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Holy crusty hot biscuits and butter PLEASE TELL ME ONJU IS STILL A THING. I just kind of 'off and on' forgot about it, but every time you post I'm reminded of it and I think "Oh yeah, is that still going to be a thing?" If it is, boy I can't wait. It's looks Pre.epic!

i have a good time plotting the stories overall!
Its going to be out around december!

Anything... (Chapt 5)

Link to AO3 (HERE)

“Hey. Everything okay?” Kimberly asks in a semi-awake state. “What are you do here?” 

Trini climbs in through Kimberly’s bedroom window and takes a moment to gain her bearings. She’s well beyond disheveled looking, sporting  epic bedhead and nothing more than an oversized concert t-shirt and  some mesh basketball shorts.  

Trini knows how this must look. Hell, she doesn’t even have shoes on. At least, though, she managed to remember to throw on a sports bra before taking off and sprinting the four miles to Kimberly’s house.

Thank god for small miracles.

Trini wants nothing more than to flat out tell Kimberly the real reason she’s standing in her bedroom, unannounced, at roughly 2:45am. That, ever since a few days ago, when Zordon revealed that Rita – or what’s left of her essence – was back and ready wreak havoc, that she couldn’t sleep. That every time Trini closes her eyes, she sees that horrific face staring right back at her and feels those boney, dagger-like fingers wrap around her neck.

Trini wants to tell Kimberly but something deep inside of her is holding it all back.  

“Dunno. I just woke up and felt like something was off. Figured I’d come see if you were okay.” Trini gives a slight shrug of her shoulders, trying desperately to give off the appearance that this type of middle of night visit is no big deal.

“And you didn’t think of texting?” Kimberly raises an eyebrow. She isn’t buying it. Not for one, single, solitary second.

Trini can feel her skin start to crawl as Kimberly’s eyes hone in on her.


Once again the idiot award goes to…

Trini shouldn’t have come. She should’ve just dealt with it the same way that she has been prior to Kimberly being something more to her than just “Kimberly”. Trini should’ve just gone to the quarry and camped out in her special spot for a few hours until the fear and anxiety had subsided.

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👗: favourite era of clothing?

I’d like to do a shout out to 1800s Victorian Era clothing. The hats and coats were epic. You just don’t see anyone looking that good anymore. I am sure everyone can agree we need to bring back the monocle. 


Game of Thrones Season 7: #WinterIsHere Trailer #2 (HBO)

It’s aaaaaalmost here! Can’t wait!
Looks epic as ever :D

And damn, they added Light of the Seven for the music, as if we’re not already super excited!
And Sansa’s quote at the end together with Jon’s footage!!! Like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! XD

Oh yeah, I’m beyond excited


Good Evening, and if I don’t see you again… Good Night, Good Morning and Good Afternoon!

This blog is officially on ‘hiatus’ for the Summer. Here’s to a fabulous few months and however you choose to spend them, as always make it EPIC.

Don’t look back ten years from now and wish you had lived in the moment.


  • O Boromir! From the high walls westward I looked afar, But you came not from the empty lands where no men are.

I haven’t drawn anything LOTR related in a long time so have Boromir going down Anduin after his death ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

and i know that the swords were placed at his feet, this just looks more epic, plus i intend to make this into a t-shirt sooo

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please write an almost-kiss! pleeeaase

Already; Almost 

[A/N: Basically - four times people thought Abby and Marcus had already kissed and one time they actually almost did. It’s really fluffy until it’s not because I really decide to twist the angst knife at the end and I’m sorry? But I’m not?] 


Raven rounds the corner and nearly falls to the floor as her leg unexpectedly buckles underneath her. She sighs and leans against the wall; knows that she’s probably being overly dramatic but - if anyone asked her, she’d probably say that her life is kind of shit right now, all things considered.

She takes a moment to get her bearings back and straightens out once again, decides to turn left instead of right on her way to the cafeteria even though it’s a longer route and therefore ten times more painful on her leg. There’s a chance that she’ll run into Wick if she takes the shorter route and all things considered, having to deal with the added ache in her leg is preferable to seeing the sad, lost look in his eyes one more time.

All thoughts of Wick disappear when she sees Abby emerging from her room, looking more rested than she has in weeks.

She grins and calls out Abby’s name.

Abby turns and smiles at her, patiently waits for her to catch up before continuing onto the cafeteria.

“So, I see that Kane made sure you got good night’s rest last night.”

She grins as a muscle twitches in Abby’s cheek; knows that the phrase sounds vaguely inappropriate because that’s exactly how she intends it to sound.

She swallows back the grin but can’t quite keep the teasing glee from her voice as she continues.

“I saw you sleeping in that back booth in the cafeteria and sent Kane over to make sure you actually slept in your bed.”

Abby glances at her with a raised brow.

“You know you could’ve just woken me up.”

“And interrupt the nightly routine of Kane dragging your ass to bed and giving you a good night kiss? I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Abby stops abruptly in the middle of the hallways and holds her hands up in front of her.

“That’s not - Raven. You know that’s not - I mean. That isn’t - between Marcus and I - that’s not what’s going on. He just tries to make sure I don’t work myself into exhaustion.”

She looks so flabbergasted and awkward that Raven can’t help but throw back her head and laugh, loudly and without concern. It feels good. And even though the look on Abby’s face is still half caught in impatience and embarrassment, she smiles back at Raven, genuine and warm.

Raven lets out one last chuckle.

“Whatever you say, Abby.”

She leaves a half spluttering Abby in the doorway of the cafeteria and makes her way to Octavia and Miller in the corner, grinning the entire way over.

Not even 9 a.m. and she’s managed to make Abby blush and fumble her words. Maybe life isn’t all that bad, after all.

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