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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Mardi Gras shenanigans. It’s porn, plot is optional.

Word Count:1,976

Warnings: Language, Smoking, Dirty Talk, Oral (MR)

A/N: Are you ready for the longest blowjob in history… (I don’t own the gif)

“Did it hurt?” Sam approached you, a sly smirk on his lips. When you didn’t play along and simply shot him an unimpressed look, he snickered. “…when you fell from Heaven.”

Yeah, you were dressed as an angel.

Not your idea, though. As it turned out, Wanda was a big fan of Mardi Gras and begged until you all agreed to throw a costume party. Tuesday morning, she shoved a white dress into your arms and said you were an angel. You didn’t want to upset her, so you just rolled with it.

Sam laughed at his own joke before the smell of pancakes drew his attention away from you. You looked around the room and sighed, sipping your second glass of… whatever it was Natasha had given you. It was good, a bit fruity and bitter enough to match your mood.

Wanda, who was dressed as Violet from the Incredibles, was running around the living room, filling plates with pancakes. Loud music blasted through the speakers.

“Looking for someone?”

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The Pine Tree

A/N: Heyyy guys long time no see? Yes, writing this latest chapter was like wresting a rattlesnake while balancing a few ceramic plates on top of my head, but here it is! Plus I already started working on the new one, so hopefully it’ll be out relatively soon. In the meantime, enjoy this small detour before the plot rears its ugly head again. 

Au by @doodledrawsthings, based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

“Hey, who’s the new guy? He’s kinda cute.”

Dipper tore his eyes away from the book he was reading to stare at Wendy in mute horror. She was glancing from the corner of her eye at Bill, who had taken the opportunity to rearrange all the snow globes on the shelves as a petty way to spite Grunkle Stan. Why they even let Bill into the gift shop was anyone’s guess. So far, all he managed to do was to scare away customers and give everyone a headache. No one recognized him so far, which was a good thing, but most of these people were just passing through the town anyway, and had no idea about the disaster that took place last summer.

Wendy had just come back from a hiking vacation with her family, and since nobody expected her to be back so soon, they had no idea what to do with Bill. Dipper assumed they would have to tell her eventually, seeing how she was a regular employee, and was definitely smart enough to connect the dots by herself at some point. Better to warn her ahead of time than to wait until she dragged in an exorcist or something. Not that Dipper though it would work. At all.

But Hearing his past crush call the devil in disguise “cute” was something vaguely traumatic. And it showed, because Wendy suddenly looked concerned. “Hey Dipper, are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen Stan in his underwear again.”

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I learned to do gifs and made myself sad

He’s talking about how Ladybug is busy (WITHOUT HIM) and tells Marinette she gets to be Ladybug.  Then, dings his bell.  Like LB does when she flirts/compliments him.

Mari, give that boy the love and attention he deserves!  Look at his face!  His flirts say he’s fine, but his face says he’s not!

Also, can we talk about the split second Chat Noir became a bobblehead?

Seven Things About Supernatural: 13x04 - “The Big Empty”

Meredith Glynn, if you’re reading this, I have only one thing to say: 

This ep. It was so good.

  1. I can’t stop thinking about where Dean is in this episode compared the Dean we first meet in S1.  The Dean who spent his whole life believing in the hunt and his life’s meaning being based in avenging his mother and saving people from the thing that happened to him versus this Dean whose ability to believe in anything right now is shot.

    He’s so angry.  And, frankly, spiteful, and drifting into proper cruelty in ways maybe he hadn’t quite got to before.  This ep is where that finally cracks, where he starts to really begin to process some grief and separate that from Jack as an individual.

    And hey, the show is doing a good job of showing us how the stages of grief aren’t a ladder or a progression from one to the other.  People skip around, repeat stages, etc.  Dean’s oscillating in a morass of depression/anger – he got bargaining and denial out of the way in 13x01 – and Mia calling him on his behavior might not have cracked that directly, but I think hearing that so close to Jack saving Sam might have helped the message stick a little.
  2. This season is giving us a lot of fascinating insight into how Sam sees Dean, both in terms of Dean’s internal process and his behavior, and how he chooses to explain it to Jack.  Honestly, it may be the most comprehensive Sam data the show has ever given us, and it’s…well, good and weird and I hope it continues.

    13x04 in particular is great in that we see Sam get it really, really right (Sam pushing Dean on moving on “from mom,” where the subtext is really about Cas) as well as getting it really wrong (Dean’s behavior toward Jack might resemble John’s, but their motives and relationships are sufficiently different that it’s not a great comparison). 

    The converse is true, albeit on a slightly more limited basis, given that Dean has an opportunity to comment on Sam to Jack – “Sam’s plans don’t always work out,” i.e. understatement of the decade – as well as last week’s argument between the brothers giving way to this week’s accidental therapy moments (”my brother’s delusional” vs. Sam’s own outburst about the relationship Dean got to have with Mary versus what he had/didn’t have) and Dean’s final move into vulnerability at the end of the ep asking Sam to keep faith for both of them. 

    Their understandings of each other, even after a youth spent in close quarters and over a decade of hunting being imperfect, and their different ways of attacking a problem fucking blow me away.   
  3. So here’s a thing that’s bothering me. 

    Asmodeus tried to use Donatello’s friendly face to lie to Jack and trick him into opening the Hell gate to release the Shedim.  He cast an evil act as a good and noble act, telling Jack that the Shedim are holy warriors that have been imprisoned in Hell.  

    Sam – another kind face – chose not to tell Jack the whole truth about why he wants to help.  Yes, he relates to Jack on some levels (e.g. being a “freak” who is connected to an evil by circumstance rather than choice), but his ends aren’t wholly altruistic, and he – another friendly face – omits that from the conversation until he’s forced to come clean.  (See Also: Sam’s plans, Sam’s habitual lies of omission.)

    So now Sam is being open about this with Jack, explaining the thing, and what his motives are, and then telling Jack that no matter what, the result is okay. 

    And I am…weirdly uncomfortable, because while Sam Winchester is Such a Good™, Sam Winchester is also Manipulative When He Thinks He Can Solve Problems With Manipulation™, and I really don’t want this to be reverse psychology and/or Sam knowing that Kelly – and therefore lost mothers – are Jack’s soft spot.

    Also, “Everybody uses everybody!” in the same ep as Jack pointing out that Sam was using him?  I can’t decide if it’s a contrast moment or ominous foreshadowing.

    I concede that I am unduly sensitized to this kind of thing, and thus may be jumping at shadows, but I have Concerns, but in terms of where all of this could go wrong, but also just in terms of Jack’s own understandings and trust factor.  Despite the fact that he’s bad at knowing a lot of things because he lacks experience and sophistication, Jack can be pretty perceptive, and he’s quite good at asking important questions, in no small part because he lacks a lot of social conditioning that stops most of us from doing that.
  4. So hey, I have a lot of Cas Feels™, the bulk of which boil down to being proud and overwhelmed after seeing our angel – who was very fucking broken after a long string of failures – confront those failures in a viscerally painful way – “Wouldn’t you rather be a fond memory than a constant, festering disappointment?”– and still choose life.

    And then win that life through a combination of logic and sheer stubbornness.

    And then he stood up and warmed his face in the sunlight and my ass is kicked in profound and wonderful ways. 

    Castiel has literally journeyed the Otherworld, endured an Ordeal, and been Reborn.  It’s pretty great if you like screaming about initiatory cycles and Mysteries to yourself at four in the morning.

    (Aside: I don’t have a lot of thoughts about nothing!Cas that really fit in here, mostly because my reactions there connect to things outside the ep, but I will grant that the fellow involved was certainly handsome.)
  5. I love Mia a lot.  I have a soft spot for benign monsters in the SPN universe, and her whole story – being mostly alone, meeting Buddy (who was a monster even among monsters), seeking redemption through service – is the kind of thing that delights me. 

    Also, she’s apparently a pretty good therapist even with the shapeshifting angle.  Which – again, see how I love these things – her clients interpret as acceptably mundane experiences instead of something supernatural or numinous.  I am reminded a little of how sleight of hand is used in some traditions as part of ritual in a legitimate and effective way because it still effects a positive change for the persons involved.

    And hey, that connects to the question of lies again.  “I thought lying was wrong” v. assumed identities v. modalities that allow closure even if the interaction is symbolic rather than literal.
  6. This episode is a huge Jack episode in the sense of his relationships developing, gaining some experience, and getting some outside input.  

    He has it out with Sam, reaches some kind of accord with him.  He and Dean finally connect a little, which is huge.  He gets some closure with his mother after openly kind of fishing for ways that maybe she might exist.  And most importantly, Mia – via Kelly’s face – reinforces the message that “monster” is what you do, not what you are.  

    Honestly, if there’s a line from this show that deserves to be remembered, it might very well be: “It doesn’t matter what you are.  It matters what you do.  Even monsters can do good in this world”

    Not bad for a kid in literal Velcro sneakers. 

    Anyway.  Jack did good this week, and my only disappointment is that the second beer Dean got out of the fridge wasn’t for him. 
  7. Hey, so does this ep expand shifter lore?  Because it looks like we’re codifying that at least some shifters have an innate or neutral form?  Buddy borrows some faces, but comes back to the face in his photos.  I suppose he could keep a bit of an original person around, but… 

Bonus Thing: Sam Winchester is startled by doors, pass it on.

Bonus Thing #2: Jack has excellent taste in media.  I may have run into my room after the ep, grabbed my Ashsoka Pop bobblehead and the novel that bears her name, and geeked out super hard.

Bonus Thing #3: “You ever journal?”  “Our dad did.”  SAM WINCHESTER YOU FUCKING MAGNIFICENT BASTARD.

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

I managed to get TWO fluff week fics written, I get to be proud of me. Anyway, the prompt.

secretlystephaniebrown said:  Fluff Week AU: you know that video of the man who wakes up after surgery and is delighted to learn that his wife is his wife? that but with suckington/tuckington   


I would like to formally apologize to all the Impressionistic painters.


Kaikaina comes awake with a groan, and then a whimper. She can taste blood, and her throat hurts. What the fuck happened to her? And what’s making that annoying beeping? Why is her hand so heavy?

“You awake?” a voice asks. “The nurse said you might be thirsty. Want a drink?”

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Seven Hours in Heaven - Part 3

Awesome graphic of awesome by the awesome @underthenorthstar

The continuing adventures of Gwen Wessex and Ivar Lothbrok, as they try to navigate their burgeoning relationship after being locked in a closet overnight.


Warnings: No smut in this part, Modern AU, Criminal levels of Fluff, Ivar is a recovering asshole with a potty mouth

Rating: For the fic as a whole, Explicit (18+)

P.S. The italics and such I had in the first part didn’t copy over properly. If it at all matters to you, you can read that version on my AO3. *Glares at Google Docs in judgement*

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got7 react ෴ their s/o is a geek

anon asked: Could you do a got7 reaction for your being a big fan of Harry Potter and Star Wars (those one’s who knows every phrase of the movie and buys toys, t-shirt)? Thank you,

⁂ mark:

mark was very impressed by this fact. when you both were watching the harry potter series, he always heard you mumbling the lines under your breath, even re-enacting some of the scenes unconsciously. it was quite funny to watch you be so into something like this; he didn’t know you were the kind of person to be such a fan of harry potter. he loved the merch that you bought from the franchise, all of the clothes looked comfortable, and the toys always seemed fun to play with. he was very fond of you and didn’t mind that you were such a big fan of the book and movie series.

Originally posted by marksseunie

⁂ jaebum:

i’m not so sure about his initial reaction to this, but i’m sure he would warm up to it right away. he liked how you loved star wars; probably getting into the franchise once you showed him all the movies, (not shitty) games and of course, your merch. i think your merchandise impressed him the most because of the bobbleheads and the light sabers. he also loved the darth vader helmet you kept in your room and would try to put it on himself whenever he got the chance. his favourite character is probably han solo.

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

⁂ jinyoung:

he was fine with you being into this kind of stuff, but he didn’t like how your merchandise was always making a mess in your room. so, he took it upon himself to sort out your toys and figurines, carefully putting them on your shelves. he took your larger toys and hung them on the wall using sturdy pins so that they wouldn’t fall off, and also made a section in your closet just for the costumes. whenever he heard you reciting the lines from a scene in your favourite movie, he would quietly smile to himself and would ask you to re-enact the scene for him just so that he could have a good laugh.

Originally posted by j-miki

⁂ jackson:

he would be so fond watching you recite the lines to your favourite movie. he would even try his best to memorize some lines himself so that he can recite them with you. he even sometimes used your clothing merchandise since they were big enough for him, but liked the clothes more when they were put over your lovely figure. jackson also loved playing with your figurines – whenever you let him into your room, he would go straight to your shelf and check if you got new ones. he is very supportive of your geeky lifestyle and admires you for it!

Originally posted by markticseas

⁂ youngjae:

youngjae plays league of legends (and other games) at internet cafes so he doesn’t mind you loving the movies you watch. he’s addicted to playing games and spending money at the internet cafe so he isn’t allowed to say anything if you use your money on merch. i’m not sure if he’s interested in what you like, but he knows that he should be supportive of it because you’re supportive of his gaming habits. eventually, he warms up to the idea of watching the movies you watch and – suddenly he’s a big fan just like you.

Originally posted by justrightforjb

⁂ bambam:

bambam is the same as youngjae, but probably a little worse at playing LoL. he doesn’t play too much, so he enjoys watching movies with you; wrapped up in your star wars blankets. bambam really enjoys doing the things you like to do so he never complains whenever you want to have a movie marathon or you want to buy a lot more merch to add to your collection. he’d appreciate it more if you kept your merch tidy though.

Originally posted by se-tae

⁂ yugyeom:

yugyeom definitely loves that you’re a geeky person. he watches whatever you watch and sometimes buys you merch when you’ve seen something you really like. just like bambam, he has movie marathons with you and never sleeps through any of it. he does his best to properly understand your lifestyle and eventually joins in with you. yugyeom buys his own merch too and both of you sometimes share your shirts if you like the other’s.

Originally posted by wonhae-manhi-manhi

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✧ masterlist

Made of Stardust

for @platonicvldmonth

Day 2: Home

Wordcount: 3840

Summary: Allura hasn’t had a planet to call home, not since Altea. But that doesn’t mean she’s homeless.

Notes: I have no clue how Altean time measurement works. Ticks are seconds, I’ve used quintents to mean days, but dobashes are either hours or minutes I think? So I’ve just used years instead of whatever Altean equivalent there is, though I’ve kept quintents and ticks in as well.

The longer she stayed on Earth, the more Allura felt drawn to the stars.

There was so much to do during the day - she needed to establish friendly diplomatic relationships with the leaders of all countries, she needed to appear in public to reassure the people that she was friendly and not out for their brains, she needed to maintain relationships with her paladins, she needed to learn enough about Earth culture to blend in, and that was just in the morning. Allura was used to being under pressure, but she could still scarcely believe that she felt busier now than she had when she had been fighting Zarkon’s empire.

But at night, things calmed down. After eating dinner, after doing the dishes, after socializing in the evening in front of the TV, the house went to bed. Colleen and Sam went to their shared bedroom, Matt and Pidge went to the bedroom they temporarily shared, and Coran and Allura shared what used to be Pidge’s room.

Allura always told Coran that she was coming, but never came. He had to notice that. But perhaps he felt like she needed some time alone, after being around people all day.

At night, Allura climbed onto the roof. It was flat, presumably because this was a family of astronomers, and Allura highly suspected that she wasn’t the first to stargaze instead of sleep.

She stared at the stars all night. You’d think that fighting a battle amongst them would leave her hating them, or at the very least, you’d think that spending a life with them surrounding her would have waned away all novelty they might’ve had.

But seeing them from Earth was different. Earthlings, like many other races along the universe, had a fascinating culture surrounding the stars. Constellations had meanings here, and Allura loved to search for new patterns in the stars. She loved searching for a falling one, she loved to look at the different colors they had. Seeing the stars from Earth’s perspective was different, almost magical.

But if she was completely honest, that wasn’t the reason she loved to come out here to watch, and it wasn’t the reason that she could only manage to fall asleep on this roof, and not in her bed.

She couldn’t pinpoint why that was, exactly. She just knew that breathing took more energy than it had even when the oxygen levels were low in a spaceship, and the food tasted blander than even the goo in the castle. She just knew that her steps on Earth felt stolen, like she’d never gotten permission to be here. She knew she didn’t need permission - she was a princess. But still, she felt bad sleeping in Pidge’s bed, when Pidge was sleeping on a mattress in Matt’s room.

She’d offered to stay in the castle, but the paladins had vetoed that. She understood, though she wasn’t happy about it. Coran could easily oversee the reparations on an empty castle, even with Earth’s inexperienced workers, but managing to direct constructions to a completely destroyed castle while people were still living in it? That would be much harder.

It didn’t make her any happier to steal the house (or planet) of these people away, though. She knew it wasn’t like that, technically, but it still felt like it..

Perhaps, she thought, the feeling would go away in time.

But for now, she slept under the stars.

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poikooze  asked:

Companions reacting to Sole avidly collecting Bobble Heads, Comics, and whatever geeky thing to make fun of.

Alright so this is my first time doing this, i hope I don’t mess up. Also i hope you like it (’:

Cait: “you’re such a nerd! I don’t understand why you’d wanna collect this garbage ” She’d say teasingly, really only enjoying how Sole would defend themselves and go on about how awesome everything in their collection is.

Codsworth: “Oh Sir/Mum! Would you like some help organizing these?” He loved seeing sole so happy so of course he’d help them with their collection!

Curie: she’d help sole organize her bobble heads and find it delightful to see sole light up after finding new comics and other things.

Danse: “Soldier, is this really necessary?” He’d sigh whenever Sole would stop to look for anything new to add to their collection. After while he’d give up and help them look around.

Deacon: “wow boss, these are so cool!” He’d love their collection and would spend his rare time off reading comics with sole and helping them find new things to add to the collection.

Dogmeat: he’d oftentimes find stuff while traveling with sole and picked them up in his mouth to bring to sole. Having sole praise him for his hard work was the best feeling to the pupper

Hancock: Hancock wouldn’t really be bothered with Sole when they’d stop to search for new comics and such, infact he liked seeing the smile on their faces when they’d start geeking out about their new find.

MacCready: He’d whine a lot when sole decided to stop somewhere to look for new additions to their collection. But really he’s just as much as a geek as them and internally freaks out with them when they find new things, oftentimes sneaking around when sole isn’t around and geeking out in private.

Nick Valentine: he would lay back and have a smoke whenever Sole went on one of their hunts for new comics and bobbleheads. “Heh, interesting hobby” he’d say to himself in amusement as he watches Sole start talking about a specific comic book they had just found.

Piper: “aww blue, you’re such a nerd” She’d coo and giggle when sole wpuld give them a halfhearted glare.

Preston: “wow general! I never took you as the collector type” he’d say when Sole showed him their decently sized collection. He’d gladly help them find new things just so Sole could tell him more about what they collected and other ones that they used to have before the war.

X6-88: “Sir/Ma'am this is a waste of time” He’d say irritability. Whenever sole tried to stop and look through old buildings, X6 would always complain about it being a waste of time or that they had more important things to do.


i was gonna draw nsfw venom/bb but then i scraped it off and just went into a…. less risky direction. i fucked up the anatomy though…………

i imagine post TPP venom aka medic taller than BB, and him having a huge adoration crush on his boss because bb is (CANONICALLY) universally desired character in mgs HAHAH. a calm and collected person, not easily shaken, sometimes can come across as expressionless and cold but is actually a giant teddy bear.

hmmm maybe i’ll give him name “Lucas”? not that important. he’s slightly younger than bb but older than kaz… he’s almost as charismatic as bb so there are a lot of people who looked up at him as well. he likes to nod a lot, earning him the nickname “Bobblehead

now i want to draw post tpp venom/bb and make it sweet as possible  :’’’’v dondy stop youre just hurting yourself

anonymous asked:

How about Mike's reaction when Ginny gets her own Barbie doll (like Misty Copeland)?


I’m torn between Mike somehow sticking his nose into the process from step one (Ginny casually mentions one day that she has a pitch meeting with Mattel and she hopes that the prototype will look more like her than the first bobblehead. Which leads to Mike pumping Eliot for information: when is this doll coming out? How many press conferences will there be? Where are the promotional pictures being taken? How hard would it be to get a bunch of the cardboard cutouts that will inevitably take over toy aisles and leave them in her dressing room? That last one he definitely keeps to himself.)


The Ginny Baker Barbie is a runaway success (because of course it is) and the people at Mattel are interested in making a companion doll. A catcher. And Mike Lawson is not their first choice. No, that honor goes to Livan who does not take the win gracefully. Anyway, cue sulking Mike and Ginny trying to cheer him up. Potentially with a vaguely unsettling Mike Lawson doll prototype. But more likely with lots and lots of sex.

(also: I feel like I remember someone writing a fic where Ginny gets her own Barbie as a gift. It was Christmas-y, but I can’t remember who wrote it… Anyone remember?)

12. A Night Kiss (from this list)

(a request for @sarahcada, who wanted #12 with Ladynoir! hope you enjoy this! ( ゚ ▽゚)ノ♥)

(it’s a prequel to this fic, btw)

“Mission accomplished!”

As soon as their knuckles bumped, both Ladybug and Chat Noir doubled over, gasping.

“We-we did it,” Ladybug panted, wiping her forehead and staring over the edge of the strut they were standing on. “I think.”

“Y-yeah,” Chat wheezed, collapsing in a pile of long limbs and rough grace. “We did.”

That akuma had been a doozy. And on Bastille Day, of all days. The longer she was a superhero, the more Ladybug wanted holidays and pensions, especially when she ended up needing to explain to her family why she’d been missing from their traditional celebrations.

She was not looking forward to explaining why she hadn’t been at the parade. At all.

It was a pity she couldn’t just stay up here forever, she thought. Up here with Chat, side by side and facing the sky, no one but the two of them and whatever adventure they had in store for them next…

Ladybug thought… she thought that would be nice. To not have to go back.

Above them, the first of the fireworks went off with an ear-shattering bang.

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{ outofmagic } So the lovely and wonderful @weightofmyshield got this for me for my birthday and just gave it to me recently because we haven’t gotten to see one another much lately. Omg, look at him! LOOK HOW CUTE AND ANGRY HE IS OMG. He is a giant bobblehead. Holy shit.

partnerincrimeforeverintime  asked:

👄 on the cheek because amberprice fluff!


Rachel smiles, pausing to tuck hair behind her ear while she actually takes a moment trying to figure out what to say. It’s a rare occurrence, but it is Chloe.

Hazel eyes look to the bobblehead on the dashboard of the old truck that’s been feeling more and more like home lately.

“Why, Chloe Price. We have an audience.”

She taps the bobblehead to make it nod. Gives a teasing shrug like she can’t argue with it.

“Though, he doesn’t seem to protest…”