it looks like he's fisted himself in reverse

Prelude: Holly, Yarrow (TMNT 2k12, GaVG 'verse)

Summary: It’s the day of reckoning that Donnie always knew was coming.

Note: This takes place after the GaVG ‘verse’s “Fungus Humongous”, so April is 17 and Donnie is 16.

Holly represents hope, and yarrow represents unending love. 

Someone anonymously asked: “OOOOH my gosh, could you write a drabble taking place during the "talk” that April had with Donnie after Fungus Humoungus? I have the urge to read it and weep.“

…never say I don’t give you anything, fandom. 

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April comes into the lab without knocking or even calling his name. The creak of the door opening is all the warning Donnie gets that she’s here for a reason, not just to check in or to visit. He fumbles the beaker and flask back into their holders and shuts down his burner, ready with a smile when April finally reaches him. 

Easy enough to deduce that she’s come straight from school; she’s still got her backpack on, still smells like tile and icy wind instead of herself, and her hair crackles with static electricity. Donnie has to stop himself before he starts fussing over her, asking her if she wants tea or a blanket or soup, he can make her soup if she wants — 

“Hey,” he manages, hoping his smile looks brighter than it feels. It sits crookedly on his face. She doesn’t smile back, and Donnie flushes and looks away. One word into the conversation, and he’s already messed everything up.

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