it looks like a mullet was my inspiration

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Your pictures of you haircut + Keith cosplay... Kieth is literally bringing back mullets and I love it you look great ✨

tbh i never imagined to have a mullet but here i am. I wanna thank Keith for the inspiration. I was literally growing out my short hair when ppl started to say I have Keith hair and then I was just going with it. Later I asked my friend to cut my hair like his and now she did it again because it got too long and… I love it omg
And thank you

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I can't tell if y'all are being serious about The Devil's Work™ or not, but those pictures scarred me for life. I mean, W H Y ????? Thank god my men got their inspiration from delicious stuff that make people happy and healthy like carrots and cotton candy instead of the worst fashion trend everrrrrrrrr that should've been KILLED with FIRE so it could NEVER EVER EVER come back ASFGJHKGAKSHSKA YOU NEED JESUS

I am never not serious about hyping my mensTM. Look, Byun Baekhyun could wear a potato sack and I would call it art. ON ANYONE ELSE, A MULLET IS TRASH. ON BYUN BAEKHYUN, LORD OF BURGUNDY SHADOW AND PART OF MY ASS? Killing it. 

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Alright so let me talk about this dude.

If you don’t know this is from a tv show called Sym-Biotic Titain. So yeah he looks a lot like Keith, right down to the mullet. So I looked into it and one of the co creators got a lot of inspiration from Voltron. However, the character’s name is Lance

So basically Klance was legit before the show came out

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kinda mad @ lardo, who is such a goddess that we don't even get to see that embarrassing bowl cut/mullet/sidebangs phase. like lards. my dude. my friend. how. (this has been a rant inspired by me lookin like im wearing an oversized helmet each and every day,,,,,,,,)

i’ve got a working conspiracy that the only reason lardo wears hats is not for mumble mumble character design blah blah but to cover up the sheer nastiness that her hair must be

like there’s gotta be like 6 layers of eldritch abomination she’s hiding under there 

i mean, ok, realistically, you can make growout look like. well not growout. i could make my shaggy mullet look like a pixie really easily (see: the majority of this semester) and like fine fine i can resign that this is part of the growout stage but where’s the nasty.. but like, we never see that for lardo because she’s like mothman’s second cousin who can only be photographed nicely

like???? irl this would look pretty mullet-like ngl but like it doesn’t appear mullet-like which is like. um? how long did it take to grow out to literally kissing the ice length.. did she just cut it before??  how much time elapsed during kiss the ice

like??? gfuck??? she cut it more too?? this is from dibs? which is pre-all of the above like dhfsjkfghfdj my hair grows fast too but like, if you look at this extra, it’s very much so an a-line bob with long late 2000s middle-school side bangs (A/N: rip that’ hair rn like I Know, Larissa) like how tf fuck 

and for me? at least it took me like only 4 months to grow my hair out to a bob, which is like. fast, but this is ???? a lot? esp since it looks like she actually trims and maintains hair length instead of like saying she’s gonna cut it and just not so i’m gonna chalk it up to authorial inconsistencies and the fact that she’s in an au where her school’s mascot is a giant well and pies appear and you can play in the ncaa even if you’d played in the q so sdfkjhdf whom cares she can skip The Stage 

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Bleach characters explain why they changed their hairstyles

As requested by anon. :)

During the time skip, most of the shinigami and many of the humans decided to change their hairstyles…for some reason. According to the anon that requested this list, Rukia changed hers so that she wouldn’t look so much like her sister. But what is everybody else’s reasons? They will now explain!

1. Yumichika

“I have always believed that it’s important to change your look occasionally. Beauty must never be allowed to become stale. Also important? Asymmetry. So once my feathers became symmetrical, I needed a braid on one side.”

Ichigo: Question: is it supposed to look as though there are feathers coming out of your ears like tufts of hair?

Yumichika: Answer: Guys who never change their hair don’t get to talk to me about hair. 

2. Ichigo

“Hey. I added sideburns. That counts as a change! As for why I did it….well, I gotta be honest. I’ve always thought Renji’s sideburns were super awesome. I wanted some myself.”

Renji: R-really? I inspired you??

Ichigo: Hell yes!

3. Renji

“Normally I cut my hair regularly and use wires to achieve my classic pineapple hair look. But I got busy, and didn’t have time to get it cut, so it was getting pretty long. One morning I was running late and had to run to a meeting with my captain with my hair just messily shoved into a ponytail and coming down over my shoulders. At the end of our meeting, Captain Kuchiki said, ‘Your hair looks very nice today.’ And I was like, 'The captain likes my hair????’ So yeah. I had to keep it.”

Bazz-B: And yet when I compliment you, you just act shocked.

Renji: Dude, let it go. 

4. Soi Fon

“When Yoruichi-sama left, I changed my hair a result. I cut it quite short, and even let my natural cowlicks stick out so that it would look a little like cat ears. Now I have changed my hair back to the way it once was, to show that I am no longer living under the shadow of Yoruichi-sama’s betrayal. Only I left the cat ears. Because those look fucking awesome.”

Shinji: Well I think you made a great choice.

Shinji: But maybe I’m just saying that because it looks a little bit like mine!

Soi Fon:

Soi Fon: I may shave your head during the night.

5. Shinji

“Everybody else was getting their hair cut! I wanted in. But my hair is already pretty short, so…..changing my bangs was all I could do. And I figured - a sexy slantwise jazzy bang-cut? Hell yes!”

Hinamori: So it, uh, wasn’t a self-inflicted haircut?

Shinji: …

Shinji: Seriously who is spreading that rumor?

6. Hinamori

“Rangiku was telling me that changing your hair style was a great way to, you know, have a fresh start. But I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. And then as I was sitting there in the salon, I saw Kuchiki Rukia walk by. And I was like, 'That! Do something like that!’ And I think it definitely looks cute!”

Shinji: It does look cute. But, you know….I had so many “bun” puns ready.

Hinamori: That was my other reason.

7. Iba

“The fuller the mustache and the more closely shaven the head, the manlier you are. That is simply fact.”

Ikkaku: Then why not go for a complete shave?

Iba: …

Iba: ….

Iba: Well there’s such a thing as going overboard.

8. Ishida

“I know people tend to read me as straight-laced. I wanted to show everyone that I am actually a little bit….dangerous.”

Ichigo: Through…one-sided bangs?

Ishida: YES

9. Kira

“Turns out having that much hair in your face is super annoying. My head feels lighter now too. Depth perception is a little better. I mean, the real question is - why did I keep that old hair style for so long?”

Kira: And the answer (in case anybody is wondering) is - I hated myself a little.

10. Rose

“Well! It wasn’t exactly that I wanted a new hairstyle. But Izuru expressed an interest in trying something new, and I wanted to encourage that, so I suggested that we go together! But my hair was awesome before so I didn’t change it very much.”

Love: I didn’t know you *could* be subtle.

Rose: Subtlety has its place.

11. Hisagi

“I just haven’t cut my hair in a while. H-has it really gotten so shaggy that it seems like a new style??”

Hisagi: I’ve been really busy!

Kira: Maybe you should just call it a new style, dude.

12. Byakuya

“My old look was exceedingly noble. A scarf, kenseikan, and of course hair in the face (a noble tradition). But when I saw Hitsugaya wearing a scarf like mine, I knew it was time for a change. My new collar is noble. Very noble. So noble that I had to cut back to only *one* piece of hair in my face, rather than three. Just so that I do not overwhelm people with my nobility.”

Renji: So it wasn’t because you overheard someone asking who the “sausage hair captain” was?

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: We said we weren’t going to speak of that.

13. Matsumoto

“I heard everybody else was changing their hairstyles, and I wanted in! So I looked through hair magazines, researched human celebrities, got Akon to make me a computer program to simulate styles on my face…and went with this super-cute style!”


Hitsugaya: You put way more work into your hair than you ever do into your actual work.

Matsumoto: Well way more people see my hair, Captain!

14. Kenpachi

“You know. The spikes and the bells worked well for me. But they were so much damn trouble. It’s nice not to have to spend two hours every morning getting ready.”

Yachiru: But now what will your excuse be when we’re late??

Kenpachi: Probably just how little I care.

14. Yachiru

“I really love my new hairpin! And I think my new hairstyle shows it off great!”

Isane: Is it supposed to allude to that bone guy in your shikai?

Yachiru: Well mostly I just like bones!

15. Orihime

“Last year of high school! I think it’s important to get a new hair cut for that! Only, I wanted to keep my hair long because Tatsuki still inspires me. So I just changed it a bit!”

Tatsuki: And it looks awesome.

Orihime: Thanks!

16. Tatsuki

“I heard that in Bleach, people with mullets always get superpowers. And I thought…..well, it doesn’t matter. It didn’t work.”

Ichigo: I’m pretty sure it’s actually superpowers that cause mullets.

Tatsuki: Well I know that NOW!

17. Hitsugaya

“My old hair style was childish. It was meant to make me look taller. Than I realized - I am a captain. I do not need to prove anything with my hair. So I threw away the gel of my childhood, as it was.”

Kensei: Looking taller is not childish!

Hitsugaya: Why are you here?

18. Kensei

“I just wanted to be taller. In general, I mean. Not taller than any specific person. Just a general goal of looking slightly taller, which is completely legit as a goal and does not need to be motivated by any particular event or person.”

Hisagi: Oh, I’m so glad! I was so afraid it was because I was taller than you now!

Kensei: …

Kensei: Like I would do something so shallow.