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{ virgins have more fun | erwin smith x reader }

A/N: A Erwin Smith x Virgin!Reader lemon.
Warnings: unprotected sex. Erwin being too sexy for his own good.
Word count: 1654

“Why are you still standing?” Erwin’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts. You realized that he had been sitting on the edge of his bed and you were left standing with your arms wrapped around your mid section.
“I um-”
“Come closer.” Erwin requested. You took a few steps forward until you were standing directly in front of him. He  looked up at you with a warm smile and rested his large hands on your hips.

“Your body language tells me that you’re nervous.” If there was one thing Erwin could do it was read your body language. It could be his super power easily. He always knew when you were upset.
“And may I ask for what?” He asked. You chewed on your bottom lip nervously as you looked down at him.
“I don’t feel as well as I did earlier is all.” You gave a halfhearted smile and pushed your fingers through his soft blonde hair.

Your hands were on both sides of his face when you gave him a light chaste kiss on the lips. All of a sudden, Erwin wrapped his arms around you and playfully slammed you onto the bed taking you by surprise. His hands traveled up and down your sides tickling you as you laughed in pure joy.  The biggest mistake was telling Erwin you were ticklish because he took advantage of it every time.

The tickling eventually stopped leaving your cheeks flushed and your breathing a tiny bit uneven. Erwin smiled as he took your beauty in. His heart seemed to flutter when he noticed the silver diamond necklace he gave you on your very 1 year anniversary. It was simple but yet very beautiful. You have yet to remove it.

“I love you..” Erwin said in what seemed like a whisper. You smiled and brought your hand to his cheek grazing your thumb over it gently.
“I love you too.” You smiled softly. He looked into your eyes deeply searching for something. Maybe a sign that told him that you were ready. He wanted to take your relationship to the next level.
“I want to show you how much I love you.” Erwin said never breaking eye contact. You were a little shocked but deep down you knew this was going to happen eventually and you were completely fine with that. You wanted him to be your first and your only.

You opened your mouth to say something but you slowly closed it and nodded your head. Erwin leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss that was filled with love and tenderness. His hands slowly but surely explored your body. Feeling on your breasts and massaging them through your shirt. The feeling was new but it felt amazing. Erwin lifted up your shirt to where your bra was completely exposed and noticed your hardened buds through your bra. He felt himself twitch in his pants.

Erwin finished taking your clothes by unhooking your bra and gently tossed it to the side. You felt your cheeks heat up as his eyes explored your body. The cold air hit your sensitive buds making them aroused. Erwin pecked your lips and started to suck on your neck, attacking your sweet spot the was just under your ear and you let out a breathy moan.

His warm hand found its way to your breast and started to massage it while playing with your hardened nipples in between his fingertips. You blushed even more as you felt his hard member against your inner thigh. You slowly started to rub your leg against his member earning a very deep groan of pleasure from him.

Erwin’s hand found their way to your pants and unbuttoned them before taking them off completely. Erwin took a finger and grazed it over your underwear, right over your clit. A jolt of pleasure went through your body causing your hips to buck.

“You’re so sensitive, doll. I barely touched you.” Erwin said and a blush appeared on your cheeks.
“Don’t tease me.” You pouted.

Erwin chuckled and lifted himself up from you then discarded all of his clothes but leaving on his boxers. His member was extremely prominent through the thin fabric of his underwear. His size was very impressive, it was bigger than you imagined. He left a trail of kisses from your lips to your belly button and all the way until he met the lining of your panties.

He looked up at you from confirmation to continue and you gave him a small nod. He soon pulled down your panties and out them to the side. He smiled to himself as he spotted your hardened bud and took a finger then started to rub circles around it. Your hips bucked at the new sensation but Erwin kept your hip pinned down to the bed forcing you to take it.

“W-wait, Erwin-” You whimpered at the feeling.

He wasted little time and attacked your womanhood with his mouth. His tongue did amazing things to your clit, flicking it up and down and drawing shapes and patterns around it. He inserted a long finger into your awaiting hole earning him a deep arc in the back from you. You felt something in the pit of your stomach form and you just had to release it.

Your orgasm took the breath out of you and made your body shake uncontrollably. Erwin kept your hips pinned down firmly enjoying watching your orgasm attack your frame so hard.
“Hm, already?” He smiled to himself. His fingers parted your lips then kissed your sensitive clit.
“Can you teach me?” You asked in a sweet voice.
“Teach you what?” Erwin asked looking up at you with curiosity in his eyes.
“How to make you feel good.” You said propping up on your elbows.


Erwin was now laid on his back with you playing with the elastic lining of his boxers.
“Take it out for me, dove.” He ordered you in a soft voice. You pulled down his boxers revealing his cock that had sprang up and hit his stomach.
“It’s very big, Erwin.” You said in awe making Erwin chuckle at your cuteness.
“Grab it then I want you to start stroking it.” You followed his directions precisely then looked up at him for a reaction. He threw his head back and a small moan escaped his lips.

He continued to guide you until you wanted to try something different so you licked the underside of his cock in one long swipe. Erwin took in a sharp breath and his eyes averted to you. Getting the reaction you wanted from him, you began to kiss and lick the tip of his manhood until you eventually took what you could fit in your mouth.

“Am I doing it right?” You asked looking up at him through your eyelashes stroking his manhood slowly.
“Y-yes. You’re doing so well, doll.” He tried to compose himself.
“I want to feel it inside me.” You didn’t mean to blurt it out like that, but you were growing very anxious for him to take you.


“Just ease down on it slowly, okay?” Erwin said and positioned his cock right at your wet hole. You nodded and took a deep breath as you eased down on his cock. The both of your reactions were completely different. Erwin moaned out loudly in pleasure as he felt your tightness surround his manhood and you cried out in pain from his manhood stretching your hole to what seemed like it’s limit. Tears escaped your eyes as he finally filled you up fully. You rested your hands on his chest and had your head slumped as you shut your eyes tightly.

Erwin lifted himself up and wrapped his arms around you drawing light patterns into your naked back. You rested your head in the crook of his neck.
“We can stop if you’d like.” He whispered into your ear lovingly. You sniffed and shook your head.
“No, I want this.” You said.
“I don’t want to cause you any more pain.” Erwin said, the same caring tone never leaving his lips.

Without warning you started to kiss on his neck and grind onto him. The feeling of pain was becoming very faint as the new feeling of pleasure overcoming you. You felt his cock poke you in all the right places making you feel very dizzy. Erwin laid back down his hands attaching to your hips.

“Take me, Erwin.” You whispered. It took him very little time to start thrusting up inside you. The feeling of us cock slamming up into you was enough to put you over the edge.
“You’re so tight..” Erwin moaned in pleasure. He took his thumb and started to rub your clit you felt yourself tighten around his member. Your orgasm took you by surprise but nonetheless it was extremely powerful.

“I-I” You tried to get the words out by you just couldn’t. You leaned over and rested your head onto Erwin’s shoulder. He didn’t stop pumping into you though. You noticed his breathing started to become very uneven and you could feel him twitching inside of you.
“Cum inside me please.” You pleaded and if on cue, Erwin released his seed deep inside of you. You felt the thick hot ropes of his cum shoot up inside you as you let out a whimper of pleasure.
Dear god, (Name)..” Erwin moaned.

You both stayed like this for a few more moments until you got off of him laying beside him resting your head on his chest. Erwin wrapped his arms around you tightly.

“Did I do good?” You asked looking up at him with big eyes.
“You did amazing.” He said with a reassuring smile.

When Eren is sad, everyone is sad. Eren`s always the one to lift spirits by doing or saying something stupid, but when all the ridicule for being a “monster” finally gets to him, everyone is devastated by his crestfallen attitude. Connie is the first to try and cheer him up with a lame joke he heard, but all he gets is a subtle nod. Sasha tries giving him her food, she nearly cries when he says he isn`t hungry. Mikasa offers him her scarf, but Eren solemnly reminds her it`s summer, Armin soon realizes that reading to him doesn`t help either.

Even the higher ups begin to notice the lowly atmosphere. Mike tells him he smells good, Eren is just confused. Hanji offers free experiments, on him, which he refuses. Even Erwin gives him a day off to rest, but the boy is still hurt.

No one notices, but Levi was hit the hardest by the shifter`s mood, he was in a shitty mood most of the time in general. Without Eren`s constant smiling and laughing, he felt more like shit than he used to. So even when it shocks everyone into silence, Levi can`t hold back giving the boy a comforting hug, because he just looks so sad. He can`t say he doesn`t feel at least ten feet tall when Eren smiles for him.

Rivamika Timeline Part 3 (2015~2017)

A little over two years since I posted Part 2… here it is! The long awaited Rivamika Timeline - Part 3. The Uprising Arc might be long over in the manga, but the Rivamika hype has not faded… far from it.

This post covers chapters 71, 72, 74, 78, 83, 84, 85 & 89 from the Return to Shiganshina arc and chapter 93 of the Truth of Marley arc, as well as the new ANSWERS databook and anime Season 2′s episodes 28, 30 & 33.

[Part 1] - Everything up to the Clash of Titans arc, anime Season 1, INSIDE KOU databook (2009~2013) 

[Part 2] - Uprising Arc (2014~2015) 

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Don’t close the door.

@baetitan requested #52 from this list. Sorry for the wait darling bae. I hope you enjoy.

“I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”

1.2K+ cannonverse eruri angst and misunderstandings and emotional confessions below the cut.

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The Story of Our Love [Erwin Smith x Reader]

“So, Captain [Name], enough about how, dare I say, terrible, our love lives are, tell me. How did you meet the Commander?” The brunette asked, mischief lacing her cheery voice. The [h/c]-haired Squad Leader lifted her head up to look at Hange, who sat right in front of her. An empty spot was to her right and Eren filled the spot on her left.

“Why? Hange, I’ve told you it a million times before. I told you when you first joined the military.” The woman raised an eyebrow, the scientist in front of her grinning.

“Because the youngsters here, haven’t heard of it yet!” She cheered, gesturing to the bundle who sat beside her. It was a handful of recruits from the 104th. Eren sat beside Mikasa, hands just an inch or two from touching. Armin sat up in a decent posture while Jean, on the other hand, leaned into his side, dozing off a second. Ymir leaned into Christa, Sasha placed next to her, nibbling on a piece of bread from dinner as Connie snuck a few glances at her. Reiner slouched in his seat and Bertolt sat straight up. [Name]’s lips twitched in a slight smile. It was absurd how she got so close to the group. She was closer to them than her own squad.

“I-I’m not sure, Han. Erwin might not be so comfortable of me sharing our love life like this.” The soldier sheepishly mumbled, her hand running over the silver cut band on her finger. She wasn’t too upset that she couldn’t share much of her love life, she respected Erwin’s decision as a Commander but also as a fiancee.

“Oh, nonsense! I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all! Don’t be as short-minded as Levi!” Hange cheered, reaching over the wooden table to shove her best friend’s shoulder. [Name] laughed gently, resting back in her seat. A voice rised from the kitchen.

“I heard that, Shitty-Glasses!”

“I suppose.” She simply shrugged, hushing the small cheers that errupted around the table. “Why do you all seem so interested, anyway?”

“I guess, hearing about the Commander from behind closed doors is interesting to us.” Armin shrugged, a slight smile lighting up on his face. [Name] smiled, popping her back. Christa leaned forward, eyes bright and hopeful.

“He was my brother’s best friend when we were younger. Although, he didn’t recognize me until I grew a chest and a mouth.” The group giggles were cut off by a voice.

“That’s not true.” They all turned to see their tall Commander, blonde hair slightly messy, white button up hanging off of his body and his straps undone. His bolo tie was loose and he looked awfully tired.

“Erwin, you should be finishing paperwork. Or even better, sleeping.” [Name] sighed, moving her head to follow Erwin, fluttering her eyes closed as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead before sitting beside her.

“That’s what I said.” Levi muttered, stepping into the mess hall with a tray of tea cups. He passed them to everyone before taking his seat beside Hange.

“I noticed you when Thompson and yourself got into fights. And then your mother would drag you back in to help her finish making dinner.” Erwin hummed, taking a sip of his tea. [Name] merely shook her head at the memories of when she would act big and tough just to impress Erwin.

“Thompson! Thompson! What did you do to my books?!” [Name] stomped out on the porch, her arms crossed and long, pink dress swiping at the dirty concrete. Her brother, Thompson, stacked another book on a mountain of thick and thin, hardback books that sat against the side of their house. Clenched in his tiny fist was a small piece of chalk.

“Hey, [Name]! We needed to use them to make a goal for ourselves!” Thompson wobbled on the stack, testing them out to see if they were sturdy. Even if they looked rather unsafe, he granted them as well enough to hold them. “After we join the military, we’re gonna check out our height! Whoever’s taller gets dad’s special tie!” Thompson grinned, holding up their father’s tie. It was the last thing he left before leaving to join the Garrison. He promised to visit but he ended up joining the Survey Corps, only to get mauled by those wretched things. Erwin had been extremely close to their father as well, seeing as how his dad was so focused on work. The [Last Name]’s were his family out of family.

“Hello, [Name].” Erwin called out to the girl, giving a small wave. Her cheeks flushed and she ducked her head. She waved back before looking to Thompson.

“T-Then I wanna join!” [Name] shouted, running to join them. Only to hear their mother’s calls. Thompson shook his head.

“You can’t join the military, sis. You’re supposed to grow up and be a loving wife for someone. Like, mama.” He sighed, putting another book on the stack. [Name] scrunched her nose, getting up to Thompson’s face. She looked like a cute puppy barking, rather than a scary monster, like she hoped.

“[Name], you know very well not to run off when I asked you to set the table!” Their mother stood at the door, arms crossed. [Name] sheepishly kicked at the dirt that sat at her feet. Their mother almost scolded her again before seeing Erwin stand beside her. He had a worried look on his face, nervous about the punishment [Name] might receive. Their mother smiled softly at this, gesturing the young [h/c] girl inside. “Come on, dear. The faster we eat, the faster you can play.” [Name] jumped in joy at this.

“Oh, don’t remind me.” [Name] sighed, resting her head against her lover’s shoulder. Erwin chuckled, resting his hands in front of him.

“I’ve never heard it from Erwin’s perspective! Go on, go on!” Hange gestured, Levi nudging her quite roughly to calm down. [Name]’s face burnt a cherry red.

“Well, when we joined the cadet corps, I was head over heels for her. But, she had started a relationship with Nile.” He got quite a few weird faces at this, as if the younger recruits didn’t know who he spoke about. “Commander Nile Dok.” Then he got a few surprised faces.

“Only cause I thought you had Marie all wrapped up in you life.” [Name] grumbled, looking away. Erwin only laughed softly, his hand holding the small of her back. Marie was a civilian who was old friends with Nile. She was just an inch shorter than [Name] with long and thick blonde hair and a round face. Her cheeks were naturally rosey and she had a contagious and giddy smile.

“You were wrong. It was Nile, actually. You just couldn’t tell. Darling, I was nervous that you despised me.” Erwin looked at her. His lips twitched up as he recognised her stuborness that stuck from when she was a child. The group around them looked shocked at seeing Erwin unravel bit by bit. And eager, wanting them to continue the story.

“And just like Nile, I was convinced that you gave us up for the titans.”

“I could never. Not even Hange would do that.” Erwin inquired. Hange raised up a pointer finger.

“Welllll–yeeow! Levi!” She turned to her short lover, who kept his simple stoic face, looking back to the older couple.

“Ahh, away from Thompson today, I see?”

“Shut it, Zacharias. And actually, Thompson’s out in town with Nanaba.” [Name] called out, interlacing her fingers with Nile’s. Mike only glared at her, crossing his arms. She grinned in victory before looking up to her boyfriend, his eyes distant and unfocused. “Ni? Where are we going for today?” The cadets were given a day off, the first one since winter training passed, actually. [Name] would normally spend it with Thompson, out in town or in her dorm, napping or reading a book. But, Erwin had asked her to join them, even if she didn’t know what they were doing.

“Huh? Oh! We’ll be visiting an old friend today! You’ll love her, dear. She’s just like you!” Nile hummed, hurriedly pulling her along. Mike and Erwin followed behind, Erwin shaking his head.

More like you’ll love her…poor [Name]. Erwin thought. They traveled all the way to the town, stepping up to Marie’s door. After rapping on the wooden door for a moment or two, it swung open to reveal a cheerful blonde.

“Nile, Erwin! Hello! And hello, Mike. And…girl.” Marie spoke, almost unsure. The [e/c]-eyed girl stuck out her free hand, giving a kind smile.

“I’m [Name].” She hummed. Marie shook it happily before running to hug Nile and Erwin. It didn’t sting [Name] as much when she clung onto Nile but when she jumped to Erwin, her hands tightened in their place and her throat swelled. Her gaze hardened as Marie leaned up to peck Erwin’s cheek. Her insides blew up in jealousy. How dare she!

“It’s nice to meet you. Anyway, come in boys! I made everyone tea!” She grinned, grabbing Nile and Erwin’s hands, pulling them in. [Name] let out a breath, watching them leave. Mike noticed her sudden behavior change and rested a hand on the small of her back and urged her inside.

“You’re blind, [Last Name], blind.” Levi shook his head, sipping from his tea cup. A more than flustered [Name] snarled, almost shaking from embarrassment.

“Shut it, short stack.”

“Did you hate Marie?” Eren piped up, leaning his head on his hand. [Name] shook her head, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Absolutely not! Even if my jealousy matched the hate I had for titans, I could never hate her. In fact, we grew to be good friends. She was just so sweet and had a great personality.” [Name] smiled, remembering her old friend.

“Did you love her, Commander?” It was Connie this time. The boys were slowly falling into the story, opening their curious minds up. Erwin thought for a moment.

“There was a feeling I had. I did like her and I was in love with her for some time. But, [Name] was and will always have my love. Although, I do still care about Marie.” Erwin smiled down at his lover who looked peaceful at his words.

“When did you put the moves on her, Commander?” Reiner snickered, earning a laugh from [Name]. The group laughed, wiggling their eyebrows. It was obvious they all felt a bit more comfortable in front of their superiors.

“Hmm…I think a day or two before graduation. Nile and [Name] split a week or two prior.” Erwin spoke, shaking his head at the recruits’ antics.

[Name] sat, perched at the top of a hill, calming herself underneath a tree. She knew that the Instructor would have her head for not tending to the horses but she begged Mike to cover for her, and in return she would give him some bread at dinner. Sighing, she let the breeze blow through her hair.

“Hello, [Name].” Said woman jumped, snapping her eyes open, scared that it could’ve been the Instructor, catching her skipping. Instead, she was met with warm, been the Instructor, catching her skipping. Instead, she was met with warm, blue eyes that she had fallen in love with when she was younger. Calming down, she patted the grass beside her.

“Join me, eyebrows.” She snickered at her nickname for her best friend. The blonde nodded, slipping beside her and setting down whatever he held next to his thigh. It was quiet for a moment as they soaked in each other’s company. Graduation was only 48 hours away and the two teens were hopelessly in love with each other but were so blind, they couldn’t see it.

“Where are you going?” Erwin mumbled, his hands fidgeting to his straps. He was normally calm and collected but his plan could crumble right before him.

“Survey Corps. I’m finishing what my father started. I’ll end those titans.”

“And Thompson?”

“Garrison. He wants to start what our father didn’t. He calls me a psychotic bitch and tells me I’ll never make it. That I’m setting myself up for death. And that I’ll let my father down and Nile and Mike and most improtantly, you. But, all the Garrison is good for is for getting drunk and taking credit. Just like the Military Police, those wimps. I want to be a hero.” [Name] sat up straight, ranting to him. The air was steady and the wind flapped her hair against her [s/c] cheek. She sighed, noticing the silence. “Sorry, you probably think I’m crazy.”

But Erwin thought the complete opposite. He watched her in awe. He chased after Marie when he could’ve gathered the courage to do what he was about to do. All the nights he wanted to hold her and tell her everything will be alright, he could’ve done.

“No. I’ll protect you. Always.” Erwin watched as [Name] opened her eyes, ready to retaliate. But Erwin shut her down. His eyes were full of hope and he moved to sit in front of her, pulling her legs on his lap. “I’ll never let you get hurt. I’ll protect you. And I’ll love you like he couldn’t. I’ll look at you like he couldn’t. I’ll save you and cherish you.” [Name] watched with confused eyes, her cheeks lighting up. “I love you, [Name]. Ever since you declared that we were best friends before we left for the training corps, I loved you. You had everything I didn’t have. Courage  strength. You taught me to stand up for myself. And I love you for that. I love you  your strength and weakness. For your imperfections and your hate. I will always protect you.” Erwin finished his speech, a passion burning in his eyes. Tears ran from [Name]’s eyes and down her cheek. She smiled and jumped at Erwin, throwing her arms around him. He hugged her back, the flowers he held clutched in his hand. “Let me take care of you. Please.”

“I love you, Erwin.” [Name] mumbled in his neck. She shook in happiness. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“How adorable!” Hange called, clapping her hands together. [Name] dug her face into Erwin’s side, laughing like a child. The thoughts made her giddy. Erwin never broke his promise. Never. The group clapped at their story.

“Now, Hange. It’s your turn. How did…that happen, exactly?” Reiner gestured to the two Squad Leaders who were resting against each other. Levi glared up at Hange and Hange smiled with cheer.


As Hange broke out into her story, [Name] watched happily. Everyone was smiling and laughing, even Levi’s lips flicked upwards once in a while. They were all like old friends, talking over a beer and some poker. Or, even better. An imperfectly perfect family. [Name] sighed in happiness as Erwin kissed her head, mumbling in her soft hair. “I love you, doll.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

“Excuse me! Are you two even listening?! The story of us love is cool too!!”

[A/N: I fucking love Commander Erwin. He’s such a fucking teddy bear. This is a bit lengthier than the others but fuck it. Fluffy Erwin needs some love.]

{ three's a crowd? | erwin x reader x levi }

A/N: I had writers block but I hope this is good. I really did try hard.

Warnings: none. poly!relationship. unfair tickle attack

The superiors had been called into a meeting a night before the expedition to Wall Maria to discuss the plan when in battle. Everything was going well but you couldn’t help bit to feel this feeling in your guy that was all too familiar. Nervousness. You had always been like this before expeditions and with the pressure of being promoted to a squad leader didn’t help your case at all. Don’t get me wrong, you were ecstatic about becoming a squad leader but that just meant more pressure. Pressure that you weren’t familiar to. You were scared.

You tried to listen to the Commanders instructions but your mind was wondering off and it definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

“That is all. Meeting dismissed. Get a good nights rest, You’ll need it.” Commander Erwin said and everyone stood up heading towards to the door.
“Squad leader (Last), Stay after. I need to have a word with you.” Your heard Commander’s deep voice say. You sighed and turned back around sitting in the chair in front of his desk.

As soon as everyone was out you heard the door shut followed by footsteps approaching from behind you. You looked over to see captain Levi sit down in a couch not too far away from the Commander’s desk. He had the same stoic expression as his legs were crossed. He leaned back into the chair and his arms spread along the top of the chair.

“What’s on your mind, (First)?” The muscular blonde asked.

The formalities were cut. It was just you, Erwin and Levi. The relationship between you three had always been interesting to say the least. It was very unconventional. There weren’t any titles but they was no denying there was something going on in between you three.

“Nothing,” You shrugged and gained a sudden interest in your boots. “Everything is fine.” You finished.

You didn’t want to talk about what was on your mind because it was a little embarrassing. I mean, your nerves were getting the best of you and you started to doubt yourself. Talking about “nerves” to two men that have been doing this for years is a bit unsettling. What if they thought you were childish? Or weren’t fit for the role?

“Cut the bullshit, (Name).” Levi spoke up. “You’re a terrible liar.” He scoffed.
“Levi..” Erwin warned but there was no need because you were already upset.
“Why are you such an asshole sometimes, Levi?” You stood up from your spot. “Is it completely necessary to make other people feel like shit? Because I already do!” You snapped.

Levi looked shocked and Ewrin stayed quiet.
“Goodnight.” You said calmly as you headed towards the door and before they knew it, you were gone.

Eventually you get back to your sleeping quarters. You laid in your bed wrapped up in a blanket burrito. You were surprised Hanji didn’t pester you with something. Maybe she sensed your foul mood.

You soon heard a soft knock on your door and sighed inwardly. You stayed quiet and a voice all too familiar spoken up.

“(Name), we’re coming in.” Erwin’s voice spoke through the door.
‘We?’ You thought but you soon heard the door open followed footsteps approaching your bed. You felt the weight sink into your bed but you never turned over to look at the two men. You stared at the wall.

There was an incoherent whisper behind you.
“I’m sorry for being an asshole.” Levi’s voice spoke through the silence. “Now can you stop being mad at me?” He asked with a slightly annoyed tone. You stayed silent.

“You know,” Erwin’s voice spoke up. “It’d be a shame if someone started a tickle fight.” Your eyes widened. You were the only ticklish one in the room. They wouldn’t.
“2 on 1 are some pretty shitty odds, right?” Levi said. They would.

You soon felt your covers being snatched off of you and you were being pinned down. Levi was above you as he held your arms your your head as Erwin started to attack your body with tickles. Fits of laughter escaped from your lips as Erwin went for your sides.

“St-” You couldn’t even get out a single word from your laughter. Levi actually smiled at the sight of you. He thought it was pretty cute.
“We’ll stop if you forgive Levi.” Erwin said.
“Ok! Ok! I forgive him!” You cried out and soon he removed his hands.

Your hair was messy, your cheeks were flushed with pink and your lips were slightly parted trying to catch your breath. You snatched your arms away from Levi and crossed your arms.
“Well that wasn’t fair at all.” You said with a pout. Erwin chuckled at your cuteness.
“Desperate times calls for desperate measures.” Erwin said.

There was a small silence.
“Are you ever going to tell us what had you upset?” Levi asked and you sighed.
“I’m scared.” You said as you looked up at the ceiling. “I just feel like sometimes all this bloodshed isn’t worth it. I don’t want to lose anymore people that I love.” You said.
“Its alright to be scared.” You felt Erwin’s warm hand rub circles on your belly. “You should have told us.” He said.
“You guys don’t think I’m weak?” You asked.
“Shut up. You’re far from it, brat.” Levi’s tone contradicted his sweet actions. He took his hand and gently stroked your cheek you smiled up at him and gently placed your hand on the outside of his.

The rest of the night was nothing but cuddles and sweet kisses until you finally fell asleep. Cuddles are the cure for pre expedition nerves.

For @acrknowyou​ I’m always startled by how utterly adorable and kind the eruris are, and Dust, you are way too precious. I’m so flipping in love with your art. (Also, is your internet name Dust? It’s what I’ve seen you called, and I keep picturing iridescent shimmery gold dust.)

ao3 because it’s long

“I’ve missed you” kiss & surprised kiss [sort of combined in a mess]

[~2.3k, College Study Buddy AU, tiny awkward Levi tries very hard, ft. Best Mom & very alive Kuchel]


Have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?
Just a cage of rib bones and other various parts.
So it’s fairly simple to cut right through the mess,
And to stop the muscle that makes us confess.

And we are so fragile,
And our cracking bones make noise,
And we are just,
Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys.

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anonymous asked:

Levi has been gay his whole life. He has never had any interest in women and won't even dare to google about the opposite sex. However, the massive budget movie calls for Levi to have a sex scene with his female co-star. Levi must seek advice from his boyfriend ((actor au)).

Thanks anon! This was is a really great prompt to wake up to, I hope to do it justice!


 Warm golden light from the lamp illuminated their home, Levi’s script open on the offending page and staring up at him from the coffee table. Taunting him. Pushing him to make the call and retract his starring role.

The director’s comments weren’t really helping either, scribbled annotations giving a little more meat to the skeletal script content. What had been typed up as simply ‘cut to scene’ now had words in red like ‘breasts’ and 'gentle caresses’ and Levi fended off a mild panic attack, head thrown back on the couch as he counted to ten. 

 Stupid fucking film. Stupid fucking scene. Stupid. 

Levi sat upright with effort, his day’s visit to the studio making his muscles ache and bones weary, thoroughly exhausted and ready to sink into a bath deep enough to sail a ship in. But first he had to conquer this demon, climb his mountain, break down this wall…all manner of clichés spun through Levi’s mind and he took a deep breath, eyes slightly screwed shut against the screen to keep the moving images at bay. 

There was skin. Lots of skin. And wet noises. And moans. And… 

“Fucking hell.” Levi muttered darkly and shook his head, suddenly craving a cigarette after years of abstinence. “How the fuck am I supposed to do that?”

 Erwin shuffled over from the kitchen to stand behind the sofa, massaging Levi’s shoulder and passing a glass of wine down to an eager hand. Half of the drink was dispatched in one go and Levi hissed, behaving as if hard liquor had just hit the back of his throat instead of a smooth merlot. 

 “I won’t ask why you’re googling straight porn, Levi.” 

 Both of Erwin’s hands now worked at the tight knots on Levi’s upper back and he felt himself slipping into comfort, lids shut against the visual assault on his laptop. 


 “That’s what they all say.” Erwin spoke kindly, a hint of amusement in his voice. “Research purposes.” 

 “It fucking is. Oh god, turn it off. I can’t do it.” 

 “Do what?” 

 Levi fumbled blindly, finding the volume-up key and not the pause button, their apartment full of shrieks and exaggerated groans. 

 “This!” Levi flapped, switching the damn thing off by the power button to ease his aching ears. “Look!” 

 His whine was accompanied by the script being thrust under Erwin’s nose, the sex-scene as plain as day in all it’s glory. Erwin struggled to keep his smile from cracking his face in two, lips pressed tightly together as Levi looked upward in total distress, his expression one of a man in pain. 

 “Levi? You do know…” 

 “What, Erwin? Help me. Please.” 

 Levi was kneeling up, hands on the back of the couch in desperation, gazing to his partner for assistance as if he’d just been asked to choose which method of death he’d prefer. Erwin grinned without meaning to, laughter bubbling against his will and he crumbled, unable to stop despite the look of death now drilling into his skull. 

 “Levi, I’m sorry but…” 

 Levi bristled, unhappy with the frivolity and he crossed his arms, waiting. 

 “But what?” “Oh Levi…you do know that you don’t actually have to…like…put it in? Right? It’s pretend. For about thirty seconds.” 

 There was silence, the tick of a clock slicing through the apartment as Levi’s distraught brain managed to climb it’s way from the pool of initial shock and onto dry land, common sense prevailing and causing instant embarrassment. 

“Yea. Course I know that. Fuck off.” 

 His angry strut to the bathroom did little to calm Erwin’s chuckles and he watched Levi hurry away, spotting the red tipped ears even from across the room.

these feelings. [erwin smith x reader]

sequel to “not your fault.

Read first part here: not your fault. 

          The Commander could not stop thinking about you. Not at all. Ever since you comforted him, he saw you in a new light. Whenever he saw you walking down the hallway, he would acknowledge you with a small smile and few words. You in return, saluted and smiled back, replied to his few words. But there were times where he would see you with your best friend. You and that Kirschstein boy.

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My Dearest Erwin

Im writing this letter now because I needed to put my feelings into words. Its been a whole year since you died, but the cerulean of your eyes sparkles whenever I close my eyes. You were always so strong..carrying the world on your broad shoulders. You never faltered..always pushed through the pain. Sir, to others you might have been a demon..but to were my hero. You were the reason I joined the survey corps because I wanted to fight alongside you.

But it was like trying to fly towards the sun. Your brilliance dazzled me..your ambition set my soul ablaze. If I were to reach out for you, Im certain I would have gotten burnt. Me, with my small body and clumsy 3DM gear skills, how could I have ever hoped to ride with you into battle? Surely it was hopeless.

Then just as I was about to turn in my resignation, you acknowledged me. It was the day I had my first titan kill. You applauded my courage and told me I was invaluable. At that moment, I wanted to tell you the truth so badly but instead of gave you my best salute. So now is a good as time as any.

Commander, about that day…sir..Im not strong like Corporal Levi..but when I saw that titan charge towards you..I reacted on instinct to protect you. Even if it meant going down in a cloud of ashes..I couldnt let them take away the sun. My sun. Im happy that my first kill was for you. Your words that day gave me the courage to finally confess.

I remember that night, I was so shocked. I had been expecting a stern lecture or a demand for my instant resignation. But instead you smiled and accepted me. Its been a whole year since then..and not a day goes by when I dont wish you were here. But dont worry, Im holding down the fort and we are making great strides in this war. I have no regrets..except for one.

Erwin, I wish you could have seen him. He looks exactly like you. He loves to read and goes on and on about titans. Hes quite obsessed with Eren and Levi Heichou. Hes also very proud to be your son. I know he wishes you were here. We all do. And those nights when hes sad, I tell him what I tell myself. What Levi heichou told me. That you are in a better place. That you are finally at peace.

Thank you Commander Erwin. For giving us hope for the future. I offered up my heart to you at age 20 with a salute.

And it will always be yours. I love you.

May you be in heaven, an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.


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How would the 104th and Vets react to Scar betraying Mufasa?

Mikasa: Would look sad: “This is the way it has to be…”
Reiner: Is shocked but understands why Scar betrayed him
Bertholdt: Cries
Annie: Doesn’t really care
Eren: Is extremly angry and doesn’t understand why Mufasa had to die
Armin: Understands why it was nessasary but feels sad
Jean: Would be sad
Marco: Would cry and reach out for a hug
Sasha: Understands that this is nature
Connie: Is sad but understands
Historia: Cries and feels sorry for Simba
Ymir: Laughs (but feels touched inside)
Levi: Doesn’t care
Mike: Cries so hard that Erwin has to comfort him
Erwin: Tries to calm Mike but holds back tears himself
Nanaba: Cries but also knows that it’s understandable
Moblit: Liked Mufasa very much and can’t get over how he ended
Hanji: Is shocked

confirmation | erwin x reader

Prompt: “i reQUEST ERWIN FLUFF PLEASEEEEEE (maybe after he loses his arm and his S/O has to comfort him bc i feel like that would be really cute)”

Warnings: an insecure erwin, aw bby. and a frisky reader towards the very end.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Erwin sat in the infirmary bed with his back against the headboard, brows furrowed as he gazed into nothing. His mind was off in its own world in deep thought about everything that recently taken place during the last mission, next expedition plan, his father and the basement, his arm… the love of his life.

Erwin smiled to himself as imagines of your smile popped in his head. That smile seemed to always take away all the fears and stress he had. That smile that made him feel wanted and safe. That smile that he fell for. But he couldn’t shake a negative certain feeling that sat in his chest not matter how hard he tried.

Erwin felt useless. Loosing his arm really took a hit to not just his confidence, but everything. He absolutely hated watching everything pass him by as he sat on the sidelines. Erwin was never a man that had a close relationship with his bed, he was always up busy running a whole branch of the military he barely had time to get some resting hours in. Now that he is a wounded soldier everything was put to a halt in the worst way.

Erwin’s thoughts were interrupted by three soft knocks at the door followed by a turn of the doorknob. You soon came into Erwin’s vision greeting him with huge smile. You  walked your way over and sat on the bed right next to him.

“How are you feeling?” Your gentle hand touched the side of his bearded face. You definitely could get used to this look.
“I’m feeling well.” Erwin said returning your smile. “And yours?”
“Pretty normal I suppose. I missed you though,” You smiled. “What have you done all day?”

“Sit here.” Erwin said and you frowned knowing that he wasn’t in the best of moods lately.
“I’m sorry, honey-”
“(Name), do you still find me attractive?” Erwin blurted out. You looked at him with a confused and shocked look.
“Erwin, where did that just come from?” You asked as you furrowed your eyebrows and tried to search for an answer in his eyes.

“I just need to know..” Erwin said. A slight tint of pink on his cheeks.
“Of course I do.” You smiled softly. “Do you not think I do..?” You smile faded away slowly.
“I don’t feel like the man you want me to be anymore.” Erwin’s head dropped and so did your heart. You never wanted him to feel like this.

“Erwin,” Your gentle hand found its way under his chin making him look up at you. “I don’t ever want you to feel like this… You’re everything I could ever as for and more. Erwin, you’re more than I could ever ask for. You’re my savior and my lover. Don’t you ever forget that.” You finished.

“Even with my arm like this?” He asked. You leaned over to give him a soft kiss on the lips.
“Even with your arm like this.” You confirmed against his lips.
“And the beard..?” He questioned again and a small smirk played on your lips.
“Especially with the beard, baby.” You kissed his lips again. Your hand found its way the the button of Erwin’s pants and toyed with it. “Maybe I could show you how much of a man you are to me, Commander?”

Erwin smiled and felt like a ton of weight was lifted off his shoulders. That’s all he needed was confirmation of your love. Every now and again he just always needed a little confirmation.

something i want to add to yesterday’s tea time

people call levi erwin’s dog, but mike knows that’s not how it is–not how it feels. when erwin has his sights on you, you are a treasure.

there’s a shared smile. erwin bends over and touches lips with levi, and erwin startles away from levi when he notices they aren’t alone. he tugs on the bottom of his uniform jacket and turns to take a bridle down from the rack. they’re both blushing, looking half their age–despite the shit they’ve done and the horrors they’ve seen.

they’re walking back to erwin’s office and mike watches as erwin instinctively goes to place his hand on the small of levi’s back. erwin’s fingers twitch in, curl into a fist, and fall back to his side. mike shakes his head.

there’s longing glances, small whispers of smiles between hints of endearment. they may look like soliders to some, but to mike they’re so fucking obvious it drives him insane.

“it’s ok.” mike says.

“hm?” erwin turns to him. there’s a clammer of steel on steel as they watch the new recruits demonstrate themselves to their commanding officers.

“you don’t need to pretend. i know.”

erwin stares at mike for a moment longer, his mouth falling ajar before nodding away his shock. “i suppose you’re the last person i could expect to hide this from.”


“i’m sorry.”

mike shrugs, puts a hand on erwin’s shoulder and squeezes it. it wasn’t easy getting here, but his commander seems more stable now than he ever had been. levi is helping the survey corps more than he may have ever imagined. “you’re a good man, erwin.”

and something changes in erwin’s face, like he’s heard something he’s never been told before. like mike had just stuck him with the point of a knife and twisted. “mike.”

“take it easy, commander. see you at dinner.”

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Long distance Skype call eruri. <3

Thanks anon! Its good to get back to these.

A black screen stared back at Levi, the shuffles and clunks coming through his headset suggesting life on the other end of the connection and he rested his head on one palm, waiting patiently. They’d organised the time in advance, purposefully set their lives up around it and Levi had woken from sleep to talk. Not that he minded. He’d move fucking mountains to see Erwin’s face and hear his voice, two days of just texting doing absolutely nothing to quash the feeling of desolation.

The call had come through early though, earlier than scheduled and Levi could hear the sound of humming, something which Erwin only did whilst…

Cleaning. He was cleaning. Probably pressed the button unintentionally during the clear-up.

A small smile tugged at Levi’s lips and he shook his head, listened as he imagined his husband prepping the area to appear neat and tidy in Levi’s absence. He’d be gone for a month, across oceans and miles away on business, miles away from Erwin and Levi sighed, soaking up the domestic normality filtering into his ear.

A flourish of activity revealed Erwin, what appeared to be a cloth having been knocked from the laptop and Levi stifled a laugh at the vision awaiting him. Erwin had his back to the camera, ass out as he scrubbed at their wooden bookshelves, large and full-screen for Levi’s pleasure. Grey eyes twinkled in the night, memories recalled of all the times he’d been able to fucking worship that man…each sweaty encounter, Levi’s lips devouring supple flesh, Erwin’s calls of ecstasy as Levi made him come again and again, knuckle-deep inside…

Krispy Cremes. Pizza Hut. KFC.

The little finger which Levi unconsciously held in his mouth dropped out, palm slapping the table and he sat up straight, mouth a thin line and glare thunderous as he spotted the heap of trash to one side, moved out of sight but not far enough. Levi hoped the speakers were on at the other end and he drew breath, ready to blow.


The speakers were on. Erwin spun in shock, his frightened and guilty expression looming close where he stood still hunched over.

“Levi! H-Hi! How are…”

“Don’t. Just don’t.” He leaned in, eyes hooded and dark. “I’ve been here two days, Erwin. Two days and already our study looks like a fucking student’s dorm room?”

“I can explain!”

“Explain to me when your cholesterol is through the roof and your blood sugar spikes.” Levi softened slightly, resting back as he watched Erwin slink into the chair, timid and apologetic. “I worry.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just miss you, Levi.”

Erwin held his hand up, stroking the screen in tiny gestures of loneliness and Levi did the same, tracing a jaw, nose, hairline. Erwin’s comfort eating materialised in times of stress or upset, something which gave Levi both a surge of love at being missed and a pang of regret for being absent.

“Miss you too.”

They explored one another’s pixelated faces for a while in silence, showed emotion through the soundless actions. Touch without contact. It was the best they’d get right now and the pair made the most of what could be attained.

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For a prompt suggestion: Erwin finding out when Levi’s birthday is and he goes out to get him a present. Perhaps canonverse. 😅

((This got kinda long, so under a cut it goes))

“Hanji is bugging about her test subjects again. It freaks me out, the way she treats them like her children or something.” This wasn’t a new topic of discussion for them. Erwin heard about it daily, either from a ranting Levi, or an excitable Hanji, though they had yet to report any significant discoveries in terms of their foe.

Erwin hummed as he leafed through the extensive financial reports for the end of the year. Money wasted here. Money wasted there. Next year they would do better. They would have to, considering the upper class were hoarding their pennies in their high dollar homes, spending so much on food in a week that they could feed the underground for years. He understood why Levi hated them-


From the corner of his eye, Erwin caught sight of humanity’s strongest storming across the office to wrench the door open before slamming it shut just as the words, “doesn’t ever fucking listen”, drifted in through the crack. Then he was gone, taking the negative energy that had been stuffing the room for an hour now with him.

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Oh how lazy I’ve got.. anyway here’s the final one ;; The episode was.. just amazing. I’m quite speechless. Eren using the coordinate for the first time is my ultimate favorite scene in the whole series so it really made me tear up to finally see the scene I’ve been waiting for the most <3 

A list of the things I enjoyed having in the twelfth episode:

- Carla flashback at the beginning, the feels ;;

- That music when the smiling titan appears again. HYPE INCREASING 

- Ymir saving Erwin <3 

- Mikasa protecting Eren ;;

- Hannes saving Eren and Mikasa 

- Hannes vs Smiling titan

- Armin my cinnamon roll <3 

- Ymir <3 

- Historia <3 

- Yumihisu <3

- Historia being too badass, she’s so cute too ;; 

- The music, I love “Barricades” <3 

- Mikasa <3 

- Eren <3 

- Armin being so worried of Jean ;; Care taker Armin <3 

- Eremika feels ;;

- Armin bae in danger!!!

- Hannes death; I wanted to see how it’d look in the anime so I waited for it but at the same time I wasn’t ready and it hurt a lot :c They made it even worse for the anime.. like in the anime you can see when the shine goes away from his eyes when he dies…. It’s so sad and how Eren tries his all to transform and save him.. ;__; This broke my heart </3 

- Eren’s laugh and rage crying.. I just love Yuki Kaji as a voice actor.. He’s so talented and always gives his all… I felt so bad for Eren ;; 

- THE EREMIKA MOMENT I’VE WAITED FOR <3 IT’S TOO BEAUTIFUL.. “This world is cruel.. but also very beautiful” YES 

- Mikasa’s smile <3 

- "You wrapped this scarf around me, thank you” MIKASA BEING TOO CUTE AND THAT SENTENCE <3


- “I’ll wrap that around you… as many times as you want” I’m falling even deeper in love with this Jaeger boy <3


- Seeing how they animated that coordinate flash and what it sounded like <3 Perfect <3 

- Titan attacking the Smiling titan.. EPICNESS 

- Eren carrying Mikasa <3 

- “You bastards! I’ll kill you all!” 

- Armin shedding tears when he feels so relieved to see his best friends alive ;; Aww let me hug you <3 

- Yumihisu moment.. Ymir’s goodbye ;; </3 

- Hannes flashback ;; The feels.. 

- Bertolt, Reiner and Ymir on the wall

- Erwin with a beard

- Levi <3

- Erwin’s smile and Levi being like “The hell you smiling for?” and he looked so shocked

- Final scene and the music <3 

- Zeke at the end.. I hate him but I guessed right that they’d show him in the end to give something exciting for only anime watchers : 3 

I’ll miss SNK but I’m so glad that we don’t have to wait 3-4 years for next season. It’s coming next year! 2018! YASSS 

Hey all! This is a bit of a follow up to my piece about the relatively little panel-time given to Jean’s reaction to Armin’s “death”, which I found surprising because of how close the two have become over the course of the most recent arcs (you can find that piece here). I received my copy of Volume 21 in the mail today and was reading it again when I found these panels, which I hadn’t looked at too closely previously.

Chapter 85.

I tried to zoom in as much as I could on Crunchyroll to take this screen cap of everyone reacting to Hange saying they think Levi should have given the serum to Erwin. Jean’s face is always a little grumpy, but he looks like he’s really frowning here (bonus: Connie’s nonplussed face, Eren’s betrayed face, and Mikasa’s vaguely … guilty? looking face). I want to be clear that I’m not saying Jean had an obvious side in the Armin vs. Erwin debate–I believe Floch’s point in chapter 90 is that Jean refused to pick one (though, as my previous post makes clear, Jean was definitely in shock). To me, this looks like a “can we not do this right now?” face. I’m pretty sure Isayama is never going to fill in the remaining blanks about Jean’s reaction to the Serum Bowl, but I can speculate here. Jean’s not the type to dwell on the past too much. It occasionally comes back to haunt him (especially when he makes a mistake or risks others), but he’s pretty good about turning his attention forward. And Jean’s also always been careful of Armin’s feelings in particular in the past, like when he comforts Armin after their undercover mission or when he worries about how Armin will react when he learns the woman he shot to save Jean had hesitated. So, Jean’s frown could also be expressing concern about where Hange is going with this speech and how Armin will take it.

Anyway, just thought I’d share! Again, it’s hard to tell with Jean because he’s a pretty frowny guy, but I’m desperate for any sense of Jean’s reaction to recent events so I feel pretty justified in picking this small panel apart xD What do you guys think?

baetitan  asked:

Eruri + 9 for kiss prompts please!

Kind of a sequel to this drabble I wrote a while ago, but written so you don’t need to read them both.

College is a weird time. Living in cramped dorms, staying up until odd hours of the night, pining after your unbelievably gorgeous but utterly unattainable roommate.

Levi would do without all of it. Especially the part about the roommate.  

Said roommate invites Levi to hang out with him and his friends one Saturday evening. They’re going to play some boardgames and have some drinks. It sounds like the last thing Levi wants to do with his evening, but he almost says yes because Erwin will be there, smiling that dashing smile and laughing that warm laugh.

But ultimately Levi says no, because Erwin will be there, smiling that smile and laughing that laugh, and the absolute last thing Levi needs is to spend the night falling even more in love with him.

So Levi’s left peacefully alone in the tiny dorm room that holds Erwin’s belongings and clings to Erwin’s smell. He sits down at the desk that’s only a yard or so away from Erwin’s pillow. The position frustrates him, and he moves to sit on his bed. This new position gives him a good view of Erwin’s mussed sheets and Erwin’s open wardrobe.

Levi doesn’t know what to do with himself. He tries to find something to watch on Netflix, but nothing holds his interest. Has the laudable idea of getting some homework done, which lasts up until the moment he gets his biology notebook open. Gives a call to Farlan and Isabel, his friends from home, but neither of them answer. They’re probably off enjoying their Saturday nights with friends like normal people.

He makes the mistake of staring out his window, which looks out onto the quad, and sees no less than three couples making out on different parts of the lawn. The shade goes down after that.

Levi’s door opens, and much to his embarrassment, he jumps. Like he has something to be ashamed of or something. Which he doesn’t. And if he was thinking of being held like one of the guys in the quad was holding his girlfriend, well, Erwin would never know that.

“Levi? You stayed in,” Erwin says. As though it’s a surprise. “You weren’t … seeing anyone?”

“Seeing anyone? What are you talking about?”

“Oh.” Erwin smiles, and was that a sigh of relief? He steps into the room and sits down on his bed. “Well, you’ve been declining most of my invitations to hang out recently, so I just got … curious.” His eyes are a little glassy and his smile a little wider than usual, not drunk but definitely on his way there. It’s … kind of cute, actually. Not that Levi’s biase or anything.

Levi can’t tell Erwin the real reason he’s been declining most of his invitations, of course, because the real reason is that he’s trying to quash his stupid fucking feelings. So instead he gives the lame, predictable excuse of, “I’ve just had a lot of homework.”

“Homework on a Saturday night? How tragic,” Erwin says with an uncharacteristic amount of feeling in his words.

Levi raises an eyebrow at the display. “You’re a little drunk, aren’t you?”

“Just a little,” Erwin says with a smile. And it’s a good thing he is, or otherwise he would have noticed that none of Levi’s schoolbooks are open. “Why don’t we watch a movie for the rest of the night? It’s still fairly early.”

Watching a movie with Erwin. The lights dim, curled up together on one of their beds and sitting close so they could both see the laptop screen. Sitting close enough to touch, close enough to …

“I don’t know …”

“Please?” Erwin wraps his fingers around Levi’s wrist and gently pulls him closer. “I feel like we haven’t really hung out together for a while. What could it hurt?”

Levi’s not sure if it’s Erwin’s subtle pull or Levi’s own volition, but moments later he’s standing right in front of Erwin, thighs pressed against his knees and looking into those eyes that make his heart clench.

It could hurt Erwin’s willingness to come home every day to his roommate if he somehow figures it out. It could hurt the tentative, awkward friendship they do have. It could hurt Levi’s heart.

But god, those eyes … Levi can’t bear the thought of seeing disappointment in those eyes. Fucking sap that he is. “Sure. Why not?” He tries to sound casual, but Erwin smiles Levi’s heart stutters and then he’s not at all in control of how he sounds.

“Great.” Erwin guides Levi onto the bed next to him, their thighs brushing each other. “What do you want to watch?”

“I don’t care. What do you want to watch?”

“I don’t care either.”

Levi’s about to make some sarcastic quip about their indecisiveness, but he gets distracted by Erwin’s eyes. Erwin’s eyes aren’t moving away from his own. Why aren’t they moving? This is supposed to be the part where Erwin looks away, and Levi stares straight ahead and pretends everything’s normal. How can he stare straight ahead when those eyes are holding his own?

Levi’s wrist suddenly feels cold. Erwin’s removed his hand from it. Levi snatches his arm away as though he’s been burned and holds his wrist, trying to erase the memory of that warm grip. “I, ah, I’ll get my computer,” Erwin says.  

“Sure, yeah.” Levi stares straight ahead.



“I …”

Levi can’t help himself. He looks back at Erwin, gets trapped again by his eyes. “What?”

“Nothing.” Erwin stands. “Nothing at all.”

Levi finds every excuse to look everywhere but at Erwin. He sets up pillows against the wall for them to sit against, grabs his own pillow from across the room so he’s not sitting against something that smells like Erwin. Rearranges the little seating area more times than necessary just to keep himself busy.

Erwin gets his computer. Levi settles in next to him and wonders what kind of movie would be least romantic. Horror? Action? A really bad comedy?

“Do we want something light-hearted or serious?” Erwin asks, and Levi makes the mistake of looking at him when he does. His eyes are on him again. His goddamn beautiful gaze always seems to be on him, and his face is so close now, it’s so close that Levi can’t help but think about …

Lips like silk, a warm rush of breath. Then, in a fraction of a moment, it’s over.

Erwin’s staring at him. His perfect eyes are wide, and he starts to say, “Levi, I …” but the words trail off, chased away by his shock at what just happened.

“Sorry,” Levi says. “Shit, I’m so sorry, I …”

Erwin’s lips return.

Levi freezes. He let’s his lips part just the barest amount, hardly believing this is happening, and Erwin moves his kiss deeper. Deeper still, and now his hands are on Levi’s sides, now his breath is on Levi’s tongue, and still his kiss moves deeper.

Erwin Smith is kissing him.

And then suddenly Levi’s not frozen anymore. He wraps his arms around Erwin and runs his fingers across his back, feeling every inch of that body he’s pined after for so long. His lips match Erwin’s greedy pace, because it feels like they could be kissing forever and it still wouldn’t be enough. He’s been waiting for the opportunity to kiss Erwin Smith for so long. Now that it’s happening, he wants to taste as much of him as possible. And Erwin seems to feel to same way.

They break apart. Erwin’s slips are red. Did Levi do that? Could he make them even redder? They’re still holding each other. Levi’s close enough to feel the rise and fall of Erwin’s chest. His eyes don’t leave Erwin’s lips.

“I don’t think I’m feeling up for a movie, after all,” Erwin murmurs.

He pulls Levi down so that they’re lying on the bed together. Levi locks his arms around Erwin’s neck, pulls his head down, and lets Erwin devour him.

@i-love-shiro the last of your prompts. best of luck on your exams!

43. “You look really sexy when you do that.”

I’m so embarrassed for them. From this verse.  Levi’s a [painfully shy] high school janitor, Erwin’s a teacher [with a super gross crush on said shy janitor].  One time they danced to Santana at a staff party and Erwin’s outfit choices are often spoken about years after students have graduated.  Hanji is best wingfriend.

[~1.2k, modern au, janitor x teacher fic, fluff, awkward flirting]

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I’ve been waiting for you

Hi! My entry for @eruri-of-the-month on the theme ‘waiting’


The world had turned black, faded in muted greys at first before succumbing to the inky darkness which enveloped all colour and sound. Nothing existed anymore, a bleak landscape that was shapeless, nameless, lifeless and Levi embraced it finally, giving in to inevitability as he realised that this was it, his end. His unceremonious and rather embarrassing end.

Faint crashes broke through the cloud but they failed to rouse him from where he lay, cries and shouts merging into a mist that didn’t matter anymore. Once this had been everything to Levi, a place that held so much meaning and he’d fought to keep his research neat and tidy, papers piled alphabetically and books stacked in a uniform manner to try and give order to an otherwise chaotic existence.

His lids flickered, vision now useless in the haze and a slight flash of red caused his eyes to roll closed again, the brightness hurting his retinas and adding severity to the already fucked up situation. Levi knew there was no point in struggling. What good would that do? Starved of oxygen, he allowed fate to march in and remained still, attempted to forget all about the scene around him. His state. All of his work. The whole reason for living.

It could have been worse, he mused as thick smoke surrounded his prone naked body. It could have been a less destructive fire that ravaged the building, one easily escaped from. If that had happened he’d surely be out on the street with no clothes, soot and dust his only protection from nudity. However, twisted luck meant that Levi stayed stranded, a blow to the head rendering him incapacitated and muggy, unable to even consider self preservation so here he lay like he’d entered this world, bare and lost. 

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