it looks like erwin is in a shock

When Eren is sad, everyone is sad. Eren`s always the one to lift spirits by doing or saying something stupid, but when all the ridicule for being a “monster” finally gets to him, everyone is devastated by his crestfallen attitude. Connie is the first to try and cheer him up with a lame joke he heard, but all he gets is a subtle nod. Sasha tries giving him her food, she nearly cries when he says he isn`t hungry. Mikasa offers him her scarf, but Eren solemnly reminds her it`s summer, Armin soon realizes that reading to him doesn`t help either.

Even the higher ups begin to notice the lowly atmosphere. Mike tells him he smells good, Eren is just confused. Hanji offers free experiments, on him, which he refuses. Even Erwin gives him a day off to rest, but the boy is still hurt.

No one notices, but Levi was hit the hardest by the shifter`s mood, he was in a shitty mood most of the time in general. Without Eren`s constant smiling and laughing, he felt more like shit than he used to. So even when it shocks everyone into silence, Levi can`t hold back giving the boy a comforting hug, because he just looks so sad. He can`t say he doesn`t feel at least ten feet tall when Eren smiles for him.

Eren's and Jean's "open a can of whoop ass" Stand-up Comedy Elegy

This is a summary for the track エレンとジャンのどつきどつかまれ漫才エレジー (title translated above) of SnK gag drama cd. (Be prepared for tons of EreJean slight EreMika and JeanMika, and Erwin’s commentary about Eren and Jean stand up comedy)


Basically, Eren and Jean are practicing their stand up comedy for upcoming competition among the survey corps. Eren is not confident that they will win this since he & Jean are not as compatible as Eld & Gunther duo who always won the competition.

Winner will get their own personal room and both Eren & Jean want to win this.
Jean commented that Eren already has his own personal room (underground) and Eren wants room with sunlight and better air circulation. Jean was complaining of how dirty their barracks because they need to share space with 6 people in one room.

Jean thought that Eren want to have room on his own so he can have private time with Mikasa. They ended up fighting and Jean almost tore Eren clothes. Eren suddenly had a revelation and suggested that they make a threat comedy. Since their relationship is the worst among the SL member, Eren wants to make it looks like Jean was so pissed almost like he want to kill Eren for being such suicidal idiot. When Jean grabs Eren’s clothes, Eren’s concern was not his life but Jean almost tearing his clothes. (Is this even a joke? It’s their daily reality routine, how adorable these two)

So they performed this comedy and they were so sure they will win. So Erwin is the judge and his comment was out of their expectation.

According to Erwin, their stand up comedy really lack of the manzai essence (one funny man and one wise guy), both of them really look like in good relationship. Especially in second part looks like Eren was praising Jean for being a perverted horse face. Added with the next scene when Jean was trying to tear Eren’s clothes.

Erwin and the rest of audience were so shocked that they almost spin their head 360 degree with their closeness.

(In Japan stand up comedy, there is one funny man and one reasonable one, Eren supposed to be the suicidal idiot and Jean scolding him and pulls his clothes in heated argument. But what they ended up portraying is how they are in normal days, arguing and insulting each other but they care for each other)

Erwin declares them as winner as he feels that their caring attitude towards each other is what SL are lacking off.

So the winners get a private chamber for 2 and Jean & Eren lives together (arguing) happily ever after in shared room.


Conclusion: it seems that the SL members are supporting Eren and Jean after the show. They feels the show has proven their relationship. Jean for caring Eren always endanger his life and Eren knowing Jean cares for him and always insult Jean in affectionate way. LOL

This one is much easier since it is 12 minutes but the gag is way too Japanese and I have difficulties to deliver it in English. Feel free to ask me ok, because it is difficult to understand the joke if seldom exposed to Japanese stand up comedy (manzai). I will try my best to explain or you can try google as well.

9th of August. The magazine has been read by many people, and thankfully they’re more articulate now. The anger has subsided, so they’re able to express their dislike for certain characters without resorting to calling them names.

“Erwin has turned from a demon into an angel.”

“I read the magazine. I had already read the spoilers before, but even so, my hands were trembling. I no longer care for Eren and Mikasa. The shock of losing Erwin is too much, I can’t accept this.”

“Even though Erwin dies, his popularity looks like it’s gonna stay the same.”

TN: the Erwin love is real, hallelujah

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eruri, 21

21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

There was only so much time he had left. He was bound to fail eventually.

If not this time, the next, someone would say. Erwin was not a god, nor was he a hero. He was a man with a highly strategic mind, a leader and a gambler, but he was only just a man.

He wanted to call out, to ask if his soldiers had evacuated, to send orders to have the forest cleared out, but the searing pain in his left side stole the air out of his lungs. He doubted his voice would have carried anyway, with the thrashing rain and howling winds that descended upon them. Blood soaked his uniform with a spreading warmth. He knew that if he peeled away the torn fabric, there would be bone exposed.

Everything happened so quickly.

His lucky streak could only last for so long.

In a flash of black and green, Levi dropped onto the high tree branch that Erwin threw himself onto.

“Fuck,” He said, grabbing at Erwin, touching his face, his chest, his injured side. He drew his hand back and it came away slick and red. “Fuck. You saw it coming, you saw the fucking titan coming, why didn’t you move?”

“I was…” Erwin’s mouth was dry, but when he swallowed, he tasted the metallic tang of blood burning the back of his throat. “Distracting it.”

“You fucking—” Levi’s bloodied fist makes impact with the tree beside Erwin’s head. The bark splintered easily and the wood cracked under his knuckles. Above them, rain poured down, making the forest hazy. Beneath them, the ground shuddered with thundering footsteps. “We have to go. Now.” Levi demanded as he got to his feet. He pulled at Erwin, to no avail.


“Stop fucking around. If we go now, there’s still a chance—”

“No. Go, Levi.”

Eyes wide, he turned on Erwin, dropping to his knees again. “What the fuck do you mean, ‘go’?”

“You can still make it.” Breathing became harder, speaking became a chore. “Go.”

“Don’t pull this shit on me, Erwin.” Levi growled, his grip near-bruising around Erwin’s shoulders.

He shook his head, resolute. “No time. You said it yourself. I’d slow you down. Go. That’s an order.”

“That’s not a fucking order.” Levi insisted. “We can go. Why don’t you want to go?”

“Want to—” Erwin rasped, blinking against the heavy rain. “Stay.”

“Why?” There was an edge to his voice, equal parts exasperation and hysteria.

In spite of himself, Erwin smiled. “Do you remember the first time you felt the rain on the surface?”

Levi steeled his jaw. “Why, Erwin?”

“I remember.” He continued. “It was after I recruited you, and before you lost Farlan and Isabel. I caught you alone on the roof one night, looking out at the town, soaking wet.”


“You only told me, years later, that that was the first time you felt the rain. I already knew. You looked peaceful. Reverent. Appreciative.” With a shaky hand, he reached for his left side. The pain was subsiding; his body was going into shock.

“Stay with me, stay with me,” Levi murmured, crawling forward between Erwin’s thighs and pressing their foreheads together.

“I never thought about the rain like something to appreciate.”

“And you want to start now?” Levi shut his eyes, face contorting into a wince that hurt Erwin’s heart to see. “Fucking now? A shitty team leader hesitated and fucked up the plan. A titan took a fucking bite out of your side when you tried to save him. We have soldiers waiting on standby with horses, waiting for us, waiting for you.”

As Levi spoke, he ran his hands through Erwin’s hair, brushing the wet strands out of his face. His eyelids grew heavy.

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, and you want to stop and feel the rain?”

Erwin settled his other hand on the back of Levi’s neck. “Kiss me. Quickly. Hurry.”

Levi opened his eyes. There was a fire in them that translated into the kiss that followed, hard and possessive, a sliding of teeth and tongues and the bitter taste of blood. Pulling away, panting, Levi looked at him pleadingly. “There’s still time.”

“There is.” Erwin agreed.

And when he pushed himself off the tree branch, falling with the rain, he hoped Levi would make the most of it.


The one that’s not actually about grinding, but the rivalry between Eren ‘who owns a coffee shop’ Jaeger and Levi ‘who owns a tea shop’ Ackerman. They might fall in love along the way.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

4 - You Fit Me to a Tea

“What the fuck is this supposed to be?” In front of him sits a neatly wrapped present on the counter, decorated with obvious consideration. His eyes are narrowed in suspicion at the red bow placed on top of the gift, brows twitching as he awaits a response.

“A peace treaty.” Levi doesn’t know if this is a joke, but it’s not very funny. Silvers taper even further as he brings his gaze up to the man standing in front of him. Seconds pass, and Levi’s starting to think that Erwin’s being serious.

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You guys remember the look on Levi’s face after his whole squad was killed? That awful look when he couldn’t even respond to Petra’s father as he spoke to him?? I always took that as shock from losing his team and stuff you know?

But now that I read/watched ACWNR, after he loses his best friends/partners in crime, idk if you notice but he’s about to cry, like, legit cry after his revenge, but Erwin tells him not to.

Erwin basically tells him not to cry, not to regret his decisions and what transpired because of them, because if he breaks down and regrets, he won’t become any stronger, he’ll live in constant fear of what might happen due to his choices, and this weakness and fear will end up killing him. Not only that, but he cannot let the deaths of his comrades hinder him from thinking clearly.

So remembering this look on his face in the original series, it fucking sucks so much more ‘cause he looks like he’s trying so hard to remember what Erwin said to him. Don’t regret your choices. Crying will only drop your morale and it will not bring them back. Don’t lose it, don’t don’t don’t.

It’s just like, fuck, you’d think he was made to be a hardened soldier but he has a heart and the only time we’re reminded of that fact is when it’s being broken.

serenades for strings in e

Erwin feels a little silly at the reception after, dressed in the suit his father passed down to him, soft with age, a little musty from the back of his closet. Around him, women shimmer in dresses worth more than a year of his pay; men laugh politely with one another, their voices the perfect pitch so not to be too loud in the hall.

His students bought him the tickets–symphony season passes, scraped together with the money they earned through newspaper routes and extra chores. The seat was one of the terrible ones in the very back, but it was the symphony, regardless, and music didn’t necessarily need to be seen to be enjoyed.

A dry voice breaks through his thoughts: “That’s a suit if I’ve ever seen one.” 

Erwin tilts his head in the direction of the disturbance.

And is greeted by Levi Ackerman, gifted cellist, talented first chair–a career Erwin has watched and clipped tiny newspaper articles of–who stands head barely higher than Erwin’s chest.

Levi Ackerman’s fingers are calloused around the flute of his champagne glass. He holds it like his hands are more used to clutching mugs than stemware. 

“Oh,” blinks Erwin, his voice uncharacteristically warm, his heart fluttering nervous in his chest as Levi Ackerman turns flat eyes on his face, “You’re smaller than I thought.”

It isn’t what he meant to say–Erwin had intended something about Levi Ackerman’s beautiful performance of Dvorak’s cello concerto. His cheeks flush, embarrassed.

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Prompt- Where Levi has been gone for a long time and a giddy, desperate Erwin meets him at the airport.

May I also refer you back to this post from before


Erwin can barely contain his excitement, all but hopping from foot to foot as he holds up the large poster he’s made for Levi. He’s written out Levi’s name in letters, a bright pink heart pasted over the “i” so no one could even venture to think that maybe the two of them aren’t husbands. The little girl standing next to him stares up at the poster, open-mouthed; the board’s been liberally covered with glitter, courtesy of Eren, who’s now snoring vigorously in his stroller, exhausted with all the excitement because Papa’s finally, finally, finally coming home. 

Erwin watches with wide eyes through the bank of windows as Levi’s plane touches down, gently taxis to a stop before turning at the end of the runway to nose along the edge of the terminal. His heart jangles wild in his chest, and he’s grinning like a madman, his pulse racing like he’s just downed five cups of coffee in quick succession. They haven’t seen Levi in three months, a quarter of a year too much, business sending him in a whirlwind across the world, hours into the future. Three months of late-night Skype conversations, one of their faces painted blue with the light from the laptop, falling asleep with the video calls still going to the staticky rhythm of the other’s breathing. Erwin’s laptop screen is still smudged with the prints of Eren’s starfish hands, wanting to pat at Papa’s face through the display. 

The portable stairwell is wheeled over to the side of the aircraft, the doors open, and the plane begins to disgorge a steady stream of passengers, loaded down with luggage and emerging owlishly into the fluorescent lights of the airport terminal, looking around before heading to baggage claim or into the ecstatically opened arms of their loved ones. The little girl next to Erwin squeals suddenly, breaking into a full sprint, her white-blonde hair like silky ribbons as she leaps into a man’s arms, shouts of ‘Daddy’ and ‘Welcome home!’ It nearly brings a tear to Erwin’s eye. 

Erwin waits anxiously as more passengers spill out of the plane, eyes scanning the crowd for a familiar shock of dark hair and even darker eyes. Oh! There he is, at last, struggling with his duffel bag and looking grumpier than ever. Levi’s expression lightens considerably when he sees Erwin standing there, though his nose wrinkles at the sign Erwin’s waving frantically at him, sprinkling glitter all over the top of Eren’s stroller and the drab carpet of the airport terminal. 

Levi’s barely able to set down his duffel bag before Erwin’s bundling him into a hug, arms tight around him, shoulders shaking as though he’ll never let Levi go ever again. The background chatter of the other passengers fades into white noise, and Levi closes his eyes, breathing in the scent of Erwin’s aftershave, and allows himself to be welcomed home. 

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Part One: So Punk!Levi having Erwin and Mike over at his and Genderfluid/Pastel!Eren's place for dinner since they hadn't met Eren yet. When they arrive Levi introduces them to Eren and Erwin is ever charming and asks Eren about his/her pronouns

Part Two: Eren’s pronouns are she/her and Levi’s just like" stop doing that weird ass commander charming shit at my princess.“ While Mike sniffs her and she jumps and scoots away from him and hides (as much as she can) behind Levi. Erwin laughs and

Part Three : before he explains that Mike does that to everyone and Mike apologizes for alarming Eren. And then the dinner goes really well and later on while Levi and Erwin are cleaning the kitchen they notice that Mike and Eren had snuck off.

Part Four: When they find them in Levi and Eren’s bedroom, Mike has a face full of makeup & is wearing a flower crown & Eren just says "Tada! I made your boyfriend even prettier, plus I contoured!” Erwin’s in shock bc fuck his boyfriend looks great

Part Five: and Eren’s makeup skills are amazing & the cute little blue flower crown was a nice touch, so Mike & Erwin end up leaving early & Levi’s just like “damn those old men fucking ran for the door” & Mike &Erwin do the do when they get home

Part Six: And Levi and Eren have a nice movie night with lots of cuddling. The end. (:

I want people to tell me im wrong!

warning: the most non e//ruri post I’ll ever post

How can it be that levi truly loved him if he just gave him up. True love is what I’m seeing from the trio, they were fighting with all they had for armin. While levi just gave up on his “special” person. All i can think of is that Levi was shocked by Flocke’s words. That Levi hadn’t realized that Erwin had indeed become a “demon” and he helped in that. I feel like he may have lost his admiration once he saw the real image of what Erwin had become and thats why he apologized for him. Like Erwin was afraid he had tricked levi a few chapters before, maybe it was true. Levi always saw this image of someone looking at something he didnt see, and eventhough levi knew about erwin’s personal dreams it could be that his image of him changed after what Flocke said. Idk if I’m right or not, but I just cant otherwise explain how a person who once lived for someone else can just be so cold about that same person minutes later. I feel like levi freed himself of what he was a slave of not erwin…

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Eruri, 9, 4, and/or 1 for the ficlet thing! (You get to choose which number, or write all three of them if you like) ^.^

okay, eruri # 1. can i kiss you?

in which erwin gets caught up in a party game and realizes something about himself he’s not exactly ready to deal with. 

read on ao3, if you like!

written to this track

The room was full of laughter. Or at least, Erwin thought it was laughter, or maybe it was screaming, or maybe it was both laughter and screaming at the same time. All the sound felt sucked from the room, as if someone had put a vacuum to the place, sucking out the hot air and the smell of liquor and the taste of pizza and the droplets of sweat from their lean teenaged bodies, and the cigarette smoke, and the smoke from other things that weren’t cigarettes and felt better than cigarettes, too. All that was left was the slow revolving beer bottle in the center of the floor, and a massive hand which clapped against his shoulder with the force of a wrecking ball. It was Mike’s hand, probably, but he couldn’t move his eyes off the bottle long enough to be sure. The neck of it moved like a snake in the grass, swooping past everyone in their circle so achingly slow that it seemed dubious whether the thing would ever stop at all.

He peeked at each face as the bottle rolled past, noting in particular the way that Hange’s maniacal grin narrowed their brown eyes almost to slits, Nile’s unenthusiastic scowl, and the wide, hazel eyes which belonged to Marie, who was his girlfriend, and liked kissing him more than he thought was normal or healthy for someone their age–or anyone, ever, living or dead, if he was being honest with himself. He settled on her, finally, taking in the rivers of tulle that poofed around her small body and his baseball cap, which she’d jammed on her head and wore backwards in a way that he thought he should probably find cute but which only succeeded in making him extremely nervous.

The bottle ground to a halt. Erwin let loose the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding, combing a hand through the thick waves of blonde hair on top of his head. He met gray eyes with his blue ones. They looked at eachother thoughtfully, examining one another as if they’d only just met. Levi was wearing one of those tank tops, the kind with the sides cut low so that Erwin could see his taut, golden chest beneath. He was lying leisurely on his side, nursing a bottle of Magic Hat in one hand, with the other jammed under his chin to prop him up. Erwin noticed, not for the first time, how nice Levi’s lips were. His mouth was full and pink, lips always slightly wet, and slightly parted. Waiting.

Hange’s crooning shattered the moment, drawing Erwin’s attention back to the circle, to the room, to the bottle.

“Oooo. Errrr-vinnnnnn.”

He swallowed, managing a boyish smile as his eyes swept their circle again. Mike’s hand had dropped from his shoulder, replaced by encouraging nudges in the direction of the bottle’s neck. Marie looked slightly crestfallen, but was playing the good sport. Nile seemed even less interested than before, leaning back on his palms to watch the whole scene with an irked expression on his face. Hange was rocking on their knees, pointing rudely in the direction the bottle had landed, egging him on.

He shrugged a shoulder, playing it cool as he rolled forward onto his knees and stretched, the movement lifting the hem of his white tee-shirt to reveal several inches of his flat, pale stomach. He beckoned with a long finger, trying not to seem too phased by any of it. The last thing he needed was for a bunch of rumors to go flying around school. For anyone to say that Erwin Smith was too chicken shit to give someone a meaningless little kiss.

Their lips touched in a quick peck, and he found himself agreeing with Mike, that Nanaba was extremely fruity. Her lips tasted like pomegranate chapstick, and she smelled like apples. She deepened their kiss before he could pull away, earning several whoops and hollers from their voyeurs. It was over as fast as it began, with Nanaba settling back against Mike’s knee with a smirk on her face, and Erwin dropping back onto his ass, face flushed and eyes searching desperately again for those gray ones he’d locked on before. Levi wasn’t looking at him, though. Levi had peeled himself off the floor, and was heading up the basement stairs. Erwin’s felt his heart sink with disappointment, although he wasn’t exactly sure why.

Later, on the Zacharias’s old plaid sofa, Erwin lay awake, Marie’s small body tucked under his arm. He could smell her shampoo, and the soured sweetness of alcohol on her breath. She fit perfectly against his side, but when he tried to imagine them lying there from an outsider’s perspective, he drew a blank. He shifted, mind still flickering back to gray eyes. A bottle of Magic Hat.

Carefully, he peeled himself away from Marie, heart warmed by the sleepy sound of disagreement she made. It wasn’t that he didn’t like her, he told himself. No, it wasn’t that at all. Marie was funny, and smart, and weird, and cool. But he couldn’t picture them together, not for a second. He wasn’t even sure they’d ever had a picture taken. Or maybe he’d just avoided looking at them.

The Zacharias’s front door creaked as he pulled it open, the warm August air hitting him like an embrace. He wandered out onto their wrap-around porch, plopping onto the steps and looking out at the empty street of the cul-de-sac. The street lights looked like jewels, glittering against the inky blackness of the night sky. He sighed, leaning his chin on his knees. He tried to remember the last time he’d felt normal, or comfortable, or completely at ease. Maybe it had been before Christmas, before Levi had come over to his house one night, drunk as sin, and begged to sleep in his bed. Maybe it had been in September, before their home room teacher had paired him and Levi together on a year-long assignment that meant they spent at least one afternoon a week in each other’s company, unadulterated. If Erwin thought hard enough, though, he’d guess it was sometime last year, before the Ackerman’s had arrived in their small, uneventful neighborhood with their moving truck full of things and their son, whose gray eyes had taken up prime real estate in Erwin’s head.

He heard the screen door slam shut behind him, and bristled. He didn’t much feel like talking to anyone, especially not Marie, and he almost told her so, except that he was interrupted by a different voice, not at all unfamiliar or unwelcome.

“Can’t sleep?”

Erwin could feel weight shifting on the porch, looking up only when Levi had slid down into a sitting position beside him on the step. He was golden and sheathed in a layer of sweat, his tank top billowing open in the light breeze. Erwin thought he might pass out.

“I–not really.”

“Too much kissing, probably.”

The space between them might as well have been galaxies, for all the difference an inch made. Erwin rocked, racking at his brain for something intelligent or interesting to say, and finding nothing. He never knew what to say when it came to Levi. He was always so off-balance, off-kilter, off the charts. He shrugged instead, twisting his hands in front of his legs and drawing them closer to his chest.

“You’re used to kissing though, I bet. You and Marie,” Levi tried again, his voice tinged with something frustratingly like amusement. Erwin slunk down where he sat, his cheeks coloring bright red, although he was sure Levi couldn’t see it on him.

“It’s not me, it’s her,” he found himself saying, confoundingly defensive. Levi’s full lips split into a grin, and Erwin wanted to disappear. To become something else, some sort of anti-matter, and drift off into open space.

“You can relax. It’s just me, you know. I don’t really care if you like kissing girls–I mean, your girlfriend, or not.”

Erwin blinked, dumbfounded. He thought he must have looked as shocked as he felt, because that lazy grin was back, and Levi was sitting closer than before, gray eyes glinting like a cat that got the mouse. He could smell beer and cigarettes on his breath, and wondered if he smelled the same. Worse, probably. He’d finished half the handle by himself before everyone had knocked out. Maybe that was why he couldn’t take his eyes off Levi or his mouth. Those parted lips. Waiting.

“Can I kiss you?”

The words came out in a rush, as if someone else had said them, recorded them, and then played them back through his mouth at an earsplitting speed. They smooshed together lazily, sloppily. That’s how Levi made him feel. Lazy, and sloppy. Awkward. But now he’d said it, and when Levi made sense of it, he’d have to apologize, to think of something to explain himself. Maybe it wasn’t too late to convince his parents to homeschool him, or move him to a different town, or maybe post-partum abort him–

A soft pressure on his lips yanked him out of his spiral. Levi had leaned forward, placed small, tactile hands on his shoulders. Those full, parted lips had parted again, this time against his own. The taste was musky, boyish, woody. Like tea leaves.

Levi pulled away before Erwin could deepen it. They sat in silence, neither of them looking at one another. He could feel every inch of space between them, buzzing and ringing and tingling like a shock to the heart. Erwin swallowed the knot in his throat as Levi’s hand pressed gently over his, scooping up his long, bony fingers like marbles. Together, they looked out at the streetlights, lips parted. Waiting. 

For the moment, it was enough.

(So I wrote this last week and I’ve not read the latest chapter so I don’t know if this conflicts or not but here you go)

The rest of the soldiers have already retreated with their horses. Levi can just about hear the hooves clapping against the cobbles, slipping in their haste, but it’s quickly being drowned out by much heavier footsteps.

He is still in the basement. There is nothing here; it had all been for nothing. Whether there was nothing here from the beginning or someone had got to its contents before them, he doesn’t know, and at this rate he never will. He needs to leave. Soon there won’t be enough time to get back to his horse. He can’t die here. Not like this.

“Erwin!” He calls, voice heavy as he throws it from his lungs. Levi has called several times now but again he is ignored.

Erwin is on his knees, frantically heaving rubble and splintered wood. He doesn’t even seem to notice the blood dripping from his fingertips, smudging along rocks and twisted pipes, staining his white trousers. Levi wants to run to him, pull him away, throw him over his shoulders if he has to, but the second he moves away the beam he is supporting with his shoulders will fall, crushing Erwin beneath it. With his back to Levi, muttering like a madman, Erwin hadn’t even noticed.

“Erwin. There’s nothing here, we have to leave, we have to –“


It is an animalistic roar, nothing like Levi had ever heard from Erwin and it leaves him stunned, breathless in his shock.

“No. There has to be something here. There has to be –“

Levi can’t see Erwin’s face, but he can hear the thick desperation clogging up his throat. The pain of failure is almost a visible weight on his shoulders.

“Look, I don’t know what’s going on but there are titans coming, Erwin, and we have to get out of here.” Levi can’t help but think that he sounds somewhat pathetic right now, his voice almost a plea, something close to fear clipping his words. But he can’t really bring himself to care, not when that stubborn fool continues to crawl on his knees, pushing aside rocks and broken bits of furniture, scrambling for just a scrap of proof, just a hint to the secrets he has been desperately searching for all this time .

“I’m not leaving until I’ve found what the hell Grisha was talking about.” Erwin snarls, but the ferocity in his actions is dying, his hand slowing like an aged clock. Levi can’t watch this. It always pains him when he is forced to witness the rare moments his commander cracks.

“Erwin-,” he tries, doing his utmost to quell the shaking in his knees. As the thundering above them gets closer, the walls around them start to crack. Another beam collapses, almost blocking their exit.

“If I don’t have this, Levi, then what was this all for? What do I have left?”

“You have me.”

He doesn’t mean to say it, but there is something desperate inside of him clawing at his chest to get to Erwin. Right now, Levi thinks he would be willing to admit anything if it will convince him to stand up. He can’t help but think he should have broken Erwin’s legs, kept good on his threat.

Erwin is yet to stand up, yet to look back at Levi, but he has stopped, seeming to have broken out of his manic trance.

The titans are getting closer, the pounding of their heels sending shockwaves through the ceiling. Levi doesn’t know how much more his back can withstand.

“Just for now, Erwin, can that be enough? Until we get home, can I be enough?”


“Please, Erwin.”

He finally turns round, his blue eyes widening. He returns from that dark place in his mind seeming to finally understand the situation that they are in. A panic that doesn’t suit him strikes his features.

“Levi, what are you doing? Get out of here!”

“I’m not leaving without you so get the hell up!” he cries, the beam creaking as it pushes him down, he’s got seconds, at most.

Erwin scrambles to his feet and rushes towards Levi, helping him to heave the beam aside, chucking it to the ground.

It’s only then that Levi notices the pounding footsteps have stopped. All Levi can hear is his pulse beating against his ears, and each heave of their shared breath. Erwin is so close, close enough to touch. 

With a deafening crash and the grinding of rocks above them the sky, so blue and bright is revealed to them, before ominous shadows and grotesque faces loom over them.

Levi fought for the chance to see this sky as a free man. He looks up at Erwin, and remembers that he now fights for a different blue, a different freedom. 

“Let’s go, Erwin”

He refuses to let his dream die here. 

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five times kissed

The first time they’d kissed had been a surprise. Eren was anxiously watching and cheering as one of the overly aggressive hockey players started another fight on the ice. Levi swore the only reason Eren even came to the games was for the fights; Levi only came to watch Eren get excited. His glance had flickered up towards the large screen just in time to see the camera flash to a random pair in the audience, a heart framing their faces as the rest of the crowd cheered when the two had put on an obvious show for the camera. They all watched in amusement as the screen showed more random pairings. Eren had chuckled softly when the last pair flashed onto the screen. “Hey Levi, that looks like y- shit.” Levi’s cheeks flared brightly as he watched in shock for a moment before his gaze flickered to Eren. He turned just in time to accidentally meet the brunette halfway, effectively connecting their lips sweetly for the camera. When he’d finally pulled back, Levi refused to acknowledge the faint pink tint to to his cheeks, instead settling for turning his attention back to the game. But not without catching the obvious smirk that had settled in Eren’s features.

The second time they’d kissed hadn’t been quite that… eventful. Hanji, Erwin, Mike, Eren, and Mikasa had all come over to ensure Levi wasn’t alone on not only Christmas, but also his birthday. He’d tried to shoo them out by saying they should be with their families, but Mikasa pointed out the obvious by saying he was her family. After finally being over ruled in his own home, Levi found himself frustratedly dropping the now used bag of tea into the garbage can as he leaned against the counter, rolling his eyes while he listened to Hanji’s ridiculous story about god knows what. His eyes flickered over to Eren standing in the entrance of the kitchen. A soft chuckle escaped his lips when he’d noticed the hideous Christmas- themed sweater he’d been forced into. “You like it?” Eren had teased, stretching out his arms a bit and turning around for show. Levi laughed a bit more and set down the cup in favor of pushing himself off the counter to step a bit closer. “Hanji or Erwin?” he’d questioned, poking at the baggy fabric hanging at the brunette’s sides. “Neither. It was actually Mike this time.” Levi rolled his eyes as he drew back his hand. “You should smile more often. It suits you well,” Eren whispered softly as he leaned down to press his forehead against Levi’s. He felt his breathing hitch in his throat at the sudden closeness but otherwise did nothing to protest. “She hung mistletoe over your head didn’t she,” he murmured in response as one of his hands reached up to cup Eren’s cheek. Eren nodded against the smaller man’s forehead as he closed the gap between them, capturing Levi’s lips with his own. Hanji found herself a new story to tell every Christmas now.

The third time they’d kissed had been sloppy and filled with clashing teeth after a night of heavy drinking in Levi tiny bedroom. Eren had Levi pinned under him, squirming restlessly as he fought against the hand that held his wrists above his head. Somewhere in the process, they’d both shed their shirts and pants, now just separated by two thin pieces of cloth. They both wanted it from what Levi could tell. Before now, they weren’t in an established relationship, but they weren’t simply just friends; Levi felt himself thinking throughout the night, though, if Eren wants this, if he wants him, Levi wouldn’t stop him. He trusted Eren enough to not stop him. Although they never got past that stage- at least not that night- since Eren ended up passing out on Levi’s chest. A soft sigh escaped Levi as he wiggled his hands from the brunette’s now loosened grip. He rolled them onto their sides, but kept Eren held close to his chest as he ran his fingers through his hair before allowing himself to succumb to sleep as well.

The fourth time they’d kissed wasn’t much of a kiss, but was still enough to have Levi blushing like a teenage virgin. It happened the very next morning, Levi had barely redressed himself from the activities of the previous night, opting to just pull on a pair of dark sweatpants he’d found laying on the floor of his closet. He’d been impatiently standing near the microwave to watch his bowl of ramen when a pair of arms wrapped tightly around his waist, a deep chuckle sounding in his ear when he jumped in surprise. “Well look who rose from the dead and graced me with his presence. Did you sleep well after you knocked with your tongue halfway down my throat?” Eren rolled his eyes, but nodded anyway as he lifted his chin off of Levi’s shoulder to stand up straight. “Ramen for breakfast? Really Levi? Do you not know how to cook or something?” Levi huffed softly and crossed his arms over his chest, “I’m sorry we can’t all be as gifted as you, Mr. My-Mom-Owns-At-Least-A-Dozen-5-Star-Restaurants.” Eren smiled a little at the supposedly offensive comment and turned a bit to gently brush his lips against Levi’s cheek. “Don’t worry, I can teach you.”

 The fifth time the kissed was more emotional than any other time. They’d been arguing for hours about the subject of their relationship with each other. Levi’d called Eren over and demanded to know what they were, if they were just friends who occasionally fooled around or not, or maybe more. But Eren, being as stubborn as he was, refused to give a straight answer and instead, countered Levi’s question with another question, “What do you think we are?” After about the fourth time of hearing that, Levi blew up and shouted at him to shut the hell up and stop answering questions with questions. Now, here they were, hours later and still no progress. Finally at his end, Eren grabbed Levi’s shoulders and backed him into the wall, shouting back at him for the first time all night. “Don’t you see, Levi? I want to know what you think we because I don’t want to force you into anything; but goddamn it, Levi, I don’t want to be just friends or whatever it was you mentioned. I want so much more than that. I want to be with you when I fall asleep and be able to wake up with you in my arms. I want all of the good times and even the night so good times, the times when you get really moody because you ran out of your special tea, or because Hanji used the last paper towel and didn’t change the roll or because you stepped in dog shit on the way to the mailbox. I want all of that, I want all of you, no matter how much of a short, jerky, asshole-ish bastard you are. I want to be here for you when you need me, I want you to be able to be yourself around me again, not the you that you’ve been the last couple times I’ve been around. I want to be able to make you smile and laugh again and make fun of you for eating ramen for breakfast, because let’s face it, you can’t cook for shit. I want to be able to spoil you like you’re my little princess, I want you to rely on me for anything. Don’t you see it, Levi? I love you.” The tears Levi had been fighting so hard to hold in were now flowing freely as he launched himself forward, wrapping his arms around Eren’s neck. “You’re a stupid, stupid man Eren. But I love you, too.” A smile formed on both of their lips as they finally released what they’d been holding in for months. Levi’s head drew back just enough for him to be able to lean forward again and press lips to Eren’s, nothing but gentleness and passion coming from him as he tightened his arms around the brunette’s neck. Eren pulled back and chuckled as his forehead pressed to Levi’s, “And to think, none of this would have happened if I hadn’t dragged you to that hockey game with me. Because it was there, right after we kissed, that I realized how much you meant to me.”