichit looks cute today, i wanna kiss him. Im gonna do it" and things progress from there but idk

((True he’d just go for it lmao

Parents In Training

Spencer and the reader are expecting a baby boy, but Spencer admits to having cold feet. Worried about his future as a father, he confides his deepest fears and seeks comfort from his expectant girlfriend.

Spencer’s eyes flicker over to your beaming face, smiling slightly, before wandering back to the baby catalog.
“Oh, Spence, this is so cute!” You squeak, your index finger landing on a blue and white striped onsie, decorated with anchors and lighthouses. Chuckling slightly, he places a kiss to your temple.
“I like this one too,” He smiles, pointing out the camping themed onsie, covered in little bears and campfires, “Here fold the corner of this page, I don’t want to forget these.”
You smile, folding down the corner and closing the catalog, looking up at him.
“Are you okay? You seem–off.” You state, eyeing him curiously.
“Mm? Oh, I-uh. Y-yeah, I’m fine.” He stumbles over his words, indicating not only that he’s nervous, but that he’s lying through his teeth. Spencer only stutters around you when he’s trying to cover something up, or when he’s nervous. You furrow your brows at him, crossing your arms over your chest, staring at him silently for about thirty seconds. Sighing defeatedly, he looks down at his lap.
“I’m just–I-I’m scared.” He admits, bashfully, causing you to drop your look, raising a tender hand to his cheek.
“Scared? Spencer, what are you scared of?” You inquire, gently forcing him to meet your gaze.
“Well I’ve never really been a Dad before,” He mumbles, his hands fidgeting nervously. Pondering how to respond, you bite your lip a bit, rubbing your thumb over his hand, “I mean, I-I’ve read up on parenting quite frequently, even more frequently since we got pregnant, b-but I mean it’s not like I’ve experienced it for myself. Yesterday I read up on healthy sleeping patterns. This morning while you were asleep I read, ‘Heading Home with your Newborn.’ by Laura A. Jana, and ‘What to Expect the First Year’ by Heidi Murkoff. And I’m just scared, I didn’t have a father figure, Y/N. The closest person I had to a father figure was, Gideon. I don’t know what a Dad is supposed to be like.”
Feeling your heart crumple, you wrap you arms tight around his waist, a few tears slipping from the corners of his eyes.

Still unsure of what to say, you sit back, holding his face in your hands, bringing his lips to yours. You can feel him huff slightly, tasting his salty tears on his lips, his kiss is tender and sweet. Pulling away, he stares at you silently,
“Maybe if he hadn’t walked out, and he had shown me what it was like to care for his own son, I wouldn’t have so much to worry about.” He cracks, his tear flow becoming much stronger.
“Spencer, Spence–Listen to me. You’ve already shown me that you’re going to be the single most greatest Daddy in the entire world. You read to our baby boy every single night, and leave recordings for us to listen to every single day while your at work. You pamper his mother like it’s your job, you’ve already filled his bedroom with toys, diapers, and clothes. I promise he’s going to love you just as much as his Mommy does. Because I do you know, with all my heart. Don’t forget how good you are with your Godsons either, because they love Uncle Spence.“
“I love you so much,” He whispers, pulling you closer, “Are you scared too?”
You giggle slightly,
“If he’s anything like you, I’m terrified.”
This earns a scoff from him,
“Gee, thanks!”
Laughter rumbles through your chest, and you shove him playfully,
“I mean he’s going to be a lady killer.”
“A lady killer? Are you sure I’m his dad?” He laughs, as you shove him playfully off of the couch, “Ow! What was that for? I was kidding!”
Snickering, you climb off of the couch, sitting on his stomach.
“I am scared, you know. But they say that the parental instinct kicks in as soon as your baby is in your arms. I hope I can be as good as a parent as my Mother and Father.” You add, thoughtfully.
“I just can’t wait to meet you, I’ll do my best to be the best Daddy there is, and take care of your Mommy and all your future siblings.” He chuckles, nuzzling his nose against your protruding belly button.
“How many do you want?” You inquire, running your fingers through his soft, brown locks.
“Seventy-six.” He laughs, as you roll your eyes playfully, leaning down to kiss him.
“I love you, you dork.”
“I love you too, Y/N.”

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So I have to know...when Sam leaps do other people see it? Like there's times when he leaps mid hug or kiss with someone & I keep wondering if they see that at all

If they can’t see Sam, they don’t see him leap in. ;) According to the finale, Al doesn’t even know what it looks like when Sam leaps out, since the connection cuts out when it happens. 

I think an amateur ghost detecting machine picked up his leap once? 

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New theme and url👀👀🙌🏾 ALSO I DIDNT KNOW YOU CHANGED IT SO WHEN I TRIED TO TAG "springdaes" and saw "johnnyspuns", I thought "seems legit" and hoped for the best lol

the only reason i changed my url was to piss @cherryuta off, because apparently she thinks that the best pun duo (johnny n i) should be blockt cause we’re gross– :-) 



ok but yeah–

iM sCREAMEING AMAZING– you should’ve jiust known– like– puns + johnny? that’s probabyl ganguli….


look at victor. look at this man. he finds out his boyfriend hasn’t been sleeping so he brings him up to a private room, strip him to his underwear and a sleeping mask, and then proceeds to sleep on top of him so he won’t have any ideas of slipping away during his nap time. if that’s not dedication to your significant other i don’t know what is.

Underrated* but extremely good shots of Yuuri from episode eleven:

He is sad in this episode, but he still looks good.

So soft, so good. 

He looks like a prince about to kiss a princess’s hand in a fairy-tale. 

Victor:  ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

I’m just including this because it is MY FAVORITE EVER.


Yes,  you were underscored. This is highway robbery. 

Smiling megane eros. Ideal Yuuri.

Hug him.

Sweet, trying to be optimistic Yuuri putting on a brave face for press. My boy you are strong.  ♥ ♥

Looking adorable, about to be a self-sacrificing idiot in love. Katsuki Yuuri plz. 

*secret: all shots of Yuuri are underrated because it’s not possible to appreciate him enough. 


“Try it again,“ I said.
 "Kiss me.”
“No,” he said.
“Kiss me.”
“No,” And then he smiled. “You kiss me.”
 I placed my hand on the back of his neck. I pulled him toward me. And kissed him. I kissed him. And I kissed him. And I kissed him. And I kissed him. And he kept kissing me back.”

 ― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Hey, happy belated valentine’s day. have some asadais 
i was quite busy to post this on time and to aswer to requests but i managed some time (being me not having internet for a day) to finish this. 
I´m not good at drawing comics but better try and fail than do nothing.

guys but listen

  • so after the foxes win everyone starts paying attention to them
  • suddenly the press is all over their social media and wants them on talk shows and panels all the time
  • and they do it bc they could use some good publicity tbh and they rly need a bigger team
  • one day allison (her and neil are bffs now dont fight me on this i s2g) is watching tv w neil and he is rly into what’s happening and she pulls out her sc and starts taking a video
  • she holds the camera so both their faces show and goes “hey neil” and and when he starts to look over she kisses him on the cheek (allison reynolds does not give 2 shits about neil’s scars and she’s gonna show every1)
  • the video ends just as neil smiles
  • ppl on the internet lose their shit !! this video is everywhere
  • allison moved on from seth and NEIL JOSTEN is dating a teammate
  • so they go on a lowkey trashy talk show (and everyone warns neil to keep his mouth shut)
  • the lady is like “so neil i hear ur in a relationship with one of ur teammates”
  • all the foxes hold their breath he’s too unpredictable
  • wymack takes a drink
  • andreil arent hiding anything really they just dont do pda so neil is like “oh ya we like to keep our relationship private tho lets talk about exy”
  • and she is like “well it didnt look like you were keeping it private when allison posted this on her sc” and she plays the video
  • all the foxes start laughing except kevin, andrew, and aaron
  • allison is literally losing her shit and matt has trouble breathing for a few seconds
  • and the lady is like “…um did i miss something haha”
  • and nicky takes pity on her “we’re just laughing bc neil and allison are definitely not dating sry”
  • and she is like “???????????? but ur still dating a teammate”
  • kevin quickly redirects the conversation back to exy bc they do not have the time to sit here and talk about andreil’s love life jfc
  • she cant get anything else out of them
  • so ppl are just losing their minds for like a week trying to figure out who neil is dating when renee posts a pic on instagram of them w the caption “neil drove me to lunch and paid for my meal” ((they actually talk about andrew lol))
  • and now every1 is like omg !! this is it!!
  • so the foxes are doing a panel and they get through a decent amount of exy related questions and then
  • “i have a question for neil. would u like to comment on ur relationship w renee walker??”
  • “id like to comment that my relationship w renee is that we r good friends and that id like to talk about exy now”
  • they cant get anything else out of anyone
  • so now ppl rly confused bc neil is a Straight Man and only Dan is left but her and Matt are very publicly dating 
  • what kind of sexual deviancy is this ??????????? is neil josten engaging in some kind of polyamorous relationship with his teammates?????? no one can answer
  • ok so next talk show 
  • this woman barely gets the introductions out before she leaps right in
  • “neil are you currently in a relationship with dan wilds despite the fact that she is dating matt boyd?” 
  • neil has had enough
  • this boy just wants to play exy hes too old for this
  • he just stares at her
  • he cant even speak like who is this woman??
  • he didnt ask to dismantle heteronormativity in america but apparently he has to
  • “i dont have a gf”
  • she stares back
  • “are you no longer in a relationship with one of your teammates as you previously stated?????”
  • the foxes are getting worried neil might kill her
  • it’s getting very hard not to laugh
  • neil stares a little longer
  • “i dont have a gf
  • the host’s eyes widen
  • the audience goes silent
  • “am i to understand that neil josten, breakout exy player of the year, has just come out??”
  • ppl start clapping (some ppl boo and nicky starts to flip them off before kevin grabs his hand)
  • this woman has just gotten one of the best stories of her life on live television
  • she cant stop smiling
  • once again kevin steers the conversation back to exy (even when he isnt insulting ppl why does neil always have to cause problems ??) and doesnt let her go back
  • there’s wild speculation about which boy he’s dating bc it doesnt makes sense ?????/
  • aaron has been seen kissing katelyn after games
  • kevin and thea are now officially dating
  • nicky is v vocal about his bf (like 12 times a day on twitter)
  • matt and dan are definitely still dating
  • andrew is not capable of relationships ????? and him and neil hate each other ???/
  • the answer comes 3 weeks later
  • they are all in the girls’ room for a movie night
  • everyone but renee is slightly drunk
  • allison and renee take a cute pic
  • in the background u can kinda see neil asleep on andrew who in a rare display of affection actually has a hand in his hair
  • allison notices right before she posts it on instagram but andreil have already said that they arent rly trying to hide their relationship they just arent going to go out of their way just for crazy talk show hosts
  • and DAMN
  • the way they are leaning against each other is unmistakable (esp in light of recent news) 
  • neil josten and andrew minyard are in a relationship?????? have been in a relationship?????? the ppl need confirmation
  • neil’s twitter (that he uses to retweet exy players and occasionally start fights w them) is being blown up
  • finally he goes on twitter and makes his first original tweet 
  • “Andrew is my boyfriend.”
  • twitter literally explodes and “andreil” is trending for a week

Guys, think about it though. We all loved how emotional and intimate Yuuri and Victor were at their reunion at the end of the episode. And after going through post after post, I don’t think anyone could miss Victor kissing Yuuri’s ring finger and his “sounds like a proposal” comment when Yuuri asks him to ‘take care of him until he retires’. But I was just thinking of it today and I realized how neither country our boys come from (Japan or Russia) are very accepting of the LGBT community. Like I looked it up and saw…

And so I got to thinking that even for both of them to be so open with a proposal and whatnot, they couldn’t get married in either or their homelands. And even if they got married in another country where same-sex marriage is legal, they still wouldn’t be legally recognized as married when they went home.

And like, that made me really sad cause now we have these previews:

And in all ways they look like more of a date scene rather than any other speculation. And people are all commenting that the ‘gold and round’ item Yuuri wants to give Victor for Christmas is an engagement ring. And don’t get me wrong, I want them to be together just as much as the next YOI fan. But it just makes me so friggin sad thinking about how in love these two are and the circumstances surrounding them. I mean, Victor is pretty much stating that he’s done with competitive skating to be Yuuri’s coach until he retires. And Yuuri has already pointed out that he’s ‘the oldest in the senior men’s division, by a lot’. And now looking at the domestic side of their lives, it’ll be a really big challenge socially just for them to be happily together or even recognized as a couple let alone accepted as one. So when we get something like this:

Just know, that that’s about as much as we can get right now. And like now I’m a mess and crying cause wHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY LIKE ALL WE WANT IS TO KEEP THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN SAFE AND WARM AND HAPPY AND TOGETHER

Okay no screaming about Yuri on Ice today but we do have Spoilers for Episode 11

To be honest I’m too emotional to be screaming.  There was a lot in this episode and it was a fucking emotional roller-coaster for me so lets dive in:

Leading into Yuri’s program we had lots of ring kisses

which this kiss would have been sweet enough but then they do this:

and I was pretty happy at this moment but then Yuri started his skate and I got…worried.

Because of this face:

that’s not his sexy look. That look is pain.

He does pretty well though and i like this little flashback for cuteness:

and when Yuri goes to do the Quad flip Victor is so into it he does it with him:

but Yuri touches down on that Quad Flip and immediately starts to beat himself up

this face was where I got worried.

We got a pretty good insight into Victor after that showing that he also felt like he had to face the world alone…until he met Yuri

but the problem is Yuri doesn’t realise how Victor looks at HIM when he skates and Victor doesn’t realise what Yuri needs right now…so things continued to worry me.

But it’s not just that. Yuri doesn’t realise what he means to Phichit I’m guessing either:

(this exchange was super cute btw)

And even Yurio when they flashed through the “types of love” he’s been exposed to Yuri was on that list:

but the problem is Yuri doubts himself when he sees Victor watch other skaters:

Which isn’t helped by the fact that Victor wanders the fuck away from Yuri and is talking about how impressed with the other skaters he is.  All of this made me really worried. 

Though i was very happy with this cute ass exchange between Yurio and Otabek:

as well as Yurio being proud of his new friend:

but then we had JJ’s meltdown and first of all I’m actually glad his fiance/fans were sad and disappointed but supportive. I’m also glad that the other skaters were horrified and sympathised with him. I mean I was pretty sure he’d fuck up big time but even I felt emotional about how badly he was fucking up.

But mostly I liked Yuri’s reaction because it was an important moment

I like that Yuri decides to stop beating himself up for taking a risk and also that line about being one of the final six…that’s what he couldn’t see last year so I’m glad he can now see that for what it is.

but then this happened:

I’ll admit I stopped breathing at this point for a bit…but then I calmed down. I don’t think Yuri is dumping Victor or calling off the engagement.  Instead I think he’s finally telling Victor he plans to retire after the final. That’s what he wants to end, their professional relationship, not their personal one.

Why do I think that?

Because he had been talking about retiring after the final and getting Victor to step down as his coach for awhile now and because of this:

I doubt he’d say it like that if they were breaking up then. I also think Victor would be looking more upset.  

So I know we’re all panicking a bit but I think this is going to be okay. Really I do.

But fuck me if it wasn’t emotional and a difficult episode to get through. 

preview questions: Viktor’s irritation

i know we’re all frantic over the kiss last episode and the tie pull in the preview, but i’m surprised to see so little who’ve noticed this:

this. this is odd. Viktor has never shown any sort of irritation or frustration throughout the entire series, regardless of who he’s talked to or what he’s had to put up with. in fact, as i mentioned in another reblog somewhere that i’m too lazy to look for, the only time we’ve really seen him raise his voice past something like excitement was with Yuuri in the most recent episode. that’s the only time he’s ever lost his calm persona that’s so carefully constructed, and you can hear it in the way his voice strains and the look on his face, then later when the panic sets in and he realizes, he fucked up. but even that yell wasn’t anger or irritation, it was born out of concern and an attempt to protect Yuuri. 

but here? he looks irritated. he looks frustrated. on the edge of snapping at someone, he’s had enough of whatever is going on. this is an expression we’ve never seen on his face. and the first question i asked when i saw this and had the chance to realize it was strange (because, admittedly, i missed it the first time around too, since i know nothing of Japanese and was focused on the subtitles) was: what has managed to get Viktor, the king of false smiles with a constantly perfect mask of public composure, so upset he’s hardly containing himself in public, in front of who knows how many people and media members?

i frowned as it flashed by, and the tie-pull, while interesting, suddenly became less important. 

because from what we’ve seen in this series, Viktor the actor/idol has demonstrated nothing but pleasing smiles and charismatic qualities when confronted by media or fans (and this includes people like Yurio and the other skaters), regardless of how they act. with the comments about him being a bachelor, we can assume the media is probably very invasive in the questions it asks about his private life, prying and scraping for information, but Viktor still remains ever so pleasant with them, and from what we’ve seen, we can assume none of the normal questions from reporters or interviewers would have phased him. then i thought, well, maybe it’s another skater? but that was quickly scrapped as well, because even Yurio’s snarky attitude (while i love him to death, he would have grated my nerves with the way he acted had it been directed towards me) and the girls’ blatant disregard/disrespect for what Viktor wants and has decided to do, as well as what they say directed towards Yuuri, do not phase his pleasant attitude. 

so what, then, has Viktor so worked up?

theory 1: Yuuri. the only one who’s thus far managed to pull genuine emotion from Viktor. he’s already been shown to have developed a rebellious streak towards his coach, and while Viktor has shown no ill-will, i considered the possibility that Viktor seriously did not want Yuuri to do something out of fear for Yuuri’s career/health/image ect. and Yuuri does it anyway because he knows/thinks he can, and the fear/concern leads to the above reaction. i don’t get the frustrated-yet-enamoured feel from the look that he gives however, so while it’s still plausible, it would’ve had to have been a big deal for Yuuri to have ignored him, something i don’t see Yuuri doing personally. still, could go either way.

theory 2: consistent pressure from the media where it’s not welcome, far past the normal invasive tendencies to down right unsavory. like he’s getting stopped by  yet another person asking him rude questions about himself or Yuuri  and he’s done with it. think about it, Yuuri and Viktor kissed, on live television, at the last event. media interest is going to sky rocket. the questions are swiftly going to become inappropriate and personal, something Viktor knows Yuuri doesn’t handle well. he pinches the bridge of his nose, trying not to snap at the interviewer as he forces Yuuri through the crowd, giving no response to the questions that are cruel or simple wrong to ask. brings a hand to his forehead, no, mam, we would not like to comment, is there any questions related to the topic at hand here?

theory 3: people. vague but apt, considering where they’re going. Russia is known for its discrimination against LGBT and considering Viktor and Yuuri have effectively outed themselves on national television (as if they hadn’t already before, but now plausible deniability has gone out the window), so they might find themselves facing murmuring and homophobic comments, as well as the possibility of threats. any of that could be stressful and irritating, Viktor hears a comment from the side about him and Yuuri, presses a hand to his forehead and forces himself not to do anything about it. Yakov warns him about threats, and Yuuri isn’t taking it seriously enough in his opinion, Viktor closes his eyes and presses his fingers against his forehead, don’t you understand, it’s not safe– 

(Yuuri, I feel, would have no qualms with being himself. Viktor might try to save face or put distance, but Yuuri would be right there, no, we don’t deserve this, I’m not going to hide for who I am–)

personally, despite how progressive this show has been, i don’t think they’re going to be blatant about something political like this, so i doubt they address it unless its extremely subtle. but i’ve been surprised by this show before, so who knows?

i’m sure there’s more (Viktor getting irritated about comments about Yuuri’s skill, something completely different from what i’ve presented, etc.) but this post has already gotten long so i’ll leave it here for now. all i can say is, i’m definitely curious to see what’s got the master of the actor’s smile barely maintaining his composure in public.

TL;DR: Viktor looks irritated in that screencap from the preview even, which is odd considering we’ve never seen him show irritation before in the series, so i thought of some theories for it.

also, if you have any theories, please attach them to this or message them to me, because i love to hear other people’s ideas!

what do i love about this clip????? thanks for asking,

  • isak and even being affectionate and talking like they’ve been dating for a while!! which is so cute!!! just soft little kisses and talking about stuff
  • isaks little smiles in reaction to that even makes him so happy its so gross
  • laying down together in the bed and chatting about life can they get more domestic
  • “i just like to see you laugh” bITCH WTF SAME
  • isak’s wearing his snapbacks again <3 <3 <3
  • heart eyes!!!! look at their heart eyes they love each other so much!!!!
  • even teasing linn gAVE ME LIFE guys he’s so charming
  • “im the fucking master of lying!” YES ALL THE BANTER GIVE IT TO ME I LOVE THE TEASING
  • giggles!! laughing!! smiling!! supporting each other!!! kisses!! does it get any better??

god i hate (love) that scene where lukas stands outside that club and sees those gay couples because ????? they’re not sexualized???

like there are those two men who embrace, and then this (cute, wonderful, makes me smile) couple and they’re holding hands and swinging their hands together and just talking and being tender and sweet

and it’s. so important. because here’s this teenage (!!!) boy who’s so afraid. of being tender and intimate with another boy. and he sees these positive examples of just….. being together. and he still averts his eyes and he looks so…. sad but like he’s thinking so hard about this. and it gives him courage. to be tender and say a soft thing to philip and gently kiss him and smile. to be kind to himself. to just be.