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The world made a lot more sense once I was told that Milton wrote his Lucifer in Paradise Lost as if he were the protagonist of a tragedy.

Like I never really understood why or how the devil was written so sympathetically until I compared his fall to that of protagonists from Elizabethan and Jacobean drama - such as Macbeth. Like many tragic protags, Satan commits atrocious crimes and is ultimately responsible for his own downfall - but when we see things from his perspective, we cannot help but be moved to understanding, and beguiled by the strength of his rhetoric and lamentations

me, every time anyone bakes anything on gbbo: yes, this is it - this is what I’ll make for Christmas dinner every year once I’m a RealAdult™ with a PerfectFamily™ 


Hi. My boyfriend is streaming The Elder Scrolls Online. He’s really cool if you wanna check him out.

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With the whole whistling thing,the fae Constructicons do whistle at a human and lure them into going to a fae party only for their boss faeformer Prowl to come in,see a human,and get angry with Constructicons cause holy slag guys you can't just bring a human here! Prowl ends up getting a thing for the human after speaking to them and then suddenly he's asking them if they want some fruit or some tea so they have to stay there with him forever.

Oh my gosh!  Yes!  I love this idea!  

Poor Prowl spends the entire evening trying to make sure the Constructicons don’t scare off the poor human by being Super Forward and Intense!  Sometime during the party though, the human ends up getting tired and goes back home to bed while the others are too busy arguing over who gets to dance with them next.  The next morning six men, five unusually large and muscular and one nearly inhumanly good looking, all show up at the human’s farm house and ask them for their hand in marriage.

couldn’t stop doodling jimin last night 🙈