it looks kinda realistic

somtimes I remeber there’s an actual diesel ninja princess in the legend of zelda video game series and the world is slightly better

Day 2 of Undyne Appreciation Week @undyne-appreciation

Running a day behind because I ended up falling asleep after my July 4th party and couldn’t do this yesterday. I’m gonna try to get Day 3 done before day 4, but no promises! 

My favorite thing about Undyne is really tricky to pin down exactly, but I like how even though she’s a tough warrior heroine who will punch her problems in the face, suplex a boulder, and burn down her own house to make some INTENSE spaghetti, she’s also got this quiet, thoughtful side to her. She meditates, she’s clearly given a lot of careful thought to whether she should accept Papyrus into the Guard, she spends hours practicing speeches, she values a quiet cup of tea and conversation, and she writes a letter over and over again, because she can never find the right words.

She’s got this super caring, thoughtful, contemplative and romantic side to her that you might not expect, even though she seems afraid to completely show it. It’s a great juxtaposition with her toughness and more aggressive nature and high energy.

I love her.

Important things that not enough Joseph artists remember to draw:

- Joseph has heterochromia; one of his eyes is greyer than the other!

- Joseph has sideburns that stretch down to his cheekbones.

- Joseph is an older man, which means he has lines under his eyes and ‘smile creases’ on his cheeks.

- Joseph’s eyebrows are a different color than his hair.


- Joseph does NOT have a cleft chin.

bee emoji reviews

a round friend. the gradient shading is bad though. 5/10

ADORABLE PERFECT FRIEND! SHE WANTS YOU TO HAVE A REALLY GOOD DAY! nice lineless design and cute face 12/10

Very regal looking girl. simple, but effective. 8/10

She looks straight out of fischer price or some shit. Has an :O face going on which is kinda cute. decent. shading could use serious work though 4/10

A friend who looks lost in thought. the wings are placed kinda weirdly though like I don’t think that’s how wings work. overall relatively cute 7/10

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ looks like a shrug emoji which is good. rather simplistic design. solid. the wing coloring just bothers me a bit 9/10

Realistic looking friend. I don’t like the color palette though, the yellow isn’t very bright and the brown just makes her look kinda dirty. 5/10

Semi-realistic friend. Looks like she’s reading whatever texts you send after you send this one. has the right number of legs. A fine girl. 9/10

She thicc. A nice girl but what is the body doing. it looks incomplete above the wings. Needs a bit of work just in general so she’ll stop looking like a top. 6/10

A beautiful, well executed girl. Simple design which does wonders. perfect in every way 10/10

What. Return of fischer price I think. I’m scared. I think she’s seeing into my soul. please make her stop. 0/10 cursed girl

wHAT THE F U CK -100000/10
Feinberg Forecast: Oscar Standings As the Race Comes Home to Hollywood
In the wake of BAFTA's Britannia Awards and the Hollywood Film Awards, and just ahead of the AFI Fest in Hollywood, THR's awards columnist Scott Feinberg offers his latest read of 16 key categories — now including best film editing!

Our bean is a “major threat” y’all!  I mean in the supporting actor category, but you can interpret “major threat” however else you want.  Thanks to @krishunter’s instagram again.

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Hello ^^ I was wondering if taeyong would prefer younger or older girls in your opinion? And also could I get a scenario of you and taeyong dating and it's like really angsty thank you ^^ any characters included and story background is fine ^^

This is an older request but I hope you’re still with us! So sorry for the long wait ;; To answer your question, I really feel like Taeyong could go either way (younger or older). Taeyong strikes me as a person who would fall for someone who he feels a “spark” with rather than looking for someone who fits his standards/type. I don’t think age really matters to him, although at his current age, I don’t think he’d date someone in high school but probably someone who is around his own age (1-3 years age gap? whether it be older/younger!) but yeah I don’t know, I don’t really get the feeling that he prefers older/younger girls for some reason! Anyhow, without further ado, here’s the angsty scenario! Hope it’s angsty enough, haha. 


Listen: x

You sat on the couch in a pair of jeans and a cropped black sweater. You ran your fingers through your long flowy black hair, full of frustration before returning to your position with your arms crossed.

Your favourite red lip tint that you put on earlier had faded within the two hours you waited for Taeyong. 

You hadn’t seen him in weeks due to his busy schedule. Only yesterday, you received a short text from him saying he would have time to see you tomorrow night.

Whenever the two of you met up, it would be at your flat. When the two of you dated while he was a trainee, dating in public would be minimal. Since his debut, the two of you had never had even one date outside of your home.

You rubbed your tired eyes, no longer caring if you smudged the makeup you were wearing. Truthfully, you weren’t even sure why you even wore makeup anymore. It’s not like the two of you would be going out.

As the clock struck twelve, you decided that you had enough.

You stood up from the couch and walked towards your bedroom when you heard the jingling of keys and the familiar sound of the door unlocking.

Taeyong entered your flat wearing a black cap with a matching black zip-up hoodie and jeans, a long puffy down jacket draped over his shoulders.

You were overwhelmed with feelings as he dropped his backpack off to the side and took off his cap, greeting you with a quick nod.

“Sorry I’m late. It was difficult getting here without getting caught.”

The way his voice sounded so nonchalant further incited your anger. 

You hadn’t known how long it had been since you felt this way, but it no longer seemed like you and Taeyong were an item.

In fact, you felt as if he had to force himself to make time for you every couple weeks.

“Then you have something to celebrate about. Since it’s going to be your last time coming here.”

You turned to Taeyong and held your hand out.


He stayed silent but you could tell with his steely cold eyes that he was mad.

“You’re throwing a fit ‘cause I’m late?”

You crossed your arms.

“Every time we meet up, you’re either late or you don’t show up. You might as well not come over.”

You tried to walk to your room, but after you took a few steps you felt his arm reach out to grasp yours.


You turned around to look at him, his sharp gaze still intact.

“Do you know how many times we’ve gone out since you debuted?”

He stayed silent.

“None. Not even once.”

You laughed sarcastically.

“I don’t think I’ve even been out ten times with you in the two years we’ve been together. Can we really call this dating?”

Although you didn’t want to seem weak, your voice cracked at your last sentence. You felt Taeyong’s grip loosen as his gaze softened.

He let go of your arm as he brought his hand down to hold your own.

“Let’s go.”

You looked up at him.

“Let’s go out.”

He smiled at you faintly before cracking into a smile, breaking into a small run towards the entrance.

You didn’t even have time to grab a coat as you fervently slipped on your shoes and Taeyong grabbed his cap from the floor.

Instead of taking the elevator the two of you took the stairs, sharing a smile every now and then as you excitedly breathed in the frigid winter air as soon as the door opened.

Although the two of you were just running down the empty streets late at night hand-in-hand, it was an exhilarating experience for you.

Taeyong had always been a meticulous person. Every decision he made, he thought over first. For him to go out with you so spontaneously, without making previous plans made you feel important, as if he placed your feelings over his situation.

The two of you finally slowed down as you came across the cafe you used to frequent when the two of you first started dating. It was one that you had fond memories of, being one of the only cafes in the neighbourhood to open late.

You took a seat while Taeyong went up to the counter to order.

Staring at his backside brought back many memories. Even from under his cap, you could tell he was contemplating which drink to get for himself, whether it be his favourite yogurt smoothie or strawberry milkshake. For you, it would always be iced chocolate frappé.

You frowned slightly when he walked over with an americano for himself and your regular iced chocolate frappé, as he took a seat in front of you.

“You drink americano now?”

He nodded, holding the hot drink in his hand. 

“I got used to it, helps keep me up.”

You nodded, taking a sip of your drink.

There were few words exchanged but you felt happy to be out with him. You were thankful that there weren’t many people in the cafe and the two of you could relax.

As you told him about what was going on in your life recently, he chuckled and leaned over to wipe your under-eye area lightly with his thumb.

You lifted your phone up to glance at your reflection, totally forgetting about the smudged makeup from earlier.

You stood up, excusing yourself from the table.

“I’ll be right back.”

Taeyong nodded as he looked out the window, taking another sip of his americano.

After making an effort to clean up your under-eye area, you combed through your hair with your fingers and smiled at your reflection before leaving the restroom.

As you walked back over to the table, you noticed a girl standing near Taeyong.

She was shorter than you and had dyed hair up in a ponytail, wearing a matching cap.

Although she was turned away from you, you noticed she was one of Taeyong’s seniors at the company. 

To avoid making it awkward for Taeyong, you decided to walk over to the magazine stand nearby before returning to your seat.

“I didn’t know you would be out late at this time, weren’t you promoting last week?” The girl spoke in a friendly voice as Taeyong chuckled quietly. 

“Yeah, we have this week off although I’ll still be at practice. How about you?”

She raised up the drink she had in hand.

“Just grabbing some caffeine before heading back to train.”

You heard her soft laughter. 

“Unlike a certain someone, we don’t have time to fall in love.”

Your ears suddenly perked up. Was she referring to you and Taeyong?

You heard him clear his throat.

“Yeah I know what you mean.”

You heard her bring her voice down a level.

“Hmm? Wasn’t that girl earlier your girlfriend? The two of you looked pretty cute together.”

You heard him laugh in response and your heart skipped a beat, anticipating his answer.

“That was my cousin. I’m not dating anyone at the moment.”

You felt your jaw tightening out of anger. You felt as if the last two years with Taeyong had been a lie.

How did he truly feel about you all this time?

Even if he might have started out having feelings for you, how long has it been since those feelings were no longer present?

You heard the girl apologize for the misunderstanding as she bid goodbye to him.

You took a deep breath, walking over to the table.

Taeyong was taking a sip of his americano as you hastily took your phone from the table and turned to leave.

He immediately sensed that something was wrong and he stood up.

“_________, where you going?“ 

He spoke in an abrupt tone but in a low voice.

You had wanted to leave without saying a word, but your temper won over as you turned to him.

"You know what? I never knew you were such a good liar until today.”

You swung open the door of the cafe to leave as you heard him mutter profanities under his breath.

“__________, wait.”

As you walked down the road, you could hear his breath hitch as he ran to catch up to you.

You knew that he spoke tacitly to avoid attracting any attention.

Even now, his image was still his priority.

Although you heard him call out your name a couple times, you didn’t respond.

It seemed he had enough when he shouted your name once in a loud voice.

You stopped in your tracks briefly when you felt him latch on to your wrist and the two of you stepped into a quiet alley.

You turned to look at him, trying to perfect your look of pure hatred to mask your pain, as you found yourself staring into his intense gaze.

“Just listen. It’s not what -”

“How is it not what I think?” You cut him off abruptly.

“I heard you say it on my own. That I was your cousin and you weren’t dating anyone.”

“__________, you know how it is…”

You shoved him away as he lost hold of your wrist.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? Aren’t you saying that just so you could date others? And then eventually you’ll stop meeting with me and pretend I never existed.”

You glared at him and tried to walk away, but he slammed his hands against the wall so that you wouldn’t leave.


You started to get teary when you saw his glossy eyes.

A small part of you felt guilty for accusing Taeyong, but your pride held you back from apologizing.

“You know I’m a straightforward person. If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t date you for two years and take the risk of meeting you.”

“But I can’t keep living a lie forever Taeyong…”

A tear fell down your face as Taeyong held you in his arms.

“It won’t be too long. Please don’t give up on us… I can’t lose you.”

You wanted to hug him back, but you knew that if you did you would never be able to let go.

“Do you promise?”

Taeyong continued to hold you but didn’t speak just as you expected.

You chuckled bitterly.

“I know you won’t make promises you can’t keep.”

You pushed him back lightly, only enough to get out of his hold.

You looked up briefly at Taeyong to see tears running down his face.

Now that you realized it, this was the first time you had seen him cry.

Although you had many fights in the past, he had never shed a tear.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered under his breath and held onto your arm gently.

“Can I at least walk you home?”

You patted him on the arm, knowing that you could easily give in if he stayed next to you any longer.

“I’ll be fine.”

You turned away from him.


You looked up at the dark night sky to keep your tears from falling.

You heard him unzip his jacket, and he proceeded to place it on you slowly.

“At least take this.”

You felt yourself choke up to the point that if you were to speak a word, you would have broken down right in front of him.

Without turning back you walked away from him, bursting into a brisk run as soon as you were out of the alley.

You had reached the last intersection as the traffic light turned red, forcing you to stop.

As Taeyong’s scent from his jacket reached you, you felt your legs grow weak as you let yourself fall to the floor, letting go all you held in.

You bawled loudly as you veiled your face with your hands.

Everything was over just like you wanted… but why did it hurt so much to know that Lee Taeyong was now nothing but a stranger to you?

gif cr: kunq

slojsilja-deactivated20170717  asked:

I really like your work! I love the way you draw noses and somehow effortlessly create a kinda realistic-ish looking drawing, that really is something great. Also i think it is so sweet you add small drawings with your thoughts, that is even greater! Love from sweden!

Have a complimentary drawing of snoot man Alfred from Bloodborne:

Thanks again for your kind words.

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ooh, for the angsty art meme could you do 🍴airy? wings are always a great opportunity for creative stabbing...

I honestly couldn’t get it to look right for the life of mE

I wanted the slashes to look like stabs but the texture of butterfly wings are soft, leafy and papery so I struggled to make it looks kinda realistic?? SorRY HAHA


Sousuke’s route ~ 1

What would you choose?

captain-soumako bobachalatte Happy birthday to both of you!

rosarygerard  asked:

Hi! I need help! I can kinda draw realism, but only by tracing. Whenever I draw on paper, it looks awkward. But when I copy someone else's realism, it looks kinda okay. What should I do to improve drawing (almost) realistically just by looking at references, not tracing?

Hi there, @rosarygerard

Realism is hard because of the detail and the nuance. Observation is key. Honestly, you might be staring more at your reference photo than drawing, but ideally, you look scan your ref, draw, check (revise if needed) – rinse & repeat for a few hours. 

There are a lot of things that need to be correct & cohesive for something to look realistic. 

Here a few things I think matter most in realistic art:

Color: {Monochrome realism need not apply}  In nature, shadows are not black, highlights are not white. Midtones are not one solid color. This happens because light & colors bounce around from the environment onto the subject, and the subject itself is often pretty colorful. (Think about skin. It’s got the pigment you see, but also has  slight glazes of red and blue because of the veins and arteries.) Study the color wheel, and I recommend checking out this godly tutorial created by ziinyu

  • For example, you are rendering a blue sphere, try shading with a deep purple and brown, use a really pale orange for the highlights. And then using many hues of blue. It will create a much more realistic look than just a few shades/tints of blue.

Lighting:  Lighting is very important. You need to consider multiple light sources, bouncing light, shadows, highlights, and degrees of light. You also need to think about how light wraps around the object. Changes in value create edges, not a harsh black line of line art. Which is really nice for other styles, but will not result in  photorealistic look at all. Start with this, then check out this and that

Form: Form is an important part of understanding how to draw the shapes you see. If you know how the subject is structured, it makes it easier to draw complex shapes & foreshortening that you see in the reference.

You also need to know composition. Otherwise, your uber realistic subject won’t have as much of an impact as it could have.

Further Reading: