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“Alrighty, there we go. A nice little bow.” You cooed, pressing a kiss to Y/D/N’s chubby cheek and smiling when she gurgled before shoving her fist into her mouth. “Don’t we look lovely? Grandma Anne’s going to love this look.” You muttered, looking over Y/D/N once again. She was dressed in this adorable tiny sundress with daisies printed all over it, and she had the cutest little booties to go with it. The bow was your final touch! Sure, Harry loved to spoil Y/D/N, but you took it to a whole new level. “Shall we go? Daddy’s probably getting impatient.” Picking Y/D/N up, you gave her another kiss on the cheek before she was tucking her head in the crook of your neck. 

“Took yeh long enough.” You rolled your eyes playfully when Harry raised an eyebrow at you, checking his imaginary watch as he uncrossed his legs. “All yeh had t’ do was put a dress on our child, love.” Harry took the baby from you, cooing at her before giving her kisses everywhere. “My poor bubby.. Tortured by endless dress-up games!” He propped her up on his hip, smiling widely when she grinned at him and reached up to grab his nose with her tiny hand. 

“You have to admit, she looks pretty darn good, no?” You asked, crinkling your nose at Y/D/N when she looked over Harry’s shoulder at you. 

“Wha’ happened to her banana-printed t-shirt? I quite liked that one. Or the ‘I love 1D’ onesie.”

“I’m not about to use my child to promote a boy-band.” You snorted, smiling when Harry leaned down to give you a quick kiss.

“Then what was the point of havin’ a child? All that hard work and not even one little mention of One Direction.” Harry teased, tickling her round belly with his ring-clad fingers. 

“You’re ridiculous.” 


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I honestly love and hate how the “dad” thing became such an ingrained part of my persona like… it started as kind of an in-joke at school, a couple friends started calling me “dad” because I was the youngest one but I looked the oldest out of all of them. Soon it became my nickname and all my friends called me “dad”. Fast forward to six months later and almost everyone in my class was calling me “dad”, and then even kids that weren’t on my class and who I didn’t even know (seriously, like a year after graduating I went back to schol to talk to some of my old teachers and some kids I didn’t know were like “wait is that dad?”). My fucking nickname in the fucking yearbook was dad. Some of my facebook friends who I don’t know irl started picking it up from my irl friends. And then some peeps over here on tunglr (looking at you @tubby-bubbi and @ianwaszelewski, love u) picked it up too. It’s been almost 5 years since it started as some silly in-joke with my friends and it’s still alive and honestly by now it feels like being everyone’s dad is just a part of my persona I’ll never escape.

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Why do i feel like Haechan and Yuta arent really close like in the last victory ep both looked really uncomfortable sitting next to each other and then i saw the gifs u reblogged like yuta didnt smile/reply to donghyuck ("its because we're hiphop,right!") and in the 4th gif yuta looked like someone rolling his eyes but idk i feel like im overreacting

I haven’t watched the victory ep yet so I can’t comment much on that, but as a fan on exo, I don’t expect every member of such a large group to be as close as others. Haechan’s Mark’s bubby, as much of a little shit as they are, you know Doyoung and Yuta love each other, throw a little WinWin in there, etc. The gifs though, I’m pretty sure he was just blinking and looking over to the side XD you do have to remember other members were there, probably doing some dumb shit behind the camera. Taeyong was also pretty awkward with Doyoung in the Ferris wheel but you know they love each other, i wouldn’t worry about Yuta and Haechan.