it looks like a blanket

BTS Reaction : Another member walks in on you two having sex

Bts reaction when another member walks in on them having sex?

Seokjin : 

“You better run now, I’ll beat your fucking ass”

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Yoongi :

“Do you want to get killed or something ? Eyes down lil shiet”

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Hoseok : Would glare at anyone who bursted into the room, iterrupting your moment.

“Didn’t you learn to knock or smth ?”

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Namjoon : Turned on, would bite his lips and look at the random member

“Wanna join ?”

Teases him to make him feel awkward as hell

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Jimin : Immediatly turns into chimchim, blushing and giggling while hiding your bodies under the blankets

“That’s really not what it looks like”

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Taehyung : I feel like Taehyung has a bit of a voyeurism kink, he’d just continue his shit, pounding into you, not giving a fuck about the fucker that just annoyed you two

“Only look at me sweetheart”

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Jungkook : Babykook would just freak out and do the first fucking thing that runs through his mind : pretend to sleep

“Come on, pretend to do too”

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Hi my name is Rosamund Dark’ness Dementia Mary Watson and I’m a literal infant who’s just been born (that’s how I got my name) with a tiny white bonnet and a face nobody has ever seen. a lot of people tell me I look like a hard plastic doll (AN: if u think i’ll still be around after the six thatchers get da hell out of here!). I’m probably not related to Jim Moriarty but I wish I was because my mum used to work for him and he also likes to kill people and killing people is cool. I’m a vampire but i have no teeth yet because i am literally a newborn baby. I have pale white skin. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly pink blankets. I love my aunt Molly’s cat Toby and I steal all my clothes from him. For example today I was wearing a pink blanket and my “father” was looking at me like i’m the spawn of satan while my mum was wearing uncle Sherlock’s clothes. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. Hudders and Molly put an announcement of my birth in the telegraph. I put up my middle finger at them.


Angst first page (here!)

Angst second page (OH IT’S THERE)

The worst angst page (OVER HERE)


That blanket is full of good memories~

(To clarify, this is before Paps started being an asshole towards Sans)

“You know, that blanket kinda looks like a wedding veil”

For Eren and Levi Winter Weekend!! Day 2: Blanket/Kotatsu. Hrrrghh don’t ask me where they’re I don’t know, all I can tell you is that they gon kiss.

things i hope are still real:
clown swordfight
sword gun umbrella
blood crying paintings
rebuilding 221b together and being Cute about it
baby sherlock
sherlock stealing a boat and looking like a bat
sherlock undercover
john in a blanket looking tiny but sherlock is holding him this time

Last Christmas

I Have Loved You Since Series: Last Christmas


The apartment was warm and still smelt of the apple, pumpkin pie from the night before. The sheets on Harry’s bed always felt softer than the ones on yours. Maybe it was the man lying beside you or maybe it was just the holiday tempo passing by, but despite the freezing temperatures outside, you felt peaceful.

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…You don’t scare me.

But I should.

Did I got overboard with the blush? Maybe. I really, really love doing clean pencil line work. Almost to the point where I don’t wanna color it. So let’s have both!

I’m either the luckiest girl ever or I’m in big trouble.

I’m gonna hide now ok



Blanket fort

desc: Reader gets caught messing around with Jack & Nash, and Cameron jealously takes her aside to teach her a lesson.

photo creds: loveviral


It had been your idea to set it up, and even though Cam, Nash, and Jack had complained at first, they were actually quite proud of their creation. A huge blanket fort spread out across the width of the large living and dining room. From above, it looked like a patchwork field of different colored blankets strewn just high enough that you could sit on top of your knees. Jack tucked into the last corner of the fort while you threw bundles of fairy lights into the different rooms.

“Catch us!” Called the three boys as they darted under the entrance of the fort.

You giggled, “c’mon guys!”

The fort had been made into a network of various hiding rooms, nooks, and crannies.

“Here I come!” you hollered and dove after the boys.

You squat down and turned through about four empty nooks when suddenly-

“BOOO!” Jack and Nash jumped out from either side of the small space, causing you to yelp out and fall face forward.

You came up cursing, rubbing your forehead and pouting.

“Nawww, we’re sorry,” the boys said in unison, not sounding sorry at all as they both attacked you in hugs.

“Nash-Jack!” you groaned from under their strong arms.

They both pulled you backwards against the wall, Nash pinning you down whilst Jack tickled you.

“Say we win!” said Nash.

You gasped, “N-no!”

“Kay, babe,” Jack said.  Nash held your arms down while Jack poked his tongue out, coming close to your squirming face.

“Ewewewew,” you yelped, feeling him slide his wet tongue across your turned jaw.

“Say it and we’ll stop,” Nash said, moving his hands and beginning to tickle your sides.

You thrashed your legs, and through your fits of giggles, you told them they’d won. 

Nash smirked, “Satisfactory.”

Jack pulled away, “Didn’t think you’d give in so easy.”

“Hey, but where’s Cam-” you opened your mouth, and through the shoulders of the two boys, saw Cameron enter the room, his eyes falling on Nash and Jack.

“Looks like I won,” he spoke flatly.

“Hm, actually I think we did,” teased Jack, eyeing you cheekily.

“Funny,” said Cameron in warning.

Jack and Nash pulled away, smiles fading, “Sorry bro.”

Cameron’s steely glare fell on you, “We were just messing around,” you said, intimidated by his clenched jaw.

He looked you over, “Come with me, (Y/N).”

You didn’t protest, but Nash and Jack threw you an apologetic glance as he pulled you out.

Cameron pulled ahead until he had reached the farthest corner away from the two boys, he dragged you in by your wrist, and snapped around to face you.

“What the fuck was that?” he said, nails digging into your wrists.

You gasped, eyelids fluttering down to your sore skin, and Cameron noticed, releasing you, his eyes softening momentarily.

“They were just-”

“Putting their mouths and hands wherever they wanted,” Cameron cut you off.

You knew what this was about. Cameron was extremely sensitive and wary, & also he could get very overprotective.

“Look, babe, it’s not like that,” you started.

His eyes flicked across your face, his hard chest heaving as he pushed you against the nearest wall.

“That’s exactly what it looked like,” he growled, his voice rising.

Nash and jack went silent from across the room.

Cameron turned his head, his voice a whisper as he brought his plump lips to your earlobe.

“I never want to see their hands on you again.”

You took a deep breath, hurt by his anger, closing your eyes and lamely shaking your head in agreement.

You kept your eyes shut in worry until you felt Cameron’s lips against yours. They were warm and sweet, inviting and calm, but before you could enjoy them, Cameron pulled back.

“And now, you’re going to make them remember who you belong to.”

“Cam,” you whispered, searching his brown lust filled orbs, “Don’t do this,” you pleaded, sensing where he was going.

He pressed his finger to your lips.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to have you writhing under my touch and begging until the only name you can remember is mine. Now, baby, you can try to keep quiet, but I will not stop until they can hear you crying out for me,” he snarled.

You knew nothing you could do would stop Cameron, so you bent your head forward in defeat.

Once more, his lips were on yours, but this time they were fast and hungry. He spent no time sliding his tongue into your mouth, edging it further and further until you produced small satisfactory moans. He moaned against your lips, strong grip holding your face in his hands as your tongues mingled. He breathed out, pulling back and sliding your clothes off in seconds, his fingers snapping off your bra as he dove into your breasts.

“Cameron,” you panted softly, trying to focus on anything but the feeling of his tongue swirling around your nipple.

Hearing his name, he applied more force, his hands massaging your boobs, his tongue giving pleasure, and his teeth nibbling on your tits.

His eyes flicked up to yours, holding your gaze while he brought his tongue sliding down your stomach.

“That’s it baby, say my name,” he cooed.

He trailed wet kisses down to your clothed heat, his mouth closing over the fabric, nails sliding around the lace.

“Stop-teasing-” you managed.

Cameron smirked, his teeth closing around the fabric as he slid off your panties with with a smirk. He placed a hand on each side of your legs, mouth swooping into your pussy. The second his lips made contact, you gasped out,chomping down on your lips to withhold your pleasure. Cameron sucked roughly on your folds as you dripped into his mouth, his hand moving to hold your hips steady while you wrapped your legs tightly around his neck. He breathed against your skin, not giving you a moment to breathe before flicking his tongue across your labia. You squirmed beneath him,

“C-cam!” you moaned needily.

“Louder,” he commanded, his head furrowing back between your thighs as he dipped his tongue inside you. He stuck the entirety of his tongue in you before pulling out slowly, drawing a long groan which you held behind your hand. His free hand came up, rubbing you to the beat of his fast moving tongue which sucked up your moisture. Your hands grabbed him by the hair, roughly pressing him harder into you.

“God, baby, I’m gonna co-” your body shook from the pleasure, legs falling as you twitched, your juices flowing into Cam’s lips. He pulled up, lips stained as he met your gaze, slowly dragging his tongue across his lips.

“Round one,” he stated.

“No,” you panted, eyebrows furrowing, “You know I-” 

Cameron’s eyes held yours, but two of his fingers had squeezed themselves into you, causing you to gasp out in surprise. Nash and Jack went quiet again. Taking the silence, Cameron began mercilessly working his slender fingers inside of you, his eyes dark as he commanded you to look at him while he worked. He pushed his fingers down in a slow motion before rapidly pumping you at such a force that your body shook against his force. You brought your fist into your mouth, his name falling from your lips as you cried out. Not satisfied, he added a third finger, and you bent forward, folding in on your stomach, feeling him curl his fingers inside of you.

“Louder-” he growled, increasing his speed. Your walls began to close around him, his fingers slamming into where you needed them. You fell forward against Cameron’s shoulder, catching the fabric of his shirt between your teeth as you did so, your juices spilling over his fingers.

When you pulled back, your head was sweaty, your hair sticking to your skin, and before you could open your mouth, you could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t done.

“Cam, I-I’m done,” you whispered.

“Yes, but you also muffled your screams with my shirt,” he said, a smile playing up on his lips, “and that’s cheating.”

“No, Cam-”

Cameron, tossed off his shirt, threw off his pants, and climbed over you, his perky shaft placed against your entrance.

You drew circles against his rippled chest, and his eyelashes fluttered as he sighed against you. You tilted your head up, allowing his lips to meet yours.

“Come for me baby, just one more time,” he mumbled encouragingly, his gaze holding yours.

And with that he slammed his length inside of you, but sensing your next move, one of his hands grabbed your face, two of his fingers sliding into your mouth and holding your mouth open so that you couldn’t be quiet. He slammed himself against you, balls slapping your ass as you begged out for him. Cameron grunted out a profanity, his dick stretching you wide and filling you up as he increased his pace. 

You screamed out his name, and your voice filled the room, and you knew you’d done it. Cam’s eyes held tight, but you saw him smirk, “What’s my name?” he panted.

And then he crashed into your g spot, his come exploding out inside of you.

“Oh-G-CAMERON!!” You screamed out, your body convulsing. 

You crumpled beneath him, and he pulled out, his breath heavy. He climbed up beside you, arms pulling you against his chest as he littered kisses across your skin.

“I love you,” he said, breath tickling you, “so much.”

You rolled into his chest, his fingers combing through your silky hair when Jack called out.

“Good job bro!”

“Yeah,” came Nash’s voice, “you got yourself a real screamer!”

Cam’s throat rumbled as he laughed out, clutching you to him as you tried to burrow away in embarrassment.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” called Jack from the other side of the room, “you should get in trouble more often!”

Only loud enough that Cameron could hear it, you whispered, “maybe I should.”

So my brain imagined that Grif has used the very old trick of placing some sacks under his blanket and make it look like a body, so Simmons will be bitching at the sack (now named Zack, ‘cause it deserves a name) instead of Grif whenever he is hiding somewhere else ‘cause he really needs a nap. And then Simmons will be scolding the sack, bicker with it, and when he receives no reply he ends up stumbling right into a love-confession.

“Hey, fatass! Get up before Sarge decides to shoot you again! You know he’s just waiting for an excuse to open the new supply of shotgun shells we just received.
Grif, I know you’re not sleeping – I’m not hearing any snores!
You can’t just count on me to wake you up every time. There’s a reason why I gave that alarm clock. And you can’t keep saying it’s broken because I fucking saw you remove the batteries. That’s not broken – that’s vandalism!
Seriously? You’re really just gonna ignore me like that? Way to prove Wash right, Grif. You are immature.
…No come-back? What, are you pissed or something? The alarm clock was a good gift – it was for your own fault! I don’t know if you just prefer Sarge’s beating or…
Is it because I threw out your snack cakes? You know they’re not good for you! Just because you don’t care if you die from a heart attack doesn’t mean I can’t try to change your disgusting habits. So sulk all you want – this is just tough love! I mean, not love like… You know what I mean! I don’t care about you like that – not that I don’t care, ‘cause if I didn’t care, I’d let you die from your damn heart attack, you slob, and I can’t let you break my heart like that! Uh, my heart as in the transplanted organ not –“

“Why are you talking with Zack?”

“Grif?! Wha- how are you-? Wait, what- Who’s Zack?!”

*Grif walks over and pulls away the blanket, revealing the sack filled with Donut’s and Doc’s organic vegetables* “Gotta find some use for this stuff.”

“You’re so fucking stupid.”

Bonus would be Donut sitting next to the bed, emptying his heart for hours, believing Grif to be a very good listener, and Sarge finally revealing Zack and conclude that Zack is still a better soldier than Grif.

In Dreams 10

Chapter 1...Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8 …Chapter 9

The last clear memory he has of Diana is dinner and a walk to the Lincoln memorial. The reflecting pool looked as black as her hair. He couldn’t stop staring at her. She’d laughed, a deep a contagious laugh that seemed to wrap around him like a blanket.

Looking at her now, in the yellow light of his desk lamp, she looks like she hasn’t laughed in years. The quirky line of her mouth is etched with worry and her eyes look like she’s only met with sleep in passing.

“Where have you been Diana?” he asks.

“I took an assignment overseas, working for a kind of collective of international power players.”

“Doing what?”

“Gathering data, researching instances of alien encounters, trying to understand their plan.”

“Whose plan?”

“There are forces outside of our understanding, Fox, and they mean to destroy us. I’ve been trying to find a way to stop it.”

She flicks a long lock of hair over her shoulder and pauses, staring down at her hands.

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