it looks lazy but it actually took time

  • Kestrel: Glory! Stop being so lazy and do something!
  • Glory: What?! I AM doing something!
  • Glory: It's called procrastination! In case you didn't know... today I've blinked 7,899,061 times. I've filled my lungs with air 679,830 times. AND I had to chew ALL my food before swallowing. It's been a long and busy day and now I'm tired so leave me alone!
  • Kestrel: *looks into the camera like she's in the Office*
Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: Water park
  • Who doesn't love a water park? A lot of people actually. That's exactly why our pals at Hellsing, millennium and Iscariot are there!
  • Alucard: he took on his female form and is working it! Sadly he got a headache and went home.
  • Integra: if you suggest that she get into a swim suit you will be shot. Repeatedly.
  • Seras: all the rides. All the men are staring.
  • Walter: lazy river. Bless this fucking place.
  • Pip: he is among the perverts looking at Seras. They go on rides together.
  • Anderson: "have you people no shame?"
  • Maxwell: read the above.
  • Heinkel and Yumie: making the tallest ride in the park their bitch.
  • The major: snack bar
  • Schrödinger: lounging in the sun.
  • Captain: with the cat boy.
Until Then: Josh Washington x Reader

@katjacson said: When you’re not busy, can you plz do a fic with josh about him going with a movie premiere w/ his dad and he meet the actress from the movie he was working on, few years later they’re close friends and she’s actually there on the night Hannah and Beth disappeared?? Except this time Josh actually wakes up and helps herself and Beth find Hannah.

I’m never busy, I’m just lazy. lol Thanks for asking

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I'm happy you'll be posting about the WM3, I think it's an interesting case, and you're basically helping everyone else who is too lazy or doesn't even know where to start looking

Ugh, dont even get me started……99% of people only ever watch the documentaries about the case, and they think that makes them informed and up-to-date with all the case info, which is really disheartening. If people actually took the time to read through the case file at they will find huge amounts of evidence that was totally ignored in the documentaries.

Im hoping that my posts about the West Memphis Three will make people think critically and I encourage people to visit the case file website (though its currently down). Please dont believe everything a movie tells you.

When I first started dating my girlfriend, I was slightly uncomfortable with the fact that she’s tad bit taller than me (she is only 2 inches taller than me). It made me feel a little dysphoric as well as un-masculine.

As the months progressed, I kind of completely forgot about the height difference. We always walk around the city holding hands and such. As time went on, it didn’t even become a relevant factor in my mind that she was taller than me.

Now surprisingly, I actually find her height to be extremely sexy. I recently took a really good look at her walking through my apartment on lazy afternoon and thought “Damn. She has some impeccable legs”.

My girlfriend maybe a little bit taller than me, but she’s extremely sexy. What I used to be ashamed of I now flaunt.

Yes, my girlfriend is taller than me.
Yes, I am a little dude.
Yes, my girlfriend has a KILLER body.
Yes, I get to take her home.

This is all just so ironic to me how the tables have turned.

I recently asked her to wear high heels because I think it’s going to be such a turn on for me when I once expressed how that would make me feel insecure.

I want to show the fucking world that I have a girlfriend with breathtaking long legs.

I may be a shrimp but I scored the girl of my dreams. Go me.

STORY. My wife is super into paper crafting art and I really super wanted to try it out on one of my prints for next year. UNFORTUNATELY, to make an actual paper craft takes a lot of extra time to do and money and I guess I was lazy BUT I really wanted to see how far I could take the look digitally. Looking at how this turned out I think I really think I manged to pull it off kinda! :D

Kinda ironic how long this took thinking I was saving time doing it digitally. 

I am also well aware of how often I draw these guys but its really hard not too when these just so happen to be the cosplays we are working on right now.


Look I actually took the time to draw something today!

Bitterblue and Po. This was supposed to have Katsa and Giddon in it as well, but I was too lazy to draw four people, so I decided on just Po and BB. 

I’ve been watching The Tudors lately and I’m not sure how much I like it, but it’s been making me want to draw costumes. 

Who even am I

So I took the sorting quiz on Pottermore for the very first time (haha shocker, I know) and I got sorted into Hufflepuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect Hufflepuff for being awesome, but I was over a hundred percent sure I’d get Slytherin so I was pissed that I was wrong, and actually contemplated looking up the answers and retaking the quiz so I could get Slytherin. I’m not though, bc I am way too lazy for that. I’m pretty shocked I got Hufflepuff, I’m way too much on an asshole to be in Hufflepuff, and I like snakes way too much. I even have a pet snake. Dammit Rowling, now I’m confused. WHO AM I.

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In the next panel you just see tim eating chicken nuggets he got from some weird looking swindler guy in a black trench coat behind a tree.

where did tim get that wad of cash