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hi !!! can u help me stan Loona ???? I always see u reblog abt them it's just idk where to start!! how many members are there??


Okay so loona has not debuted yet, they’re set to debut in december this year.

They have this thing where each month BlockBerry Creative introduce one of the members to us, as well as release a solo song for that certain member and another song with the other introduced members. Each members have their MV shot in different countries and different animals!!!!!

So far, the introduced members are (in order):

October’s girl: Jeon Heejin
DOB: October 19, 2000
Position: Vocalist, Leader
- Scared of pigeons (this kid cried at the shooting set in Paris bc of this save her)
- Can play guitar
ViViD / ViViD (Acoustic Ver) / ViViD (Acoustic Live) / ViViD dance practice
Location: Paris | Animal: Rabbit

November’s girl: Kim Hyunjin
DOB: November 15, 2000
Position: Vocalist
- Can play piano
Around You / Around You (film ver.) / Around You (Acoustic Live)
I’ll Be There (ft. Heejin)
Location: Tokyo | Animal: Cat

December’s girl: Jo Haseul
DOB: August 18, 1997 (thats my birthday!!!!!!!)
Position: Vocalist
- Scared of pigeons
- Was in a lot of art related activities in school
- Can play guitar
Let Me In / LAYBACKSOUND’s The Starry Night (Haseul Acoustic cover)
Location: Iceland | Animal: Bird
The Carol (ft. Heejin & Hyunjin)
Location: London

January’s girl: Im Yeojin
DOB: November 11, 2002
Height: about 160cm / 4'11" (According to a fanacc)
Location: Taiwan

They have a series called LOONA TV where they upload a short (when i say short i really mean short theyre like 20 sec) video of them behind the scenes, traveling to the MV shooting locations and stuff on their Youtube channel

Honestly all of their stuff are so high quality and aesthetically pleasing, and they’re such talented sweet kids as well. 

I promise, if you check out just their solo mv’s you’ll be hooked. pls support my baby girls, anticipate their future members and debut!!!!


TFW you marry a huge dork

I’m sorry I love puns


MY DUMB BABY WAS SO CUTE.  she just kinda looked at the little superworm for the LONGEST TIME before accepting it and then she just stood there with it wriggling in her mouth like, “????????????? WHAT???????? dooooo????????????????  IS EAT???????????”

she’s so dumb and precious i love her


“I’m sorry…”

Happy belated birthday, @ka-zu-ya​! IMOUTO IS HELLA LATE BUT YEah ok I have no excuse

Based on this (x)


I mean… I guess. Do I have a choice???

//I’m doing the OC event thing, I guess. I need to practice drawing things besides Jotaro, considering he’s pretty much all I draw. So, this is Atlas. Feel free to bother him or whatever.

I’m looking back at old selfies from like October and ????? My hair has grown so much since then????? Like it doesn’t even seem like it did and then I go back and see my overgrown Vulcan bowlcut and I’m like wow.…

I never imagined you dead

But tell me, are you even aware

That all that we did, you undo?

I first heard this song soon after finishing A Paragon of Her Kind, and it perfectly encapsulated my warden’s feelings. please listen to it so that you’ll know my pain (also it’s a good song).

steven universe icons - lapis lazuli and amethyst 

lapis requested by @blueberrykurt and i had a few amethyst ones i had made from a while back i thought id publish anyway feel free to request icons 

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  • icons are 100x100
  • 4 amethyst icons
  • 6 lapis icons
  • these icons can be found under read more or my icon page
  • all my other icons can be found here

icons are below

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                           I know, I know… smoke with what?
        Maybe I just need the optimism of people who smoke outside hospitals.
Well, I say people, most of these are either like me, 
                                                         waiting to cross or just gone over

Little spooky slightly halloween-ish Ghost John Constantine with a hint of City of Demons I drew last night cos I wanted a new icon :’))