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Dark keeps some photos from when he was still Damien/Celine with the Colonel. And Wilford found one of those photos, asking Dark why the guy with the brown moustache looked so much like him and who were those other two people. Dark sighed and said that was a story for another time... hoping both for his old friend to forget it (to avoid painful explanations) and to remember his old self and the love Celine and Damien used to feel for him (I made myself very sad with this I’ll now cry excuse me)


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So Keith has a Red Digivice, Lance a Blue Digivice, Pidge a Light Green one, Coran an Orange one, Allura a Pink one, Hunk a yellow one, Shiro a Black one and Matt a Dark Green one. What do you think?

In my Au

Allura - Pink and dark silver

Coran - Turquoise and dark silver 

Shiro- Purple and white (dude needs more colour in his life)

rest of the team like u mention with white

Zarkon- Black and dark silver

Haggar- Maroon and dark silver

Alfor- Gold and dark silver

Matt- Orange and white

Shay- Copper and blue

Nyma- Peach and blue

Thace- Grey and blue

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Does luci get a lot of suitors?

‘‘When my papa’s Empire will be in need..I will have to marry a prince or king (without a queen) at some point to form alliances..but as my ‘papa’ says…It’s our duty to satisfy everyone. Mama wishes for me to be wedded to Albert and so do I..but papa has absolute control over the both of us, our opinion doesn’t matter much.We’re royal ‘women’,we don’t get a saying in what our future will be like.’’ 

I still wonder if this is Luke talking to Snoke

Pablo says he assumes it is Kylo Ren… but that word ‘assumes’ makes me suspicious.

because Kylo doesn’t seem to have any hood as part of his outfit in TLJ

Then we get the TLJ Poster…… 

It looks likely that Rey and Kylo will leave their masters and team up together.

So why not have the masters team up too? Could Luke make a deal with the devil? (Snoke) 

The latter was certainly keen on finding Luke in TFA

Both Kylo and Rey have terrifying raw power that could threaten the Galaxy…Luke fears it, thats for sure.

This is just tin-foil hat speculation people LoL, but I just can’t get over how villainous Luke looks on the poster, looming in the background.

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You're a treasure and I love your writing! Could i request Taron + Spanking and aftercare, thank youuuu <3

Originally posted by fiveguysfiction

i luv doing headcanons and drabbles for my babe omg // i got so carried away with his wtf

dump nsfw ideas here

  • look at taron’s hands. like don’t tell me those are the hands of satan like oh my god just look at them
  • okay so more or less the reason why the night would end up with you bend over his knees is because you’ve been a naughty girl
  • maybe because you both were invited with the kingsman crew for a dinner night out
  • the dinner was fancy and everything looked so amazing, the tables and the event was just marvelous
  • but of course amidst the fancy tables and other things, you couldn’t help it once both taron and you were sat alongside each other
  • you couldn’t help it —so you gently placed your soft hand against your boyfriend’s thicc thigh just under the table
  • you’d let out a giggle as you’d look over at taron who shot a glare directly at you
  • and you found it so adorable, even though you knew it was the beginning of your scheme
  • so later on your hand would roughly slide up his thigh and halt very closely to his crotch
  • “darling, not right now please”

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Zodiac Signs as Nicholas Hamilton Quotes

Aries: (“Wanna form a band?”) “I’m really good at the triangle.”

Taurus: “Bill Skarsgard…hot as fuck.”

Gemini: “Like bitch watchu on about I’m having the time of my life not hsaring my food with no one thankyouuuuuuu”

Cancer: “Looking indeed sexy yes 😍”

Leo: “Roses are red/Vic Criss is shit/Hey how many lines/Did you have in IT???/(the answer is 1 btw)… 1 line… just 1”

Virgo: “their**”

Libra: “Ooooo dayum Noodle Scalp you Vogue that camera u sexy bich”

Scorpio: “Give me Wyatt and we have a deal”

Sagittarius: “ayyy/Ur both sooooo hottt”

Capricorn: (“You’re hanging out with Wyhatt Oleff and he brings you a meat lovers pizza, bavarian, and blueberry muffins. What do you do?”) “Kiss him. Passionately.”

Aquarius: “#NationalBoyfriendDay” *posts a picture of Wyatt in a Dorito ad*

Pisces: “Wtf is going on”

Day One | 2

Part One | And to clarify, this piece is the flashback and the reason for the first part.

“You need to promise me you’re not gonna tell mum or just — just everyone else.”

Harry said in a serious tone, his lips pursed and his fingers tapping anxiously against the table as he looked up to see Gemma’s face scrunched in a confused expression, swearing to himself that he looked like a split image of her if you look quick enough.

“You saying that makes me want to tell her more.”

He sighed heavily, his fingers combing softly through his hair as his sister’s statement did make sense, yet he still wants to be given the assurance.

Harry finds it more ironic over the fact that he’s going to go and admit something to his sister he’s never told anyone, in the same house where the both of you live in.

“God, Gem. Please.”

He’s a bit more relaxed now that he knows you aren’t in here and at work instead, his shoulders leaned against the couch as he’s still composing the right words, wanting to them sound as right as possible in the first time.

She sighed heavily, shrugging her shoulders as it was normal for either of them to be an accomplice to another.


Harry’s astonishment that he got his sister to agree was up there, but so is the nervousness building up in the pit of his stomach now that the moment was there.

“I’m in love with someone.”

Genna was fazed for a moment by the statement as it was the last thing she thought Harry would confess to her, her eyebrows scrunching in thought.

“With Y/N, yes. I know — wait, are you going to propose?”

Eagerness shot up in her veins as she raised the question, her hands rested on the table with a smile on her face.

It only added the guilt to Harry that made him look down on his lap, pursing his lips.

“Someone else.”

He couldn’t handle the shame in his voice as he felt
Gemma’s eyes bore strongly through him that made him regret he even told her in the first place.

“Gem, wait,” he went first as his sister stood up slowly, lips parted as she’s analyizing the situation.

“Harry — what?”

The question left her lips loudly, her hands momentarily flailing as she wanted to get the gist of it yet she couldn’t, her tongue swiping across her bottom lip.

“I told you so I could receive support, not a lecture.”

Harry mumbled underneath his breath yet she still heard, not having control over his irritation as this wasn’t as he hoped it would go.

She’s slightly pacing around the room as she’s trying to take it in, the annoying side comment of her brother not helping one bit.

“M'trying to give you some as your sister but — Harry, you’re cheating on the poor girl?”


Harry despised the word as he didn’t like the way it stuck around on the tip of his tongue.

His finger was raised to contest Gemma who at the moment isn’t up for any of it.

“S'not — s'not called cheating.”

Her patience was running thin as Harry’s supposed correction wasn’t helpful as the both of them were stood across each other with a scowl on their faces.

“S'not called cheating when you don’t love the the person you’re originally with anymore.”

Gemma slapped her hands against her knees as she shook her head back and forth in disbelief, her jaw tightened as she didn’t expect this.

“How are you even sure you love the person you’re cheating on Y/N with?”

“Stop saying cheating!”

Harry yelled but it wasn’t the one that made the both of them sit diwb as Gemma breathed deeply, clasping her hands tightly.

“Gem, I
don’t,” he’s cut off by his own words as he let the next ones slip out from his mouth with awareness.

It felt foreign that it put an ache to his chest.

“I don’t love her anymore.”

Harry wanted to believe what he said as he repeated it over and over but he couldn’t have it within him.

Harry wanted to believe what he just said because the moment he had the brief glance in accident of you standing in the doorwag as you went back since you forgot something, the tears falling from your eyes without hesitation as your hand covered your mouth, his gaze on you that made Gemma look too, was when he knew that he was done for.

I don’t love you anymore.

He repeated it in his head as he felt the lump growing in his throat as he felt the pieaces of his heart shatter one by one, the both of you looking at each other.

Harry knew it was when he kissed the other girl, was the same time that he made the big
gest mistake of breaking your heart.


Harry simply found no words for both the regret and hurt he’s feeling.

He once again swallowed the lump in his throat from the position he’s sitting on, in the same room he insisted to be in just so he could be sure, just so he could be at peace yet he didn’t even slept a wink.

“I messed us up.”

Admittedly, he just put the extra mattress right beside your bed where you’re lying on as a prop, not so he could lie beside you, but as something to remind him that he needed to work for it.

Harry’s sat on the desk chair he dragged to be placed just right beside you, his hands clasped tightly as he fought the tears that were threatening to come out again even with just the slightest thought.

“Cheated on you.”

He almost whispered as he couldn’t believe that the word he loathed hearing was just as what he did, fiddling with his fingers as he didn’t notice that you too were awake the whole time, each word taking a toll on him.

“Broke your heart.”

Harry finally said as he couldn’t deny the truth nor shake off the look you carried as soon as he took sight of you that you heard it from the start.

It was what made you rise up the bed that the sheets sounded crisp against each other, him being the one that was the first one to choke back a sob as he couldn’t bear himself to look at you and the doings he did that took a toll on you judging from your red features.

“I’m sorry.”

He started off as he found himself repeating it again and again, his own body shaking violently that made you completely get out of bed, your own state being panicked as you put your hands on his sides to calm him down.

“M'a fucking idiot but you’re still here with me.”

Harry said clearly, a humorless sob that proved his point as he couldn’t steady his breathing as he’s occupied with his thoughts, being brought back down when you finally put your hands on his cheeks, jaw tightened and words ready to spill out.

“Look at me,” you tried calming him down that was slowly taking effect, letting your breathing be slightly exaggerated and deep so he could follow, nodding his head.

He was only brought to tears more as the girl in front him, who happens to still be his, is calming down even if it should be the other way around.

“Y'know, you remind me of mum.”

Harry managed to say in between hiccups even if it was either the most recommended or the worst timing to say it, nonetheless making you more silent as you were listening.

“Like a saint. I mean — even if she was tired, she just like, kept going. Wouldn’t let it show.”

He'a in a trance, looking at you as he stopped in his tracks.


The word left his lips sounded correct, as if it was meant to be which really is, fitting you perfectly.

Harry sighed, his hand slowly being put on top of yours as he looked up at you, a little smile building.

“Please don’t leave me.”

A sigh left your lips as no matter how much you wanted to, it was still Harry at the end of the day you’d love, the both of you fully knowing that it won’t exactly go back to the way it was in an instant, but it was there — in progress.



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49 + westallen

“I wanna be … a good dad.  Y’know?“

Lying on the couch next to him, Iris puts her feet up on Barry’s thigh, one hand curved around her belly.  “You’ll make a great dad.”

Barry locks both hands behind his neck anxiously, admitting, “Yeah, but – I wasn’t there for you, today.  And it made me think – God, Iris, I could literally let it all run by me.  If I blink too long, sometimes it feels like – that’s it.”  Softly, he says, “I don’t want to screw this up.”

“Bar.”  Iris waits, but he doesn’t lift his head.  Nudging his side gently with her foot, she insists, “You always come home to me.“

He looks up at her, hair a little mussed and eyes somehow even more tired than she feels, but he does smile when she nudges him again.  “Okay?  You’re gonna be a great dad.”

Squeezing her foot, he nods in agreement, verbalizing, “The smart part of my brain agrees with you.  The dumb side is honestly too tired to be thinking about a baby.”

Closing her eyes, Iris agrees, “Mm.  A baby.”

Careful not to crush her, Barry shifts so he’s lying partially on top of her, head against her belly, her hand in his hair.  “I can’t believe we’re pregnant,” he admits.

Tugging on his hair lightly, Iris reminds, “You’re not.  Lucky.”

“Lucky.”  Sighing, he croons, “We’re gonna have a baby.”  Rubbing his cheek against her belly a little, barely protruding, big-meal subtle, he adds, “We’re going to be parents.”

“That’s what having a baby entails, yes.”

Stroking a thumb over her hip, Barry explains, “No, but like – parents.  To an actual human child.  Not a, a goldfish, or a dog, or something.  A baby.”

Iris yawns.  “A baby,” she echoes, for the hundredth time today.

“You wanna go to bed?” he asks.

“It’s seven-thirty.”

“I’ve been up for over fifty hours, and I know you didn’t sleep at all last night,” Barry points out around a mirroring yawn.  “I won’t tell Cisco we’re lame if you don’t.”

“In that case,” Iris says dryly, and he presses a kiss to her belly before Flashing them into the bedroom, pajama’ed out.  “God, I love you,” she tells him, arms around his neck and pulling him down on top of her.  “Stop losing sleep over this.  You’re gonna be a great dad.  I will write it on your forehead in Sharpie until you have to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see it everyday.  You are.  Going to be.  A great dad.”

He kisses her, cuddling down next to her and saying, “That’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever threatened to do for me.”

Iris hums, and he lets a low purr build in his chest, tears in his eyes as he thinks about cuddling a baby, and Iris just sighs affectionately and tangles a hand in his shirt, saying, “Just stay with me.  The rest will be okay.”

“The rest will be okay,” he echoes, and somehow, it is.

The first person Barry looks at when he sees the Team is Caitlin. And he is smiling happily and so is she.

Iris has to call his name a few times before he’ll actually look over at her.

After looking over at her, his smile fades and he goes back into his crazy state where he is rambling nonsense.

This gives me hope for the end of WestAllen and potential Snowbarry, or at least Caitlin and Barry friendship scenes. The fact that they blocked the scene and shot it like this says something. Barry looks at Caitlin first, they do close ups of both of them smiling. Iris has to call Barry’s name a few times before he’ll glance over at her. After seeing Iris, Barry goes back to freaking out.

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Tom having to go into a super important meeting but he's a goof and u have to tie his tie for him and your tighten it and you're both so close and looking at each other like hella cute and then he makes a sexual joke and ruins the mood but it's all giggles and he kisses u and says "bye love" or some shit that got me fUcKED UP AJSKDFAJA LOVE UR BLOG GIRL 😫❤️👏🏼

asdfdkl i love you and your blog a LOT but you really just ruined me wHAT THE HELL

CEO!Tom Night

me: no more fucking around. we have to start solidifying the plot for lle

me: *spends 3 hours thinking about the differences in common folktales between regions of my world map*

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so i watched rwby volume 1 with my friends when it was new and really didn't like it, it was ugly and made no sense, but i gotta say it looks SO much better now. i don't mean to insult something you like but the improvement i've seen from what you've reblogged looks massive. the characters look so much more expressive and the lighting looks so nice now. along with other small details i notice since i do some animation myself.

oh no omg that’s not an insult at all, i think most of the people in the fandom definitely agree with you on that, especially me. in the beginning ngl the animation is really shitty and choppy imo but now with the new animation that started in volume 4 it is so much smoother and more beautiful like





it’s so incredible the animation and the show have both come so far and i’m in love with the new animation style and also yang xiao long

How old are the ducks??

 Ok so i dunno if there’s already been a post about this, but it’s been bugging me so, here’s mine on the subject.

So in the comics, Scrooge gets his first dime when he was 10 in 1877

you can see this in both the comics and the reboot, the reboot obviously taking inspiration from The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, as seen above

We know that Don Rosa’s comic takes place in 1877 because, well, it says so in the comic itself. But we don’t know when exactly he got the coin in the reboot, but it looks like it’s in the Victorian era as well, as evidenced by the woman’s dress on the right. It looks very reminiscent of the fashion of the time

It’s not an exact match, no, but it is in a childrens cartoon about talking ducks so. Maybe Scrooge was just working in a very upscale neighborhood in the reboot, maybe they just made it look like that so it could look more like the comics, or maybe Scrooge really is 150 years old in the reboot.

Then there’s Donald’s parents pictures

I dunno about you, but Hortense’s (donalds mom’s) dress looks very turn of the century as does Quackmore’s little mustache and little suit. The colors, too, look very much like aged, early 1900 photographs. Now, i know they’re polaroids, but Webby has a polaroid camera and it’s what she used to take a picture of the triplets

so most likely the pics she has of Donald’s parents are pictures of pictures that she took so she could pin it up on her wall.

But, does this mean that Donald was born around 1925, like the comics suggest? Is he 92 years old??? What about Della? Gladstone??

And if they are all this old, then how are they still alive? Did they find the fountain of youth? Were they cursed? Hexed? Do ducks just age really, really slowly in this universe?

And what about the scene in the newest episode, where young Donald and Gladstone are standing next to an electric street light? Did they just, reverse age somewhere in the 90′s and become kids again?? I need to know pls

anyone else’s thoughts?

Bits and pieces of the Spotify official Star Wars playlists
  • Rey: So, by keeping her heart protected
  • She'd never ever feel rejected
  • Little miss apprehensive
  • Said ooh, she fell in love
  • Kylo Ren: There's a pretty girl somewhere with a pretty name
  • But I could never let you know how much this means
  • I swear we'll end this war, because we both know
  • It wasn't worth fighting for
  • Rey: Yet you understand
  • Yeah like no one can
  • We both know what they say about us
  • When I'm with you
  • When I'm with you
  • I'm standing with an army
  • Kylo Ren: Oh, this has become hell
  • How can I share this life
  • With someone else?
  • I promise you
  • There is no weight that can bury us
  • Beneath the ghosts of all my guilt
  • Rey: Cruel desire, danger in our consequence
  • You look my way and I lose my
  • Hey, you wanna rule the world?
  • Outlaw love, make you lose control
  • Hey, hey, boy you got me like whoa
  • White hot, adrenaline baby
  • In my veins, you got me praying
  • Kylo Ren: Feel me now, hold me please
  • I need you to see who I am
  • Open up to me, stop hiding from me
  • It's hurting babe
  • Only you can stop the pain
  • Don't leave me out in the cold
  • Don't leave me out to die
  • Rey: You and me together
  • Through the days and nights
  • I don't worry 'cause
  • Everything's going to be alright
  • People keep talking they can say what they like
  • But all I know is everything's going to be alright
  • Kylo Ren: When angels fall with broken wings
  • I can't give up, I can't give in
  • When all is lost and daylight ends
  • I'll carry you and we will live forever, for ever
  • Rey: I know that I’m rich enough for pride,
  • I see a billion dollars in your eyes
  • Even if we’re strangers til we die
  • I wanna run away
  • I wanna run away
  • Anywhere out this place
  • I wanna run away
  • Just U and I
  • Kylo Ren: We'll sneak out while they sleep
  • And sail off in the night.
  • We'll come clean and start over the rest of our lives.
  • When we're gone we'll stay gone.
  • Out of sight, out of mind.
  • It's not too late,
  • We have the rest of our lives.

~ Sleepy ~

Screenshot edit for @syerraffxiv of her character and her partner’s, Syerra & Rhisdon. I really wanted it to look warm and Sye loves Bokeh and sparkles, I think I managed to do both what we wanted ^^ !

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Chris just stared at her, it wasn’t his intention, to stare so long. At first, Mara didn’t notice, just staring at the ocean. She looked to ask if he wanted to start heading back to Dani’s place, but instead was faced with his piercing blue eyes, to which she reacted by looking away and covering her face.

“Don’t just stare at me like that, Christopher, it’s creepy.” she said playfully, creating a space between her fingers to see him. She couldn’t see his eyes, but she could hear and see the way he laughed. 

His hand went to move her hair from her face, “You’re cute Mars. Let’s head back to Dani’s, we have to make our dish for the family dinner tonight.” He got up onto his feet, putting his hand out for her. Grabbing it, they both made their way to the side of the small Island where Dani’s house was.

im so happy w my art improvement though like… im looking back at previous art, both on and off of this blog, and its just super weird to see the contrast between new and old. im still far from perfect, and i have a lot i need to improve upon, but im p. pleased with myself for sticking with something for as long as i have, and its super gratifying to be able to see the results 

i dont have any good comparisons (since ive never redrawn anything / have similar pictures), but look under the cut if you want to see some old -> new progression from my first digital drawing ‘til now >:O

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People talk about “What if Futaba goes to Shujin?” but hear me out. Rarepair Futaba/Kaoru because same school,overprotective dads and someone they both look up to.

Don’t forget that both use glasses and are quite smart. 

It would be cute to see Futaba interacting with someone new that has the same overprotective big dad. Kaoru also looks like someone who would respect a lot of her social anxiety, maybe even help her buy smaller masks for her to feel safer around other people at some point. Maybe one with a cute cat design that resembles Morgana? It would be so very cute~

Also, there is the fact that I feel like Iwai and Soujiro would get along just fine.