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Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 2 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 4,342

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here!

“Well, talking about awkward huh?” Dean laughed nervously as Sam only looked at him with a hard look.

“Yeah, very.” he said through pursed lips and Dean cleared his throat, avoiding looking at him in the first place.

“Honey?” it was your voice that broke the silence that had set between the two Winchesters “Can you come help me?” you sounded a little too eager and at your question Dean’s body stiffened and he felt his heart beat harder inside his chest. Gosh, how every fiber in his body just screamed for him to find you.

But he knew he had to keep himself, much less something from showing. He cleared his throat and shook his head “Well, this is gonna be a whole lot of fun.” he huffed.

“Definitely.” Sam mumbled and Dean instantly looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

“You know I’m just joking, right?” he asked with a deep frown but Sam wouldn’t even look him in the eyes.

“Yeah, when are you not?” he stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets and prefered to look at the things that were in the house instead of pay attention to his insanely increasing jealousy.

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cherrypitsuicide  asked:

(1) hello! ive messaged you before now but i was wondering what i could do to make my cats life better. your blog has already educated me a lot about enrichment and food choices for cats, and now i have bought wet food for her and taped boxes together to make a tunnel-like thing that she can explore. however, i was wondering what else i could do for her! i cant do anything too expensive since im a student with a part-time job and most of my cash goes towards food for myself and for her. shes my

only companion and i want to make her life as fun for her as i can. i also let her outside during the summer on a harness and leash, but its winter now and i want to make being inside as fun as possible for her. thanks!

I like that you’re continuing to look to improve! That’s a sign of a great ethos about animal care - we can always do better, even if we’re already doing great. 

I’d suggest thinking about her other senses - you’ve got taste down pretty solid, as well as her need for movement, but what about smell or sound or visual stimuli? You could leave audiobooks on or leave playlists of things she’d never hear running while you’re gone, or put on nature videos on silent for her to watch (if you’ve got a TV or computer that has a fast enough flicker speed she can see it - most new monitors are fine for that). You can also use changing the environment up as enrichment, although you don’t want to do it too frequently - feed her in a different place, move her bed, turn the couch 90 degrees. 

You’re something special ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Heeyy your ims are so deep🌊 I don’t even know how to call em in other interpretation. BTW can I have a G im where he watches her every action imagining how badly he want her to be his girl, and in one day he just tell her all the things he want (And pls don’t forget about kisses u describes em soo f👑 amazing)‘‘

Response: Thank u lovely! That’s so sweet ^.^ Okay guys, so this imagine is honestly one of my favorites I’ve written, I think, (hope that doesn’t sound cocky lol) but yeah, I think this one turned out pretty okay :) so let me know what you think xx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Graysons POV

My eyes almost hurt when I look at her. She is so beautiful. She looks like an angel, and she doesn’t even have to try. It may sound cliché, but I admire everything about her. Since I saw her I can’t stop thinking about her. She is so gentle, the way she talks and the way she treats people… I wish I could tell her all these things, but I don’t want to her to think that I’m a desperate stalker, trying to get attention from girls.

It’s a normal day of school and I’m sitting in class. When the bell finally rings, I look at my phone and see that it’s almost three o’clock. Normally around this time on Friday Y/N is in the library, looking for books she can read in the weekend. Or just books to help her studying. Don’t even ask me how I know this, because it’s actually embarrassing. I grab by bag, leave the classroom and rush into the library.

I silently open the door of the library. It’s almost empty. Of course, it was Friday. Not many people went to the library at school when it was almost weekend. I walk through the library that is stuffed with bookcases, peeking my head around every corner to see if she’s here.

And when I see her my heart skips a beat. She’s sitting at a table with a few books around her, reading one of them with the tip of her pen in her mouth and her hair up in a bun. I quickly grab a random book and walk to the table where she’s sitting. I sit down and open the book, glancing down at her. She looks up and her beautiful red lips curl into a sweet smile. It only last like two seconds, but it felt like an eternity. I smile back, probably looking really goofy.

When she starts reading her book again I try to look as if I’m reading mine too, but my eyes keep flickering back to her. She looked incredibly pretty today and smelled so nice. Even from where I was sitting I could smell her perfume; vanilla with a touch of something sweet, maybe flowers. She didn’t wear a lot of make up; just a bit of mascara and something on her lips.

Her eyebrows were full and her cheeks were a bit chubby, but I actually thought that that was really cute. And even if she did wore a lot of makeup I’d still adore her. She could even throw on a garbage bag and still look gorgeous.

I look at her rosy cheeks and the freckles on her nose and wonder how her skin would feel like. Probably very soft. And her eyes… they were so friendly and had the most beautiful colour. I could stare into them forever. I wanted to touch her and wrap my arms around her with her head resting on my chest. I wanted to make her feel safe and loved.

I lick my lips at the thought of how her naked body would feel pressed to mine. But not even in a sexual way; we could just lay together, feeling calm and at peace. I would love hearing her heartbeat and her warm breath against my neck. I casually stroke a hand through my hair when I feel my cheeks burning. If she could only read my mind… I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, I wanted her to be mine so bad.

Your POV

You couldn’t believe that Grayson Dolan, your crush since freshman year, was sitting in front of you. You always thought he had been a cute guy, but you knew he didn’t read and you found it odd that he was in the library. Sitting in front of you. On a Friday afternoon. With his book upside down. God, he was so adorable. The book he was holding looked so small compared to his large hands. He had such beautiful hands. You wondered how they’d feel holding yours.

‘Enjoying your book?’ you ask with a little smile, while you catch him looking at you. He blinks and immediately looks back into his book. ‘Me? Eh yeah, it’s pretty good,’ he chuckles nervously. ‘It’s upside down, you know?’ you giggle and turn a page in the book you had been reading. His cheeks turn even more red than they already were and he turns the book around, so that he could actually read the thing. A few minutes pass and you feel him looking at you. Whenever you look back at him, he quickly looks away.

After about half an hour you’re done with your studying and as bad as you wanted to stay in the library with this beautiful human being, you really had to go home. You grab your stuff and stand up from your chair. Hesitantly you put your bag around your shoulder, not knowing if you should say goodbye or not. Why not? you thought. ‘Bye, Grayson,’ you say and walk towards the exit of the library. Grayson quickly stands up too.

‘Wait,’ he says and before you know it he grabs your hand and stops you from walking. You look at your hand holding his. It looked so tiny compared to his hand. He lets go of you, looking a little embarrassed. ‘Yeah?’ you encourage him, looking up. ‘I know that we don’t talk that much, which is why I completely understand if you say no, but I think you’re a really nice girl and I was wondering if… if you would maybe want to go on a date sometime? Are you free tonight?’ he asks with a sweet voice.

You inner self starts screaming, but you remain to stay calm. Was this a dream?! ‘Yes… Of course,’ you answer, shrugging your shoulders. You never really had plans for the weekend, except if you counted watching Netflix with a bag of Doritos. He looks relieved and smirks. ‘Nice! Should I pick you up tonight? At seven?’ ‘Sounds great,’ you say happily.               


The date had been perfect so far. He had picked you up at your house and brought you to a chic – but not too chic – restaurant. The food tasted amazing and the whole atmosphere was just so lovely. There were candles burning on the table and the interior was very cute. There was even a live band playing in the background.

You guys got to know each other better and just talked about everything and anything that crossed your minds. It actually felt like you had known each other your whole life, which was a very nice feeling. After dinner you went to go to the cinema. With his hand on your thigh he looked at you during the entire movie. And when you looked back at him you expected him to kiss you, but he didn’t.


He stops the car in front of your house, steps out and walks to the other side of the car to open the door for you. He sure was a true gentleman. You take his outstretched hand and together you walk to the door of your house. You turn around so you faced him, and realise you were actually standing really close.

‘Thank you for tonight,’ you whisper. He smiles and strokes a hair out of your face. ‘Thank you. I had a very nice evening. Maybe we could do it again some time?’ ‘I would love that,’ you say, almost drowning in his brown, husky eyes. ‘I should probably go… Thank you, again. Have a nice weekend, Y/N,’ Grayson says. But you don’t let go of his hand.

‘You could come in for a minute, if you want. My parents aren’t home, so…’ you say, trying to look innocent. ‘Yeah, sure,’ Grayson says, his eyes growing a little wider. You open the door and walk to the living room, with Graysons hand still holding yours.

You sit down on the couch, with Grayson next to you. Again, his face was just a few inches away from yours. You could see his little moustache hairs and smell his minty breath and cologne. It sent shivers down your spine. Slowly he leans closer to you, until his nose is touching yours. And when you think he’s about to kiss you, he pulls back. You stare at him, a little confused. Did you do something wrong?

‘Y/N, I want to say something to you…’ he says, looking down at his shoes. ‘Yeah?’ you say, placing a hand on his thigh. He looks back at you, with the cutest smile on his face. ‘It will probably sound very cheesy, but… I am so happy that I met you, honestly. This evening was just perfect. At least for me it was perfect. I like everything about you, every little thing, and I think you were meant for me,’ Grayson says. Your heart flutters at his words and a big smile appears on your face. ‘Grayson…’ you start, but he stops you. ‘Wait, let me finish this, before I forget what I want to say,’ he chuckles.

‘All I can think about lately is how much I want to kiss you. You’re the only one I want. I love your laugh and I love the way you make me laugh. I want to be the constant in your life, if you let me… you’re something special,’ he says while he cups your face with his large hands. ‘Oh Grayson,’ you whisper while your smile grows bigger. ‘That’s so sweet. I – I’ but he interrupts your stutters by gently pressing his warms lips against yours.

He opens your mouth and slides his tongue between your lips. You let him dominate you however he wants. You gasp for air as his hands slowly trail down your body, from your back to your waist and then to your thighs. You close your eyes while his kisses are getting deeper and rougher and he starts kissing your jawline and neck.

You dig your nails into his scalp, trying to contain the pleasure. His fluffy hair strokes against your cheek while he pleases you. He tenderly starts sucking your neck and you feel him smirking while he listens to your soft moans. After a minute or so you slowly start pushing him away, before it got too intense.

You wanted to take things slowly, since this was your first date with Grayson. You never even kissed on a first date, but oh well, Grayson Dolan was an exception. He pulls back and looks with loving eyes down at you. ‘I can’t wait for the days when I get to kiss you every morning and every night,’ he whispers while he entwines his fingers with yours. You giggle and you couldn’t even describe how perfect this moment was.

wolffoggirl  asked:

Got7 reaction when their girlfriend wearing their big sweater yelling " kiss me " giggles and runs away.

I changed some of them slightly and I hope that’s okay. If not, please let me know!!


Jaebum: He’d given you his sweater while he was away doing promotions. He didn’t expect you to wear it as much as you did, but in your defense, it was incredibly comfortable. The two of you were having a lazy day watching movies. The movie you were currently watching was less than exciting. Turning to JB, you said, “Watch, I could be in this movie.”

You screamed, “Kiss me!” leaned close to him and then whispered “We just have to make sure my husband doesn’t find out…”

Jaebum immediately began laughing at how well you’d impersonated the main character in the movie the two of you were watching. You couldn’t help but giggle before getting up to get the two of you more popcorn and to choose a more exciting movie. 

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Jackson: Jackson had asked you to wear one of his big sweaters because he thought you looked adorable in them. All day, the two of you had been having a prank war. You were currently losing. 

Jackson had just managed to dump an entire bucket of shaving cream on your head and you were going to use his own trick to get him back. You’d spent the last 10 minutes chasing him around the house before you caught him and hugged him tightly yelling, “Kiss me!” and smearing shaving cream across his entire face. Jackson just stood there stunned as shaving cream dripped off of his face and onto the carpet. 

“I am so going to get you for this,” he said as you ran away, giggling. 

Originally posted by markjin

Junior: You were wearing one of his sweaters to bed and it was huge on you. You were sitting up and trying to find something to watch on t.v. so that the two of you could fall asleep to something when he walked into the room and saw you.

“That is so big on you. Please don’t smother in that…”

You laughed as Junior climbed in bed beside you. 

“It’s not only good for sleeping but it’s also good for this…”

“For wh-” Junior began to ask before he was cut of by you hitting him with the long sleeves of his sweater. He smirked at you before grabbing his pillow and hitting you with it, starting a full on pillow fight. You knew you were going to lose and that was just unacceptable. 

“Wait, before the final round, kiss me,” you said. 

Junior fell for your trick and as he leaned in to give you kiss, you whacked him with your pillow, giggling and jumping out of bed and running as fast as you could with Junior already running after you.

“You’re going to pay for that Y/N!”

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BamBam: He had jokingly told you the day before that you needed to get on his fashion level. You’d rolled your eyes at him but the next day he came home to you slumped on the couch in one of his sweaters. 

“See! You look great. My fashion sense is really amazing!”

“Then you need to take me shopping more often…” you mumbled, standing up to hug him. 

“Why? You look so much better in my clothes…” he trailed off, biting his lip and embracing you. 

You couldn’t help but giggle at how dorky he was even though he was trying to act suave. “Okay BamBam. But just so you know, I have much better taste in shoes than you do,” you said as you wriggled out of his arms and walked away.

“You- what do you mean?? My shoes are designer!” 

Originally posted by jackseunie

Mark: The two of you were having a lazy day after the two of you had had a busy week filled with nothing but work. You were wearing his sweater after taking it off of him the night before and the two of you were doing nothing but watching bad dramas on the couch. 

“Why don’t any of the girls kiss back? It’s ridiculous” you told Mark. 

He turned to you and kissed you. You hadn’t be expecting that so you didn’t react and he pulled away too soon. 

“You didn’t kiss back,” he pointed out, turning back to the drama. 

“You didn’t warn me!” you screeched. 

Mark laughed. “What should I do next time?”

“Say: Kiss me!” you yelled suddenly which made Mark jump. 

“What the hell? Do you really want me screaming ‘Kiss me!’ in public and giving 90 year old women heart attacks???” Mark asked incredulously. 

“No. But I was salty that you were able to make me act like the girl on the drama we’re watching…”

“I cannot believe you.”

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Youngjae: He’d given you his sweater to wear while he was away doing promotions and he wanted it back… because it wasn’t even his… it was BamBam’s and BamBam had been asking Youngjae for it back. You’d agreed, but only if he beat you at your favorite video game.

Well, he was 1 for 3 and it looked as though he would be winning the second round as well, which would mean you’d have to give the sweater back. You REALLY liked that sweater. Your only hope was to distract Youngjae.

You suddenly pushed his chin towards you and kissed him. Youngjae quickly forgot about the game because it was rare that you initiated the kiss and he grabbed your face to kiss you back. The game over sound played and you both looked at the screen to see that you had won and the score was now 1-1. You had a chance! 

You stood up giggling and cheered. 

“You play dirty…” Youngjae grumbled before quickly pressing start to throw you off your game.

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Yugyeom: He had come home from promotions to find you wearing one of his big sweaters. He began to make fun of you for wearing it because it meant you missed him so much. If you missed him so much you should have face timed him or even gone to the JYP building, he kept telling you. 

You stood up, annoyed by his teasing and wanting to get him back for teasing you. “I’ll show you how much I missed you…” you said and watched as Yugyeom immediately shut up. He leaned forward to kiss your lips but instead you turned your head so he kissed your cheek. 

“What the hell as that for?” he asked, obviously a little put out.

“I mean, I didn’t miss you THAT much,” you said, giggling as you turned to walk away from him. 

You suddenly felt his arms pulling you back towards him. “You’re not getting away that easily…”

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Taehyung x Reader {Bestfriend Au!} (a)(f)(smut??)

How To Love Your Best Friend

Sequel Heated Up

Warnings: Language, Implied Sex

The night air was chilly as you left the house through the front door, yet you could hardly feel it. Feet beginning to take you on the familiar path home, the only thing you could focus on was how it felt to have your heart break for the millionth time this month. It was nothing new, you should be used to it by now, but the hurt was fresh everytime. A single tear fell as you neared your home and you hastily wiped it away. You wished you didn’t have to feel this pain. You wished you didn’t have to suffer like this. You wished you’d never fallen in love with your best friend Kim Taehyung

Wordcount 20k

Oneshot Written By: Both Bun & I

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Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (11)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: Busy week( I got my license and passport and hopefully will be leaving to the USA in a month of two to go aupair) So here it is, hope you like it! Please hit me up with requests if you have any, I might need a break from writing this soon… because Part 12 is already done and 13 is on it’s way! ;)

Word Count:  1905

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 )( Part 10 )

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White Roses Chapter Two: Lunch Date

Chapter Summary: You invite Jared over to your place for lunch, can you let go of your past this time?

A/N: I am sorry that I never specified! But this series will probably only be updated once or twice a week. I really want to be sure that it’s good quality and in order to do that I have to spend a little bit longer writing it. <3

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Warnings: A little bit of language, content?

Word Count: 2.1k


Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

“I’ll call you,” he started, “or you can call me, if you want.”

“Okay.” you smiled before leaning in and placing one more chaste kiss to his lips.

You got up slowly and walked to your door, waving at Jared as he pulled away, and sighing when you let everything sink in.

You really liked Jared. But you couldn’t let your past with Chris get in the way. Unfortunately, it felt like it would.


The next few days were spent texting Jared whenever you could. Or, however often you would allow yourself. You wouldn’t let yourself text him back too fast, and you had to be sure that you didn’t come off too excited whenever you did text him.

But he’d been asking when he could see you again outside of the coffee shop, so you waited until you both had a day off and you put your fears aside; as best as you could anyway.

It was another beautiful day, almost as beautiful the day that Jared asked you out, only slightly cooler. You had your living room window cracked as you frantically cleaned your small house, getting things ready for Jared to come over for lunch.

Why did I invite him over? You asked yourself. You weren’t a very messy person, but you weren’t particularly a clean one either. You had started some chicken noodle soup that morning so that it could cook while you cleaned; but it was almost done, and Jared would be there within the hour.

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LDS Cousin Trio

*This is not my story.

Last week I had some family stay our house when they came up for a reunion. My cousin (19 years old) and her mom stayed in the room next to ours and my other cousin (20 years old) stayed upstairs with Grandma.

During dinner one night, I was going crazy because both cousins were wearing pretty provocative clothing. Aubrie (the 19-year-old) was wearing a very loose top that came down to her hips and leggings that were very form-fitting. She is actually waiting for her fiance who is a missionary. Her slim body is one any guy would love to grab a hold of.

Helen (The 20-year-old) was wearing a short denim skirt which only came half-way down her toned-thighs. She was a dancer in high school and loves to play volleyball. Her legs are long and toned, which drives me crazy every time we are together. Helen’s top was barely long enough to reach the top of her skirt and revealed quite a bit of her nice tummy when she reached for things. It had a white flower border on the bottom which opened up just enough to tempt a guy to look up her shirt. Her breast are so supple despite her thin frame.

Helen and I have always had interesting moments of prolonged eye-contact and I have always imagined that she is trying to lure me in with her seductive gaze. Dinner was no different and I felt like she was looking at me more than usual. When we retired to the living room for FHE (The best one we have ever had), she sat on the floor across from me and I swear she was trying to get me to look up her skirt. She kept moving like a dancer, accentuating her legs and her butt.

I went to bed around the same time as everyone else. My family falls asleep fast and so I was trying to be quiet when I get up around 12:30 for some snacks. As I closed the fridge, I heard a voice behind me.

“Hey.” Aubrie was standing there in a long night shirt that came down just past her thighs. “You and Helen were exchanging some pretty serious looks tonight.”

“Oh, you noticed? I didn’t think we were being very subtle. What are you doing up still?”

“I was just thinking about my Fiance on his mission and…well, I was feeling a little lonely…hold on.”

She ran upstairs. After a minute or so, I decided to sit on the couch to wait for her. When she came back, she wasn’t alone.

“Helen, I want you to help me, too. We were just talking about about how lonely it is being engaged without having your fiance around.”

Helen was wearing green booty shorts and a black tank top with no bra. “I’m sorry, Aubrie. Let’s sit down for a minute.” They sat down with Aubrie in between me and Helen. They sat relatively close together and close to me.

“Thanks, Helen. You have always been one of my best friends and I know you understand how I have been feeling these past few months. You know what I need. I just wanted you to help us as we sort it out.”

“Aubrie, You know I’m here for you. What do you miss most about John?”

Aubrie was slient for a moment before replying. “To be honest…I really miss physical intimacy. John is a great kisser. I just want to be held and experience was it’s like to be close to a man again.”

My boner from seeing them dressed as they were got harder. “That’s hard. I know it’s hard to be away from your man.” Then I became bold. “Did you guys do more than just kiss?”

“We made out…it felt sooo good.” 

Helen gave me one of those lingering looks. “There are a few things that feel really good. Sometimes a girl kisses better than a man.” She said this as she began to caress Aubrie’s legs and stomach. As Aubrie started to look at her slightly confused, I saw the most ambitious move in to kiss her that made my night. It was no-regrets, ‘I-have-wanted-to-do-this-for-so-long’, passionate kiss that Aubrie was obviously longing for. After a long, sensual kiss, Helen asked, “How do you feel?”

“I…really liked that. I was hoping to kiss a man to feel good,” (looking at me) “But that was great.” 

Helen continued, “Well, there are a few things that feel even better. Josh, why don’t you take out that boner you have in your pants?” With my shorts on, it wasn’t hard to see that my cock sticking up like a flagpole and pulsing. Helen stood up, stepped sexily over Aubrie’s legs and knelt at my feet. She pulled down my shorts and my garments, which caused my cock to bounce up. Aubrie was obviously stunned. “Have you ever tasted cock, Aubrie?”

She shook her head, but didn’t take her eyes off my cock. Helen had already starting inching in and licked the tip. I was almost ready to explode already. “Don’t even think about cumming yet. You are going to fuck us both.” With the straight face she had, I didn’t dare cum. 

She went down on my so hard and then invited Aubrie to join in. Aubrie was sitting across my lap and would sometimes raise her head to kiss me and we would make out while Helen deep throated my cock. After they sucked me for awhile, Helen spoke again, “Do you want to know what it feels like in your pussy? That’s the best feeling of all…”

Without any hesitation Aubrie raised her nightshirt and raised her leg over my lap to straddle me. She rubbed her wet pussy against my cock a couple of times before letting just the head slip in. As it did, I could only resist for a couple of seconds before I thrusted firmly until I was completely filling her pussy and her face showed a silent moan. It was possibly the most fulfilling sight of my life. Helen had in the meantime taken off her tank and her booty shorts before climbing next to me on the couch. “Remember, we have to be quiet so no one upstairs realizes we are still up.” She then started making out with me while my hand found her pussy. I let my fingers slip inside and finger her until she was sighing with pleasure. You could tell she was really into it. 

Aubrie started to worry a little. “Do you think my fiance will still love me after I have been fucked so hard by another man?” She almost couldn’t get the words out because of the orgasm she was on the point of having. “I have never felt this good and I don’t know if he will make me feel the same way. You’re so BIG!” 

“Don’t you dare cum in her. I still need something.” Helen was really in charge and knew what she wanted. She waiting until Aubrie had finished her first orgasm and then gently lifted her off my cock by kissing her and grabbing her hips. After she was standing, Helen lifted her shirt to reveal her petite frame which she shyly covered for a minute before sitting on the couch next to me. Helen then sat on my cock and let it all slide in at once. 

We fucked like animals for a couple of hours and then decided it was time to go bed. I have never had such an arousing experience. 

Leftovers | Taehyung

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
bestfriend!au, angst, the tiniest bits of fluff
20.3k+ there is no god
She’s angsty this one oh my god, swearing, implied sex
Kitten’s note:
 Oh lordy~~ We’ve been writing this for awhile now, and can I say- I loved writing this. 🙈🙈 This is the first of many, many, collaborated oneshots **That we shall always drop without warning** with Bun. I also wasn’t expecting it to be a part of the ‘How To Love Your Best Friend’ series, but it matches the other stories….Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this exceptionally long Taehyung fic (the longest I’ve ever written) I hope to hear what you guys thought about it~💕💕
My note: Oh my god guys it’s finally done AAAAAAA I had so much fun co-writing this with Kitten this is the angstiest and probably the longest thing I’ve ever written in my LIFE. Its a bit of a mess but a BEAUTIFUL MESS and I love it nonetheless. I hope you enjoy this incredibly long fic, as like Kitten said it’s the first of many other collabs to come 🙌 (also gonna drop those without warning lmao💕). Enjoy!!

The night air was chilly as you left the house through the front door, yet you could hardly feel it. Feet beginning to take you on the familiar path home, the only thing you could focus on was how it felt to have your heart break for the millionth time this month. It was nothing new, you should be used to it by now, but the hurt was fresh everytime. A single tear fell as you neared your home and you hastily wiped it away. You wished you didn’t have to feel this pain. You wished you didn’t have to suffer like this. You wished you’d never fallen in love with your best friend Kim Taehyung.

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hey everyone! i recently hit 200 followers on this blog, and i know that doesn’t seem like much, but i only made this blog less than two months ago, and i only have about 500 on my main blog, which i’ve had since 2013. so i’m pumped about 200 here! :D 

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Monsta X trying your food for the first time.
Requested by Anon


He would be pretty lowkey, trying his best not to put too much pressure on you, especially since it was your first time cooking for him. Inside his heart would be beating a billion miles per hour though, excitement flooding him to the brim. He would be completely respectful, saying please and thank you and constantly complimenting the taste. Shownu would finish his plate and asks for seconds, twice. Your mom would love him.


He would overdo it, trying really hard to look like he was enjoying it, but looking more silly than anything. “I’m sorry, y/n! It really does taste good though!” In the end he would finish everything you gave him and ask for desert, only to be refused. For the next week, Wonho would ask for you to cook him noodles at least seven times a day. “Do you know how to make spicy ramyun?” “I haven’t had breakfast. Do you know how to make the garlic chicken kind of ramyun?” “I found this top ten ramyun list and it says that Jinjja Jinjja ramyun is the best. Will you make it?”


He would get really excited, telling everyone he talked to that day about how his other half was finally cooking for him. He would definitely get told to shut up more than once. He’d arrive at your house an hour before he was supposed to, bugging you in every way possible while you were prepping the food. “Can I try this? Or this? I don’t care if it’s not done. Fine. When will it be done?” He would send a photo to his mom once he was served and finish his plate WAY too fast.


He would be really nervous the entire time, flipping the napkin in his lap around about five times before settling down. His hands would shake when he poured himself some water and he would start swallowing really loud. Would most likely bump the table and spill salt everywhere and then apologize for an hour. Kihyun would eat all of his food happily with endless compliments and then joke that it “needed salt” after he was finished.


He would hover over you while you were cooking, trying his best to stay out of the way, but immensely curious as to what you were making and how everything was going. “Careful, don’t touch that with your bare hands! It’s probably hot.” Hyungwon would scold you, looking after you diligently. Would not wait for the food to cool down and burn himself instead. He would wash all the dishes for you and help clean the kitchen. Would also force you to make him lunch everyday and text all his friends about it.


Would gush on and on about how good the food is, being extra dramatic to get his point across and making long winded rants about how “the amount you used it just right. It’s perfect, I’m falling in love with you even more.” Jooheon would then attempt to cook for you although everything ended up going horribly wrong. “Your cooking is better than my mom’s, but please don’t tell her that, she would kill me.”


Constantly would ask what things are so you could explain what everything is supposed to taste like. He would take bites that were too big and almost choke several times throughout the meal. Would give few, but very genuine compliments on how you prepared everything. Also would compliment how you were starting to look prettier the more he tasted. Overall, a great guest who said thank you maybe one too many times.

traveling-riverside-dean  asked:

Ayyy let's celebrate this glorious day with dean and cas' first 420 together.

Ayyy you’re my kinda person

Rating: Mature? Ish? Not Explicit
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Tags/Warnings: Implied Sex, Drug Use, Sex under the influence, First time together, human!Cas
a/n: Dude this was getting hard to write so I had to cut it short but I hope it works for ya. I gotta go take a nap and sleep a little off. 

Blaze It and Praise It

“Listen. Listen…” Dean said slowly, feeling each word take shape and come out of his mouth. “Listen. I don’t care. Pineapple does not go on pizza.”

“But it works so well with Canadian bacon. Or…or ham,” Sam protested.

“Gross. No fruit on pizza.”


Dean pointed at Sam’s face and snapped,  “If you say tomatoes are a fruit I swear to god….”

“Whatever.” Sam pulled his suddenly heavy body up off of the floor. “I’m going to bed.”

“G’nite.” Dean waved him off, sprawled out on his bed. He yawned and smiled.

Sam was just outside the door when Dean heard him say, Nite, Cas. He lifted his head to see Cas leaning in the doorway, his hands shoved into the pockets of his hoodie. He looked small. Cas being human somehow just made him look tiny. “What’s up, Cas?”

Cas smiled. “You, it seems.”

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Dear Kevin
First I have to tell as I’m writing this I’m naked I have my wine and candles and sitting on a towel just in case I get extremely wet in this writing,Oh iam waring long sucks that go to my knees{but that will come later} 
this goes out to all men no matter what age I love them all 
Ok we arrive at our destination and the door slowly closes,you take me in your arms,and I reach down to unbuckle your pants and I see a slight smile on your face,but I take a peek inside to see inside to see the glorious cock which I love,theres a slight buldge,I push down your pants and drop to my knees and put that delicious cock in my mouth I love the feeling of it getting hard and suck it ever so slowly.I feel that is my first goal.You un button your shirt and remove it I will pull off your pants and mean while I’m undressing I’m naked for you to see my 36c breasts.I playfully push you on the bed ,I straddle your face with my pussy which I also love you look and watch your cock go in and out of my mouth with great pleasure and you lick and suck my pussy with great enthousam it makes my hips shake at your talent.I don’t want you to cum yet,although I do swallow and love the taste of it. 
Ok its time for something I also like I move on your lap a reverse cowboy position.I want your cock in me now,BAD.I love the feeling of a cock getting hard in my mouth,but for it to go in my pussy is even better,i gently place your cock inside me,and at first go slow but by then I’m so wet it goes in with ease.I start to milk your cock,you smack my ass ,I let out a small yelp,because I love that.I start to get a tingle in my pussy,iam about to cum,I throw my head back in pleasure and let it out,Ive squirted my juices all over your cock and legs,Im hoping that’s not the last 
Ok now I get into the doggie position on all fours this is another of my favs,if now you want to put your cock in my ass its ok I like that also,but my pussy is still very wet.I reach around and put your rock hard cock in my pussy you grab my tits and my nipples are very hard now you grab my hips I can feel your hot breath on my back and you are pumping so good I love it its like a piston of pleasure in me,you smack my ass I arch my back because of the pleasure,I feel the tingle in my pussy again and this time its a flood of cum,I almost laugh it feels so good,but don’t want you to cum yet
Next I lay on my back and spread my legs to make way for your cock,I need an injection now ,you put your cock in my pussy and your pelvic thrusts are driving me crazy,Iam rubbing your ass with my socks{remember them}I have trapped you in my pussy,we both look at your cock moving in and out of me,what a wonderful sight,I love that, now I hear your breathing starting to change its more intents and I know whats about to happen .I whisper in my mouth ok,so you move yourself so your cum soaked cock is I’m my mouth I franticly suck your cock,he says I’m going to CUM ,I suck harder now I feel the throbbing of his cock and the golden liquid hits the back of my mouth its so tasty and sweet .I look up and see the joy in your eyes as what just happened and puts a smile on my face
Thank you for reading this essay if you enjoy it,please feel free to spread it around,just like how I would love to spread my legs for you

when you’re a boy-crazy artist with a chip on your shoulder

Some human: Why don’t you ever draw girls? 

Me: Because…I like to draw men. I like the way men look. I am attracted to men. It makes me want to draw them. Male artists and patrons have been objectifying women in artwork for hundreds of years so why the fuck can’t I objectify men in mine. Let me draw my men.

Another human: That dude you’re drawing looks gay.

Me: This dude I’m drawing wants you to go and talk a walk. Preferably into traffic.

And another human: *looks at art* She-

Me: HE. I know that he isn’t balding with a footlong beard like most paintings of men but TRUST ME.

Yet another H. sapiens: *looking at my art* Your art would sell great with the gays.

Me: It’s pretty sad how almost any bit of artwork featuring even a mildly-attractive man is immediately categorized as homoerotic. What is wrong with this picture. (and im sure that cultured gay men have better taste in art than my stuff, cmon) 

anonymous asked:

Can u give me a step by step guide on how to give a bj? It's my first time

Men actually enjoy foreplay too!

Foreplay will make his orgasm be a lot stronger and more enjoyable than just 60 seconds in your mouth. Then instead of just take his pants off and taking him straight into your mouth, start off slower. Try lowering your hand to him crotch, outside of his trousers and gently massage him through his trousers. When you get his trousers off, stimulate around his legs and groin area before you finally take him into your mouth. This bj tip where you build up to oral sex will literally have him begging you to speed up… perfect for building anticipation!
It isn’t just because you’re using your mouth to give your man a bj, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your hands idle and doing nothing.
Instead you should be using them to massage, rub, stimulate and caress around his member. So do pay some attention to his testicles. When you are grabbing and rubbing them, just make sure to be very careful though. Many who first hear about this blow job tip get a little excited and accidentally squeeze too hard and just end up hurting their man.
Making your bj wet is the easiest, but possibly the most important. Making it wet for him means that it’s going to feel a lot more luscious and sensual which means that his orgasm will feel a lot stronger and more enjoyable when he does reach orgasm.
If you naturally produce a lot of saliva, then you are off to a great start at making your oral sex a wetter experience. But if you don’t (or if you want to make it even wetter) then you should consider using flavored lube on him. Alternatively, if you want it to taste even better, then try whipped cream or even some syrup.
Many women want to learn oral sex tips on how to make their bjs better for their man. But very few look for the things they should avoid doing during it. This is critical if you want your man to have a good time.
The number one thing that you should avoid when giving your man head is…using your teeth.
His penis is obviously very sensitive, so even accidentally grazing it with your teeth can be incredibly painful for him. And for most men, pain is a turn off. If you find that it’s difficult to avoid accidentally grazing his penis with your teeth, then a great technique is to wrap your lips back around your teeth so that they have no chance of coming into contact with his sensitive bits.

  • Use a lot of saliva, swallow, masturbate him while sucking and look in his eyes.

advices, confessions, submission, sexual positions and tipes to have sex here

Stolen - [EXO] CEO!Chanyeol Au

Originally posted by iyeolie

[A/N] I wrote this like yesterday.

Italian restaurant. By the three-cornered junctions. Nine thirty. Is she really that busy? Or is she just saying that?

Maybe he shouldn’t have hung up before she gets to say her answers. He tried to be soulless, a little more professional. But it’s pretty difficult to remain vague and ambiguous when all Chanyeol could think of is those pretty lips and how it’ll taste like. It gets harder as the years go by, but you’ve set the boundaries too firm and too high for even a good looking lad like him.

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i would like to travel the world with you but i can imagine that even if we climbed to the top of the eiffel tower in the dead of night, i would better remember the shine in your eyes than the look of the city beneath the stars. i would make you sit by the windows on the airplanes so that i could admire you while you press your cheek to the glass and when we descended on new cities it would not be the promise of exploration that set my heart ablaze, but the look on your face. we could eat tropical fruits and their taste would be great, but i’d take your lips over fresh strawberries any day. i love the hot sun on my skin but your fingers are better, and i do love big forests but your eyes are quite similar. we could sleep in motels and make maps of our travels, though i much prefer maps made of skin and your veins and i’d rather sleep in your arms than in fresh linen sheets. the mornings will come and we’ll drink crappy coffee, yours with three sugars and mine full of cream. we’ll start out too early and run out of clean clothes but it won’t really matter as long as i’m with you. we’ll visit amsterdam and australia and see all of the sights and i’ll help you take pictures on that cute little camera. we can meet lots of new people but you’ll still be my favorite, and once we get too tired and the jet lag too thick we’ll go home to our families for a few weeks of rest. they’ll want to hear what we did and see all our pictures, but to that i’ll just say, “his are better, all mine are of him.”
—  to travel with you // k.g
Jin x reader When he wakes you up

Summary: Jin wake you up by activating your instincts.

Genre: Fluff

Jin woke up by the sound of his alarm. He immediately turned it off and checked if you were awake or not. He let out a sigh of relief that you were a deep sleeper. He turned off your alarm too, as he could wake you up. He gently went to the kitchen and prepare breakfast. Tiptoeing as he walked.

There was a delicious smell going into your nostrils and waking you up. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. You sat up and saw your boyfriend holding a tray of mouthwatering breakfast into the room. You immediately woke up, the delicious sight made you forget your sleepiness.

“Good morning.” You chimed.

“Good morning to you too.” He set up the bed to put your breakfast down.

The breakfast included pancakes, bananas, strawberries, and a piece of toast with apricot jam. It was all your favorite breakfast food. You took in the scent in the air and looked at it with hungry eyes.

“Dig in. Or you’ll be late for work.” He reminded you. He also started to eat his breakfast.

You inhaled the food. It tasted just as great as it looked, maybe even better. You gave him two thumbs up.

“It tastes awesome.” You said with a mouthful of toast.

He frowned. “Don’t talk while you eat. You’ll choke,”

“Yes mom.” You rolled your eyes.

He glared at you playfully. “Go get ready or I can’t drive you to work.”

You immediately jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom.

“Yes mom!”

“_____, come here!” He yelled.  “You little piece of…” He said under his breathe.

You stuck your head out of the bathroom and did a silly face.

All he could do was sit back and roll his eyes. His eyes would fall out because of how much he rolled his eyes at you everyday.

God bless his eyes.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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G dragon Christmas special #2 “Surprise”

“How are you?…” you were on the phone with your best friend “… and don’t you dare tell me that you are fine”

“But I am” you started to laugh. “Why are you always like that?” the tone she was using tells you that she’s mad. “Like what?” you asked, as you were taking another sip of your hot chocolate.

“Hiding your emotions…” she says, and again her tone changed “… especially when it comes to him. Is like you’re trying so hard to be the perfect girlfriend. One that never complains, that is never angry or sad”

“Is not like that” you said. But honestly you do act like that most of the time, but its not like you do it on purpose. You love him, and now even more than ever. You two met two years ago, and you started to date only three weeks after that, and a year later you were pregnant with his baby, a boy. 

“Whatever… how’s my boy? Is he asking for him?”

“He’s ok, but yeah he’s always asking for his dad” and it was true, although he was too little to speak he already know a few words, being dad and mom his favourite ones.

“I see…” she said, and you could hear the sound of people in the background “… he must miss him”. You barely hear her now.

“We can talk later” you said. “Yes! I’m just going home, I’m about to take my bus” she says, walking down the street. “Ok. Be careful”

“I always am” she replied and then hung up.

It was Christmas eve and you were alone at your house, with your little boy. Just the two of you, like always.

The feelings got to you as soon as you put your phone on the table. She was right, you’re not ok, but you never liked to worry those people you care about.

Being in love with him, with Ji yong,  is by far the most amazing experience of your life. He is what people call soulmate. But, the only down side about being with him is that you two can’t be together at the moment… thanks to the military service. Before he entered, he always looked for a way to be with you, no matter how hard it was sometimes, for not to say most of the time. He loves you as much or even more than you, so, he’s suffering even more for being away from you and his boy.

That night you didn’t even get a call from him, like you were expecting. You went to your room early that night. You went to your son’s bedroom and you slowly and carefully picked him up. He is just like his dad, once they are sleeping there’s no power on earth that can wake them up. “Shh shh shh it’s ok” you said, putting him in your arms, but he was still sleeping. He was so cute, a mini version of Ji yong. 

You took him with you to your room, you needed him, you need to be with him tonight.

After you put him on the bed you lay down with him and a few minutes later you fell asleep with him in your arms.

The sound of the door wakes you up. You opened your eyes to see the light of the new day coming through the window. Again, another sound got your attention, but this time was the sound of a door closing. You looked at your baby, still sleeping, and you stood up. 

You walked out of the room, and said “Who is it? Its pretty early, I was sleeping…” you were expecting to see one of your friends. Since you don’t have family there, your friends now, two of them, visit you all the time and they already have the key. 

You were at the living room now, rubbing your eyes with your hands when you saw a man in a red suit. Honestly at the first your heart stopped but then… you could recognize that smell anywhere. It was him. Ji yong was there, wearing a red suit and with a huge smile on his face.

“Merry Christmas miss” he said excited. “OMG!!!” you screamed running to him. He just started to laugh as he catches you in his arms and you started to kiss him, just a little kiss that lasted more than usual. “Wow, I should disappear more often” he says, smiling with that perfect smile he has.

“Shut up!” you said, with your arms still wrapping around his neck. “What are you doing here?…” you asked him “… and why you didn’t call me yesterday!” you stopped the hug.

“I was going to call but then I thought about it and… well… I wanted this to be a surprise…  if I would had called you, you would had made me say it”

That’s true, especially since you were so sad last night.

“I miss you” you said, getting back to hug him. His arms wrapped around your waist and he lifts you. “No more than me baby” he says against your ear.

“Dad!” the voice of your little boy sounds. You two stopped the hug with a little kiss before Ji yong ran to his room. 

“Hey there!” he picked him up too excited. “How are you?!” he hugs him. Your son was so happy, smiling and laughing but a little bit shy. “Don’t you remember me? What are you doing here? Did you woke up mommy last night?”

“He slept with me” you said, appearing through the door. “Really?” he says, giving him small kisses on his chubby cheeks. “Well, let me tell you young man, you and me are the only ones allowed to sleep with that lady” Ji yong points at you adn you just smile. 

“What about her?” you said. “Who?” he says, still with his eyes on his baby. He was making weird faces to make him laugh and it was working.

“Who?” he asked again, now looking at you.

Your hands were on your stomach, showing him a little belly.

He was shocked, he can’t even move anymore.

“Will she be allowed?” you asked. “She?” his voice was almost a whisper. You smiled and just nodded as an answer. Ji yong’s smile was getting bigger and bigger as you were coming near him. He always wanted to have a little girl, a princess, a mini version of her beautiful mother.

“Congrats” you said, reaching for his lips. You could taste his tears on them. 

“A girl” he says. “A girl…” you repeat “… my surprise was better than yours, right?”

He still was in shock. He can’t even process it yet.

“I hope santa has brought me a great and expensive gift” you joked. “I thought seeing me was good enough” he finally recovers his senses… kinda, not really.

Ji yong started to laugh along with your son, and you just look at him with an angry face.

EXO Reaction to You Having Allergies to the Weirdest Things

Xiumin: Your relationship with Xiumin had been going great ever since you moved from your home country to Korea. You couldn’t contain your excitement when Xiumin wanted you to take part in the New Year’s Eve festival in Korea. The day was beautiful with everyone in a light, energetic mood having sentimental moments with their friends and family. When Xiumin said you had to try a traditional New Year’s Eve dish, you smiled in anticipation. Although your Korean was a lot better than when you first came to the country, there were still certain words you didn’t know and tteok guk was one of them. The soup looked delicious and tasted even better but when you asked Xiu what the small, white things were in your bowl and he said rice cakes, you freaked out. Your allergy to rice cake always gave you horrible sinuses and sneeze attacks to no end. That’s where your night ended with Xiumin patting your hand as you sneeze for the thousandth time.

Luhan:  Your mouth instantly watered at the sight of the buffet table that had at least a hundred different dishes on it. Quickly walking up with a plate you started packing anything that caught your eye onto it. Grabbing a few fried dough balls that smelled heavenly, you would look up to see Luhan grab some as well. You two would smile at one another before raising your fried balls in toast and popping them in your mouth. As you thought, the balls were amazing but when Luhan locked eye contact with you, he would know you were allergic to seafood as well. The two of you would spend the rest of the wedding reception in the bathroom, rubbing calamine lotion on each other’s hives.

Kris: You don’t know what is ranking higher on the “things that make my day suck” list. The fact you had to go into the hospital to get a shot for your allergy to pineapple or having to reassure your boyfriend it wasn’t his fault you reacted (even though it was.) You had come home to find Kris in the kitchen making a mess with flour everywhere and the faintest hint of something burning, but he gave his best gummy smile and said he was baking you a cake. Although Kris wasn’t really the baker (or cook) in the relationship, your first bite was actually decent. It was on the lighter side, and the frosting wasn’t too sweet, and the filling in the middle was tasty. It wasn’t until your second slice that you started to feel dizzy and nauseous, forking out the small bits of fruit that you had thought were peaches, you would sigh in defeat. Fast forward to sitting in the waiting room you were calming Kris down from feeling too bad. “It’s not that bad of a reaction and Kris, stop worrying, you don’t have any hair to lose at this point.”  

Lay: Now we all know that Yixing is a nice guy, but everyone can fall of the cliff sometimes. It probably didn’t help that you had been stealing his snacks for the past two months or so. You couldn’t really help it, Yixing always packed the best snacks like pineapple buns or cheese balls in his trusty light brown backpack. Also, it was super cute to see Yixing be all “AIYOOOOOOO” when his snacks were missing. However, when you accepted the hot drink from Yixing you never thought he would give you Oolong tea in revenge. It was only halfway through the cup you realized what you were drinking. You knew you were allergic to Oolong but you had it only a few times as a young child. Fast walking to the bathroom for your medicine, you promise never to fuck with Yixing again. 

Suho:  “Jagi! I got you ice cream!!” Suho sang out as he pranced back to the stone bench you were seated on. Your mouth watered at the pale pink mounds of ice cream that had coconut sprinkled on top of them. Grabbing a spoonful, you would smile at your boyfriend with enjoyment. The two of you had come to Japan for a vacation before Suho had to go back on tour, it was nice to just sit down and eat ice cream with your boyfriend. However, the taste of the ice cream sent your body into overdrive. Quickly motioning to Suho to notice that you were swelling up, you swung your head to the vendor the ice cream had come from. Seeing the words “Cherry Blossom Infused Ice Cream” you sighed in frustration. Looking back to Suho pulling up the closest clinic on his phone, he would cringed inwardly. 

Chen: You weren’t really paying attention when Chen offered you the leaf wrap at dinner. You had spent the whole day trying to find a piece of artwork that had been placed in the wrong storage unit at the museum you worked at. Not being able to take a small break for a protein bar, Chen had offered Korean BBQ and you happily accepted. However, when you felt the strong taste of the perilla leaves as you chowed down on the wrap, you knew you had to get your epi pen. Thankfully, Chen was the perfect boyfriend and could see your distress; wasting no time he found your epi pen and plunged it into your thigh. You were fine now, but Chen was a little sad seeing he thought he was going to get the booty after dinner. 

Chanyeol: You were thrilled to get home from work when you got the picture of Chanyeol in a rather revealing position on your phone with the words, “I’m getting ready for you”. Even more so when Chanyeol insisted on you wearing a black silk eye mask while he prepped you for him. Following his commands to lick the chocolate of his washboard abs, you could feel the ecstasy spread through your veins. However, that changed with the taste of the sweet yet spicy chocolate coated your tongue. Ripping off the eye mask, you pushed Chanyeol to the side and heading towards the bathroom in search of your epi pen. You didn’t need Chan’s confirmation that the chocolate had been infused with chili peppers. Hours later in the hospital while you were getting checked on, you looked over at Chan in annoyance. “You can finish by yourself.”  

Baekhyun: The literal second the kimchi hit your throat you knew something was wrong. Scrambling through your purse you would call out to your boyfriend in panic. “Baekhyun, does this kimchi have ginger in it?” Nodding his head in agreement while stuffing his face full of noodles he would respond. “Of course, ginger is like one of the biggest ingredients in kimchi. Why?” “I’m allergic to ginger!” You spat out in irritation as you stabbed your epi pen into your thigh. On your way to the hospital to get you a check-up, Baekhyun would be dumbfounded. “You live in Korea and you can’t eat freaking kimchi?!?!”

D.O: Kyungsoo had said he wanted to surprise you with a special meal he had been practicing for weeks now. Unfortunately, you had forgotten to tell him about your little allergy to lamb’s quarter. You only noticed the tiny green plants in the rice dish when you felt the numbness in your fingers spread upwards into your arms. Your allergies were never as that bad but it was still awkward when you had to tell Kyungsoo his meal was the reason your arm knocked over the wine bottle onto the white carpet.  

Tao: Tao had wanted to be cute with you and had gotten you to keep your eyes close as he fed you different snacks from the market. You had a paper to write but every time your lips grazed Tao’s fingertips, you would hear his panda giggle that you adored. But when you bit into something crunchy that undoubtedly had almonds on it your eyes flew open in fear. Seeing Tao across from you nibbling on the other end of the Pepero with his eyes close, you would smack his head in annoyance. Tao would be super pouty afterwards, as he sat on the edge of the bathtub as you had an oatmeal soak to soothe your hives. 

Kai: You know it wasn’t good for you, but your allergy to chicken wasn’t too bad, usually just a few rashes on your back or neck that a dab of calamine lotion and a good turtleneck could hide. But for some reason when you went out with Kai to eat fried chicken like every time you go out to eat, it was horrible. You don’t know if it was because the chicken was especially fresh or because it had a bunch of spices that you weren’t accustomed to, but from the first bite you could tell the rashes were going to be hell this time. Unfortunately, your skin started becoming irritated while you were still at dinner and it didn’t take long for Kai to notice. Finally pulling the confession out of you, Kai couldn’t even fathom why you would continue eating chicken with him if you got rashes from it.  

Sehun: You were going to kill Oh Sehun, for the past week he had been an annoying little shit when it came to your sanity. Always wanting you to pet his head or grabbing onto your waist when you need to get things done. Or when he purposely got the two of you lost in Cheongdam-dong because he didn’t want you to go home yet. You might have slightly blew up on him when he cancelled your plans with Chen, so you would hang out with him. Of course Sebrat acted like a baby when you said you wanted a day to yourself, so before you left he pretended to be nice and gave you a sweet. Sehun knew you hated Sweet Red Jelly Bean and how you would always look sick when walking by it in the supermarkets, but he didn’t know it was because you were allergic to it. Seeing you instantly vomit after ingesting maybe two bites of the sweet, Sehun would feel horrible and would take care of you for the rest of the night after being an idiot. 

Hey guys!!!!! I hope you guys liked this reaction, also I wanted to let you guys know I meant to be a little more humorous with the boys’ reactions. But I know in a really serious circumstance the boys would be mature and take care of you.

- Admin Jade