it looks like he is holding his head

okay just imagine with me for a second. 

yoongi and jimin going on an adventure together during an afternoon off before the comeback. somehow they end up finding this store that sells an assortment of things including toys and collectibles. and as usual, yoongi goes to see if they have any cute kumamon things that he doesn’t have yet. jimin is looking around and catches sight of a jibangi and pauses looking from yoongi to the doll. and jimin being jimin, he starts giggling when he notices the resemblance of the the doll and yoongi. though he did attempt to be quiet yoongi looks at him with a raised eyebrow which just makes jimin laugh harder throwing his head back, attempting to cover his mouth with his hand. and yoongi asks what’s so funny and jimin grabs the doll holding it up for yoongi who still doesn’t understand. taking a few breaths jimin finally is able to say, ‘hyung, you look like jibangi’. yoongi was shocked looking from jimin to the doll and back again and jimin just can’t compose himself leaning forward against yoongi as he continues to laugh. yoongi takes the doll from jimin’s grasp and frowns his signature pout forming as he whines ‘how do i look like this thing?’ 

and jimin ends up buying the jibangi since ‘whenever i miss you i can cuddle jibangi.’ 

(yg grumbles under his breath as they leave the store ‘you see me every day why can’t you just cuddle me’) 

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God save me: an amnesia subplot.

chance of me ever writing it is approximately zero BUT oh man, amnesiac solas.

it’s deliberate. spirits wipe their memories clean so easily, or store them in wells or books, and what better way to craft a perfect disguise, so complete that even he doesn’t know who he really is, for a little while. he’ll be just another tranquil in a world of tranquil.

everything he said to lavellan was completely honest. he was holding nothing back, as far as he knew.

lavellan takes him around to all the neighboring villages like have you misplaced your flat-ear and he’s searching the faces of the people of the alienage looking for potential family, he’s looking at the alienage as a place he might have lived. he meets the dalish and their stories don’t match the ones he thinks he remembers, but he doesn’t completely trust his own knowledge so he listens, he pays attention, he turns it all over in his head to see what fits. and even if they don’t seem like his people, they are people he wants and needs to learn from, actively seeking to connect in the modern world.

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I have tiny wrists like that other girl, how would harry use that to his advantage?

He’d love it. He’d love being able to hold both of your wrists in only one of his hands to pin your arms above your head while he’s pounding you into another dimension. Or when you’re being a little shit he’d easily be able to grab your wrists and shoot you a little “oh really!” Look.

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Recently you did Tien & Yamcha, why not Nail & Piccolo. I kinda like the idea Chichi at first was nervous about them showing their relationship infront of Gohan & Goten as the namekians look like men & humans being confused as well make Piccolo shy

(mmg I don’t like writing anything that could even be construed as homophobia or other prejudices but I’ll do my best I guess)

Chi-Chi’s hands rested on her hips as she frowned at the men before her. Her eyes narrowed judgmentally, and she pursed her lips as she processed what she was seeing. It wasn’t exactly the worst thing these two had ever done (especially one of them), but it was definitely going to be uncomfortable and difficult to explain.

Finally she sighed. “So when did this happen?”

Piccolo looked steadily over her head. He clearly wanted to have his arms folded like he usually did, but with one of his hands occupied by holding Nail’s he couldn’t. As such he had one arm wrapped awkwardly around his chest, and it looked ridiculous. “None of your business,” he said, still not looking at her.

“Just a couple of days ago,” Nail told her. Chi-Chi had quite liked Nail when he first showed up. He was, among other things, proof that Piccolo’s violent and antisocial behaviour was an anomaly among Namekians, and a good conversationalist to boot. “We wanted to keep it quiet for a while because of how a relationship like ours might be perceived on this planet, but Piccolo wanted to make sure Gohan knew first.”

A pang of guilt shot through Chi-Chi’s heart, but she did her best to brush it aside. “Well. You are both men, after all.”

“Technically,” Nail started, “we’re not really male or female, but–”

“You’re the same gender, anyway,” she interrupted, “and you look like men, for all intents and purposes. There’s a fair amount of people who’ll accept you, to be sure, but there’s gonna be a lot of people who won’t. I’ll warn you of that now.”

Piccolo mumbled something under his breath that Chi-Chi didn’t catch, but Nail did. “Dont be like that,” he chided. “And need I remind you that this was your idea to begin with?”

“Well, look.” Chi-Chi tapped her foot. “You can come in. You can talk to Gohan about it. But I can’t tell you how he’ll react. The boys have never met someone in a same-sex relationship before.” She hesitated to call them gay. Did it still count as gay if they were from a species with only one gender? “So be patient with him.” Turning, she led the way into the house. “Mind the mess; I haven’t had a chance to clean up in a bit.”

“It’s spotless as always, Chi-Chi,” Nail said politely as they followed her inside. She shook her head. How had grumpy, always-angry Piccolo managed to land as kind a man (not man, she reminded herself) as Nail?

“Thank you. Gohan! Come here for a minute!” She turned to the two Namekians. “I’ll leave you be for a bit, then.” With that, she headed off to scoop up Goten. “Come along, dear, we’re going outside for a minute.”

Goten grinned at Piccolo and Nail as she walked past them. “Hi, Piccolo! Hi, Nail!”

Piccolo gave him a small wave. “Be good for your mother.”

Chi-Chi shot a smile over her shoulder at him. Piccolo had grown so much since they’d first met. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought she was proud of him.

“Mommy, how come we can’t stay inside with Nail and Piccolo?” Goten whined as they went outside.

“Because they have something very important and very private to talk to Gohan about,” Chi-Chi said, setting him down. “And I need you to help me with the laundry.”

Goten pouted. “Why can’t they talk to me about it, too?”

“I told you, Goten, it’s private.”

“Is it about fighting?” Goten passed her clothespins when she held out her hand for them. “I can listen to that! Piccolo always lets me listen to them when they talk about fighting.”

“No, it’s not about fighting.”

Goten wrinkled his nose. “But that’s all Piccolo talks about.”

She snorted. “That’s true.” Chi-Chi looked down at her youngest thoughtfully. “Well. I’m sure they’d rather they told you themselves, but I think I’d rather we had a little talk first.” She settled on the ground under the clothesline. “You know how me and Daddy are your parents?” Goten nodded. “That’s because we love each other a lot. So we got married so we could spend forever together.”

Goten frowned thoughtfully, trying to connect the dots. “What does that have to do with Piccolo and Nail?”

“Well, they love each other too.”

“Oh.” Goten nodded. “Okay.”

She blinked. It was really that simple? Goodness, if she’d known it would be that easy, she would have had this talk with Gohan years ago. “Alright then.” She stood up and went back to the laundry. “That’s really it.”

He handed her another clothespin. “Mommy, you’re silly.”

“I guess I am,” she sighed.

There was a shriek from the house. “THAT’S ALLOWED?!” Gohan cried. Before Chi-Chi could react, the door slammed open and Gohan had her by the arms. “Mom!” he shouted. “Boys can like boys!”

“I–yes, they can, dear,” Chi-Chi replied, dazed.

Laughing, Gohan ran back to where Piccolo was standing in the doorway, bewildered, and threw himself into a hug. Chi-Chi shook her head. In hindsight, she wasn’t sure what she’d been so worried about. Her boys were good kids, after all.

So eighth year and McGonagalls put everyone that came back to finish up their last year in the third floor corridor or in the tower under the owlery.

But that part of the castle’s been abandoned for years so the heating charms are completely naff and it’s always too cold.

One night both Draco and Harry are in the common room after insomnia, for Draco, and nightmares, for Harry, kept them from their beds. They’ve pushed a couch up next to the main fireplace but it’s still fucking freezing.

Draco cannot stop shivering and is sitting right on the edge of the couch and holding his hands out to the fire. Harry’s leaning back, just wearing an old jumper and jeans he threw on, looking completely at ease.

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so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…

Ok, but the best part of this scene is that our dear Kira stood there hiding by the door like an idiot while holding Hayato’s hat and thinking about how cool he would look if he scared the shit out of this child by putting the hat on his head. Better yet, he didn’t even notice that since it was a time loop he wouldn’t be able to get the jump on Hayato and probably waited there like a fool until he realized he was outsmarted by a 11-year-old.

Goddamn, I love Kira.   

Fratboy!Jensen with BeerPongChamp! @preciousmish and I

So we went up to him and I asked him if we could be “douchebag fratboys together” and he said “sure” so I handed him the glasses and then asked if he would wear the hat backward, but instead he gingerly placed it on his head like so and tbh it just made it look even more like a douchebag. Originally he was holding the cups in front of himself but I asked if he could put his arms around us. I could not be happier with this op. the jpeg will be posted as soon as we get it so PLEASE DO NOT CROP OR EDIT this particular version!

This boy, with the brown eyes and cheeky grin, can make anyone’s day better. This boys heart is so big and he is so warm, anyone would be lucky to just know what it is like to hold him. I watch him, day after day and wonder if he sees me too. If maybe I could be apart of the countless number of people who love him. He smiles and everyone can’t help but smile back. His laugh is a melody that I wish could be stuck in my head everyday. He is that person that everybody spends their entire life looking for and now that I have found him I can only pray that he watches me too.
—  4am

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BTS reaction if you Want to give it to them before they have to peform???

Jungkook :  At first he’d be like…

But he’d end up quickly taking your hand and walking you around with him so he could find an available room you two could go to.

Taehyung : He’d ask if you could wait until after the performance holding onto the back of your neck. If you started pouting he’d most likely make an acception and take you somewhere.

Jimin : He’d tell you to wait to promise you what he’ll do to you when you two are alone in great detail on purpose. Then he’d leave to go on stage like he didn’t just detroy your insides.

Yoongi : He’d just give you a short kiss on the lips as an answer while giving you a little smile.

Namjoon : Look at you with an are you serious face, then walk away shaking his head because out of all times..

Jin : Playful say no right away with an are you serious face then starts bursting out in laughter.

“But seriously no..”

J-Hope : He wouldn’t be able to resist you and your needs. He’d make the situation funny and exaggerate everything by looking around dramatically and telling you to follow him and to stay close.

“This is a very important mission..”


A little background: In an earlier session our fighter found a room full of about 20 porcelain dolls and proceeded to set the room on fire immediately. Our barbarian found another like room and wouldn’t let the fighter touch any of them and took 13 of them to sell at a later point. Since then the barbarian was hearing voices of children in his head.

The party just found a jar full of eyes, all of the children in his head have been talking about not being able to see. He proceeds to sit down holding one of the dolls and move the arms while the rest of the party looks at him is confusion.

Child in his mind: What are you doing it feels like you’re touching my soul!

Barbarian: (finally connecting the dots) oh no…. Oh no… The children voices I’m hearing aren’t children we can find. The children are the dolls! (Is screaming at this point at our fighter) You burned like 20 children alive!!!

Fighter: (also screaming) No! Why!? So many children!! (Proceeds to puke in a corner)

Cleric: (starts screaming and trying to get over just puking from them breaking a jar of eyes accidentally)

Monk: (also screaming) What have you done!?!?

Monk, Fighter, Barbarian: (Begin praying to their various gods for forgiveness)

Cleric: (Proceeds to cry in a corner)

Everyone knows

He’ll kill me. He will, what am I thinking.

Harry returned to his book, but as he read the same boring line in his potions book for the sixth time, the words dull in his mind, meaningless, he gave up once again. He let himself watch the sunset that could be seem through the window of the library. On the wall next to Draco.

Shit, that was a mistake, wasn’t it? Because watching the sunset meant watching Draco, who kept his head down, reading one of those huge transfiguration books Harry thought only Hermione was brave enough to open. The orange sunlight wasn’t suppose to make anyone look that beautiful, especially Malfoy, but it did, somehow. His hair was longer than it’d ever been and, without the gel to keep it neat, the strands curled around the edges, his bangs covering his eyes. Harry could swear his hair was shining, almost like a Veela’s hair and he just couldn’t hold himself back anymore. Because they’d been sitting there for almost three hours now, because the library was empty, because he was so close, right beside Harry…

‘You’ve been staring at me for the past ten minutes and, even though I understand you have no manners whatsoever, I thought Granger had already taught you… Potter?’

Malfoy had finally looked at him and, by the change in his expression, from the usual sneer to one of actual concern, Harry must’ve been looking like someone about to throw up. After all, that was how he felt. 

‘Potter? Hey, what happened?’ He placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder, getting closer as he did so so he could look Harry in the eyes. That concerned look was something Harry never would’ve thought he would receive from Malfoy. Actually, he could never have imagined he would spend so much time with the other boy during his eighth year, get the chance to talk to him, touch him, study with him for three hours straight without wanting to kill him. 

But it wasn’t enough. Harry wanted to talk more, all the time, or just listen to Draco’s voice for hours. He wanted to touch him, but not only small, friendly touches. He wanted all he should have wanted with Ginny, with Cho. 

Sometimes his mind would trick him into thinking Draco wanted the same thing.Those were dangerous times.

Just like in that moment.

‘Do you want me to call Madam Pince?’ He was so close. Too close.

Harry tilted his head and Draco noticed. He looked around quickly before returning his gaze to Harry’s face. Was Malfoy blushing? He didn’t move, but Harry did. Slowly he placed his hand on Draco’s cheek, their lips so close now he could smell mint from his mouth.

Harry kissed him, brushed their lips lightly at first and them actually pressed their mouths together. Draco wasn’t kissing back, though. 

'I’m kissing you’ Harry whispered against the other’s lips and kissed him softly again before opening his eyes. Why wasn’t Malfoy screaming and pushing him away?

When Harry looked at him, though, he realised something wasn’t right.

Draco was so red Harry was almost sure the boy was overheating. 

'Draco? Fuck, I- Sorry, I shouldn’t- ’

'Shhh!!!’ Draco’s hand was suddenly covering Harry’s mouth. The boy looked around again, more vigorously this time, to check if they were still alone. Harry removed Draco’s hand, holding it firmly, everything a mess in his head. 

'What the fuck…’

'Are you an idiot? We’re in the fucking library! All the fucking time in the world, all the opportunities you had, and you decide to kiss me in the library?!’

'Opportunities? Draco, I…’

'I shoud’ve known you’d do something like this but I had to listen to fucking Pansy and Granger…’ Draco ran his free hand through his hair, his face still pink.

'You wanted to kiss me… Then why?’ Harry tried his best not to move closer, grab Draco by his robes and kiss him again.

'What do you mean?’ Draco looked at him like he was insane.

'Why didn’t you?!’

Your friend and Pansy told me to wait. They told me to fucking wait because 'Oh, Harry doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings and you might scare him if you go too fast’ and I’ve been fucking waiting for you to do something for almost three months now, you imbecile!’ Draco was whispering so fast Harry thought he’d misunderstood something. 

'I’ve wanted to kiss for six months now, you prick!’ His hand wouldn’t let go of Draco’s despite the blond’s atempts to free himself from the tight grip.

Draco grabbed a small, but heavy, book from the table and hit Harry square in the chest.

'Then why didn’t you!’


They stopped suddenly, turning their heads as the figure of Madam Pince appeared from behind the closest bookshelf.

'You should be ashamed, two grown men fighting like first years! If I hear one more whisper I’ll kick both of you out of here!’

Their fingers were still intertwined under the table and their cheeks were flushed.

'Sorry’ they whispered at the same time. Madam Pince gave them her best disappointed look before turning around and walking away. 

'They know?’ Harry asked as soon as Madam Pince disappeared.

Draco gave him an annoyed look, much like those Hermione used to give him everytime he talked in the library.

'Everyone knows, except you, apparently’ His tone was sarcastic but there was sadness in his eyes. Harry placed his hand on Draco’s cheek for the second time that day, catching the blond’s attention.  

'I’m sorry. I still want to kiss you’ He tried I little smile and gave Draco a peck on the lips. He smiled back and Harry felt a pleasant, warm feeling in his chest. He loved to see Draco smile.

'You are an idiot’ He said but kissed Harry again, and again, small pecks that sent electric shocks to that warm spot in Harry’s chest. 'I’m gonna kiss you in front of that bastard Finnigan. He’s the only one convinced you don’t actually want to snog the shit out of me.’

And Harry laughed and kissed Draco again. And again.

Madam Pince kicked them out eventually but the smile on her face didn’t go unnoticed by Harry.

Ok so after seeing Moana on the big screen last night I wanna talk about a couple things I really loved when it came to legit detail-oriented stuff.

• My favorite part when it came to detail was when we got a close-up of Maui’s tattoos, and you could see the slight texture of skin every time. That blew me away, the fact that they made sure to actually make it look like tattoos on skin.
• Also, the cracks and hairs on Tamatoa’s claws when he’s holding Moana. Every time the camera shifted to her in his claws, you could see all the scratches and cracks and little hairs on them.
• I loved the way they did Grandma Tala and her spirit. I love the fact that when she came back as a ray, she has patterns on her just like her tattoo.
• When Maui had the shark head, I noticed the tattoo on his belly also had a shark head. I thought that was a really funny and clever thing.
• They had nipples! And belly buttons! Yeah, the nipples in most cases were under tattoos (ow), but they were still there. The same with the belly buttons, like on the Chief, which made it a little harder to tell if it was actually there or just part of the tattoo. But that was a pretty big thing, IMO
• And last, for Te Ka/Te Fiti. The cracks in Te Ka’s hardened lava, and the way they had the lava flow, was absolutely amazing. And then that transition when she changed was so beautiful and natural. The way the flowers spread across her. Even how she pressed her hand into the hardened lava of the island and it looked like it does when you stick your hand in dirt.

All in all it was such a beautiful movie and I loved it so very much. Definitely expect to see some drawings from me soon.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater…

I could not get this moment of the series out of my head, even though there were SO MANY beautiful moments, I saw Isak on the back of that bike in episode 4 and thought “…dear god he looks like a Caravaggio Painting!” (And don’t even get me started on the art historical/thematic implications of that visual reference…) And I knew I just had to draw it.

Anyway, so here it is! For some reason, it looks weird when I take it out of the drawing app but regardless,  Enjoy!

I might also make this available as a print eventually if anyone is interested

AHS Hotel: “Her husband is going to kill you”

Your husband, James was nowhere to be found so you decided to pay Liz a visit at the bar.

Sally happened to be there too, so you sat right next to her. There was also an older caucasian man drinking alone just sitting 1 stool away from you. He looks like he is in his 60′s.

You, Liz, & Sally were having a nice conversation until the man randomly budded in saying, “you’re disgusting.” He was swaying his head as he was holding his drink. He obviously seemed drunk.

You turned your head to look at him and mugged him, not saying a word because you assumed he was just talking to himself. Then you turned back around to face Liz. Sally just looked at him as she was smoking her cigarette and Liz raised a brow at him.

“You’re disgusting,” he repeated while looking at me.

“What?” You looked back at him, with a confused look on your face.

Sally, still having a cigarette in her mouth said, “Excuse me?”

He pointed at me, while drunkily saying, “You have no respect for yourself. Look at what you’re wearing. And too much makeup.”

This man came out of nowhere. You felt more confused than you felt disrespected. You found it quite hilarious, actually. All you’re wearing are 5 inch heels with an all black jumpsuit that showed cleavage. It’s not like you were naked. Maybe this man was just having a bad day or maybe his wife cheated on him. I mean, he was alone. Who knows. But you weren’t going to let it ruin your day.

“Who gives a crap about what she’s wearing?” Liz annoyingly says to the man.

“Yeah, she looks hot. Fuck off.” Sally adds.

The man takes a chug from his beer. “Whore”, he sloppily words. 

You let out a fake laugh and flipped your hair. “You’re funny.” 

The old man is so drunk that he accidentally knocks his beer bottle, having the rest of the beer spill on you. He didn’t even care to pick it up, so he spat on the floor. 

Sally rolls her eyes and puts her cigarette in the ash tray. 

Liz picks up the bottle and quickly grabs a towel to hand to you. “Her husband is going to kill you.” She points at the man.

“It’s alright, Liz. Don’t worry about it. He’s quite hilarious actually. My day has been boring until this loser came along.” You said as you were patting your clothes dry with the towel.

“I ain’t afraid of nothing.” The man says while glaring at you, emphasizing the word ‘nothing’. He stood up, getting ready to leave but Liz walks around the bar and grabs the him by the shirt. “You don’t talk to the lady of the house like that! Do you hear me?”

“No Liz, it’s alright really. He’s just drunk.” You say to Liz, putting your hand on her arm to calm down. Liz was always so loyal to you because you’ve done so much for her as a friend.

“It’s fine, Y/N. Me and Sally are going to escort this punk out of here.” Liz says and glances at Sally. 

Sally nods her head and gets up. “We’ll be back.”

Both Sally and Liz take the man downstairs. Will Drake passes them at the top of the stairs heading to the bar. 

“Y/N, what was that all about?” Will points at them laughing, then goes to pour himself a drink.

“Long story. He’s just wasted.” You laugh back.


15 minutes pass and Liz comes back. Sally didn’t come back with her. She probably went back to her room or something.

“Damn Liz, took you long enough.” You said sarcastically.

Liz sashays to her spot behind the bar, popping her lips saying, “Yup.” She seemed like she was up to something, but you didn’t question it.

“It wasn’t a big deal, but thanks for having my back anyways.”

Liz puts one hand on her hip and snaps her fingers with the other. “Oh don’t worry about it. He was messing with my girl, Y/N. By the way, James said he needs to see you in the laundry room.”

“Uh laundry room. For what?” You were so confused. Laundry room? Out of all places, James wants to meet you there? Whatever. If your husband needs to see you, you’re definitely going to be there.

“Who knows, hun.” Liz shrugs.


Once you’ve reached the laundry room, you see James with his sleeves rolled up standing behind the man that disrespected you at the bar. The man is on his knees with his hands tied up in front of him looking afraid, but not saying a word. You figured James roughed him up a bit before you got there. “You will pay for disrespecting my queen.” You hear James tell the man as you walked in.


“Ah, darling!” James turns around and looks at you with excitement.

“What is going on?” You stood there surprised. You didn’t expect Liz and Sally to really go out of there way to bring the man to James. You really thought they both escorted him out of the hotel. No wonder it took Liz forever to get back. 

“This is the creature that Liz and Sally have informed me that said such vile things to you at the bar, no?”

“Yes. Yes he is.” You said with an evil grin. You knew exactly what James was going to do. So you cross your arms in front of you and watch him. You also remembered that James needed a fix as well. It’s been a little over a week since he’s killed anyone, anyways.

The man turns his head to look at James. “You’re never going to get away with this.” He turns his head back to face the opened laundry chute.

James leans over and whispers in the man’s ear. “I happen to disagree with you.”

Something about James right now just turns you on. You can’t tell if it’s because he’s looks sexy with his sleeves rolled up or if it’s because he’s so protective over you that he’s willing to kill for you. Or maybe it’s both.

James stands up straight, then roughly bashes the back of the man’s head with his hammer and throws his body down the chute. Good riddance.

James wipes his forehead with the back of his hand. You walk over to James and whisper in his ear, “I love watching you kill.” Then you leave the room to head over to your bedroom. You knew that saying that would turn James on and that he would soon be following after you.



I’ve been loving adding gifs to my stories lately! lol I like to make it feel as real as possible as you’re reading. I’ve been starting to get my story inspirations from looking up gifs.

Avengers Preference – Thier Favourite thing about you

Tony: He loves your legs. He loves to watch you walk. He loves how they look in dresses and skirts. He loves how sexy they are. He just loves them!

Steve: He loves your smile. He loves the way it lights up your hole face.

Bruce: He loves your lips. Sometimes when your talking you see him staring at your lips (probably wishing he could grab your face and start making out with you.)

Clint: He loves your hugs. He loves to hold you and put his head on your head. He likes that you are so much shorter than you.

Sam: He loves your hands. He loves how soft and how cute and delicate they are. When he’s sad he likes to cuddle with you and just stroke your hands.

Peter: He loves your eyes. He loves how emotive they are. He loves to just stare into those big beautiful orbs.

Pietro: He loves your butt, buttocks, ass. Sometimes he runs pass you and grabs your ass, you turn around to see who it is and he pretends its not him.

Thor: He loves your hair. He loves to run his hands through your hair and braid it. (You like his hair just as much, if not more.)

Loki: He loves your grace. He says you are one of the most graceful mortals he ever seen.

Bucky: He loves your nose. He thinks it’s absolutely adorable. He boops it all the time.

concept: adam calling ronan pretty a lot??

ok but like hear me out– 

it starts as a teasing thing, maybe, because honestly, ronan is six-foot-and-counting of well-built, well-muscled boy, deadly-looking ink all over his back and shoulders, shaved head and poisonous glares. but at the same time, it’s kind of true, because ronan is also deep-blue eyes and a lovely smile (when he does smile), hands that look graceful when they’re poised over an instrument or holding a pencil and a sketchbook, and honestly, lynch, have you seen your eyelashes lately?

so adam calls him pretty, and he does it in his sweetest, thickest henrietta accent, not even thinking about it because the words roll out so naturally; you sure are pretty, he says, and he says it low and smooth, with a little bit of humour and a whole lot of earnest.

(the fact that ronan tends to get flustered as all-get-out is just a bonus, really, because guess what– the vivid pink blush high on his cheekbones makes him look even prettier)


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Imagine: You and Newt go to a fun fair for the first time ever.

Author’s Note: Hello cuties! Just wanted to post something short and sweet. I’m in the final stages of editing a jealous/protective/smutty Newt fic, so enjoy this naive innocence while you can! Thank you for following, liking and reblogging as always. You all have my heart. Enjoy x

Word Count: 663

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Anon: I don’t know if I misunderstood but it seems Jungkook always looks like he’s very careful with his skinship with Jimin? Other than lots of back hugs, kook seems (ah i don’t know the word) reluctant? He has no problem lying in other member’s chest or holding his same age friend’s waist or hands or even yesterday he just rest his head near mingyu’s chest. But with Jimin, when he’s about to hold or touch but always seem to hold himself back. I wonder why. TT Btw, I really really love your analysis.

So what you’re asking me is this: besides rubbing his dick against Jimin’s ass all the time, what else has JK done to show that he’s interested in Jimin? I’m kiddingㅋㅋ Sort of. We talk a lot about back hugs because we see a lot of it with this couple but Jungkook isn’t “reluctant” when it comes to touching Jimin at all. It’s quite the opposite. 

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