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Imagine: Season 2B, Clary and Jace storm into Magnus’ loft, but they find it empty. No Magnus, no Alec. Nobody.

After calling for Magnus in vain, Jace calls his parabatai to ask where Magnus is. They need him to solve stupid problem #478374.

“Oh,” Alec says, almost disinterested. “Magnus is somewhere in the middle east, for a warlock convention. I have no idea when he’s coming back.”

“This is serious, Alec! Text him!”

Jace hangs up, cursing and desperate. Clary groans, looking around in desolation.

Cut to Magnus and Raphael at a beauty spa in Paris, having their fingernails done and their backs, massaged. Magnus’ phone buzzes.

On the screen, there’s a text from Alec. Hey, hope u r enjoying ur vacation. Love u.

Magnus just smiles and texts him back. Thank you, darling! I love you too.

BTS as things my friends have said in the group chat
  • Seokjin: *sends a selfie* I'm looking all kinds of fabulous today guys
  • Yoongi: Sorry, I had the chat muted... I think it's just my natural instinct to mute chats
  • Hoseok: *sends a picture of a rainbow* GUYS!!! #magiconearth
  • Namjoon: Just wanted to make sure you all know that I love you and appreciate you. Very much. Goodnight.
  • Taehyung: *sends one of those scary messages telling you to forward it or there will be consequences* I know these are stupid but I'm not risking it mate
  • Jimin: which one should I post? Please help! *sends two basically identical selfies*
  • Jungkook: wait... did you add me last? Do I mean that little to you? Don't you know how many people would beg for me to be in their group chat!... I'm kidding. Hi guys
A few thoughts on Rumplestiltskin raising Gideon

- I’m 99% sure that Rumple doesn’t remember absolutely anything about the dinner at Granny’s at the end of 6x22. He was too busy looking at Gideon to notice anything else.

- Storybrooke is lucky that Rumple doesn’t like talking about his life, or you can bet that he’d turn into the kind of proud father that takes any chance to show you 342875690379564504769350237459 pics of his son, and talks about him  24/7.

- Imagine Rumple collecting rent with baby Gideon.

- Speaking of rent, Rumple probably has troubles collecting rent, because he can hardly stuff money in his wallet when it’s already filled with the aforementioned 342875690379564504769350237459 pics of Gideon.

- Rumple buying a smartphone with a fuckaton of memory so that he is ready to take pics and video of Gideon at any given moment. The sound of Gideon’s laughter is the notification sound for messages, while his ringtone is Tale as Old as Time.

- Rumple having to buy an external hard disk for his computer, because he has 700 GB of videos of Gideon, including hours of Gideon simply sleeping. 

- Belle and Rumple having dozens of notebooks on which they write basically everything Gideon does.

- Rumple babyproofing the house, the library, the shop and, in a sudden attack of overprotectiveness, accidentally babyproofing the entire town with a spell (Regina doesn’t know if she should laugh or strangle him).

- Someone almost getting killed for daring enter the pawn shop, making the bell above the door ring and waking baby Gideon.

Basically, Rumple being a father is the cutest and purest thing in the world, and I think about it way too often. 

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i'm sorry i'm kind of stupid, but what does nl stand for? I couldn't really find anything that fit when i looked it up...

its the acronym for newfoundland & labrador, its not really common knowledge unless youre from around here so dont feel stupid!

Minerva’s Children

An article in the Daily Prophet leads Minerva McGonagall to think about her relationship with the Potters.

minerva mcgongall prompt for @hpwritersnet (sorry i’m kind of late guys)

Ask the Boy Who Lived what his earliest memory is, and he won’t tell you about his tragic past.

“I’ve seen pictures of them- mum and dad- enough to know what they looked like. My memories of them are pieced together from there. Who knows how much is real.”

So what about your muggle family then? You lived with mother’s sister, did you not?

“They weren’t exactly hands on and loving so-“

Then what, if anything, do you remember fondly?

“There was a cat… a tabby cat. I remember playing with her in the garden when I was small. And she would greet me as soon as I got home once I started school. Aunt Petunia would always shoo her away but she kept coming back, even when I trod on her accidentally. She liked to nap in the sun on the garden wall and when I sat outside and whispered to her about the weird things that happened to me, she’d rest her head on my lap and let me pat her.”

Potter becomes quiet, likely realizing that this friendly cat can no longer be alive today and contemplating the loss of his only childhood friend. His eyes glisten with held back tears.

“You know what Rita? I think that’s enough of an interview today, you did stop me in the street after all and I’m afraid I’ll be late for an appointment.”

Potter hurries away, not even in the direction he’d be going before on the way to his so called appointment. Hopefully the Auror Academy teaches him more manners than his cat friend.

Minerva unwinds at night by having tea in her office and browsing the Quidditch articles in The Prophet. It’s been almost three full years since the final battle. Three full years as headmistress. And yet, she’s still not quite used to the new office. Quidditch, however, is something she’ll always be used to.

There’s quite a large photograph of Ginny Weasley in her Holyhead Harpies uniform on one page and Minerva can’t help but feel a twist of pride in her stomach. And why shouldn’t you, she scolded herself. These kids were as good as hers. She put her life into caring for them. Of course she should feel proud seeing their success.

Suddenly, there was a flutter and a small owl landed on Minerva’s desk.

“Good evening, Pigwidgeon,” Minerva said as the bird held out his leg for her to untie a small scroll. She wondered who it was from. Harry and Ron had been living together during their auror training and both of them often used the bird to send her letters. She sometimes wished they’d give him a break. The little fellow was starting to get quite old and the long trip to Hogwarts could be quite a lot for him.

As she untied the scroll she summoned an owl snack for Pigwidgeon. She hoped he would stay to keep her company and carry back a response.

“I know you’re probably reading the Quidditch news, so turn to page 16 of the Prophet… it was you wasn’t it? – Harry”

Intrigued, Minerva flipped the paper to the page Harry indicated in his note. To her surprise she found that it was the section dedicated to gossip and directly at the top of the page was a short article by Rita Skeeter.

Harry Potter’s Past- Sadder than Originally Assumed

She snorted but began to read the short interview. Of all the things that could have happened between them, the thing that she and Harry bonded over most was laughing at Skeeter’s ridiculous articles. Just last week she had sent him a clipping of something Skeeter had written up: Who is the New Headmistress of Hogwarts Dating?

However, as she read the story, Minerva’s heart rose to her throat. Harry’s question made sense now. After retelling the story of the cat to Skeeter he had finally connected the one constant happy thing from his past to his present.

She slowly lowered the paper and wondered if this was what she had wanted nearly twenty years ago when she had started visiting that house and watching Harry grow up. No. She hadn’t wanted him to know or she would’ve told him herself. She had only wanted him to feel loved. She had seen James and Lily with him, and known how much they loved Harry and each other. The Dursleys certainly couldn’t share that with him. By visiting him, she had always hoped that maybe she could.

But the war was over now and how much had she really talked to Harry about James and Lily? Maybe, Minerva realized, that being there for him as a child wasn’t enough. As one of his remaining links to them, maybe it was time for Minerva to not simply show him how much his parents loved him but tell him about it too.

So, taking a deep breath, she picked up a quill and wrote him back. Pigwidgeon took the letter from her and flew off into the night. Part of her wished the small bird would wait and rest. But the other part was eager for what was to come next, after the letter was delivered.

Minerva finished her tea and prepared for bed with a smile on her face. Tomorrow, when she opened the guest floo for the window of time she had told Harry to meet her at, hopefully he would be there.

Then she could tell him all about Lily and James Potter. How they had been the most brilliant students she had ever seen. How his mother laughed at everything and his father stood up for everyone. How she and Marlene McKinnon had helped Lily do her hair on her wedding day. How she kept the letter they’d written to her while they were in hiding with Harry. How she was proud of them. How, more than any students before them, Lily and James had always felt the most hers.

And how, to this day, she still saw their love reflected in their brilliant son.

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Hey, I just deleted that loopy-ass post I made. I got carried away. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was glorifying him and didn't want to take away from those he killed. I'm sorry that I upset you. I know I acted kind of stupid and crazy there, so can you please forgive me and delete that post that you reblogged from me? I feel bad now. You never had a problem with me before and I always liked you. Sorry about that.

I’m probably going to look like an asshole to anyone who has no context outside of this ask, but I have to say something that I’ve needed to say for awhile and now is as good a time as any. I’ve opted to make this reply public because you have made multiple vague posts about this situation, as I was taking my time to reply to you in a rational, logical fashion and you decided to do, as you tend to, back pedal your opinion, act like I was cruel to hold you accountable for your words by not deleting your post and instead sending you a message letting you know you have “offended” (which is not the right word at all, by the way, it is damn near impossible to actually offend me) me.

Your apology was not only unnecessary, but it wasn’t genuine, so don’t bother. You are entitled to whatever feelings you have about anything, as am I, and I don’t have to accept your apology (and I am not going to) and I’m not going to delete the post, and here is why.

For several months now, you have started arguments with me over trivial things. Obviously, the most noteworthy thing being the Aspergers debate surrounding Dahmer which always looks something like this:

- I get an ask about or I make a post or I reblog a post about Dahmer’s mental health with some insight that wasn’t initially included, usually received well because it’s adding more ‘true’ to ‘true crime’
- I don’t include my opinion unless asked, but generally it’s assumed I agree with experts, as I am not one, yet
- You reblog it with a subjective personal experience, attempting to dissuade or disprove facts OR you make a vague post about your disagreement with me (I ignore this, and sometimes this is where the cycle ends)
- I argue my point, again, is based on fact, not my own diagnosis because the dude has been dead for forever and I am not an expert on any mental illness just because I have one
- You insist you weren’t trying to start a fight, you get passive aggressive and apologize, annnnnnnnd
- Repeat again in a few weeks

It’s not that you disagree with me, it’s that you won’t stop shoving it down my throat and then act like a victim about it any time someone disagrees with you. The thing is, I know your stance. I know you disagree and that’s fine. You just aren’t going to change my mind - you give me nothing but subjective information that could apply to anyone (most of the time, the stuff you attribute to him possibly being autistic is stuff that applies to me, even?) I understand that you have Aspergers and that your experiences are very important to you, and I’m not removing any validity of those experiences when they are NOT applied to him. You have no facts or evidence or any research in support of this stance, yet you’re so committed to arguing with me EVERY opportunity available, just to act like you didn’t mean anything by it, even though you clearly do or you wouldn’t keep doing it.

This brings me to your recent post that I won’t delete and my problem with it. You meant what you said and you only deleted it because I disapproved. First of all, whatever, you want to nuzzle a serial killer and rub kidneys or whatever. I don’t care about that. I don’t care if people love, worship, or even want to fuck Jeffrey Dahmer or anyone else, period. My problem is that you DO glorify him by negating ALL of his negative attributes. You specifically avoid posting about victims, you don’t care about his actual psychology (unless you’re having a random moment of reflection where you decide to project and start to muse that you may have one of his personality disorders), and you minimize EVERY SINGLE REASON WE KNOW WHO JEFFREY DAHMER IS. You don’t love Dahmer, you love some made up idea you have of who he was.

In general? I’m tired of arguing with you, and then you acting like everyone (I forgot to mention you’ve done this to at least one other very psych-savvy user) is attacking you even though you jumped into a post with your opinion knowing that it wasn’t the most popular one. AGAIN, you are allowed to have those opinions, just understand that your words and your actions do have consequences, and sorry doesn’t mean anything if you keep repeating the same action over and over OR if you apologize just because you want to be liked. At this point, it’s a personality conflict, and I’m over it - your arguments have no backbone and you care more about approval than being honest and that is what I’m “offended” by.

i know everyone’s loving the moment of confusion mickey has when he wakes up cuddling with ian and how he almost immediately reverts to looking pleased like ‘wait yes he’s my boyfriend now good’ but i like to think this is also the look of a man who feels the d like lookit dat eyebrow raise. that’s a cute lil bottom feelin the d and bein like 'well spooning can’t be that bad if it means i get first class access to gallagher’s morning wood’

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Crap sorry, I'm the idiot with the Stiles ask 😂 I thought I was looking through a different tag, but if I could have the same but with bucky? :) thanks for dealing with my bloody stupidity 😂😂

25. “I can explain this.”- Bucky Barnes

(This is kind of a follow up to 6 so you might want to read that first.)

“Hey Steve, you seen Bucky anywhere?” You asked the blond super soldier as you popped your head around the door to the room he was in. “Uh no, sorry Y/N, why?” He murmured, eyes focused on the pad in front of him as he glided his pencil across the page. “No reason, just thought he might want some company is all.” You smiled. “So not to pull another prank on him then?” Steve smirked slightly, eyes flickering to yours for a second. “The magnets were a one time thing!” You insisted with a laugh, “Anyway he seems to have forgotten so I don’t want to give him another excuse to pull something like that on me.” You smiled, remembering the pissed off look on Bucky’s face when he realised his arm was covered in sparkly magnets. “Right, well good luck with your search.” Steve smiled as you shouted a goodbye before continuing your search for the metal armed assassin.

After searching the rest of the tower for Bucky and coming up with nothing you headed back to your room, slightly disspointed at not being able to spend more time with your friend. Once reaching the door you noticed it was slightly ajar. ‘Strange…’ You thought, you were sure you’d shut it before you left and it was pretty much the only room in the tower to respect others privacy. Resting your hand on the knife that was tucked under your waistband you peered into the room. What you saw had your mouth gaping open. Bucky was sticking what looked like a gigantic picture of Nicholas Cage onto your wall, and as your gaze drifted across the rest of the room you could see multiple identical photos stuck over everything. Any pictures you had up had been replaced with his face and a blanket had even been draped over your bed that once again had his face on it. “Barnes…” You growled, causing Bucky to spin around like a deer caught in headlights. “I can explain this.” He gulped, hiding the poster he’d previously been hanging behind his back. “Oh, it’s on now!” You exclaimed, taking a menacing step towards him. In the blink of an eye, Bucky darted around you and out the door. “I’ll get you back for this Barnes!” You yelled after the super soldier, hearing his laughter bouncing of the walls as he ran.

timeline of victor's pov probably
  • ep 1: "sHIT. i found him. he's ok. thank god. i was so worried after the season ended like where'd he go. i wANTED TO SEE HIM AGAIN AND HELP HIM AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I KNOW HOW"
  • ep 2: "getting to know the katsuki's. hello hasetsu! man i love these people. i'm gonna bring out that prince i saw that night in yuuri. oh hi yurio you were here too"
  • ep 4: *casually asks yuuri to be his boyfriend* *is kind of rejected* "... i wanted to death but not this way"
  • ep 5: "seduce me with all you have... (like you did that one night like DAMN)... wait shit... oh. oH."
  • ep 7: "im so sorry yuuri. i didn't mean to make you cry. i'm so so sorry. i was stupid. i love you so much, i just want to make you happy, i want you to win, and i had no idea... right now, if i could, if you'd let me, i'd kiss you, if only to surprise you more than you did me"
  • ep 9: "i would love to marry you. i never ever want to live without you."
  • ep 10: "P L E A S E M A R R Y M E"
Okay, but what if I never fall out of love with you? What if I’m twenty-five years old surrounded by people and I meet someone and look at him and the only thought that runs through my head is ‘He isn’t you?’ What if I turn over in bed to see him by my side, but only let out a sigh when I remember the way you looked early in the morning, constantly yawning and kind of pale but oh so beautiful? What if I look into his ocean blue eyes only to wish I saw coffee brown ones? What if I hear your voice when he talks? Or what if I end up alone, sitting on my bed while desperately trying to forget your smell, messy hair, stupid v-neck sweaters, sickeningly gorgeous hands, puppy eyes, and the love I feel for you?
—  It’s been 2 years and damn, I’ve got it bad
Memevision 2016
  • Albania: Fairytale Meme
  • Armenia: MemeWave
  • Australia: The sound of Memes
  • Austria: Loin des Memes (Far from the Memes)
  • Azerbaijan: (gonna take a) Meme
  • Belarus: Help you Meme
  • Belgium: What's the meme
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Meme je (Meme is)
  • Bulgaria: If memeing was a crime
  • Croatia: Memehouse
  • Cyprus: Alter Meme
  • Czech Republic: I Meme
  • Denmark: Soldiers of Memes
  • Estonia: Play (videos of Memes)
  • Finland: Meme it Away
  • France: J'ai cherché les Memes (I searched for the memes)
  • Georgia: Midnight Meme
  • Germany: (this is the) Meme (of you haunting the meme of me)
  • Greece: Meme Land
  • Hungary: (become a) Meme
  • Iceland: Hear the Memes calling
  • Ireland: Memelight
  • Israel: Made of Memes
  • Italy: No degree of meme
  • Latvia: Memebeat
  • Lithuania: I've been waiting for this meme
  • F.U.R. Macedonia: Dona (look at meme and smile at meme)
  • Malta: Walk on memes
  • Moldova: Falling memes
  • Montenegro: The real Meme
  • Netherlands: Meme Down
  • Norway: Memebreaker
  • Poland: Colour of your meme
  • Romania: Moment of memeing
  • Russia: You are the only meme
  • San Marino: I didn't meme
  • Serbia: Goodbye (Shelter from the Memes)
  • Slovenia: Blue and Red (memes)
  • Spain: Say Meme!
  • Sweden: If I were sorry (for memeing)
  • Switzerland: The last Meme of our kind
  • Ukraine: 1944 Memes
  • United Kingdom: You're not a meme

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Don't be stupid? I'm sorry, but I am not in favor of your opinion on how you said it's okay to change white to black, yet not vice versa. I'm not trying to be rude but it just doesn't seem right :/

Now I want you to look at this image:

Thats what I’m talking about. 

Now did you ever watched “Dear White People” of netflix? I totally think that you should. 

Cuz, when a kid turn to me and say “I hate my skin tone and my hair, cuz I want to be white or have a straight hair” my heart hurts. Hurts bad. Cuz I’m white. And I’m have representation. I never hated my skin tone or my hair or anything that had to do with me. I’m not saying that every kid does it, I’m saying that its not okay when a kid say something like that cuz Its sad, its bad, IT SHOW HOW MUCH OR SOCIETY SUCKS.

Look to this:

We have in this picture the perfect representation of what I’m trying to say about representation. 

I love Disney. My favorite movie is Beauty and The Beast, so I can say it with propety: in this picture we have 4* poc characteres and all of them have straight hair. There is 11 princess and just 4* are poc chars? YOU DON’T SEE HOW WRONG IT IS? 

You want equality? How do you want it? Making Jasmine or Tiana white? I know there is Moana too, but what, we have 5* princess who are poc? FIVE*.

There is no equality, no justice in this, so why you want to justify saying that it’s okay to take away what makes these characters so special and turn white? You don’t feel bad for it? Not even a little? There is a huge problem here and you know how we could solve this? Turn half of this girls in poc chars. And how we can do this? Fanart. Really, there is nothing more. You feel threatened by the possibility of a fanart or even a edit? I don’t. 

If someone came to me and draw Neshaa as black, with a afro hair and such, I had loved it. Cuz my char will be not lass wonderful or precious to me, cuz I don’t fuck care about skin color. I care about little kids or young ppl who don’t have someone to regonize themselfs or haven’t something done just for them. 
“So why Neshaa is not black?” –’ cuz I wanted her to have something similar to me. The only thing we’re alike is or color skin. That’s why. 

Besides you guys are taking sides!!!! This is stupid!!!! No matter how you see it, you guys didn’t study about representation, didn’t gave it even a thought about it. And just came to me saying “meeeeeh, I don’t agree with you cuz I like L**********” –’ like l care.

monosexualfemme-deactivated2016  asked:

Hey do you have any suggestions for ways to find non sexual lgbt spaces in new cities? I'm moving for college in a month and as a sex repulsed lesbian I'd like to be able to meet ppl but everything I've looked up just pulls up gay bars. Are there key words or st in particular I should google? Sorry if this is stupid/super obvious :///

it’s not stupid at all!

since you’re going to college, a good place to start would probably be your school’s lgbt student organization, if it has one. also, many schools have an official lgbt resource center of some kind (often part of the multicultural resource center) so look for that. they’ll often have a handy list of local resources on their website, but if they don’t, you can ask them — this kind of thing is what they’re there for!

as far as google, there are various keywords i’ve found to be helpful, such as “community,” “center,” “resources,” “social,” “advocacy,” “youth,” “support” — stuff like that tends to target helpful organizations.

and of course, once you’ve found something that seems ok, or met some local lgbt people, keep asking around about other groups, spaces, and resources! i found out that lgbt symphonic and marching bands exist through word of mouth when i was in college and that knowledge has been invaluable to me as i’ve sought community in new places.

here are some resources that might also be helpful! they are by no means comprehensive but you can let what you see here inspire your future searches as well:

if anyone has any more resources or help to share, please reblog and add them! also i know this is a pretty u.s.-centric list so international resources are certainly encouraged as well.

i hope this helps and good luck!


Previous part can be found  here.  Hartbigguyz  and  tvfreakinabox  continue to be super amazing betas and incredibly patient people with my ability to be inconveniently unpredictable at times. 

Part 15 - SFW


How she got stuck carrying all of the boxes in while Hannah is inside unpacking feathers or pillows or something, Grace will never know. But here she is, with another box, and Hannah is…where is Hannah?

Hannah?” Grace waits, adjusting the newest box on her hip. She hears undeniable clanging of aerosol cans against the bathroom tiles and sighs, struggling inside just far enough to drop another box onto an arm chair with a grunt.

“Grace? Woah-wo-ugh!”

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Why is there so much mpreg?? Why don't they come as 30k fics?? Can I prompt?? I am prompting. Harry is a nurse who works in the paediatrics unit at the hospital, who spends inordinate amounts of time watching the newborn bubs and sighing, and on low days on the way home he buys little booties and bibs and toys, and then stashes them in the spare room of his apartment. Louis is a new doctor and possibly Harry's perfect match. THINGS HAPPEN.


Oh god, I do not need to think about obstetrician!Louis, taking care of all of the pregnant men and women and delivering babies and checking up on them in the baby room, or whatever it’s called. And nurse!Harry, taking care of the newborns and marveling at their tiny fingers and toes and rocking them to sleep. And even though he loves the babies most, he also loves taking care of the parents, soothing them and making them laugh even when they’re stressed out and fighting their way through contractions.

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What I wished the finale went like
  • Ali: OMG! Cece, you're Charles?
  • Cece: Yes, nobody will seperate me from my sister!
  • Ali: So you've been tormenting, harassing and almost killing me and my friends all this time?!
  • Cece: Yeah, I did, but you didn't die, did you?
  • Ali: Why would you be so cruel!?
  • Cece: You know, I tried to bathe you, but I suddendly dropped you into the tub, you almost died, but I didn't do this on purpose, then Mom and Dad moved me to Radley and it kind of went from there, you know, I'm really not a bad pers-
  • Wren: (walks in) Alright, let's do...Cece?! What the heck are you doing?! You're ruining my reveal!
  • Cece: Charles, I'm so sorry, this is really not what it looks like!
  • Charles: Ali, don't believe one single word she said! She didn't do anything, this is my work! MY. WORK!
  • Cece: I did it to protect you!
  • Charles: No no no, bitch shut up, you're taking all the credits from me! My work!!! Not yours! Dang I'm so mad about you stealing my reveal, I'm Charles! I'M CHARLES NOT YOU STUPID LITTLE BITCH!!!!!! *pushes Cece out the window and she dies*

You know when you see people shopping and they pick up a fruit. They look at it and it’s kind of bruised or soft so, then set it back just to pick up the same fruit and buy one that’s better. Or when people are shopping and they grab chips but they get the first bag and move it out of the way just to grab the bag behind it because they think it’s better.

That’s how I fucking feel. Like the first bag of chips. Like the bruised up piece of fruit.

spookyratdad  asked:

Hi! I really dont like how my art looks, and I was wondering how i would go about changing my style? Im sorry if this is a stupid question, but i'm just really not sure /: Thanks!

Hi enchantedghosts! This is not a stupid question, at all!

There are many ways of trying to figure out what kind of art style you wish to make as you try to experiment. It’s totally normal in wanting to change the way you draw, and there are many tutorials that will help you try out new things! For starters, it’s always great to start looking for the art styles that you particularly like. Whether it’d be:

and there’s so much more and it’s all up to you! Don’t be afraid to use references to help you better improve in your artwork! Every skill in art takes practice and the more you do it, the more you exceed in your artwork. 

Overall, the very best thing to change your artstyle is to see in which path you’d like to go in. If not, make a few shapes and put them together and see where it leads you! I’m sure you’re a very talented artist and we will all cheer you on with whatever creation you’ve made. Go with something that feels right and comfortable to you, but try, try, and try again until you get it right!

I wish you the best of luck!