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How I Met Your Mother [Time Travelers episode speech] AU- Bechloe

I love you. I’m always gonna love you, til the end of my days and beyond….. You’ll see.

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San Diego is ways away from Hawkins. That’s all Max can think her first day unpacking box after box, load after load. Kind of a crappy looking town but for some reason gives her a freaky sense of peace, she can’t place it. Instead of raging traffic, its creepy silence, late night yelling and music and commotion is replaced with crickets; crickets, she’d never actually heard them herself.

Its better than living with that asshole, she still mentally winces at the bruise on her arm from the intense pulling and violent yanking from the man she reluctantly calls her father. Mom made the right choice moving us.

But then she stomps to her seat after introducing herself to the admittedly cool looking teacher Mr. Clarke in the expectantly dull looking Indiana classroom with eight eyes following her intentively. Weirdos.

Next thing she knows she’s sitting with the same weirdos at lunch, the goof with the hat and the other dork with the nice clothes laughing at like every damn thing she says. Dustin and Lucas. Geeks, but comforting to be around.

She learns that the small one, Will, isn’t what he seems, she can relate to his anguish, one shitty dad to another. She feels the weird need to protect him, but has a feeling one day he really won’t need it. He’ll be confident enough to love exactly who he is; he should.

Mike, the quiet one, remains a mystery to her, but solving those has always been her favorite thing to do. Something tells her though, he’ll open up when he wants to, she wont have to pry it out of the gloomy dope, not right now at least.

Hawkins is ways away from San Diego. But something tells Max she was meant to be here.

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Homesick (Part 4)

Prompt: The reader has amnesia and meets a nice man in the park…but can’t shake the feeling like she’s missing something from her past.

Word Count: 1539

Warnings: language, amnesia, nightmares (maybe), this is going to be fluff/angst the entire time

Notes: Beta’d by the fabulous @like-a-bag-of-potatoes, hope you all like it as much as I did! Thank you all so much for being so excited for this story, I hope I don’t let you down! Feel free to asks for tagging at any point in this series.

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Two more weeks went by with Steve and you were still blissfully happy, but something gnawed at you. Every time you had a nightmare (which was almost nightly) you called Bucky, he seemed to be up all the time. You’d spend hours on the phone until finally you had calmed down enough to sleep. You didn’t want to bother Steve and wake him with it because he didn’t help you the way Bucky did.

You kept the knowledge of Romanian to yourself except when you and Bucky would speak it sometimes to each other, either on your nightly calls or if you had a few moments together at Stark Tower while Steve finished up business. One day, Steve heard you talking to Bucky and came up.

“Is Bucky teaching you some Romanian?” he asked kindly, smiling at both of you at the breakfast table.

“Uh, no, apparently, I already knew it. How great is that?” you asked, excited to know some of your past self.

Steve’s brows furrowed. “And…you didn’t tell me?”

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“Who I Am Inside” Part 18

A/n: OMG! I can’t believe its almost been 4 weeks since I posted a chapter for this! I am sooo sorry, guys! I honestly need to get back to at least posting every week to two weeks! I hope you enjoy this!

My Master List

Bonus: Conrad Head canon

“You know, I thought that getting your powers back would turn you into someone else who I wouldn’t recognize, but seeing you spray canned cheese down your throat…It… It gives me hope…”

   “Hey, just because I’m an angel doesn’t mean that I don’t have a strong love for cheese. It’s soooo good, though.”  I watched as Carter gargled it into her mouth. I shook my head, and tried to tear my eyes away from the scene before me as I was greeted by Sam entering the kitchen. He glanced over at Carter, and had the same matched expression as mine upon his face.

   “Sam, was Cas this weird when you first met him and he had angel powers.” Sam chuckled, and grabbed a protein shake out of the fridge and sat beside me.

“No, he was more like the type of person who walks around with a stick up his ass.” Dean responded to my question as he just opened the door from the garage. We all laughed at that, and Castiel suddenly appeared in the room.

   “I heard that, Dean. Just so you know, I do not in fact, have a stick penetrating my buttocks.” Everyone laughed even harder when he said that.

   “Where is Conrad?” Cas asked, as he scoped around the room.

   “Con’s in bed getting some shut eye. Is something wrong, Cas?”

   “I need Carter to come back to heaven with me.” He said, as he watched all of our expressions sink.

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