it looks like he's doing the can can

I kinda feel for Keith though, I mean he’s over here holding hands with Lance and cradling him in his arms

(Not to mention that Lance totally forgot about this)

Flirting with him

Making it painfully obvious that he has feelings for him

He’s doing all he can people, and then Lance doesn’t even notice any of this, he just flirts with Allura right in front of him

(It’s really no surprise why Keith is always making that face)

Kisses mice behind his back (pfftt)

And then this is literally what he gets in return

So honestly, you really can’t blame him for always acting/looking so done and like he wants to severely injure Lance 

It’s relatable

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a concept: Alec finding out how much he really loves leaving little kisses along Magnus's neck and shoulders and chest, everywhere really, just soft damp kisses over and over again that can either lead to more than that, his mouth trailing down over Magnus's abs to his navel and lower. But kisses that can also be fast sweet pecks over his neck that make Magnus giggle and ruffle his hair but still tilt his head so Alec can keep kissing him while smiling, like there's nothing he'd rather do. -K.

with all of the lamps off and the room filled with flickering candle light, mingling with moonlight from the window, they were sitting there in bed and it was all he could think about. it was all he could even consider when magnus is looking at him like that, those brown eyes so molten, catching flickering light.

with their shirts off and their hands wandering, alec started at his jaw, warm breath catching on his skin before he parted his lips against that sharpness. but he didn’t stop there, trailing dampness down the column of his neck, feeling the thud of his heart underneath his lips. as he got lower magnus made a low noise in his chest, as pursed lips gave way to teeth.

before long magnus was leaning back against the pillows, pulling alec on top of him and alec settled into it easily, straddling him and watching the way his skin caught all that warm light in the dips and curves of his muscles. it left alec breathless, but what got him worse was magnus’s hands pressing into his hips, strong fingers sinking into his ass, thumbs pressed against his hip bones. that touch gave way to what he really wanted, which was pressing those kisses everywhere he could get them.

he kissed across his pecs, and then down, spilling over his sternum, soft damp warmth parted and dragging over all of magnus’s warm skin. and with every kiss alec could feel him, feel his fingers tense, hear all of the breathy noises he was making. when alec’s teeth or his tongue got involved it would heady hums of approval or quiet huffed laughter. but when it was just his lips, soft and barely parted, magnus breathed out soft sighs, his muscles going tight and relaxing under the press of his mouth.

there was nothing quite like having all of the power of magnus’s body underneath him. it was the softest and most tender thing to press his mouth all over magnus’s skin and feel his fingertips sparking, watch him unfold and start to melt. after he’d kissed every inch of magnus’s torso, he moved back up to cup his face, dragging a thumb under his chin, through his goatee. he stared at magnus, soaking up that look in his eyes that was even more volcanic.

then alec kissed him on the mouth, and swallowed all of his hungry energy.

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So, we know that Coppers are the worst at pymary while plats have the longest range and stuff. Is this consistent across the entire caste system? Are silvers the second best and jets the second worst, etc? And if so do other Black Tongues ever make fun of Bastion? "Look at that poor guy, that aspect is basically in front of his face and he still can't reach it". :P.

Yep! Watch him when he does spells. He has to make physical contact with a material to manipulate it. He can’t hit anything at range. He could also never do anything like Keon did with the waterfall. He can only move limited Aspects at a time.

Just don’t let him touch you. Once he can, he doesn’t have the luxury of being anything but very final and very brutal. I think this handicap plays nicely into his nature. He’s very touchy, very sensual, very visceral. He’s a surgeon. He has his spiderpaws all over everything by choice and by necessity.

I’m kind of in love with Bastion at the moment, I’ve been doing a scene with him for a while now. It’s a long scene. It may have some slightly self-indulgent bits but you know. Sometimes. You gotta have nipples.

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love your art :) btw can we do a role revesal? you know instead of g/t vore it's t/g vore? you know with the tiny eating the giant? an eksampel of this could be a 10 meter (with tail) long naga, whose human body is as big as a normal human, swallows a 9 meter tall and 2 meter wide giant? he's a snake, the snake belly can streach. or maybe a fairy swallowing a human and ends up looking like a giant yoga-ball with it's tiny body at the top? you know something where the small eats the big :)

Oh my gosh the poor tiny wouldn’t be able to move with a belly that big. And the giant would be all squished in there aaah (and thank you friend!! <3)

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headcanons + supermodel kc au [chin in hands]

  1. There is an age difference. It’s about 8 years. Klaus would be 30 to Caroline’s 22.  He is an ex-model turned photographer.  Until her shoot with him, everyone  had her pegged as the peppy one.  He’s the first to dress her in sleek hair and dark, dramatic makeup, and Caroline realizes as she looks at that spread that she can actually do this.
  2. Their relationship begins as a series of drunken hookups at after parties.  At least that’s what they say.  But neither of them can recall the other ever tasting like alcohol.
  3. She becomes the face for the infamous designer, Katerina Petrova’s, fashion lines.  It’s known that Kat cannot stand Klaus.  It’s also known that she refuses  to let another photographer work her line after Caroline is hired.
  4. Caroline goes on a brief bender, when her and Klaus “breakup” (except they were never together, right?).  There were nasty accusations.  At one point he may have told her that her obsession with control was what ruined them.  He immediately regrets it when he sees the paparazzi pictures.  There would be an entire storyline around this and Caroline  finding herself again.
  5. The initial end would be bittersweet but hopeful, and involve Caroline becoming a photographer herself.  But not in the fashion industry.  But there would be an epilogue that would make everything happy.

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27. “I’m with you okay? Always” with Trip? <3 <3

“I don’t know, Trip. I don’t think I can do this.” You mumbled out, pointedly looking away from the engineer. “I’m not sure I’m strong enough.”

You heard Trip give a soft snort of disbelief. “Not strong enough?” He echoed, trying to lean forward and catch your eye. “Sweetheart, you’re one o’ the strongest people I know. If anybody can do this, it’s you.”

Despite his words, the sense of fear was still there. Trip was wrong; you can’t do this. It was too much. You’ll fail. Captain Archer would be disappointed in you. You’ll let the whole crew down…

The thoughts were interrupted when you felt Trip’s hand on your arm. And upon looking up, you found it calming to stare into those steady blue eyes. “It’s not like you’re goin’ in blind.” He said firmly. “I’m with you, okay? Always. Even when you think you’re alone, I’ll be there to prove your ass wrong.”

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[3/22/17 Video Translation] (Tweet translation below the cut)

[Yuusaku]: I’ll do my best because I can’t afford to lose this fight!! Huh, a heart? (It looked like a heart, but Kazumi was just doing a raised peace sign)

[Tsubasa]: My shoulder is raised so we can join our hands at the top. *makes a proper heart with Kazumi*

[Kazumi]: Is this a video?

[Yuusaku]: Yes, this is a video.

[Kazumi]: Oh, ok wwww

[Tsubasa]: Now, this next section [of the play] is starting!

[Kazumi]: It’s starting~

 [Tsubasa]: Let’s go be dancing princes, yeah!! (I’m pretty sure he said おどりプリ lol)

[Yuusaku]: *in a weird rap voice* I’ll do my best and so will Procella~

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Can I get a caramel Donnie please?

What makes Donnie melt? More like, what DOESN’T make him melt?!


Donnie absolutely adores everything about you, from looks to personality, and he always loves showing you what exactly you do to him-NOT LIKE THAT YOU DIRTY MINDED NAUGHTIES!-by giving you that classic grin and drooping shoulders that leave him looking like he’s about to faint. However, there is one thing that always makes him absolutely melt.

Your kisses.

Be they heated and passionate, or short and sweet, your kisses are alway perfect, and he can never seem to get used to the magic that is your lips. But just you wait, cuz he’s determined to make you feel the same way when HE kisses YOU.


Donnie is the sappiest dork you’ll ever meet, am I right?

I can’t stop thinking about Harry Styles and Tom Hardy working together. I like to think (actually, I’m sure) Tom calls Harry ‘kid’. Like “Good job, kid!”, “Look at the kid! So good.. Are you sure you never did it before?”, “Kid! Have a beer with us!”, “What the hell, kid! These are a lot of tattoos!”, “Hey Cillian, did you see the kid? He knows what he’s doing!”, “Aah kid, you’re in love, aren’t you? I can read it in your eyes!” and now stop me because I could keep going forever

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I was thinking the exact same thing about Barry and Eobard and Malcolm and team Arrow (especially Oliver). Damian and Oliver too. No way Damian knows who killed him/stopped his evil plan and doesn't do anything to him. Eobard would want revenge on Barry for stopping him and the hatred he's always had for him. I'm thinking it looks like doomworld will be resolved in the one episode (maybe?) so maybe for that episode Barry died instead of his mother.

It’s… possible.

But if they were gonna kill the people they want to torment, why not kill all the Legends, too? 

I can see Damien killing off Team Arrow, but Malcolm would be weird about it. I can only imagine Tommy’s alive in Doomworld and that he and Thea are close, and in that sense I’m unsure what Malcolm would do to Oliver or let Damien do, because his own relationship with Ollie is complex and his kids love Oliver. There’s hate between Oliver and Malcolm but more than just that so ??? I don’t know, I haven’t seen enough of Arrow to comment deeper.

With Barry and Eobard, that’s… hmm. I think it depends. Eobard has implied he has all of his memories from the Flash season 1. He came to care about Barry despite himself, during that time. He’s practical, so he might kill him outright, but I can also see him not. So long as he has complete control, fucking with Barry Allen’s life could bring him a lot of entertainment. It’s hard to say. I’m not especially used to analyzing Eobard and getting into his head to figure out if practicality or hubris would win is… difficult.

But killing them is definitely a possible headcanon for why we won’t see them…

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"Marx was an anti-semite" No, Marx was Jewish.

Im a gentile so i dont have the real right to determine what constitutes as anti-semitism, but from interacting with the jewish leftists on here who do know what anti-Semitism looks like, and from reading Marx’s “On the Jewish Question,” Karl Marx had internalized anti-semitism. ( And to my knowledge, and anyone can swoop in and correct me, although he was born Jewish, he wasn’t raised Jewish. But of course i can be completely wrong so again, come on over and correct me.

From as i was taught by the Jewish comrades ive interacted with in my life, Jewish people can express anti-Semitism or have internalized anti-Semitism, just as people of color can express explicitly racist attitudes towards other people of color or have internalized racism about themselves.


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


The touch of another person’s hands.

Hands that wrap us in warmth, that hold us close. Hands that guide us to shelter, to comfort. Hands that hold and touch and reassure us through crisis. The first thing we ever learn is that the touch of someone else’s hand can ease pain and make things better.