it looks like either she's dazed or awed or like maybe she's just spacing out


Request: Well the swan princess gave me an idea for like a prince!Kylo x reader AU. In the swan princess the two main characters meet each other when they are very young and their parents agreed on having an arranged marriage for them. The two main characters dislike each other until they grow up to be a fine man and woman, and then fall in love with each other when they see each other all grown up. (In the movie it takes kind of a bad turn a bit) but you could change it up, it’s just an idea 😊

A/N: Thanks for request @beingafangirlisinmydna​ this was pretty cute! Although I didn’t go by the sawn princess plot, I just stuck to what you told me and worked from there :) Enjoy! P.S. made it a prince!ben au instead bc I totally forgot this said prince!kylo

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.6K+

The sight of tall trees, waterfalls and massive lakes filled your vision. Gasping, a smile grew on your face as a palace appeared in front of you. “We’re here!” You exclaimed, hopping off of the seat you had been sitting on. Watching your father walk ahead, your mother grabbed your hand as the ramp of your family’s space craft lowered, nothing but the blinding light from the sun reflecting.

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Roses (part 2)

Title: Apology Not Accepted

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,800

Warnings: mild smut, implied smut, swearing, angst, a pinch of fluff

Prompt: Sam begs Dean to apologize, but Dean’s not budging. Though, he’s learned that the mark really does carry a great burden. Dean’s remembering things he always hoped he’d forget, things about Y/N. Things that make him want to apologize. 

A/N: This is all in Dean’s POV, but it’s written in 3rd person.

Part 1 

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Yelling; he and Sam did a lot of that lately. Ever since he took on the mark, it had been continuous yelling. This time it was about Y/N.

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Left of Center

Rating: T (a lil bit of mature themes going on in the sense that they’re aged up)

Pairing: Riley Matthews/Farkle Minkus (some Lucas/Maya)

Summary: In which Riley spends a majority of her time waking up with an empty feeling in her stomach, contemplating cold coffee on the counter, and wondering where in the world has Farkle Minkus gone.

A/N: I listened to the entire Pretty in Pink soundtrack and got incredibly angsty and here’s a whole fic I wrote based off of it. It’s 4.4K worth of a lil bit of angst.


Mornings usually swept before Riley’s eyes in a minimalistic daze. Her eyes would flutter open to the sight of her bedroom’s ceiling and she’d take a minute to study all the ridges, avoiding glancing at the empty space next to her. Eventually, one of her hands would stretch out too far across the bed and she’d recall her current state.

Then, she would simply roll out of her bed and quickly glance at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was typically mussed, her lips chapped, and her dark circles prominent. She’d pee, take a quick shower, and pull a brush through her hair. She’d toss on somewhat of a nice shirt and jeans; sometimes, it made her feel more productive. Despite whatever statement her clothes had, she’d always end up going into the kitchen, noticing the cold pot of coffee on the counter and estimating how long ago he left that morning. 

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anonymous asked:

I have amnesia and you say you’re my best friend but I keep on forgetting and thinking we’re lovers au

Woopsies, there is angst in this again. I promise, it ends happy though and no one dies. ;)

Words: 2.2k Rating: General Audiences

Will frowns at Percy, narrowing his eyes as he leans in a little to look at him closer, then back again.

“Give him a couple days and he’ll be fine.” He says at last and looks over to where Jason is standing with his arms crossed. “There’s no damage I can find, and the nectar is doing its part, but the poison will take a bit to fully leave his body.”

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REQUEST; Ok, can you do a story with bucky and the reader like never even acknowledge each other and Wanda one day gets to excited about how the reader may like bucky. Wanda mind reads to him and what not he blurts it out. Thanks!


The only sounds that could be heard that morning was your spoon hitting the bowl. It was always awkward around Bucky. Ever since he joined the team, the two of you kept your distance around each other. It wasn’t that you hated him or anything; it was actually the opposite.

You had acquired feelings for him but you didn’t know if those feelings were reciprocated. You hadn’t even ever had a conversation with him. You felt a little silly having such a crush on him when you didn’t really know him but you did.

When the two of you were around the others, you would often catch yourself glancing at him more than anyone else in the room. You liked his humor and his loyalty to his best friend Steve. You liked the way he laughed because his nose would scrunch up a little. You liked his smile and even the way he would get confused at technology. He was still trying to get used to having a cell phone.

You couldn’t even fathom the thought of telling him how you felt because you were so scared of getting rejected.

Once you were done with your breakfast, you got up from the table and went to wash your bowl. Bucky looked at you walking away and back towards the kitchen. He felt like smacking himself. It was another lost opportunity to try and talk to you.

He didn’t understand how he could feel so nervous around you. Back in the day, he wouldn’t have ever gotten this nervous around a woman. Things were completely different now.

Bucky didn’t know if you felt the way that he did. He hadn’t really had the chance to talk to you about anything. Before he could even think about saying anything, his hands would get clammy and the words wouldn’t form.

You walked to Wanda’s room, hoping that she was awake so that you could talk to her about your feelings for Bucky. Wanda was the one that you often went to for advice and such. Nat was someone you went to also but she was away on a mission.

Knocking softly on Wanda’s door, you waited until you heard her say to come in. She was sitting on her bed lacing up her boots when you walked in.

“Hey, you have a minute to talk?” You asked her, closing the door behind you.

“Sure— but I can already tell you that talking to Bucky might make it clearer for you to find out if he likes you.” She smirked.

“What-” you had forgotten for a second that she could read minds. It was a gift that you didn’t know if you would ever want. You had a lot of respect for Wanda.

“Come and sit down. Tell me all about it.”

“Why? You’ve already been inside my head.” You joked but went and sat on the bed.

“Very funny, (Y/n).”

“Okay, so you already know that I like Bucky. I just don’t know how to act around him. I get so nervous every time I’m in his presence like I can’t stand it! I get scared that I’m going to say or do something stupid around him.”

“You won’t do anything stupid if you try and have a normal conversation.”

“But what would I talk about with him? I don’t think we have a lot in common.”

“You guys probably have more in common than anyone else here. You would know that if you talked to him, (Y/n).” Wanda too you. She hated seeing you so confused on what to do. Your thoughts were all jumbled up and it was getting harder for her to read.

“I don’t know if can. It seems so silly. I mean we are all adults. We aren’t kids on the playground.” You mumbled.

“Yeah, now you both are stubborn adults,” Wanda chuckled, “Just try and talk to him. It could even be about the weather or you could ask him the time of day.”

“I’ll try.” You told her.


It turns out that it was easier said than done. Bucky had been alone in the living room when you walked in. You figured it was as good time as any to try and start a conversation with him.

He looked at you. You looked at him…..and walked right back out. You were getting more and more frustrated with yourself for being so childish. You felt like you were making it so much harder on yourself than it needed to be.

Tony was having a catered dinner for the team that night. It often happened when no one really felt like cooking which was often. After being on tiresome missions and constant trainings, cooking was often the last thing on anyone’s mind. Except Vision. He was always trying to throw something together in the pots and pans.

Most of the time, it tasted awful.

As all of you sat around the table, it was filled with conversations that ranged from numerous topics. You sat in between Wanda and Sam while Bucky was sitting right in front of you.

You avoided looking at him but snuck a glance or two when you knew he wasn’t looking at you.

Wanda watched the two of you act like the other wasn’t there. She knew that the both of you were being so stubborn. Wanda was thinking about all of the stuff she had read from your mind when she accidentally shot them towards Bucky. She was still learning about herself and how her powers worked so she knew that it couldn’t be good.

Bucky was a little dazed. He was fine one minute and a little confused the next. He blinked a few times and looked up at you.

“You like me.” He blurted out making everyone else look at him including you.

Your fork dropped from your grasp, “What?”

“You like me but you don’t know how to talk around me. You get nervous and scared of saying or doing something stupid.” He continued.

You instantly remembered that’s what you had told Wanda. You glanced at her before looking at Bucky. He was still looking at you. Getting up from your seat, you hurried and left the table completely embarrassed.


It was an hour later before someone knocked on your bedroom door. You had been holed up in your room too embarrassed to see anyone.

“Go away.” You told whoever it was.

“(Y/n), it’s me. Let me in.” You recognized it as Bucky.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone!” You shouted back at him.

“I’m not going to leave until you let me in. I will gladly stay here all night.”

You sighed as you walked over to the door. Opening it a little, you saw Bucky standing there with a piece of chocolate cake. He had two forks on the plate.

“You missed dessert.”

You opened the door more and he stepped inside. Bucky looked around at your room, “I’ve never been in here before.”

“That’s because this is the first conversation that we’ve had. I don’t just let anyone in here.” You mumbled.

Bucky sat at the edge of your bed and you did the same. There was a lot of space between the two of you.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I didn’t know what was happening. It was like I was reading your thoughts and I couldn’t stop the words coming out of my mouth.” Bucky said. You could tell that he really was sorry.

“Um, it’s okay. Can we just forget that it happened?”

“What if I don’t want to?”


“I sort of- I have feelings for you too. I have been wanting to talk to you for so long, been wanting to get to know you. I get so nervous and I feel like–”

You reached over and touched his arm, “I’ve been feeling the same way.”

Bucky smiled and it made your heart race. You loved his smile. “I know. I sort of read your mind, remember?”

You chuckled, “Yeah, I’m trying to forget about it.”

Bucky moved closer to you and held the plate between the two of you. He handed you a fork and the two of you ate the cake. It was delicious.

You sat with Bucky and talked. It seemed natural and you felt silly for ever worrying about what you would talk about with him. He was funny and a good listener.

The two of you talked for a good two hours without any awkward silences. Bucky was falling more and more for you.

It was getting late but you didn’t want to be without his company. Bucky didn’t want to be without yours either.

“I should head to bed,” Bucky said getting off his spot, “I’m sure you are ready to go to bed.”

“I’m not actually,” you lied, “Would you want to maybe go and watch a movie in the living room?”

Bucky nodded and smiled, “That sounds great.”


Wanda woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. She left her bedroom and was about to cross through the living room when she saw you and Bucky. There was a blanket over the two of you and from what she could tell, Bucky had his arms around you. His head was rested on yours. Your arms around him too.

Her heart swelled at the sight of the two of you on the couch. She was happy that you both finally made a move.


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also 88

when in rome, do as romans do

For Iris’s first sojourn to another earth, it’s not going very well. 

And if she’s being entirely honest, Iris…can’t really tell the difference, actually, between this new Earth (they gotta start numbering these things) and the one she’s from, Earth Prime, as Barry and Cisco refer to it as. Barry keeps insisting you can tell through the vibrations in the air and the feel of it, but Iris just takes his word for it. It’s got Starbucks and WiFi, she’s good to go.

“Do we get service on another earth?” she asks him, because this is a legitimate concern that just occurred to her. Barry scrunches up his face in consideration. 

“I? Honestly don’t know,” he admits. “I didn’t exactly have my cell phone with me the last time I earth hopped.”

“How do I let you go anywhere without me,” Iris sighs. 

“You know, the suit really is quite unforgiving,” Barry replies with some mild indignation. “No pockets or convenient pouches or anything.”

Iris is deeply unimpressed and unsympathetic. “Try practically every article of women’s clothing ever.”

“I fully acknowledge and admit to my pocket privilege,” Barry concedes, as they navigate the crowds of the–not-Central City. “But don’t try calling anyone, just to be safe.”

Iris pats her jacket pocket, just to be sure that it’s there, not that it’s really going to do her much good. “So what happens if we meet our Earth…whatever this one is selves here? Are we going to create a paradox? Or a rip in the time-space continuum? What if we step on a butterfly and change the whole universe?”

“Okay, take a breath,” Barry advises, automatically letting her arm slip through his. “And that didn’t happen the last time I went to another Earth, or either time, actually.”

“You oughtta start charging admission,” Iris says, stepping a little closer to him. “Like Disneyland, but with more time and space.”

“I could make millions,” Barry says mock thoughtfully. “Pay off my student loans.” 

Iris snorts out a laugh, because this? All of this is crazy, just straight up nuts. But she’s with Barry and they’re navigating a new world together and things might be fine. They will be fine.

“Where did you go, the last time you ended up on another Earth?” she asks.

“When I was on Earth-2, I went to S.T.A.R. Labs and then the station,” Barry says. “I tried to find the places that are familiar to me.”

“So let’s go,” Iris suggests.


Turns out the biggest difference on this Earth is the fact they get recognized when they walk into the S.T.A.R. Labs. 

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Chapter 7 of WitD.  In which desperate actions are taken, events parallel each other, plans fail, and people finally realize that they fucked up bigtime.  Wohoo!  This took way too long … waaaay too long … to write, but in the end I’m happy with it. 

Now to go work on Lost and Found’s big giant flashback chapter of evil~!

Whispers in the Dark

Pairings: None
Characters: Grillby, the royal guard dogs, Sans 1-S, Papyrus 2-P, the tall man

Warnings: mentions of illness, mentions of injury, conditioning,

Notes: Baby Blasters AU belongs to the wonderful @spacegate​, I’m just playing in their amazing little sandbox.  

Chapter 7

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Will You Catch Me? Cause I’m Falling Down on You (Josh Dun)

Word count: 1686

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

Hey yes I enjoy this one but I feel like the characterization of Josh is so different than

Part One: here

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