it looks great with a dark bg


how 2 practise drawing people by tracing: a tutorial

because turning het couples into girls kissing is my new favourite hobby, i thought i’d do a small tutorial to promote this practise. don’t @ me about tracing either, it’s a great way to learn.

step 1: choose your reference image
step 2: choose a light background for your drawing

-> cover the reference photo with your bg and reduce the opacity to ~50%.
-> you can make it dark later, but using a light bg makes it easier to see the reference image underneath
step 3: trace
-> i find it looks better to use a smaller brush size
-> try playing around with the features! women tend to have less defined brow bones, softer jaw lines, smaller hands, etc. 
step 4: switch the background opacity to 100% to hide the reference image
step 5: shade

-> i like to do all my shading in greys and then add colour afterwards, but feel free to jump right in with colour at this stage.
step 6: colour
-> in photoshop i use ‘selective colour’ adjustment layers to adjust the neutral greys of my image until i have the colours i want

at this point you’re pretty much done, but you can also add texture layers etc if you want to add to the flat colours.

feel free to ask if u have any questions! and of course, always credit your reference image source. thanks for reading!

catty-words  asked:

raven reyes' wardrobe though: her adorable and puffy red jacket. that tattered blue t-shirt that looked so cozy and well-worn. her space suit, especially the raven-imprinted helmet. her boots (especially in the scene where she first steps foot on a bed of crunchy autumn leaves). that white henley shirt with the grey sleeves that's just like A++ and too much for my bi ass. those fingerless gloves she wears for maybe an episode (madonna ain't got nothing on raven).

you asked for this, so expect it to be long. lets geek out about raven’s wardrobe and her general otherwordly fashion sense because goddamn the fashion police is trying to get to her all the time wanting to give her some advice, but? she always looks good.

let’s start with this one

if your otp is raven x a dark greenish sweater vest ft. fingerless gloves then welcome to the club. the ecology between her and this outfit largely revolves around the fact that raven is a smartass. the statement she makes with it: ‘I’m gonna find out your secret and then i’m gonna fuck you up’. why else do you think her gloves are so long? her detecting skillz are on point. the observer is aware and she is going to go hard. also, check the color coordination. she clearly knows her style, a specialist in the arts of colors for sure.

the famous red bomber jacket aka raven’s new clothing line called ‘i’m gonna rip you to shreds’

raven’s clothes are like chopping up onions. they are layered and you end up crying a lot - tears of joy of course. sometimes you wonder if raven’s clothes are just a part of her body anyway because how does one look so cute and fierce with a red bomber at the same time, let alone during a mission? the damn chemistry… it’s not even science anymore. raven x red jacket is pure passion and their love is going to cut you like a razor (watch out alie, she’s coming for you). also, color scheme! red jacket plus well-worn and cozy blue tattered shirt! u know what that means? raven is actually bi. BI.

a little bird in space

whenever i see raven in her space suit i forget that earth is filled with some spooky things like mutated animals or reapers. because why the fuck have that, when you can have this

she just looks super cute in it. how she works a space helmet with her signature on it because yes this is raven fucking reyes in space, the little bird. the lil sticker with her name on it that finn gave her, how big the space boots look, like where the hell are her feet? she is so tiny and you just wanna hug and protect her but goddamn you don’t really need to, because space makes her feel good. the suit makes her feel good. she looks the happiest when she is wearing it, when she gets to explore space in it, see the world from a whole new angle. that’s the thing about the suit. it looks heavy, but raven makes it appear so weightless because she feels so weightless when she is wearing it, just getting to float around (yes, the irony of that word doesn’t escape me), and enjoy life in its fullest. i think we can all agree that she deserves more spacewalks, and less pain. the things i’d do for raven to find the Polaris pod in polis tbh.

moving on.

they say the problems never end, but you know what else really never ends? raven’s great fashion sense. and raven x shirts is what dreams are made of

raven in a dark red wine t-shirt? check

raven in a classic henley shirt with dark grey sleeves? check

raven being so extra and owning a hollister sporty burnout v-neck shirt that looks just a bit different from the henley with the grey sleeves? check

raven in a black tank top with flexing muscles? check. also, you see alie in the bg right? the thing is, alie never controlled raven. raven is actually in control of alie. that woman is so attracted to the unknown magnetic force of raven’s outfits (its fucking raw magnetism i swear), especially that tank top and those arms, that she’s practically hypnotized. alie only knows fashion from ‘bratz fashion boutique’ for the nintendo DS, she’s never seen anyone dress like this before. so in her eyes it ain’t even science anymore, it’s a whole new world. and leave it to raven to dess- i mean, fight like a genius. she’s got this.

or this one? ravens got a thing for darker sleeves. i told you she appreciates color coordination, it sustains her.

also, skinny jeans are out they say. time for raven to hit the streets

the green pants are my aesthetic and the details you can see on the jeans in the picture to your right is my kink.

and then raven’s boots.

her presence is undeniable *crunch crunch* girl is never out of style. also, who needs leg warmers when you can just tug your hands into your boots??? she is about to become the greatest fashion icon, watch her (if she isnt already duh).

one of these days she’s going to bring back heelys and everyone will actually love her for it. cause raven can make everything cool.

digitalaltprojects  asked:

hi, I'm hoping to launch my own webcomic soon, and I can't help but fall absolutely in love with the color aesthetic in your comic!! Would you mind sharing how you pick your colors and achieve such a good unifying color palette?

I made a new palette for Roach to use for the character flatting and it has a tiny bit of info regarding this!

Mostly, my biggest point is to fill the whole page with the colour you want your page to be (choosing the average saturation and tone you’re going for) and then. Hover around it. If you colour pick from some paintings you like (danish school is not great for this unless you want to do super high contrast– and if you do I’d definitely recommend looking up mike mignola) you’ll notice that the majority of colours laying next to one another are very similar in tone, even if one is registering light blue and the other a pale brown– I wouldn’t suggest using the colours you picked in a page since it will look odd, but it’s absolutely a great learning tool to understand what colours work. Todays page had a predominantly dark brownish purple, and all the colours were decided on based on how they looked on that bg. 

Also, my colour choices have gotten better as I did the comic (early blindsprings pages were VERY “tree trunks are brown and leaves are saturated green”) so as long as you’re thinking and learning, learning as you go is absolutely fine :) In the beginning pages, when I got to the night scene with all that green light I had NO idea how to deal with that. Now it’s old hat. 

It’ll come!