it looks like both to me

Guys!! Did anyone notice anything in this?? bcuz I do. So ok, here’s the thing.
Suho was telling Kyungsoo that he looked like he doesn’t have emotions/feelings and Kyungsoo replied “Of course I have feelings/emotions.”
Did anyone notice as soon as Kyungsoo said that he, indeed, has feelings, Suho and Chen both turned around to look at Jongin?!!! And Suho looked down at first looking like he gave up covering them up. 😂
I think Kyungsoo even noticed that and grinned wide showing his heart-shaped smile. I saw it in another fancam.
Ok is it just me?! I dun care even if ppl call me delulu cuz those two really know abt Kaisoo. Don’t argue with me! 😌


Punta: Day 2 of Seoul fan meeting🇰🇷✨

We all went sighseeing together at noon 😘

Nibansenji: sighseeing guys


Someone Like You - Pony Curtis Imagine

A/N: Hope you enjoy this! I’m tagging @zeusspirits for helping me through a creative stump and @shandun02 because she loves Ponyboy

Word Count: 338

Warnings: None

Pairing: Pony Curtis x Reader

“Hey, Curtis!” I, along with everyone else in the school’s hallway, look over at the jock yelling at Ponyboy Curtis. The guy yelling is Ponyboy’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and, in my humble opinion, both are real pieces of work.

“What?” Ponyboy sounds fed up, and rightfully so. His arm is around his girl and she looks snobbier than ever. She’s dating the guy I’ve loved since the third grade and she doesn’t even appreciate him.

My train of thought is derailed when the jock makes an awful remark about Ponyboy’s parents. Pony’s jaw drops and the entire hallway goes dead silent. “You gonna fight back, Donkeyman? You know, maybe it’s good you parents are dead. Now they can’t have any more kids with stupid names.” Pony looks so stunned at hurt at the insults hurled at him that I almost wonder if he can even say anything in return.

“Shut up.” I hardly recognize that it’s my own voice ringing through the quieted school building. I only feel rage pumping through my body.

“Excuse me?” Jock boy is pissed now.

“You heard me. You should shut up. You’re stupid and arrogant and don’t deserve to breathe the same air as Ponyboy.” I jab a finger in Pony’s girlfriend’s direction. “And you don’t deserve to date him. He’s attractive and smart and kind and you’re shallow and full of it.”

Nobody dares move a muscle as she clenches her prissy little fists. “Ponyboy! Do something! Fight for me!”

Ponyboy shakes his head slightly. “No…” He takes a second to think things through. “No, you and I are through. Y/N is right. I can do better than someone who bullies me. I want someone like Y/N.”

The little brat glowers at him. Never before have I seen someone so enraged. “Fine.” She grits her teeth. “You two have fun together.”

Smiling, I wave her away. “We will. Don’t worry.”

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2d with a s/o who gets very very shy in public, stutters a lot and doesnt like to ask for stuff like food; so they ask for him to help out?

- You were both at a cafe and you hadn’t eat in like the longest of time. You looked at the cookies in one of the glass boxes as 2D was talking to some of his fans you had run in to. 

- You had been taking some distance from him, because you didnt want to talk to any of the girls who were surrounding him. At some point, he was looking around for you, but you were kind of hiding behind one of the wooden pillars in the cafe. 

- He said goodbye to his fans and went to look for you, once he found you he saw you gazing at the cookies. He chuckled a bit and went to the counter and bought a whole bunch of them. 

- You went outside and ate them on the sidewalk, while the sun was shining on your faces and your had this huge smile on your face.

- You asked him if he maybe also wanted to get you some water, because you didnt want to go back inside. 2D happily did so, he was already happy to see you smile

*looks both ways* *whispering* guess I’ll leave this here.*runs away* There’s a note on top of the drawing.


                Oh well hello @little-noko, I know we never actually talked to each other but I really like your blog and art style. So here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift. Hope you like it. Also sorry for the quality my camera sucks, and it was my first time drawing both Decay and Paper Crane. So hope you like it, it took me a while actually or I would have given it earlier. Also sorry again and 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for being amazing.

P.S Please notice me. BYE : P  

Aaaaaw, I’m so happy that you like my blog and you did a wonderful job to draw both of my babies ! I’ll do my best to keep being amazing even if I don’t know how I actually do that.

But thank you, for everything ;u;

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hii! 👋 okay, besides the fact that I love the new update of the comic (I was seriously sooo happy to see it updated, I love that au!), I wanna tell you how much I like your Levi - I honestly don't know what it is about the way you draw him (I'm thinking it's the jaw or the expressions of his eyes), but he looks sooo gooood and always catches my eye whenever I see your art! also I've been following you for a while now and your art is always really beautiful, keep up with the good work! 😄

This made me so happy!! Levi is a bit tricky to get right (both his face and his personality actually) but also a lot of fun and I’ve reached a point now where I’m pretty content with the result. So I’m happy you share that sentiment, thank you so much!! <33

Also thanks for the other nice messages you sent me regarding my comic, I really treasure every single one of them and they’re incredibly motivating T_T

  • Oldest brother: *has been trying his best to lose weight and be more active* How do you have more steps than me? We've literally been to the same places this morning!
  • 2nd oldest brother: Just because I'm more active than you doesn't mean you have to be a little bitch about it.
  • Oldest brother: *looks like he's about to start a fight with my other brother*
  • Me: *the youngest and only sister who has been quiet all morning* yeah and just because you can be a dick doesn't mean you have to be one.
  • Both brothers: *has an 'oh shit did she just say that' expression*
  • Oldest brother: *bursts into laughter* Oh sHIT
  • 2nd oldest brother: I wanna say something back but I was just shut down in one fell swoop, I just can't.
A Mermaid’s Wish - Chapter 3

 It was a little while longer before Laura finally got to travel to the mainland. Sasha had gathered plenty of supplies on her last trip, but after a few weeks, the need began to arise once again. So, much to Laura’s delight, the violet-haired mermaid soon sought her out to head for the mainland.

“This is so exciting!” Laura exclaimed as they swam together, and Sasha laughed.

“I suppose it is the first time,” she said thoughtfully. “I was terrified the first time I came to the mainland, so I really can’t relate.”

“Oh, Sasha, I’ll be fin,” Laura said with a giggle. “Besides, I’ve got you to show me around. I trust you.”

“I appreciate that,” Sasha said with a laugh. Tied around their wrists, both girls had a small drawstring pouch. Mickie had enchanted the bags to hold a much greater capacity than what it looked like they should hold, so the bags were full of ocean goodies - pearls, seas dollars, cut seaweed, seashells, coral, gemstones, shed mermaid scales, junk off shipwrecks… Mickie had an entire team dedicate to collecting things that they could sell on the mainland, and they always did a fantastic job.

Laura wasn’t quite sure what all Sasha got in return for all the sea goodies. She knew that there were some healing herbs that Sasha brought back in waterproof boxes, having needed to use them once before when she got stuck in a coral reef and the rough coral scraped and cut her waist, but that was all she knew. This was all new to her.

“So generally I swim right the way up the river,” Sasha said to Laura. The mainland was finally in sight, in the distance. It seemed to stretch on forever, almost as far as the ocean.

“The river?” asked Laura.

“It’s like a small, narrow ocean,” Sasha said with a shrug. “It sticks into the mainland and gives us a route by water that lets us get closer to where we need to be.”

“Where do we need to be?” Laura asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Anywhere that people trade,” Sasha replied. “At the end of the river, there’s a little cottage that’s owned by a witch named Kiera. She has a cart there, as well as a wardrobe full of clothing. Whenever I come to the mainland, I rent out her cart and she lets me take some clothing to wear, and in exchange she gets a few pearls, some seaweed, a seashell, and the biggest chunk of coral I have.”

“That’s a strange order,” Laura replied thoughtfully.

“She uses them for spells and potions,” Sasha said. “I asked her about it once.”

“Ahh,” Laura said with a nod. “That makes sense.”

“So then we use her cart and we head South until we reach the Capital City,” Sasha continued. “That’s where most of the trading happens, so that’s where we get the most out of our trip here. I usually stay for a few days, or until I’ve traded away all the things I brought from the sea. Then I come back to Kiera’s cottage. I return the cart and the clothing, then for about a quarter of the gold I make on each trip, she rents me out her little rowboat. We don’t really need much gold anyways, but sometimes people just really want to buy things with gold. So then I load all the new stuff on to the boat, swim it back to the ocean, and the men come and bring all the stuff to where it needs to go. I return the boat to Kiera and then it’s back to business as usual.”

“That’s a lot,” Laura said softly. “Wow. So this lady - Kiera, you said - she has a cart and a boat?”

“I think she got them specifically to do business with the mermaids,” Sasha replied. “Oh, and that’s another thing - she’s the only one who can know that we’re mermaids. Do not tell anyone else.”

“Why not?” Laura asked, frowning. “Why should they think we’re human?”

“I was told that people may want to exploit us,” Sasha replied. “I don’t know what that means, but whatever you do, don’t let anyone know.”

The river was beautiful, more beautiful than Laura could have imagined. It was narrow and shallow, but just deep enough that they could still swim beneath its surface. She didn’t want to, though - Laura wanted to see all that this beautiful world had to offer. On either side of the river, trees lined the waterway, tall and towering. Their leaves collected at the top, shading the water from the sun. Dark earth and patches of fallen twigs and leaves lined the ground on either side. Soon, Laura would be walking on that earth, walking around like a human. She couldn’t believe this was really happening.

“Ack!” Laura exclaimed suddenly. She’d been atop the water taking in the sights, and had swum right into a fallen branch. She grumbled to herself, backing up and swimming around it the rest of the way.

“You alright?” asked Sasha.

“Yeah,” Laura said, lifting her hands and carefully fixing her hair. “Just a little ruffled up is all.”

“So here’s how this is going to work. When we get to Kiera’s cottage, we take the pearl dust inside,” Sasha said, her hand instinctively moving to touch the small vial that was dangling from a thread on her neck. “We use it, transform, and then put some clothes on. The vial has enough for three transformations. I usually bathe when I get to the Capital City, then use my second transformation, and then I save the last one just in case something happens - if I get caught in the rain, or if I get dirty and need to wash again.”

“So water turns us back, right?” Laura asked, and Sasha gave an awkward shrug of her narrow shoulders.

“Not quite,” she said. “We can handle some water, it’s just if we get too drenched we turn back. Or if our toes get wet - if our toes get wet, then we’ll turn back.”

“What are toes?” Laura asked.

“You’ll see once we transform,” Sasha replied.

It was another hour or so of swimming before they came to the end of the river. It got narrower and narrower until they came across a small cottage, which Sasha indicated was Kiera’s place. The river went beneath the cottage, and when they swam through, they came up in a small pool in one corner of the building.

“I’ve never seen a building before,” Laura breathed. The space felt so confined, moreso even than a cave. The pool in the corner reminded her of underwater lakes, though, where the caves were full of air even though they were beneath the sea. This cave, though, had four flat walls, corners, and an arched roof.

“Well, this is it,” Sasha said, hoisting herself up out of the pool and sitting on the edge. She lifted up her tail, laying it on the ground. There were ceramic tiles lining the pool’s edge, and they were slanted so that the water would dribble back into the pool. That was probably so they didn’t have to clean the water up.

“So how does this work?” Laura asked, carefully pulling herself up so she was sitting beside Sasha.

“Basically, you open the vial and dip your finger in. The pearl dust will cling to your finger - then, starting at where the two sides of your fin meet, you run your finger right up the middle of your tail - like this.” Sasha dipped her finger into the small glass bottle containing the pearl dust. Sure enough, the glimmering white dust remained on her finger. Just as she’d described, she reached down to the middle of her fin, placed her finger on the surface, and ran it up. The pearl dust came off her finger and latched on to her tail, beginning to shine. When her finger reached the top of her tail, she took it off and dipped it in the water to clean off the remaining pearl dust.

The glowing white seemed to envelop her tail completely. It was so bright that Laura had to glance away, and she was disappointed that she did, because when she looked back, Sasha had a full set of long, light brown legs resting on the tile.

“These are the toes,” Sasha said, reaching down and pointing at the wobbly little nubs that stuck out of the end of her leg. “They’re like small fins, and they help people balance. Don’t get them wet.” She swung her legs away from the water, and then Laura watched in awe as she stood upright. She was a bit wobbly at first, but then regained her footing.

“Where’s Kiera?” asked Laura.

“I don’t know,” Sasha said. “She isn’t always here - sometimes she’s elsewhere in the Empire, and she just leaves a note lying around somewhere in case we show up telling me what she needs in exchange for the cart. I just leave it beside the note and take the cart.”

Sasha walked over to the large wardrobe on the far side of the room, opening it up. “Now we just get dressed and head out.”

Laura nodded, eager to try out the transformation. She grabbed for her pearl dust vial to get started…only to find that it wasn’t there. Her eyes widened and she frantically felt around for it, wondering if the string had gotten caught in her hair, but no, it was nowhere to be found.

“Sasha, oh my god, I can’t find my pearl dust,” she said.

“What?” asked Sasha, whipping around. “What do you mean, you can’t find it?”

“It’s gone! It’s not around my neck, I don’t know where it is!” Laura said. “I - oh, no, what if it fell off when I got stuck in that branch? The branch might have pulled it off!”

“Then we have to go back and get it,” Sasha replied. “You should go on foot, though - it’s dangerous to swim in the river. I’ve been trying for a few months now to find someone who can give us a ride here from the beach, because it’s just not safe to be swimming in the river in case someone finds us. Take my pearl dust - the emergency dose, this constitutes an emergency - and we can walk back to where the branch was. We’ll look for the vial, hopefully we’ll be able to pull it out of the river without having to go in and get it, and then we’ll come back here.”

“Are you sure?” Laura asked, and Sasha nodded.

“Yes,” she said. “We have to find that vial, Laura. That’s some of the most valuable stuff in the Empire.”

Characters used: @hardcorewwetrash

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So if you don't already think Australia is politically fucked, you will now, because some people are trying to push to make 'paid period leave' a thing. Like no, this insults me as both a hard worker and a woman. It makes women look like weaklings who can't take responsibility for their own bodies. There are many, MANY options available to relieve period cramps, we don't need this bullshit excuse for people to avoid work.

Not gonna lie, I would totally take advantage of paid period leave if it was offered to me, but I understand where you’re coming from.

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wait how is buck older than sadie again? not arguing im just curious

alright so in three gems and a baby we see baby steven and in one particular scene the younger cool kids - they look around the age of 6 - 7 years old, give or take. 

here they are! buck and jenny. both are also confirmed to be buck and jenny btw theyre not just. random kids lol

which means since steven is 14 now…. buck, jenny and sour cream are all at least 20. 

and i’m sorry but my mother was callin’ me an adult at 16, not a literal adult, but she meant i was mature enough to look after myself. like do su crits not think these things through why would rebecca sugar even put a dodgy age gap in her show


some recent bullet journal spreads! my theme for may was pink and mint green, and for june I picked pink and cornflower blue :-) I really like the way both of these spreads look and how my last two weeks of may look as a whole. I think that after six months of bullet journaling I’ve really figured out a system that’s cute and colorful and still not too time-consuming for me. that’s gonna be super handy when I start high school in a few months. also I’m still shocked that I only have like 8 days of middle school left. these days are going to be so busy though haha

on wednesday our jcl club is having elections for next year’s officers. I’m super nervous about it because all the other candidates for secretary are so much older than me (but I still have the most experience haha). also I’ve already finished my speech and shared it with a ton of people and I haven’t seen either of the other candidates campaign at all yet. so hopefully that will work in my favor? idk, but I’ve done all I can now so I just have to see what happens. 

anyways, I’m super excited for school to end!! and sorry for the essay I just wrote in the caption ahaha

the very first will scene with his dad in s1 is so heavy? and emotionally loaded? like will is so nervous and vulnerable and as soon as his dad starts to make digs at him, will just looks like he’s about to cry and actually goes to leave? and he wants so desperately for his dad to believe him and validate him JUST THIS ONCE. but he doesn’t get that. god their relationship was so fraught even though they both cared about each other immensely :((((((

dream time

i had something, a magikarp i think, that was really special for some reason. it was both in pokemon go and a thing that existed in the real world. someone stole him from me, and i went around asking everybody who took him and where they hid him. nobody would answer, they’d all just laugh and tell me i’d find out.
i found him somehow, and he had been evolved into a gyarados, but he looked super ornate. he was a pale color with golden accents, and had scales like kommo-o that came off his back and formed arches around his face. it was super beautiful. i called his name (apparently Bold and then Royal) and he recognized me and was so happy to see me.
i remember talking to someone in a church who commented on how whoever evolved him into this “holy” form was actually a dick and wouldn’t be accepted into gods kingdom. (holy shit what) but to be honest i was just happy i had him back and he was evolved, because i didn’t have enough candy to evolve him myself.

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Was at a local gig last night with New Fire and some friends..he said to me " I don't know if I'm ready to go out on tour again.." I was like "yeah I saw the dates,are you even gonna get any rest? he was like barely! and jokingly with a drama queen gesture was like "its so know" I was like yeah poor you living the life on the road and both laughed! Bless them though, they're leaving this Wednesday and that tour looks so intense..

It’s going to be an intense tour. I get exhausted just looking at the dates haha

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I have this friend (who is a lesbian) (I am also a chick) that I eat at the same lunch table every day. And every time she makes a (sexual) grunt, or eats something (in a sexual manner) she looks me dead in my eyes. It's hilarious really. It kinda became our inside joke. (and it became bigger when we both found out we liked SPN) I call her Cas and she calls me Dean. And we bond over Destiel, anything to do with SPN. I just wanted to say SPN helped me make friends in the 1 year of high school.

Omg yes, this is so important!! So many people (non-fandom people, adults… y’know what I mean) don’t see this and don’t realize how important a series can be for someone? You clearly have a very wonderful friendship with someone and a large part is because you could bond over this one thing. I’m so happy reading this because I’m glad you made a friend (or like idk if you have a crush on her but you guys sound really cute… rose stop) but yes, thank supernatural because hello it’s of big importance to a lot of people, even indirectly.

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11, 4, 3. Hope you're having a nice day :)

3. Typical day for your sims?
Working on skills. Doing something to keep them busy so they’re not just standing there like creeps. Fucking shit up. Looking absolutely disgusted with the world.

4. Favorite skill?
I really like both the dancing and the singing skills. I can do neither so it helps me live vicariously through my sims xD

11. Least favorite world?
Forgotten Hollow. Because it’s not a “world”, it’s a neighborhood.
EA: “we’re bringing you a new world!!!!1!!” … my ass…

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You know, This Laci Green Character sounds more like a Nazi then a Feminist

I think she’s definitely using tactics used by nazis to kinda silence the criticisms she’s getting. She’s also kinda flipping it to make it look like she’s being viciously attacked by feminists and that’s why she’s getting pushed to “take the red pill”. Like are you kidding me. That’s weakness. You can’t handle criticism so you move to the other side? Like my god woman. The only part of what she says in her pt 2 that I slightly agree with is that people are being pretty harsh to her. I have a ton of criticism on what she’s saying in both videos which I’ll probably talk about in a video soon or something because it’s a lot. But the only thing is that I’m not calling her a piece of shit and a horrible garbage person. I don’t think she deserves that much hate tbh. I don’t think she’s genuine and I think a lot of what she says is problematic. But yeah I do think that we need to take a step back and be a little less aggressive. See how I criticized her here? I didn’t insult her, I just criticized her and I think we need to do that a bit more. With people who are in the middle or are feminists and on our side, we need to be a bit more patient. I think it makes it hard for people who want to better themselves to actually be educated because they’re too afraid of saying something wrong and then receiving death threats and shit that’s wayyyyy too far for the mistake they made. But I don’t think that she thinks like this at all, she’s just trying to shield herself from criticism in general. I’ve heard there were people who messaged her very nicely with a few criticisms, very polite and everything and she’s responded really rudely. So that’s definitely not ok.

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Can you do a scenario where sousuke's gf is always jealous of other girls checking him out so whenever they're out together she constantly tries to cover him up with jackets and hides his face because no other girl is allowed to look at his beautiful face. Hahah. xD over protective sousuke gf needs to be a thing. Cause I love backwards gender norms! Thank you!

“____, you’re starting to act weird” Sousuke crossed his arms as he finally confronts his girlfriend for her weird behavior. She stood there in front of him, her face flushing slightly in embarrassment as she was finally caught. 

“Why are you being like that?” He asks once more and she remains silent. He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. “Are you jealous?” 

“Am not!” 

“You clearly are,” He honestly said as he placed both of his hands on her shoulders. “Look, if you’re scared of someone taking me away from you, it’s not gonna happen.” 

“It’s not that,” She looks straight into his eyes as she sighs and finally starts to speak up, “I don’t like it when other girls look at you like they wanted to undress you. I hate it when they try to talk to you and flirt with you. It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that I’m scared that you might find a prettier girl and leave me for her..” She pouts as she looks down at her feet again in embarrassment. She fidgets with her fingers as she avoids his gaze, and to her surprise he starts laughing. She looks back up and he pulls her into a hug, pressing a kiss on the top of her head as he continues to laugh softly. 

“Why are you being so scared? I wouldn’t ever want to leave you. I wouldn’t even want to be with you if I can’t see having a future with her.” He kisses her forehead this time and presses his against it. “I love you and only you. You have nothing to worry about in the first place.” 

She smiles and nods as a response as she hugs him back, happy that his words managed to reassure her.