it looks like a fairytale


Located in Olalla, Washington, is this picturesque home which looks like it belongs in a fairytale. It’s currently on the market for $925,000. Each room contains a fireplace and out the back of the house is a treehouse built of real bark.


Story aesthetics: Japanese Snow white and Rose Red (Followed)-requested by @wormwoodandhoney

虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず ( If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub.)-Japanese Proverb

Once in that enchanted kingdom,there are two very special girls named Shiro-ko (Nana Komatsu) and Aka-ko (Emi Takei) ,they both loved each other and lived their lives quietly in that strange forest. Aka-ko longs for adventure beyond the peacefulness of the village as she absorbed herself with stories of wandering samurai batting youkais and women transformed into strange creatures. On the other hand,Shiro-ko plays the koto,engulfing herself writing haikus about fleeting nature,for she was timid of the busy world that is beyond their village.

One day Shiro-ko could see in her dreams,a bear-like spirit whispered to them to move off from their comforts of home to find its owner. For she felt frightened by the calling of the bear spirit and thus whispered that little secret to Aka-Ko being intuitive could feel a spirit came from that creature wandering around their village. And thus their adventure begins,to search for the bear spirit that enter in their house,towards strange perils and dangers. However they are not alone as there are two mischievous guardian spirits rooted in their bodies since the day they are born (A Rabbit for Shiro and a Fox for Aka) , to guide these girls along the way. They just need a little nudge to go to the big and wide world.

Of Nosebleeds and Soulmates

Soulmate AU where your clock starts counting from the moment you’re born and stops counting the moment you meet your soulmate.  

As Castiel looks down at his favourite sweater, now partially soaked in his blood, he can’t believe he waited  22 years, 29 days, 18 hours, 56 minutes and 37 seconds for this.

Based on this post by @silentpeaches that I’m sure everyone and their grandma has seen by now.


“Cas.” Anna looks at him sweetly as she takes a seat opposite him. “Can you get me chicken nuggets?”

“You literally just ordered your food,” Cas says, nodding his head at the tray she’d set down between them.

“I know, but I got stuff from the Chinese place and the McDonald’s queue is too long,” she replies, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. “Pretty please with a cherry on top?”

Cas rolls his eyes, pushing away from the table. “Fine.”

“You’re the bestest little bro in the world!” Anna grins, handing over some money.  

“Bestest isn’t even a word,” Cas mutters as he dodges people left and right.

Castiel hasn’t been standing in line for more than a few minutes when the man in front of him - gesturing wildly to the redhead next to him - hits him in the face. Hard.

Cas’ head snaps back and he hears an “oh fuck!” but he doesn’t know if it’s him who says it or someone else.

“Shit, shit, I am so sorry,” the man says, bringing his arms up but then dropping them to his sides like he doesn’t know what to do with them. “Fuck, you’re bleeding.”

Castiel can feel blood trickling down his neck and can taste it on his tongue and it’s the most unpleasant thing in the world right now. He wrinkles his nose in disgust but that just sends a wave a pain through it and he winces.

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You Talk Too Much

Original or requested: Original

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word count: 1.032

Loki tried to take over your city. Again. While you were patiently waiting for the Avengers to come and save the day, the worse happened. You, with a small group of people, were kidnapped. Kidnapped to Asgard. Now, you stand before his throne in a room that seems like a fairytale. It didn’t suppose to look like a fairytale when you’re standing before Loki, the god of Mischief and Lies.

“Is good to see humans surrendering so easily.” With a mean smile, Loki stands up, looking down at you and the others.

“On your knees.”

Immediately, everyone gets down on their knees, not daring to raise their eyes to the Asgardian god.

“You.” He points at you, his smile fading. “Why aren’t you worshipping me, mortal?”

Keeping your head up, you take a deep breath to gather courage.

“Not interested.” You say, eyes on him as he slowly walks up to you.

“You dare to…”

“Here, just between you and me. I’m not afraid of you. So let’s skip all this worship bullshit and you can take me back home.” You whisper, trying to confuse him. You’ve always been a talker, and you know how to use it in your favor. You just don’t know if it’ll work with a god.

“Are you mad, mortal?” Loki’s face is like ice, you can’t read it. “Take her to a special cell. Kill the others. ”

“What? No!” Before he could turn around, you hold his wrist. He stops anger and surprise in his eyes. “D-don’t do this.”

“Why should I even listen to you?”

“It’s better to be a merciful king than an evil king.”

“I rather be evil.” He whispers before letting the guards take you.

You yell and fight and try to run away, but those guards tell you to keep quiet and just follow the rules. So, when they lock you in this small cell, with a magic glass that can kill you instantly, you scream again. You scream until your throat hurts so bad you can’t find your voice anymore.

After endless hours, you hear footsteps but you don’t bother to stand up. The cold hard ground finally got a bit comfortable. You hope someone is bringing you food. But no. When you see him, the god of Lies again, you know he brought you no food.

“Are you stupidly brave or completely insane?”Somehow, he opens one of those magic glass and enters the cell. “I wish to know what’s on your mind when you stood up to confront me.”

“I’m not the kind of person who…”

“Who’s smart enough to obey your king?”

“You’re not my king.”

“Haven’t you noticed? You’re in Asgard. And this is a gift for you, mortals.” Loki looks around your empty cell, confusion on his handsome face. Wait. Did you just…? No. You can’t think about these things right now. “Were you sleeping on the ground?”

“Yes. Why? You killed the others, why do you care if I’m sleeping on the ground?”

“You talk too much.”

“I know.” You stand up with a sigh, rolling your eyes at the weird sensation that hits your head.

“What is it?” Running to hold you by the waist, Loki saves you from hitting the ground.

“Nothing. I’m just starving. ”

“I’ll command them to bring you something to eat.”

“If you’re going to kill me, you don’t have to feed me first.”

“I quite enjoy your talking. Maybe you can stay for a while to entertain me. ”

“How lucky I am…” You voice faints when the world spins around again, and suddenly, everything goes black.

A warm breeze caress your cheek, and it feels good to be home. You open your eyes to see a blue sky and a sweet light comes to show you that you’re not at home. Is not that Asgard isn’t beautiful, but you don’t like to feel like a prisoner. Moving a bit to sit up, you notice that you’re laying on a very large bed with comfy pillows.

“A golden cage.” You murmur, smelling something that seems to taste like heaven. On a small table next to your bed, there’s a tray with human food.

You happily eat all the fruits, licking your fingers when you’re done with the strawberries. It’s surprising that they got you human food.

“I hope you feel better.” He declares from behind you.

“Yes. Now I can entertain you with my talking. ” You lay down again, fixing the blue dress you’re wearing. “May I ask who put me into this dress?”

“I did.”

You stare at him, wide-eyed, anger building up in your stomach. How could he do something like that?

“You son of a bitch!”

“What’s a bitch?” He looks at you confused, not sure if you insulted him. You try to keep angry, but you burst into laugh suddenly. You cover your mouth with your hands, struggling to calm down again.

“Oh my God. You are so damn funny.”

“I really don’t know what just happened.” That’s when you notice it, the shadow of a smile on his lips. You keep staring at him until it’s gone.

“You should smile more often. It makes you even more handsome. ”


“Yes.” Cursing yourself for talking too much, you awkwardly look to your hands. “Sorry, I was just saying the truth.”

“I know. I’m the god of lies, I can tell when someone is honest. I miss honest people, there’s no one I can trust here.” Loki walks around the bed, eyes locked on you.

“You can talk to me if you want. As you say, I’m nothing but a human.”

“You say it like it’s a curse.”

“It isn’t.”

“Would you stay if I promise not to kill those humans who came here with you?” He sits on the edge of the bed, uncertain of what to do. You feel his hesitation, even though you can’t understand it.

“I’ll stay. Well, you don’t treat me like a prisoner. ”

“If that’s your wish, you’re not a prisoner.”

“Now, tell me all your sorrows.”

“We may take some hours.”

Sitting up straight, you smile at him. “Go on, I don’t mind.”

The dress aside I want to send a personal ‘fuck you’ to Emma Watson for looking like she’s literally annoyed in that scene. Also a ‘fuck you’ to the director, whoever cast her, and whoever chose the costume designer.

Emma Watson acts like she literally hates Beauty And The Beast and she’s put upon to be in it. It just seems ungrateful but above that literally shits on the ‘magic’ of the fairytale that she always looks like she’s at the DMV and a stranger just hit on her. She literally always looks so offended someone tell her she’s not Hermione anymore.


First of all, sorry for the long post. Also sorry for any possible grammar mistakes, this isn’t my first language.

I drew this with Joker’s suicidal tendencies in mind, and the idea that Batman believes that his villains can have a chance at recovery. 

We’ve been paying attention to the wrong thing in The Last Battle by CS Lewis. 

“She’s interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations.”

And that seems to be the only spot where we just… stop. We’re all rightfully pissed, but we should’ve paid more attention to what was said afterwards. 

“Oh Susan!” said Jill. “She’s interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations. She always was a jolly sight too keen on being grown-up.”
“Grown-up, indeed,” said the Lady Polly. “I wish she
would grow up. She wasted all her school time wanting to be the age she is now, and she’ll waste all the rest of her life trying to stay that age. Her whole idea is to race on to the silliest time of one’s life as quick as she can and then stop there as long as she can.

As readers we have every reason to be pissed and feel for her. Why didn’t he elaborate? If I lost my whole family in a train accident I’d be devastated, why didn’t he talk about that? But Lewis was concentrating on Narnia, on the characters who went back and chose to continue remembering. 

What we didn’t notice was that second part. The bolded part. Reading a number of Lewis’s other work, he’s brought up how toxic that mindset is for a child and an adult. That he became an adult when he stopped trying to rush at it and stop looking at children’s work like fairytales as “too childish”. It’s kinda blowing my mind that he blatantly put it for Susan since the beginning of the series, blatantly had a character mention it, and all we noticed was the “nylons and lipsticks” part. 

I guess I can understand why people see it as misogynistic because Lucy and Jill are always seen as more tomboyish than Susan, but that’s still up for interpretation. Lucy may have done more fighting than Susan, but she cared about her looks at times too. Peter’s “no friend of Narnia” line is very Peter and and Jill’s “nylons and lipstick” one is very Jill. They’ve always been very hot-headed characters, at least Jill has. The downside is Edmund and Lucy should’ve said something, but that doesn’t mean she’s NEVER gonna see her family again. 

Also if we ever got a movie, I feel like a lot of our sadness and misgivings towards leaving Susan behind will actually be addressed. In the LWW and Voyage movies Edmund and Eustace are a lot more likeable than their book counterparts. Edmund tries to use humour to mask his sadness and Peter takes it as rudeness. Eustace is a bit of a brat, but he’s not nearly as snide as he is in the book. Even when he grabs Reepicheep’s tail it’s completely accidental, as opposed to in the book when he sneaks up on the mouse and grabs him out of malice. 

Sometimes Lewis can be pretty tone-deaf with the way he writes every character, not just Susan. I think that has a lot to do with how children and fantasy were perceived in the 1950s when he wrote these books. 

But my main point stands. Susan didn’t forget Narnia because she got into makeup and parties. She forgot about Narnia because she tried too hard to grow up. 

Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 4

Originally posted by sugaglos

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: After a poor introduction to Jaebum, the tension between you two only seems to grow.

Word Count: 4992

Warning: Blood, violence and smut in later parts.

“When soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.” -Prometheus Unbound

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Deadly Secrets

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Two

Master List

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,427
Warnings: language, death, homicide
A/N: Part two is here! Italics are flashbacks. If you’d like to be tagged let me know, in an ask (it’s the best way for me to keep track)! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 4 )

Lin x Reader

Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along….

Warnings: none? I don’t think

Word count: 1,551

a/n: Ahshsshahsjd I gained so many followers from this fic and I actually now have 100 followers, and some of them are actually my favourite tumblr accounts, which actually made me cry of happiness. I’m so grateful and I love you guys so much for actually reading my fics. Enjoy this fluffy chapter. (I also keep forgetting that (Y/N) does live with Jazzy so she finalllyy has a brief encounter with Lin and (Y/N).)


The next few days was pure gold. Lin would always visit you when he had the time and he would also take you to his favourite places in New York. Although you and Lin had kissed a couple of times, he didn’t ask you out. Which confused you and resulted in you asking yourself everyday ‘Are we dating?’ Even though you were desperate to know, you wouldn’t bring up the subject because you thought it would make things awkward. Lin didn’t bring up the topic of conversation because he was still wondering if you had any lingering feelings for Daveed. Even with what had happened.

You glanced at the digital clock on your nightstand and it read 21:29. This evening you were going out with Lin once again as he wasn’t performing that day. You loved going out with him. He made you happy, secure and safe. Being with Lin felt like being on cloud 9, but only a million times better. You had wondered why he spent all his free time taking you to adventurous places and not writing another musical or something.

Your hand twisted the handles of your closet as your eyes turned beady. Why is it that I always buy clothes but always have nothing to wear, you thought to yourself. You ended up picking a beige jumper and a denim skirt to wear. Hoping he wasn’t going to take you somewhere fancy. Slowly, you walked over to your vanity and applied a bit of makeup before hearing a gentle rhythm of knocking on your bedroom door. Instantly you knew that it was Lin, Jazzy must have let him in.

You opened the door so quickly that it almost hit you in the face, not like you minded, nothing could ruin another fantastic day with Lin.

“Hey,” you whispered as you tucked your hair behind your ear.

He had a massive smile on his face.

“Hi beautiful.” God that smile of his, it was brighter than stars and could light up the entire world.

“Lin stopp!” Giggling as your cheeks went red.

“What? I’m not allowed to call the most beautiful girl in the world beautiful?” His eyebrows furrowed.

“You are allowed. When you meet her.” You replied, cocking your eyebrow.

“I already have, she’s right in front of me.”

You looked up to his big brown eyes full of warmth and care and smiled, cheeks glowing into a brighter red.

“Should we go?” You squealed in excitement.

Lin chuckled lightly at your 'amazing’ ability to keep your chill and laced his fingers into yours.

You walked out of your bedroom and into the living room, finding Jazzy on the sofa squirting almost a whole can of whipped cream in her mouth as she watched the TV.

“Did Anthony break up with you? Why are you doing that. You’re on a diet.” You questioned.

“It’s my cheat day!” She replied, her mouth still full.

“Bahahaha!” Lin bursted out in laughter. “H-how can I tell that you say that all of the ti- hahaha.” He said, struggling to contain himself.

“Because she does say that all the time.”

“HEY!” Jazzy shouted.

You raised your eyebrows and glared at her.

“Okay, maybe that is true.” She admitted. “Less about me and more about you guysss! Where are you heading out to?”

“It’s a surprise.” “God knows.”

You both said at the same time. You noticed that he was still clutching onto your hand so you squeezed it. Signalling that it was time to leave.

“Well, (Y/N) and I are going to head out now, have fun doing whatever this is!”

“You too!”

As you walked out the front door, you noticed Lin’s hand slipping away from yours as he then put his arm around your waist, pulling you in closer to him. You smiled at him and blushed at the action.

“So. Where are we going today Mr Miranda?” You rested your head on his shoulder as you continued to walk.

“My favourite spot, to do my favourite thing, with my favourite girl.”

“That’s great! I know exactly where we’re going!” You laughed.

“Ha Ha Ha. How funny (Y/N).”

“I know” you said smugly.


After 15 minutes of walking you had finally arrived at the mysterious place, and Lin had told you to put your hands over your eyes and close them because it was a 'surprise.’

“Can I see yet?” You asked, slowly trying to move your hands.

“No you can no- Hey! No peaking Miss (Y/N)” He rushed over to you, putting his own hands over your eyes. Lin slowly walked you forwards, before putting both hands in his pockets, revealing you to the surprise.

Your eyes widened and you covered your mouth with your hands in disbelief. The rooftop of the Richard Rodgers looked like a picture out of a fairytale. Fairy lights were hung, a dozen vanilla scented candles were lit, flowers scattered around everywhere and lastly. A large red and white checkered picnic blanket with a picnic basket placed on top.

You spun around to look at him, still in shock.

“I thought we’d have a little picnic and try to see if we can find any stars as gorgeous as you.” He said, sheepishly.

You threw his arms around him, immersing him into a tight hug as tears of happiness rolled down your face.

“N-Nobody has ever done this for me.” You finally replied, still embracing him.

“D-do you like it?”

“I love it Lin.”

You gripped onto each other tighter. Never wanting to let go.

“Do you want to start eating?” He asked, eventually loosening his grip and letting go of you.

You nodded eagerly. No one had ever go to this much effort for you. Ever. You thought Lin was so sweet and honestly one of the best people you have ever met. You loved how he always made you feel like you were the only person that mattered.

Both of you sat down as Lin started to unload the basket. There were tiny sandwiches, muffins, cheese and wine. You wondered if Lin had actually made the sandwiches and muffins himself. Probably not you thought again. But it didn’t matter. What mattered was that he did all of this. For you.

“Lin. What are we?” You questioned as you took a bite out of one of the muffins.

“Humans?” He foolishly replied as he poured a some of the red wine into the wine glasses.

You put down your muffin and looked at the fairy lights. Refusing to look at him. “No, I meant. Are we dating? Are we friends? Are we best friends? What are we?” You asked once more.

Lin took hold of your hands, which made you face him and look him in the eye. “I’m not sure about you. But.” He took in a deep breath. “But I’m a guy who has fallen helplessly in love with his best friend. He knows that she probably doesn’t love him back because he is a nobody. A guy who feels like Eliza, falling helplessly in love with Hamilton.” He looked away. Knowing that you would reject him, like Daveed did to you.

Your hands squeezed his and slightly pulled him which gained his attention as he looked back at you. “I love you more than Jazzy loves whipped cream.”

Lin pulled you in close, hands leaving yours and placed on your cheeks and in only a matter of time his lips met yours once again. This kiss was full of love, full of passion, you melted into the kiss faster than ice in the hot air. His lips tasted like the sweet blueberry muffin he was eating. His lips felt like home.

He gently took his lips off you. “Date me?”

“Of course,” you breathed.

You and Lin gave each other a wide grin before his lips were attached to yours again. Kissing you even more passionately. Your lipstick was staining his lips pink. You broke the kiss as you lay down, taking his hand in yours, fingers entwining. Lin lied down next to you and started staring at you but you were completely unaware of this as you were gazing at the few stars that you could see.

After a little while you moved your head to face him and noticed that he had been looking at you this entire time.

“Why aren’t you looking at the stars? You can never see them in New York! Take advantage of it. They’re beautiful.” You whispered.

“I don’t need those stars. I’ve got you.”

You giggled as he leaned in and pecked a kiss on your nose.

Lin took out his phone and snapped a picture of you smiling at the stars and posted it on Twitter.


I’m with this beauty tonight. Star gazing makes her really happy. She makes me really happy.

It was an amazing night. You couldn’t be any more happy, you felt so blessed that Lin was in your life and was staying there for as long as possible. Nothing could ruin your mood.

Little did you know, Daveed was standing there for a while. Glaring at you and Lin have a blissful time together. Tears welled up in his eyes as he dumped the bouquet of flowers in the bin.


A little romance never hurt anyone

Pairing: Sami Zayn/You

Summary: You’re boyfriend Sami isn’t as romantic as people assume. This bothers you a little. Maybe that’ll change ?

Tags: @the-geekgoddes

Everyone you’ve ever come into contact with assumes that Sami is a romantic. That dating him must be like living in a romantic comedy all the time, that he must take you on the most picture perfect dates the world has ever seen. Even you’re close friends assume that Sami must romance you on a regular basis but in actual fact ? Sami doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.

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fucshias  asked:

who do u love. tell me abt these people I want to know them

black hair. speaks both german and french. hates math. my mother. bad 80’s dancing. architect. my confidant. my best friend. loves home renovation shows. symmetry freak. took a 10 year break from her career to raise me. designs cupboards for a living. dyes her hair. goes to pilates. worries about ageing. will buy me anything i ask for. let me drop out of school. cats eyes. likes bradley cooper. perfectionist. listens to led zeppelin and acdc and u2. the only person in the world i truly trust.

short. athletic. crooked nose. loves math. my father. loves science. doesn’t understand me. hellishly stubborn. got in a biking accident that knocked both his front teeth out. i cried for a week. travels a lot. rational. sends me links to articles that i don’t read. listens to cat stevens and abba and norah jones. sensitive. loves his kids.

misogynistic. antagonising. my brother. the funniest person i know. tall. gorgeous. plays three sports. could pass all his exams with his eyes shut. can read people like a book but does not give two fucks about them. taught me how to skip. doesn’t eat his vegetables. i mistake him for my father sometimes and it scares me. good with kids. makes fun of me. comes into my bedroom at 3am to talk about his feelings. screamed when his pink debit card came in the mail. doesn’t read. stubborn. good hair. loves me.

annoyingly smart. hard worker. worries almost as much as i do. my brother. short, but getting taller every day. the baby of the family. prodigal son. doesn’t understand me. charming and kind. hates tall buildings. still has nightmares. could be anything he wanted to be when he grows up. great with kids. insensitive. hilarious. doesn’t know his own strength. i would do anything for him.

short. long blonde hair. cornflower blue eyes. freckles. my best friend. no-one ever gets her goddamn name right. loves her cat. funny. needs to trust herself. great sense of fashion. looks good in everything. looks like she just walked out of a german fairytale. once danced with me to classical music in a packed cinema before the lights went down. deserves so much. the most beautiful girl i will ever know. is moving away this month. i don’t know how i’ll live without her. i don’t think i can live without her.

tall. really tall. freckles. eyes that switch between green and blue. my best friend. booming, infectious laugh. smiles like a thousand-watt lightbulb. hates her name. photographer. artsy. innocent. the only regret i ever have is not being friends with her sooner. lovely. is so goddamn lovely i can’t stand it. trusts me. looks good in scarves. likes greek mythology. i have not been to her house in the six years i have known her. loves remus lupin. can quote the hunger games bad lip reading video back to front. so many inside jokes. beautiful.

short. freckles. bright blue eyes. dark brown hair. my best friend. english accent that doesn’t shake. beautiful. an oddity. loves her dog. has never had a proper birthday party. good at makeup. unfathomably polite. accommodating. loves raw chocolate. giggles a lot. gets into laughing fits. watches the walking dead. would die for karl grimes. listens to angry screamo music. i will never understand why.

short. loves henry cheng. bilingual. james potter hair. glasses. so smart. funny. thinks the best of people. dedicated. needs to get more than 5 hours sleep. loves her little sister. arty. doesn’t shut up about the foxhole court. understands me. loves remus lupin almost as much as i love sirius black. doesn’t cut her fingernails because she plays guitar. the biggest heart of anyone i know.

tanned. poised gait. long limbs. smile that lights up a room. cute laugh. so gorgeous it squeezes my heart. listens to me. knows that i am capable of hating people and loves me anyway. you would never guess that she is hurting. positive. smart. is loved so much it could fill a room. elegant hands. the most beautiful voice.

tall. so talented but she doesn’t know it. gorgeous. lively. makes me smile when no-one else can. my happy place. understands people implicitly and it annoys me. makes me feel so light and unburdened. cannot go more than a week without talking to her. lion hair. will not let the ham thing go. would die for donna tartt and jo march. watches a lot of period dramas. has made me 10 times happier since the day i met her. i will never deserve her. i will never stop trying to deserve her.

gorgeous. cheeky grin. beautiful lips. nice hair. would die for buffy summers. bi as fuck. funny. makes me feel so supported and understood. loves me. so much. is sick and i never want her to be sick again because god she does not deserve to be sick and if i could reach inside her heart and take away all the black stuff i could but i can’t and it hurts me every single day and i will never ask but i will never stop trying. giggly. idiosyncratic. i will love her every day for the rest of my life and it will still not be enough.