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That Special Time of the Month

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Summary: Fem!Reader wakes up to find that her period came during the night and now she has to deal with the guys being annoying at the office… Well mainly just Mark. Hope you guys like!

A/N: Hello! I wrote a fic, and trust me its not very good and it’s waaay longer than it needs to be. Be gentle, I’m new to the whole posting my writing thing. Also! I speak fluent Spanish so i used some slang in the fic!
“No mames”- Spanish slang/curse for “no way”/“no fucking way”
“Sentida”- Spanish for upset or offended (in this context reader is sad)
Lastly there’s a text conversation in the fic so ‘-’ is Ethan and ‘=‘ is Tyler.

Wordcount: like +2k I’m sorry this is too long bye

Requests are open? This is no good so I don’t know why anyone would be requesting but yeah you can do that if you want. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Don't Leave Me (Arranged Marriage AU Jungkook)

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Type: Angst (sorta)Fluff

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do an arranged marriage scenario with jungkook from bts, where he doesn’t love reader at first but she’s always there for him and he’s always with other girls until she tries to leave and he realizes that he loves her. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense to you or if your not taking requests then never mind, ps love your writing.

You sighed as you pulled up to the club. “There’s my wife!” you hear as you turn to see Jeongguk, sadly your husband as he had his arm wrapped around a girl. “Thanks for picking us up” he coos as he moves to wrap his arms around you. You stepped away watching him nearly fall before standing straight “come on” he said grabbing the girl’s are before you stopped him “no only you” you tell him as he nodded. “Alright bye bye” he waved as he stumbled to the car.

“You’re so nice for driving out for me” Jeongguk stated as he sat in the back of the car. “Well the 23 calls times it hard to ignore your drunk ass” you tell him as he laughs lightly. “You know I don’t like being married” he continues as you sigh. “I know neither do I” you say. “I wish we could divorce life would be easier. I could have my life back” he says as you scoff “tell me about it” you shot back as you looked through the rearview to see him already passed out. Pulling into the driveway and into the garage and you simply got out of the car leaving him back there.


You smiled at your computer as you read an email from ‘J-Hope’ he was one of Jeongguk’s good buddies who felt bad for you being with someone who didn’t love you. The two of weren’t secretly dating or anything but wanted to help you out with getting away for a bit. The door to the garage opened as Jeongguk came in rubbing his neck. You didn’t even glance up from your computer and sipped your coffee. “Why was I in the back of the car?” he asked as he glared at you. “I couldn’t lift you out” you state as you sent an email back to Hoseok befor you put your laptop on sleep. “I have a horrible cramp-” “yeah yeah bitch to one of your sluts” you tell him as you head to your room to get ready for the day.

Your laptop made sound and Jeongguk felt curious as to who was emailing you at 7 in the morning. Glancing back down the hall he rushed to the computer as moved his finger against the mouse pad watching it light back up. He saw his friend’s email address clear there. ‘I’ll get you when Kook leaves this evening for the new club he heard about. He wouldn’t shut up about it. Make sure you’re packed and I’ll take you to the airport’ it read as he seemed shocked. “What?” he asked himself as he went to your browser and to your history as he saw that you had looked up a few different things ‘divorce lawyers(many) and great places to get away to’ he heard the door open as he closed the browser and put the computer on sleep before he got up and moved away.


You looked at your phone and saw that it was 9 PM already. You glanced over and saw that Jeongguk hadn’t budged from his spot on the couch. “Aren’t you leaving?” you asked as he made a sound. “Don’t feel like it” he spoke. “You not feeling up to party? You must be sick” you state as he looks up at you “maybe” he spoke as he watched your fingers type something on your phone. “Who are you talking to?” “None of your business so don’t bother” you say as you stood up leaving the living room as he sighs.

He didn’t know why he was feeling the need to have you stay but he did. Jeongguk had been craving his complete bachelor lifestyle back but at the same time he didn’t want to be alone. You came back our of your room with clear annoyance on your face before sitting back down “you know we’re having brunch with our mothers tomorrow-” “sadly” you mumble “do you want to invite them over?” he asked “no” you tell him “they would want a tour and see we sleep in different rooms. You have a pile of clothing that my parents know I wouldn’t step foot anywhere in front of your bedroom. Oh the personal favorite the collection of whore jewelry you’ve tried to pass off to me because we both know your mom would snoop through my jewelry box” you say as he sighs. “I don’t need people knowing about what I’ve been married to for the past two years" you tell him. “Yeah why did you wait two years to do something about it?” he growls annoyed.

“What?” you asked as he began panicking “how do you know about that?” you ask as he looks away “you privacy invading prick” “yeah? So what? You wouldn’t be sitting her right now if I didn’t” he almost yells. “You have no right to make me stay here. I tried to make this work for so long Jeongguk but its getting unbearable. I don’t like picking you up with your drunken one night stands. I don’t like hearing about what you did last night with her. I don’t like having to smile when I want to hide away and cry because my no good husband flirts with women right in front of me” you yelled by the end after having a normal tone but anger built itself up. “I’m done being with you” you tell him as he stood there quietly.


Jeongguk sat on the couch for who knows how long processing everything as you had angerily went to your room. He closed his eyes thinking about all the things he’s made you do for him. Before he rolled over and closed his eyes passing out on the couch.

He woke up to the harsh feeling of a hand smacking down on him before he rolled over to see you dressed up scrolling through your phone “get a shower. We have to get in 40” you state before walking away. He sighed as he got up and rushed to get ready. He looked himself over in the mirror before sighing. “I can become the perfect husband” he told himself as he left the bathroom.


Brunch went by smoothly as Jeongguk didn’t take it upon himself to flirt with the overly attractive waitress even though you could tell he was tempted. “So have you two started planning more for the future?” your mother asked as you looked up from your plate with a full mouth, you covered your mouth as you chewed before you spoke. “What do you mean?” you asked “oh come on don’t be silly about it. Have you two thought about children?” his mouth spoke as Jeonggul froze completely. “He probably has like 50 already” you mble “what was that dear?” his mouth peaked when she heard your soft talk. “Nothing nothing just speaking to myself” you said awkwardly.

“We’ve hit a large snag in the relationship” Jeongguk spoke as he was looked at by all of you as he took a sip from his drink. “What’s that dear?” his mother asked. Jeongguk looked at you as he spoke “we aren’t happy together” he told them honestly. “Not happy?” your mother asked as you looked away. “We haven’t been happy” he continues as you pushed your plate away getting up.

“I haven’t been a good man to your daughter Mrs. Y/N and I regret it more than anything because she wants to leave me now” he spoke as he took a deep breath. “I didn’t think losing her would affect me so much” he continues. “You’re an idiot” his mother spoke as he looked up. “I know” he spoke as he used his fork to play with his food.


The car ride was pretty much silent as you looked out the window the whole time. “You can leave” he said filling the silence. “I can’t make you stay and I should force you to stay in an unhappy situation” he continues as he pulls onto your street. “I’m sorry though. I am horrible man-” “please just stop” you say as he grips the steering wheel tightly but kept his mouth shut.

As soon as the car was in park he watched you get out. He just sat there and sighed resting his head onto the window. By the time he got in all the lights in the house nothing was on so he figured you had gone off to rest or something. He walked slowly to his room he heard nothing overly loud as he walked passed your door. Once he got to his room he threw himself down onto the bed staring off. Before he sat up again.


Once you woke up from a nap you could see that your door was opened, confused you sat up and looked around. Your missing jewelry box caught your eye as you got up. You headed out to the hall seeing that there was garbage bags there as Jeongguk stepped out of his room carrying another “what are you doing?” you asked as you could see into the bag of things that were in it. The clothing of his many one nighters that were left, he looked at you. “Cleaning” he spoke as he picked up your jewelry box and opening it “none of this is yours right?” he asked as you raised a brow. “Good” he said as he dumped the contents into the bag before handing the box back.

“What are you doing?” you asked again as he tied the bag. “What I should have done along time ago. Change my ways” he spoke picking up the bags and heading out of the home leaving you confused as to his sudden but much needed change.

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I don't understand extroversion. So I feel the introverted sister. My older sister is more extroverted than I am and sometimes it gets on my nerves, because she's like "let's go out!" And then I say "okay where?" And then she's like " why do I have to come up with stuff all the time?" And in my head I exclaim ,"because your the one who wants to go out!!!!"

Hey, friend. I understand where you’re coming from - as I happen to be the introverted sister in the conversation. I think I understand extroverts a little better than a lot of my fellow introverts, though, probably having to do with my sister being my best friend and us spending a lot of time together. We make allowances for each other. She lets me hang by myself when I want, and occasionally I allow her to drag me out to do things. ;)

So, here are some things to remember and tips to understanding extroverts (and you can apply these to hanging out/understanding pretty much anyone)

They have needs like you do. Not the same needs, but that doesn’t make them any less important or valid. Just because you need time to relax and chill and unwind in quiet seclusion with a book or a cat or a movie or your headphones or all of the above, doesn’t mean that’s what your sister needs.

Have you ever asked if your need to be left alone to recharge “sometimes gets on her nerves”? Try raising that question sometime. The answer might surprise you.

Respect their needs. Make allowances for them, just like with anyone else. If you care for someone, you’re going to go out of your way to show that. It’s not going to hurt you to cater to someone else for a bit to make their day a little brighter, trust me. (You will probably feel exhausted, but actually better about yourself in the end.)

There was the advice, here are the tips.

1. Strategically place your Extrovert in an energizing environment to recharge whenever possible: Introverts are batteries. They need downtime to recharge. Extroverts are solar panels. They need to absorb energy from other things to recharge. You know how you get edgy and uncomfortable and worn down when you’re overstimulated by people and activity? Extroverts feel the same way when there is. nothing. for. them. to. do. They can’t stand it. It makes them physically uncomfortable and can lead to bouts of depression.

2. Sometimes your Extrovert desperately needs attention/activity, but may not know how to address this need: This is when you step in. Extroverts are famous for their ability to look after themselves and blaze their own trails, but even they can’t keep up that pace for long. As an Introvert, you’ve got just as much creativity in your bones as they do - sometimes, arguably but not conclusively, more so. So if your Extrovert flops on your bed and looks at you pleadingly and says “I want to go do something” and sends you a text and adds “but I don’t know whaaaaat!” then it’s your time to make a choice. Keep a list of activities close at hand that both you and your Extrovert enjoy, and whip it out on these very occasions. Be wacky with it. Have some tried-and-true favorites saved, but don’t overuse them:

  • window shopping
  • parks
  • movies
  • pet stores
  • concerts
  • museums
  • cafes (at which you can introvert on a laptop while they extrovert with the noise and people, just be sure not to ignore them!)
  • city walks
  • zoos
  • and sporty things (like, idk, bowling) or
  • sporting events (baseball games!)

-are all good things to put on that list.

3. Many Extroverts, like many Introverts, enjoy a good cuddle. Give your Extrovert plenty of hugs and physical affection. This can do a lot to brighten their day and ensure a healthy relationship.

4. Take your Extrovert along when you go shopping: Have some errands to run? Need to replace those old favorite shoes at last? Bring along your Extrovert. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time together, and to expose your extrovert to the soul-strengthening energy of other people and activity without requiring a full-blown neighborhood block party. Malls are great for this, as there are a lot of people around, but you don’t have to do a lot of interpersonal communication with strangers like you might in another setting.

Note: if you do not have the ability to drive, ask friends or parents to help you get your Extrovert out into the world more. Make family activities out of (or don’t, your choice) and find ways to energize your Extrovert without leaving the house. This can be harder, but doable. Make sure your Extrovert gets to hang with their friends every so often, as this gets them into a new environment and lends quality time to those relationships too.

5. Your Extrovert is NOT “high maintenance”: Your Extrovert requires a good deal of care to be healthy and happy, but no more so than you. When your friends let you be alone for a bit, they are caring about you enough to leave you out as needed. When your Extrovert goes off to do their own thing without you, they are probably taking your introvertedness into account. Introverts also tend to internalize things more than Extroverts. Your Extrovert may often voice opinions, feelings, or problems you think about but keep to yourself. This doesn’t mean you are dealing with them better, or that they are. You just have different methods of facing things, and that’s okay. Talk to your Extrovert about these things as they come up, and remember to continue to participate in the conversation once you’ve got your Extrovert going.

6. If your Extrovert appears sluggish or down, Emergency Measures should be taken IMMEDIATELY: This is it, friend, this is the time when your Extrovert is as their neediest, and it’s possible the lack of stimuli and energy is going to lead them into a depressed emotional state. They require something energizing and fast. Grab the car keys and dash out to the movie theater, or just sit down and ask them about their day and be prepared to listen, and ask for details, encourage the conversation from their side. Extroverts like talking, Introverts like listening - honestly, we should be able to get along just fine. A good cure for this dangerous time is a good dinner out someplace (doesn’t have to be fancy), and a car trip for twenty minutes or so (turn up some tunes if conversation is lacking, this will still help to stimulate your Extrovert) but usually not longer, as your Extrovert can grow bored. Live out in the middle of nowhere? Roll those windows down and take turns shouting at the cows to see if you can get them to react. Live in a metropolis area? Just take a walk down the city streets, maybe buy them some ice cream. (Warning: sugar at this stage can be very beneficial, but can also lead to an extremely hyper state which, if you’re not careful, can lead to a breakdown. Ice cream is good, but make sure to do something afterward to help that energy work through their system - and yours!)

7. Try to say “Yes” to your Extrovert at least as many times as you say “No”: Why? Because your Extrovert is another human being, equally as important as you are. If you say no to parties, nights on the town, double dates, or random cafe visits, make sure you say yes to them too. Your Extrovert probably knows about your introvertedness and will respect it more as you respect them. Your Extrovert will appreciate this, and in the end you will too as you build an awesome relationship and learn about how other people function outside your own personal bubble. Keep your eyes open. ;) All relationships require some give and take. Make time for yourself of course, but try to give more than you take.

Extroverts are not more special. Introverts are not more special. They’re just different. We’re all just different. So take care of your Extrovert, and they will take care of you.

I hope this helps! Remember, EXTROVERTS ARE PEOPLE TOO so take care of yours! ;)

Hi Anon! I know you were feeling super down lately and you wanted a quick Starco thing. I had my friend @elladoodles pick the prompt, which was “Marco braiding and playing with Star’s hair” and “Marco sneaking in to her room in Mewni for wholesome movie time.”


Star peers at him from behind her bedroom door she’s opened only partially to stick her head out of. It’s late and she’s tired between wand practice with her mother and fighting with him. She’s still pretty annoyed – their argument in the back of her head practically all day, thereby making training difficult. She really just wants to sulk in bed for the rest of the night, but he’s standing at her doorway and she really can’t bring herself to tell him to leave.

He smiles down at her, sheepish and nervous, the laptop he’s brought along with him tucked under his arm and a movie in the other. She raises an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

“I…uh,” Marco brings the movie he holds up as a sort of peace offering, looking around at the castle hall to avoid her gaze. “I was thinking, um, maybe if you weren’t busy that – uh,” Star’s head tilts a bit, confused, because he’s not usually so uneasy around her, even after a fight (Though, my crush on him may have changed that a bit, she thinks sadly). He hesitates, taking a deep breath, finally meeting her eyes. “Would you wanna watch a movie with me? It is Friendship Thursday, so maybe you and I could…” He trails off, hopeful, as Star pulls the door open further.  

She takes the DVD from his outstretched hand. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about a dumb guy that screws up and wants to make it up to his best friend.”

Star stares at the cover. “That’s what happens in Captain America?”

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FIC: show up

supergirl, post-season 2 finale, alex/maggie, the danvers sisters, 1k, first in a series of “maggie doesn’t say yes” fics

Maggie doesn’t say yes.

Maggie says, “Babe, I love you so much, but we are not getting engaged right now. You are figuring out where Kara went and we are watching movies and spending my entire paycheck on food to cheer her up.”

Alex blinks a few times. Swallows. She has to clear her throat to say, “Yeah. Yeah, right, good idea.”

Maggie catches her by the arm before she can turn away. She holds Alex’s face in both hands and presses their foreheads together.

“I love you, Alex Danvers,” she whispers. “But we’re not getting engaged because your sister had to send away some boy who you never thought was good enough for her anyway.”

A tear slips down Alex’s cheek but she chuckles.

“When we’re ready,” Maggie says, “just us, no one else. When we’re ready, and the world isn’t ending or about to end or just saved from ending. When it’s just us and we live together and we’re ready, I’ll say yes, okay?”

Alex pulls back to look at her. “You want to live with me?”

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow,” Maggie says, because she does, God, she does, but they can’t make this decision right after the world almost ended. “Let’s find your sister first.”

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Latte, With Honey

My piece for @caffeinewitchcraft‘s Caffeine Challenge #21!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any writing, so this is a bit rusty, but I thought it would at least be a fun exercise for a Sunday morning.  I used prompt #4.  Hope you enjoy!

(story below the cut)

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Jersey [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: You’re a journalist and your neighbor is playing music too loud, you go to complain and turns out he is writing a musical.

Word count: 1,168

Warnings: None. Light cursing maybe?

Author notes: MY FIRST DRABBLE YOU GUYS! I think it turned out better than I imagined. Please let me know what you think, if you like maybe I can write more?

“You need to stop!” Your words echoed on the hallway that connected your apartment to the rest of the building. The loud music suddenly paused and you exhaled in relief after slamming the door. 

You had three articles to write until the end of the week, the last thing you needed on that friday night was the same song played slightly differently for what seemed like hours to you, it was already bad enough that you had to ditch your friends because of work. 

When the inspiration came back to you the words just flew from your mind all the way to your laptop. Your fingers moved quickly and you wrote not more than two paragraphs before the loud drums started once again.

That was the last straw. 

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yoon jisung as your boyfriend

something quick that i can post!! my laptop is possibly corrupted?? so i borrowed (read:stole) my brothers laptop to post this fdknsjdsn 

also it’s quite late so im sorry if nothing makes sense heh 

- absolutely adores you and wouldn’t be afraid to protect you 

- puts you before him and makes sure to keep you happy, even if it means risking some of his happiness

- but of course, you catch on to that right away and you made sure that jisung would be happy too 

- a relationship should make sure both sides are happy and communicating well!! this has been a psa!! 

- communication is huge in this relationship, so sometimes the two of you like to sit down and talk about if there are any problems that the two of you had 

- and while it may be ugly sometimes, jisung is low-key glad that the two of you can talk it out and fix what needs to be fixed 

- even though he’s so focused on making you happy, he makes sure to keep himself happy too!! 

- he’s big on skinship so expect lots of hand holding or hugs 

- hugs you anytime or anywhere 

- gives those big bear hugs that make you feel fuzzy inside and makes your heart go !! 

- he likes to bury his face into your neck when he hugs you and its so soft and pure fndjsfk

- he likes to hold hands a lot too, so expect that to happen, especially in public places!! 

- likes to mess with your hair a lot because he thinks its funny when you get mad at him for that lmfao 

- the two of you likes to go on dates a lot too!! 

- loves to spoil you and probably will spend all his money on you 

- but you manage to strike a deal to switch off on who’s paying on every date

- takes you out on restaurants or picnics or even to see the animals fjdnkds 

- likes spoiling you, so expect him to try and pay for everything 

- (which you counterattack by paying for things first when he’s not looking fjdkfnds) 

- the two of you adopt another cat together and thats the first time you see jisung cry LMFAO 

- cue the two of you spoiling the cat along w jisungs 

- basically they are your children lmfao 

- as much as he adores you, he tries his best not to get jealous because he doesn’t want to dictate who you can be friends with 

- and he’ll understand when you want to hang out with your friends and not with him 

- because he knows the two of you can’t always spend time with each other 

- but will be clingy once you comes back hehe 

- the only time it’s quite obvious when he’s jealous is when you spend more time with his cats than him LMFAOO 

- and you have to shower him in kisses and cuddles to make you forgive again hah

-anyways, as much as he would like to flaunt that you’re a couple in public, he keeps it toned down and instead, you guys buy couple items 

- and it’s not matching shirts that say “he’s mine’’ or ‘’she’s mine’’ 

- they are subtle, like matching bracelets, corresponding sweaters, or even matching socks hehe 

- but low-key jisung will just brag about it to everyone about your relationship nfjdik 

- you two like to take a lot of selfies hehe (because jisung keeps it for memories and when he’s unable to see you because his schedule, he’ll scroll back to the photos and know that he’s completing his dreams for you)

- the two of you like to cuddle a lot, and he looks forward to that the most - especially coming home after a long day hehe 

- likes to lay his head on your lap and having his hair played with fhdbks that boy will just knock out on your lap the moment your fingers are running through it 

- sometimes when the two of you are cuddling, he’ll draw shapes on your back with one hand and running his fingers through your hair with the other. and he’ll sing to you and it’s literally the sweetest thing ever im crying 

- and sometimes he’ll confess his deepest fears or what is troubling him or what he wished things could’ve gone different and he’ll basically spill out everything 

- and you would keep quiet and just reassure him that you’re there and that you love him and that you were so glad that you met someone like him nfdjnfkd

- and for jisung, he’s forever grateful that he met someone like you who could understand him 

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Hey! So I really like your art and wanted to get back into art myself but I don't know where to start so I was wondering if you could recommend a drawing tablet and/or program to use?

Hmm this is tricky because I know a lot of people have very different preferences when it comes to tablets/programs. So this is going to be purely based off of my own experiences ! I’ll cover both tablets and programs :) !

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Please Don't Hit Me

Genre: Angst? with a fluffy ending

Summary: Dan has a flashback to when he was in an abusive relationship and explains it to Phil after it happens in front of him

Warnings: Flashbacks to an abusive relationship (it’s in italics) and a bit of blood

Author’s Note: I just wanted to say thanks to my rad friend kaylee for giving me similes and critiquing how i described blood

Vaguely based on this prompt

     Dan’s past was shady. Not in the way you may be thinking, though. It wasn’t drugs or gangs or anything like that, no, it was much worse. Back when he was in Uni and hadn’t met Phil yet, Dan was dating another Youtuber who couldn’t be more different to the one he would be dating five years later. Kyle, another vlogger like Dan was going to become, had a harsh personality and the fists to match. The couple was fine for the first couple months, full of trust for each other (well at least Dan thought so) and had a wonderful time together. Then only did Dan find out what the true Kyle was like after a loud and especially crowded house party that always seemed to be going on at the University. 

“Hey babe, I forgot my phone in the car, I have to go grab it,” Kyle said a bit louder than usual as they were standing outside of the party house that was already almost deafeningly loud. Their hands were interlocked and Kyle’s gaze met Dan’s.

“Oh hey, don’t get too close to anyone, okay?” Kyle said, untangling his hand from Dan’s and pecked his lips onto Dan’s before turning and yelling “Don’t want anyone else to touch my lovely Danny." 

"Yeah of course babe.” He replied, turning so that his back faced his boyfriend and headed into the dark house that seemed to be vibrating from the loud music and the sheer amount of people in it.  He spotted some of his best friends form across the room and went over to them immediately. After the chorus of “Hey Dan’s was over, Liam, one of Kyle and Dan’s friends who already looked quite intoxicated, stumbled over and came to a messy halt in front on Dan. 

"Ah, hey Liam!” Dan said with a bit of tentativeness in his voice, trying to prepare himself for whatever was going to come out of his friend’s mouth, as you could never predict it when somebody was this drunk. No preparation could have set Dan up for what happened next. Liam took Dan’s head forcefully in his hands and kissed him. After realizing what had just happened, Dan pulled away and just stared at Liam, completely shocked. Liam was one of his best friends and he knows that Dan is already in a relationship.

The few moments that Dan had to asses the situation were long gone as he felt a pair of assertive hands on his hips. Dan turned around and immediately recognized the face that matched the hands. Kyle had seen everything. Before Dan could put in a word of defense, Kyle started talking.

“Hey Dan, I think we should go, don’t you?” He asked, cocking his head. By now, the hands that were on his waist were clenched around both of Dan’s wrists, which looked like they could have been there as a cute couple-y gesture, but Dan knew that wasn’t it. Kyle wrists were tense and his knuckles were turning white because of the extreme amount of pressure that he was putting on Dan’s slim wrists. He was staring to feel pins and needles in his hands, but didn’t dare pull them away.

“Oh yeah… I guess we should….” Dan replied, scared. Scared of what Kyle had become. Scared of this new side of his boyfriend that he had never seen before. Scared of Kyle and what he could do, no, what he was GOING to do to him. 

The rest of the night was a complete blur for Dan. A blur was made up of one thing. Pain. It started off as slaps directed towards the brunette’s face. Hard ones, full of complete hatred and ruthlessness.

To add to the almost unbearable suffering, Kyle had somehow backed Dan up against a wall where he was continuously slammed up against it like a frail leaf in a powerful wind. Pain shot through Dan every time his head collided with the wall and the kitchen where they had taken the fight started to smell faintly of blood. Just when he thought the torture was over, the punches started. Now there was not a single place on Dan’s body that was safe from the onslaught of hits.

Blood streamed down his face, staining his clothes. Dan’s head felt heavier with each blow and the thought of passing out became more and more inviting with every punch, every hateful word. But more important than the bruises and cuts Dan was left with after that night was the shattered sense of trust that could never be stitched back together. 

Five years, many nightmares, and one boyfriend later, Dan was finally content with life for the first time since Kyle. Well, mostly. Although the flash backs were few and far in-between, when they happened, Dan was thrown into a full on anxiety attack that he was too afraid to ever tell anyone about, much less ask for help.

Tonight was a night like all others in Dan and Phil’s flat, filled with Buffy re-runs, laptop screens glowing, and of course two boyfriends who sat next to each other on the couch sharing a cozy blanket. They were currently on their third episode of the night and Phil had been yawing non-stop for the past half hour. Dan on the other hand, was still wide awake, as he had just uploaded a video yesterday and allowed himself to sleep in extra late. These were some of Dan’s favorite times he ever had with Phil, when they were just relaxed and satisfied with life.

“Hey Phil, I’m getting ice cream, want some?” Dan asked, standing up from where he was slouched on the couch.

“No that’s okay Bear, I’m afraid I would fall asleep before you even handed me the bowl.” Phil joked, smiling up at Dan.

“Alright Mr. SleepyHead.” Dan yelled over his shoulder as he passed through the doorframe, headed to the kitchen. Once he left, Phil once again focussed on his glowing laptop screen for about a minute before he heard a screech and something that sounded like shattering glass come from the kitchen.

“What the hell…” Phil mumbled as he jumped out of the blanket he was cocooned in and ran to the kitchen, worry lines already obvious on his face. When he got into the kitchen, Phil was greeted by a strange sight. Dan was pressed up against the countertop, visibly shaking. The younger met eyes with Phil and had one emotion written on his face. Pure terror. 

“P-please don’t… hit me… please” He whispered, voice wavering. Dan held his hands up to his face, trying to lessen the pain of the blows that he was certain would come.

“Dan, what the hell,” Kyle growled, throwing a punch towards Dan’s already battered jawline. “What did I tell you?” He said as he grabbed the brunette’s neck, forcing him to maintain eye contact. After a couple seconds of silence, another blow landed near Dan’s abdomen, making him lurch forward, only to be held in place by the iron grip courtesy of  Kyle. “What. Did. l. Tell. You. Bitch.”

Trying to offset more pain, Dan replied in a tiny whisper, “Not to let anyone touch me.” Each word was more painful than the last and all Dan could do was hope that Kyle was satisfied with his measly answer. 

“Correct Daniel,” Kyle replied, moving his hands from Dan’s neck to his shoulders. The brunette was immobile now, but at least he could breathe. “But it’s too late for apologies now.” He finished, going back to bombarding Dan’s body with punches thrown by blood covered fists. 

“Dan, please, why in the world would I hit you?” Phil asked, confused and slightly hurt by the fact that Dan thinks he would injure him. Phil held his hands out and started walking towards Dan in an effort to comfort him, only to stop abruptly when Dan started screaming. 

“PHIL! Please I’m so sorry please, just don’t hurt me…” Dan whimpered as he backed up as far as he possibly could into the countertop, away from Phil.

“Okay, that’s okay. Look Dan, I’m moving back, I promise I won’t touch you.” Phil reassured in a soothing voice with his hands near his head where Dan could see them. By now Dan’s whole body was shaking and his breathing matched that of a marathon runner’s. 

Slowly, Dan lowered his arms and looked at Phil. His Phil. His boyfriend who would never even think about hurting him. Phil, the first person he had decided to put any sort of trust into after Kyle. Phil, the person who was slowly making his way towards Dan. Phil, who had now wrapped his protective arms around Dan’s shaking frame. Phil, who was whispering words of encouragement into the brunette’s ear. Phil, the person who he owed a lot of explaining to now. And Dan was completely okay with all of it.

part 1 of an oc (Theo) fic with a little bit of fluff, a little bit of torture, a little bit of me not knowing wtf I’m doing.

EDIT: oops, I should probably also mention that my ocs have abilities & you can read about them here. c:


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Dear Mutuals,

This gif set is for you.

I haven’t been online since Friday 23rd, which is quite poopy of me, since I haven’t answered your kind messages and reblogged your posts, which I really enjoy doing. I’ve had a self-induced SKAM hiatus. I feel really happy when I see a fellow mutual post a gif set, text post or a piece of art they’ve created for this wonderful SKAMily. I’ve just been in my emo state and closed myself off from tumblr and the world of SKAM (which you can see from my unupdated blog). I didn’t know how the reaction of it all ending would be here on tumblr, and since my cat has started to refuse being a cuddly ball of fluff in which I bury all my tears in, I didn’t have anyone to be around with physically (except for my cat and horse, but they don’t really understand when I go all emo on them) to help solve my many personal emotions that were raised with the last clip and all of the seasons of SKAM. But I’ve revived myself, and can see myself staying here on tumblr until the foreseeable future. I’ve made too many friends to just shut myself from tumblr for much longer, and I’d really like to continue being in touch with you all.

This gif set is each clip that Evak kissed<3 Sorry for not being online, sorry sorry sorry.

@br1skeby Faen Johanne, min Guru. I hope you know what you mean to me, so I’ll spare you a huuuugee multi-chapter piece of writing to show that (unless if you need a sudden boost of happiness, then dm me and I’ll be on it like a car bonnet)<3 Your writing metaphorically kills me each time you drop a new bomb ass chapter. I’m really happy I’m able to fangirl with you, be it over Evak, Yousana or Levi ;)

@beanievaltersen Hehe :3 As long as you’re happy with your new mattress, Evak and I am happy too :D  You must know what you mean to me too, but we need to revive our crazy theories about what all the Skam Squads are up to! Also, it’s an absolute honour to beta-read your artistry works!! kdjfakd I have no chill about how much I love it!!!

@du-er-ikkealene Elise, you will forever be my soup-bro :D (I really hope you remember why I’mma call you that, if not, I’ll remind you!) Taakk tak tak tak for introducing me to Kensington! They, and you, have inspired me to make cool gif sets of their beautiful, meaningful lyrics, and you will also forever continue to put me in awe of all the various, creative names you make up for Noorhelm :P  (Plus, ily)

@isakschili I’m now listening to Kent on a daily basis, thanks to you, crazy Swedish music-loving girl :*  And you neeeeeed to drop the second chapter of your fic ASAP!! You can’t just leave me hanging on an ending like that– you’ll end up making me even more mad for your fic than I already am ;)  And, in my lil head, you’re my musician buddy! Once a musician buddy, always a musician buddy.

@julieseven Daaayyyyyaamnnnnnn Sue. You must also already know what you mean to me. But seriously tho… If you don’t, then open whatsapp later tonight, and you’ll find out fo sure then.

@levok I’m on the countdown for roasting the new US Skam with you! That’s the only reason as to why I’m probably going to watch it!! And you have contributed to me writing better Danish and thinking outside the box in regards to theories and all, which is really ace! Tak, tak tak tak!! And you’re a bloody wonderful person to talk to! You never fail to make me snort air out of my nose, which basically counts as a laugh.

@prinsenimittliv Tenna I promise I’m going to write that headcanon for you! I feel really bad that I’ve left it so long, but it’s given me more time to think about different angles I can take it from<3 For every beautiful piece of art you create, I will in return write you especially a headcanon! Alt for dig, girl! Plus, dayyYYYAAAmmmMMMMmmmmm your haircut looks hella fine! :*

@chillerhjemmeisak I keep on saying it, and I’ll say it again: GOOD LUCK ON YOUR A-LEVELS!!!! :D  I promise you that with the power of The Biology Buddies, you will ace them! And that’s a promise! In an AU, we’re running around London in crazy Chris-inspired outfits.

@loooreleii Heyyy youu<3 I also hope you know how kind and sweet and funny and just all the lovely adjectives you are. Your artwork kills me (metaphorically) everytime! I’m so grateful that you share it with us<3  I really would like to keep in touch with you, also so that I can update you with how my new life in Germany will be (Update: I’VE FOUND A FAMILY TO LIVE WITH!!! IN STUTTGART, well not in Stuttgart, in a little town outside of it, but still!) Ich liebe dich<3  Plus, I’m buzzing with all sorts of ideas for the 5 different kisses drabble idea you gave me! Can’t wait to write it for you!

@asflowerpot1 You were the first person I spoke to on this crazy site! If you hadn’t reached out to me so that we could fangirl together, I probably would’ve stayed alone and quite in my own lil fangirl bubble :)  I love how we can literally feel each other’s emotions through the use of caps lock and I just really connect with you! I look forward to continuing our crazy long messages and emo feels together!<3

@eivseank Diana, promise that you’ll remember this: Du. Er. Ikke. Alene. I will be there for you to share our happiness between us, and our sad times. Because that’s what friends do. Please, please remember that<3  I love our long messages about travelling the world and eating 100% cocoa chocolate! :P  Make sure to sleep really well this summer, and to eat loads of ice-cream!!

@isaksredscarf Gael, you da BOMB!.com  Thank you again, endlessly for bringing me into the skamfwn- it’s really boosted my confidence in writing, and everytime I published some little drabble, I always knew I could count on you to tell me how it was!<3 I’ve got an AO3 now, where I’m called tacha_bacha because I thought ‘mannentilminkardemomme’ would be quite long :P  so, yay! This past week I’ve been slowly easing my way back into the wonderful, glorious SKAM world by reading and writing fic, which has definitely lifted my m00d by 110%, no doubt about it. Say ‘hi’ to your fuffy, adorable cat!

@sweetevak Ayo Emotional Overload, let’s keep sending dank memes of Honk vs. Cat in sunglasses :D  Also, I’ll literally never let you forget that you were the one to get me into writing!! You’re a godess! (At least, you’re my writing godess). I miss when you’d send seriously cute lil headcanons of Evak- they were pure and sweet, and just what every single hc in this crazy world should be made of<3

I’m going on holiday to The Motherland (aka. Denmark) this Tuesday for 11 days with my friend who has never been, and I’m not bringing my laptop, so writing any drabble will be harder on my phone, but I will do it for you all!! Because I love writing for you and seeing your sweet reactions in the tags and comments. I’m also bringing a notepad along, so there will definitely be a lot of inspiration coming to me! I’ve already started thinking about writing an AU -whaaaaaaattt???? This is new territory for me, but I’m so excited to be doing it with all of you, both my beautiful mutuals and followers (AND BEAUTIFUL ANON, IF YOU’RE READING THIS THEN REMEMBER THAT YOU PHYSICALLY AND LITERALLY MAKE ME SMILE!!!!! WHICH IS ONE OF THE BEST EFFECTS ONE CAN HAVE ON A PERSON!)

Jeg elsker dere alle! Have a wonderful summer. I really look forward to reblogging EVERYTHING I see! *sends an infinite amount of kisses*

Love from,

Natacha :o)

anonymous asked:

I would love for Harry and Elle to have a baby boy and then Harry takes him to the home office so that Elle can get some things done without having to worry about the baby and Harry is cuddling the baby while typing something and miny H keeps his eyes on the computer and Harry chuckles and is like 'do you like daddy writing proposals? Will you be daddy's heir as a ceo one day?' And maybe Elle is listening and is like 'H, he's a few months old, don't make a ceo baby of him'

Awww that is adorable!! I love it!! It would totally happen if she was to have a baby! Xx 

It’s just after dinner and Harry is ready to get his work done, his little one to sleep, and to hit the bed himself. He sits at his desk, his little boy nestled against him with a baby blue blanket wrapped around the bundle of joy, his name embroidered on the ends of it. 

Harry has learnt how to multitask and keep his eye on both his work and the three-week-old little boy in his arms. 

He lets out a sigh, his free hand gradually typing up a proposal and listening as Elise is up and down the hallways trying to get the washing done, ultimately forgetting different items of clothing each time. Harry yawns before his eyes are down on his little son, “Hey, are you sleepy like Daddy is?” Harry coos, smiling down as the baby boy blinks up at him with an expressionless stare, not even managing to crack a smile. “Hm, not too happy this evening are ye’ buddy? Are you upset that I stole you from Mummy?” Harry continues with a grin, determined to get a small smile from his son. “I know she gives better cuddles, but you’re stuck with me because Mummy needs some down time before she goes crazy… she is already forgetting half the clothes. You know where I found your pyjamas?” … “Mhm, in the freezer, Mummy needs some sleep, and Daddy needs some cuddles,” Harry beams, removing his hand from the laptop to press it to the tummy of the boy, tickling him lightly to view his little legs kicking out and a small grin forming on his rich red lips. “There we go, there’s that goofy grin… Ay, no, that is mean mugging me.” Harry pouts as his son gives him a scowl, his eyes squinting and his nose crinkling. “You got that look from your Mummy. Mhm,” Harry laughs, stealing a few extra cuddles before turning his attention back to the screen on his laptop, every now and again glancing down to peer into the beautiful eyes of his son. 

Harry sighs and draws his eyes away from the screen, curious to see if his son has fallen asleep. To his surprise his head is tilted to the side, his little eyes staring at the screen, “do you like daddy writing proposals? Will you be daddy’s heir as a CEO one day?” Harry questions, amused when his son moves his head for his eyes to stare into his fathers. “Hm, are you the next CEO? Are you taking over Daddy’s business?” Harry smiles, filled with such pride and joy, “Gotta teach you the ropes young, my son.” Harry chuckles to himself, exhaustion playing its roll on him as he finds himself snickering to himself more than ever. 

“Harry, his three weeks old, don’t make a CEO baby of him,” Elise pouts as she steps in the office, 

“Darlin’ we have to teach him young,” 

“Don’t corrupt out baby, not yet. At least let him learn how to walk.” 

“Oh, he will be walking in no time, he is a Styles’ he is a swift learner.” 

“He wasn’t swift with that fifteen-hour labour,” Elise mumbles, shuffling closer to her two favourite men.

“I know, I know,” Harry sighs, “That was a long fifteen hours, I know.” Harry nods, “But, he is a strong, smart boy. Look, he already wants to learn, watching me write a proposal.” Harry gestures down at his offspring, 

“Mhm, I don’t think he quite understands the concept of a proposal. Can I have my son back?" 

"No, it is Daddy time…." 

"Daddy needs to finish work and baby need another feed before he goes to sleep.” Elise informs Harry, leaning down and kissing Harry’s cheek, her hand moving to glide over the little boy’s tummy, “Are you ready for your bottle? Hmm?” Elise coos, 

“I’ll feed him, go get in bed and rest, Elle.” Harry smiles up at Elise, quite content with keeping his son in his arms for a little longer, “I didn’t get my morning cuddles… makin’ up for it now, love.” He grins, adjusting the blanket on his son as it begins to leisurely sink. 

That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 13

Inspired by: Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

 Bill Withers’ “Aint No Sunshine”

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Reader   Setting: Season 4   Rating: Mature

A/N: This is seriously hard to wrap up guys. I appreciate you all reading this far. Get those tissues ready! Warnings: Slightly public Smut and this is SUPER long. xoxo Stu

I do not own the lyrics, images or characters from the show.

Part 1   Part 10   Part 11  Part 12

This was the face you woke up to; the dewy-eyed relief of Dr. Spencer Reid. You felt like cotton balls had taken over your brain matter, but you were no longer in pain.

“Hi,” You said, sleepily. “What time is it?” You tried to sit up, but your body was so heavy. Spencer reached down and grabbed your right hand, sliding the remote for the bed’s hydraulic unit into your palm. Once you were nearly vertical, you took in the pathetic hospital room you had been granted.

“It’s nearly 6,” Spencer answered. “In the morning.”

“What a day, huh?” You tried to laugh, but your chest was bandaged. You rubbed your chest as the pain dulled, slightly.

“You have some bruising on your sternum, so that is why your chest is tender.” Spencer started to recite your chart. But you interrupted because that line was too good to leave there.

“But Sir-sir, I thought my chest was already tender.” You hummed at your self-amusement; drugs are nice. He rolled his eyes, sticking his tongue in his cheek at your raunchy pun.

“Yes, mon cher, it most definitely is.” Spencer sat down in the metal framed chair beside your bed. His face was serious now. “We have your aunt and Kurt Hansen, the bellhop, in custody.”

“And Michelle?” You asked, voice slightly hitching in alarm.

“She attacked Morgan and Prentiss had to stop her. I’m sorry, Y/N, but she’s dead.” Spencer rubbed along your forearm.

“Oh, good riddance,” You mumbled. You knew you should feel guilty about her death, but it just wasn’t coming to you. Not after all this.

“She was found with the murder weapon, Y/N,” Spencer continued. “It looks like she was the one who killed your dad. Miriam was probably the mastermind, but Michelle was the one.”

You yawned into your left hand, allowing all the information in. The past few days were a fairy tale in the earliest use of the phrase, dripping with viscous monsters and a speckle of unexpected romance. The surrealism of it was hitting you now. “Spencer, will you stay with me? I know I don’t deserve it, but will you be here when I wake up?”

He nodded, his brown eyes drowning in concern. “Of course, of course.” He bent over the railing on the side of your bed and kissed you goodnight. He sat back into his seat, pulling a tattered book from his satchel. You couldn’t read the title, but he did appear to be using an old scratch off as a bookmark. You smiled as the gentle hum of machines and the drips of their drugs whisked you away.

Hey, I oughtta leave young thing alone
But ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Only darkness every day

The semester in Greece was a whirlwind. You had never been so possessed by your studies as you were walking the foothills and shoreline paths. The scenery was beyond all of your childhood fantasies. It wasn’t until your third week in Athens that you realized you had missed four phone dates with Spencer. Your stomach pitched as you realized how you would have felt if he had done that to you. How hadn’t you known how long you had been gone? What had you done?

You immediately left the cafe where you and your small group were eating lunch. You found a tourist cart and bought a postcard.  The rushed apology and quick small talk about his holidays were a weak attempt at atonement. It didn’t matter anyway; Spencer had moved and would never receive the letter.

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So Long Soldier - Grayson Dolan

Song: So Long Soldier

Artist: All Time Low

Don’t Panic Imagine Series

Going to defend your country is the most noble thing a person can do, there’s no getting around that. No matter who it is, or how bad it hurts that they’re leaving.

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anonymous asked:

Hello there, welcome to mysme hell! I wanted to request something like MC is a K-pop star or smth but if you don't want to you don't have to! ^^

A/N: Thanks for your request! I honestly have very little knowledge of the kpop genre, and so most of this information is based off of personal research! I decide to just do the RFA here too, as it wasn’t specified :) ~ mod rosa

Edit : Sorry as well for this being super late; my laptop broke down and this was saved on it :/


- His music taste doesn’t extend past game soundtracks, really

- So when the girl who sits next to him in his biology class asks him if he’s heard of the new up and coming girl group, he shakes his head

- bitch he doesn’t even leave his house except for school do you think he has

- She excitedly pulls out her phone and shows him the MV for the current popular song he’s heard in the background of a few places, and he watches as you walk onscreen, backing up the leader and main voice.

- And you’re good? Like, really good

- the short dress you’re wearing doesn’t help

- He probably spends the entire class thinking ‘Oh god I’m dating a kpop star, what do I do now’

- As soon as he’s out of class he probably calls you

- ‘MC?’

- 'Yea?’

- 'Isittruethatyou'rereallyakpopstarwhydidn'tyoutellme’

- 'Yoosung I have no idea what you just said’

- He thinks it’s cool though, he enjoys watching your practices though. He comes to almost all of them, and loves watching your shows when your group gets bigger

- The rest of you group likes him as well; they got an explanation from you finally after they saw you continuously diving towards your phone in a practice ;) They’re happy with him and you fit together; his personality sets off yours really well! according to your Lead Rapper.


- He’s probably heard your group sing before, but does he look like he has time to watch videos? He probably actually enjoys kpop music and the concept of the genre, but doesn’t listen to it much.

- t’s most likely that he met your group when you decided to introduce them to him; they’d probably be a bit wary of him at first, considering his front most personality traits and whatever the gossip magazines have said, but they’d warm up to him.

- 'Zen they don’t bite’

- 'But what if they do’

- 'They won’t’

- He’d be one to make you sing along with him either whenever one of your groups songs came on the radio or whenever he’s practicing for a musical.

- tabloid power couple

- Would come to as many of your shows as possible, and wait backstage for you

- 'Zen, I can get you the best seats’

- ‘I’m fine here’ as he sits in the worlds smallest chair backstage

- 'zEN’

- Your leader has this ongoing petty spat with him about the differences between musicals and pop music

- you think it’s cute

- Overall, he really likes what you do, and is super supportive of you. If you have to miss something because of practice, that’s cool, he totally understands!! He’s used to crazy schedules for his acting and stuff like that too. The tabloids probably eat you two up, and in interviews, you probably get a few questions about him as well!


- With her work, she probably didn’t have much of a personal taste in music, and probably didn’t have much of an idea of what kpop was; she’d probably heard it before in a shop or on the radio, but never personally?

- You’d most likely tell her if you couldn’t make a date or something along those lines because you have practice, and explain about your group

- She’s one to research literally everything she can about the genre, so she can chat with you about it.

- Super supportive and understanding of how hard you work, and that sometimes you just want to sleep and blob around on an off day. She’d quite happily lie on the couch with you all morning, if you both had a day off, on a rare occasion.

- She meets your group around a week or so after you first tell her; they warm up to her after a while, and her memorizing their coffee orders and bringing them to practice for them doesn’t hurt either.

- I could see her as getting into the kpop genre as a fan, and actually starting to really enjoy watching your group along with others; you’re still her #1 bias though


- Most likely he would meet them if you invited them to the party; neglecting to inform him that you yourself were a part of the group.

- 'MC where are you going?’

- 'I’m going to say hi to my friends! The group over there!’

- 'Isn’t that one of those pop groups? Why would you be associated with them?’

- ’Jumin I’m a part of the group’

- You better believe he’ll do everything in his power to get your group bigger and noticed but better producers; he’d probably talk you up to business partners.

- If you’re traveling for shows, if and when you get bigger, he’d probably send half of his bodyguard force along with you, so you’d have the guards at the venues, plus a private bodyguard force moving around with your group.

- Likes to spoil you when you’ve had a chart-topper or a good press conference; not only you, but probably your whole group.

- I could see him taking your group to dinner or buying them all something pricey.

- With his frontal personality, I could see the group being frosty around him at first, but after seeing how he looks after you, they’d warm up. I could see your leader being perpetually wary of him, especially if you were in a downer mood.


- He obviously knows, bcs of that goddamn background check

- He’s probably been shooting hints in the messenger this whole time; you know full well what he’s doing, but you decide to wait to tell the rest, because your enjoying having normal conversations with other people than your group.

- *hey guys have you seen this super cool kpop group

- *seven stop

- *never

- He actually enjoys the kpop genre? Probably a fan of poppy music and stuff, so before he actually knew you, he may have heard one of your groups songs when you were first starting out!

- Low key hacks into the security cameras if you’re away on a tour and he can’t make it to watch the shows.

- 'Saeyoung you can’t just do that’

- 'Yes I can’

- He loves it though, especially your costumes

- Your group probably warmed up to him rather quickly, as he sorta seemed to have a shared interest with each of them? he totally didn’t do background checks in their website history to see what they liked

- Meme team galore with your lead rapper; you regret ever introducing them

anonymous asked:

"I love your hugs" with TFW? I don't mind who the 'lee is, your choice!

Oh my god I am so sorry this has taken me literally months to write aI forgot it was here I hope you like how it comes out


I love your hugs.“ Castiel said suddenly, causing both Winchesters sitting at the table to look up at him. They shared a confused look, waiting for him to continue, which he didn’t.

“Can you elaborate?“ Sam asked, closing his laptop half way so he could pay better attention to the angel.

“I’m not sure what it is, whether it has anything to do with trust or strong feelings of love I have for you both, but hugging either of you makes me happy. Before I came down to earth, I was never shown much affection The angels aren’t exactly known for that type of stuff. So when you two started expressing affection towards me… it was different. I liked it. And there’s something about your hugs that makes me feel… safe. Loved. I really like that” Cas explained, earning bright, happy smiles from both Dean and Sam. as they looked at each other with an expression that the angel couldn’t read. “Is that… Weird?“

“No! No no, not at all Cas, that’s perfectly fine.“ Sam said, smiling a little wider, his dimples growing and causing even bigger indents on his face. Cas smiled fondly as the sight. “We just don’t get told things like that a lot.”

“Why?” Cas asked, giving him another confused look that replaced his smile. “I don’t see why people don’t compliment you… You’re both very endearing.“

“Endearing?“ Dean questioned.

“To me, at least.” Dean stood up and started walking towards Cas, standing next to him and holding out his arms.

“Come here, you big dummy.“ Dean smiled, giggling when Cas stood up and hugged hum back. “You too, Sammy, get over here. “Sam’s smile grew impossibly wider as he eagerly joined, his arms wrapping as far around both of them as he could manage.

“Do you wanna know another reason I like your hugs?“ The angel asked, earning a nod from both Winchesters.”I can do this.“ Nothing happened for a few seconds, causing the brothers to look at each other, wondering what the angel meant; and that’s when it hit, and both Sam and Dean were quickly feeling a small, tickling sensation on both of their tummies. Sam started slowly curling up at the feeling, causing him to slowly let go of his brother and the angel, while Dean gripped tightly at Cas’s arm and bit his lip, starting to giggle.

“I-I… C-Cas what is that?“ Dean managed as his other arm came to wrap around his own waist. Sam was lost in his own struggle of trying not to laugh; he was leaning against the table, bent over, both arms wrapped tightly over his tummy.

“Cahahas stop!“ Sam giggled, attempting to reach for the angel to try to beg, but his arm quickly shot back as the sensation intensified and spread to his sides and ribs, causing him to double over more. “Dohohon’t!” Cas smiled at his work on Sam before turning his attention back to Dean, who was still trying not to laugh.

“Dean, come on. Give up the act and laugh. Why can’t you give in like Sam?“

“Ihihi didn’t ‘gihive ihin’ Ihihi- I’m just tohohoo tihihicklihish!“ The younger got out through his laughter, blushing at the confession, allowing himself to giggle sweetly as the sensation focused on his ribs.

Dean’s wall he had put up finally broke as the tickling grace moved overto his ribs and sides while still going at his tummy, causing him to burst out laughing with a loud ‘NO‘ before his knees buckled, sending him down to the ground. He shook his head as he laughed, rubbing at his hips and trying to rid himself of the feeling to no avail. Cas smiled at the sight, laughing a bit to himself.

“I think I like this more than the hugs, it feels a lot more intimate. Tickling is a very nice way to bond.“

“Cahahas!“ Both Winchesters laughed in unison, trying to get the tickling to stop.

“One last thing before we’re done.“ The angel said simply before gently touching Dean’s hips and Sam’s underarms, moving the grace there, tickling more intensely this time. Sam gasped and Dean grunted, both bursting into loud laughter before they could stop themselves. In all his struggling, Sam managed to fall into the same chair Cas had stood up from, his arms still tight around his tummy, now pressed just as tightly to his sides as well to try to block out the incessant tickling  on his underarms. Dean, however, was still curled up on the floor, his head tilted back as he laughed, a sound that made Cas never want to stop.

But, he knew the Winchesters couldn’t handle the tickling forever, and judging by the fact that their laughter was slowly going silent, he knew it was time to stop. Suddenly, the tickling stopped, and both hunters went limp where they sat, leftover giggles and deep breaths filling the room.

“How was that?“ Cas asked gently, rocking on his heels as he waited for them to calm down.

“Just… Peachy, Cas. Peachy.“ Dean said, causing Cas to let out a small giggle. The sound drew Sam’s attention.

“Uh… You wanna know my favorite thing about tickling, though?“ Sam asked, standing and striding over to Castiel, after he managed to balance himself on his still weakened legs.

“Yes, Sam, what is it?“ Cas responded, smiling.

“It’s a two way street… And I think a certain angel needs to think about a few things, don;t you Dean?“

“No- no Sam wait- don’t! DON’T!“

College boy - Kim Namjoon (F,S)

Originally posted by bangthebae

Paring: Namjoon x Reader 

Word Count: 8.3k

Summary: You finally decided to move to London to go to an Arts school there. You’ve heard some really good things about it and are curious to see who your roommate is gonna be. Will they be nice or not? You’ve decided to fully focus on your studies from now on, but what will happen when your roommate turns out to be a really hot guy? 

Written in both reader perspective and Namjoon’s.

Ratings: Fluff, with slight smut. 

Another story I originally posted on Wattpad. 

Your P.O.V

It’s finally here, the day you’re moving to London go to an Arts school there. You’ve always dreamt of doing this but you never expected it to actually happen. You’ve always had a lot of dreams as a little kid, and moving to London was one of them. A pro about moving to England for me is that you get to speak English all the time, which you absolutely love. It took you a while to learn the language since it isn’t your first language but now you’re really comfortable with it. More comfortable than you ever expected to be actually.

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Shoes - D.S.

Prompt from this list: “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “Because you’re wearing two different shoes.”   

Requested by anon

You were spending the entire say by yourself, seeing as your boyfriend was spending the day doing who knows what with his bandmates. I just hope he isn’t getting himself into any trouble, you thought to yourself. 

You went onto Instagram on your laptop, seeing that Daniel was live. You decided to see what he was up to, seeing as he rarely went live and you weren’t doing anything important. 

“Hey guys!” You heard your Daniel’s voice come through the speaker of your laptop. “So, we’re with Logan right now, and h-” 

“Don’t tell them!” Zach snatched the phone from Daniel’s hand, running away with it. 

“Zach! Get over here and give me my phone!” You could hear Daniel run after Zach, his footsteps rough on the ground. 

Zach stopped for a second, only to show Daniel running after him. He then ran into a random room, locking it from the inside. 

You decided to text Daniel, knowing Zach would see it. ‘Zach, give my boyfriend his phone back’, you typed with a laughing emoji. You hit send, hearing the notification through the speaker moments later. 

“-so he doesn’t know what he’s ta- give my boyfriend his phone ba- Oh, hey (Y/N)! How are you?” Zach grinned at Daniel’s phone camera, waving frantically.

“Za-(Y/N)’s watching? Give it back!” Daniel began to whine, banging on the door. 

“Nah, I’m good.” Zach laughed, sitting on a random object. “So, as I was saying. Daniel has been a little loopy lately, he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.” Zach then started talking about a random object he saw in the corner. 

You chuckled to yourself, sending another text to Daniel’s phone. ‘Well, at least tell him I miss him and that I can’t wait to see him later, bye!’ You quickly added a waving emoji, hit send and closed the Instagram tablet on your laptop. 

Hours later, there was a rapid knocking on your front door, making you stand up from your very comfortable position on your bed. 

“I’m on my way, calm down!” You called out, rushing towards the door when they didn’t stop. “Wha-” 

“Oh thank god.” Daniel rushed into your house, closing and and locking the door after. “Okay, we’re good.” 

You stared at your boyfriend, taking in his state. “Daniel…” You cautiously said as you both walked towards the couch.  “Are you okay?” 

“Y- yeah, I’m fine.” Daniel sat down on your couch, pulling you to sit down next to him. “Wh- wha-” He took a deep breath, trying to control his 

“Why do you ask?” He looked at you innocently.

You glared at him, knowing he was lying.“Because you’re wearing two different shoes.” 

“Oh.” He looked down at the floor, suddenly interested in the design.

“Daniel…” You warned, turning to look at him. “What did you do?” 

“Zachconvinvedmetotradeshoeswithhimandthenhetookminesoihadtostealonefromjonahandcorbyn.” He mumbled embarrassed that Zach had tricked him, yet again.

“I’m sorry what?” You couldn’t understand him with all of his mumbling. 

“Zach tricked me and took my shoes! Again. And then I stole a shoe from Jonah and a shoe from Corbyn.” He explained, hiding his face in his hands.

“First, I keep telling you not to trust him, but you won’t listen. Second, they’re chasing you, aren’t they?” You heard a loud bang against your front door. 

“Yeah.” He nodded and went to hide in your room.

“Babe! Just give them their shoes back.” You pulled him towards the door. 

“But then I won’t have any shoes!” He whined, trying his hardest to run towards your room. 

You swung the door open, revealing two semi-angry and half shoe-less boys, and a very giggly one behind them. “We want our shoes.” Jonah and Corbyn said in unison. 

“Okay. Daniel.” You looked at your boyfriend, silently telling him to take off the shoes. 

“Fine.” He huffed,(and he puffed and he blew the house down) taking off the shoes. “Here.” He went to hand the boys their shoes, but you stopped him before he could.

“First, Zach, give Daniel his shoes back.” You looked at Zach, who looked like a deer caught in headlights. 

“I don- I don’t have them with me.” He mumbled, looking at the ground.

“Well, then I guess that Corbyn and Jonah won’t be getting their shoes back, not until you bring Daniel’s.” You stated, feeling like a mother disciplining her children. 

“Zach!” Corbyn and Jonah turned towards him, knowing it was pointless to argue with you. 

Zach started to run away from the two boys, with them close on his heels. 

You closed the door and walked towards the couch, “Come on, let’s watch a movie.” You smiled at Daniel, patting the seat next to you. 

“My hero.” Daniel sat down and kissed you on the lips. 

“I promised I won’t trust Zach again.”

“That’s what you said last time when he left you naked at the beach.” 

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“I told you she makes that face.”

Henrik and Aurora lean over their elder brothers’ shoulder seeing the so called “face” their mother makes. Lucas wasn’t crazy. He seen that face many times. Not directed at him or his other siblings. No, this irritating not so much of a grimace but a grimace face was only for their father.

“It looks weird.” Aurora tilted head to see her mommy’s silly face from another angle.

“You make the same face.”

“I do not, Henrik!”

“Do too.”

“Do not.”

“Do too!”

“Do not!”

“Stop…both of you.” I mean really?

Henrik pushed Aurora to the side as he tried to lean closer into Lucas’ laptop. “What papa do this time?”

“Ate mama’s favorite homemade cookie dough ice cream that she gets from Aunt Silvia’s Kitchen.” The young hybrid pushed his brother’s head back so Aurora could see the picture as well. “She set his favorite leather jacket on fire when she found out.“

“Doesn’t she hides them?”

Lucas nodded his head. “She does but he finds them every time. She only gets them once a month while she’s pregnant.“

“For a treat?” Aurora snuggled herself into her brother’s side.

“For her sanity.” Henrik and Lucas both said together.

Lucas sucked his teeth at the unexpected closeness. “Papa always eat mama’s ice cream.” He sighed staring down at the mess of brown curls over the keys of his laptop. “You’re like glue.” He complained making the little one laugh. Lucas snuggled back into his pillow bringing Aurora along with him to sit on his lap. “No matter where mama hides it, papa sniffs it out.”

“And he always share it with you.” Henrik stares down at her sister sucking on a spoonful of the said cursed cookie dough ice cream.

Aurora only shrugs taking another spoonful of the ice cream. “Daddy brought her another one already.”

Henrik raised his eyebrow. “He did?”

“When?” Lucas questioned after.

“When he took me to the Compound to get my Princess and the Frog blanket. He called Mama Silvia and asked if she could make some for mommy.”

“It was late when you left for the Compound.” Lucas stated. “Mama Silvia’s restaurant would’ve been closed by the time you reached New Orleans.”

“It was.” Aurora giggled. “Daddy had to beg her to make it.” She continues to laugh. “Mama Silvia said he thought he was going to cry.”

Lucas snorted. “Nonsense.”

“Yeah! Papa doesn’t cry.”

“Everyone cries, Ricky.” Aurora sneered. “You cry too.”

“I don’t cry as much as you.”

Aurora stuck out her tongue. “Do too.”

“Do not.”

“Do too!”

“Do not!”

“Stop.” Lucas mumbled loud enough for both of them to hear. “Or I’ll kick you both out my room.”

Aurora hurriedly stuck her tongue out back at Henrik. “Meany” She then turned to Lucas ignoring the silly faces Henrik was making at her. “Daddy brought mommy another ice cream and he gave me the rest of his.”

“Hers!” Lucas and Henrik corrected her.

Aurora shrugged her tiny shoulders again. “Same difference.”