it looks like a game of scramble

minho in college
  • double major in primary education and history 
  • wants to teach elementary school!!!!
  • varsity soccer so he has the custom backpack that says CHOI and always wears something uni-related 
  • like seriously….. seeing him not in a some sort of three-quarter zip or sweater with the uni’s name emblazoned on it is shocking af (taemin: go away we haven’t gotten new shipment since the last time you were here which was yesterday you already own the ENTIRE store
  • he also owns uni socks which he unironically wears all the time and all the different types of shot glasses (onew’s broken at least three of them but minho just whips out extras, srsly they’re never ending) 
  • a literal walking, talking uni advertisement (key: pls let me take you shopping for something else / minho: i have other clothes / key: WHERE)
  • in theory he probably should work at the bookstore but he sees how much taemin hates his job and if he can just use his discount there’s no need~ 
  • was actually scouted to be a campus tour guide (literally someone came up to him and begged him to join bc he was perfect for the job) and he is ridiculously good at it 
  • also he could walk backwards well which is why onew did not make the cut
  • did so much extra research about the college so that he could be prepared for any questions and also to have fun facts on hand 
  • which also came in handy for boring his friends to submission with very dry versions of the history of each and every building and sometimes he just does it for shits and giggles 
  • once he came into the cafe during onew’s and jong’s shift and started reciting the history of the building they were in and the origin of the coffee bean and their faces were just pure panic bc they couldn’t even RUN AWAY and they can’t even fight their costumers even though they are being GIANT JERKS (jong: i will give you two coffees out of my own pocket for you to stop / minho: awww hyung you’re so sweet pls make them ventis) 
  • but he’s just SO enthusiastic about his school that many incoming students could attribute their decision to come here to choi minho, master tour guide 
  • he also volunteers at after-school programs in elementary schools and the students always scramble to him when they see him coming in 
  • helps them with their homework and reads to them and lets the lil ones tie tufts of his hair (minho: do i look pretty?? / kid: the prettiest!!) 
  • he’s so sweet with them and they always want to climb up on his shoulders and he lets them and holds their arms out like an airplane (and so that they won’t fall) and zooms around the room 
  • avid college sports fan 
  • no matter what the game, you can probably hear minho cheering loudly from the bleachers 
  • someone got this great snapshot of him with football stripes on his cheeks and yelling which was blown up to larger-than-life proportions and lives in the welcome center 
  • arguably his proudest achievement (”look mom i made it”)  
  • srsly the school should honestly give him free tuition for all the endorsement he does as the uni’s poster boy 
  • when studying he’s usually locked up with onew in the library but he’s also known to always keep his notes on him so he could study during breaks at soccer practice 
  • he always has bananas on him that he’ll totally just give to anyone who asks but it’s a lot of bananas 
  • also never skips breakfast no matter what so he’s seen a lot sprinting to class with a piece of toast in his mouth like an anime character 
Second-Hand Apology (Zach DempseyxFem!Reader)

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Okay so, don’t hate me for this. But I started watching 13 Reasons Why, and I fell in love with Zach Dempsey fast & hard. Naturally, I started thinking about him. Then I started writing about him in a reader insert kinda way…. and now I have an actual fic. Because I’m in love with him. It isn’t as long as the other one’s I’ve written, but I had to get it out of my system. SO HERE IT IS KIDDIES I LOVE ZACH DEMPSEY AND IM NOT SORRY ABOUT IT. 

Let me know if y’all like it and want more 13 Reasons Why fics!

This fic is rated SFW!

Trigger Warnings: Sexual objectivity/ Sexual Harassment/ Bullying )

You felt nauseous.

Ever since yesterday afternoon, when you’d caught wind of a “Hot or Not” list about the girls in your grade. And you heard somewhere you were on it.

The following afternoon, when you saw just about every guy in the sophomore class crowded around Alex Standall’s locker, you felt like any minute you’d keel over and hurl. And when you decided to see what all the fuss was about, just about every guy let out a wolf whistle when they saw you, obviously staring you up and down. 

You felt a sour taste in your mouth over just how uncomfortable you felt, and when you shoved through everybody. Bryce, leaning next to Alex’s locker, had that predatory look on his face that always gave you chills. Justin was patting Alex’s back, Monty was cackling as he read them aloud. He seemed to notice your presence, though, and hesitated his reading with a smirk on his face. 

“What great timing, huh boys?” 

Bryce was staring you up and down, and Montgomery’s voice was resonating in your ears. “I’d say Alex got this dead on. ‘Best Tits - Y/N.’”

 The crowd of boys all heckled and laughed along with Justin, you noticed Zach Dempsey standing behind him with a weird look on his face.

 Bryce started towards you, “Gotta agree, bro.” Your legs were frozen in place, And your heart was pounding in your chest as his hands slipped up the outline of your hips, waist, to the sides of your bust, “Really a… work of art. What’d you eat to get so-“ His hands made contact there, the heels of his hands pressing against the sides of your bosom firmly, “filled in?”

 There was an outcry of ‘Hell yeah!’s and ‘Daaaamn’s and you felt like the world was closing in on you. Bryce’s eyes were staring down at you so coldly, devoid of anything but wolfish lust, and it was enough for you to throw your hands out and shove his chest. He took a step or two back, a confident smile on his face. You were speecheless, frantically looking around to see a sea of eager eyes staring straight at your chest, smug smirks, small chuckles under breaths. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you all?” You managed, your hands shaking. Marcus slipped past you, casually brushing his hand against your ass, giving Alex a high-five when he reached him, “Hell yeah, man! Nice fuckin’ job, you made some good calls.” You were staring at Alex, and he was avoiding your gaze.

“S’a compliment, babe, don’t be so seeerious.” Justin sneered, gesturing to you when he drew out the “e”. Bryce clapped his hand onto Justin’s shoulder, his eyebrows cocked cruelly, “Yeah, let off some steam, maybe you’d get a lil cooler without your shirt on.” 

The crowd of guys let out a loud cloud of agreement, and when you whipped around to stare at them all with wide eyes, you even noticed a few girls at the edge of the crowd regarding you judgementally. 

Soon enough, the boys were chanting, “Take it off! Take it off!” 

The walls were closing in, and your vision was clouding, and once again you felt someone brush the side of your bust with a hand. You slapped at it, letting out a choked cry, “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!” 

The crowd only seemed to laugh harder. You wiped the tears from your eyes with the back of your hand and you glared at Alex. 

“Fuck you, Alex. What the hell did I ever fucking do to you?”

He was silent for a second, but with Bryce egging him on with elbow nudges and Justin waiting for his retort, he plastered on a smile with a confidence you could see right through and mumbled back. “Your fault for flaunting your tits all the time.” 

Once more, the bark of laughter hit your ear drums like a clap of thunder. Your eyes were tearing again, and you glared down the line of Marcus, Bryce, then Justin, then Alex. Your gaze shifted to Zach, who was staring at the ground. Then, as violently as you could, you shoved back through the crowd of assholes that teased you and pulled at your bra straps until you started running down the hall. 

Tears were streaming down your face by now, and it seemed every guy you ran by gave you that same disgusting leer and every girl looked at you condescendingly. It was getting hard to breathe, and you were lucky enough to find an empty classroom down a relatively quiet hallway. You shoved the door open and then closed it behind you, stumbling to the teacher’s desk and planting your hands there. 

You were blubbering quietly, hoping not to call any attention to yourself. The last thing you wanted was Porter finding you and prodding you until you snapped and got yourself suspended. But it was too hard to hold in, and your sobs echoed in the darkened room only to make it feel like the walls were closing in. Your legs gave out from under you and you fell to your knees. Curling up against the base of the desk, you cried quietly into your hands. 

What had you done to deserve that kind of harassment? You kept to your group of friends most of the time, you were kind to just about everyone in school, even polite to assholes like Bryce and Justin. But still, somehow, the universe decided to bite you in the ass. You knew this list wouldn’t blow over quickly, and guys would keep making comments that made your skin crawl. You felt slimy, and disgusting, and the tears wouldn’t seem to stop.

 The bell rang, but you were fairly sure there was no class this room during this period. However, as you sat quietly crying to yourself, you noticed a silhouette on the other side of the door and tensed when the door knob turned. You tried your best to wipe all the tears from your face as if it would make you look normal despite the definite red and puffiness of your eyes.

Judging by the large height of the person, you could assume it was a guy and you prayed you wouldn’t have to fight off a creep. However, as the door slowly opened, you were surprised to see Zach Dempsey was the one pushing it. Immediately, you straightened up against the desk and growled at him. “If you’re here to fucking harrass me, save it because I’ll rip off your fucking-“ 

He threw his hands up defensively after he closed the door behind him. “Woah, calm down. I’m not here to piss you off, I swear.” Even if the dark, your eyes traced over the lines of his face from where you were sitting.

 “So why are you here?” You ventured in a hoarse voice, sniffling, and slowly rising to your feet. He walked from the closed door, past you, to sit on the side of the teacher’s desk farthest from you. He wouldn’t seem to look at you, instead his gaze was fixed on the door and he shrugged nonchalantly. 

“I uh… I just wanted to see where you went. Make sure you were okay after all of that.” Hesitantly, you hopped onto the desk next to him with a distance between you two. His answer ticked you off. 

“Why care now? You didn’t say anything while all those dicks were groping me.” You muttered, wiping a stray tear from your cheek just after it had fallen from your eye. Zach hazarded a look then, at your face, and when your eyes met he awkwardly looked back down to his lap. “I’m sorry about them. Yeah, they’re my friends but they can be real assholes when they want to be.” 

You rolled your eyes and rubbed your upper arms. “Tell me about it.”

There was idle laughter outside the door as a few girls passed, and you clearly hear what they were laughing about. “Did you see it? She ran away crying like a baby. It’s just a fucking list!” 

There was a pang in your chest, and Zach shifted on the desk next to you. There was a stiff silence between the two of you until he spoke again, quietly, but you noticed he was facing you now. Slowly, you turned your body to look at him too. 

“They’re wrong. About that. Alex never should’ve written that list. And you don’t deserve guys grabbing you all the time.” His face indicated that he was being genuine, and he even looked a little bit remorseful. You noted his handsome features, and wondered why he bothered taking the time out of his “popular person” agenda to apologize to you. You kept your eyes on his as long as you could, the let them fall onto the desk between the two of you.

“If they’re your friends, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be, like, laughing along with them?” He shifted uncomfortably, then stood up as if he was getting restless from sitting.

His hands clasped behind his head and paced around before stopping in front of you and dropping his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “Because I’m not, like, that big of an asshole like they are? You probably don’t believe me, I’m with them all the time, but I’m not like them like that, Y/N. They look at you and they see an awesome rack,” You scowled just a little bit, but he scrambled to save himself, “O-Or they look at Hannah Baker and see a really nice ass, but they don’t see that those girls on that list are people and that’s really fucked up. It’s a game to them, but when…” 

Zach took a breath, running his fingers through his hair. His eyes were pained as he stared back at you, and his voice was quiet and sincere. “Just now, when you ran away in tears.. that’s not a game. That’s not funny, and they’re pricks for laughing about it. And I’m sorry they hurt you like that… and that I didn’t tell them to fucking quit it.” 

The silence afterwards was making him shift where he stood, but you were at a loss for what to say back to him. You never expected that to come from him. He was right, that you saw him and expected him to be as much of a dick as his friends. But he wasn’t lying, you could tell in his eyes just how badly he wanted you to believe him. He was risking something by going out of his way to comfort you, and you realized then that you weren’t crying anymore. You mimicked his actions, running your fingers through your hair to smooth it out. Zach looked at you expectantly. 

“I believe you.” You murmured finally. 

Relief washed over his face, and it made you crack a bit of a smile. That seemed to make him happy, and he grew a soft half smile. Your chest tightened. He really was handsome, even in this hardly lit classroom. 

You swung your legs over the side of the teacher’s desk and murmured kindly, “Thank you, Zach. Really.” You laughed a tiny bit, “If you didn’t come along, I’d probably still be crying on the floor.”

His lips pursed into a line, and he looked sympathetic.

You looked at him curiously. “What class are you missing for this?”

 He stopped to ponder it, and his face fell when he came to the realization. “Oh fuck… bio. Shit!” 

You felt a tinge guilty, but smiled empathetically. “Sorry. But I do have to say I’m honored you’re missing such an important class for me.” 

Once again, his face shifted into a lopsided grin, and he took just a bit of a step closer to you. You could smell his cologne. He looked at you bashfully, “You’re worth it.” 

You bit your lip as your smile grew into a grin, “So are you going to go back to class? I’d hate for you to miss any more than you have to. And you’ve already helped out a ton, I feel way better.” 

Zach pulled his phone out of his pocket and clicked the home button. His nose wrinkled. “It’s like, the middle of class. Doesn’t make sense to go now.” 

The silence came back again, and you slowly slid back to your feet so you were standing in front of him. There was still an acceptable distance between you two, and you crossed your arms loosely over your chest. “Well, what, are we just gonna keep standing in the dark here?” You joked.

He scoffed as he tapped away on his phone, you assumed he was replying to a text message, “Well, we could do that. Or…” He looked up from his phone, “We could go do something else. We have what, an hour and a half left today? What do you say we ditch and go do something fun?” He had one brow perked, waiting for your response. 

Sarcastically, you perked a brow right back and put your hands on your hips. “Zach Dempsey wants to miss school just to hang out with Y/N? This is wild.” 

He chuckled and shifted his weight to one leg to lightly kick your shoe with this, “Yeah, yeah, I’m a school nerd, I get it. Y’wanna go do something or not?” 

You weighed your choices in your mind. You could stay in this dark room, all alone, until the bell rang to sit through the rest of the school day. You could wait around in class, wondering why you were dumb enough to turn down hanging with Zach Dempsey. 

Or… you could ditch this prison building full of idiots, get to know Zach and maybe even… 

You reached up boldly to prod the middle of his muscled chest with your index finger, “Show me a good time, basketball star.” 

He laughed and grabbed your hand from there, pulling you towards the door. His hand was so warm… You squeezed it, and scurried along next to him into the hallway. 

The two of you peeked out, making sure no teachers were there to catch you, and you hurried to the nearest exit. You hopped onto his Audi and drove off to your date with Zach Dempsey.

Haikyuu Characters Falling

Hinata/Kageyama - The two are racing to practice and Hinata trips over a crack in the cement and and rolls into a tree, knocking an apple loose from its branch, and it falls onto the tiny crow’s head. Kageyama stops and looks back before bursting out laughing and then promptly gets a shoe thrown at his face.
Daichi/Suga - Suga trips over the last step of the staircase and gracefully descends towards the ground, only to be caught princess-style by Daichi at the bottom. The scene is so sweet that everyone within 15 feet of them now have cavities.
Asahi/Noya - Noya is excited and running way to fast for Asahi to keep up with him. He trips over his own foot and completely eats shit, scraping up his knees, elbows, and cheeks. Asahi frantically runs to his aid asking if he’s alright, to which Noya gives him a thumbs up with his face still in the ground. Asahi begins putting hello kitty band aids all over Noya’s booboos.
Tanaka/Ennoshita - Ennoshita falls and Tanaka asks if he needs help up or plans to stay there for the rest of the season instead of playing volleyball.
Tsukki/Yams - Yams trips while trying to step over a ladybug on the sidewalk and stumbles into Tsukki who grabs onto him before he can fall. Once Yams is stable, he apologizes to Tsukki who is bent down, and Yams sees that he’s moving the ladybug onto a flower safe from harm.
Iwa/Oikawa - Oikawa trips over a curb and cries out for Iwa’s help, but is met instead with a shit-eating smirk from his best friend, who side steps him so Oikawa can’t grab onto his arm. Oikawa hits the ground and hangs his head in shame while cackles from Iwa-chan can be heard all the way around the block. Still looking down out of embarrassment, Oikawa sees a hand held out for him and he takes it. But when he looks up, he sees that the hand does not belong to Iwa, but Ushijima who’s now telling him he should have come to Shiratorizawa.
Makki/Mattsun - “I’VE MCFALLEN!!”
Kyoutani/Yahaba - While cleaning up after practice Yahaba trips over a mop and falls to the ground. Kyoutani from across the court runs to his side, but instead of helping him up, grabs the mop out of Watari’s hands and breaks it in half with his teeth.
Yaku/Lev - Lev is climbing a tree and Yaku orders him to get down before he hurts himself. Lev reassures him that he’s done this countless times and he’s basically a pro before loosing his balance and tumbling down through the tree limbs and landing on his butt by Yaku’s side. Yaku immediately asks if he’s okay, to which Lev replies, “Yaku, now I know what is like down at your height!"      He’s dead now.
Kuroo/Kenma - Distracted by his game, Kenma trips and he loses his grip on the gaming system. The batteries fly out and Kenma scrambles to collect them, praying that his game auto saved, all the while not realizing his knees are bleeding. Kuroo scoops him up into a princess hold and comforts the crying child who just remembered that he didn’t make it to the last checkpoint.
Akaashi/Bokuto - Bokuto’s Akaashi-senses are tingling when he looks over just in time to see his beautiful setter loose his balance over a stray volleyball on the court. Knowing he wont be fast enough to save him, he has the brilliant idea of pushing the volleyball cart behind him so he can catch himself from falling. But he’s too slow and Akaashi falls onto his back and the volleyball cart runs him over then falls on top of him, knocking him out. Bokuto looks around to see if anyone saw him, turns and whistles inconspicuously as he flees the scene.

The day will come when you won’t be

Totally got this idea from @thewalkingdeadfanatic and gonna try it out. I’m gonna write an imagine based off of random episodes. I kind of changed it. If I find myself wanting to write about a certain episode, I’ll do it and post it here. None of them are related and will have different pairings.

Info: Reader is in the line up with the rest of the group. She is Rick’s girlfriend and almost like the female right hand man. Negan notices this and when he sees she isn’t scared of him, he takes her for a ride.

Warnings: blood, swearing.

Word count: 2,089

Originally posted by lionessx


“See that?” Negan shouted and pointed to Rick.

Lucille stood in front of my face and Rick was losing it. He had snot coming from his nose, Glenns’ blood splattered across his face. 

“That’s how I need you to look at me, not any of this tough shit” Negan tells me.

I didn’t falter.

“Do I need to show you!” Negan yelled in my face “Simon, what’d she have?”

“A machete”

“Give it to me” Negan said keeping eye contact with you.

I saw my machete handle being handed to Negan and he took it. He grabbed me by my collar and dragged me behind him. I tried to stand up but he moved to fast. I saw Rick hunched over and sobbing on the ground, this time a snot bubble came from his nose. Then I was in the RV.

Negan sat in the drivers seat and I was on the ground. He had my machete on the seat next to me.

“That dirty look you’re giving me isn’t gonna do anything, but you know what will? You picking up that machete and driving it into my head, right now” Negan says.

I sat there and looked at my machete, I thought about it,

“Now!” He demanded me.

I grabbed my machete and leaped towards him but he was quicker with a machine gun, he stood with it at his torso. Then he laughed, leaning back and then sat back down.

“Let’s go on a ride”


When we stopped Negan sat next to me.

“Do you know why I brought you here?” He asked.

“To make me fear you” I answered bitterly.

“Good fucking job! But I obviously haven’t done that yet. Listen here…”


“Listen here, (Y/N), you belong to me. That machete of yours, is mine. Your boy Rick, he belongs to me”

Negan stood up and picked up my machete. He opened the door into a foggy cloud. He threw the machete, I heard it clang on the roof.

“Get me my machete” He said looking at me.

He killed a walker with Lucille.

“Get me by fucking machete. Now!” Negan yelled and killed another walker.

He grabbed me by my collar once again and threw me into the mist without any weapons. I had to push past a few walkers.

I climbed up onto the roof of the RV. When I got up there I looked around. We were at the scene of the burning wall of logs and hanging man. He was now a walker, the ground below was infested. I fell down and then laid on my back. I could only think of Rick. Is he still okay? Will he be alive when I come back? My ego had gotten the best of me once again.

“Bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together, sitting around at a table for Sunday dinner with a happy ever after. Well, it doesn’t work like that, (Y/N), not anymore. Think about what happened. People die, (Y/N), its what happens. Doesn’t mean the rest of them have to” Walkers were surrounding me. I couldn’t do this “Get me my machete, (Y/N). Get me my fucking machete! Last chance, I really want you to try this time” Negan says.

I grabbed the machete and started to stand.

“Bring me my machete”

Negan fires through the ceiling, beneath my feet. I ran to avoid them and grabbed onto the hanging walker. I was dangling above dozens of walkers as the one I used to save myself from Negan was attacking me. I was starting to lose my grip, walkers at my ankles weren’t helping. Just as I was going to give up, someone opened fire on the walkers below. I let go and saw Negan at the window of the trailer.

“Clock is tickin’ (Y/N). Think about what could still happen”

My mind went to Carl, Judith and Rick. I climbed over the pile of walkers and realized I lost my machete in the jump. I had to think quick. I stayed low to the ground knowing I couldn’t see far through the fog. One walker trailed close behind me. I spotted it and slashed it’s head before standing up.I looked around clueless as to where I was. All I saw were walkers silhouettes and fog. Negan must’ve known and honked the horn. I slashed down walkers left and right. I needed to see them again, my family. I got to the RV but the door was locked. I kept fighting the walkers, smashing them into the side of the RV.

The door opened and Negan killed the walkers surrounding. I frantically stepped inside and closed the door behind me. My chest heaving as I was finally safe. Negan looked at me with a smile before putting his gloved hand out to me. My face curled into a snarl and i placed the machete in his hand before sitting down.

“Atta girl!” Negan says proudly before placing it in the table.

I looked at it, covered in blood. He started to drive off as dawn broke. I was tired from staying up all nigh to fighting walkers on no sleep. Ngean was silent and it was only helping lull me to sleep. 

I was on and off sleeping the ride back. When we stopped is when I opened my eyes again.

“We’re here” Negan say calmly, standing next to me.

His voice scared me. I looked at him, he had a smile on his face.

“This must be hard on you. You though Rick was your knight in shining armor and he was out there cryin like a pussy, he let me take you, alone” Negan says looking though the cabinets.

“Don’t do that” I say.

“Do what? Tell the truth?”

“No, you say it to try and trick me. Make it sound like Rick didn’t want to stop you from taking me. It wasn’t like that”

“Are you sure? If you were mine, no other man would be allowed to take you like I did. Fuck no”

Negan groaned with delight when he found what he was looking for.

“Goodie” He say flipping a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in his hands.

He had a rag in his hand.

Anyways” he groaned “Rick, he was in charge. You, the first lady, right hand woman, whatever. You were both probably addicted to it. The power, ya know?” He took my machete and wiped the blood off on my jacket.”Now, I come and it’s over. But you, you can still help lead a nice productive life producing for me” He says pouring alcohol on the machete and cleaning it off “Any questions?” He asks with a smile.

“Why’d you help me out there?” I ask.

“I need Rick. If you die, who knows what Rick will do. If he leaves, offs himself or kills all his people and then himself, I don’t get my shit. Get it?”

I nodded.

He held the handle of my now clean machete out to me.

“I think you’re gonna need it” 

I stared at him.

“I just got a feelin” He says in a sing song tone, smile still on his face.

When I didn’t his smile fell and his lips pursed. He squinted his eyes.

“So take it” He says harshly.

I did so.

He threw me back out the RV and onto the ground. He dragged me by my collar again and placed me in front of everyone.

“Here we are. Let me ask you somethin (Y/N)” Negan says as I struggle to get up.

My knees were sore from the gravel he dragged me on, also my hands.

“You remember what that trip was about, right?” He asked me.

I answered the question in my head.

“Speak when you’re spoken to” Negan tells me.

“To make me afraid of you” I spoke.

“Good job! But, you’re still lookin at me the same god damn way. Like I shit in your scrambled eggs and that a’int gonna work. So, do I give you another chance?” He asked crouching in front of me.

“You will, you need me, remember?” I said.

“Okay, hat’s fair. Well, here goes. The grand prize game everybody. What you do next decides whether your crap day becomes everyone’s last crap day, or just another crap day”

I looked at everyone, weak and broken. Abraham and Glenn’s brains were on the ground. Some slouched, sprawled out of sat cross legged. Maggie looked even worse.

“Get some guns to the back of their heads”

I watched as his men got guns to everyone’s heads, including Rick and Carl.

“Level with their noses so when you fire” He imitated an explosion “It’ll be a real mess”

I watched as Negans’ eyes saw who my eyes were on. 

“Rick, right here” He says pointing at the ground in front of him, adjacent from me.

Rick didn’t hesitate. He stood up and stood in front of Negan. Negan removed his belt and I turned to see what was happening.

“You a southpaw?” Negan asked Rick.

“No” He answered.


He tied my belt around his bicep.

“Alright, down on the ground, next to the badass” Negan directs him. 

Negan helped guide him face down to the ground. His right arm was closest to mine and I looked at him. He had tears in his eyes.

“Simon, you got a pen?” Negan asked one of his men.

“Yeah” He answered.

He threw it to Negan. Negan crouched down and rolled up Rick’s sleeve. He drew a line across his arm and fear settled in my stomach.

“Negan, please don’t” I beg.

“Really? I’m not doing shit” He stood up (Y/N), I want you to use your machete and cut of your hubbys left arm off, right on that line”

My eyes widened at the request.

“I know, you need a minute to process that. I need you to do it or all these people, including his kid, are gonna die. Do you want that to be on you? The killer of your mans son?”

“You don’t have to do this, we understand” Carl spoke up.

“You understand, (Y/N) here, she doesn’t” He turns his conversation to me “I know this is screwed up but I’m gonna need a clean cut, like a salami slice, nothin messy, clean, 45 degrees, give it somethin to fold over. We got a great doctor, he’ll be fine, probably. This needs to happen know, or I’ll crush his skull myself”

“Negan” I whisper.

“Pick up the machete. (Y/N), not making a decision is a big decision. You really wanna see all these people die? You will, you will see every, ugly thing”

I couldn’t bring myself to it. I felt tears fall.

“Oh my god, are you really gonna make me fuckin count?”

I looked around thinking.

“Okay, (Y/N), you won this one, I’m counting


“Negan, please, I-it can be me” I cry.

Two” Negan crouched down once again, he grabbed my face “This is it”

One” He shouted.

I picked up my machete as I yelled. I placed my left hand on Ricks’, when I looked at him he nodded, letting me know it was okay.

“(Y/N), it’s okay, just do it. I love you” Rick tells me.

I lift my machete, I was ready to swing but then Negan touched my arm gently and came down to my eye level. I stopped.

“You answer to me, you provide to me, you belong to me right?”

I nodded shakily.

“Speak when you’re spoken to!” He shouted as he grabbed my face again “You answer to me! You provide to me!”

“I provide to you” I answered with my voice quavering,

“You belong to me! Right?”

“Right” I say quietly.

“That” he let go of my face “Is the look I wanted to see”

I scrambled to Rick and helped him up. I crawled into his arms as he kissed my head while Negan continued to speak. He took Daryl, he looked to see if I’d do anything about it and I didn’t dare move or speak. He nodded with a smug grin. When he left I turned to Rick and held his face.

“I-I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Rick” I kissed him and then turned to everyone.

No apology was needed. They knew we couldn’t take back what happened and that I was okay. I looked back at Rick.

“I love you. I’m sorry” I sobbed.

“It’s okay, we’re okay, that’s all that matters”

This took me a really long time so feedback would be much appreciated. 


Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 3

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Part 1 - Part 2 

Poor Adam’s life is about to get difficult. Don’t hate me guys lol <3

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Post weirdmageddon trauma

> There are some days where Stan can’t remember anything. He wakes up on the boat with his brother and doesn’t know where he is or who he is or who he’s with. It kills Ford to see his brother like this because he knows it’s his fault

> Sometimes Ford has seizures. Stan never took any health classes or read any books on the stuff, but he knows the basics so all he can do is put something between Ford’s teeth and hold him still and wait for it to be over

> In the worst days, Stan looses his memories and Ford will have a seizure so all Stan can really do is panic and try to stop it but he doesn’t remember anything so he doesn’t know what to do

> Mabel, Dipper, Gideon, Pacifica, Wendy, Candy, Grenda, and Robbie all have one thing in common when school starts again: they all have panic attacks during math class. All they can see is Bill during every trigonometry lesson and they all know they have to take math to pass but they just…….can’t

> Gideon has a deep loathing of all cute things. Every time he sees something cute he starts having flashbacks to being locked in that cage. If people call him cute, that’s even worse. He once overheard girl at school saying he was cute and all of a sudden he couldn’t breathe and he was there with Bill again, the sounds of innocent people screaming ringing in his ears. He was dragged off to the nurces office, tears just streaming down his face while he screamed “IMSORRYIMSORRYIMSORRYIMSORRY” over and over and over again

> It’s their first year of high school, but Dipper and Mabel have made no new friends. Their teachers have called home multiple times, conserned. They’ve all described the twins as “jumpy” and “isolated” as well as “highly suspicious of everyone”

> Robbie has nightmares about being part of Bills demented throan. He constantly has to be moving in some way to remind himself that he can and that he’s no longer a paralyzed statue

> Wendy’s always been bad at getting to class, but the year after weirdmageddon it escalates. She’s late to every class because she keeps going into the woods during every passing period to make sure Bill is still just a harmless statue.

> Mayor Tyler may preach the “never mind all that” act all he wants, but everyone knows he quadrupled the Gravity Falls police force after weirdmageddon

> Ford swears he can hear an echo of Bill’s voice in Stan’s sometimes. He refuses to let the demon play mind games with him anymore, but he’s constantly torn between wether or not he’s imagining things

> Certain things will trigger Fiddleford and reduce him to the mess he was before he regained his memories. One moment he’ll be fine, and then something will happen that’ll send him scrambling to find the memory gun again to forget “just one last time”

> Candy builds a home security system that’s special made to detect things like Bill. She makes one for everyone in Gravity Falls, but it still doesn’t help the constant feeling of dread she feels whenever she looks to the woods

> Grenda takes up boxing and wrestling and as often as she brags about being able to take down the next demon who tries to mess with her friends, she’s always remembering how psychical force alone couldn’t stop Bill and wondering why she even bothers

> Pacifica becomes paranoid that every bad thing she does will have the ghosts come back to haunt her family. She tries her best to be good, she really does, but then she’ll mess up something small and be too scared to leave to house for days in fear that they’ll come back

> The worst moment in Soos’s life was when Stan, the man who was a father to him, forgot who he was. So naturally, now he calls up Stan every chance he gets to make sure he still remembers

> Soos and Melody don’t allow any kind of arcade game anywhere near the Mystery Shack. Once a character on a kids gameboy sounded a little to much like Giffany and needless to say that did not end well

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on vagabond who doesn't really have a personal space bubble? Like he never really invades anybody else's space much but he doesn't seem bothered if somebody's feet are in his lap or head on his shoulder or attempting to climb him like a tree as certain british lads are known to do

ooh, i like it a lot. i feel like he doesn’t care all that much as long as it’s not someone trying to hurt him. it’s just not that big a priority to him. he’s the motherfucking vagabond, he’s almost died a million times over, so who gives a fuck about the occasional smelly foot in his face or the odd criminal passed out snoring against his shoulder? it’s just not a priority.

even in the beginning, when he wasn’t allowing anyone to get too close, when he had a reputation to uphold and he wanted to make damn sure that the crew knew he wasn’t someone to be fucked with, he wouldn’t shrug off physical contact. he wouldn’t respond to it, is all. geoff punches him good-naturedly in the arm? vagabond just looks at him. doesn’t say a word, doesn’t move a muscle.

( which naturally fucking terrifies everyone around geoff, even though geoff himself could give less of a fuck. and then it terrifies geoff, once he grasps that he just socked the fucking vagabond in the arm. he throws out a half-assed, somewhat nervous “eyyy…sorry about that, man” and brushes it off, but there’s a good run of nights spent with one eye open after that. )

gavin hops into his lap? just looks at him.

( gavin promptly starts squirming and stammering as he rolls onto the floor with all the grace of a drunk sea lion. that’s another reason ryan doesn’t respond to people in his space, because it’s just fucking funny. )

ray is the only person who gets in his space and doesn’t immediately apologize or run away. mostly because ray tends to internalize his feelings. so his panic manifests in a rambling string of oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck i’m dead i’m gonna die this is how it ends as he just leaves his feet propped up across the vagabond’s knees and continues to play call of duty. the logic is, if he’s gonna die, he’s gonna die playing fucking video games, lounging across the vagabond’s legs, and go out as a fucking legend.  ( also known as ‘a fucking idiot’. )

as they get to know each other better, vagabond just doesn’t bother giving them A Look anymore. and the crew gets more comfortable with getting in his space once they realize that they haven’t already been murdered yet. it becomes a common sight to see ryan buried beneath a pile of asshole criminals, all playing video games.

sure, every once in a while, gavin will get on his fucking nerves and do something like scramble onto his back and repeatedly poke his face  ( like a little fucking kid, seriously )  at which point ryan will unceremoniously dump him to the ground and walk away while michael turns purple with laughter. but for the most part, as long as the crew isn’t fucking with him or trying to kill him, he couldn’t care less.

plus, he really is a dad kinda guy at heart. like, throws a blanket over a blacked-out geoff sprawled across the kitchen table kinda guy.

to make a long story short, the vagabond has always been good with kids.

Merry Merry - Stranger Things Fanfic

Christmas Eve - 1984

El had never celebrated Christmas before, the boys knew this. They didn’t really have to ask - her confused gaze and questioning eyes when they mentioned the name Santa Claus kind of gave it away.

So after explaining the concept of Christmas, and presents and family, maybe even snow if it’s cold enough, El couldn’t wait for Christmas.

After all, it would be her first - and it would be with the people she cared about most.

The whole idea of presents was what encaptured El. And not receiving them - giving them. She liked the sound of people being happy to receive them and remembered the only times she felt happy in the lab were when Papa gave her a present. She wanted people to feel what she felt in those rare moments.

So when Christmas Eve came, and all six kids and their families met at the Wheeler household, El couldn’t contain her excitement, gripping the bag with her friends’ presents even tighter. Hopper looked down at the young girl he was proud to now call his own and smiled adoringly.

“Max and the boys are downstairs, go right ahead.” Karen smiled warmly as El hugged Hopper before rushing towards the basement stairs, almost tumbling down.

“Don’t break anything!” She heard Hopper yell after her. She found it funny when he went into dad mode - it was so rare for him.

Arriving at the bottom of the stairs, El halted in her tracks.

It was breath taking - the bright lights, the colourful streamers, the intricate wreathes. It was beautiful. She’d never seen anything like it!

As soon as she hit the last step, all heads in the room turned in her direction.

“Hey El!” A chorus of voices hit her ears as she made her way over. They were all playing what looked to be a card game.

“Hi,” she blushed, still never warming to the idea of all the attention being on her.

All the boys and Max scrambled to their feet, each coming to give El a big, warm Christmas hug - exactly what she needed during the cold, winter nights.

After receiving the last bear hug from Dustin, El shuffled back so she was standing before all five of her friends.

Slowly and delicately, she raised the bag with all her presents.

“Merry Christmas,” she murmured, her cheeks tinting crimson.

Max was the first to grab the bag, eager to unfold the pink tissue paper concealing the gifts inside.

“Max, don’t snatch.” Will chided, ever the parental figure of the group.

“Sorry…” Max mumbled. El giggled and just shrugged.

Max reached into the large bag, fumbling around until she found a small box enveloped in a large layer of pink tissue with her name scribbled on it.

Max shook it slightly before ripping through the paper, uncovering the box beneath. She turned the box over in her hands before shaking it once more - only a light rattle sounding out.

Eagerly, Max ripped it open to uncover a purple (because it’s not as girly as pink but still stylish) friendship bracelet. In the middle, there was a silver bead with the letter ’M’ printed on it.

El held up her own purple bracelet, only her’s had the letter ‘E.’

“So we match,” She said.

Max smiled adoringly down at the bracelet before giving El yet another hug, murmuring it was the best present she could’ve received.

El smiled before turning to Lucas who was already undoing the tissue paper on his present.

After fumbling with the wrapping for a minute longer, Lucas managed to uncover what was inside - a red camo bandana.

Which conveniently went perfectly with his red Christmas sweater.

“It’s awesome! Thanks so much, El.” Lucas stepped forward to give El a large hug before stepping back and tying it around his head.

“You’re welcome.”

When the kids had turned to the next person, they weren’t at all surprised to find the wrapping paper already on the floor and the present laying delicately in the recipients’ hands.

Low and behold there was a ‘Lando Calrissian’ figurine resting gently on Dustin’s palm. It was a beautiful choice - reminding everyone - well almost everyone - about some of their crazier times together.

“I love it!” Dustin shouted before diving towards El and picking her up like a rag doll.

“Y-you’re welcome, D-Dustin.” El managed to stammer out with limited breath.

“Oh- sorry.” He giggled, placing her down gently before taking his place back between Lucas and Will.

He leant down and picked up the now lighter gift bag, handing it to Will.

Will glanced up at El and gave her a big grin, to which El returned just as sincerely.

Leaning into the bag, Will grabbed the largest of all the presents which had his name scrawled across it in El’s familiar, loopy handwriting.

Delicately removing the tape, he unwrapped the bright pink tissue paper, revealing a large sketchbook and some coloured pencils. Everyone knew of Will’s love for art so they knew how much a present like this would mean to him.

“It’s amazing. Thank you, El.”
Will gushed, looking up at her.

El blushed again and looked down.

“No problem, Will.” She smiled, going forward to give him a quick hug before stepping back.

That left one present in the discarded and slightly crumpled Christmas bag.

“Saved the best for last.” Max teased, picking up the bag and passing it to Mike.

Mike gently took the bag before turning to El.

El refused to meet his gaze and looked down. Out of all the presents in that bag, Mike’s was the only one she was unsure about.

Leaning into the bag, Mike grabbed the flat, rectangular present, coiled tightly in pink tissue paper.

Flipping it over, he removed the tape before slowly undoing the wrapping. After about a minute of nothing but the sound of rumpling and crunching, Mike uncovered the gift.

He almost stopped breathing.

Laying in Mike’s hands was a beautiful silver photo frame, engraved with the word 'promise’ across the top.

And inside the photo slot, was a beautiful candid picture of Mike and El, sitting next to each other, eating eggos and laughing until their guts hurt as they had a picnic in the Wheeler’s backyard. His mum must’ve taken it when they weren’t looking.

It was - perfect. No other word could describe it. She was perfect.

Glancing up, Mike smiled before walking towards El and enclosing her in a loving hug. El wrapped her arms around Mike’s torso, leaning into his warm embrace.

“Thank you, El,” he breathed into her ear, tickling her skin.

“It’s perfect…just like you.” He murmured, pulling back to look her in the eye.

El released a breath, allowing the blood to flow delicately onto her cheeks. She was so relieved and grateful that he liked his gift.

“I-I’m glad you like it.” She mumbled, her cheeks turning even more pink.

“You ready to see your present?” He asked, pulling away from her but keeping a firm grasp on her hand.

“Yes,” she breathed, not able to contain her smile. All the others turned and lead the way out of the basement towards the back door.

Where were they going?

Following after them, Mike and El made their way outside where El stopped in her tracks.

All five of her closest friends were standing there, grinning at her.

A huge smile spread across El’s face.

“Told ya she’d love it.” Dustin giggled, nudging Mike in the arm.

Standing before them was a pink bicycle. El’s very own pink bicycle.

She’d dreamed of owning her own for so long! Not that she didn’t love riding on Mike’s with him of course.

“For me?” She squeaked, still not believing what was really in front of her.

“Yup, all yours!” Lucas piped up.

Will stepped forward, bringing out something from behind his back.

“Just while you get the hang of things,” Will playfully remarked, before presenting a beautiful white helmet decorated with purple, pink and blue flowers.

Taking the helmet in her hand, El looked it over before glancing at the faces of all her friends.

“I-I don’t know wha-what to say.” She stammered, eyes beginning to water.

“You say, Merry Christmas!” Max replied, all the boys following in her words.

El couldn’t believe what amazing friends she had.

“There’s still an hour before dinner, why don’t we go for a ride?” Lucas suggested.

“Yeah, teach El how to ride her own bike for once, hey Wheeler?” Dustin smirked, knowing fully well Mike didn’t want to buy El her own bike.

He’d never admit it to the guys, but he loved it when El wrapped her arms tightly around his waist as they flew through the streets of Hawkins. It’s one of the many things he loved doing with El.

But he knew she’d always wanted her own.

“Uh- yeah.” Mike mumbled, scratching the back of his neck, inadvertently allowing a scarlet red to flood his freckled cheeks.

“Let’s go!” Max yelled, already making her way over to her skateboard.

“Right behind you!” The boys all called, leaving El and Mike standing there.

Turning to El, Mike kept his firm grip on her hand.

“Merry Christmas, El,” Mike smiled, his gaze never once wavering from her own.

“Merry Christmas, Mike,” El smiled, thinking over how grateful she was.

She was so lucky.

You could almost smell the tension surrounding you, but it was a good tension, an anticipating one. Everyone was looking forward to what was to come, a chance to impress the gods. You were standing with Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd, surrounded by the largest army that had ever been assembled. Like everyone else you were listening to Ivar, who was in the small carriage Floki had built for him, going up and down in front of the rows of hundreds of warriors. He was inciting them, reminding them why they were here and what they were planning to achieve. You watched him with growing pride as he was talking to all these older men who were going to follow his lead. Ivar had definitely changed during the past few weeks. He had become a man. You smirked at the thought.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sigurds voice pulled you out of your thoughts.

“It’s what I’m here for.”

“Maybe you should wait in the camp. Why risk to harm that beautiful face of yours?”

You smirked at him. “You obviously have no idea how good I am.”

That moment Ivar, who had ended his speech, came towards you and reached out his hand to you. You took it and he pulled you up to him. You did not miss the spiteful look he gave his brothers as you wrapped an arm around him. You two have been together for weeks now but he still loved to show off in front of them.

“I would love to find out how good she is.” Sigurd said with a suggestive smile as you and Ivar were out of hearing range. His brothers laughed.

“It looks like you’ll have to ask Ivar, if you want to know about that.” Hvitserk said and gestured over to your slim form pressed to Ivar’s side.

“Nah, can’t take long until she grows tired of the cripple.”

“You better remember what happened the last time you tried to touch her. Next time she’ll cut your balls off, just like she promised.” Ubbe said, an amused smile on his face.

“And if she doesn’t, Ivar will.” Hvitserk added.

The hostile army had assembled on the other side of the valley. You knew the battle would start at any second now.

Ivar looked at you. “You ready for this?”

You bit your lip and nodded.

“This is our chance to prove ourselves. To Odin. To my father. And to our people.” Ivar said.

You smiled at him. “We will impress them all.”

He smiled back at you and for a moment you got lost in the blue oceans of his eyes.

The whir of a horn pulled you back into reality. You could see the English soldiers starting to run towards you. The warriors to your right and your left hammered their weapons against their shields to cheer each other on. As they started to run down the slight hill, Ivar sped up his horse and you two flew towards the enemy. The two armies crashed together with loud screams and the sound of weapons colliding. One second later you were surrounded by chaos. Ivar skillfully guided his horse through the fighting men. He was slaying enemies to right and you to the left. Blood ran down your face and your ears were throbbing from the screams and the other noises of the battlefield. You were completely lost in this deadly game. You looked over to Ivar. If hadn’t known him, you’d be absolutely terrified. He was covered in blood and laughing like a mad man. You could tell how much he loved every second of this. But as his eyes met yours, they turned softer and he gave you an admiring smile. That moment the carriage rumbled over a dead body and you lost your balance.

You could hear Ivar scream your name as you fell off. He stopped his horse and looked back to you. You quickly scrambled to your feet.

“I’m fine.” You yelled to him and waved your arm in the air to signal him to go on.

He hesitated for a moment then nodded and drove his horse forward again while you threw yourself back into battle. It was a hard fight for the hostile army was as large as yours but in the end the skills and the fearlessness of the viking warriors were rewarded with success. Or maybe the gods had just favored you.

Now that the battle was dying down you realized how tired you were, it had been hours of fighting. You looked around trying to make out Ivar and let out a relieved sigh when you spotted him. He had also seen you and guided his horse in your direction.

“Thank Odin, I was worried.”  He said.

“You know there is no reason to. I can take care of myself.”

He did not reply but a devilish grin grew on his face.

“What?” You asked.

He looked up and down your dirty and blood soaked body. “I’ve never wanted you as much as in this moment.”

You smirked at him. “Later.”

As you got back to your camp it was already getting dark. You went to clean yourself up and to get some fresh clothes, than you went to find Ivar. You saw him sitting by the fire, cleaning his weapons but as you walked over to him you were stopped by Sigurd.

“Y/N, I see you made it out alive.”

“Does that surprise you so much?”

“No, I understand you are a great shieldmaiden. But what I don’t understand is why you are with a cripple.” He paused for a moment. “A cripple who can’t even satisfy a woman.”

You smirked and purposely got really close to his face. “Who says he can’t?”

“I know it. We once set him up with a slave girl…”

“Oh, common.  There’s a big difference in being with a random slave girl, who doesn’t really what to be there or being with a free woman who knows what she’s doing.” You gave Sigurd a smug smile and a wink and pushed him out of your way.

“I’ve been wondering where you are.” Ivar said as you reached him.

“Looking for you.” You answered as Ivar pulled you into his lap.

“Have you heard? We’ve captured king Aella.”

“What will you do with him?”

“I have many good ideas.” He said, his hands playing with your hair. “But I think I will make him a blood eagle. I can’t wait to hear his screams.” You felt his hands sliding under clothes. “But that can wait. Tonight I want to hear your screams.” He whispered into your ear.

His lips found yours and he kissed you eagerly while his hands were roaming your body. He traveled kisses down your jawline and your neck. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once and you couldn’t stop a moan as his teeth grazed your skin.

“Hey” Ubbe yelled from the other side of the fire and threw his empty goblet at you. “Get to your tent.”


Now I definitly have some smut going around in my mind. I’m just unsure wether to write it down or not…

Please let me know what you think about this one.

By the way, is there an english word for these small carriages? I couldn’t find one.

A Standing Ovation Ch. 3 Game Suspension, Pt. 5

Refer to: Cast, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

VIP Room

“Now then, thank you for the meal. It was an honor sharing this experience with you. Vice governor Hiura.”

“…..Isn’t the discussion still not finished?”

Izaya shook his head at Hiura’s attempt to keep him here.

“It is unfortunate, but from this point on we cannot continue forward without executive Takioka here, correct?”

“Well that is true, but….”

“Well, it will be fine if executive Takioka gives an answer by the ninth inning I suppose. Besides, I have to make various calls on my end too.”

Hiura nods at Izaya’s words, that being a natural course of action.

“When we meet later, I hope you will give the name of your employer.”

And then as he observed the young man in the wheelchair as though with admiration he said this.

“However, it’s strange. I have mistaken you as the top of the organization that is trying to get involved with us since you are so imposing.”

“No way.”

Izaya gives a sneering smile and strokes the arm of his wheelchair.

“I am just an informant. I move according to the will of my employer, nothing more than a humble puppet.”

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that was the WORST edited episode of survivor…. why would they be freaking out that Tai told Varner they were voting Sandra like obviously they’d have to tell Tai someone Tai’s not gonna tell Varner he’s voting for himself…. they literally picked and chose what scrambling they’d show and make it look like they were voting Tai when clearly they’d have to say something later like…. was that a show? there’s crucial footage CBS is KEEPING FROM US

Best Friend Series; Junhui

- you and junhui have been best friends since childhood
- basically you were six years old and you were making a sandcastle at the park
- you were really happy with how it turned out in the end it took you like an hour to make it and it’s beautiful and everything
- when suddenly you hear “I GOT IT!!”
- you look up to see a baseball heading in your direction and this kid is running after it not paying attention to where he’s going
- and he jumps super high and successfully catches the baseball but HE LANDS ON YOUR SANDCASTLE DESTROYING IT
- you just stare at it with the most shocked expression ever and you glare at the kid who’s scrambling to his feet
- and by glare i mean glare like if looks could kill this kid would be dead
- so you scream “HEY YOU DESTROYED MY SANDCASTLE YOU STUPID HEAD” and after dusting himself off, he goes like “WHO ARE YOU CALLING A STUPID HEAD??”
- you both end up arguing and you’re like “APOLOGIZE” and he’s like “NOPE”
- before you know it you’re dragged into the baseball game and the boy says “IF YOU WIN I’LL APOLOGIZE, BUT IF YOU LOSE, YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I SAY UNTIL IT’S TIME TO GO HOME”
- you’re like WHAT THAT’S HARDLY FAIR but you play anyway, you’ve played baseball before with a friend so you’re just staring at the kid like GET READY TO LOSE
- all the boys’ friends are like woahhh that kid is so cool they’re better than YOU jun!!
- and jun’s pride is hurt because he never lost a baseball game in his LIFE
- you’re expecting him to get all angry and mean again
- but he just smirks and approaches you
- he says “i like you. come to the park more often and play baseball with us!! we’re 13 people so sometimes someone’s left out while we play 6 vs 6 but with you it’ll be equal”
- you’re like “ok cool but WHERE’S MY APOLOGY”
- and he just laughs and says “i’ll apologize to you if you win five games. i’m junhui btw, but you can call me jun.”
- and you’re like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME oh forget it just keep the apology” but every time you go to the park JUN IS ALWAYS THERE
- sometimes he’s playing baseball with his friends but other times he’s practicing wushu and taekwondo and you’re like…… ok that’s kinda cool i guess……
- one day while he was practicing wushu with a tree branch, he catches you staring and he runs up to you and you’re like omfg just great
- he’s like “HEY!! you haven’t played baseball with us since last time!!” and you’re like “not this again” and jun’s like “oh yeah what’s your name btw??” you give him your name and he just says it over and over while grinning
- the next time you go to the park the boys are playing baseball and jun runs up to you and says “(name) join us!!” you say “no” but he drags you to the field anyway
- you end up playing and this time you LOSE
- you’re like NO WAY and jun is just laughing at your reaction
- long story short, you end up playing baseball with them a few more times and when jun finds out that you live nearby he walks you home
- you actually do end up winning five games first but then jun goes like “did i say five?? i meant EIGHT” and he keeps increasing the number just to spite you but in the end you guys decided on seventeen games
- and he’s stuck to you ever since
- since you guys went to different elementary schools, you only ever saw him whenever you went to the park
- but then you guys ended up going to the same high school and uni and i present to you the GREASE
- he waits for you after class so you can eat lunch and walk back together
- sometimes he throws his arm over your shoulders while winking and making kissy faces and you’re like ew jun stop while pushing his face away
- makes every hangout with you sound like a date and says it loud enough for the people around you to hear
- makes everything you guys do together sound inappropriate just to see your reactions
- after school, you guys always go back to the park and play baseball together
- well actually it’s more like catch because you guys are only two people but wtvr
- deep talks while playing catch
- he lends you his varsities and hoodies
- whenever you wear them, jun says “you look much better in them than i do” wink wink and you just take the varsity/hoodie off and throw it in his face like ugh nvm jun i think i can survive this cold until we get home
- never has money so he always begs you to buy stuff for him
- to make up for all those times you treated him, he gets you the most amazing and expensive birthday gifts
- “HOW DID YOU KNOW I WANTED THIS?? THANK YOU SO MUCH JUN” “i think i deserve a little kiss for it don’t you think? ;)” “don’t push it”
- you always go to his wushu competitions to cheer him on and you’re always front seat!!
- everyone always complains how he takes FOREVER to answer his text messages
- but you’re just like what…. he answers mine within a minute
- cooks for you when you’re sad
- probably taught you a few self-defense tricks/martial arts so he won’t get worried about you
- jun is popular with the girls so he always gets confessions or gets asked out on dates but he always declines them (probably used you as a scapegoat a few times by saying you’re his s/o lmao)
- you’re always like “jun why don’t you just say yes to one of them”
- but he’s like “i can’t because if i do…… you’d be alone”
- and jun just smirks like OOOKAY
- but one day he actually does go on a date with someone and you’re like…… oh
- it’s so lonely because he’s not outside waiting for you in front of the school like always and he isn’t there to make fun of you or annoy you
- you hate to admit it but you miss the grease
- later that day he calls you and he’s like “let’s eat out i’m starving” and you get so happy and you two eat out while he tells you about his date
- he notices your face light up when he says he didn’t enjoy it and he just smirks
- “you missed me didn’t you?? come on just admit it” “i’m leaving”
- after dinner, you guys go back to the baseball field and grin when you see you and jun’s old childhood friends playing a round of baseball
- they’re down to play baseball again with you guys for old time’s sake and you and jun just look at each other with grins
- you’re like “we’re both tied at sixteen right??” and he just grins and nods
- “you still owe me that apology”
- “like you’re going to get it”
- jun ends up winning the game and as punishment he has to stay with you forever
- you just roll your eyes and say “how could a person be this greasy”
- but jun just laughs and ruffles your hair and well guess you’re stuck with him (but is that really a bad thing??)

Like a Porn Star

Genre: just smut lmao

Word Count: 1944

Porn was just stupid plot lines and pervy camera crews. Nothing special. Until you met Jung Hoseok, that is.

Cheesy porn scenarios like this were normally a drag. Guy delivers pizza, then fucks girl. Guy pulls over girl for speeding then fucks her. In this case, you would be playing a helpless girl with a broken TV, looking for a sexy repairman to come and change your life. And that repairman just happened to be Jung Hoseok, renowned adult performer.

You were just a newbie and hadn’t gotten to film with the big leagues yet. But today was the day. Fate seemed to want Hoseok to be the one to make you forget about the cringey storylines, forget about the sweaty crew watching with semi-hard ons behind the cameras. He would just do what he did with all of his co-stars. Make them feel like they were the only person that mattered. And damn was he good at it.

You weren’t usually shy but when you saw Hoseok walk on set, in all his manly glory, you couldn’t help but lower your gaze and avoid him. He was already in costume and fuck, he looked good. Clad in rugged ripped jeans and boots, a white t-shirt with a plaid shirt loosely slung on his shoulders, you knew you would do anything he told you.

“You’re Y/N right?”

Fuck. You barely noticed how he strode over to you, burning holes into you with his assertive gaze. He had an aura about him, which was contagious, that reflected confidence and power. And every shy gaze and stutter only widened the cocky smile on his face, confirmation that he was in charge.

“Y-yeah. Are you um, ready?” God, what a stupid question. But you were speechless as soon as you looked up to meet his eyes.

“I guess you could say that. I can’t wait to see how you look on camera,” he replied, his smirk growing into a shit-eating grin. He was loving every second of watching you squirm around him.

“Ok get ready for the first scene. Filming begins now,” the manager boomed, giving you a welcome opportunity to distract yourself from Hoseok’s overbearing presence. He, however, remained firmly glued in place, his eyes never leaving you, almost as if he was blocking everyone else out.

You scrambled to your spot on the set bed, ruffling your hair and nightgown in an appealing way to look like a damsel in distress. With the way things were going with Hoseok, you knew your hair and nightgown wouldn’t stay perfect for long.


Hoseok’s expression immediately changed, his smile replaced with a look of concentration and charisma. His game face was on. Crouching besides the TV on set, he turned it on, the sounds of crude porn filling the room. He looked at you with the utmost sincerity.

“Ma’m, were you watching this? What a naughty girl.” You would have gagged at these lines if they had been said by anyone else, but the way Hoseok said it, the way the words rolled of his tongue in that husky voice of his, you were putty in his hands. Cheeks turning red, you felt completely authentic in your role as an embarrassed and horny girl.

“Oh my god, I can explain!” you gasped, jumping up to turn the TV off.

That characteristic smirk reappeared and Hoseok was moving to stand up, backing you up against the bed until you fell backwards. You could feel the heat and strength radiating off him, your heart was beating out of your chest. As he climbed on top of you, holding himself up with his firm arms, he took a second to take you in, the sight of your hair sprawled around you, cheeks flushed and panting under him.

“Let me show you how a real man does it.” He said lowly before capturing your lips in a heated kiss. His lips were forceful against yours, his movements domineering. He was manhandling you in the best way. You arched your back to chase his kiss, not getting enough of him, and he slid a hand under your body, roughly grabbing your ass like he owned it. You whimpered into the kiss, weak from his touch, before he slapped your ass, the sound reverberating throughout the room, the only other sound besides the wet, wanton noises of your kiss.

“Your lips are so fucking sweet,” he growled, animalistic and carnal, before throwing your legs open and pressing his crotch flush against your dripping, bare core.

“I wonder if you taste just as sweet down here,” he remarked seductively, bringing a finger up your slick pussy, and holding up the glistening finger to his lips with smug satisfaction.


You were too far-gone you couldn’t even hear the director call cut. Your pupils were blown, you were gasping for breath, and your pussy ached for more contact with the teasing denim of his jeans pressed against it.

“Hoseok, please,” you begged, rutting up against him to feel more of him. More of something, anything.

Chuckling lightly he dipped his finger, coated in your juices, into his mouth, moaning softly as his eyes fluttered closed. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing; the sight alone was enough to leave you a whimpering mess beneath him. Everything he did was erotic, sexy, and magnetic. You could feel the pure sex he exuded to your very core and you wondered how he had this effect on everyone.

“I knew it. I knew your pussy would taste even better. And that was just a sneak peek,” he said with a wink before putting his game face back on. It was time to continue filming and you hoped to all that was holy you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself.

Kissing down your body, paying special attention to your hardened nipples, he lowered himself to your core, breathing in the scent that was purely you. His tongue darted out to place a teasing lick along your slit and your hips bucked up to feel more. You needed more.

“So eager baby girl, don’t worry, I’ll get you screaming in no time,” Hoseok said, placing a kiss on your inner thigh, before meeting your eyes. That predatory gaze was enough to elicit a wanton moan from you and you surprised yourself at how authentic it was. You didn’t need to fake the pleasure with him. It was all real.

Hoseok began sucking on your clit, gliding a finger down your slick folds before pumping it in your warm heat. His ministrations were relentless, his tongue swirling figure eights around your clit as he added one, two, three more fingers pumping in and out of your drenched pussy. As he continued to finger you aggressively he leaned back over you, lips hovering over yours to admire your blissed out appearance, eyes closed tightly and fingers clutching the sheets.

“Open your fucking eyes. Watch how well your pussy takes my fingers,” your mouth dropped open at his filthy words and you hesitantly opened your eyes slowly, only to be met with Hoseok’s cocky smirk and his long fingers plunging into your wet folds. “Like that baby? Just imagine how I’ll fuck you into the sheets with my cock.”

You were a panting, writhing mess under him, and you could feel the familiar pit growing in your stomach. You were close.

“Hoseok, fuck, I want your cock. Fuck me please, now,” you begged grabbing his hard bulge through his jeans. He hissed at the contact, the dominating smirk faltering on his face, before being replaced by a determined gaze.

“You think you’re ready for my cock, baby? Alright, then let’s stuff your tight little pussy up, hm?” he said, his voice so calm and collected, only making you feel more like a wrecked slut under him.

Leaning back to shed his clothes, you whimpered at the loss of contact, feeling cold and empty. You wanted that contagious charm, that alluring confidence that gave you butterflies. Hoseok placed his knees on either side of you, pumping his length a few times just to tease you. He knew how bad you wanted this. Painfully slow, he slid his cock deep into your dripping pussy until you were full to the hilt.

“Look at how full you are. Such a beautiful sight, right my little cockslut?” Hoseok groaned, his head cocked to the side. His breathing had gotten heavier as his thrusts grew faster, more powerful. Hoseok was hitting spots you didn’t even know existed and you thought you were seeing stars.

“You gonna be a good girl and cum on my cock? I bet you can come just from hearing my voice. You fucking love this filth,” he spat grabbing your hair roughly with one hand to bring you up until you were eye level with him. Your bodies bouncing in a rhythm together, it felt like you were the only two here. Your eyes only saw each other. Hoseok’s moans came out in low grunts and hisses as he kept eye contact with you as he fucked you even harder.

“Cum for me. Right now. Fucking lose it,” he whispered harshly, his hot breath hitting your neck as he dipped his head to nip at your collarbone, fucking you through your orgasm. You were so blissed out you practically collapsed, boneless and sweaty, into his arms, his cock still stuffed deep inside you.

“You’re such a perfect slut. My slut. You want a reward?” he asked, somehow still managing to maintain his composure, despite the beads of sweat rolling down his neck.

“Yes, I want anything you give me,” you replied, sinking to your knees as he stood towering above you, pumping his cock in deliberate, firm strokes. His eyes were fixed on you, as if he were thinking of only you to find his release.

“Enjoy my little slut,” he gasped, his warm cum splashing on your face, dripping down your cheeks into your open, accepting mouth. He had marked you as his, and you couldn’t complain. You were lost in his aura.

“You look so pretty like this,” he sighed with a sated smile, bringing his thumb to wipe the cum of your cheeks and feed it into your mouth. You closed your mouth around his thumb, sucking off all his cum and swirling your tongue around his thumb, anything to get more of him. He bit his lip, eyebrows knit together as he fucked your mouth with his finger. You were his perfect plaything.

“And that’s a wrap,” the director’s voice brought you both back to reality. You immediately rose to your feet, scrambling to find a robe or something to cover up. You felt so naked now, so vulnerable.

“Hey, that was amazing. I haven’t fucked anyone like that since…forever ago. I hope to see you again soon,” he said pulling you by your arm to him. A last smug wink before he left, and you were left alone, basking in the heated passion Hoseok radiated wherever he went.

Imagine playing hide and seek with the Hobbits and dragging Boromir into the fun

For iheartthelochnessmonster :)


It was early in the afternoon when you stopped for lunch and not long after eating you and the hobbits had found yourselves with nothing to do. Merry groaned in boredom and lay down on the grass, Pippin was looking almost too intensely at a blade of grass, Sam was resting his head in his hands and Frodo was watching the clouds.

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Say You Like Me - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies! :D back, (by popular request) with a Sirius imagine ;) so… enjoy! :D

live-life-in-freedom said: Wow I seriously love your blog it’s the greatest thing ever!was wondering if I could request an image where the reader and Sirius have a very flirty friendship and always get mistaken as a couple but she shoots it down every time cause she thinks she isn’t good enough for him and then one day Sirius sees the reader talking to a ravenclaw guy a year older than them and gets super jealous and the reader asks what’s wrong and the other guys make him tell her how he feels? sorry it’s so long thanks!

so, here it is! :D hope you guys like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

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Say You Like Me

“Hello, gorgeous.”

“Hello, handsome” (Y/N) smiled looking up to find her best friend, Sirius Black, grinning back at her. He leaned down to kiss her forehead before he took the seat next to her soon the remaining Marauders took the seats in front of her.

“Hello, (Y/N)” they all greeted politely.

“Good morning, boys” she said as Sirius simply grabbed her pumpkin juice and drank it down. “Ready for the game?” she asked looking at James who smiled brightly up at her.

“You bet we are” he said stuffing his mouth with scrambled eggs making (Y/N) giggle.

“James, chew your food” Remus said rolling his eyes and returning to reading the Daily Prophet.

“You’re coming, right?” Sirius asked looking at her with his puppy eyes while she spread butter on his toast and he spread grape jam on hers.

“Of course I am, have I ever missed a match?” she asked pretending to be offended before they switched their toasts. The Marauders only watched as the two of them made their all-day routine without even noticing.

“Is anybody else seeing this?” Peter asked and the other two simply nodded.

“Good, because I need my lucky charm there” Sirius said winking at her and (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“Exactly how many lucky charms do you need?” she asked with a smirk while he poured milk on both their teas and she added the sugar. “Because I’ve heard about six different girls from each house saying you’d be dedicating all your points to them” she mocked him.

“Well, that’s exactly why I need my lucky charm! How else am I going to score all those points to dedicate to those beautiful girls?” he argued back. “That’s just you, gorgeous” he said smirking at her and kissing her cheek.

“See? That’s why I only have one lucky charm and I dedicate all my points to her” James stated smirking.

“Please, don’t say-“ Remus and (Y/N) said at the same time but he interrupted them.

“My Lily flower” he said dreamily.

“Really, James? You’re still on that?” (Y/N) said arching an eyebrow at him.

“Mark my words, that girl is going to be my wife someday” he said convinced.

“Absolutely hopeless” Sirius said shaking his head.

“It’s getting pathetic, really” Remus said, making (Y/N) laugh a little.

“Pathetic? How is it pathetic, Moony?” he complained and the werewolf looked up to smirk at Sirius and (Y/N). 

“Can I be James this time?” (Y/N) asked looking at Sirius.

“Of course, gorgeous” he said before she cleared her throat and did the best ‘boyish’ voice she could.

Oh Merlin’s beard! It’s Lily! Someone please hold me because I am… having… an eyegasm!” she said as she pretended to faint on top of Sirius while the other three boys laughed.

“Shut up! I do not talk like that!” James argued childishly.

“Yes, you do” both Sirius and (Y/N) said at the same time while they laughed.

“Quite close, actually” Remus said between laughs and (Y/N) made a little bow to her audience.

“Well, whatever! I don’t see any of you having a girl!” he complained childishly.

“First of all, you don’t have a girl” Sirius said as he finished laughing. “And secondly, I can have any girl that I want” he said shrugging his shoulders and running a hand through his hair.

“Hey guys” Alice, Marlene, and Lily said sitting down next to them.

“Oh, hello, Lily” Sirius and (Y/N) said with the same innocent face.

“Do I want to know?” the redhead asked looking at Remus after noticing James’ red cheeks.

“No, you don’t” he assured her and that was good enough for her.

“Padfoot, uh- we better get going” James said getting up and not facing Lily. “S-see you later guys” he said before walking away.

“What’s up with him?” Marlene asked confused.

“Nervous” Sirius said before taking another bite of his toast. “Match” he said before drinking the rest of his tea as he got up. “Gotta run” he said kissing (Y/N)’s forehead again. “See you out there?”

“Yeah, I just have to run upstairs, I forgot my scarf and my sweater-“ she said before she felt a scarf placed around her neck.

“I knew you would” Sirius said handing her his sweater too. “See you there, gorgeous” he said kissing her head again before following James and soon followed by the other two.

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stephyhimemademe  asked:

Top 5 unromancable npcs you wish were romanceable


here we go

5. Keeper

*cackles* just imagine

4. Shae Vizla

pls bench press me shae viszla i love you

3. Talos Drellick

i! want! to! kiss! my! favorite! nerd! asap! bioware!

2. Arcann

like how fucking rude goddamnit bioware you can’t deny me this let me romance the scrambled egg \ `n´ /

1. Daddy Darth Marr


if the shenanigans video has told me anything, it’s that ray is the Accidental Instigator of virtually everything reckless and/or idiotic the fake ah crew does

(”i came up with the idea, hypothetically speaking, of course—”)

like they’re all sitting in a holding cell at the police station or nursing broken arms at the hospital and trying to figure out whose idea it was to rob the bank armed with silly string guns/go bungee jumping off the maze tower/heckle ryan during a murder break 

and it’s ray. it’s always ray. 

they’ll be hanging out playing video games and ray will laugh to himself and be like, “wouldn’t it be hilarious if we ______” and then goes back to what he was doing because he wasn’t being serious, obviously, no one would ever actually do that

but then suddenly he’ll notice everybody’s looking at each other thoughtfully, and he’ll be like, “…wait, no, don’t do the stupid thing—” but everyone’s already scrambling to go do the stupid thing

and then once things have gone horribly, horribly wrong, ray gets 100% of the blame (and nobody remembers ray spending literally the whole time going “no seriously, guys no, guys stop, guys pls”)