it looks horrible but omg


I can make some sarcastic comment about enrichment being useless, but I’m trying to focus on the positives because im so frustrated by how misunderstood this piece of husbandry is.

Here are two of my (currently in house) 11 completely healthy ball pythons. Rhea, resting on the top of his hide and climbing structures, and Asteria, who was digging until I interrupted her.

don’t sleep shouto


so.. for really no reason whatsoever i decided to do some asagao sprite edits/mashups to make up some selfinserts? cause while im not that good of an artist i think im pretty good at photo editing so hey why not

so have what are supposedly asagao!pixi and asagao!kat? cause hey why not start with something familiar, plus i wanted to post two at a time and woo. i dont know i just made these so have things

(made pixi out of mai’s body, kakusu’s face and the hair is a combination of ian and hana, while kat’s made out of kakusu’s body, hana’s face, and the hair is from ian, jared and hana ~)


  • antis: wow sherlock is such horrible queerbaiting!!!
  • us: i really hope johnlock is canon so sherlock won't be horrible queerbaiting
  • antis: omg look at these delusional fucks, johnlock will NEVER happen
  • us: ???????

@belmontfucker tagged me in that selfie thing but i…lost all of my selfies ;o; so jo suggested i use drawings of myself instead??? somehow i cheated & threw in a drawing of my gemsona bc i couldnt find another nice drawing of myself
also, a bonus pixel

[ part 1[part 3]

Aaaaand there’s part two!! The next one will probably be the last (and it’s totally angst!! ;w;). Now, to the scenarios!!

  • Seidou and Akira dancing (idk why I did this one. I don’t have an excuse).
  • Akira and Seidou as children playing together (omfg THIS ONE WAS TOO CUTE FOR ME).
  • Akira and Seidou taking care of a bunch of orphan puppies and/or kittens (ONE OF THEN IS MARIS STELLA AND NO ONE CAN PROVE ME WRONG. Seidou likes dogs better, but he is okay with cats too).
  • Seidou and Akira get caught up in a storm and must stay sheltered together until it passes (I’m such a genius that I actually forgot to draw the rain and the wet parts of their clothing lmao).
  • Seidou drawing Akira (I just… needed something in that blank space…It doesn’t even look like her! ).

This is so late now, but a cute AU art thingie for @ginrou. I totally meant to draw something sooner, but I lost track of time and I also have a shit memory D: I wasn’t sure if I was gonna include their Pokemon or not. Maybe next time! I had fun drawing this and it makes me want to doodles some things for my version~ Anywaaay..Happy Super Belated Birthday XDD;