it looks like both to me


Q: It looks like you’re usually mischievous, but you look chic on the stage
A: Both sides are part of me, but I think the bright and playful side is more like the real me. The aura when I smile and when I don’t are different so sometimes it causes misunderstandings, even when I’m in a good mood, people would ask me “Ten, are you angry?”


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That Jikook moment was NOT fanservice by ANY means. Whoever said it was fanservice is blind, in denial, or been an ARMY for two days. Like that was too natural + Jin's reaction + Jimin and JK didn't even acknowlede Army's screams + both of them like literally walked away after, pretended it didn't happen and went on business like usual. That moment was unplanned. (p.s. Jimin legit looked like he stopped himself from actually kissing JK when he realized where he was)

that’s exactly what i’ve been wanting to say all day! you legit took the words right out of my mouth..

some people are calling it fanservice and i needed to point out that IT’S NOT! it’s just not ,in order for someone to think it’s “fanservice” they must know nothing about these two’s relationship’s “changes” / “the development stages of it”, throughout  the few past years  , like you said they’ve been a fan for 2 days .

plus as you said , if it was  indeed “fanservice” only, i don’t think jin would have been that surprised because from his point of view they must have looked like they were kissing which left him in shock , 

 you’ve literally pointed everything out i love you! 

what really proves that this moment was indeed unplanned is how they both reacted after it ended , jungkook suddenly felt an urgent need to stand up and look for something (water i believe) , and jimin just started going back and forth then standing next to taehyung , as if they both realised what they’ve done … in public . 

yes indeed , jimin looked like he was really planning on kissing jungkook , he even pushed his head back for God’s sake , even jungkook was expecting a kiss from the way he closed his eyes and tilted his head , and can we talk about how submissive he looked for jimin 

about damn time

@omnipresent-yaoi (I’m sorry this took FOREVER) Thank you SO MUCH!!!


[once in awhile - time flies]


‘W-what?’ Zhan Zhengxi’s eyes were wide.

Mo Guan Shan looked like he’d been slapped in the face.

He Tian smirked.

A wicked smile played over Jian Yi’s lips.

‘You heard me.’

‘You want to…’ Zhan Zhengxi couldn’t seem to force the words out.

‘He wants us to have a foursome, Zhan Xixi, and it’s about damn time someone brought it up.’

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I downloaded HQ version and I have no doubt that it's "Meditations". The cover is exactly the same, the thickness is right and it's not a small book (you can see it in the shot where he is standing up and towards the end of the scene when he's asking about Woods Rogers, he just holds it in such a way that the lower part of the book is hidden between his hands).

Second Anon (I don’t know if both of these are from the same or different person, sorry!)
I’d like to think that the book (I don’t think it’s too small for “Meditations”, it looks just fine in that shot where he’s standing up) is their way of saying “We can’t offer you anything more definitive right now, but we haven’t forgotten about the Thomas mention from last week.“ 

You know I went back and watched it again after you both sent me these and I actually think you are right? If it’s true, that’s kind of massive, considering not months ago he couldn’t even bear to see it, let alone read it.

And I actually think it makes sense if it is the book. That book was about stocism/quieting inner turmoil, which is one of the reasons I feel Thomas shared it with him in the first place (he knew James had some trouble considering his final words to him were “know no shame.”) So if he’s about to end the war once the cache is exchanged, and he’s trying to work towards what comes after (walking away from the sea), it makes sense to me he’d be reading that book again to try and gain some peace. It would be a really cool shoutout to 2x05 also where the book comes into play which encourages James to remember that Thomas would want him to try and take a more peaceful road, and that’s exactly what he’s doing again here (edit: I think this was mentioned elsewhere that I can’t remember right now I’m not trying to steal your thought I’m sorry)

I went back for some comparisons to other episodes too:

From 2x05:

Here’s Flint’s hand in comparison to the book’s size

From 4x05:

So as you said, it doesn’t seem to be too small at all. It has the same red coloring, and has the same stamped outer border:

I’m actually now 99.9% sure it’s the book o-o (sorry for the awful screenshots I’ll try to get better ones when I have a bit more time)

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how long did it take for you to find your art style?? i've been trying to find my own but it just won't work :((

aw man, I’m sorry that it isn’t working out for you yet! But I’m sure that it will come one day :) As for me, the way it happened: had an art style that was all over the place, or well, I didn’t even have 1 art style - it changed every time I was drawing something. Then I took a break for some months I think, and became inspired once again and decided to create this blog and fill it with art. (at that break period I was looking at a lot of art, and not necessarily like.. fanart, but also a lot of paintings, sculptures, and both classical & modern art. I also got inspired from looking at fashion journals and from being around the nature a lot, so the inspiration for your art style does not have to come from looking at other tumblr/dA artists). When I made my first drawing I really didn’t think about a certain “art style” - I just started drawing “naturally” and included my favourite elements from the things that inspired me (colour combinations from nature, clothing/colour schemes from fashion journals etc). It ended up looking pretty decent and I stuck to it for all of the drawings that came after that, with small variations and improvements there and there.

So yeah, maybe try to find your “natural” style first (with that I mean the way you naturally draw, without trying to emulate a certain style/without thinking too much about it)? I guess that every person has their own “natural” style that looks unique and different already. Then, you can look at art from different artists that you like and see if there are any elements that you particularly like. Try to not flat out copy that artist’s style, but perhaps integrate it into your own style and make it unique to you. And also as I said, things that aren’t directly related to art can help you a lot to find your style, so look for outside inspiration as well!! I wish you lots of luck pal!

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wait whaaaa.. phipps is younger than grey?? I thought grey was a baby around 17-18 considering he was in that fencing class with lizzy. and Phipps I thought was at list several years older than grey. weird. so it turns out they are both around 24 and Phipps is even younger? sooo weird to me

Yeah, Grey looks incredibly young for his age, especially in this panel from Lizzy’s flashback in ch58:

Can you believe it? This tiny, tiny Grey is in his late teens, i.e. around the same age as Edward and Soma in the current arc. Tbh he looks like a small child around the same age as Lizzy in this flashback.

As for Phipps, I was a bit surprised, too, because I have always thought they’re the same age, but I guess he’s supposed to look older as a stark contrast to Grey (who looks much younger than he is) ^^;

Okay, But listen...

Do you ever just think about how great it would be if Shiro could be happy? I know it sounds boring but hear me out! 

Shiro loving his job, loving his crew members.

Shiro having a dog or a cat to just cuddle and love him unconditionally like he deserves.

Shiro in a healthy environment, sleeping peacefully without the knowledge of Aliens to keep him up at night. 

Shiro eating candy, and then going to the gym

Making gym friends

going to parties and making friends

Teaching kids about space

Eventually retiring (with both arms) to become a teacher

Shiro sitting on his porch, with his dog, looking up at the stars without fear. 

I really love the show, and I know the number one rule in writing a good story is to have bad things happen to your favorite character, but… God damn it! I want Shiro to be safe and happy!!! Is that too much to ask!?

I’ve always liked those episodes that are almost like a game of chess. You see excellent strategy on both sides, you’re invested in the tenseness of what the next person’s move is going to be, will mistakes be noticed, will even smarter moves be made. Kallus made all the right moves, but Thrawn was smarter, he knew more than Kallus thought. I look forward to seeing where this goes next. Almost felt like an episode of Death Note.

Tyler Seguin - black roses Pt. 3

Your P.O.V. Your son looked just like his father and that both killed you and made you happy. He had his dark eyes, dark floppy hair and that killer smile. The one thing you wish is that is father knew he was alive, but you never knew how to tell him or even how. It made you wonder that night of the phone call if that was him. You didn’t dare text or call in fear that it wasn’t than how would you feel. That was until you got the text from him on Friday night. “We need to speak, meet me at our old place at 5 like old times plum?” That’s how you knew it had to be him. Plum was your nickname he gave you way back than. So here you were with your son waiting. Shit, is that Tyler. Shit. Shittt. “Hey Y/N. You look wonderful. And who’s this little guy? Tyler said seating across from you. "Hey Tyler. This is my son, Justin.” You said smiling at the little boy. “Hi Justin!” Tyler said grabbing the Toddlers toes. “Hi.” Justin said softly back. “How old are you?” Tyler asked. Justin held up three fingers. Shit. You watched Tyler’s face. “When’s your birthday little man?” Tyler asked. Tyler looked over at you. Shit he knew. Was he mad? Was he okay? You couldn’t tell and that’s what made you more scared. Justin looked over at Tyler and said May. “Tyler I wanted to tell you but I thought if you didn’t know it wouldn’t hurt you. And as time went on it got scared to tell you.” You said coving your face. “Does Jamie know?” Tyler asked looking over at Justin. “No, he doesn’t know about Justin.” you said. -Julianne

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(W)rapped Around Her Finger (pt 2)

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A/N: I had such a hard time writing this, and I rewrote this like multiple times but this was the best I could do and for that i’m sorry. I had such a hard time making J-hope look like a douche. He’s such a cutie! Hopefully you all like this little series. I had fun writing~

Thank you for requesting and I would love to write more for people! Send in your requests~ I just don’t write smut hehe.

Request: can i request a yoongi or jhope fanfic? im not creative maybe where you’re both famous rappers and he has a huge crush on you i cant think of a plot (sorry) so surprise me! :) but i would like angst and fluff :)) thank you in advance if you decide to do it!! 💕💕

Part 1

pairing: j-hope x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

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i don't understand why people feel the need to call people ugly in the first place... if you don't like someones looks just stfu especially if you're a fan of the group ... Namjoon is beautiful inside and outside... it makes me so sad to see how he's affected by it ...

you and me both…and I know it’s hard to see it happening all the time and to see how it affects him. god :( I just want to tell him how amazing he is

My chemical romance sentence starters

“I never said I’d lie and wait forever.”

“I’m not okay!”

“Well if you wanted honesty that’s all you had to say”

“Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out of the second story?”

“You wear me out!”

“I held you close as we both shook.”

“For the last time take a good hard look!”

“Forget about the dirty looks!”

“You said you read me like a book!”

“I’m okay now!”

“But you really need to listen to me because I’m tell you the truth! I’m okay!”

“I’m not o-fucking-kay!”

“And they found you on the bathroom floor…”

“I miss you!”

“Singing songs that make you want to slit your wrists.”

“They’re gonna clean up your looks with all their lies and their books.”

“Because the drugs never work.”

“They’re gonna give you a smirk cuz they got methods of keeping you clean.”

“Maybe they’ll leave you alone but not me!”

“You ain’t gonna fit in much kid!”

“Teenagers scare the living shit out of me!”

“Gravity don’t mean too much to me!”

“I’m who I’ve got to be!”

“I’ve got a bullet proof heart.”

“Let’s blow a hole in this town!”

“Stay out of the light.”

“You can sat a prayer if you need to.”

“Another knife in my hands.”

“I’m so dirty,babe!”

“I fall out of grace!”

“A stain that never comes off of the sheets.”

“It ain’t for the money and it sure as hell ain’t for the fame!”

“Down we go,down we go,and we all fall down!”

“And we’ll all dance along to the tune of your death.”

“They gave us two shots to the back of the head.”

“And we’re all dead now!”

“Wait until it fades to black and ride off into the sunset!”

“Got you in my sights!”

“Well I’m asking you cuz she’s got nothing to say.”

“Would I lie to you? That girl/boy ain’t right in the brain.”

“Now I know that I can’t make you stay.”

“But where’s your heart?”

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You literally adore your boyfriend as a god. Creepy.

Well, friend, you’re only seeing one small part of our relationship. Yes, I adore him. But I know very keenly that he is imperfect. He has flaws, large flaws, just as I have. He is perfect by no means. I do not elevate him to a level above human, nor should anyone—if you notice yourself idolizing or idealizing your partner, you need to stop! that’s unfair to both of you.

I apologize if I made anyone uncomfortable with my very overt displays of affection in the asks last night. However I will not apologize for my feelings and if you think I’m creepy you’re under no obligation to interact with me. Block me if you want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As I said, you’re only seeing one tiny part of our relationship. Only the parts that I have turned into content for this blog. You have no idea who I am, no idea who he is, no idea what our relationship is like. As long as you’re hidden behind that anonymous gray face, you don’t have the credibility to level any claims against me.

Confession: I stalk my activity both because I am vain and because I know webcomic creators love supporting other webcomic creators so I look on profiles of people who follow me just to see if they have a webcomic I need to bookmark and read. Sometimes I will do this with reblogs and likes too if I don’t have too many to check. 

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Imagine with me if you will, you're another actor for Avengers, and you and Sebastian have been dating for like 3 years now. SOMEHOW the two of you have never managed to figure out/mention to the other that you were BOTH Chris's Fuck Buddies on the respective sets before you met. Eventually it comes out, with or without Chris present, and after you've processed, it only takes one look/silent conversation and a couple of smirks to decide that you're gonna be a cute couple and seduce him together.

oh dang

Sinful Sunday™

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What do you have that we don't know about already? Sorry I really like your blog so I'm not looking to fight or anything at all I just don't want memories from a really depressing time for both B.a.p and Babyz to resurface for no reason

i don’t want to do it to make ‘depressing memories resurface again’ i want to talk about it so that people realize that b.a.p went through hell and deserve so much love and support (especially for this comeback) and i’m always getting asks of anons telling me to explain what happened with ts (this just shows that a lot of ppl don’t know anything about b.a.p, and what happened in 2014) 

Anyways,,, if you don’t like it then i won’t talk about it, i’ll keep it to myself sorry

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Well to make things happy for the both of you, now to be honest I have no idea if edward play a game called pokemon in the past but I have and well as like a little gift from me to you I have chosen 2 pokemon and nicknamed them after you guys, for oswald I chosen a piplup because that was the only penguin looking pokemon I could find and for you edward a ralts. Hopefully this brightens up your day